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  • Morning Bell: Another Bullet Dodged in New York

    This past Saturday evening at 6:28 p.m., a white male in his 40s drove a 1993 Nissan Pathfinder into Times Square, parked, departed the vehicle, and slipped down a nearby alley. Within minutes a t-shirt street vendor alerted authorities about smoke emanating from the vehicle and, after pedestrians had been cleared from the area, a bomb squad discovered that the SUV was packed with what was intended to be lethal incendiary materials.

    The device inside the SUV has since been described by investigators as “at the bottom of the food chain when it comes to explosives.” The large amounts of fertilizer surrounding the gas and propane tanks in the car was good for growing plants but bad for explosions; it was not the ammonium nitrate grade that can explode. Still if the propane and gas had ignited, the SUV would have exploded in half, spraying shrapnel with enough force to kill innocent pedestrians enjoying a warm summer evening in a busy Times Square.

    On Sunday, the Pakistani Taliban posted a YouTube video created on April 30th claiming responsibility for the attack. But New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said, “So far, there is no evidence that any of this has anything to do with one of the recognized terrorist organizations,” and New York police Commissioner Ray Kelly noted that the same group had falsely taken credit for previous attacks on U.S. soil.

    Whether Saturday’s failed attack turns out to be connected to Islamic radicalism or is the work of a lone wolf, there have now been 31 foiled terrorist attacks in the United States since 9/11, eleven in New York City alone. Yesterday’s plot was foiled by sheer luck and quick-thinking civilians. But luck is not an adequate strategy for protecting a nation. Continuing to stop acts of terrorism requires vigilance in finding and stopping people from doing this before they launch their attack. Effective intelligence collection, information-sharing and counter-terrorism operations are the best tools we have, making investigative authorities such as those granted under the PATRIOT Act so very important.

    Unfortunately this Congress and this President have repeatedly prioritized politics over security. Instead of providing stability and confidence in the intelligence community by seeking long-term renewal of key investigatory authorities authorized under the USA Patriot Act, President Obama has settled for a six-month extension tacked on to the Defense appropriations bill. Such a move is unfortunate given that the PATRIOT Act provides just the type of investigative tools the United States needs for the foreseeable future. If our political leaders are serious about preventing terrorist attacks in the United States, they need to stop the delaying and renew the crime-stopping, lifesaving provisions of the act.

    Quick Hits:

    • A May Day rally for workers and illegal immigrant rights turned violent Saturday in Santa Cruz, California.
    • The New York Times confirms: General Motors’ claim that they have paid back taxpayers is false.
    • According to Rasmussen Reports, 69% of Americans are not willing to have their taxes raised to deal with deficits that are projected to rise to historic levels over the next decade.
    • Also according to Rasmussen Reports, 66% of likely voters believe cutting taxes is a better way to create new jobs than increasing government spending.
    • Thanks to exploding government spending, more tech firms are setting up offices in the Washington area to get federal business.
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    39 Responses to Morning Bell: Another Bullet Dodged in New York

    1. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Our so-called leaders in Washington are not serious about anything, except their own self-interests!

    2. carol says:

      Of all the streets, of all the cars and all the people this car just happened to be found because it was smoking. I don't believe a word of it. It was intended to be found to show that the people of NEW YORK are safe under Mr. B HO administration and come election he will name off all the times they almost happened.

      We may be safe from the crazies but not safe from Mr. B HO and his pseudointelects/pseudoclassic regime in Washington DC. You can dress a thug in a suit but he will still be a thug.

    3. MIchael Linkowski says:

      You have to be a Patriot in order to want to protect the country. We all know what we have and Patriot is not the particular adjective that comes to mind when I think of this administration. There is no appeasement in the Patriot act language so it's life as law is tenuous at best under this administration.

    4. Diane Henning says:

      Another attack foiled…but not by our government. How dare Janet Napolitano sit on TV and say that the US government is handling these attacks which she does not even refer to as"terrorist". If it were not for alert, fast acting citizens this country would have been blow up several times by now.

      I believe it is time to impeach our President for dereliction of duty in regards to the safety of our country and get this great country back on track….lets wait and see how this administration will try to blame this attack on the Tea Party group…the administration's spin on all subjects is juvenile and an insult to the intellect of our citizens.

    5. linda anderson says:

      No one can prevent inappropriate acts done by stupid people. You are so right in saying another bullet was dodged. Thank goodness the majority of our population are honest and hard working. Unfortunately, we can expect more acts of violence in our future.

    6. Frank, SanAntonio says:

      WATCH OUT….I would not put it pass the OBAMA Administration to BLAME a Tea Party Supporter when None is ACTUALLY Involved…Not saying this will happen but WATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Roger Larsen Escazu, says:

      The destruction that might have been visited on Times Square is analogous to the destruction the current administration is visiting on the nation. Naive, "idealistic" government is no substitute for vigilance, for proactive defense. Administratively downgrading the threat, calling acts of destruction "manmade disasters" is ludicrous and exemplary of the ambivalence of the administration toward Islamic governments that condone or even promote jihad. It's difficult to see substantial threats to our liberty by the Patriot Act – but not hard to see the threat to the safety of the nation by those that might be exposed by the act.

    8. Jeanne Seay says:

      I believe the Obama group is behind the oil leak and trying to ruin Toyota.

      I am a grandma.

    9. Dennis Social Circle says:

      We do not have a leader, just someone that is on the campaign trail. When push comes to shove obama and clan will not have what it takes to keep this country safe. They are only intent on seizing power and controll over all of us. The security of this country is all about politics and who can give away the most to get re-elected to what ever office. People can say what they want, but George W. Bush had the guts to do what was needed for this country, he made a statement and obama has back peddled on all the he did for us. We are in a sad state of affairs, and will pay for all this one day.

    10. Jeanne Seay says:

      I believe the Obama group deliberately caused the oil leak and responsible for malcious tampering to cut Toyota out of compeition for GM

    11. Mary.... WI says:

      BO won't keep the Patriot Act in place because he doesn't much care for the USA we have always known. In his megalomaniac way BO (and with help from fellow megalomaniacs) he plans to change this country…..after all listening to Rev Wright for 20 years taught him that the USA is to be damned. To hell with the Constitution of the United States of America and to hell with what the majority of the (legal) citizens of the USA have to say. It's no longer a government for the people by the people.

      And I'm sure that somehow the Tea Party goers will be blamed for this bomb threat in Times Square too and maybe even the oil disaster. But wait…….it's all GW Bush's fault.

      In all sincerity I do hope BP comes up with a solution to the problem in the Gulf very soon and that a full investigation is made into what exactly happened instead of pointing fingers aimlessly. Many thanks to all the good folks working tirelessly to help save the environment in the affected areas along the Gulf Coast AND for the vigilance of the folks in Times Square that reported the smoking vehicle.

    12. jill -Maine says:

      Sometimes I am amazed at what we print in the news. Now whoever wants to build a bomb will know which fertilizer to use.

    13. Jeanne Seay, Fuquay says:

      3rd attempt – once again I write:

      I belive Omama's group caused the oil rig sabatage and a caused tampering to Toyota auto plans and specifications to eliminate GM compeition.

    14. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      WE might as well relax and just wait for an entire American city to be wiped off the map(and the PEOPLE with it!) until the man-caused-disaster herself, Janet Napolitano, is finally asked to go raise chickens. Here are a couple observations of the DEMOCRAT PARTY: 1) They do not appoint people to important positions based on COMPETENCY and EXPERIENCE. Instead, rather than PROTECTION OF THE PEOPLE as MOTIVATION, their goal is some sort of SOCIAL EXPERIMENT(you know, like women in combat for God's sake!), or an appointment based on favoritism/cronyism, or with OBAMA , any communist sympathizer will do, damn the people, full speed ahead!. 2) Keep telling lies until they are believed, because the leftist news media will assist them in those lies and even embellish them, per Chris "Tingling Legs" Matthews and Rachel "I'm a woman and hate it " Maddow.

    15. Joan Sarasota says:

      Our so called President is anti American. Why is this so hard to understand. We need to have someone as our President that loves and honors this country. Instead we have one that bows and bad mouths us around the world. One who names czars that are about the worst bunch of people he can find. As for the rest of them in Washington if they had any —– they would stand up and ask for proof that he is an American as they should have done before he was put on the ballot. Unmask him and find his puppetees. 2012 will be to late he will see to that.

    16. Douglas, New York says:

      The Patriot Act is the problem, not the answer. The Patriot Act is an example of exactly what the terrorists were hoping would happen: cowed citizens giving up their individual liberties for the false hope of protection from harm. Well, if you're going to live in a supposedly 'free society,' that's not going to come without risks. Did the Patriot Act help solve this attack? No, it was an alert street vendor — and there's a better than even chance that this street vendor hailed from a country that supposedly harbors terrorists. Alert citizens and traditional police work are the best protections against terrorists. The Patriot Act? A waste of resources, and an excuse for the powerful to grab more power.

    17. Ken Jarvis says:

      The way the American Economy


      There would be a line

      about a possible


      A couple of days later

      there were 2 articles

      then more and more till we had a recession.

      Sometime during this,

      the WSJ would pick it up and report on it.

      Later -

      There would be a line

      about a possible


      A couple of days later

      there were 2 articles

      then more and more till we had a


      Sometime during this,

      the WSJ would pick it up and report on it.




      This MESS had already started,





      The NEVER reported anything positive

      and the MESS SPREAD AND DIDN'T


      Now the WSJ can NOT ignore

      the FACT

      that the economy is recovering,

      and debts are being paid.

      But they report it as -

      The economy continues to recover,


      IT IS NOT



      It is Hard to Prove – Intent

      but EASY to see the RESULTS.

      Another example is GoldmanSachs.

      Today they are STARTING TO DELIVER


      So, I will report on it.

      More later.


    18. Sue From Detroit says:

      Yes, our security is not taken seriously. I am certain the current administration, the left and our beloved media want The United State destroyed. They have distain for the American Citizen. They want to throw us back into the 11th century with an imperial ruling class and the rest of us their serfs. The terrorists are helping them with their goals.

    19. Philip Harmon, Umati says:

      In my humble opinion obama himself is a terrorist in his own rights. He stands for very little that is American and a whole lot that is not American. If another act like 9/11 happens then there is no one to blame but the "one".

    20. MJF, CT says:

      There you are, Mr. President. THIS is your primary job – SECURITY not campaigning or politics! The job of the Federal Government is to keep the people of the United States safe form enemies both foreign and domestic! At least under President Bush, we were able to stop these people BEFORE they got to do anything. But hey, you keep appointing good Muslims to positions of importance, you keep breaking our Country down, you keep bowing to others. You are doing a fine job, Mr. President! you just keep believing that!

    21. j.s. thomas says:

      So, after 8years of billions plowed into "HOMELAND SECURITY" what happened? Undisclosed defense budgets spent on what exactly to make us safer? What a load of bull!

    22. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      You ask the question, "If they are serious about stopping terrorist attacks?" The easy answer is no they are not if it is getting in the way of their agendas of weakening the country to a level of those in Europe both economically and militarily. This administration and their allies on the left will stop at nothing to achieve their agenda. We continually see proof of this in their actions and lack of action.

    23. Malibu, CA says:

      I will not give up my God-given liberties to the Patriot Act for a false sense of security. Our government failed to protect those in the twin towers and so we give the government yet MORE money and power. Sounds like a reward for poor performance instead of a reprimand for bad behavior While I agree with much of what the Heritage Foundation promotes and I am glad they are well-funded. The foundations trust in the Federal Government and trust in the Patriot Act is misplaced.

      When we allow the federal government to over reach their Constitutionally restricted power the terrorists win without any bombs.

      What are the core principles the Foundation basis their theories on please?

    24. Mike, Chicago says:

      With the financial, mining and offshore drilling disasters revealing the problems that come with deregulation and immigration geting so much attention last week, I figured today's entertainment here would relate to domestic secutiry. This site is always good for a laugh in the morning, good luck trying to show how excessive governement intrusion into private lives is bad unless it relates to sex and terrorism. Or blue collar crime, or our access to oil or….

    25. bigdave ocala fl says:

      When the DEMOCRATS decide to make the MONUMENTAL DECISION to appoint people based on EXPERIENCE and COMPETENCY, rather than some stupid SOCIAL EXPERIMENT, QUOTA, or because they are just a degenerate radical, ONLY THEN will we feel PROTECTED! Janet Napolitano is an abomination(Obamanation…same thing!) and should not be in any government position other than the DMV.

    26. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      If he's arrested, he should be sent to Gitmo and waterboarded. Oh, I forgot, Obama

      wants to close Gitmo and outlawed waterboarding as "torture." If waterboarding's "torture," then why are our pilots in the Air Force, Navy, and Marines, waterboarded as part of survival training?

    27. Kevin says:

      Obama is going to be the catalyst for the next global conflict. Our lives and the lives of all are at risk every day this (person) remains in office. They say Bush stole the election from Gore, Obama stole it from the people. God help us all. I'm personally glad to be an older citizen, I've lived a full life, but if my fears come to fruition, I feel for all those with so much to look forward to.

      Let's hope I'm wrong -somehow, I doubt it!

    28. Marvin Gordon says:

      Lawyers, the bulk of politicians have never taken a course in basic economics.

      They believe they are the best, brightest, and the most deserving of the entire population until they get caught in their own web of lies and deceptions.

      Florida's Charlie Christ is a prime example of this type of low life politician.

      Keep the government out of our Capitalist system that for decades has and will always be successful once the government gets out of the way. The government cannot manage anything!!!! Especially themselves.

    29. Judith in Michigan says:

      31 foiled terrorist attacks on US soil, at least those we know about, and yet this administration wants to gut the Patriot Act. It is an invasion of privacy the critics say. Poor babies. They would rather be blown up, I guess.

      So let's extend it a few months and it will seem like we really care about security. .

      It is interesting to hear involved officials dismiss this latest attempt as amateurish and "bottom of the food chain" in quality of explosives that were involved. A victim is still dead, no matter how sophisticated or crude the bomb & explosives. Dead is dead.

      But the spotlight must be deflected from the failed national security & defense policies of Mr O & Co. It makes one wonder if this degrading of our efforts to protect the United States is deliberate, doesn't it?

      Someday, probably sooner rather than later, luck will run out.

    30. Pat Finch Alabama says:

      The people of this administration are a bunch of idiots. There isn't even any well meaning in what they are doing. as long as this is a standing president this great nation is in trouble. I did not vote for Obama, and for the life of me I can't see why anyone would, black white green yellow it doesn't matter what your color if you can't see that these people iin washington right now are taking your rights away from you then you shouldnot even be allowed to vote. I am a vet and I believe that before this 4 years are up there is going to be an uprising in this country. We are waiting for the big one to happen everyday this gov. sits on it's hands and does nothing f to secure the people of this great country. We need to secure our borders send all the people that don''t belong in this country home and when elections come again get rid og everyone that is holding an office now and replace them. People we need to take our country back, any way we can. We donot need to be disarmed, when they take our guns we will have no protection at all. Let's take america back !!

    31. Roy Nelson League City TX says:

      You left out the fact that Janet Napolitano is similar to an ostrich. She continues to maintain that our borders are secure and we do not have to worry about terrorists.

    32. Hessie L. Harris says:

      The American people with their heads in the diversity clouds will not wake up until we are again attacked on the scale of 9/11 as a result of Obama's fecklessness, inexperience, and political idolatry. Maybe then they will understand that just because an individual can sometimes nobly throw inflatedly admirable words at a teleprompter, it does not mean that he can effective run a country and that it is not racist to say as much. I am an African-American female attorney. What he has done and is doing to this country sickens me.

    33. Dave, Provo, UT says:

      Hey Ken way to go. If you read the WSJ with the same scrutiny that you read the Morning Bell you will provide us with more comic relief. Unfortunately we will never avoid all the attacks on the U.S. until we stop producing home grown wackos along with the terrorists. Freedom has its costs. The Patriot Act needs to be carefully analyzed to see if it really has helped our security agencies and if the intrusions into our lives are worth it. Then modify or let it die.

    34. Don, Raleigh, NC says:

      We don't need "crime stopping." We are a long way past crime and immersed in a war that has been made politically incorrect to talk openly about. Instead of facing this reality our exalted leaders in positions of wide spread influence and largely in control of our destiny, continue to suppress even the mention of Islamic terrorism despite the volume of evidence available to anyone with even a casual interest in the historical facts and access to the internet.

      It is occurring all over the world and Muslim anger at the "unjustified military occupation" of Muslim territory by American and Allied forces is advertised and accepted by western appeasers who've been indoctrinated with the idea despite the historical facts. Similarly for America's support for the only true democratic nation in the Middle East, her long term ally, Israel. Our military presence in Iraq and Afghanistan and support for Israel are fact; root causes for Islamic hatred, partially and belatedly true at best.

      The political classes in Washington are enamored with the strategy of blaming George Bush that has proven so effective with a gullible and largely ignorant electorate. This is doubly outrageous, first because it is not even close to the truth and second because it is a strategy heavily dependent on hiding a truth so desperately in need of wide spread dissemination. Obama not only supports and uses this strategy but he adds to it now by his open disregard for Israel and his recent edict to censor all Islamic references from government produced documentation. He is apparently fully invested, however unwittingly, with aiding and abetting the cause of global Islamization.

      The Muslim presence in Europe and more recently in America are an infestation by an ideology dedicated to replace man made laws, like our Constitution, by Sharia; Islamic law Not Arabian, Iranian, Syrian, Egyptian or any national, "man made" law but Islamic law, the unalterable law of Allah according to Muslim fundamentalists

      This effort started long ago by the Muslim prophet, Muhammad in the seventh century, A.D. with more or less ferocity over the intervening centuries depending on the military strength of the movement, a strength that reached a low point in the mid 1920s, long before WWII and before Israel was even a state. In the late 1920s the Muslim Brotherhood was formed in Egypt to establish a new strategy for the ultimate, temporarily thwarted and everlasting goal of Islam to dominate the world.

      Nearly all of the so called "peaceful" Muslim organizations presently operating with amazing and frightening success in the west, organizations like CAIR, ISNA, NAIT, MSA, MAS, and on and on are associated in one way or another with the Muslim Brotherhood. CAIR in particular is the organization that screams hate speech, racism and religious intolerance at the mere mention of Islam or Muslim in the same sentence with terrorism and violent Jihad, and their activities are widely reported in the American media extolling their "virtuous" efforts in the cause of "human rights." The ACLU is a willing and active collaborator in this effort.

      CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, ISNA, Islamic Society of North America and NAIT, the North American Islamic Trust were all named as "un-indicted co-conspirators" in the "Holy Land Foundation" case:


      Yet, despite the Holy Land trial results and the "banning" of CAIR they remain active in attempts to bully and denigrate anyone or any organization that dares to incur their wrath by exposing the truth about Islamic fundamentalism.

      It defies logic that this war has been going on since long before 9/11 and after nine years of deadly and frustrating military struggle since 9/11 and the abundant historical evidence that supports the war narrative, it remains, not only unrecognized but ever more strenuously and effectively suppressed from public consciousness even by such venerable conservative organizations like the Heritage Foundation. This cannot be overemphasized. We fought WWII on two fronts against two powerful military adversaries and won victory in less than five years. It begs two questions, ‘why is the most powerful military in the world still bogged down in Iraq and Afghanistan without a clear victory after nine years?” and "why do we still insist on ignoring all the evidence that points to Islam as the enemy?"

      America desperately needs to wake itself up or we will surely suffer another 9/11 and we should all be very much afraid of where and how deadly that one will be.

      Be very wary the next time someone who should know better says that "Islam is a religion of peace." It is not a religion. It is a political, social system of government very carefully and purposefully cloaked in a shroud of religion used in conjunction with the western notion of religious freedom and tolerance to hide its true intentions until such time that it has sufficient political and military power to seize control. That would be when all "infidels" either convert to Islam or accept dhimmi status (akin to slavery) and pay the Jizya (tax or as some call it, "protection money") or be slaughtered, elderly, women, children, whatever, all justified as the will of Allah and therefore guilt free. For Islamists the Jews are "apes" and "pigs" and all will be slaughtered as the will of Allah. The so called "peace process" between Israel and the Palestinians is a sham going nowhere, a fact that should by now be obvious.

      This is so outrageous and antithetical to the ingrained western, Judeo/Christian character it is no wonder that it is so hard to believe, much less accept, but in the face of our inability or refusal to recognize the threat, Islamic infiltration and aggression will continue to escalate.

      We're at war folks! It's a world war against a clever, diabolical, deadly and fanatical enemy in disguise and the sooner we recognize it, expose it and insist our leadership take appropriate and decisive action the better.

    35. Roger / Clarence, NY says:

      What can we expect when our nation has – at worst – relegated God to the category of "non-existent" and – at best – to that of "not necessary." Until wecome to the full realization that "In Him we live and move and have our being," we must live with the consequences that come with our rebellion and disobedience. What we truly need is a another national Great Awakening such as we had in the mid-nineteenth century in America. YEHWEH is our only hope!

    36. Edna, Missouri says:

      Someone commented that it was "luck" that kept the bomb from going off. Well, "luck" has nothing to do with it. God is still in control of this country because we have lived by the Bible and He has a purpose for all of this. His Word says that He places people in office and He will take them out of office when His purpose has been fulfilled. Read the Old Testament and see that the Children of Israel, His chosen people, disobeyed and they were taken over by Babylon, a heathen nation. We are doing it differently – we are letting the heathen people take us over. And most Americans don't even know what is happening. "God is not mocked – whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap"

      But His Word also says, "If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and forgive their sin and heal their land." So, the ball is in our court now – what are we going to do about it. He will answer if we call upon Him!!!

    37. Rockie, IN says:

      I have to agree with Douglas, the Patriot Act is an invasion of privacy and should be struck down. It would be one thing if it was used as it was touted, against terrorists, but instead it is being used to spy on American citizens and should be struck down as unconstitutional.

      I am not a Democrat. I am a registered Republican, but I believe in the Constitution as it is written, and the Patriot Act steps all over our protections against illegal search and seizures, a right given by our Creator, and set forth in the 4th Amendment. RIGHTS are given by God and should NOT be able to be taken by congress, no matter who the president is, and no matter what he will sign into law.

      I am glad that this bomb was discovered before it could wreak havoc. It was discovered WITHOUT the Patriot Act, by the way, and I applaud that as well.

    38. john Arizona says:

      It's becoming apparent that gathering the terrorists and other bad guys around the world into a crowd, singing KumBaYa, and doing a group hug isn't quite as easy as Obama and the other left wing loonies in the US believed it would be.

      But, you can bet they'll continue to think being nice to the bad guys will bring peace in the world.

    39. Gary Nevada/Alaska says:

      The bullet we dodged was a dud. The propane tanks turned were off, etc. Wrong fertilizer. Just a distraction?

      Maybe to keep Americans from asking EXACTLY how the offshore oi rig exploded.

    40. Barbara Ohio says:

      Okay Heritage Foundation, what's up with your supporting the communist Patriot Act? You are supposed to represent our freedoms and liberties, not our government's taking of them !

      I was getting information from a group who was watching and reporting on terrorist compounds right here in the U.S., and our wonderful government would not go in and shut them down!! They were training terrorists here on our soil, and the federal government would do nothing. They were even tax exempt!! .Go ahead and tell me that the Patriot Act is for terrorists and I will laugh about that, because the reality of it is that it is for our government to watch law abiding citizens who happen to feel that our founding fathers were serious when they wrote our Constitution and other documents of freedom. The Patriot Act was one of the worst assaults to our freedom that has ever been written!! Shame on you, Heritage Foundation!!!

    41. Pingback: Laughable Absurdities » WH Classifies Times Square Incident as Act of Terror

    42. Rich,Phila.Pa. says:

      This President and his administration are totally incompetent,there were 31 foiled terrorist attacks,27 of them were probably during G.W.Bush's admin.These 4 were not foiled they were attacks,2 of them failed.These terrorist will keep on trying and will succeed one day,while our President is busy taking over Wall St.,the Auto Companies,Health care & destroying our Constitution.Lets not forget the President is back on the campaign trail to keep his moran Admin.in power

    43. bigdave ocala fl says:

      Somebody please inform Ken in las Vegas that for 8 years of Bush's presidency, all we heard from the Pravda-like leftist media is "this is the worst economic times since the depression", for eight long years nothing but gloom and doom. Of course the stock market was the highest ever, unemployment was 4%(!) and along comes Mr Nobody, Mr Never-had-a-job, Mr never-achieved-a-darn-thing, The most INEXPERIENCED MAN in any room he walks into, the most radical/socialist man to ever grace the halls of the senate, the stated disliker of whitey, his emminence Barak Hussein Obama(um um um!), the keeper of the STASH, the god-like knee trembler himself, leading(?) America to its lowest point in history with no production and no jobs anywhere, his uptake morbidly SLOW, his decisions bordering on insanity and what is the corrupt and controlled news media saying? The recession is over. HUH?!

    44. Billie says:

      couldn't bring herself to call it "terrorism." Although she wouldn't rule it out.

      The American government has no value for human life. Or American lives. Just an ambition to control it. With less the population (terrorism and obamacare,) the easier it will be.

    45. Gary Wise says:

      This is a direct result of the administrations desire to destroy this county from within. It won't even aknowledge there are terrorist here more less try and stop them. The lack of attention to intelligence has been downgraded, terrorist are in the military shooting our American soldiers and the asdministration sit back and says it is just criminal act not terrorism. Look at the people in czar positions, radicals, communist, and socialist trying to destroy America for Americans using ram through legislation disregarding the American will. The democratic party is nothing more than a arm of the socialist socialist as dangerous as the Nazis in WWII only they are running us down that same road. Dare to publish this as we have no other place where to express our views the press is as corupt lack telling the truth! Where do we Americans get to say our side! God bless America and down with socialism!!!

    46. Lee White Tanks AZ says:

      How on earth can anything like adequate interdiction efforts take place when the very language of Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism is PC (Political Correctness)protected??

      Counter measures in the absence of a language thati clear and unambiguous regarding the enemy is essentially impossible in a PC environment..

      Common sense leads one to the inescapable conclusion that our government does not want to prevent a terrorist attack. Such an attack would provide, in this Administration’s own language (paraphrasing), “a crises that can not be wasted”

    47. gene minnesota says:

      I do not need a Patriot Act to keep free. The Heritage Foundation is wrong in supporting it, I don't need no patriot act to protect me. Heck I'm better armed than our service men and women

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