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  • Climategate before Climategate

    The Heartland Institute’s International Climate Change Conference commenced in Chicago last night, bringing together some of the world’s leading climatologists who offer dissenting views from the mainstream “global warming is a serious, human-induced problem” view. This year 73 scientists, economists, and policy analysts from 23 countries will present to over 700 attendees.

    Heartland’s conference provides a valuable forum for accomplished scientists to showcase their work and offer different reasons as to why the planet is warming and cooling and how fast it is doing so. Several of the panels will bring together analysts, including Heritage’s Ben Lieberman, to look at the policy implications behind global warming legislation.

    In a sense, Heartland’s conference (this being the fourth annual) was Climategate before Climategate. Before leaked emails and other documents from the Climatic Research Unit at the University of East Anglia brought climate change skepticism to the headlines of papers, Heartland’s conference showed their was another side to the story. The purpose of the conference is not necessarily to expose flaws in the climate research used by our politicians to justify carbon dioxide regulations as Climategate did – although some panels have done so in the past – rather provide an opportunity for debate on climate science.

    It was fitting that Sunday night’s keynote speaker was climate expert Stephen McIntyre, a leader in exposing the data mismanagement in Climategate, most notably Michael Mann’s hockey stick theory. He is author of the blog Climate Audit and his presentation focused on the “Nature trick” to “hide the decline.” This was the most notorious of the leaked emails where Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change author Mann “chopped off the inconvenient portion of the tree ring data – the portion where it goes down – and tucked the end point under other data, giving a rhetorical impression of consistency.”

    Defenders of the leaked emails said the language was common practice but McIntyre’s talk reveals otherwise. McIntyre spent two years and $5,000 of his own money to uncover much of this information and his full presentation goes into much more detail. You can find it at Heartland.org, and for those who couldn’t attend, PajamasTV is covering the entire event.

    You can watch McIntyre’s speech from last year above.

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    6 Responses to Climategate before Climategate

    1. pojoe says:

      More properaganda bought to you by the industry that will drill baby drill or is it spill baby spill and kill people for there own greed.

    2. Adam says:

      Their own emails are propoganda?

    3. Billie says:

      Thank you, Heritage. It is important all people learn the truth, no matter how much they do not want to believe. Government greed in taking over American way of life within our individual abilities, while higher allowance for foreigners to drill off American shores under separate rules, regulations and who knows, maybe no mandates? America using,America's natural resources makes America energy independent, efficient and reliable. Shows the strength of this country.. Relying on foreign countries only shows weakness. And why rely on anyone, when we can do it ourselves? Part of obama's philosophy, if there's no problem, create one. If you can't accept truth, be an ignorant hypocrite. or just be an ignorant hypocrite because you won't accept or work with truth.

    4. Ian Mc Vindicated says:

      POJOE…your comment is so far off base, you obvioulsy have consumed the kool-aid. Watch the presentations, there is no oli funding here, nor am I involved in the oli company. I , like all others who are skeptical, are just simply fed up with the lies, and we want the truth…and truth backed up by hard evidence.

      The alarmists have lost due to their inability to supply evidence . In a court of law , this " theory" would have been tossed out the window long ago.. Its amazing when politics gets involved in a "movement" how fa it can get before it fizzles..


    5. Stylo says:

      pojoe: Too much emotional and financial investment to give up on the greatest scam of all time? "Carbon credits"? Hey, I've got some air to sell ya. Or, how about I tax you to breathe?

      Good lecture above from Steve showing the deliberately deleted data from IPCC and Michael Mann.

    6. Aaron Huertas says:

      Mr. Loris,

      I can't believe Heritage has crawled so far down the hole of conspiracy mongering. Where are the opponents of climate change legislation who accept the science? It seems your ideological position against addressing climate change is clouding your judgment about the science.

      Please see the multiple independent investigations below that have cleared scientists of wrongdoing and debunked the claims you're making in this blog post.

      http://www.factcheck.org/2009/12/climategate/ http://www.research.psu.edu/orp/Findings_Mann_Inqhttp://www.uea.ac.uk/mac/comm/media/press/CRUstathttp://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm200910

      Aaron Huertas

      Press Secretary

      Union of Concerned Scientists

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