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  • Brazil’s Lula Runs Interference for Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions

    Brazil’s President Ignacio Lula da Silva will visit Tehran on May 15. International attention will focus on the visit because Iran has said it agrees “in principle” with working through Brazil and Turkey to broker a nuclear fuels exchange deal with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

    Despite this diplomatic camouflage, Iran’s central objective remains avoiding or watering  down possible UN sanctions and sowing confusion among international players with a diplomacy of gestures and bluffs.  It aims to buy more time at the expense of the U.S. and the West to develop a nuclear weapon.

    Many in Washington are reassessing their opinion of Brazil’s popular president and his commitment to responsible global leadership.

    While Lula enjoys the “international spotlight” and may have his sights set on the Nobel Peace prize, his working agenda aims to marginalize U.S. global leadership and open the door for further delays in confronting the threat posed by a nuclear-arming Iran.

    Having already denounced sanctions, Lula will likely be suckered into a Potemkin-like process that will drag on indefinitely and slow consensus on necessary sanctions.

    Finally, Lula’s embrace of Iran’s theocratic dictators is a hard slap in the face of Brazilian diverse and vibrant democracy and an affront to those who believe in the protection of human rights.

    As former State Department official Bernard Aronson sagely notes, Lula could do some good by setting an example.  Brazil could offer to “renounce permanently its [Brazil’s] right to enrich uranium, closing its enrichment facility, and … let the IAEA supply NPT signatories .. with the low enriched uranium they need for peaceful purposes…” Lula will not do this.

    What asks  Jackson Diehl of the Washington Post is “the price for [Lula’s] vanity diplomacy?”  It is, he concludes, “continued delay of sanctions that could be the last chance of stopping Iran’s drive for a nuclear weapon peacefully.”

    The Lula visit and his nuclear “mediation” are harmful to U.S. interest and global security.  The Obama Administration should let this be known in no uncertain terms.

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    6 Responses to Brazil’s Lula Runs Interference for Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions



    2. pablo, Brazil says:

      Human rights? It´s just business. Iran is a good buyer, why not sell to them? If you are so worried about human rights, tell your government to stop buying oil from the Saudi dictatorship or products from China. And close Guantanamo before criticizing others. As mentioned, Brazil has the right of enriching uranium and has the 6th biggest reserves, why should Brazil buy from other if it can do by itself? I didn´t get this point. It´s a clean energy, as you know, and the words about Brazil´s desire to have a bomb are mere speculations.

    3. Wendell Harrold, Okl says:

      Judging from all accounts, Iran is soon to achieve its nuclear ambition because the US is bogged down in rhetoric as the rest of the world (sans Israel and GB) cheers and even helps them along. God help us all when that happens. I truly believe they would dearly love to see that infamous mushroom cloud on the far horizon.

    4. bill w says:

      In our lifetime we will see the use of nukes to stop the spread of nukes. The only way for Israel to erradicate the nuke threat from Iran is to use nukes on the underground facilities, lose lose for everyone. If the isrealis use nukes on the iranians it will need to be complete or we will be revisiting this threat again in 10-20 yrs.

    5. Drew Page, IL says:

      Perhaps when New York, Chicago, L.A. or D.C. are lying in smoldering radioactive ruins, Mr. Obama and Eric Holder will emerge from their bunker in Greebriar to advise that they would be willing to reconsider their indecision on the matter of Iran's nuclear development.

    6. pablo says:

      The Brazilian media is mostly very right winged.

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