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  • White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs & Twitter: An Abuse of Power?

    In today’s media environment, it makes sense that President Obama and his team of White House advisors are using Twitter to spread their message. The medium has a great deal of upside, especially to an administration that often accuses the press of treating them unfairly. However, Twitter also has a downside, because its impulsive nature can often lead to negative results. Today, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs used his official government Twitter account to endorse his favorite bike store.

    Gibbs tweeted: “#FF @CraigFEMA so you know the latest @RevCycles a great bike store & special thanks to Ken and others there for helping me with my bike

    (#FF is shorthand for “Follow Friday” where you encourage your Twitter community to “follow” or support that account.)

    Your first reaction may be – so what? Gibbs clearly likes to bike, and talk about biking, and he wanted to support his local store. It makes him human. Agreed, that would be fine, if this was a personal Twitter account being used for personal reasons on personal time. It is not. Gibb’s Twitter account specifically says in its bio: “An official WH twitter account. Comments & messages received through official WH pages are subject to the PRA and may be archived.” In fact, next to Robert Gibbs name appears in parentheses the letters “EOP”, meaning Executive Office of the President. He is tweeting on behalf of the White House, and even the President.

    Government officials using their position to endorse businesses and products creates very obvious conflicts of interest. Will every business Robert Gibbs walks into now offer him special treatment in the hopes he gives them a shout-out or endorsement? Will Revolution Cycles offer him special treatment for today’s tweet? Did he already receive special treatment from Revolution Cycles, considering his tweet specifically calls out “Ken” who helped him with his bike?

    Just the fact that we are now analyzing his behavior and the tweet means that Revolution Cycles may receive considerable online traffic. Does that traffic have a value, and if so does it represent a government in-kind contribution of sorts? Congressional staffers can barely accept a hamburger in some cases, and nothing at all in others, so the financial value set by the government officials on ethics is extremely low.

    If you still think this is no big deal, think of it this way: Imagine that before the next White House press briefing, Gibbs walks to the podium and says ‘Before we get started, I just want all our viewers to know how great Revolution Bikes is. You should really go there and shop.’ Would that on-camera advertisement strike you any differently?

    Robert Gibbs has a position of authority, and today’s tweet represents an abuse of that power. He should refrain from making official government endorsements in the future, and immediately disclose if he received any special treatment from Revolution Cycles or any other business for that matter. The United States Office of Government Ethics should also investigate.

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    57 Responses to White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs & Twitter: An Abuse of Power?

    1. PresidentSuit says:

      If the MSM was on the job, they'd look into whether the bike shop gave Gibbs a free bike or other goods & services. This is an abuse of power and not even that classy of one. But nothing in this WH could be confused with class.

    2. Bill Lynchburg, VA says:

      I love Heritage and every article I’ve read from Heritage has been amazing until…now. I understand your implications in diagreeing with his tweet but wasn’t it Liberals during Bush’s Presidency that criticized him for tiny mundane actions such as this? Let’s not stoop to their Ilinski like attacking….get over it Cooper

    3. David says:

      Wow, are you serious?

    4. David Blumgart says:

      You fired Frum and you think this is worth publishing? Jesus wept.

    5. Di says:

      ROFL!! OMG, thank you so much for the laugh. I really needed that.

    6. Tim, Oakland says:

      You're right! And extending your logic, Obama should never patronize any business, since that's an official white house endorsement, too. Remember when he and Biden went to eat burgers in DC? Abuse of power!

    7. Christopher, SF says:

      They must've made his wheels extra, extra true. Maybe they'll even give him a free blinky now. The scandal!

    8. Rich says:

      That's really the best you guys can do? Time to pack it in and start voting Democrat. The Republican Party's mouthpieces have run out of meaningful things to say.

    9. Maya says:

      Cheney beds with the oil companies and is directly responsible for the oil spill. Some where else the main street still bleeds. But but… Gibbs tweeted about a bike store. That makes me SO angry!!! Let's bring out the pitch forks!!!!!!

    10. afinley, Chicago says:

      Is this really the best you can do?

      *Surely* you have more substantive objections to whatever the WH is doing. You're wasting people's time with this one.

    11. Linda, Bethlehem says:

      And the press has commented that the President has eaten at Five Guys. So what?

    12. Alex_anipac says:

      Gibbs talked about a bike store on Twitter! – Someone call Ken Starr to see if he is available to investigate! He might mention a coffee shop next. He must be stopped before it is too late. The Republic is in danger!

    13. Linda Kennedy says:

      This is a joke, right? Get a life…

    14. James Salsman, Calif says:

      How is this more important than the fact that Don Siegelman is still in prison while torturers walk free?

    15. ADeeperTruth says:

      This article is beyond inane. "Abuse of Power" over a tweet? Grow the f!@k up.

    16. Mark Blacknell, Arli says:

      Glad to see you're really focused on the things that count, Heritage. Next up: did Robert Gibbs correctly the report the value of the lesson the shop gave him in changing his tire? No? OMGScandal!

      (Also, I presume this is a multi-part series – you know this is where W had his bikes serviced, right? Clearly there's some there there.)

    17. Linda, Bethlehem says:

      PresidentSuit, apparently you wouldn't know class if it bit you on the behind.

    18. Posterus Nutbagus, P says:

      this clearly proves that the president is a socialist.

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    20. Rick Brooklyn, NY says:


    21. Kerry, Michigan says:

      You're kidding right? Republican Senators meet privately with Wall Street in the week before legislation comes before Congress considers regulating Wall Street and this is what you choose to "investigate". Nothing gets by you!!! You're ability to recognize the critical events of the day are amazing.

      Perhaps, in my little business, I should not extend that small "thank you" discount to military personnel so that I won't be accused of "favoritism" or worse.

      I am dying to know what kind of air was put in his tires. Would you chase it down please? You obviously interned at a great investigative publication so you'll recognize the tag line for your former publication when I say, "Enquiring minds want to know."


    22. steven conner says:

      Watch this guy in videos–the latest one with the oil spill conflict from Fox news then his previous videos. He is lying. Watch his jaw and how his syntax changes. It is so funny. When this guy is on the hot seat his manner of speaking is totally off the course. He says “um” and then his jaw does this switching thing. His previous videos won’t show this. I love it: transparency? Not in this guy.

      This is lying through his front teeth.

      Say, “Cheese.” LOL

    23. Mike says:

      Seriously? I’d rather you focused on real issues that matter to Americans than trying to create a “scandal” out of a guy liking his neighborhood bike shop.

    24. Randy says:

      I hope this article is tongue-in-cheek; otherwise it is one of the most absurd critiques I've read in a long time. If the Heritage Foundation thinks this is an issue the country cares about, then the country is doing pretty well.

    25. Barry says:

      To those who believe this is no big deal you may have a point if it weren't for this administrations and the MSM's constant double standard and hypocrisy. However, many said the same thing about Pres. Obama's associations with Rev. Wright, Bill Ayres etc. and it seems that the small things expose the true heart of the people in this administration. It's not what they say but what they do.

    26. Susan, Austin says:

      I agree with you Rory, what happens when he starts endorsing banks, auto dealers, airlines, newspapers, magazines – you get the idea. But, personally, I don't pay any attention to him. I don't know how he's lasted as long as he has in that position! What a farce!

    27. bill w says:

      Reading the responses to this story blows me away. Talk about not seeing the forest for the trees. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess these responders went to public school. There is no problem with liar Gibbs promoting anything he wants. IT IS NOT RIGHT TO DO SO THROUGH OFFICIAL CHANNELS YOU UNION EDUCATED MORONS. Thats what personal accounts are for.

    28. Normca says:

      This does pale in relation to Iran gaining EMT ability along with Nukes, wasted spending, the health insurance bill and the absence of real national defense. However, like the official white house web site has done in the past, like Obama lambasting citizens who are Tea Party attendees who disagree with him, emails sent from the white house, this is another abuse of power, albeit a minor one, unlike throwing Chrysler bond holder off the bus. However just another in the long line of abuse and need not be dismissed.

    29. Randall Holland, Ari says:

      If the tweet has been made by a republican in the WH. The MSM would have been all over it in a flash drawing the same conclusions. But because it is PC not to saying anything bad about the current administration you won't hear a word from the MSM.

    30. Z, Washington, DC says:

      Heritage Foundation officials using their position to call attention to businesses and products creates very obvious conflicts of interest. Will every business Rory Cooper writes about somebody walking into now offer him special treatment in the hopes he gives them a shout-out or endorsement? Will Robert Gibbs offer him special treatment for today’s gratuitous ink? Did he already receive special treatment from Robert Gibbs, considering his article specifically refers to him as "Robert"?

    31. John, North Carolina says:

      This is a good indication of what the Heritage Foundation and the conservative movement spends its energy and good will on.

      Irrelevant and divisive.

    32. Tom, Missouri says:

      Wow this is really embarrassing for you. I hope this was a joke. I'd suggest you just delete this and forget you never did it. I'm assuming you were all over the tens of billions of wasted money handed over during the last administration to Cheney's old company, right? Right? The hypocrisy is astonishing.

    33. Nonnie22, Central Te says:

      This is just one in a long list of what I consider to be inappropriate behavior on the part of this doofus. Sorry for the name calling, it's mild compared to how I think of him each time I see him.

      His attempts at humor are often mean spirited and sharp toward anyone who he feels like holds a view different than his Master's. And any questioning of a means or motivation of the God, Obie are met with open and obvious distain always coupled with smirks and mouges. He makes the press secretaries from the Bush administration seem down right hallowed. Scott McClellan excepted (we miss you still, Tony Snow).

      Anyone who has ever held a professional position knows that one doesn't officially commend or condem under the flag of the company. It can quickly result in termination. Just one more in a seemingly endless line of examples of what you get when you elect an unknown, untested person to a high office.

    34. Richard Masoner, Cal says:

      You guys know that Revolution Cycles was also George Bush's bike shop of choice during his tenure, right? Instead of a little tweet, there was photo spread of his custom painted Trek mountain bike and news articles about President Bush and his visits to Revolution. See, for example:


    35. Rory Cooper Rory Cooper says:

      Thanks for all the comments so far. A couple clarifications: Yes, Presidents are often seen at businesses or endorsing products. This has to be done carefully as well, but given that the president is monitored by the press 24/7, it is near impossible to stop. However, Robert Gibbs is a government employee subject to a myriad of ethics rules. Like other government employees, Gibbs most likely attends ethics briefings where these matters are discussed.

      This tweet, while maybe insignificant in the big picture (some seem to think 'very' insignificant), may be in violation of those rules. You can certainly choose to say any rules related to his use of official government communications can be ignored, but that doesn't change whether they are indeed a violation. An innocent tweet may be no different than an innocent lunch where a registered lobbyist picks up the check, but ethics rules exist to eliminate this debate. While Robert Gibbs probably meant no harm, adhering to government ethics rules should apply at all levels of business, otherwise a casual indifference can lead to more egregious errors.

      Again, thanks for reading all!

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    37. Peno Goble says:

      Can i have the three minutes back that it took to read this. Seriously, thats the best you have. Huckleberry, Little Annie Oakley Palin and Adolph Guiliani promote their books, shows and potential presidential campaigns on a "NEWS" channel (Fox) and this bothers you?……..huh!

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    39. Karen Yancura says:

      I agree. It's not a small thing and Gibbs stepped over the line. Let's keep personal and official separate

    40. jj says:

      Mr. Masoner please get your facts straight. The article is a reprint from Spokes Magazine regarding an interview with Mike Hamannwright, the owner of Revolution Cycles. It is not about President Bush endorsing Revolution Cycles or any type of bike. Don't you get it!!! No wonder liberals can be told anything by this administration, there is no thought process. What Gibbs did is unethical, but that doesn't seem to matter any more.

    41. Jennifer, Wisconsin says:

      It does matter and they need to start respecting the Oval Office. It is embarassing to have an administration that violates tax laws, that attacks any individual, group or company that has the audacity to stand up to them (Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, insurance companies, Wall Street, the Tea Party, etc…), and that lies when ever it is convenient. That usually doesn't fly in America and just because there are so many small things to point out, doesn't mean they shouldn't be pointed out. The bottom line is the administration believes that they can get away with it because they know the mainstream media won't cover it and most Americans won't get it. The paybacks and cronnyism going on with our government are out of control in small examples like this and significant examples like the Union kickbacks. Thanks for pointing it out… you should keep a running tab of the inapprorpiate things the administration has done and the lies beign told.

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    43. Mark - Onalaska, WI. says:

      Yup…stay on topic…Government wonk using government equipment giving a "shout out" for some patronage while on government time and cash. "W" didn't open his press briefings with a "Revolution Cycle is the best!" shout-out, did he? This isn't even ABOUT "O" – It's the "O" appologists tripping over themselves trying to save some Administrative dweep from himself and his inept handling of government-issued toys. Instead of grinding him up and spitting him out, turn off his "twits" and "tweets" and make him write it out on a legal pad with a pencil. Maybe, next time, he'll pay attention to what the hell he's doing. Obviously, it's not government work.

    44. Patriot Veteran, Ari says:

      What kind of "help" did he receive at the bike shop? A special deal? If so, isn't he then guilty of receiving special favors? This is abuse of power and has no place on an official tweet.

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    46. Michael McGettigan, says:

      On the other hand, it's about time that bicycling got some recognition. It's the ultimate expression of taking responsibility for your own personal transport.

      Instead of shipping money to terrorists, bicycles run on US-grown wheat.

      Yes, Gibbs should be cautious about the shout-outs…

      but you comparison to a press conference is overwrought.

      He didn't put an announcement about public policy in the same tweet, or convene a group of journos to read it.


      Michael McGettigan, owner of a bike shop in Philadelphia that I won't name here, as that might be wrong!

    47. Diderot, Virginia says:

      Sure this is an outrage. Dick Cheney being on Halliburton's payroll during his first administration, totally acceptable right? These socialists are tricky aren't they!

    48. Tim Az says:

      Nothing new here. The whole regime has been abusing power since they arrived in D.C.. How much abuse will the American citizen endure before dispensing an appropriate disciplinary action to these ungrateful juvenile delinquents? The verdict will be handed down this November. Let it be unanimous.

    49. CharlieL, Portland, says:

      OK, this is NOT the most important thing happening in the world, but…

      This is clearly a violation of the ethics rules, and no administration should be given a "bye."

      It sets a very bad precedent and should be called out and eliminated quickly. "Official WH" accounts should be used for "Official WH business" only. Not for personal shout-outs. Doesn't Mr. Gibbs have a PERSONAL account he can tweet this on?

      If I were a journalist I would be angry that the "official Twitter account" was being used for anything other than "the gaggle is getting under way," "the press plane is leaving at noon," or "We're throwing a surprise party for Helen, because we all love her so." (Oh, OK, maybe not that last one.)

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    51. Bill C says:

      Personally, I could give a rodent's posterior about this guy or his bike shop. The fact that he didn't know better than to use government issue to tout the place shows either arrogance or ignorance. Neither is excusable. Barack you need a replacement for this goof ball because he hasn't got the sense God gave a goat.

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    56. Washington, DC says:

      Praise Jesus! June 29, 2010

      The Late Senator Robert Byrd's Family, Friends, and Associates

      Senator Robert Byrd has weathered many storms, encouraged and inspired many hearts/minds and we say thank You, Jesus. The late Senator Robert Byrd has fought a good fight for 51 years in Congress and he has finished his course and he has received his golden crown laid up for him in heaven and we say thank You, Jesus and AMEN!

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      We pray all will rejoice and celebrate with glorious memories in Christ Jesus for Senator Byrd who has entered his eternal destination. We thank the Holy Godhead/Jesus for loaning Senator Byrd to America and American Government (92/51 years). AMEN!

      Love always,

      True Christians

    57. Washington, DC says:

      June 29, 2010

      Praise Jesus!

      TO: All District and Federal Government Official Heads

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