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  • A $9 Million Villa for Al Gore, Sky-High Energy Costs for the Rest of Us

    From his sprawling new $9 million ocean-view villa in Montecito, California, with its high ceilings, wine cellar, terraces, six fireplaces, five bedrooms, nine bathrooms, pool and 6,500 square feet of living space, former Vice President Al Gore is asking a favor of the American people. He’d like you to tighten your belt and shell out big time for higher electric bills, all in the name of fighting global warming.

    In a renewable electricity standard (RES) proposal now before Congress, those costs would be huge. A new Heritage Foundation study modeled the effects of a generic RES and found that the average family of four would lose $2,400 per year in national income, and their share of the national debt would increase by $11,000.

    The Heritage analysis assumes an RES proposal that calls for 37.5% of the electricity we consume to be renewable energy by 2035; by contrast, Gore’s man-on-the-moon pipe dream calls for 100 percent renewable energy by 2018. Both would be incredibly costly to average Americans, which might be more palatable if you, like the former veep, can afford to add solar panels to the roof of one of your mansions. (Gore also owns a 10,000-square-foot mansion in Belle Meade, Tenn., where he has been depicted working in the soft glow of three 30-inch Apple cinema display monitors, which retail for a hefty $1,799 each.)

    There are more costs to America, too. Heritage’s study also shows the renewable electricity standards would by 2035:

    • Raise household electricity prices by 36 percent and increase electric bills for businesses by 60 percent.
    • Slash the nation’s economic output, or gross domestic product, by hundreds of billions of dollars a year — for a total loss of $5.2 trillion from 2012-2035.
    • Destroy more than 1 million jobs, despite any “green” jobs created.

    The RES idea, already passed out of a Senate committee, is likely to be part of any energy agenda this year. The Heritage study, conducted by the Center for Data Analysis, looks solely at onshore wind because it’s the cheapest, most practical renewable source.

    You can count on Gore continuing to beat his drums, despite these costs. And he won’t be alone. Actor Harrison Ford is championing the Green Dream, too, all while flying one of his seven gas-guzzling airplanes. Don’t worry, he assures his critics that he only flies one at a time and that he will “start walking everywhere when they start walking everywhere.”

    Then there’s Madonna, who calls for environmental action yet spends $120,000 per year on bottled water (which some greenies would like to ban) and whose charity invested in the very companies the environmental movement condemns.

    For Al Gore and millionaire celebrities activists, the costs of environmental regulations aren’t even an afterthought; they can afford to live in solar-paneled mansions and throw stones. But for the rest of Americans, the costs will be all too real – in energy bills, jobs, and national debt.

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    17 Responses to A $9 Million Villa for Al Gore, Sky-High Energy Costs for the Rest of Us

    1. ron l11, nikiski, al says:

      This is just so sickening and hypocritical. I am a disabled vet, and have a meager retirement that barely stretches now. If this comes to be true.

      It leaves few options, move from the USA to south America and live like a king on my modest means, move to the woods and live off the land , vote these morons out before they can do any more damage or just pray for a revolution and throw them all out and start over.

      November will tell.

      It is such a shame, I hope these people who voted for these people got the change they could believe in, I sure cant.

    2. Jim - Ohio says:



    3. Neal Palmquist - Ohi says:

      The establishment of socialism in capitalist nations requires only targeting their supply of energy.

      If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

      What a guy, thinks he invented the internet and thinks he didn't invent man-made global warming. He has an amazing ability to calculate my carbon footprint reductions associated with my choice of toilet paper.

      Yet, somehow he cannot calculate the carbon footprint of the work that is required to service and repay the generational national debt. Please define the meaning of the word, "Work." Define "Repay." Then puhlease define the meaning of the phrase, "Work to Repay."

      Al Gorbots act stupid when you ask them to calculate the carbon footprint of the national debt because they know you will plainly see that the national debt will kill the planet hundreds of thousands of years before anything any reduction or tax on the individual will make the slightest measurable carbon reduction.

    4. Billie says:

      let's all go to Al Gore's energy efficient house! We all have a right to have the exact identical one at someone else's expense. When do the tours begin?

      • Kyle says:

        That's what I want to know to get ideas from his models on how to apply it in our home! LOL

        Attention everybody: Al Gore's Energy Star Tours will now begin promptly so please watch your step as you climb up the stairs and there is a ramp over to the right for you wheelies. No pushing or shoving please! *A teenager dares another teenager to spits a gum wad at one of the plants which he does* HEY YOU! STOP THAT! said the old cranky tour lady.

    5. Todd says:

      I'm from Tennessee (TN) and it says a lot about our former Senator/Vice President Al Gore that he couldn't even win his own state in 2000. Say what you will about Florida but if he TRULY was a viable option he would've won TN and the sunshine state wouldn't have been an issue. Regardless of that old drawn out nonsense, he is obviously out of touch with reality and isn't even a blip on anyone who's serious radar. Albeit he is a loud voice when it comes to climate change etc., but hey my Dad had a loud voice and my Brother and I rarely listened to him. Bottom line, it's time to finally tune him out as my Brother and I would do to our Father, that is until the belt came out. But relax Al Gore isn't going to come and spank you but he may bore you to death. Zzzzzz!

      Just A Point of View

    6. Joyce, Tampa says:

      1. Vote all the incumbents out.

      2. Elect people who will promise to fight illegal immigration.

      3. Close the borders, we can't afford charity for the world anymore.

      .4. If Obama should get reelected and the lefties continue their march to socialism the only answer is a military coup in Washington DC before that crowd sells our soul and future generations for their own wealth.

    7. Richard M Rysell says:

      That global warming thing sure does pay well, huh?

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    9. Travel India says:

      Very Impressive blog and the energy that has been described is the ultimate source of power.

    10. flash, North Carolin says:

      Al Gore is a huge hypocrite! I may leave a carbon footprint, He with his mansions, limousines, yachts and private learjets leaves a crater the size of Mt. St. Helens!

    11. SparetheChange - Rur says:

      Hope he is forced to provide tours to the public to pay for the maintenance and up keep.

    12. mike colorado says:

      Al Gore is co-founder of an investment management firm that is now the fifth-largest shareholder in the Chicago Climate Exchange.

      Cap-And-Trade: While senators froth over Goldman Sachs and derivatives, a climate trading scheme being run out of the Chicago Climate Exchange would make Bernie Madoff blush. Its trail leads to the White House. Lost in the recent headlines was Al Gore’s appearance Monday in Denver at the annual meeting of the Council of Foundations, an association of the nation’s philanthropic leaders.

      “Time’s running out (on climate change),” Gore told them. “We have to get our act together. You have a unique role in getting our act together.” Gore was right that foundations will play a key role in keeping the climate scam alive as evidence of outright climate fraud grows, just as they were critical in the beginning when the Joyce Foundation in 2000 and 2001 provided the seed money to start the Chicago Climate Exchange. It started trading in 2003, and what it trades is, essentially, air. More specifically perhaps, hot air. The Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) advertises itself as “North America’s only cap-and-trade system for all six greenhouse gases, with global affiliates and projects worldwide.” Barack Obama served on the board of the Joyce Foundation from 1994 to 2002 when the CCX startup grants were issued. As president, pushing cap-and-trade is one of his highest priorities. Now isn’t that special? Few Americans have heard of either entity. The Joyce Foundation was originally the financial nest egg of a widow whose family had made millions in the now out-of-favor lumber industry. After her death, the foundation was run by philanthropists who increasingly dedicated their giving to liberal causes, including gun control, environmentalism and school changes. Currently, CCX members agree to a voluntary but legally binding agreement to regulate greenhouse gases. The CCX provides the mechanism in trading the very pollution permits and carbon offsets the administration’s cap-and-trade proposals would impose by government mandate.

      Thanks to Fox News’ Glenn Beck, we have learned a lot about CCX, not the least of which is that its founder, Richard Sandor, says he knew Obama well back in the day when the Joyce Foundation awarded money to the Kellogg Graduate School of Management at Northwestern University, where Sandor was a research professor. Sandor estimates that climate trading could be “a $10 trillion dollar market.” It could very well be, if cap-and-trade measures like Waxman-Markey and Kerry-Boxer are signed into law, making energy prices skyrocket, and as companies buy and sell permits to emit those six “greenhouse” gases. So lucrative does this market appear, it attracted the attention of London-based Generation Investment Management, which purchased a stake in CCX and is now the fifth-largest shareholder. As we noted last year, Gore is co-founder of Generation Investment Management, which sells carbon offsets of dubious value that let rich polluters continue to pollute with a clear conscience. Other founders include former Goldman Sachs partner David Blood, as well as Mark Ferguson and Peter Harris, also of Goldman Sachs. In 2006, CCX received a big boost when another investor bought a 10% stake on the prospect of making a great deal of money for itself. That investor was Goldman Sachs, now under the gun for selling financial instruments it knew were doomed to fail. The actual mechanism for trading on the exchange was purchased and patented by none other than Franklin Raines, who was CEO of Fannie Mae at the time. Raines profited handsomely to the tune of some $90 million by buying and bundling bad mortgages that led to the collapse of the American economy. His interest in climate trading is curious until one realizes cap-and-trade would make housing costlier as well.

      Amazingly, none of these facts came up at Senate hearings on Goldman Sachs’ activities, which may be nothing more than Ross Perot’s famous “gorilla dust,” meant to distract us from the real issues. The climate trading scheme being stitched together here will do more damage than Goldman Sachs, AIG and Fannie Mae combined. But it will bring power and money to its architects.

    13. Nelson Rockefeller, says:

      Yes, as we conservatives have proven time and time again, wealthy persons who live in fine homes cannot be trusted, should not be listened to, and have no ideas that deserve respect. By definition, persons who have enjoyed economic success in their lives should be the subject of derision and suspicion. Who do they think they are? The fact that someone has had the temerity to succeed in America immediately disqualifies that person from having anything to say in our consideration of what might constitute a good idea. The nerve!

      I say we need to put a stop to this right now. From this point forward, anybody who lives well and enjoys economic security must be barred from public office, corporate leadership, or community service. We must root out the holders of wealth in our proud society and expose them for what they are! How dare they think that they have anything to contribute to "The American Dream." We're much better off without them, their money, or their ideas.

      Thank you, Heritage Foundation, for exposing this…this…successful person! A grateful nation is in your debt.

    14. joshquasimoto says:

      Nelson, I hope your are being sarcastic. If we conservatives are supposed to distrust rich people and barr them from public office then we would have to kick out good ol' Haley Barbour, George Bush Sr and Jr, Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin, Rep Issa, Rep Buchanan, Rep Hayes, Rep Smith, Rep McCaul, Rep Snowe, Rep Dole, Rep Corker and many more.

      As for the article, another typical heritage hit piece that misses the entire point of moving to less oil intensive energy policy. Just for a second let's take a deep breath and reflect on the lovely cheap energy that oil delivers. Oh and it does do this. However as you can see when things go wrong, as is the case with the current gulf spill and was the case in both the Valdez and Santa Barbara things can go very wrong and for years to come. We are not going to get off of oil anytime soon for a variety of reasons but chiefly because they make much of our energy use as well as everyday products (plastics, make-up, paint, cooking ingredients etc). What we need as the leader of the free world is some ingenuity, diverse sources of electricity (wind, solar, geo-thermal, water, nuclear, coal and oil), and to severely lesson our importation of foreign oil. What we don't need is the current energy leaders to lobby congress against our nations best interest simply for their own companies and personal shareholders wealth. Sadly this article does little to ease my concern about our countries direction and its future.

    15. Balexert says:

      Al Gore is probably the most cynical, liar and ethicless potician on this earth.

    16. Kyle says:

      Hi folks.

      Here is a quick question: What times does Al Gore conduct tours of his Energy Star Mansion models so people can see how to rightfully live and apply it to their homes with as much price reduction as possible?

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