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  • Obama Cannot Ignore Chavez Terror Links

    Hugo Chavez

    Washington’s ability to manage multiple challenges continues to be tested in the Western Hemisphere, where Venezuela’s anti-American leader Hugo Chavez is working to  destabilize the region and support international terrorist organizations. The Washington Post’s Juan Forero reported on May 20:

    Now, based on documents and witness testimony, Chávez is facing fresh accusations that his government has gone well beyond assisting the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC. Documents seized from two subversive groups, along with information provided by former Colombian guerrillas, suggest that Venezuela facilitated training sessions here between the FARC and ETA, a separatist group in Spain that uses assassinations and bombings in its effort to win independence for the northern Basque region.

    Spanish authorities and victims of the Basque terrorist group ETA view Chavez as a “sponsor of terrorism.”  General Douglas Fraser of the U.S. Southern Command observed on April 28 that the relationship between the Chavez government and the FARC has been documented over a period of years.  “It’s financial support,” stated Gen.  Fraser, “it’s enabling their capacity from a logistics standpoint.  My understanding is that that continues.”

    In a recent letter to Secretary of State Clinton, Republican Senators John Ensign (R-NV) and George LeMieux (R-FL) carefully reviewed the mounting evidence of Chavez’s terror links and called on the Obama Administration to conduct a thorough investigation and full disclosure of information and intelligence regarding Chavez’s terror ties.

    As the U.S. and Iran enter a new phase of confrontation over Iran’s quest for a nuclear weapon, Chavez vowed to continue the fight “against imperialism” [read the U.S.] alongside the Islamic Republic of Iran.   Meanwhile Chavez faces mounting economic difficulties at home and a potential for genuine political opposition in the September 26 legislative elections.  Domestic pressures could trigger further radicalization and violence as Chavez seeks to cling to power.

    It is time for the Obama Administration to follow the evidence and take the necessary step of placing Venezuela on the state sponsors of terrorism list.

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    13 Responses to Obama Cannot Ignore Chavez Terror Links

    1. Billie says:

      Obama is fully aware of Chavez and his links to terror. It is a comfort to Obama.

      Evidence? Obama? follow????

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    3. Dennis Social Circle says:

      We all live in a dream world if we think obama will take a stand on this. We all know they are "buddies" from the get go. Maybe oabam even envies what has happened in Venezula, it seems like he wants America to be under his thumb. After all "spread the wealth" is one of the voices in socialism and communism, and who campaigned on this platform.

    4. Tim AZ says:

      Exactly where would Mao-Bama derive the moral authority to investigate Chavez when he has plenty of his own skeletons to hide. William Ayers enough said.

    5. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Don't hold your breath waiting for Obama to do anything about Chavez. Like so many other matters that put this nation in jeopardy, he will continue to "ignore"

      and do absolutely NOTHING about any socialist worldwide. I think that would be

      "sacrilegious" for a socialist.

    6. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Maybe he can't, but he will!

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    8. Bob Campbell says:

      Obama will only investigate people like Sarah Palin and the leaders of Arizona because strong freedom loving people threaten Obama's power. God Bless the leaders and the citizens of Arizona for standing up for their safety and freedom. They have suffered enough. I have read the Arizona law and I feel it is absurd for any American to be against this law. The laws in Mexico are far more draconian and our Federal laws are much stronger but of course poorly enforced especially now post Obama. Wake up America 2010, this is our Waterloo.

    9. Judy, MA says:

      The next admin is going to repair all the damage that this one has done. Just think Obama has only been in office less than two years. If it was any longer we would be doomed like all the other socialist nations.

    10. Deidra Houston, Texa says:

      Of couse he can…and he will ignore any threats against his buddies. What is happening to our dear America?

    11. Gladys Bensimon says:

      I agree completely, Hugo Chavez represents a threat for the US and Latin American countries as well. He has allied with terrorists, drug dealers, and criminals to accomplish his anti US objective, and this threat can't be ignored. I just competed the documentary CROSSING OUR BORDERS (www.crossingourborders.com) in which I addressed this issue. The documentary which was narrated by Maria Conchita Alonso premiers a the Hoboken International Film Festival on June 5. http://www.hobokeninternationalfilmfestival.com/2….

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    13. Gladys Bensimon says:

      Ray your article about Hugo Chavez couldn't be more true. Hugo Chavez is a dictator who's desire is to destroy the US and other democratic nations.

      We have recently completed a documentary "Crossing Our Borders" narrated by Maria Conchita Alonso. The documentary won the 2010 Hoboken International Film Festival as best documentary. Crossing Our Borders is called the answer to Oliver Stone's documentary South of the Borders. Please visit as at http://www.crossingourborders,com

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