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  • Morning Bell: A Recovery Only Washington Could Love

    Today the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor and Statistics released its monthly jobs report showing that the nation’s unemployment rose to 9.9% in April despite the addition of 290,000 jobs, 66,000 of which were temporary Census 2010 jobs. The rise in unemployment was driven by the entrance of 195,000 previously discouraged Americans reentering the workforce. In total, the U.S. economy has now lost a net of 2.6 million jobs since President Barack Obama signed his $862 billion stimulus plan. We are 7.6 million jobs short of the 137.8 million he promised the American economy would support by 2010.

    It is encouraging to see the American economy beginning to recover, but these numbers again indicate that the Obama administration’s heavy government hand has retarded and deformed what otherwise would have been a more robust recovery. The White House may tout Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports showing their $862 billion stimulus created jobs, but the CBO has also admitted their computer simulation didn’t take any actual new real world data into account. To the contrary, an independent study of real world stimulus facts found: 1) no statistical correlation between unemployment and how the $862 billion was spent; 2) that Democratic districts received one-and-a-half times as many awards as Republican ones; and 3) an average cost of $286,000 was awarded per job created. $286,000 per job created.

    And what kind of jobs were created? According to Gallup the federal government is hiring at a significantly faster pace than the private sector. And data from BLS confirms that governments are increasing public sector pay at far faster rates than the private sector. None of this should be a surprise. President Obama specifically designed his stimulus to preserve government union jobs.

    Not that President Obama’s agenda has failed to produce any private sector jobs. The Washington economy is booming as private firms have been forced to hire legions of lawyers and lobbyists to both protect their firms from Obama’s new agenda and find ways they can turn it into profit. This is why energy companies are spending millions on lobbyists to shape legislation instead of on scientists to find energy. It is why software companies are spending millions on lawyers to get federal government business instead of on engineers to develop new technologies. Back in 1994, columnist Jonathan Rauch explains what happens when Washington becomes a center of profit for the private sector:

    Economic thinkers have recognized for generations that every person has two ways to become wealthier. One is to produce more, the other is to capture more of what others produce. … Washington looks increasingly like a public-works jobs program for lawyers and lobbyists, a profit center for professionals who are in business for themselves.

    What happens when big government, and the big businesses best capitalized to influence it, are the main drivers of economic recovery? The recovery is slower and smaller than it otherwise would have been. A recent study by the Kaufman Foundation found that small businesses have led America out of its last seven recessions, generating about two of every three new jobs during a recovery. But under this Obama recovery, not only are government jobs growing faster than private sector jobs, but jobs are rebounding faster at large employers than small businesses.

    And the Obama agenda is only set to make the environment for small businesses worse. The Obama budget plans to raise taxes on the small businesses that earn 72% of all small business income. Taxes on capital gains are set to increase to 20% while taxes on dividends are set to rise to 39.6%. Obamacare not only inflicts $503 billion in new taxes by 2019, $87 billion of which come from employer mandate penalties, but also burdens small businesses with new 1099 IRS paperwork every time they do more than $600 in business with another entity. Oh, and Obama is proposing more IRS funding and a change in law that will make it harder for small businesses to hire independent contractors.

    There are far more types of small businesses engaged in more kinds of economic activity than Congress can devise special policy to help. This sort of one-off, micro-managing, tinkering policy may gain a headline and support, but it will not help small businesses broadly. The more Washington taxes and regulates, the harder it is for small businesses to innovate, force big businesses to be more productive and create new jobs. The more the Obama agenda is implemented, the slower our recovery will be.

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    54 Responses to Morning Bell: A Recovery Only Washington Could Love

    1. juandos, overland says:

      Have you checked out the BLS's U6 number lately?

      NOT pretty!

    2. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Well, it only goes to show that Harry Reid is out of touch with reality. If anyone's

      been "making love to Wall Street," and getting money from Gordon Gekko, it's the

      Democrats. After all, they subscribe to Gordon Gekko's philosophy that "greed is good." As for the Labour Party, the Liberal Democrats want David Cameron to form a

      government. Not Gordon Brown. Go figure. The Brits have a hung parliament. Welcome to Florida in 2000 when the chad family was cited as the reason why we didn't have a President.

    3. Beverly Barnum San A says:

      When I was in graduate school, I took an advanced survey sampling class. From it, I learned a "truth" applicable for many other life situations. Class work began with a statement that using a genuine random probability sample is the best and most accurate prediction of "truth" available. The remainder of the semester was spent in teaching us complicated mathematical formulas for balancing race, gender, age, political affiliation and a myriad of other variables to reflect composition of the general population. We learned of quota sampling and use of large number samples, accidental samples and a host of other sampling possibilities. The final examination asked us to provide a sample for a complex polling situation. Most of the class spent the entire testing period producing complicated mathematical solutions to the question. A few wrote a single sentence on their paper and left almost immediately. These were the ones who got an A for the best answer, "Provide a pure random probability sample."

      Free market capitalism is similar to a random probability sample. Regulation of some out of balance element leads to regulation for other elements and soon you are left with a system that not only doesn't work very well, it also suggests to regulators that free market capitalism is a bad system and should be changed. As in survey sampling, messing with a basic premise, leads to worse results.

      If I were Obama's professor, I would have to ask what makes him think that his quest for fundamental change will work out any better than it has for any others with a similar outlook on redistribution of wealth. This has never ended well throughout history. Maybe if he told us how his version will have a different ending, we might give it a chance. However, as one who got an A in that sampling course, I think I will stick to free market capitalism. One of the fundamental differences between regulation and freedom, is that he does not have to live or change his life under my preference for freedom. He and his cronies are free to regulate their personal worlds however they may. Under his preference, he takes all of the rest of us with him and I am metaphorically kicking and screaming at the top of my lungs all the way

    4. Barry S says:

      The general public has no clue as to the sacking of small business and the ballooning of big government. None of this would have happened had we not created a populace that expects entitlements and a never-ending stream of free services from both state and federal gummints. The entire system will come crashing down at some time in the future. It is inevitable. We will become another Greece, simply because the greedy portion the voting public who want—and get— something for nothing (at the expense of those who work their tails off) will be in the vast majority. I will most likely be dead by that time, but I refuse to be blamed by my grandchildren for a government that I had no chance in Hell of controlling. I hope I am wrong. We shall see what happens in November.

    5. SAMUEL says:

      When a small town with a population of 25,000 have lost 7 major manufacturing plants in the last 5 years. Is something wrong? America cannot live on service industry jobs.

      When the politicians all have jobs and the lobbists keep their pockets full. They all come out of office billionaires. Look at clinton, and obambba made $5 million last year. How the hell did obambbba make $ 5 million while the president. I did not know we pay our leaders millions of dollars.

      We will fall just like greece. We have washington overrun with government jobs. Who will pay their salaries. My MCDONALDS AND WAL-MART PART TIME HOURS SERVICE INDUSTRIES JOBS CANNOT KEEP UP THE GOVERNMENT JOBS AND THEIR GREAT BENEFITS PAY.



      When our government states we do not have inflation. HOW MANY HAVE GONE SHOPPING? HOW MANY HAVE FILLED UP THEIR VEHICLES?

      Don't tell me we have zero inflation.

    6. Dennis Social Circle says:

      If one will do some checking on how Communism starts, one will see that the obama clan and the redistrubit the wealth symdrom are very much alike. The communist take over of countries started with the same idea, take from those that have and give to those that feel cheated. The business, the farms, the wealth are all taken for use by the STATE. Those that have worked to better themselves are all punished. The statements by obama concerning how much people are paid, make from their business all leads one to think we are headed in the direction of not just socialism, but comminuism. When will we stop this and take this country back with smaller "guvment" and get our lives back?????

      The jobs that have been so mcalled created are mostly for the federal level, and they all belong to the union. Small business is left in the wake of more regulation, more taxes, and hard times.

    7. MJF, CT says:

      One thing that President Obama's actions have clearly proven is that neither he or the Federal government should be involved with private industry. Trying to control capitalism just make things worse. It's like trying to hold a rattle snake by the tail. You will stop the snake's progression but sooner or later the snake is going to bite you.

      The government is not comprised of business people, they are a bunch of lawyers and of that, very few of them practice any longer. Our President is a community organizer who never headed or ran anything (that we are aware of). what makes these people think that they can tell the business world how it should be run? When you start with less than 3% unemployment in the beginning of your administration then see over 10% (REAL figures not the fake ones that CNN portrays) 2 years in, where is there an improvement? This is what I am saying, these "leaders" do not know what they are doing!

      Also, the statement of "free market capitalism" is a misnomer. None of us know what "free market capitalism" will do because there has never been a "free market" for capitalism to operate in since the early 1800's. That is when the first government mandates started creeping into the "free market"!

    8. Swamp Fox ,exas says:

      All of the Census jobs are essentially contract worker jobs. When they are done with conducting the census, those contract workers will not be allowed to collect unemployment. Thus they will not be counted as being unemployed and the unemployment figures will be skewed.

      Another thing about that bothers me is the economists who advise the President. Democratic Presidents seem to have economists who fail to bring into consideration the human factor. Back when Clinton got into office, he supposedly asked his economic team to figure how much money would be collected if the tax rate was 100%. They came back with an astronomical figure. They forgot to factor in the human part. What American is going to work for free? That is equivalent to slavery. Hence, tax collections would not be what the so-called experts said they would be. Garbage-in. Definitely, garbage out.

    9. Don Harper says:

      Beverly, equating free market capitalism with a pure random sample is an eloquently simple comparison. Thank you. It certainly helps me to picture the unregulatable dynamism of thousands of entrepreneurs doing their own thing.

    10. KB in PA says:

      Beverly, I'm only an aging high school graduate, but I'll hazard a guess at what Obama's answer to the question you pose in your closing paragraph would be, IF the man could actually respond truthfully (which no narcissist of his megalomaniacal level can conjure up, even in his darkest dreams): "My quest for fundamental change has nothing to do with anything other than my quest for total and ultimate control of all things. Since such control is my goal, and since no person financially/economically independent of the government can BE controlled, I must pursue every possible avenue to destroy his or her independence. Take a step back and look at everything I've said and done, so far. Pause, and consider carefully as you assess the vast panorama of what I HAVE ALREADY 'fundamentally changed' and you will see that the gradual destruction of the very existence of the American citizen, as you have known him or her to be, is precisely what is unfolding. Everything is going according to plan. You say you 'will stick to free market capitalism'? Excuse me while I laugh hysterically, and then, wish you good luck!"

    11. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      Hard to argue against the facts. Excellent article.

    12. Harley J says:

      This "recovery" beats heck out of the "REAGAN RECOVERY" after all is said and done….This Great Recession officially began in Dec 2007 after about a year of floundering. In just about a year after Obama took office, the recovery began. The debt growth line was already straight up on the graph when Obama took office. The Bush Administration tried to hide it from the world. Let's see! 290,000 new jobs today; 800,000+ new job seekers who now have some hope. Yeah, and that is why the number of new jobs increased and the unemployment percentage of increased too! Both were good signs! But you "wise ones" at the Heritage Foundation are too ignorant to grasp the realities.

      How long was it that Reagan was in office (even in a much weaker recession) before real unemployment began to drop and what was his unemployment percentage 2 years plus after he was inaugurated? How does 10.8% sound to you dim wits. In spite of the worlds economic travails, Obama will beat Reagan's supply side, borrow and spend attempts at economic recovery. OPEC caused Carter's recession and OPEC caused Reagan's "recovery"… Of course, when it this recovery fires up you will dig Reagan up and give him all the credit; that is the Heritage Foundation's speed!

      You people seem to think we live in the 19th century and that old time laissez faire, unbridled "Robber Baron" capitalism is the deal. It ain't. It doesn't work anymore. As Teddy Roosevelt tried to tell you, it never did!. You can't let the hogs have full run of the farm. They want all the feed now and don't think about tomorrow. So all the other livestock starves at first and then the hogs finally do to! Then the auctioneer comes in and sells the farm for the local property taxes and the farmer goes to town to live out his days in a dinky, dingy little apartment. Sad! But true!

      You haven't yet grasped that the oligarchs, plutocrats and global corporatists are anti-capitalism, anti-free trade, anti-fair competition and, when all is said and done, anti-American.

      You cheered when Bush/Cheney were redistributing the wealth of the nation from the working poor and middle class (the vital consumer base) to the plutocrats and you were too blind to see that when the consumer base is weak, capitalism falters. When the buyers don't have any money to spare on goods and services, the producers of goods and services can't sell enough goods and services to profit; some don't survive. Just a simple rule of capitalism. But in the new densely populated, inter-dependent, urban, techno-industrial-global circumstance we are in, the consequences are dire for everyone when greed rules the boardroom and Wall Street–not just "the competition":… Even Henry Ford understood that! So does Buffet, Gates and Dell. But you pip-squeak wannabe mini-millionaires can't grasp it. You're so busy kissing the rears of the big boys that you don't even notice it when they defecate in your face.

    13. Normca says:

      This disaster is Obama's Plan. As a disciple of Reverend Wright, Obama is enacting a plan to result in the demolition of our country. November is coming and the 11-3-10 election needs to be an earthquake to the Left – the media and the elected political class. They are running now as, One Obey bailed; lets make them run and hide in November so we can start to undue this planned catastrophe before the media shows Americans in the street, like Greece is today. Obama and the left plans to say it is all Bush's fault. 9.9% – the numbers are being manipulated. How about 17% ?

    14. Bruce Florida says:

      In recent survey by the American Chemical Council of which my employer is a member, 73% of the respondents reported that the Federal Stimulus Plan has had no impact on employment to date. This should not come as a suprise as Obama is only interested in preserving and creating govt. jobs.

    15. Sue From Detroit says:

      Increasing the number of government jobs and wages is a false economic growth. Producing wealth only comes from the private sector or individuals. Obama's Adminstration main goal is redistribution of wealth, not economic growth. The Obama's Adminstration are angry at and resent success. If you cannot create wealth or support yourself than steal from those who do create wealth and can support themselves. That is what this whole Adminstration is all about. Mafia tactics against the middle class.

    16. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama is the Manchurian President. He has been prorammed to be a dedicated idealist implanted with the goal to destroy the American way and Capitalism, and replace it with Socialism. Since his inauguration he has been strengthening the infrastructure of that planned socialist state that has been the work of Progressives since the early 20th century. He is creating as many government positions as he can and developing dependency in as many people as allow him to do so, with his "social democracy programs", knowing very well that it is difficult to take away the "lollipop " of redistributed wealth stolen from the producers of that wealth. He has invaded all aspects of our lives as is being done in Europe and South America. One needs only to look at Greece and France when the "lollipop" of social programs is threatened and the recipients are asked to pay taxes!

      This is happening all over the free world. Europe is well along the path to a full Socialist government. Obama and the other rabid Progressives in government are now smelling victory and are trashing the Constitution in their desire to "get as much done" as possible before the general public awakens to their treachery.

      It will be VERY difficult to reverse the addiction to the drug of dependency that the Progressives are "pushing". But it must be done regardless of the howling of the non-producers! The next President and Conservative Congress have their work waiting for them.

      Only this can save America!

    17. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Let's see! Unemployment has incresed. The stock market, at one point was down

      by 1,000 points (9%), Regardless of the claimed "glich" the market still closed down 346 points (3%) just yesterday. Yet despite this, Obamalovers still claim the economy has turned-around.

      I realize many other factors dictate the economy's health, other that the market and unemployment. But any opinion that we have reached the bottom and a

      recovery has begun, is just wishful false "HOPE".

      Obama's lackeys are lying and deceving the people by throwing in billions of TARP dollars to prop-up the economy before November. Why else is Obama's

      dept commission not scheduled to report until after November 2nd.

      It's all smoke and mirrors. After November don't be surprised at anything

      having to do with new taxes and the failing economy.

    18. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      Unemployment is now 9.9%?? Hmmmm. Didn’t the Teleprompter-in-Chief promise that the jobless rate would go no higher than 8% with the passage of that phony (pork barrel) $787 billion stimulus bill over a year ago?? The jobless rate has been well above that for a year!! Again I say to some 63,000,000 morons: Just think of the millions of jobs that could’ve been created and saved over the past 18 months were it not for the foolish error you made on 11/4/2008!!!! PAT YOURSELVES ON THE BACK!!!!…..IMO the 2010 and 2012 elections can’t come soon enough!! Hopefully voters will wise up as they did in 1980 and 1994!!

    19. Drew Page, IL says:

      November inches closer. We need to turn out the vote and replace the current crew of liberals with conservatives.

      We need to use any remaining TARP and Stimulus funds to pay down the national debt. We need to reduce taxes and regulations on businesses. We need to put an end to bailouts of all types. We need to supply our generals with the troops and support they request.

    20. bigdave ocala fl says:

      One (1) month of growth? One fith are government jobs so that means the other four fifths taxes will pay for those jobs, which PRODUCE NOTHING BUT COST!? Are we to jump up and down, forgetting the many MILLIONS who still are without a job now and in the forseeable future? The CORRUPT MEDIA still proclaiming the job loss is MUCH LESS NOW…if the pool is empty of water, will they still claim the leaking has slowed? Don't think we have a corrupt and controled media? How many times did you hear the MUSLIM TERRORIST described as a "middle-aged white man, a tea party member, a disgruntled right winger"? Right! Hundreds! Now how many times have you heard the MUSLIM TERRORIST referred to as "muslim"? RIGHT! NONE! End of story and the reason we are about to lose this country without the great help and direction of HERITAGE.ORG!!!!

    21. Elaine Worth, Oakwoo says:

      My only concern with comments made on any site now that gives my name & location is anything I may comment on may come under retribution from this administration. I have become to fear this administration & their Chicago style politics & their Unions that they have in the White House which have proven to be similar to the Teamsters with their bats years ago. SEIU has already attacked the people at some of the town hall meetings. This administration is nothing like we have seen before.

    22. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      Ok, everyone. Raise your hand if you are surprised !

      Now get back to work because someone needs to pay their taxes . . .

    23. Firebatt, Sierra Nev says:

      QUESTION: What is the MAXIMUM number of full time employees to still be considered a "small business"? Thank you.

      Also, most Fed. Census Takers are part time, temporary positions except for the 1st 4 days of training. This practice is designed to make them ineligible for unemployment insurance. Many, many more are trained than are used. All are kept on the books as employed. When the Census is completed those Census Workers will not be counted as unemployed again.

      Remember that old adage that in Government "figures lie and liars figure."

    24. toledofan says:

      I think your analysis at Heritage is outstanding and continues to prove or at least solidify how many people there are in America that have no clue. Day after day we read about why this Socialistic approach will fail, history not only repeats itself but is on center stage in Greece and Europe for everyone to see. The last 16 months of this administration has been a debacle starting with TARP and the conclusion is no where in sight. So, the end game, somewhat, has to be the midterm elections, but, the more I read, see and hear, I fear, we may not have enough informed people to really make a difference. Time will tell but with all the facts on the table, no matter how hard we try, there are many that still just don't get it.

    25. William L. Brown says:

      Excellent responses, Juandos, Blair and Beverly. I didn't know about the BLS's UL numbers. Tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I despise being told the truth, but not as above. And, I refuse to get use to it!

    26. KC - New Mexico says:

      According to the CBO, the stimulus is a bust and so is OB's job creation. So are they scared to drive fundamental change such as:

      1. Get the illegal immigrants out of the country and control the boarders

      2. For the unemployed – require them to work jobs around each community and require this work if they expect any social program benefits

      3. For the never been employed but want to have all the benefits from government, make them work around their communities in order to earn the government benefits.

      Wow – now we have everyone (Americans) at least "working" and earning what they are provided. The rest of us can just keep paying those taxes, but at least some work is coming from those sitting around doing nothing. That does not include those doing the full time job search! But they also need to contribute if they want unemployment, food and shelter bailout money, etc.

    27. Ken Jarvis says:


      I KNOW they hate Obama



    28. bigdave ocala fl says:

      Forgot to mention MILLIONS out of a job and this woeful excuse for an administration simply IGNORES them and at the same time DUMBAMA says to illegals everywhere "come on down, we have lots of room and lots of money and these people deserve a better life and a chance at the American dream(which is a NIGHTMARE under his COMMUNITY AGITATORSHIP)"…uh, EXCUSE me sir , what about our own people? You know, the ones you express so much abject hatred for on your little apology tours around the world . You treat them like they all live in NASHVILLE, TENN! The city now under water, which you have not said a word about! You do not fool ME! OBAMA HATES WHITE PEOPLE! And where are the black folks in N'ville demanding someone come and take care of them, screaming where is Bush and the govt?! And no media either. OH! NASHVILLE IS MOSTLY WHITE! SCUUUUUUZZZZZE ME! Don't be afraid to speak your mind Elaine!

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    30. Mike, North Carolina says:

      Quote: "The more the Obama agenda is implemented, the slower our recovery will be".

      As always, evidently there are those who really or, shall we say, "otherwise" watch against and report in every storm, who miss one essential thing about storms, of weather or anything else, and that is the unsteady and even potentially misleading wind patterns in them, such as the "tell them the hurricane is ending when it's only the eye of the storm" of politicians such as the Statist named Obama, his Statist Comrades, and their so-called "capitalist" cronies in their destructively misleading freedom, resource, and security robbing quest for power and money at the expense of the people.

      In other words: "Our recovery"!?

      Hey Bunkie! Whether you open your eyes to and go by the real facts of life in the real world or try only to go by any real accurate charts and graphs showing those same facts of life in the real world, there is no real "recovery", "slow", "fast", or "medium", enough to stop the ship of "We, the People of the United States" and our freedoms, resources, and security being sunk by the antics and machinations of a bunch of Statist politicians, their so-called "capitalist" cronies, and their Comrades in academia, government, the news and entertainment media, and elsewhere, who will, if we don't stop them, yet again prove a lesson of history, and our Founding Fathers, right, such as Benjamin Franklin who said (qoute) "Those who would surrender liberty for a little (imagined) security, deserve neither and will lose both".

      So the thing of it this time is there is no "recovery", "slow", "fast", or "medium", but only what both the facts and living in the real world show, and will show for the foreseeable future, is an only too temporary and misleading mirage being called a "recovery" by those who would mislead and those who allow themselves to be mislead by them.

    31. Evol Syawla says:

      In total, the U.S. economy has now lost a net of 2.6 million jobs since President Barack Obama signed his $862 billion stimulus plan. We are 7.6 million jobs short of the 137.8 million he promised the American economy would support by 2010.


      >>. The final examination asked us to provide a sample for a complex polling situation.<<I>>Free market capitalism is similar to a random probability sample.<< No! No! No Bev! Maybe you should have taken the basic Sampling course again before you went on to the advanced course.So from my class notes, I got the following:

      "A random sample is a sample that gives every member in the population an equal chance of being selected.

      A random sample reduces the amount of variation or error that can occur when other sampling methods are used."

      My conclusion is that sampling has to do with taking a small subset of a population and conducting surveys in order draw conclusions, make a prediction or detemination about that population. Sampling is only one method of data collection. Others include, experiment, simulation and census.

      According to wikepedia, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capitalism, "Capitalism is an economic system where the means of production are privately owned; wage labor is predominant over self employment; supply, demand and price are at least predominantly set by markets forces rather than by government regulation; and profit is distributed to owners who invested in the business. Capitalism entails the predominance of business and commercial activity, production for exchange (commodity production) and also refers to the process of capital accumulation. Also see rise of financial capitalism, which controls all other forms of capitalism…There is no consensus on the definition of capitalism, nor how it should be used as an analytical category"

      I suggest you also look at Stratified Sampling, Systematic Sampling, Cluster Sampling and Convenience Sampling.

      If you think the Government should have no role in a Capitalist market driven economy, then maybe we consider getting rid of Antitrust laws, Patent laws, Copyright laws, trading regulations and any body or organization that is created by the government that has any impact on commerce or the capitalist market economy. Which means getting rid of Medicaid/Medicare and teh Army. What? You fool, the Army? yes. Remember it was a war that allowed us to dig out of the great depression? Yes it affected the economy. And the Iraq war, yes, it has put us in more than a trillion dollar debt which affects the economy. Maybe, no Governmental controls would work, right. And don't repeat the horse dung that this was Clinton's fault. He did what was necessary to be the only President to had over an economy with a surplus! George Bush had eight years to make any fix or correction to Clinton's policies which could cause this monumental failure, if that is what he thought as you and the rest try to imply.

      Obama is not yet two years into the Presidency and has stemmed the recession and we are improving again. I really hope things continue to improve and the jobless rate plunge to 7% by next year and 5% by the end of his first year. Then what Bev? Just because you cannot see the way ahead, does not mean there is no way ahead.

    32. Dave Provo, UT says:

      Right on, KC. Also look at the failing European PIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain) and you see they have followed the same pattern and tried to make it work by borrowing too many Euros. We must clean out our own congressional trough this fall and send our pigs home. My motto for 2010 is: Get our piggies back to the free market and stop the government slop.

    33. Keith B. Orem Denton says:

      NOVEMBER ——- 2010, Nuff Said!!!!!!!!

    34. Steve Savarese, Rock says:


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    36. Lawrence B. Sulc, Wa says:

      Thank you for NOT translating Labour Party to Labor Party. I bet there others who don't need the instruction but many sources feel a need to help anyway.

    37. Steve Rockaway Beach says:

      A jobless recovery is not an economic recovery.

      The terrorists must be tried by military tribunal.This is a war not a court case.

      A degree in Economics, Finance, and/or Military Science/Strategy should be required of all elected officials. Instead we have a bunch of glorified social workers, who don't have a clue on economics and the military, running our great country.

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    39. EON, Minnesota says:

      My small business grew every year since it’s inception in 1996 until 2009. Now we are doing a third of what we didn in 2008. In surveying my clients and my industry, I don’t see things improving for 3-4 years to an extent that matters. How the government thinks that more regulation, taxes and uncertainty will bring the economy around it ridiculous. Business is pretty simple without the government: product, customer demand and getting paid. Any growth in the near future is gonig to come from refilling shelves and inventories of staples of life, but there will be no true growth until government growth and spending are diminished and credit returns to the private sector.

    40. Dexter60, San Franci says:

      For those too young to have seen it or too old to remember the experience, there is available the full text of "As We Go Marching" by J. Flynn, on the web. Says it all.

      It presents what must be known to causes, consequences and remedies for the afflictions that have worsened over the last several decades — the crush of oppressive government is more violent than any terrorist attack, in slow motion leaving a corrosive residue from which there may be no recovery of any kind beyond death to the tyrants.

      I shall never fail to watch this space for the only signs of real positive outcomes and possibilities for America based upon the truth and adherence to sound principles.

      To impress upon the obamaminds:

      You may not get what you deserve, but you deserve everything you’re going to get (and then some).

      And, thanks Conn Carroll.

    41. Evol Syawla says:

      >>In total, the U.S. economy has now lost a net of 2.6 million jobs since President Barack Obama signed his $862 billion stimulus plan. We are 7.6 million jobs short of the 137.8 million he promised the American economy would support by 2010.<<
      So president Barrack Obama promised 137.8 million jobs!! Awesome Bev!. Look at the job growth graph. It is a V. After bush took over, some jobs were created, however the market took a turn and just started dropping like rain from the sky. Obama stepped in in the free-fall and it took him a little time to stem the downward trend and stop the bleeding. Now it is in an upward trend! You are such a wonderful statistician. I fear for the company you work for. Then again you may actually be a good employee but just a shill conservative politician.

    42. Judith in Michigan says:

      An interesting news bite yesterday stated that the IMF "requested" Greece privatize their health-care system as one condition for receiving the bailout. Is the IMF insinuating that socialized health care isn't the economic savior that it is purported to be? That it actually hurts an economy? My. My. I wonder if Mr O & Co are aware of this. Not surprised the MSM hasn't reported this tidbit.

      And, is it possible that the Whiz Kids in DC don't understand that increased taxes hurt the economy and destroy businesses? Don't bet the farm on it. The DC'ites know exactly what they are doing. Their orders are to "take-over" as much as possible.

      In the Muslim world, there is a word to describe the art of lying. It is called Taqiyya. It is a duty to lie in order to advance & honor Allah. Now, I don't know what the word is in our American culture except plain old lying. But the results are the same. Advance & honor Progressive Liberalism. The lies & distortions being advanced by this administration are stunning , and so convoluted, they are nearly impossible to untangle.

      Funny thing, though. Mr O & Co didn't count on the American people catching on to their schemes so fast. But we have. Nov will tell the story.

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    44. Billie says:

      It is important for the president to address the people of this country, as to why he insists the condition of Greece reach America? Can't your brain open any wider, Mr. President? It is a shame for all to see you this ignorant.

    45. Evol Syawla says:

      Earl, QUEENS, NY – Hahaha. OK, you should not have come off the meds so fast. How can you assign any blame for the mess that your mistakes in helping to seat the incompetent George Bush and the republican party? they caused all the job losses and if the Republicans had worked with Obama and not intent on try to make sure he fails, maybe we would have been able stem the tide sooner than later. You don’t even have a memory of who was in power when this slide started. Look at the job trend. Just because the UE rate jumped up to 9.9% does not mean it is a bad thing. It is a good thing, because more people are now seeking jobs because the job market is getting better. take a class in basic math and statistics. take economics while you are at it. And do not embarrass yourself by saying you already have or have a Degree. That would be an embarrassment to whichever institution gave it to you, i.e if you have one.

    46. Zach, MN says:

      Remember everyone…this recovery is happening while the Bush tax cuts are in effect.

    47. john Arizona says:

      Anyone can see it now. The TARP funding that remains will be used for purposes of re-electing the liberals that cow-tow to Obama and Pelosi. Already the TARP money is going to democratic constituencies, however, we ain’t seen nothing yet!! Wait until September and October when Obama, Rahm and Nancy fire all barrels with their BS, compounded by TARP money.

    48. Sherry - Avon, Ma says:

      Boy it seems like Obumma and his stooges took a page out of Hitler. Very meticulous. This wack job posing as the President will find himself beating rock at Gitmo for treason. I hope everyone in the far left sees these comments so they know how well hated they are by millions and how well hated they are around the world. See you in November. They probably will have the voting rigged or have their Chicago style batsman there to break our legs. Wouldnt put it past them

    49. Mike, Chicago says:

      Impeach Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

    50. Frank, Detroit, Michigan says:


      Businesses make decisions based on long-term economic conditions. You’re right, the Bush tax cuts are set to expire — and because they are set to expire next, businesses understand their tax burden will INCREASE. Therefore, they aren’t hiring now because they’re concerned they won’t be able to afford that expansions in the future, given the expiration of the tax cuts.

      Tax cuts are useful they’re permanent. The problem with the Bush tax cuts is that they were temporary, and liberals in Congress don’t want to extend them.

    51. Jackie Bradley, Napl says:

      I hope if the Republicans control the House and Senate, we can change the laws he put forth or control the money where he can't hurt the American people no more.

    52. nell bradley says:

      the only way to over come this obama policies is to vote them all out (dems. and republicans.) if they don't agree with us the tea parties.

      we have had enough of their bull.lets get the vote out and defeat them.

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    54. Matt, Colorado says:

      Heritage, how can Congress get away with not doing their job? Sure, they can do it wrong (with passing the ObamaCare debaucle), but at least they were doing something. Now, they're not even doing anything on the budget, for fear that the American people will see some of their "handiwork" at revenue and debt.

      What's worse? That an unelected body of Obama Pocket Dwellers are going to be in charge of budgetary action as a result of this. How is it that Obama and his thugs are not getting called out on this??? I don't rely on the media to do this, but why aren't the conservative elected officials presenting legal action against them?

      If Heritage has all the facts (which I know you do), why are there not more "truth bombs" being set off in order to disrupt the Libs & Socialists political, power and fiscal agendas?

      And for crying out loud…why is it we can not seem to derail Elena Kagan's nomination attempt?

      Why is it that since: he's lying, his Congress (cause they're not listening to the American People, so it isn't ours at the moment!) is passing felonious laws, his agencies are slow to react & supply real aid in emergencies (rain in TN, oil in Gulf) and his other remaining agencies have ants in their pants when it comes to wanting to enact more and more regulations that make no sense once 2 seconds of pondering has been done on them, that we are unable to do anything at all??????

      I am not advocating violence towards these evil doers (they're wrong and evil!) because vengance belongs to the Lord Jesus…and with every breath they take, they condemn themselves and their followers.

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