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  • Monthly Archives: April 2010

    Keep Yucca Mountain on the Table

    Nevada’s attorney general Catherine Cortez Masto penned an op-ed in the Las Vegas Sun over the weekend, calling the geologic repository Yucca Mountain “unworkable” as a long-term solution to store our nation’s nuclear waste. She claims the administration has scientific and technological reasons to permanently shut down Yucca. But instead … More

    Tax Day Tea Party Protests

    Last Thursday was Tax Day, a day when many Americans pause to consider the impact that rising taxes have on their life and what they could have done with all that money they sent to the government. To memorialize the day, Heritage released a video “Tax Day By the Numbers” … More

    Morning Bell: The Crony Capitalist Threat to Our Economic Freedom

    The Obama administration’s game plan for passing their financial regulatory reform plan is clear: ignore the details of their bill, demonize Wall Street, and cast conservatives as the pawns of big bankers. But as Politico reports today, there’s a complication in their battle plan: “The Democratic Party is closer to … More

    Senators Should Listen Up to John Bolton's START Smarts

    Ambassador John Bolton’s encyclopedic knowledge of the history of arms control deserves the respect of all senators, who in all likelihood will be asked to consider granting consent to the ratification of the NEW START arms control agreement with Russia later this year. By paying close attention to the details … More

    Professor Liu as the Wizard of Oz

    Until last Friday, I did not realize that the Obama administration is apparently using Frank Morgan’s performance as the Wizard of Oz as training material for its judicial nominees. What else can one make of Ninth Circuit nominee Goodwin Liu’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee? Liu said, in reference to his … More

    Video: Police vs. Press at the White House

    Reporters covering a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” protest at the White House today were forced out of Lafayette Square by police. The scene, captured on video, is remarkable given the historical importance of the park as a protest spot across the street from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. President Obama, who boasts … More

    Side Effects: IRS Could Eat Your Refund

    Obamacare requires all individuals to carry health insurance for themselves and their families.  Those who don’t will have to pay a penalty.  And the IRS is the agency charged with making sure the uninsured pony up. Just how will the IRS do that?  It’s not something lawmakers got around to … More

    Borrowing from Their Future: Senator Harkin's $23 Billion Emergency Education Bill

    Sen. Tom Harkin (D-IA) announced during a Senate appropriations subcommittee hearing last Wednesday that he will sponsor a $23 billion emergency jobs bill in response to the country’s education employment situation. During the hearing Education Secretary Arne Duncan described the education job situation as “brutal” and Ramon C. Cortines, Superintendent … More

    In the Green Room: The State of International Monetary Policy

    Last Friday, The Heritage Foundation hosted three experts on international monetary policy for a lecture titled, “The Dollar, The Euro, and the International Monetary Order: What is the U.S. to Do?“. The panel consisted of Dr. Judy Shelton of the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, Dr. Robert Mundell, winner of a … More

    Icelandic Volcano Should Be A Wake-Up Call for Air Cargo Security

    Flights in Europe are grounded as people wait for the ash from the recent eruption of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano to settle out of the air.  Europeans are being warned that they may face shortages in fruits and vegetables, as shipments, brought in by air, have not been able to arrive.  … More