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  • Tweet of the Week: Roger Ebert Compares American Flag to Hammer and Sickle

    By now you may have heard the story of five students at a California High School who were punished and forced to turn t-shirts inside out because they depicted the American flag. Principal Nick Boden and Assistant Principal Miguel Rodriguez of Live Oaks High School in Santa Clara County admonished the boys for their displays of patriotism because it was May 5, or Cinco de Mayo in Mexico. The students were sent home, and their parents are now justly fighting the district over the school’s ill-concieved actions.

    You would think this is an open shut case of liberal NEA dogma run amok and that most reasonable adults would see that any boy, girl, adult or student in the United States can display the flag of our nation any day of the year they so choose. But leftist film critic Roger Ebert thinks otherwise. Ebert tweeted on May 6:

    Kids who wear American Flag t-shirts on 5 May should have to share a lunchroom table with those who wear a hammer and sickle on 4 July.less than a minute ago via Tweetie

    Really Roger? So is May 5 now anti-American flag day? Isn’t the great thing about America that we can celebrate more than one culture at a time, regardless of the day? Will wearing an American flag on St. Patrick’s Day offend the Irish, or during Oktoberfest offend Germans? And isn’t it a bit condescending to assume that Mexican-Americans don’t also revere the flag of their adopted nation? During the 1980′s when Ebert was popular, the hammer and sickle represented tyranny and oppression. Comparing five young students wearing the red, white and blue to a murderous communist regime might be a little over the top.

    Remarkably, Cinco de Mayo, which commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over French forces at the Battle of Peubla is hardly celebrated in Mexico itself. It is voluntarily observed in America as a celebration of Mexican-American heritage. To all who celebrated it, we hope you had a great time. And to the students of Live Oaks High School – Flag Day is June 14.

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    119 Responses to Tweet of the Week: Roger Ebert Compares American Flag to Hammer and Sickle

    1. Becky DeGroat, Texas says:

      Mr. Ebert's Twitter comment is so grievous to me. In my mind, grievous goes way beyond offensive! I had a significant opportunity to live in Russia for a time. Communism had crumbled only a few years before. There was so much societal upheaval being experienced on the part of the people; almost all of it tracing back to the "hammer and sickle' regimes. It was amazing to me how people off the streets, knowing that I and my family were Americans, would approach us with appreciation for our country and it's representative form of government! Not everyone; but most. I gained a deeper awareness of our great our nation! For any American student to be humiliated, chastised, demeaned, sent home for expressing love for this country is tragic. . . and truly, grievous! There should be an outcry from the parents of the community that this occurred in; there should be an outcry from all parts of this country. I am not advocating anything that even comes close to civil unrest. I am lifting my voice to give an outcry. Because I don't live under a "hammer and sickle," I have this glorious freedom . . . as well as proudly wearing a patriotic T-shirt whenever I so choose! Maybe this is going to give birth to another form of TEE PARTY!

    2. Florissant, Missouri says:

      Would just ONE of those nonAmerican types like to tell me EXACTLY what holiday it is in Mexico on the 5th of May. It is INDEED cinqo de mayo only because that is the 5th of May in Spanish. There is NOTHING in Mexican history, save a victory over the French some two hundred years ago to celebrate in Mexico on that day. The day was devised by Corona to spur beer sales. Some holiday……

    3. Mike, Acworth GA says:

      Why the Hammer and Sickle? Wouldn't the Obama logo with the word CHANGE mean the same thing?

    4. Bob Brinkley Clevela says:

      Your comment dishonors those who have died for our freedom. If you feel that we are mistreating Illegals, move to southern Arizona. Tell that to Rob Krentz family. SHAME ON YOU!

    5. Brian, Auburn CA says:

      Cinco de Mayo was invented by Corona Beer to encourage sales.

    6. Brad, Chicago says:

      The “majority” is the only group that has these restrictions enforced on them. I can’t believe we would ever punish a student for wearing the flag another country on the 4th of July (which conveniently isn’t an issue, because no one is in school in July). In fact, I would be insulted if this happened to someone wearing the flag of another country on the 4th of July. What has happened to this country, that expressing your (non-violent) views automatically oppresses other people? It is the same rhetoric that claims expressing a negative opinion about the government will make people violent against the government.

    7. Becky DeGroat, Texas says:

      Mr. Ebert’s Twitter comment is so grievous to me. In my mind, grievous goes way beyond offensive! I had a significant opportunity to live in Russia for a time. Communism had crumbled only a few years before. There was so much societal upheaval being experienced on the part of the people; almost all of it tracing back to the “hammer and sickle’ regimes. It was amazing to me how people off the streets, knowing that I and my family were Americans, would approach us with appreciation for our country and it’s representative form of government! Not everyone; but most. I gained a deeper awareness of our great our nation! For any American student to be humiliated, chastised, demeaned, sent home for expressing love for this country is tragic. . . and truly, grievous! There should be an outcry from the parents of the community that this occurred in; there should be an outcry from all parts of this country. I am not advocating anything that even comes close to civil unrest. I am lifting my voice to give an outcry. Because I don’t live under a “hammer and sickle,” I have this glorious freedom . . . as well as proudly wearing a patriotic T-shirt whenever I so choose! Maybe this is going to give birth to another form of “Tee Party!”

    8. Billie says:

      Cinco de Mayo WAS all about commercialism wasn't it. This shows the overly sensitivity and intolerance of foreign cultures in America. The only culture everyone benefits from is the American culture and yet the taxpayers pay expenses to personal cultural lifestyles of immigrants who's only benefit is to those people of those personal cultural lifestyles. Rightfully, their personal expense if they want to be singled out from the culture that benefits all Americans!

    9. Martha, Colorado says:

      This is sick,sick,sick.

    10. southernsue says:

      outrages! the students that walked out protesting these young men for wearing our flag of the USA, should walk straight to mexico with their families and never come back. after they live in their own country for awhile, they will be the ones trying to get back in the USA illegally.

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    12. Patty Cake says:

      One more thing:

      Don't you think there is a difference between someone wearing the American flag in order to show love for the nation, and someone wearing it on a specific day because he/she knows it would anger a certain group and stir up controversy?

      In other words, should the wearing of the US flag always be celebrated as a patriotic act, regardless of intent or consequence?

    13. Patty Cake says:

      To be clear, Roger Ebert is not equating the American flag with that of the USSR. Nor is he opposing the wearing of American-flag shirts or any patriotic gesture in general.

      Instead, he sees what those kids in Live Oaks High School was to try to get a rise out of their Mexican American classmates. It was a deliberate act of antagonism and not one of celebration.

      In that sense, Ebert is pointing out that the action is in the same vein as someone wearing the USSR flag on July 4. Both actions are confrontational They mean to insult rather than celebrate or do good.

    14. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Answer to Patty Cake's last question: emphatically YES !

      None of us has the right to speculate on the "intent" of other individuals. The display of the US flag should always be accepted as a patriotic action. AND if such display offends someone, too bad.

      What other country on this planet has devoted the massive resources, human and otherwise, helping those in pursuit of freedom? This ires me almost as much as people burning our flag, it doesn't pass the muster for "freedom of speech" and should be illegal. Mr. Ebert should stick to picking and panning movies (as if anyone cares about his opinion).

    15. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      The HS Kids displaying the US Flag on tee shirts is no more inflamatory than people intentionally flying our flag upside down, burning it, or celebrating Cinco De Mayo in the streets expecting all others to kowtow to them. By the way, May 5th is NOT Mexico's independence day, that would be Sept 16th.

    16. Stacy says:

      This is the United States of America and they were wearing the US Flag. Not sure why above comments or Ebert waste time on intent, specific days, etc. I see no reason that US citizens be required to do a "gut check" prior to displaying the US flag in the US? You're comments bring to mind the "Hate Crimes" legislation. There was a time when a crime was a crime. Now they're going a step further to determine if you had "hate" in your heart when it was committed so to speak which to their thinking determines if it was more than a crime. Why doesn't anyone express concern over students attending school in the US find this offensive? I'll assume they teach American History, do the Hispanic students find this offensive as well? Or is American History avoided at this high school so as not to offend Hispanics? Obviously the comments that are country will be destroyed from within be taken more seriously?

    17. Bogie Omaha says:

      I see a lot of seething hate and resentment towards Mexicans/Hispanics in these comments, and very little rational discussion (other than Patty Cake) on what Ebert really meant by his comment.

      This is not surprising, knee-jerk "omg the evil (fill in the blank) are destroying the fabric of American society" types have been making these kind of noises since their own ancestors were the ones being mistrusted/resented.

    18. Joe Ingraffia Minnea says:

      Why does this has been hack continue to be relevant? Instead of commenting on the world, he should sit back and do what he does best; give every movie 3 stars, and 4 to all movies that carry anti-American/Military sentiments. Now that his boy is in the Whiote House, he has to limit his praise for anti-government movies so he spends his time like all bleeding heart liberals chasing Sarah Palin and Tea Partiers.

    19. Mike New Hampshire says:

      Cinco de Mayo is a beer company invention. To my knowledge, none of the kids at this HS are old enough to buy beer. So why in the hell are the administrators allowing them to celebrate a beer company mexican holiday anyway? I don't believe that Alamo day would be a welcome celebtration in Mexico.

    20. Debo says:

      When then bury this hack, there will be no love lost.

    21. Angelo , Austin Texa says:

      The act of wearing anything patriotic on any day of the year, no problem.

      But It seems that perhaps the parents put the children up to this? or are our children really this politically inclined?

      Not accusations, simply asking a question.

      If the shirts were worn to provoke other students, then for the sake of peace keeping, I think that they should have not displayed it. How did 5 kids randomly just wear US flag shirts on that day?

      God bless the USA. I love my country and am proud to be American.

      But I dont think kids need to have that kind of political agenda.

      Just my opinion;

    22. BeBe Wisconsin says:

      Where was the outcry from Mr. Ebert when the group of Cal. high school kids, on the high school grounds, hung the American flag upside down and flew the Mexican flag over it? Where were the school authorities for that?!? No one was suppose to say anything to these kids, because they were "upset" with the law in Arizona.

      Hey, this is AMERICA, when we have to start questioning why a show of patriotism is "appropriate", …………………………….need I say more?

    23. Tom Henry, Chicago says:

      First off, Cinco de Mayo is not a national holiday in the US. I doubt most of the protesters even know what the day signifies, but it has nothing to do with the US. As for it being a Mexican Heritage Day, that is wrong as well. But, again, the bottom line is…this is not Mexico and we, as Americans, are not obliged to honor any other cultures alleged holiday. To tell any American they cannot display their flag on their clothing is an affront to all who have served and sacrificed for this country. As a veteran, and being raised in a career military family, I find it outrageous to think that Americans are being required to recognize cultures to the detriment of their own. Remember, the US defeated the Mexican Empire in the 1840's to acquire the southwestern portions of what are now this country. Perhaps it is time for a second revolution. If you do not wish to be an American and place America first….GET OUT! As for Mr. Ebert stating that the flag-wearing students were looking to start trouble on May 5th in a school with a large hispanic student body, the large hispanic student body is attending school in the US, not Mexico. If they wish to observe some obscure incident in Mexican history I suggest they return to Mexico. I don't believe American students in Mexico would be afforded the same consideration if on the 4th of July Mexican students came to school wearing the Mexican flag. Oh, and as if it should ever make a difference I am a life-long registered Democrat, but above that I am an American and am tired of other ethnicities wanting to avail themselves of all that America has to offer while demanding that America genuflect to their heritages. Try pulling that nonsense anywhere else in the world and see what happens.

    24. Barb,Wisconsin says:

      Where was the harsh commentary from Mr. Eberrt when the group of high school students in California hung the American flag upside down and flew the Mexican flag over it? This was done on school property. Where was the high school authority for this one?They were allowed to do this and have their pictures taken. No one was suppose to say anything to them because they were "protesting" the law in Arizona.

      Since when does anyone have to "explain" or "apologize" for wearing something patiotic?

      Hey, guess what, this is the United States of America, not Mexico.

      You don't like it here, move!!!

    25. Big O says:

      I have found my way over hear via AOL news. Roger, I love your movie opinions, but thats all they are, opinions, your American flag controversy opinion is just that, an opinion, and a pretty sad one at that.

      The democrats and their political correctness has turned us all into pansies, afraid to confront issues, their answer is the same as the Nazis and other communists, send the insensitive ones in for sensitivity training or reprogramming.

    26. Mary Prescott AZ says:

      What an ignorant remark Mr.Ebert has made! Typical FAR left Hollywood elitist! His words defy description!

    27. VanillaGorilla, Scot says:

      Hey Ebert. I'd was moved by your statement regarding the hammer and sickle. I wanted to do a caricature of you, but you are one all ready. You are a living cartoon and get two thumbs down for your latest performance. I guess with old age you can't hold back things as easily as you used to, comments excrements etc. Your true colors are showing up and they are yellow and brown, keep them to yourself so you don't stink the world up any more.

    28. ernie california says:

      Like we need another liberal sell-out living in this country. Stick to movies you freak……

    29. Big O says:

      Roger, you should open up a history book as well,, get out of the movie fantasy world. Cinco de Mayo is a relatively small regional celebration near Pueblo, Mexico. The Mexicans won a small victory against the fFrench there. In fact Napoleon sent over more troops and Mexico ended up being ruled by the French and Maximilian.

      If not for the support from America, Mexico may never had won its Independence, so mayby the Mexicans here should be wearing the American flag on Cinco de Mayo in commemoration of the bigger picture.

      Why Cinco de Mayo is celebrated instead of the actual Mexican independence day here in the US, is probably a slap in the Gringos face. Wise up Roger!

      Cinco de Mayo is not as big a holiday in Mexico as it is here, and its pretty insignificant here as well except for the Gringo hating populance that migrated here illegally!!

    30. Sean Erickson San Di says:

      Dear Mr Ebert,

      First of all to label people as "tea-baggers" is just as disgusting to me as anyone who makes comments about your cancer. Let me be frank. I understand your context about flying the soviet flag on July 4th. However in this case, you have boys sent home from a school for wearing a shirt with the flag of their nation on it. The same flag that my Grandfather was defending when he landed at Omaha Beach then was wounded at the Battle of the Bulge and liberated the Bergan-Belsen camp. The same flag that 4 generations of my family have defended. The same flag that three guys from FDNY raised over the rubble of the World Trade Center. Which by the way 3 of my cousins died that day all of them were Firemen for FDNY. As a conservative, I disagree with your stance and if you have seen what I have seen lived what my family have lived through you might have a better understanding of the pride most of us have in our flag and our country. Mr. Ebert, the only places our flag flies in other countries is either over the embassies, or a military base or at a cemetery. The only land we have ever asked to keep from any country is enough land to bury or dead who have fought to defend or liberate them. That sir is the only other place our flag flies. I was born and raised here in San Diego Ca and growing up no one ever flew the mexican flag at a school on cinco de mayo. So please Mr. Ebert next time you think that conservatives are disrespectful, mean, rednecks please read this letter again. When you refer to people as "Tea-baggers" that to me is just as bad as anyone wishing you would die soon from your cancer. I wish you health and as Red Skelton would say "And may God bless you"

      Take Care

    31. John K. Roberts, Ham says:

      Rory: Your wrath should be directed at the school administrators who made this decision an not at an ailing, much more well known writer, who is amusing himself in his final few days or months on earth, with his mental meandering. The real culperts are the school board, the school administrators, and the principal who implemented this miss guided policy.

      Of course, there is no national attention to be attracted to an important local violation of individual's rights that this story clearly demonstrates. Ebert is a dying film critic, not a liberal policy commentator and thrashing him brings one the national spotlights, but doesn't in the least help to understand the problem.

      If you are going to kick someone, kick the adults at the school who made a silly mistake, in an desperate, but, misguided attempt to quiet a potentially violent confrontation between students.

      The issue underling this article is the pouring into our country of millions and millions of illegal immigrants who have no loyalty to this country. I say let's bring the troops home from Iraq and put them on the border between Mexico and our boders and put an end to this dangerous influx of undocumented aliens swarming into this country under the guise of wanting to find employment.

      Republicans, like John MC Cain, have had 25 years to craft a policy that protects our interest and is humane. However, he, nor Regan, nor the Bushs regarded this complex issue as important enough to address, and, instead pushed America towards thrumped up wars to bolster their political ambition.

      Get real Rory, stop kicking a dying cancer patient and have the courage to stand up to the Republicans who are refusing to address the immigration issue.

    32. John K. Roberts, Ham says:

      Brilliant! I rather like it. JKR

    33. The Doktor - USA says:

      Roger Ebert is yet one more citizen who doesn't seem to be American.

    34. Rick Bay Area says:

      Ebert is typical of the far-left Hollywood crowd- very little common sense. Ebert and the rest of them are anti-American fools. As for the kids; did the children who walked get punished for leaving school?

      The problem is you have racist groups like La Raza filling these people's heads with garbage by telling them they are victims then you have this anti-American president who, along with his administration, race baits and makes illegals out to be victims. It's plain and simple stupidity. Time to wake up America and stop falling for, and allowing, this politically correct bull to continue.

    35. John says:

      Student SHOULD be able to wear mexican colors on May 5th . Students who wear U.S. colors ARE able to do so any day. Cinco de mayo is an mexican holiday NOT an american holiday. We don't expect France to celebrate July 4th. The principal who punished those kids should take history again to learn what our for-fathers died for.

    36. REL - California says:

      So where was Ebert when St. Patrick's day parade was canceled in Los Angeles this year ?

    37. David says:

      I don't care what day it is…you can wear an American flag ANY DAY. If that upsets someone else that is their problem. I don't see or hear any Americans complaining that we celebrate cinco de mayo and let mexicans waive their flags in our country?!

    38. Ray IL says:

      It's a sad day when anyone questions the intent of Americans displaying the flag, regardless the day of the year. An apology from Ebert to all Americans, regardless of heritage, is in order.

    39. MICA says:

      I think, Ebert, it all depends where one is wearing the hammer and sickle. Those kids who were wearing the American Flag were wearing the AMERICAN Flag in the United States of AMERICA, their country!

      What about that don't YOU understand?

    40. Bulldog,IL says:

      Hey Roger this is America and if some high school kids want to wear clothes with the American flag on them they should have the constutional right to do so.I think your comments deserve two thumbs down.

    41. Jim Murphy says:

      Surely no one should believe that anyone cares or gives a rip about what he has to say about the American flag or anything else for that matter. There is no day or time in this country when it is inappropriate for an American to carry or wear the flag of our country. I wonder whether the school flew our flag that day. If they did not, someone should have to answer for the error. Political correctness should never superseed patroitism.

      As for the hammer & sickle…..Where the heck did that come from? This country has nothing to do with what this symbol stands for. Could be more acceptable in a communist country. I'd suggest that if it feels good do it. You may not like the results, but you do have the right under the 1st…….

    42. Margaret Mlekush says:

      I wonder if Mr Ebert ever understood how "deomcracy" works….When folks agree to live deomocratically they then concede one thing unties the mass——–a love of peaceful freedom, not anarchy—– beyond that tie then the populace is FREED TO BE DIVERSE ..For its understood diversity is good for it leads to greater adpations to LIFE or PROGRESS………..To snuff out "rebels" is a Nazi notion that leads to a lack of variation in culture, faith, politics, dress, foods habits and we know what happens when ever egg is in ONE BASKET and an accident occurs, right?

      Diveristy INSURES life or survival in all circumstances and a variety of CHOICES or selections the mass is free to proliferate. Like selecting meals from menus the people choose to popularize what's best and simply co-exist with the less attractive choices…..And only choices then injurious to the PUBLIC and/or life given this unveiling of the IMPORTANCE of diversity ought be stamped or trompled out for only hindsight is 20/20 but often shows the first choice a mistake………..Mindless patriotism particularly in terms of " sillycustoms" aren't GOOD for questioning a government is BEST rather than blind service to a despot inthat HUMANS aren't perfectly wise or good and thus the people NEED at all times question the powers that be. And thus such checks and balances and diversity all make for HEALTH and those that naysay over the small stuff are as they appear————QUITE ILL…………M.

    43. Freda says:

      You right-wingers can't have it both ways. You can't wave the stars and stripes at the Mexican flag (used to commemorate the defeat of the FRENCH), but openly encourage the waving and increasingly cultural/racial use of the CONFEDERATE FLAG.

      The stars and bars were flown AGAINST the stars and stripes!! The Confederate flag is the enemy flag!! Conservatives and whites love to whine about the lose of life from the Civil War. Yet, you disregard the battles and the ultimate victory- by letting the losers wave their separatist flag with pride!! These so-called Americans wanted their own separate country. laws, currency, moral standards,CULTURE! But they are white and besides, too many of those "colored" races are waving their flags. So the only reasonable response is to let whites return to all the separatist symbols and ceremony that divided the country by region and race. Brilliant!

      How dare you hypocrits encourage whites to RETURN to THEIR old anti-Americansim, but wave the red, white, and blue at everyone else?


    44. Denise, Nashville, T says:

      We need to wear the American flag, fly the American flag, defend the American flag and remind every immigrant what wonderful freedoms they have in America. They want to fly their flags, GO HOME

    45. Freda says:


      St. Patrick's Day is not an all-inclusive celebration (though many indulge in it and my majority black elementary school wore green). It is an Irish thing that has been given wider acceptance.

      Other Eurpean celebrations are allowed and considered fun Bastille Day and German cultural festivals are not seen as a threat.

      These occasions are more about food and drink to those who are not Irish, German, or French -so is Cinco De Mayo (unless you have issues with that ethnic group).

    46. Tom Georgia says:

      Most of those students are probably children of all of the illegals that Reagan gave amnesty to back in the 80s. I really don't care why those students wore American Flags but i would like to see more people wearing them..Shame on you Ebert.

    47. Lawrence A. Starr, O says:

      Rodger, who began his sodden writing career with letters of comment to amateur science fiction fan magazines, has sadly written his own sarcastic obituary by once again mocking the country which gave him so much. Not unlike his friend and fellow traveler Michael Moore, Rodger has lived a life of privilege but can only spout Bolshevik like platitudes as recompense.

    48. J.I. Abney says:

      You need to move out of the USA!

      We don't need people with this mind set in this country!

    49. Red white an d blue says:

      Ebert is more irrevalant now than he ever was.

      He is a sad sack and should realize that he only has a right to popoff thanks to the US military and the MANY patriots that have died for our freedom.

      Screw you Roger Ebert,. You liberal commie bastard!

    50. Fafa, Prague, Czech says:

      Well there is still the point Joe has already mentioned. IF the American kids decide to attend school in Moscow, then it is understandable, that there might be sickles and hammers in the classroom even on July 4. Did the Latino students and their families decide voluntarily to live in the USA? If they did, I guess they knew the American flag. If they do not like it, Mexico is not that far, is it?

    51. Patrick Hardin says:

      Eberts comments were right on the mark. The students in question wore American flags not to demonstrate patriotism, but racism. The assertion that Ebert is equating the American Flag to the Soviet flag is ridiculous.

    52. Patrick Hardin / Fli says:

      The students in question did not wear the flag to demonstrate patriotism, but racism. A shame that some manage to confuse the two. The assertion that Ebert was equating the American Flag to the Soviet flag is silly.

    53. Bill Fisher, Souther says:

      Although we all have the right to our opinion and to the freedom of speech, we do not have the right to mock anyone either with a disability and or desease. Talking smack about Ebert's cancer is just down right rude. If you do not like his comments, then comment on them, not his cancer. Where is this world heading?

    54. greg in charlotte says:

      When I was in school in the late 60's- 70's- the kids who wore the flag were disciplined for showing disrespect for our flag and country.

      I definitely recall a girl getting suspended for using a flag as a scarf- in her case to protest NIXON.



      or maybe…


    55. Jason Jacoby says:

      Barrack Obama Hates White Peaple

    56. Tim,Punxsutawney says:

      It is sad that our schools do not teach that it is not appropriate to wear the flag as an article of clothing. You may wear the flag in a certain way upon that clothing. But it must be done correctly. Of course our public school system does not teach flag etiquette any longer. A sad commentary on the system.

      As to 5 May being a holiday. It is just another day to drink beer. Pass the Coronas.

    57. rob, ca says:

      white people in this country really do not understand their racism, stop turning this into politics you idiots, someone planning with others to wear american gear on a mexican holiday is veiled racism you idiots

    58. Tom San Diego says:

      I think that everyday in America is Flag Day. To critize some kids for wearing the falg would be to deny them their first amendment right of free speach. Ebert, you are totally off base on this one. You go kids, be proud to wear your "colors"

    59. Don Mini says:

      Pardon me? is this not America and the Stars n' Stripes is OUR nations flag whom many sacrficed their lives for what it stands for? I don't recall seeing Amercan soldiers having the mexican flag leading a charge in battle nor did I see it raised on mount Iwo Jima, nor do I see it on our Navy ships, nor on our Air Force jets nor on our Coast Guard cutters.

      Our flag doen't display culture, It shows we are the United States of Amercia..One Nation Under God!…

      All other country's flags should be meaningless in Our Country and they mean NOTHING to me!

      Right on Stars and Stripes!!!!! FOREVER

    60. steve says:

      right on roger, after all we wouldn't want the hispanics wearing the mexican flag, after all this is their country no? we should be bowing down to those mexicans- who have given so much to the cause of liberty much like obama might bow to saudi or chinese communist despots – we of course owe them for their ability to enlighten us on human rights. little wonder we have such an exodus of americans to mexico.

    61. CinBiker, Maryland says:

      Hey people did you catch the name of the vice-principal? blah blah something Mexican. Ebert… you jack%%. Every movie you downed I loved so shut up already. Commenting on movies is one thing. giving grief to children for brandishing American flags is just beyond senile. You days of writing are over, give it up for God's sake. Beyond that back to the imbisiles running that school… I demand they be terminated immediately for treasonous acts, terrorism in it's mildest and most covert form! I can't believe that once again in our own country we are squelched and squashed in an effort to "not offend". Where will this end? When we will stop worrying about others and start concerning ourselves with teaching our children to be proud and loud about it. Let me say it again…FIRE THESE TWO SCHOOL OFFICIALS RIGHT NOW! THIS IS AN ACT OF TREASON AND QUIET TERRORISM DIRECTED AT OUR CHILDREN AND TEACHES THEM TO FEAR EXPRESSING PRIDE IN THIS COUNTRY!!!!!!! STOP ASKING FOR RESPECT AND DEMAND IT LIKE WE USED TO BEFORE PC WAS EVER HEARD OF!!!!!

    62. Ginger Morales says:

      Listen up Ebert! This is America. Those 5 Kids should of been able to wear there shirt for they were Americans and proud of it they shouldn't of been sent home. The Mexican kids should of celebrated their day at their home. This is America not Mexico. If they want to celebrate their day Go back to Mexico. Those 5 kids Parents need to file a law suit against the school.

    63. Bob Fox says:

      Stalin and Mao would be proud of todays America.

    64. R. Lozan,Chicago says:

      Brian is right. Corona just want to sell beer and so they do. Can't drive the streets on May 5 around here because you just might get hit by a drunk driver ! Better to stay home! The principal of that school in California should be FIRED immediately, And Roger is unAmerican. 'Nuff said

    65. Bob Fox USA says:

      Stalin & Mao would be proud of todays America.

    66. CinBiker, Maryland says:

      In reponse to Patrick… are you American? Because last time I checked the flag was never used at any time in history to offend another race of people especially when it's done in America. I can't have the guy across the street arrested while starting his car because I think his "intent" is to asphyxiate me. Anyone who agrees that any American should not be allowed to display our flag at any time , ever, anywhere should be banished from this country and see how they like living in Mexico. I don't need to know the reason they wore the flag. I don't care why. they don't need to have a reason. Maybe they were making a political statement about how they don't like having to go to school with a bunch of illegals thier parents are paying for. If I were the parents I'd get them all tatoos just to make a statement that my kids are born here and the flag is part of them!

    67. Ginger Morales says:

      all right leave out law suit against the school

    68. Alan Newport Ca.9266 says:

      Roger Ebert is oviously very unhappy living in the USA so perhaps it will not be too long before he's on his way out of here…

    69. Josie Galvez says:

      Hello, I happen to be an American of Mexican decent and I don't understand why Roger Ebert and the High School prinicpal both seem to have reacted very negatively to the teens wearing their t-shirts with the american flag. After all my understanding of the mexican tradition of Cinco de Mayo is to celebrate their victory over the French, not USA, oui? I think that we should all be able to express and celebrate our pride as Americans whenever it pleases us, personally I think we should be proud 365 days a year, no matter what the day or Holiday may be especially considering the blood that has been spilled so that we may enjoy such freedoms.

    70. VintageClass11 says:

      I never in my lifetime thought I would read such an incrdibly Unpatriotic comment from an intelligent ( questionable ) adult human being….!

      Not to be unkind to any other Canecer victim because it is a most devasting illness that has been very relevantl to my life but I think in this case the Cancer has gone to this man's brain.

      Why esle would he make the Ugliest Analogy in History.

      WOW! I am Flabergasted…..!!!!!!!

    71. Stephen, Ocala, FL says:

      Frankly, I am confused about the celebration of Mexico's victory over the French on the fifth of May (cinco de Mayo) here in America, since the battle was fought on Mexican soil and therefore a national holiday there and not a tradition. There should be no dissing Mexican-Americans when they choose to observe said holiday, but neither should it be expected that all other Americans obserfve it. The wearing of tees and bandanas bearing the American flag could well be a statement being made by those involved relative to the foregoing idea. Mr. Ebert is totally off the mark in his excoriating remarks.

    72. Mark, Chicago says:

      If the kids who wore the American flag were really celebrating America, I'd agree. However, it's pretty obvious that they weren't. Their message was more or less the following: "Get out of my country you wetback scum." The kids are racist jerks, and so are all the people supporting them. And anyone who doesn't understand the real message here is an idiot.

    73. Dan The Man says:

      ebertchicago? What is it with all the mental cases coming out of Chicago lately like Ebert, Blagoivich, Obama? Here's a thought, if you don't like America or the flag we fly here, get the flip out and take you illegal housekeeper/nanny with you. I'll pick my own fruit and I won't crap in the fields either.

    74. Mark,California says:

      I always thought Mr. Ebert was a fool! but not a traitor to the country that did so much for him. Where else can you get a job giving your opinion about moves and have such a fourtunate life,THE GOOD OLD USA ! Thats USA everyday.Including May 5th.

    75. Couz from Pa. says:

      In America, an American citizen can display the American flag anytime they so choose……it's as simple as that!!!…….they should fire that shithead principal immediately………and Ebert, why don't you go to Mexico for your healthcare……That's what I thought

    76. James Corsaro New Yo says:

      Whatever one thinks of the flag-wearing kids, the disgusting fools who ridicule Ebert about his cancer are really sick people. One only hopes that they will someday be afflicted with a wee bit of cancer as the only fitting punishment that seems applicable to such idiots.

      Anyone who is honest about the those five kids with the flag shirts knows damn well that they didn't wear those shirts for patriotic reasons, but simply to offend the Mexican-Americans in their school. If they are patriotic, they would be wearing a flag pin or flag shirt or flag panties from Victoria's Secret everyday and not just on a Mexican-American holiday. Face it, these kids are just younger versions of Sheriff Arpaio.

    77. the wearing of flag. says:

      i bthink you should be able to wear a tie shurt if it has a flag on it,

      it is your right,, as a american.. any time you want to/

    78. Julie Morris Charles says:

      We all should wear more red,white and blue,and be very proud ! But ever make fun of someone for what they have like Thyroid Cancer I myself have had Thyroid Cancer,and it would hurt me to think that someone would .

    79. Vince, Wichita, Ks says:

      I believe Mr. Ebert was urging tolerance, and not suggesting the kids were wrong for wearing the shirt, getting bent out of shape over words before deciding what they mean is not a form of tolerance, we make everything so personal with name calling and witch hunts to determine who is patriotic and who isn’t, are we going back to Joseph McCarthy area of black listing people for speaking their minds?

    80. John T USA says:

      Our Stars and Stripes flying on United States soil and Territories, trump every other country's flag, regardless of what day it is, and what your ancestral heritage might be. Sure, you can fly the flag of your ancestors, or your country of origin, next to the stars and stripes, but never in place of, nor higher than ours.

      Roger has lost sight of where his allegiance needed to be, as did the High School principal and Vice principal, in this instance.

      The Monopoly, we call the Public School System, has helped to destroy our once treasured holidays, to include Christmas and Hanukkah, Saint Valentine's Day, Easter, and with Thanksgiving on the future chopping block. Prayer is outlawed and many Public Schools have long since dishonored the memory of those who gave their lives for our Flag and our Freedoms, by doing away with the morning Pledge of Allegiance in our classrooms, all in favor of political correctness.

      All of those changes were forced upon the majority of American Citizens who love this country and consider themselves to be Patriotic Patriots because a small minority might be offended.

      To those who might be offended, I ask them to return to their countries of origin and change their own political systems. Those were the ones who insisted on bestowing poverty and socialism on you and your own people, which and oh by the way, were the very reasons you fled your countries anbd came to ours in the first place.

      And while some (i.e.Roger) might call, WE THE PEOPLE, of the United States of America, Right Wingers or Tea Partyiers, I suggest you hold onto that thought since, if people like you continue to get people like us angry enough, we might just come along and bite you in your own asses, YOU ASS!

      Semper Fi! Ooh Rah!

    81. Patty Cake says:

      A late reply to Stacy (though probably the poster will not read this):

      Ebert criticizes but does not say he wishes the students to be punished. His critics are making it out as if he is speaking out for censorship, but he really isn't.

      But you're right. This isn't an issue of the students' intent. I wrote my post more out of annoyance towards people who were calling the students' actions patriotic and therefore accusing Ebert to be unpatriotic. But that's not really the point.

      I actually find Ebert's initial tweet now to be mildly inappropriate. He's a public figure whose words carry a lot of weight, and he probably made overly casual comments about kids and a sensitive situation he doesn't know much about. However, I still think he has the right to criticize, as much as those students had the right to wear inappropriate shirts.

    82. tony,north carolina says:

      I would like too tell mr eberts, this is AMERICA, not mexico. for one thing even the country of mexico does not celebrate that day. I will tell you too get out of my country, go live in mexico. I never liked your comments anyway.

    83. Don, Arlington Texas says:

      Ebert and many others are just plain wrong in this… I am sick and tired of being told I am wrong to be an an asertive american. Cinco De Mayo is not even considered a Mexican holiday in Mexico. That is point one…. and point two should any American be expected to received with open arms in another country when they try impose the will of a few on the many? I would expect not. We are in America… period end of discoussion' Wehn cultures act asif they want to be American then we tend to accept their culture, but when anyone comes into my home atells me I will do/accept them on their terms and not mine then we will have discourse…that is just human nature. the Irish learned our language, the chinse learned our language and so on… It has only been a recent development that people have come to these shores and tynumbed their noses at our way of life. So I feel no shme in calling them out out on their arrogance… Not mine.

    84. howard el paso says:

      i completely agree with ebert and besides those kids knew what they were doing they knew it was a mexican holiday thats why they wore those shirts

    85. P.VIA VIRGINIA says:

      In this country, I will wear the flag of my country on a shirt, hat, pin when ever,

      and where ever I please, and if it offends you, too bad, you are free to leave &

      go where you want, I am a US citizen who works here, pays taxes here and

      whose family fought for freedom in the Revolutionary War, we celebrate our own

      holidays, and if you want to celebrate yours then go back to your country and do so.

      I don't go to Mexico and ask your govt to set aside a day to celebrate my holidays, so why should you expect my country to do that for you. I would say

      the parents of those six school kids, pays federal and state taxes, how many

      illegals are paying any taxes? We know the answer to that question !

      Send the Principal home !!

    86. Jose Brienza says:

      Mr Eber respectifully am I addressing your person, who is suffering these easy to eliminate cancer, caused by a fungus!

      all forms of cancer has the same cause it is the "Candida Albican" !

      the cause is candida albican according to Dr Tullio Simoncini, from Rome, italy, and the self cure is as simple and as inespencive by daily intake of Bicarbonat of Sodium (bakin soda) on some water,cure instantly start and few weeks is gone

      check on his inf.he is doing these sucessful treatmente for the last 23 years!

      Thank you may Jesus Christ Guide you!


    87. BobbyNiceguy says:

      Ebert, You my friend are a Dunce.

      But I guess you have become very Bitter since you now look like you belong in a FREAK SHOW!

    88. Gregg, California says:

      This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. We have our national holidays. Mexico has it's own holidays as well. If Mexican's that live in any part of the USA want to celebrate May 5th that's fine, but any AMERICAN who wants to wear a US flag shirt on that day or any day of the year has that right as well. This school who threw out the students wearing Flag like clothing can simply say they were supporting their first amendment rights. This country was founded on the ideas of not having to follow all the other things that England was 'dictating' or any other country was enforcing. We wanted to be free from all that, but over the past 50 years this country has really gone down hill in honor and respect. To many people are supporting everything that the USA is not about. Seems so many people are not proud to be "Americans." I say, if you aren't proud to be Americans then go back to the country you are proud of and live there. Be an American and support what America is for and what America is about. Forget all this "politically correct" stuff and do what is right. Say what is on your mind, don't appologize for who you are or what you say. If you don't like something say it. If it offends some one, so what. If they can't take it, tough. Grow up and quit being a bunch of panzis. This is America not some powderpuff country where we have to be sweet and kind to everyone even those who step on us and take advantage of us. I believe in God, what God? The God that is true and pure. Figure it out. If you don't believe in Him, so what, I am not the one going to hell. I have honor and respect. I believe what this country was founded on and not what the last 50 years is turning it into. Wear that American flag any day of the year anywhere you want. That is your God given Right!!

    89. Jose Brienza says:

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      pray for the peace of Jerusalem so you may prosper!

    90. ricky metairie la says:

      They won there independence from the French not the USA. Last time I looked this was the USA,so fly what you want on any day. It would have

      taken the police to get me to turn my shirt inside out. Do you think

      you could get a brunch of guys from the 82nd Airborne to turn their t-shirts inside out, I dont think so. He said, they are Mexican-Americans, so they are not Mexicans they are Americans first. Getting to be you can't even support your own country in your own country.

      former member of 2/504 abn inf 82nd airborne

    91. MichaelC Walsh says:

      I think that someone is confused or a brin dead liberal. Far right did no such thing to Roger Ebert, it is the lunatic left wing loons that blame the right for everything Grow up and get a life, maybe George Soros or the dick head from Daily Kos. Can;t blame Bush anymore so your left wing nut jobs feel that the right is to blame for everything Why your pathetic rag did cover the story when two slimy punks from SEIU beat up a wheel chair bound conservative. Maybe you will go down as fast as Newsweek is going down the toilet.

    92. Nick, California says:

      My question deals primarily with the motives of those high school students. Are these high school students normally wearing American flag t-shirts on any given day of the year? If so, then wearing those t-shirts may not be such a big deal. However, It seems that these high school students instinctively and purposely wore American flag t-shirts to upset those who may or may not consider Cinco de Mayo a day to celebrate and honor. It also seems like a slap in the face to those who are Mexican and American at that. I agree entirely with Roger Ebert about his twitter comment. I think Ebert wanted the students to show some respect to a minority group that had made a huge contribution to American culture.

    93. Nick, California says:

      A minor correction should be made: "I think Ebert wanted the students to show some respect to a minority group that has made a huge contribution to American life and culture."

    94. S. Fallon says:

      Ya know Roger, its not the looks, its how your simple "watching Disney movies" mind works!! SHAME ON YOU!!! Guess your just in with the Hollywood ultra-left..

      This is America, not Mexico annexed. Hope the Hollywood bed-wetters are still paying your salary for ratng the GARBAGE that comes out of that town!!

    95. Tammy Folkes, Los An says:

      I think Cinco de Mayo should be called Cinco de Drunko. Isn't it just a made up holiday for the purpose of drinking Tequila. I don't know- maybe Don Julio or Jose Cuervo might want to step in and comment.

    96. tom says:

      To be honest with you, the world that I occupied as a child and young adult frowned heavily upon the American flag being anywhere but on a flagpole in the form of a flag.Back then,in the 60s and 70s,there was still a sense of deep pride and patriotism for this great country that we here are all so lucky to call home.Back in the day some things were actually SACRED.I'm pretty sure most people under the age of 40 are very unfamiliar with the term SACRED and it's meaning.

      Regarding Eberts post ; Off hand I'd have to say I don;t agree completely with him,but then again,I don;t know if he's angry with those boys for disrespecting the flag or for disrespecting the Mexican Holiday,Cinco De Mayo,in any event,I don;t think asking Ebert what flag should be flown when he dies of cancer was anything short of disgusting,vile and born of a sick sick mind.Of course,sadly,it comes from a right wing conservative.They are really good at throwing everything at you but the kitchen sink.Roger,we still love you.WE are all broken hearted by your condition.YOU are entitled to your opinion.I don't necessarily agree with you,but I think I understand your point. People have got to remember that there are plenty of LEGAL Mexicans in California and I'm sure at that school.OF the boys intentions were to disgrace Cinco De Mayo,they are a-holes.what happened to live and let live? Aren't all those kids stoned all the time anyways? Shouldn't they be a little more chill?

    97. tom says:

      Brilliant idea!!!! WE need to make Mexico part of the United States! That would take care of so many problems!!

    98. George, Chicago says:

      Ebert's "clarification" is almost worse than his original hyper-liberal, overly "sensitive" comment. He theorizes that those choosing to wear the flag shirts might be trying to start trouble. Yet, the school's action was only taken after some Mexican-American students expressed dismay with the flag shirt students and demanded punishment. Maybe they were trying to start trouble and seeing how far they could push the administration by expressing feigned outrage. And, the school obliged with a kneejerk response. And, what about those immigration protesters who carry and wave the American flag? Are they expressing support for the U.S. or displeasure, or what?

    99. Don, Elizabethtown, says:

      I wish Roger Ebert the blessings of God in his battle with cancer, but for lack of better terminology, he's a bleeding-heart, liberal twit when it comes to this display of "political correctness" concerning Cinco de Mayo. Last time I checked, this was still the United States of America, not the States North of the Border Mexico. Ever since Prez. Barry Obama went globe trotting and apologized to our allies and enemies alike for America's arrogance and chest pounding superiority, the liberals want everyone to unconditionally love US. I'm afraid the penis envy is just too deep. Time for another erect… 'er election.

    100. Tom says:

      Ebert is an idiot. He should apologize.

    101. sean California says:

      Its a shame a man of his age could call these kids trouble makers and make a reference to comunist when these kids were part mexican.I am a shame this old man of his age would dare insult these kids & Our country.What other country has a american holiday to celabrate?Shame on Ebert for being anti american.I understand his freedom of free speech but maybe he should keep his mouth shit on some things He has no clue about & stick to what he knows rating movies.I only hope when its his time to go that he is remember for his work on rating movies rather then for shsming himselg by being anti american.Many will say these kids were trying to start a fight wearing shirt with american flags but how many times have we seen mexicans demostrateing shown off the mexican flag without american flag present isnt that a slap to americans and arent they trying to pick a fight by thrown their country flag in our face.it works both ways freedom of expression.this is america as a mexican I feel its disrepectful to show any other countrys flag other then the ol stars n stripes GOD BLESS AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!!.

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    103. Alteredmx62 says:

      So all this guy has done his life is knock movies around! So what he is his Own worse Critic NOW! Won't be missed by lot's ans Thank you I can judge my own movies!!!

    104. Rhonda Cook, Shepher says:

      Its so easy to go with the name throwing than think. He is not the only programed person out there and he needs to use cogitive thinking,if he remembers how.

    105. Sandra, Bama says:

      We lived abroad for over eight years; Okinawa/Germany, and I certainly don't recall Cinco de Mayo (or any American Holidays) being celebrated in either county. Did I whine and complain….. NO, because we were living in another country, NOT Mexico (or the U.S.A.). I applaud those kids for their patriotism.

    106. Tracy, Ohio says:

      This cancer-ridden scum bag shouldn't even be allowed to live in the country that made his untalented fat ass rich. How dare he?? $ucking communist!!!

    107. ANA MARIA NATIONAL C says:

      Why do we have to celebrate mexican holidays now? Do you know if I wave an american flag in mexico my house and cars will get vandalized? And here we are like idiots celebrating something that not even the darn mexicans celebrate, what will be next? Are we americans heading to be second class cititzens, what about those illegals, they get all benefits from our government, they give them school, welfare, no wonder we are in the position we are, we are housing snakes and they are taking over, WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!

    108. ANA MARIA NATIONAL C says:

      Some Americans have really lost their minds, cinco de mayo means nothing to mexicans, Americans are the ones celebrating without investigating, plus why in the hell so we have to celebrate mexico holidays? How about just concentrating on our own holidays, does mexico celebrate any American holidays, hell no, they are not stupid like we are, now we are being baned from wearing our own Country Flag? How low we have fallen, besides mexicans are horrible people to Americans, but we welcome all the illegals and take advantage of the benefits that were meant for the Americans, Why in the hell do we even have immigration when we don't enforce the law? What a waiste of money, Immigration gets paid lots of money and for what, this country is full of illegals, and the illegals are using our hard earn money, what the hell do they pay? no tax, not one penny for getting education, how come we have to be so stupid to allow all of our laws to be broken and not reinforced? Think with the brain Americans, we are being invaded, it is time to send those illegals back to where they came from, and not just from mexico.

    109. ANA MARIA NATIONAL C says:

      Where has our freedom gone? To mexicans, we are supposed to have freedom, what freedom? now we have to wear the clothes that mexicans tell us so they don't get insulted, this is America, not mexico, wake up, where is our freedom, and parents of those kids, please sue the school that sent those american kids home, mexicans aren't sent home fopr wearing the mexican flaf in Our United States, Our governments are to blame, but our freedom is history now, and that old thing should just worry about spending the rest of his life by his own and not start problems, he can go to mexico to live too, he will make us a big favor, lets see if he will get from mexico what he gets in the USA, he will just get all of his belongings stolen since that is mexico's welcome to us American Cititzens

    110. Duane Nelsen says:

      This is a wonderful opportunity for everybody to open their history books to learn about Cinco de Mayo. It is a minor holiday in Mexico but has grown to be a full blown holiday in United States. Cinco de Mayo battle helped a Mexican general gain power and eventually become a Mexican president dictator with absolute power for over 30 years. I wonder if Colonel Porfirio Diaz would had become Mexico president if this had not occurred?

      The date gained more attention in the 1980s when marketers, particularly beer companies, saw this as a perfect opportunity to capitalize on the celebratory nature of the holiday."

    111. gene reynolds ridge says:

      I am a former Marine who agrees with Ebert. These kids were mocking fellow Americans. Would they wear the flag on St. Patricks day? Let us not forget that many latino vets died for our country and many are patients in VA hospitals today.

    112. David Holzman, Massa says:

      I'm a liberal, and have always voted Democratic in presidential elections from McGovern to Obama, except that in 1980 I voted for John Anderson, and I'm appalled that the kids wearing American flags on 5 May were told to turn them inside out or go home. I find Ebert's reaction to be equally appalling. What ever happened to assimilation???! I don't mind a little ethnic nostalgia, but people who come here and don't want to become American should go back to where they came from.

    113. WizKid says:

      I am sorry he has cancer.

      It does not change the fact that he bases his reviews on political content not artistic merit. Sublimating art to party doctrine is a tragedy.

      It is a subject that I covered in the below post several weeks ago:


      For progressives art is judged solely on its adherence to and promotion of party doctrine.

      Stalin funded classes on this subject during the 30's and 40's in Hollywood entitled "Art as a weapon."

      Ebert is just carrying on the tradition.

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    115. Robert Almany,Florid says:

      since when are Americans expected to observe mexican holidays.this is America not mexico.I think the principals actions should be seen as unpatrotic. he is placing a mexican holiday above the rights of American citizens.I think you have to question his ability to run this school. and should consider removing him as principal. as well as any of his staff that went along with his decision to send these kids home.

    116. lethr says:

      This is crazy! I am Latin American and proud of it, but I do not understand why Mexicans would be offended just because some kid is wearing a shirt with a picture of the flag of USA, this is their country, if you do not want to see people wearing the American flag go back to Mexico! This is not our country, we should be grateful for what this beautiful country has done for us, but no we want it all! Even denied the people who was born in this country to wear their own flag! Give me a break!

    117. Chris, Charlotte, NC says:

      If it is within protected "speech and freedom of expression" to burn our precious flag which so many have died defending, then someone damn well has the right to display it on their T-shirt regardless of the venue! I used to respect Mr Ebert and enjoy his critiques but this has caused me to reconsider. I have no use for a man that shows the sentiments he has on this matter. I think he has forgotten that we are still in the US of A and our loyalty belongs here, not elsewhere. I am sorry to strongly disagree Roger, but being politically correct is dead wrong when someone is made to feel guilty about wearing their country's flag while being in their country. I don't care what the circumstances were, those students absolutely have no need to apologize for wearing our flag. Good for them !!

    118. Billie says:

      If people are that intolerant of the American flag, maybe America isn't the right country for them. There should never be a day omitting the American flag. And if this is a day of celebration of independence It's a wonder they will ever live independently here? You know, without grandpa government giving hand outs.

    119. Kathy, PA says:

      Is this April Fools Day or What? THIS IS WHY LIBERALS WANT TO CHOKE FREE SPEECH! The school administrator, Roger Ebert, and the ultra-liberals got this one WRONG!
      Since when did the Mexican Flag trump the American Flag! Ebert needed some attention, and he got it! I’d say that, “Ebert has the HAMMER and Sickle mentality!

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