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  • Bowing Again, to Mexico this Time

    Presidents Calderon and Obama in the Rose Garden

    Undeterred by the lack of success so far of the Obama Doctrine (apologize for America to foreign leaders, and if that doesn’t work, bow), President Obama today took the unprecedented step of publicly siding with Mexico against the state of Arizona. President Obama did this while standing next to the visiting President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, and while addressing Mexican journalists in the Rose Garden of the White House.

    President Obama repudiated Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law in this public act, and by doing so he waved away not just centuries of tradition that domestic disputes end at the water’s edge—that we’re all American, whatever our differences may be—but also common sense and, well, national decorum. Whatever the merits and demerits of the Arizona Law, President Obama had no business agreeing with a foreign leader against the elected government of Arizona and 70% of the people in that state who support the law.

    Specifically, the President said:

    “We also discussed the new law in Arizona, which is a misdirected effort — a misdirected expression of frustration over our broken immigration system, and which has raised concerns in both our countries….

    “And I want everyone, American and Mexican, to know my administration is taking a very close look at the Arizona law.  We’re examining any implications, especially for civil rights.  Because in the United States of America, no law-abiding person — be they an American citizen, a legal immigrant, or a visitor or tourist from Mexico — should ever be subject to suspicion simply because of what they look like.”

    We don’t know whether President Obama has read the law in question. We do know that two of his cabinet secretaries who have been very critical of the law, and who are directly concerned in this matter—Attorney General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano—have publicly admitted not having read the 17-page law.  State Department Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs P.J. Crowley has also admitted to not having read the law. Has anyone in the Obama Administration read this law?

    It was not, alas, the first time an Administration official apologized to foreign leaders about Arizona’s law. Assistant Secretary of State Michael Posner proudly said this week that in meetings with Chinese leaders, “We brought it up early and often, as a troubling trend in our society and an indication that we have to deal with issues of discrimination or potential discrimination.”

    The President is very much mistaken if he thinks the approach he has taken with foreign leaders will gain him any benefits. Does he honestly think it will ever be reciprocated? That we will ever see, for example, the President of France ever take at a public forum the side of the U.S. in a dispute with Haute Garonne or Normandy—let alone the leaders of Iran, Venezuela or Russia?

    This level of naiveté in foreign policy has begun to take a heavy toll. It was very much in evidence this week when Brazil and Turkey did an end run around Secretary of State Clinton and signed a deal allowing Iran to continue building a nuclear weapons program, a very dangerous turn of events.

    In the case of Mexico, today’s gratuitous hit at one of the States of the Union may not be on par with what happened with Iran, perhaps, but it does count as a further national humiliation.

    Mike Gonzalez is Vice President of Communications at Heritage. Follow him on Twitter at @Gundisalvus

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    27 Responses to Bowing Again, to Mexico this Time

    1. Greg (30 yr Veteran) says:

      It really does not show well for not only this president, but homeland security, and others to bark out loud about the Arizona law, when not a single one of them have even read the darn thing! And, its not like the healthcare bill, some thousands of pages long, it is short and sweet.

      Bottom line: 1. It follows Federal Laws already in place. 2. These blowhards that run their gums need to shut up and read the legislation that 70% of Americans support. 3. The lousy leader of the corrupt mexico needs to go home and clean up his own country so all them mexicans will stop running over to our country.

      We need political advertisements that show the statistics of border crime or illegal crime period. The trashing of the land and countryside. Prison populations. And much more.

    2. Billie says:

      President Obama is not the leader to defend the people of America. He'd rather defend the illegal actions that promote further illegalities and crisis. He distorts the law to promote hatred, add further burdens to the innocent… as he holds no accountability to his own faults he surely won't hold them to those who cause problems to America. His actions AND WORDS speak loud and clear!

    3. Michael, Ohio says:

      High Crimes and Misdemeanors? When the President consistently sides with foreign countries and seems more than willing to subjugate America to their desires, when he blatently disregards our Constitution and in favor of "international legal norms", sane people should begin to wonder if he has the best interests of the United States of America in mind, or if he is wilfully pursuing the destruction of our Republic…

    4. Micki-Tamarac, FL says:

      How sad for the USA to have such a president! Try going to Mexico without proper papers and see what happens.

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    6. P. Griffin, Indiana says:

      How long has Obama been in office? I'm still waiting to hear him make one positive comment about the goodness and generosity of the United States, either here or in any other country.

    7. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I for 0ne am sick and tired of hearing speakers refering to just IMMIGRATION, No one is saying NO IMMIGRATION, we are all saying "STOP THE ILLEGAL immigration" somehow the word ILLEGAL gets eliminated. The word Illegal, means it's against the written law. BHO seems to want to white wash ALL our problems and the border problem is huge. In 1914 John J. Pershing and anumber of troops were on the border until the lines were defined, they lived in tents in the intense heat, their transportation was mostly Horses, how do I know, I've got pictures as my grandfather was one of those who went to El Paso as a young Capt. to secure the border, he left four children and a wife behind to do this, STOP the influx of illegals NOW, close the border and tell the Mexican Pres. this is the law and to cure his own problems.

    8. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      1) I wonder if the new PC term for illegal immigrants will be "visitors and tourists". Will AZ law enforcement officials also ask for passports in addition to driver's licenses, green cards, photo IDs, voter IDs, etc. from law-breakers?

      2) That law does not subject law-abiding persons to suspicion. Only after a violation of a city, county or state law are persons questioned on matters of citizenship which may or may not reveal a violation of federal law. If illegal immigrants were not breaking other laws in the state, AZ would probably not have even passed this law.

    9. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      The unmitigated gall of this socialist that sits in our White House, to stand by while his "brother" Calderon, trashes one of our states for doing what the Federal Government refuses to do, is beyond what Americans should have to put up with. The leader of a country (Mexico) that is so corrupt that it cannot support it own citizens, is allowed to come to this nation, stand on our soil, and deliberatly condemn what our citizens are forced to do to protect their lives and property, should be run out of this country on a rail, covered with tar and feathers, with Obama on that same rail.

    10. Drew Page, IL says:

      Who does this guy Calderon think he is, coming here and critizing Arizona's immigration law. It's none of his business what our laws are. He ought to concentrate on Mexico's laws on illegal drug enforcement. More importantly, he ought to figure out ways to improve the economy of his own damn country so that Mexicans could afford to live in Mexico.

      Mr. Calderone should be embarrassed and humiliated that so many of his countrymen find Mexico an impossible place to make a living and that they are willing to risk death in the desert and arrest in the U.S. for illegally sneaking into this country. But Mr. Calderon knows the how much money these illegals send back to Mexico, propping up the weak economy there. That is why he will resist any attempt by America to shut down the illegal immigration of Mexicans into the U.S.

      But there is no excuse for Mr. Obama. How dare he criticize Arizona for trying to defend itself from the problems of illegal immigration? He has done nothing in 16 months to enforce the laws against illegal immigration, or to secure our national borders. Mr. Obama criticizes the Arizona law as being a misdirected attempt to deal with their frustration. One wonders how critical he would be if he were stuck living in Tueson, not making $5.5 million a year, but making $55,000 a year and having to send his kids to a public school instead of the private school they now attend. Walk a few miles in their shoes Mr. Obama before shooting off your mouth about how wrong they are.

    11. Southern Girl, MS says:

      Obama is an embarassment to the United States – but to him the U.S. is the embarassment. He is not a patriot and should be impeached and tried for treason!!

    12. KLIMAX Baltimore MD. says:

      I can't believe that Obama found it necessary to apologize for a law that one of the United States passed !! This is embarrassing for the people of OUR country especially the slamming of the law by China and Obama's representative !! The Chinese, who are one of the worst offenders of human rights, thinking SB 1070 is any type of rights violation is a joke !! Obama wants more illegals to enter the country to add to the 20+ Million already here so they can vote Democratic since no one checks for proof of legal presence when issuing voter registration cards !!! ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT NOT AMNESTY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    13. Sandy, Dallas Texas says:

      All of this is crap. I do not understand why it is considered racial profiling for someone to be asked for identification. I am required (I am an American Citizen) to keep my driver's license and insurance card with me (and when I get stopped, I have to provide that AND they go to the squad car and put me through the computer) so what is the big deal with having to carry your documentation if you are here legally? It is because people that are here illegally fear getting questioned. If they had nothing to worry about, all of this would be for naught. I would assume that if I go to any foreign country, I would be required by that country to carry my passport with me. Is this not correct? I have always tried to support my president even when I did not vote for them or whether I agreed with them as I felt it was my duty as an American to unite. However, with this administration, it is hard for me to even call him President Obama. I hate even tagging the word "President" with his last name. It is my opinion that all the controversy is determined by who is spitting it out. For the American citizens, it is because (I hope) that they think the illegals deserve a chance. For the politicians, it is votes. This is very sad. We probably won't have to worry about immigration, illegals, etc. very much longer with the way our country is being guided, we will no longer be the land of plenty or the land of freedom or anything else that so many immigrants come to this country for. I hope they are looking for the "next big thing" because if the current administration and the voters that have blinders on don't wake up and smell the coffee, America will not be the country I have been so proud to call home and a country that does give individuals opportunity when they come here the right way and through legal channels.

    14. Pete, Houston says:

      There are several methods to curtail the Illegal immigrant issue into the USA.

      All babies born in this country to illegal immigrant parents become the property of the US Government and removed from the care of their illegal parents.

      All illegal immigrants will be sterilized before deportation.

      Then we will have something to truely talk about during our conferences with both China and Mexico.

      There are plenty of honest individuals that want children and can properly support/care for them. They can reimburse the US Government for the children and do not have to worry about the parents changing their mind.

      Reduces the future burden upon the planet for resources.

      So many issues can be resolved in such a simple manner.

    15. Corky, Howey in the says:

      When is enough, enough? I keep reading and hearing more and more of what our president (he gets no caps from me) is doing to our Great Nation.If he liked it so much to run for president then why is he so intent on destroying it? Mexico has nothing to offer us and yet obama BOWS to it. We have gangs here now from south of the Border but to obama that's OK. We the People of this Country are TIRED of paying our taxes only to have them used to support illegal's.and pay wellfair for half the world! We need to impeach obama for his actions which are leading to the overthrow of the United States. We have become the laughing stock of the World..We don't enforce our laws, we can't keep our borders safe, we give better care to people of other countries than we do to our OWN CITIZENS!! WAKE UP AMERICANS!!!

    16. Spencer, San Antonio says:

      Demand the Mexican President stop exporting his poverty to the U.S. They have already dumped 10million on us….NOMORE

    17. GEORGIA Dreyer says:

      I'm sick of this low life scumbag in the WH. He needs to be IMPEACHED right now along with all of his CZARS. Mexico is a joke and they make their people leave bacause there is nothing there for them but why should we have to shoulder the outcome. They can come here and become citizens but they can't be bothered with that. It's nice to just move over and get everything for free that I've worked my whole life for. OBAMA is a MUSLIM and is ILLEGAL.

    18. GEORGIA Dreyer says:

      I forgot to leave my city in the post I made. It's Cincinnati, OH

    19. USA says:

      obama is an embarrassment. calderon should learn how to support his own people, but instead he would rather send them up here to not deal with them as long as they send money home to support the families. control your own country, mexico, and stop trying to send people up here to control ours.

    20. hal,maine says:

      let mexico rot.how about we empty our prisons on their soil?NEVER put down the us as pres or whatever office held,esp denouncing your countrymen to appease another nation who refuses to control their own people.ron paul hurry up & get into office as pres!!

    21. Lynn Bryant DeSpain says:

      Obama will always bow to the World, fore he belongs to the World, not to America.

    22. Carol, AZ says:

      BLOW, BLOW, BLOW !!!

      We have no problem with immigration in the United States of America according to ATT. General Eric Holder and Homeland Security Secretary Janet N. who stares blankly into the camera.

      And alas we come to our Pres. who thinks he is making more Dems for 2012.

      This issue is one of the major tipping points for the pervasive deep pocket for Buss. in America.

      The rest of America is finally catching on.

      It also will be the major platform for all elections in Nov and the tipping point in 2012.

      Our Borders are not secured and we should all go to bed tonight knowing that.

    23. Eve New jersey says:

      ) I wonder if the new PC term for illegal immigrants will be “visitors and tourists" Ohh yes, in the world of obama and his handlers…….this definatelly will be the new pc term for "Illegal aliens." Our forefathers are turning over in their graves, I imagine, on a still night…you can hear the groaning and knashing of their teeth!

      Heaven help us………..

    24. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Did anyone else hear the Mexican pres. complain that we criminalize illegals?, seems no one knows the meaning of the word

    25. Ralph Fort Myers, Fl says:

      Not only did the Mexican pres. bash the Arizona law, but the democrats gave him a standing O. Wake up AMERICA!

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    27. Doug, Cabot Arkansas says:

      I don't know what everyone is complaining about. 54% of Americans voted for Obama, even though they knew what he was going to do. They knew he was going to push through a health care bill that would raise taxes, premium rates, etc and turn the US into a nanny state. They knew he was gong after banks to nationalize them. They knew he was sympathetic to Muslims and especially when he didn't pay respects to the US Flag, and wanted to change the national anthem, befrieded William Ayers the terrorist, and Rev Wright, the anti-American, Anti-semetic anti-white America hater. And now, he is letting anyone who promises to vote Democrat come in, legal or otherwise and defends those who would kill Americans. Everyone who voted for Obama knew he was going to do all this stuff and yet, they still voted for him because it was more important to get on the wagon of history and be able to tell your grand kids you voted for the first black President. Well, thanks to Obama, this country may not be around when your grand kids are old enough to understand…hows that for change.

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