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  • NEW VIDEO: Heritage's Entry to the EPA Video Contest

    In case you had any doubts about whether Washington bureaucrats were completely out of touch with ordinary Americans, the Environmental Protection Agency is here to reassure you—they are.

    While Americans across the country have been tightening their belts and dealing with a wave of new taxes, fees, and regulations, the EPA has launched a video contest to celebrate their brand of over-regulation. They are offering $2,500 to whomever puts together the best video lauding the merits of regulation in American life.

    In the interest of providing a slightly different perspective, the Heritage Foundation submitted our own entry this morning, reminding those who watch of Washington’s all-too-familiar habit of promoting job-killing, expansive regulation. Whether in the law, in business, or even in the grocery aisle, government continues to expand its powers, leaving increasingly little room for us and our liberties—a problem Heritage has long documented.

    So, in the spirit of education, we encourage you to watch and share our video on Facebook, retweet it on Twitter, and help us get the word out. The more people that view our video, the harder it will be to ignore.

    Also, consider your submitting your own video before the May 17 deadline and posting a link to it in the comments below. Let Washington know what you think of their history with regulation. You can find the complete rules on the EPA website.

    Oh, and should we win—and we’re waiting on pins and needles—we will be donating the prize to an entrepreneur who is struggling to stay afloat in the wake of all that over-regulation.

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    21 Responses to NEW VIDEO: Heritage's Entry to the EPA Video Contest

    1. Tukas, Crook County says:

      You can make another called,

      "Rulemaking RULES!",

      or "School of RULE",

      "Dude, where's My Rules?!"

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    4. Glenn Lammi says:

      Great post and excellent video. Believe it or not, this isn't the only instance of EPA handing out taxpayer dollars to foment activism and regulation. As noted on Washington Legal Foundation's blog at http://wlflegalpulse.com/2010/04/29/environmental… the agency is also holding a "Faces of Environmental Justice" video contest to breathe new life into this movement which tries to impose regulations under the guise of civil rights.

    5. Joe, Austin says:

      I can't believe you published this yesterday. Take a look at the Louisiana Coast and re-think. Or maybe I should say, think for the first time.

    6. Brandon, St. Louis says:

      Nice. I normally don't support Heritage, as I'm a libertarian and more of a Cato Institute guy myself. But that's a terrific video! On the EPA's video contest webpage, they actually praise three REALLY RIDICULOUS regulations, including price-fixing for coffee (sounds like SOMEONE over there didn't take basic Econ) and regulating what we can and can't hear on the radio. WOW…

    7. Alex, MA says:

      This is a foolish video. I won't make bleek points to dispute it, I simply think it is just a bunch of "buzz." Trying to get people up in arms. The reality is, it's not gov't and regulation that are bad, it's the people elected to be a part of the system. We need to look at the interconnectivities of the system to understand how lobbying can override the public's choice (we can call it lobbying, but the better term is "bribery"). The reason we, as working individuals, get shafted is because everything trickles up. We need a gov't to organize higher order programs, but they must be working for us. Our dollars pay them as employees. They are not working for us now, not because gov't is evil, but because the people running the show are not looking out for our interests.

    8. Sophie, orinda says:

      shut up u frickin republicants if it werent for bush ur fuhrer we wouldnt b in this mess ur just refusing to take obama's help!

    9. Sam, Chicago says:

      To Joe from Austin -

      Disasters regularly occur and we deal with them. That is part of being human. We can deal, ex post facto, with various RARE disasters by cleaning up the environment etc. However, what we cannot deal with, ex post facto, is the collapse of the economy. If there are no jobs and business has come to a halt, no amount of "action" can save the nation. However, it's relatively easy to clean up an oil spill, especially if they RARELY occur (Compared to creating an economy from the thin air). The alternative, ie, excess regulation, the growth of government and the fall of the economy, cannot be so easily escaped, and will cause much more wide spread suffering than a small oil spill.

      We have thought this out. Your brain has been overtaken by an emotional reaction, and you have not really examined the issues. Generally, when a liberal calls on a conservative to "think for the first time," the liberal has NOT actually thought about the issue, but is merely having an EMOTIONAL response. Coming to a consensus on a specific issue requires a large amount of time and deliberation. What you have, an OPINION from an emotional response, likely due to reading a single Huffington Post article or watching your garbage news, is NOT a good basis for setting policy. The founders did not write the Constitution and the bill of rights overnight, based on quick emotional responses. However, that is how Liberals attempt to govern. And the result: loss of jobs, collapse of the economy, over regulation, and loss of freedom, are all intolerable.

    10. Arthur Brehm, Columb says:

      Surely you recognize that environmental degradation is harmful not only to wildlife, but to people who live in poor communities that can't afford to move away from the sites of calamities such as oil extraction operations and mountaintop removal mining.

      Surely you recognize that in the interest of turning a profit, corporations have historically ignored the human cost of their operations, and are entirely disinterested in policing their own activities,

      Surely you recognize the need for some limits on corporations in the interest of protecting the natural world, as well as human beings who are harmed by corporate polluters.

      Or does sucking Pat Robertson's dick remove the part of your brain that handles reason.

    11. Ben of Houston says:

      Joe of Austin. The EPA's rules did absolutely nothing to prevent the BP disaster. That was the result of complete sloppiness and was in in violation of dozens or hundreds of rules from EPA and OSHA.

      More rules wouldn't have mattered, as they were already in violation. Rules only apply to law-abiding citizens, and in the case of environmental and safey regs, they are unnecessary if management cares about their employees and their city. If you don't care and simply budget for fines, then the rules don't matter anyway.

      The law doesn't work if it isn't obeyed, and while multiple-failure scenarios do happen, and failsafes sometimes fail, this was a preventable accident. BP gives the entire industry a bad name.

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    13. Earl of Atlanta says:

      Obama has been quick to blame the oil spill on the cozy relationships between the regulated and the regulators, meaning of course that even more regulations are forthcoming. Considering the thousands of oil rigs that have been operating offshore for decades, and this is the FIRST major spill, seems to me the system has been working pretty damn well. I submit that it is a far greater disaster when 200-300 innocents die in an airplane crash, than a few seabirds and some oysters die in an oil spill. Yet where are the calls for banning airplanes??

    14. Ernie G, Florida says:

      I'm afraid I don't have the subtitle skill to do this, but I can't wait to see Hitler's reaction when he learns that his video entry didn't win the EPA contest.

    15. Mike G, Chicago says:

      "I can’t believe you published this yesterday. Take a look at the Louisiana Coast and re-think. Or maybe I should say, think for the first time."

      Yes, just think about the environmental disaster that could have happened if the EPA weren't there to prevent it!

    16. Dave in Georgia says:

      Alex, the problem with massive regulation is not the integrity/quality of the people we elect (usually). Regulation can have all the good intentions in the world and often does. The problem is that unelected bureaucrats are the ones that create, implement, and enforce the rules. For all kinds of reasons, whether it be preservation of their job, validation of their life's work, myopic focus on one issue, or a lack of understanding of the "real world" costs and consequences involved, bureaucrats over-reach and much of the time do more harm than good.

      Of course there is some need for regulation, but it needs to be effective, efficient, constitutionally allowed, and balanced against the real world costs and consequences that inevitably happen.

      The current people in charge simply do not get this – at all. The feel they are smarter and morally justified in controlling all things. This ridiculous propaganda campaign is just another sign of that.

    17. Ferd, NY says:

      Joe from Austin – Sam and Ben made excellent points, but forgot one. Did you know that BP received an award for how well they managed their well? Plus ongoing safety certifications. Who did they receive these from? From the government regulators! Yes, that's what we need is more incompetent regulators.

    18. Dana H., San Diego says:

      This video was far too weak an indictment of the destrucive effects of regulation that are visible all around you if you just look. By largely focussing on proposed rather than current regulations, it made it seem like we currently live under laissez-faire, which isn't even close to true.

      Examples off the top of my head: contribution of minimum wage laws to unemployment, contribution of FDA regulations to patient death (due to drug approval delays), billions of dollars wasted due to pointless Sarbanes-Oxley requirements, the high cost of gasoline in California due to regulation of the formulations used, and so on.

      (As for the BP spill, I wonder to what degree it was caused by neglect of BP's core business in favor of their "Beyond Petroleum" pursuit of the fantasy of "green" energy.)

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