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  • The Left Hopes for a Tea Party Terrorist

    Last week, someone tried to detonate a roadside car bomb in Times Square. And while investigators were searching for the guilty terrorist, some liberals in this country had already found a culprit – you.

    That’s right. We’ve entered an era where some on the left expressly hope that when terrorist attacks occur, the guilty parties are their fellow Americans, not Islamic jihadists.

    It’s crazy, but true.

    After Times Square attack, a narrative quickly emerged that the bomber was a lone wolf and may be a conservative, probably a tea partier. It didn’t begin among the fringe, but from names and faces you know. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano, NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and MSNBC’s Contessa Brewer, alike, purposefully attempted to immediately convict a domestic political ideology – the Tea Party movement – rather than waiting for evidence to be uncovered.

    To recap, on Saturday evening, thanks to an alert street vendor, New York City authorities discovered a 1993 Pathfinder SUV loaded with explosives parked in Times Square. On Sunday, television reports started showing a possible suspect in grainy footage who appeared to be a balding white male in his 40’s. By Sunday evening, the authorities easily tracked the car back to its original owner, who informed them that a 30-something male of Middle Eastern origin bought the vehicle.

    It was during that brief period of investigation that accusations and false assumptions started to fly. First out of the box were Secretary Napolitano and Mayor Bloomberg, who appeared on television shows to offer theories based on absolutely no evidence.

    In her now famous way of casually dismissing terrorist attacks, Napolitano stated on ABC This Week that it was probably a “one-off” event, or essentially a lone wolf. She offered this view after the host, Jake Tapper, actually clued her in that the plot looked similar to other bombings in London and Scotland, which were hatched by small groups of connected Middle Eastern terrorists. But Napolitano underplayed the incident, and her “one-off” theory supported — intentionally or not — the narrative that this could be a domestic incident. She repeated these claims on NBC’s Meet the Press.

    Then there’s Mayor Bloomberg, who on Katie Couric’s show on Monday opined that the suspect could be “a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health-care bill or something.” While government authorities were quickly tracking down the owner of the Pathfinder, Mayor Bloomberg was on TV saying the guilty party may have been someone merely upset with Obamacare.

    Cue the fringe. Daily Kos wildly said there are only two types of terrorists, jihadists or tea partiers. Then Robert Dreyfuss, an “investigative journalist” for the leftist site The Nation, railed against media outlets that correctly analyzed the possibility that this could be a jihadist attack. He concluded that it was “far more likely” that the perpetrator was “a member of some squirrely branch of the Tea Party.” Now that’s what we call investigative journalism.

    In Politico’s Arena, Washington and Lee University Law Professor Timothy Stoltzfus Jost said it was much more likely “the bomb was placed by a right-wing lunatic” and that the right-wing media “bears some responsibility.” So now it’s all Fox News’ fault. At least Professor Jost had the courage to apologize the next day for his liberally drawn conclusions. Oh the irony of a law professor from liberal academia presuming guilt, rather than innocence, and moving for conviction with no evidence.

    No sooner had the left firmly staked out ground that the terrorist was a conservative, a tea partier, a right-winger, than the authorities arrested Faisal Shahzad on Tuesday. Shahzad reportedly admitted to the crime, and his vast contacts with known terror networks in Pakistan were revealed almost immediately. Not too many mea culpas from the left. But at least nobody was still making the claim about conservatives, right? Wrong.

    Enter Contessa Brewer, anchor for MSNBC. Brewer went on the liberal Stephanie Miller radio show on Tuesday and said: “There was part of me that was hoping this was not going to be anybody with ties to any kind of Islamic country.” She further said: “…There are a lot of people who want to use terrorist intent to justify writing off people who believe in a certain way or come from certain countries or whose skin color is a certain way. I mean they use it as justification for really outdated bigotry.”

    Who did Contessa Brewer hoped had committed this act? There are a lot of things Brewer could have wished for – that the attempted attack never happened, that innocent American Muslims are not treated unjustly, that America would never see attempts like this again. She didn’t.

    Instead, Brewer lifted the curtain on what many Americans already suspected. When the left talks about tea party violence, it isn’t because it actually occurs. It is because they hope it occurs so as to corroborate their skewed worldview that the tea party is a fringe political movement, rather than a peaceful congregation of Americans of all political stripes who don’t like the direction their country is headed.

    The Times Square bomber was a jihadist. He was Middle Eastern. He trained in Pakistan. These are the facts of the case. The great hope of conservatives is not to rush to blame one group or another for an attack. Our hope is to have a federal government that will prevent these attacks rather than awkwardly respond, as we saw this week. We also hope to engage in respectful political discourse without being called a bigot.

    We are in a war on terror, even if the White House is uncomfortable using those words. Our enemy in this war is more often than not going to be Middle Eastern, even if the left is uncomfortable knowing this. However, there will be times when instances of terror will not fit this profile, which is why reasonable people need to wait for the facts before commenting, even if that makes some uncomfortable.

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    25 Responses to The Left Hopes for a Tea Party Terrorist

    1. Billie says:

      So the overwhelming brainwashed of society see holding people personally accountable and responsible to their actions and choices is OUTDATED!

      We can't be civil unless people are properly held accountable to their violations of others.

    2. Funk University, Ill says:

      This article is well . . . just pap. For a serious article about the political context of the Tea Party, its development, and likely evolution, may I suggest that you read:

    3. Joe, Florida says:

      That’s OK honey, at least you’re pretty. Use those two brain cells for breathing not talking you just embarrass yourself and your gender.

    4. Mark Montgomery NYC, says:

      The tea-baggers are just a sad group of old, white, rich, malcontent republicans who hate blacks, hispanics, asians, the middle class and the poor and can't stand the fact that we have a black president. When they howl "TAKE BACK AMERICA!!!" they mean to take it back from the minorities. Luckily the middle class and the poor far outnumber the tea-baggers so they will have little effect in November. Mark Montgomery NYC, NY 10036 boboberg@nyc.rr.com

    5. juandos, overland says:

      Obviously Contessa Brewer is a victim of child abuse…

      Her parents are guilty of not teaching her some common sense…

    6. rossabh Long Beach says:

      This is the HOPE the AWFUL administration has. They have long incited violence, rushed podiums, intimidated bank customers during the anti-redlining – lend regardless of qualification which got Fannie/Freddie into the top 2 Forbes losers of 2009 position. By projecting their strategies on the Tea Party Movement, they divert attention from themselves as in the Goldman-Sachs Dog&Pony show while Goldman-Sachs, Gore's group, Fannie +++ are invested in a fraudulent scheme to sell fantasy certificates. ETF = Enrich The Fraudsters

      They need one little incident that they can use to corrobarate the propaganda which they continue to put out while their counterparts in Europe murder and produce mayhem. AWFUL = Alinsky Warriors Fooling Unknowing Lemmings

    7. Jill, California says:

      The real terrorists have already taken over the White House and Congress. This administration has clearly shown that one doesn't need to detonate explosives or fly airplanes into skyscrapers to cause havoc and harm America.

    8. Tim AZ says:

      It's always the white guy patriot with this regime. What else should we expect from a community agitator.

    9. Dennis Social Circle says:

      The part of society that the liberals occupy is vast and growing each day. If one listens to them one will began to believe what they say. I hate to admit this but the American people are mostly like a bunch of sheep, they sit on the side and hope the wolves will stay away. When a wolf comes the liberals want to blame one of the supposed sheep as going a stray from the pack. THE TEA PARTY have decided to not act like sheep, they have decided to stand up for freedom and basic rights guaranteed under the CONSTITUTION. They have decided this country is going in the wrong direction and are willing to put action to their beliefs. They will no longer be the sheep for the wolves to slaughter as they please.

    10. saltboxpages, San Di says:

      The left just cannot understand the Tea Party, primarily because they do not want to understand it. The Left wants to have someone from a Tea Party be the "terrorist" to be able to limit Tea Party activities and to not have to deal with the Islamic terrorist situation they keep trying to ignore. If the bomber was from a Tea Party it would solve so many problems in their lib minds – tag the Tea Party movement as terrorist, blame one more thing on the "angry white male", and minimize the real threat from Muslim activists who hate us for existing.

      The Tea Party is not republican or democrat – they are made up of citizens fed up with the irresponsible spending government continues to embrace. These people tend to have a conservative slant on things and very down to earth. "If you don't have the money, don't spend it" approach to what any government party does.

      Anyone who tries to associate the Tea Party with Republican Party has not been to a rally or fully researched their positions. All they tend to know is that they are Democrats, the Tea Party people are saying things that disagree with what the Dems support, therefore, the Tea Party folks are Republican. A recent survey showed that 38% of the membership is Democrat or Independent. The vast majority call themselves Conservative, not Republican. Tea Party groups all across the country are supporting candidates for office that are running against traditional Republican candidates. The Tea Party does not support any candidate that does not support and commit to financial responsibility and smaller government.

    11. Daune, NH says:


      A serious article? Uh huh – in the comments you admit it's your opinion. Its relationship to facts is so tenuous I could drive an 18 wheeler through it.

      I've been watching a thread on HuffPo, started by Alan Grayson giving a propaganda piece on Kent State. It amazes me that the left approves of the violence enacted by the radical left rioters of those days; then decries imaginary violence of the right today; all the while ignoring the very real violence committed by Islamic radicals not only in the US, but in many countries around the world.

    12. Thomas, USA says:

      Funk University. Sounds funked up to me. Funk is someone you look up to?

      I thought most idiots only knew how to blame others for everything, oh wait, you are

      blaming things on Palin, Republicans and so forth. Since you are a liberal, you don't have to push the lie too much, we all know how they lie at all costs. Just look at your pres, he could not tell the truth if it fell on his face. The recovery is not close to being over and he says "it is over", from 10 months ago. What is wrong with people telling the truth or stating facts? Libs will take the country down and all the real tax paying citizens will live in a third world. Keep drinking the obama-aid and surely the world will be a better place one day, somewhere in your mind. Enough wasting my time, have to get back to paying my taxes.

    13. Drew Page, IL says:

      So it has come to this. The first thing that comes into the mind of this MSNBC "reporter" , upon learning of the mass murder attenpt on the part of a Pakistani terrorist, was "this is going to ignite another round of bigotry on the part of the American public". She already had decided that the American public (except for her and her cohorts) are on the verge of mass retaliation against an innocent American Muslim population.

      Does anyone at MSNBC, or NBC, or CBS or ABC, or CNN, or the Washington Post, or the NY times have anything to say about the hundreds, if not thousands, of madrassas in the Middle East, Pakistan and Afghanistan that are preaching open hatred for America and its people on a daily basis? Do they have anything to say about the preaching of "jihad" and the encouraging of children to turn themselves into martyers and human bombs?

      From "news" outlets that seem to have no problem implying, and even calling, a bunch of middle aged white folks protesting government spending and taxes "terrorists" and racists, I see no condemnation of radicle Muslim extremists whose mission in life is to kill those whom they dislike. I see no condemnation of a society who feels it perfectly acceptable to stone to death a women who has been accused of marital infidelity, or to put out an execution contract on a Dutch cartoonist who published a cartoon they found offensive. Instead, these "news" outlets want us to soul search to find what it is that we have done to merit their murderous attacks.

      I can understand how one political party tries to gain political advantage by besmirching the other party. This is as old as politics itself. But when those of one party openly hope that an act of terrorism will be committed by an American belonging to the opposing political party just for political advantage, then it's time for some serious re-evaluations of what we stand for as human beings.

      I believe that most Americans are multi-demensional people. A liberal doesn't necessarily have to espouse a liberal point of view on every issue. Nor does a conservative have to take a conservative position on every issue. I feel strongly about certain things, as do others with opposing points of view, even within my own family. Just because I have strong disagreement on certain issues with people who feel differently, I don't want to see them destroyed. I don't want them to hurt someone else just to make them look bad and vindicate my own position.

      Journalism was once respected because of its impartiality. Journalism was once the watchdog of the government. Jounalism once policed itself for accuracy and bias. Unfortunately for the American people journalism has become nothing more than entertainment, like "Ultimate Fighting", where anything goes.

    14. Colleen, Savannah, G says:

      The idiotic response to this potential disaster showcases that we need to get these elected and appointed officials as well as people teaching in our universities so-called academics out of their (High Salary offices). To publicly accuse United States Citizens with conservative views having no evidence whatsoever especially by DHS is ridiculous to the point of absurdity. Janet N has bungled one situation after another she needs to go…. Bloomberg is a moron and MSNBC well we all know that answer. These views are why I recently switched my academic program in college the emphasis on (Right Wing Extremists) in the Homeland Security curriculum was way overboard!! I am a patriot and wanted to make a difference, but did not agree with the way my university is pushing the agenda that the extreme right should be the main focused enemy of the American people what happened to al Qaeda!! What's going on!

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    16. Christopher J Ward says:

      The official response to the New York Times Sq. incident reflects extremely poorly on the administration and the mainstream media. Of course, it stands to reason that the left and their toadies would like to see an attack by a "tea-bagger" or some other right wing extremist. It would be manna from heaven or wherever else these people draw their inspiration. What you haven't mentioned is that the normally reliable CFP carried an article on May 6 by Neil Braithwaite suggesting that it was a dry run carried out with the connivance of the authorities. The author has obviously not read the charges and details of the case. Then there are those who say that the bomb wasn't particularly dangerous. The obvious solution is to duplicate the device and explode it under controlled conditions. It would be an expensive but worthwhile exercise.

    17. nell bradley says:

      yes, the media other than fox is bias. they make me sick with their news about the tea party people. we are grassroots, republicans,democrats and independents who want our country back.

    18. Terry Hatlevig says:

      Why do none of these “reporters” or government officials ever bring up environmental terrorists? They’ve bombed or burned several times. Tea Partiers violent? They don’t even leave trash after one their events.

    19. Bob Passmore says:

      It is this kind of information that prompts my wife and I to send money to the Heritage Foundation. Good reporting and so true.

    20. Bob Passmore, Dayton says:

      It is reporting such as this that prompts my wife and me to send money to the Heritage Foundation every year. Keep up the good work.

    21. Robert Ashley, CA by says:

      I see a lot of comments about Democrats not understanding the Tea Party. There's some truth to that for sure. I've been reading the comments in Tea Party haunts, trying to understand their point of view.

      But since we're talking about empathy and understanding here, do you guys ever put yourselves in the shoes of voters from the other half of the country?

      They elected a president who they see as an upstanding, serious guy dealing with a lot of serious problems. Right out of the gate, the other side went bonkers. Obama is fascist. Or a communist. Or a socialist. Or, somehow, all three. He's OUT TO DESTROY THE COUNTRY. (I've never really understood what his motivation to do that would be, but ok. I'm listening).

      So, right out of the gate, you have this group of people that, to the Obama voters, seem completely out of their minds. They're going on about birth certificates and secret communist mentors and such.

      When those people start showing up at rallies with automatic weapons and a lot of take-back-the-country rhetoric, you can imagine why it might cause Democrats to feel nervous about right wing violence.

      All the old touchstones are going off in their heads: Kennedy, MLK, The Oklahoma City bombing.

      And they open up the paper to read about runs on ammo at gun stores. They read stories about death threats to the president spiking.

      All of this stuff is freaking them out, understandably.

      Obviously, there's no real threat of mass conservative violence. Most southern liberals get that, just from knowing people from the other side. But people out in blue states don't have that contact, and the posture that people are taking–the incredible furry and outrage that they are working up in the face of what, in reality, is a very moderate Democratic administration–seems very threatening.

      I just wish people could cool their jets a bit. Get reasonable and serious. We're all in this mess together, and we're not going to sort it out until we try to understand each other.

      Everyone here who thinks the other half of the country are brainwashed sheep: Grow up. You're acting like the college kids who burned Bush in effigy. This political war is exhausting and unproductive.

    22. Sam, WI says:

      Mr. Ashley,
      I’m not certain as to what Obama’s motivation could be. From what I can tell, with him as well as many who think the same way as him, it seems to be ignorance and arrogance, but mostly arrogance.

      As for “the other side” going “bonkers” right out of the gate, as you put, keep in mind the same thing happened to Bush. I rather doubt that Obama has been called a fascist, one mostly hears that word throw the other direction. And although he has been called a socialist or communist, I have not heard anyone say he stole the election, something Bush was accused of doing both times.

    23. Billie says:

      The Left Hopes for a Tea Party Terrorist!? that makes perfect sense. they WANT the TRUTH KILLED!

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