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  • Morning Bell: "We’ve Come to Take Our Government Back"

    Last month the Pew Research Center reported that only 22% of Americans trusted the government to do the right thing always or most of the time. And that was the good news for incumbents:

    Favorable ratings for both major parties, as well as for Congress, have reached record lows while opposition to congressional incumbents, already approaching an all-time high, continues to climb.

    Significantly, a majority of Americans (52%) see the members of Congress themselves as the source of their dissatisfaction. Only 38% attribute their frustration to “a broken political system.”

    Last night’s election results in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Arkansas seem to bear that out:

    • In Kentucky, political newcomer Rand Paul trounced Secretary of State Trey Grayson. As a proxy for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, Grayson had inadvertently become the Washington insider in the race despite never having been elected to federal office. And, as the son of libertarian presidential candidate Ron Paul, the younger Paul was also a proxy of sorts. He came to embody the desire of voters in the Bluegrass State to send the ultimate outsider to Washington. His mission? Shrink the federal behemoth, balance the budget and reduce the federal debt while exhibiting some long overdue humility from our public servants.
    • In Pennsylvania, given the opportunity to oust a five-term incumbent Senator with plenty of inside-the-Beltway clout, Democratic primary voters cheerfully complied. They dumped Arlen Specter in favor of a relative newcomer, second-term Rep. Joe Sestak. In his victory speech, Sestak struck a defiant populist tone, characterizing his victory as a “win for the people” over “the establishment, over the status quo, even over Washington, D.C.”
    • In Arkansas, Democratic primary challengers from both the right and left squeezed incumbent Senator Blanche Lincoln into a run-off against the state’s leftist Lt. Governor, Bill Halter. While Halter galvanized Arkansas’ Democratic base on the political left, businessman D. C. Morrison ran to Lincoln’s right as a conservative, Reagan-loving Democrat. Morrison cast his vote for Ron Paul in 2008 and spent considerable time railing against Obamacare, bailouts, the stimulus bill and mounting government debt, Morrison pulled a not insignificant 13% of the Democratic vote.

    Seniority on the most powerful congressional committees and endorsements from Washington’s most powerful insiders, including President Obama, were liabilities last night.

    So, what explains the outcome in the special House election to replace recently deceased Rep. John Murtha (D-PA)? An aide to Murtha, Mark Critz, handily defeated Republican businessman Tim Burns in a contest many pundits felt would serve as an early barometer of Republican prospects in November. As one political consultant noted last night: “I think us pundits in Washington are going to have to revise our thinking about whether this is a wave election year for Republicans.”

    Ron Brownstein, the brainy political expert at National Journal, argues that to regain control of the House, Republicans must prevail in seats such as this one. Districts where there is little racial diversity (i.e., where whites comprise 90% or more of the electorate) and few attended college. Murtha’s seat, Pennsylvania-12, fits this profile to a tee.

    Get ready for an outpouring of new analyses spouting a new conventional wisdom, one that dismisses the power of the Tea Party movement, and questions whether 2010 will be a watershed election after all.

    But, if Critz’s victory is to serve as some sort of a blueprint for Democrats, it will require some serious triangulation. Critz, after all, campaigned (rhetorically, at least) to the right of most Washington Democrats. “I opposed the health care bill,” he insisted during a debate, and then added for good measure that “I’m pro-life and pro-gun. That’s not liberal.” As with the outcomes in those Senate primaries, Washington’s Democratic establishment cannot draw much solace from this development.

    There is an overriding lesson for conservatives from last night’s results as well.

    Many are prematurely confident that November will be one of those rare “wave” elections that upend the Washington power structure and realign our politics. Maybe. But the early warning signs have been there for everyone to see for awhile now, at least since Sen. Scott Brown’s (R-MA) historic election in January. Savvy liberal political strategists and worried Democratic primary voters, moreover, have had ample time to adapt to the demands of an angry and increasingly conservative electorate. Few Democrats in swing or conservative districts will run as Pelosi or Obama liberals. Instead, expect their rhetoric to morph the populism of Joe Sestak into the conservatism of Mark Critz. As Rand Paul said last night:

    I have a message, a message from the Tea Party. A message that is loud and clear and does not mince words: We’ve come to take our government back.

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    56 Responses to Morning Bell: "We’ve Come to Take Our Government Back"

    1. Greg B. Vail, AZ says:

      While the race for Murtha's seat was disappointing, it is not realistic to think that Republicans will win in every case. It is interesting that that Murtha's replacement seemingly espouses many Republican ideals. If he hold true to his campaign promises, Obama will have another congressman he will have to buy off. Already some pundits are using this as a story line that the 2010 elections will not be the Republican landslide most think it will be. They are still living in fantasy land. The American people have congresses number, and it means if you are an incumbent, WORRY ALOT, and be prepared to take those jobs Obama promised for your vote. Although we all know how well Obama keeps his promises.

    2. Mary.... WI says:

      This is all encouraging news but I'm not convinced the Republicans can win the house and senate…….but I'm sure praying they do!!

      There's still that "little" problem of voter fraud. It must be be addressed COMPLETELY. I don't see this administration doing much about it and the dems could "sleeze" their way into control once again.

    3. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Maybe all of us who have lived through wars and rationing, and having to depend on OUR OWN resourses, should start telling the younger ones, "HOW IT WAS" . My grandson has decided to take over the vegetable garden, I ususally do it. He has been very open on listening to how we did this during WWII, when everything was rationed, and how I changed methods over the years. If these younger ones are taught how to do things without "BIg Brother" and that sometimes doing without is good, then maybe we can save our Nation.

    4. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I forgot the idiom, it's better to teach a man to fish, than to give him a fish, the same could be said for gardening and raising fresh veggies.


      It is obviously clear we need term limits more than ever.It is no longer that politicians leave there professions to serve our country,but as a means to enhance their 401ks.

    6. Doug - Pittsburgh, P says:

      Regarding the special election for Congressman Murtha's seat, the Democrats should not be too giddy regarding the result. To say this is an indication that this year may not be the year Republicans are expecting is not taking the facts of this district into account.

      Mr.Critz's victory is hardly a surprise in that he was a staffer of the popular 30 year congressman he was running to replace, was pro-life, pro-gun and had a 2-1 Democrat to Republican voter registration advantage in the district.

    7. brian hanson says:


    8. Mike, Chicago says:

      The Tea Baggers that stood by and applauded while the Constitution was trampled by a draft dodging war criminal from 2000 to 2008 don't have the ability to restore Democracy to this country. But they do have the ability to help continue the shift towards Fascism, and whatever changes they do make (most likely aided by Diebold) wont be for the good.

    9. Ben Albuquerque says:

      It does not matter what the Democrat politicians say during an election campaign as thay are all little Obama's. Say what the gullible voters want to hear to get their vote, go to DC and tow the liberal/socilaist agenda of the Democrat party. I have watched this process in the Democrat Party being repeated for over fifty years. It is the Democrat Party that cannot be trusted.

    10. Ken Jarvis says:

      To me,

      it is a WONDER that anyone trust the Govt.

      Murdoch's Anti-Recovery WSJ and Fox News

      are 24/7 with their – Hate Obama message.

      Plus, the HF Daily – What Obama Did wrong today email

      we subscribe to.

      3 Hours of Rush 5 days a week,


      Thank goodness for CSpan

      where we can make up our own minds.



    11. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      The European debt crisis points out one thing. Our debt is getting closer to being a

      Greek tragedy. Greeks got paid for doing nothing for more money. We're heading down the same road. The Great Society, misguided and well-intentioned, was doomed from the beginning because President Johnson, while fighting the war poverty, was also fighting the Vietnam War. TARP, though well-intentioned, isn't that

      great. Our debt, in ten years, will be exactly half of the economy, and where will we

      get the from? China? The next thing the Chicoms will do is demand that we adopt

      communism. That's an ideology that's failed. And you know his sitting on lard ass in

      Caracas laughing his ass off? Venezuelan President for Life Hugo Chavez.

    12. PShoptaw - Memphis, says:

      It's about time.

    13. Al Reasin says:

      I did not follow Mr. Burns' campaign closely, but he should not have let his opponent get to the Right of him since Mr. Critz was Mr. Murtha's aid, I thought chief of staff, so Mr. Critz should have been strongly associated with the late Reps corruption, earmarks, ideology and trashing of the Marines. One could easily surmise that Mr. Burns didn't get down into the trenches with Mr. Critz; too much of a Mr. Nice Guy campaign? You can't defeat Democrats that way when they unfortunately say one thing during a campaign and vote differently after being seated.

    14. stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      Critz’s victory in a district that leans 2 to 1 for registered democrats, coupled with his claim to have vaulues of the right as I see it is doing the same thing that Obama did in the last election. If Critz does in fact go to washington and start voting like a progressive liberal (against what he campaigned for) then nodody should be surprized that a democrat will say Anything to be elected even if it's a lie.

    15. Chrisann, Heber UT says:

      I hope that those that are now on the block for the 2010 ballot will stand up for what they believe and that they will do what they say when they are in Washington. I'm very happy that we have the likes of Rand Paul running and I hope he wins in November too. Remeber this is just the primaries and we have 6 months before the elections are here and anything can happen. Let's keep the momentum going for conservativism, small government and the people back in control of our country.

    16. Normca says:

      The Tea Party continues to be under rated by the so called belt way pundits. They emphasize the one win in the district seat previously held by Murtha. That is fine; let these wizards of smart continue to overlook what I see as the positive effect of the Tea Party so we can blast them in November.

    17. Ray Burke, Houston T says:


    18. DANNY, HERMANN says:

      Our job as Americans is to see through the fake politicians and elect those that represent the Constitution as written. None of this falling for the BS politicians are know for. Wake up Americans, become informed yourself and pass this information (truth) along to your friends. Then Vote the Crooks out before we have that opportunity taken away from us too!

    19. Carol Bee, Salt Lake says:

      Not living in Pennsylvania, I cannot say for sure, but from the few clips I saw on Fox News programs, the Republican vying for Murtha's seat did not run a good campaign. It is not only a matter of having a conservative candidate, he must be able to generate excitement and interest and put forth a good, positive message that reasonates with the voters. The Republicans chose a poor candidate for NY 23, and we lost. Perhaps the party needs to help out viable candidates more with their campaign strategies, and not just with money.

    20. Grace says:

      We have to understand the Dems will say anything or do anything to get elected even if they sound like they are going against Obama. Don't fall for it. They will turn the minute they are elected. I was so glad to see Spector get the boot – he deserved it! Turncoats cannot be trusted – same goes for Charlie Crist – he too is a turncoat.

    21. John Ottley, Jr. Atl says:

      Never thought I would say this, but if Democrats read the country's mood correctly–and are willing to vote accordingly in DC–more power to them. Fiscal conservatism, reduce government debt and spending, lower taxes to encourage investment and job creation through capitalism, and back away from socialism: that's what the vast majority wants to see. And, hey, we don't care what color they are: just so long as they get the message and vote that way.

    22. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      I think beyond any shadow of doubt that the preponderance of American citizens have the goal of taking our government back. That includes an enormous swath of the electorate which has constituents comprised of ever growing Tea Party, the 9-12ers as well as those who have not yet affiliated themselves with anyone of these groups.

      In order to better evaluate for yourself the emerging resolve of conservative imbued American citizens your attention is invited to two exceptionally well prepared video presentations that are found at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0bh77k2Wdk and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=apQukuaXGs4&NR…. “America Rising” parts I & II are highly enjoyable (as well as motivational), unless you are a liberal, with a rapid fire text and pictures of specific liberal officials being targeted for replacement at every upcoming election. America Rising I also has an impressive instrumental soundtrack so turn your speakers up.

      The conservative groups have become more vocal and their presence is growing on all fronts which apparently make the liberals of all stripes absolutely worried. The top conservative groups have articulated their message clearly and concisely without the doublespeak commonly associated with the liberal outlets. Whether it is the Tea Party or the 9-12ers they have an exceptionally strong tendency to say what they mean and mean what they say without fail. The liberal statements, policies and rants have the reputation of using words that consistently mean one thing to most everyone but when coupled with a liberal policy mean exactly the opposite. The “Fairness Doctrine” is one and “Net Neutrality” is another. The former has absolutely nothing to do with “fairness” relative to the content and free speech on conservative talk radio and the latter has nothing to do with being “neutral” relative to the content of what is on the Internet. Both in fact severely limit the exercise of free speech and are aimed directly at successful conservative (as well as Christian) radio and Internet sites. Liberals want to attack these two successful venues thru legislative action since they have been totally ineffective in countering both toe-to toe in capitalistic combat. The lack of logical thought to support their utopian policies fails to attract audiences hence no advertising revenue to continue their quest.

      Too bad-so sad.

    23. Laura R. says:

      re Critz

      Anyone who says I'm not a liberal" should be prepared to withhold their vote from Nancy Pelosi for Speaker in January (should the Democrats retain the majority). Short of that, the claim is empty.

    24. James says:

      Once we have reclaimed our government and our country – the job is not done. We must still stay alert and on watch for new imposters and recall or impeach them until we have cleansed the political system of all socialists and non supporters of the US Constitution. Term limits on all branches of government, including the Supreme Court is a good place to start.

    25. Kevin Hall, Hopewell says:

      Critz's victory in PA-12 must be viewed in the following light: primary elections draw the party faithful, not the same crowd who shows up for general elections. In a district where Dems outnumber Reps in a big way, it should come as no surprise that Critz won the special election. However, that is no guarantee that this outcome will be repeated in November. The DCCC ran a series of ads focusing on Burns' support of the flat tax, characterizing it as support of a 23% sales tax without mentioning the repeal of income taxes. Burns' failure to respond to these ads no doubt contributed to his defeat in the special election. I can only hope that this is a lesson learned for Tim Burns.

    26. Kevin Hall, Hopewell says:

      Sorry – I meant "Fair Tax", not flat tax


    27. MJF, CT says:

      Well, it's time we prove to this "community organizer", self proclaiming messiah we have for a President and Liberal good for nothing House & Senate that WE THE PEOPLE still have a say in this government. We will not bow to a dictatorial bunch of losers who choose to ignore and rape the Constitution and the American People!

    28. Dennis Social Circle says:

      The mid term elections are the perfect opportunity for the American people to stand up. I recently saw a quote by Theodore Roosevelt that pretty well sums up what we as Ameican Citizens must do. It is as follows:


      The conservatives of this country, me included, must be standing up for our beliefs, and what we feel is the right way for this country to go. We can no longer afford to stand by and say oh well, thats the way it is. We must get dusty, sweaty, and know the loss of blood in our toils to do what is right. I have always worked for what I have, I have sweated, gotten dusty, and lost blood in my lifes journey. we can not sit on the side, we must go to the polls and vote in huge numbers, let the politicans know that this government is one, by the people,for the people, and of the people, only then will this country change for the good.

    29. Durk says:

      Candidates (especially Liberals) wishing to say platitudes to sound like centrists won't work in this election cycle. We (The People) will only look at your past actions and votes. It won't work anymore to vote left and swing back to the center come election time. This goes for Sen. McCain too. He was on Fox News last night talking tough on immigration but during the election he talked about amnesty for Illegals. John McCain will hear from the people soon in his Primary. He and Specter can both have a nice chat over a game of cards in the retirement home!

      We ALL need to get more active to take this country back at the ballot box. My daughter is only 18 but remembers the way it was before Obama was ordained with 49% percent of the vote and has spent her into the poor house in one year. She cannot wait to vote!

      We are not Greece! We should be proud of our country and accomplishments in the last century and stop apologizing to the world and lead the world out of this economic slump. Let's start by supporting the freedom and liberty loving candidates out there! Vote and donate all your time and money for candidates that espouse our ideals.

    30. bigdave ocala fl says:

      Soon we will not have a country to take back! We have an administration which passes a massive so-called health care bill which NONE OF THEM READ and 75% of the AMERICAN PEOPLE are against…and are called RACISTS by the MEDIA AND THE CORRUPT ADMINISTRATION! The federal government REFUSES to ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAW so ARIZONA has the guts to pass a law(exactly like the federal law), and AGAIN the MEDIA and our woefull administration DO NOT READ IT and here we go again, textbook lunatic liberal rant…RACISTS!!! Since this administration READS NOTHING and REAL TERRORISTS are running amok unchecked until their bombs do not go off, EXACTLY WHAT ARE THESE CHARACTERS DOING FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?! And MORE IMPORTANTLY, what are WE going to do about THEM?!

    31. Al Duhan New Milford says:

      We no longer have a president or congress for the people but for them selves. They lie, steal and do what they want. We no longer have a voice at all. We must fire them all or we need a revolution. They must go either way. Al

    32. LeRoy says:

      If te republicans get in, they better be aware they will be voted out if thry continue down this road of distruction for our country!!! I belong to the Heritage foundationn so what is wrong weith voiceing my opinions????

    33. Mark Wilhelm Vero Be says:

      Term limits? Get rid of the perks, loose the retirement benefits, no more free travel except for real govenrment business, loose the congressional bank, long week ends, make the sessions no longer than 4 weeks, pay cut to cover only bona fide expenses. You won't need term limits. People like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, Obama will run away from government service. In fact make the term Government service mean just that. No more self agrandizing office mailers. No more special priveleges. Only people with a real interest in serving the people will apply. Then elections will mean something, other than a choice of the lesser of two evils. Have a day like no other. Mark Wilhelm

    34. toledofan says:

      There is alot of time between yesterday and November and lots can change, we have to keep up the pressure. I think the folks in Congress, no matter the party, all must be feeling some heat and heartburn today, so, hopefully, yesterday was a success. Tommorrow may be different, time will tell if Americans have had enough or are willing to sit on the sidelines and accept whatever happens. What was really kind of strange is that the guy that took Murtha's place, the democrat, actually campaigned against the Obama agenda. I just wonder if he'll continue to go that way once he's in Washington.

    35. Ted Stein, President says:

      I think you are wrong if you see Ron Paul as a conservative Republican, or Reagan Republican for that matter. He ran as a Republican so he could win. He's a Libertarian. He believes in small government, and the military industrial complex is a big government target. Not quite Reganesque. He will work hard to reduce the budget deficit by reducing our commitment to Iraq, Iran and moving us away from America's role as the world's policeman. That nuance hasn't sunk in with the gun loving base of the Tea Party, his self described supporters.

      I have always viewed the neo-cons as seeing the world as either black or white. If you don't agree with them, you are the enemy. I'm looking forward to seeing the fight shift from the Republicans and the Democrats to the radical right and the libertarians. The Tea Party movement is, and will continue to be, the catalyst. The fight will rest on how the neo-cons fair if the Libertarians gain significant political support. Both the Tea Party and the Libertarians need to evolve first, either together or apart.

      Unfortunately, the Tea Party membership is yelling so loud, they haven't taken the time to put a cohesive platform together. They lack leadership, and neither Ron or Rand Paul are viable candidates for a national movement. Rand lacks the passion of his father. Time is working against Ron. Palin is an effective speaker, but lacks both vision and intellect. I'm sure others are considering morphing into the role, but I don't see a candidate coming from the Republican ranks. My long-shot prediction is a socially liberal Democrat with a fiscally conservative voting record. From my perch, a much better fit. We'll see.

    36. Gayle Cranford, Herm says:

      In the primary election of John Murtha's replacement….who, as you mentioned, ran on a conservative ticket…..it does not indicate how many Independents who will be voting for Burns or Critz in November. It seems to be the Independent who are moving from the left in droves.

    37. Richard Cancemi, Arlington, Tx says:

      A spark of freedom has been struck, a glimmer of hope to retake America from the Socialists. It needs to grow into a bright flame that will purge the anti-Constitutional, anti-American Progressives from our lives! Perhaps then, there will be a bright future for our children and grandchildren and not a future of servitude to an arrogant, corrupt and dictatorial government such as is now in control with Obama acting more and more like a Castro or Chavez and nothing like a Jefferson or Washington. He and all his corrupt followers, as well as politicians of both parties need to be ousted! The sooner the better!

      I hope and pray freedom will start to re-emerge in the coming November elections.

      We don’t need hooligans and hypocrites running our Country.

    38. Tom Dittmar, Tucson, says:

      I am appalled that the President of the United States would take a public stand aganst the State of Arizona by formally agreeing with Caulderon the President of Mexico, a foreign nation in the matter of Arizona's new Immigration law.

      Its one thing to go about the world apologizing for our great Nation , or abandoning our ties with our longest and greatest ally, The State of Isreal , But to deny Arizonas right to take decisive action aganst violations of immigration law , the law of the land by the way goes far beyond any of the besmerching of our blessed Nation that the President and members of his administration have done to date.

    39. fresno ca says:

      ::I am a former republican delegate "I emphasize former". I am a Korean War Veteran who sees politics as both parties being the same. No difference between democrats and republicans. You can paint them both with the same brush. I feel I have a right to speak because I am a former republican delegate and Korean War Veteran. The most critical thing is to preserve Americas free enterprise system and defend our constitution and way of life that our forefathers implimented a short two hundred years ago. I wish to share a poem with you which I wrote in about an hours time after attending a medal of honor banquet in San Jose, California with two heroes of mine, namely Admiral James Bond Stockdale who was incarcerated in the Hanoi Hilton for over eight years and Greg (Pappy) Boyington who shot down 28 zeros. Both men were awarded the Navy Cross and Medal of Honor for the heroic defense of Americas Constitution and way of life. After this meeting I was moved to write this poem about my feelings and I am sure all patriots' beliefs and feelings.

      I entitled this The American Who is He? Keep in mind this was written over 34 years ago.

      It has become a novelty to be an American. Being born and bred here in this wonderful "free country" as it is often said. But I can's help but think I'm recoming a vanishing breed. First it was the "true Americans, the Navajo, Cheyenne, Cherokee and the Cree. But now it seems we have the minority, who might they be" My grandfather, grandmother, who helped found this great land, who worried about their will being as they toiled the land.

      Now I am not here to criticize, neither am I here to condemn. But neighbor, I'm just wondering, what is happening to this great land you say it's a "free country", as I have always believed, then what has happened to free enterprise that has made America free? I know we have our troubles as all countries do, but let the ones who founded if have something to say too. We as Americans have lived through trials and tribulations, snake bites and malaria too. But friend it's now time for us to make up our minds and decide what we want to do. We are now two hundred years young, with a lot of growing pains to go through. The first to the moon, the first to help and "yes" the first to get a slap in the face too. We have hung out our dirty laundry for all the world to see, yet we still remain the strongest free country as I see. while other countries have laughed at us, we have kept our cool, while laughing at ourselves and all our faults too, even with out troubles here in America. After traveling across the big pond to all the places that are not yet free, just "thank God" you are American and know its value to be free.

      Lets each voice our opinion and each of us be heard and no more will we have minority, but be a true American, as we deserve.

      I have fought for my country for the reason we all know, fighting for free enterprise and freedom which is the only way to go. I would be willing to fight again to keep this great country free, fighting, if necessary agains our oppressors, even if they be two or three.

      Yes I am an American, I am proud to say, I am American all the way.

      Stand up, Stand out, Do something, Do it now, only you can take back your constitution and America.;;;Author Carl Nelson…Copyright Pending.

    40. fresno ca says:

      America, if you care for your future … if you are concerned for your freedoms and America's soul … please listen to Glenn Beck daily on Fox. 5 days a week. Watch for re-runs. Check your local listings.

      Carl. God Bless America.

    41. PainfullyAware says:

      Ted Stein,

      I disagree with your Idea that the Ron Paul "Taxed Enough Already" Party has no platform.

      Constitutional Limits On The Power OF The Federal Government IS The Platform.

      Any One Advocating This Is An Ally.

      We Do Not Need A Leader => Just Rally Points.

      This is a "Movement OF The Masses" Not "Follow The Leader".

      Ron And Rand Paul are Genuine in principle and delivery. It is why they are discussed. Truth is easier to remember than lies and deceit; there is little reason to be vague if this is your mantra.

    42. Joseph Gerant says:

      Tea Partys are a catalyst, not the metal. They energize the political system and make it work harder, melding the ideals of current events. The government will be more effective because of this glorious basic movement in American society, reminding all whom the Founding Fathers put in charge of this nation. We have a republic, not a pure democracy, for a very good reason. Every person rights. Read " The Federalist Papers." They were put together by arguably the most brilliant assembly of men ever in one effort. For instance, we live in a deiocracy, rather than a theocracy, which opened the door to all religions. This also allowed Judeo/Christian ethics to be the basis of our law system. This government was founded on belief in Providence, rather than a specific God. This avoided wars between religions, maybe. Family, Faith, Country. The Ten commandments follow in spirit, not spoken.

    43. MN J says:

      Another point in PA 12 – the Dem did not win 2:1. The point above that says see how he votes is critical.

      There are far too many Democrats who claim to be pro-life and pro-2nd Amendment who get to DC and vote the leftist/socialist/Pelosi/Democrat line (anti-life, anti gun, raise taxes, etc.). The only ones who follow "their conscience" and vote for anything conservative are those who have been given "permission" by Pelosi and other democrat leaders b/c they have enough votes. Happens all the time. We in MN see it happen all the time – campaign in the center, get to St. Paul and vote on the left.

      The first vote representatives cast says it all – if they were truly pro-life, pro-gun, against raising taxes, they would not elect the most socialist/leftist Democrat to be their speaker. It's that simple.

    44. Leonard Dobbert Stok says:

      Nancy Polosi is next to go, thank God!

    45. john Arizona says:

      Ken Jarvis: Just think. If Obama didn't do anything wrong, the WSJ, Fox News, Rush et. al. wouldn't have anything to talk about. But he keeps giving them the ammunition they need to continue to tell the truth to the American people.

      It's painful that every time Obama opens his mouth, he shows his arrogance, he tells half truths or bold face lies, or speaks about what he doesn't know anything about – i.e. the Arizona immigration law. He truly needs a teleprompter on wheels to ensure he says the correct thing.

    46. C Hyatt, Albuquerque says:

      Yep, will be coming after the rest of them in due course. If we don't catch up with you in 2010, we will touch base in 2012. Sorry, but the free play in the sand box is over. It's time to do your jobs and represent the best interests of the United States not of special interest. But don't cry, you had a good long run of stealing our tax payer money and using it to get yourself re-elected. No longer will we sleep while you are picking our pockets. Oh no, the ride is over for a whole lot of you. It's time to pay the fiddler. Corruption and poor leadership cannot stand up to a light being shed upon it. Welcome to your new reality.

    47. david in franklin says:

      How do we boycot COLUMBUS OHIO now that the idiot they have for a mayor banned all travel to Arizona by city employees.

      This is looking more like fudel states having a peeing contest

    48. david in franklin says:

      I am starting a OHIOANS for ARIZONIANS club who wants to join. in support of states rights. Add your name and where I can send the SEIU thugs to beat the crap out of you for your own good

    49. Billie says:

      "We've come to take our country back!" what comforting words.

      Ted Stein are you governmentally subsidized? If so, it's explained.

    50. bigdave ocala fl says:

      Now WHAT can we, as AMERICANS, do to show our support for ARIZONA? WE are asking for your help from the conservatives at HERITAGE. Over 70% of us are with them, the media is against them , lie if they even have something to say, and the media is obviously pro illegals for some strange reason…maybe they get into reporting all the gang violence and murders,and home invasions, and unemployment rates in the stratosphere and all the HATE that goes with it, as if the government can legislate LOVE. Misery for all is their game, because it is always the RESULT of MARXISM/FASCISM which is what we have now.

    51. Barb, Wisconsin says:

      I do NOT feel safe as a citizen in this country anymore. I feel as though I am the enemy of this government. To have Emperor Obama stand on OUR White House lawn with Calderon the Mexican president and stand there supportingly while Calderon lectures us (yes us Americans!) on how rascist the AZ immigation law is, well….. I thought my head would explode!

      The gall!! Calderon is telling us that we should take in all of the criminals and drug thugs that Mexico does not want? And Obama stands there complicit???

      Then we taxpayers pay for their state dinner to boot? I feel as though Emperor Obama will be urinating on our flag in the rose garden very soon! How in the world did the folks vote in this yahoo? More importantly than that, do you now realize your tragic mistake America?

    52. Janet says:

      Does Obama know where the white house is? He is constantly campaigning and before the cameras. Everyday he is in the news, doing or saying something stupid – what a president, Poor gullible America.

    53. Al Wunsch, Fl says:

      It should be an interesting election year. The 12 dist race in PA shows the dems really understand what it takes to win. The concern about Rand Paul's libertarianism that usually means a wealness on defense shows that republicans still have a challenge to field the right type of candidate – conservatives. However, something else went on in the 12th I think, that has to do with local politics. Either that or the people in that district will believe anything that a dem promises in spite of their track record to the contrary.

      "Mr.Critz’s victory is hardly a surprise in that he was a staffer of the popular 30 year congressman he was running to replace, was pro-life, pro-gun and had a 2-1 Democrat to Republican voter registration advantage in the district." The only time you can find a pro-life, pro-gun democrat is when the vote isn't needed. Surely the people in the 12th saw that in the healthcare debacle. Their "democrat" party is really a marxist party these days. That bodes ill for America.

    54. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Progressive Liberals always forget that their programs leave millions of American victims, and we don't forget who done it. But this election is our penultimate chance to take our Country back, and the Liberals are ready for us. They have a war chest of Public Money they will lavish on their base, and waste in the Captive Media. The Progressives were usurped by Communists, there is no other explanation. What they have done is highly illegal, treasonous and Unconstitutional. If you can't Impeach Obama for all he is red handed doing, then you couldn't impeach Bealzabub. Do not let Obama have four years, you have to Impeach him if you actually want to take our Country back. Then, don't let the Demo-crats write the Articles like they did with Bill.

    55. Brian Hanson says:

      My name is Brian Hanson, a songwriter from Franklin, TN. I have recently been hearing concern that the steam will go out before the November elections.

      Often, music creates a rallying point. I believe I have the song.

      The song is called "We'll Remember in November". This song is a cry for change and courage in America.

      Here is a link to the song, with the lyrics below. http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/patriotic-songs-


      We'll Remember in November

      Words and Music by Brian Hanson

      © 2010 by Brian Hanson

      Half hearted, insincere

      Not afraid to lie

      They never listen long enough

      To hear the people's cry

      So a message to this Congress

      When December comes this year

      Your Santa Claus ain't comin' round

      We want you to hear

      We'll Remember in November

      We'll Remember in November.

      Taking over everything

      And making it a mess

      Looking past corruption

      And calling it "progress"

      Destroying all our freedoms

      That are good and right and true

      In the land of free and the home of the brave

      Here's a message just for you…

      We'll Remember in November

      We'll Remember in November.

      O say, can you see…

      Freedom (Freedom)

      Freedom (Freedom)

      Freedom (Freedom)

      We want Liberty!

      Pushing their agenda

      Creating quite a schism

      I wonder if they figured out

      That this is Socialism

      The purple mountain majesties

      Are now our pile of debts

      We have to take our country back

      So we cannot forget…

      We'll Remember in November

      We'll Remember in November.


      "If my people,

      which are called by my name,

      shall humble themselves, and pray

      and seek my face,

      and turn from their wicked ways;

      then will I hear from heaven,

      and will forgive their sin,

      and will heal their land.

      We are thinking people

      We are moral too

      We love our God and Country

      And we're loyal through and through

      We are very peaceful

      But we are very proud

      And we are not afraid to speak

      And shout it right out loud…

      We'll Remember in November

      We'll Remember in November.

      We'll Remember in November

      We'll Remember in November.

      O Say can you, say can you, say can you see…

      We'll Remember in November

    56. Mike NYC says:

      though this is a start. I think its just too little too late. As our deficiet is out of control, gulf oil spill beyond pecedent, Intelligents agencies being run by IDK to do things

      that from FOIA show to be totally immoral. Our republic is controlled by money; Elections, media, polititions all controlled by cash. the golden rule is he who has the gold makes the rules. As long as our society continues to be controlled by dollars everything else is all BS. Till we decide to turn our backs on corporations ,polititions

      and money and switch to a trade type monetary system then we will have taken the 1st step to taking back our republic. Untill such a time the golden rule will be in effect.

      Goodluck & God bless all the serfs and peasents.

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