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  • Morning Bell: An Appetite for Real Immigration Reform

    In a very rare visit to the press cabin of Air Force One yesterday, President Barack Obama told reporters that the White House will not be leading any immigration reform efforts in 2010. Obama said: “…I’ve been working Congress pretty hard. So I know, there may not be an appetite immediately to dive into another controversial issue.” Obama went on to assert that energy taxes were a higher priority, and that the election in November would make tackling immigration tough.

    Apparently, Majority Leader Harry Reid didn’t heed the President’s advice. Several hours later, Reid, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and their colleagues from the left introduced an immigration reform framework that on the surface is identical to the legislation America rejected in 2007. When you dig down, it may be worse.

    Of course, once introduced, President Obama issued a statement that his administration would take “an active role” toward ironing out the details. This confusing flip-flopping from the White House is indicative of how the administration has treated border security and immigration reform since taking office. Even Speaker Nancy Pelosi agreed saying: “If there is going to be any movement in this regard, it will require presidential leadership.”

    Effective reforms can be done in a responsible and deliberate manner through discrete steps rather than another bloated bill that hides from the American people what Washington is trying to do to gain even more power and authority over its citizens. What is required is a step-by-step approach, not an ill-conceived “framework” disguised as “comprehensive” reform.

    An appropriate solution would reject amnesty; apply appropriate security to the border; work as a partner with Mexico in helping them address economic and civil society reform and combating transnational crime; enforce workplace and immigration laws in partnership with state and local governments; pilot effective temporary worker programs that help employers get the employees they need to help grow the economy; and reform our visa, immigration and citizenship services.

    The Reid-Schumer plan does not accomplish these goals. Their proposal adds a lot more government and bureaucracy (and government spending) while doing little to actually ensure over the long-term the sovereignty, security and prosperity of the nation. It is another example of government taking the short term view of long-term problems.

    The Reid-Schumer framework puts an emphasis on amnesty, with empty promises of border security. Granting amnesty, access to welfare and government benefits and citizenship to all who claim they were in the United States at time of enactment of this proposal could cover 11 to 15 million people and overwhelm our borders with people looking to take part. And forgiving such violations would increase the likelihood that these laws be violated again. When you throw in family members, the total number of those eligible for citizenship through amnesty could then be 17 to 22 million individuals.

    While Senate Democrats pay lip service to border security, this proposal lacks meaningful metrics for determining “when” the border is secure. It relies on an unelected commission to determine whether we are safe and secure.

    And maybe most troubling is the call for a biometric national id card, thinly disguised as a more robust Social Security card. Reid and Schumer are ignoring many legitimate on-going or proposed efforts including E-Verify, Social Security no-match verification and information sharing, and REAL ID in favor of an expansive and expensive program of questionable value as an appropriate enforcement tool.

    There are better alternatives:

    • We need a temporary worker program. One that is in fact temporary, market-oriented and feasible. A balanced and well-constructed program would provide an additional option or legal temporary workers, while diminishing the incentives for illegal entry. Congress must ensure it resolves issues of family status, require bilateral agreements, include triggers, provide economic incentives, contain caps and resists unwieldy government excess.
    • We must remember the American economy. No solution in this debate comes without an economic impact, whether through increased government services, unemployment or states shouldering unfunded mandates. Our immigration policy should encourage a growing economy, not expand the welfare state as we know it. Congress must consider these fiscal costs and benefits.
    • Above all, our first priority is national security. No other reforms are possible without a complete, and strict, security apparatus. From the point of origin, to transit, to the border, to within the United States – we require a system of protection that has gone needed for too long. If our borders remain porous and open, if our border states continue to suffer from unwarranted crime, if our laws go unenforced, then this contentious debate will only be a precursor to another and likely more disruptive process in the future.

    We are a nation of immigrants. The Statue of Liberty stands as a testament to our desire to create an environment welcoming to all men and women who yearn for freedom and prosperity. We are a self selected class of people who see greater opportunity available through smaller government, economic freedom, religious and social tolerance and a shared responsibility of security and safety. It is no surprise that people from other nations would yearn for what we may sometimes take for granted. Reforming our broken immigration system should not set aside these aspirations, but embrace them.

    Quick Hits:

    • Congressmen Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent General Motors CEO Ed Whitacre a letter accusing him of running “false advertisements” that “constitute a lie to the American people.” GM has been running ads that claim they have repaid government loans in full, when in fact, they’ve only paid back 10%.
    • One of the chief Republican negotiators for financial regulatory reform, Senator Richard Shelby (R-AL), has denounced the Dodd-Obama bill, saying the worst provisions remain in the legislation and “It will lead to job losses, lost opportunities for businesses to productively invest in the future, and it will ensure future bailouts.”
    • Amidst the debate on financial regulatory reform, Senators Chris Dodd (D-CT) and Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) will head to Park Avenue this weekend for big ticket Wall Street fundraisers.
    • Last night, The House of Representatives voted 223-169 to pass a bill allowing Puerto Rico to vote on its relationship with the United States. The measure now heads to the Senate.
    • President Obama and Vice President Biden have both interviewed Appeals Court Judge Sidney Thomas of the nation’s most liberal court, the 9th Circuit in San Francisco, for the Supreme Court opening.
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    84 Responses to Morning Bell: An Appetite for Real Immigration Reform

    1. Jules Schwager PhD says:

      Every 20 years or so we do the same dance and with the same results. The laws we have might need a little tweaking but need not be replace but enforced.We did the same under Reagan and what has it done, it made it worse and not because the laws are bad but because of its total disregard for them.

      We can make lofty speeches and say we do this or that but unless we mean what say it all is an exercise in futility.What it is it with government that they put laws on the books knowing when they pass them that they have absolutely no intentions of following what they have just told us they will do?

      From offering amnesty to about 1.5 million under Reagan we now have to offer the same to some 10 million plus because we are still not willing to send them back as the law requires us to do.This is as much an amnesty for our elected officials as it is for the illegals presently in this country.The whole thing is a shame and we the people fall for it every time.We let these illegals march and make demands to the detriment of our own citizens and from our presidents down they find this acceptable.What a joke.

    2. David, Washington St says:

      As much as I agree with the article I feeel that we are still just blowing smoke if we do not find a way to enforce the laws and regulations on businesses that knowingly hire and use illegal immigrants. Until there is a real concern within those businesses that it will hit where it hurts, their bank accounts, we will not see real reform.

    3. Dr. Michael J. Oldha says:

      I agree with what you advocate. Question: What ever happened to the money Congress authorized and appropriated to build a secure fence on the border? If we cannot act on the fence, how can we believe that our government will act on anything regarding national security?

      You mentioned the Statue of Liberty in your discourse. How about closing the border (I mean really closing the border similar to how we secure our maximum security prisons) and placing one point of entry where a set number of people who meet specific entrance criteria placed at a site to be determined (not unlike Elis Island) to allow legal entry? After all, we are at war and we simply cannot secure our nation if we cannot secure all of our borders.

    4. Mari G. MacGregor, M says:

      Good Policy Proposals, BUT ALSO INCLUDE: ending anchor baby citizenship, and chain migration. Guest workers must be subsidized by employers, not by taxpayer entitlements. These are the primary magnets drawing foreigners to U.S. We cannot be the retirement center for the World. Assimilation and the Rule of Law must be the primary goal.

    5. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      I did not hear any mention of "cracking down" on employers who do not follow the I-9 requirement prior to hiring any employee. The "crack down" must be severe punishment of employers who hire people who are not legal in the USA. If you can stop the hiring of illegals you will slow the "flow" from Mexico and Central America.

      This must be a major part of solving this major problem of security for America.

      The other part is we must have an effective system of granting temporary work permits to those people seeking to work and not sell drugs or other criminal activity. If we do not have a streamline system we will continue to have poor people from the south who only want to work coming illegally

    6. Don Makai, Punta Gor says:

      Who says the US cannot deport illegal immigrants? FDR, Truman and Eisenhower deported millions during their adminstrations.

    7. Gail GR MI says:

      Nancy P. says it will "take presidential leadership"? That my dears is an oxymoron if ever I heard one! We no longer have any leadership in DC. We're being held hostage to idiots and corruption!

    8. MJF, CT says:

      Yes, we welcome immigrants but only when they come in legally! You cannot just walk into any country in the world (except the USA) and expect not to be either arrested or held for deportation. The Liberals want to be like Europe? In Europe you have to have papers to go from country to country. The Liberals worry about causing ill feelings with the illegal immigrants and their home countries. What about your Citizens? Don't you Liberals care about us? The Liberals say we are mean and uncaring because we want the illegals out. Yes, we want the illegals out and if the Liberals have a problem with that, let them hole the hands of the illegals as the are ALL shown the way out of the USA!

    9. Michael Zentz says:

      I love how Heritage Foundation willfully misrepresents Obama as a flipflopper. That statement, found in the third paragraph is a cheap political lie.

      I'll take you point by point: Paragraph one, you show Obama saying the White House will NOT take a LEAD.

      Then in the second paragraph you say, Apparently Senate Leader Reid didn't heed the President's advice by showing us that the Senate Democrats introduced a framework for IR. Well APPARENTLY the Heritage Foundation doesn't realize that the White House and the Senate are separate bodies. Also the President didn't offer advice, he stated a fact, they are not taking the lead.

      Then you go to say in the third paragraph that Obama is a filpity-flopper. What? Obama's White House is not taking a lead. The Senate is taking the Lead. The Whitehouse will help with the details. So where is the flip flop? You do understnd that the Senate and the White House are not the same things don't you? So much for sound political analysis!

      This willfully deceptive propaganda is what's destroying the country and making us so divided. Thanks Heritage Foundation!

    10. Todd Wolf, Limerick, says:

      One must first know the difference between problems, dilemmas, predicaments, and paradoxes before one can discern the causes of these effects. Then one must be careful not to confuse correlation and cause.

      The paradox is government’s reinforcement of breaking a law to obey another. Government legislates laws that are in violation of the Constitution (a document grounded by Natural Law) and then is negligent in its fundamental task of enforcing these illegal laws. This conflicted act in turn creates a moral and legal quandary for our pseudo-free market participants. It incentivizes criminal behavior … for a law that is not enforced is not a law at all.

      May I suggest that our government gods of wishful thinking and number crunching holding these conflicting ideas in constructive tension long enough to experience some objectivity?

    11. Drew Page, IL says:

      Yes, Heritage, we are a nation of immigrants, but immigrants that fall into two classes – legal and illegal. Legal immigrants followed the rules, waited their turn, learned the language and up until 1935 did not have the "right" to health care, food stamps, subsidized rent, Social Security benefits, Medicare, Medicaid, or welfare checks.

      The only thing that legal immigrants had a right to was opportunity. If your covered wagon had a flat tire somewhere out on the Great Plains, there was no one saying "I'm from the government, and I'm here to help". The government didn't feel it necessary to communicate with immigrants in their various native languages, provide street signs in their native languages, nor require schools to do the same. If you wanted to make your way in America you had to learn to speak English. You found a way to feed yourself or you starved. You found shelter or died of exposure and that included men, women and children. People learned and practiced self-reliance or they perished.

      Today, we have illegal aliens, living off the taxes of legal, taxpaying citizens, forming mobs in the streets demanding "their rights", flagrantly, defying the law.

      And where is our President and Congress while this is going on? Sitting back and criticizing Arizona for enforcing the law that they should be enforcing.

      I have a great idea. For all those who feel illegal aliens have a "right" to be in this country and have the "right" to all existing government subsidies for food, rent, medical care, education, Social Security, Medicare and welfare checks, I suggest you submit your name and Social Security number to the IRS who can then bill you directly for these costs of keeping these illegals here in the U.S. Those of us who believe that illegals have no rights here should not be billed for their maintenance.

    12. Donna, Winchester, V says:

      I am mostly hearing about Mexico being the problem. What about Miami and all of the illegals in FL from South American countries? This issue needs to be addressed also. Not only should anchor baby citizenship be ended, so should illegals marrying US citizens until they have complied to our laws and are legal themselves. If they are still "in love" after the process, then and only then should they marry.

    13. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Yes we are a country of immigrants, my scottish were sent here by Cromwell, the English came on the Mayflower, the french came in 1865 to avoid Louis xiv's wrath, my Danish grandparents came in late 1800 before Ellis Island. My early ancestors are what this country is made of, my Danish came here due to a famine and worked hard, became citizens, and SPOKE English. I have friends in Ariz. and they praise their Gov. for taking action that the Feds won't. Here in Virginia we are over riddden with illegals that under bid my sons who are house painters and repairmen, my granson's cannot get jobs while in college, WHY??? They don't speak SPANISH, when they asked me about taking a language in HS, I told them take your choice, they choose French, I took Spanish. Let's get real, the Spanish taught in schools is the European Spanish not the same as poor people talk in Mexico. Our Immigration laws allow for limits from each country for a purpose, to allow those who come here to meld, we DONOT need more welfare users, my grandparents had to pass a health exam, show ability to support themselves and family as well as pledge not to be a burden on society, ie: not use public funds for your survival(WELFARE)

    14. bette Overk, bridgew says:

      I for one have had it with all their facists plans for America. I will not submit to a national ID card even if they put me in jail. I will not be in the grasp of the Anti-Christ (I am not crazy but I sincerely believe in what the book of revelations has to say).

      I pray that we can catch obama in an impeahable offense and rid our country of this monster, 2012 will be too late.

    15. Steven D. Shurtleff says:

      Same LOSERS same LIES when do we actually get efective representation? Is it me or didn't we have an issue england along the same lines??

    16. Dennis Social Circle says:

      The dems and obama talk out of the side of their face. They will bring this to the front to get votes. I really believe that obama does not care about this country, he only wants power and controll, pelosi and reid are just in the mess to say they had a part of it. I am glad Arizona had the guts to do what the people in DC do not have the guts to do. They swore to up hold the laws of this country, and have failed in all ways.

      I am not aganist immigration, just do it the right way and become an active part of society, learn our language {ENGLISH} and stop being a drain on the whole country.

      We as citizens must stand up to the liberal media and politicans and let them know we will not allow this country to go down to third world status. We must vote in 2010.

    17. Normca says:

      A practical solution, after the border fence is completed is what to do with 11 – 12 million illegal immigrants. How do you send them back? Do they stand on line and apply for citizenship? How in the world do you monitor the time lines involved for that many people? They are in the country illegally; that cannot be overlooked and even if they fill out the application, they should not be eligible for benefits, like unemployment until they receive citizenship. Amnesty is regrettably unavoidable; the people cannot be sent back. What I dislike is that these illegal immigrants demonstrate with their home country flag and demand citizenship immediately. There is not a good answer; just a satisfactory one that would benefit some and disadvantage others. George Bush had a plan that was workable; not good, but a solution and all the Republican Party did was to shove it away. No debate to develop alternatives for the different sides; just a dismissal. Make them pay back taxes; yea that will work. Those with criminal records should be disqualified and returned to Mexico’s southern border where entry is tough. Allow a path to legality as many here did, fill out the paperwork and wait and if any are poor citizens, send them home. But allow productive people to stay. Prosecute the employers who have hire illegals.

    18. isabel says:

      all they have to do is enforce the laws that are already on the books iam an imigrant and i carry my green card if iam asked to show it i will do so , i was told when i came over here that if i broke any laws i would be deported , i swore on oath to abide by the laws of the land and i did so , so whats the big deal if you are here legal and you done nothing wrong and they ask for proof that you are here legal show your green card and get over it , this has nothing to do with race it protecting the citizens of this country , sorry that the mexican will be targeted but it is the mexicans that are crossing over illegaly , if it were irish or british that were crossing over it would be the same thing . so i say quit your whining and get over it and do the right thing and abide by the law ,

    19. SAMUEL says:

      Our government does not have a clue who is in AMERICA. It's more like 100,000 plus million in AMERICA. Just like obambba's aunt which has been here years illegal. Living off the AMERICAN tax payer.

      Now congress has voted for more people on the democrat voting machine and more for the AMERICAN tax payer to keep up.

      Obambba pushed back on mexico , they had statehood of puerto rico on their agenda. That will be 41 million more votes for the democrates and more money for the AMERICAN tax payer. This regime in the white house has the magic,don't look at this hand , look over here, we're passing another voter base. Next obambba will be going after cuba.

    20. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      What is wrong with the people? Why can't they look past the lies of Obama to realize that he has always planned to jam an immigration amnesty bill

      down our throats, just as with Obamacare. It's all about how to deceive the American public today to achive his socialist utopia. Obama and the Dems know they can continue to fool most of the American people with the left-wing media on their side. We, as Americans, had better wake up our neighbors to what is happening to the country under Obama and the Dems, before it's too late. This onslaught will not stop. They must get it done before November.

    21. MadMommy4u says:

      American citizens are going broke, unemployment checks have stopped, families are losing their homes to foreclosure and our leaders are thinking of allowing 12 million illegal immigrants a free pass to take jobs away from struggling citizens?

      What are they thinking?

      The law in Arizona is an effort to help American citizens get jobs by prohibiting the hiring of illegal immigrants. It specifically targets people employing them and stopping to pick them up on the street. Hiring illegal immigrants IS against the law.

      What are they thinking?

      When elections are coming, voters are struggling and cities are cutting back on every service, our leaders want to add 12 million needy people and invite their extended families to come here and live off of the overextended US taxpayer.

      What are they thinking?

      Does anyone else think this is a disaster? Naturalize the infirm and the elderly and the endless unfunded needs for babies, medical costs, educational costs, law enforcement, housing, food, jails…

      California state is already broke. This is a recipe for complete financial collapse. Citizens are told they need to speak Spanish to work for the minimum wage. Millions of illegal immigrants march in our streets for their rights?

      You know what I'm thinking? What about our rights?

    22. Jon says:

      So far the article despite being critical of the Schummer Bill doesn't address the more complex issue of what the country will be doing with 12 or 15 million people already here.

      The issue is not "security" since terrorists can allways come legally as most of the 9/11 bombers did.

      The issue is immigration

      1) Needs more funding

      2) Needs to hire more qualified people instead of what we have today – semi-illiterate employees.

      3) Give immigration officers enough power to decide in a caseby case basis instead of sweeping laws

      The economy will be much better legalizing those who are out of the system and requesting them to pay taxes.

      The bill doesn't need to be "comprehensive" but can start with those who have being in these country for at least 10 years and haven't been involved in criminal activities. Also a priority should be given to those who have american born children.

      It can be done in two or ther steps doesn't need to be one bill covering all.

      There are numerous empirical studies on the benefits for the economy of a legalization program. The undocumented should also a pay a fine for each year in the country.


    23. Derrek says:

      This article is almost a masterpiece of news slanting. Anyway, mass deportations will not work because it is simply too many undocumented immigrants. Nazi Germany with an apparatus of 40 million strong could not manage to deport more than 6 million people in more than 10 years. US has at most 1 million people working toward deportations, plus they won't employ the same Hitler tactics. For every deported immigrant another will take it's place because will be offered a JOB. The fact that illegals numbers have declined is due to the economy not deportations, once the economy picks up the illegal immigration population will pick up. Then if that population gets to 50 million it will be impossible not to give them amnesty. I think biometric ID is the key to reforming immigration. If immigrants will not be able to have jobs they will not be here. Also a form of discretionary legalization (not citizenship) is practical and should be dependent of each individual's contribution to the US economy and society. Shortly, if the immigrant is helpful he can stay.

    24. C.Adli,NV. says:

      I am an 82 years old immigrant.At the end of 1956 Icaqme to this country with a student visa. I had 4yrs.specialty training Medicine.Had to get out of the country and wait for my turn to reenter the country as an immigrant.The qouta was very stirictly being enforced for third world countries.Four and half yrs.I waited in Canada and further trained in my Speciality and in 1965 returned to this country as an immigrant.The reason I did put up with these difficulties,I loved this new country.I see no reason the people from Mexico can not wait a few months to come to this country legally and become a good citizen and establish a sound roots. It is worth it.

    25. Rob Anderson says:

      Reid and Schumer are hypocrites! The Arizona law calls for law enforcement officers to check for proof of citizenship when there is legitimate cause to suspect an individual is an illegal immigrant. This law has been assailed by the left to be akin to the Nazi's randomly checking individual identification in their efforts to round up the Jews. Wouldn't having a Biometric National Identification Card be a cause of concern to the left wingers? Couldn't it also be used as an instrument of Nazi-like tactics to round up undesirable people in our country? Unlike the Arizona law, Reid and Schumer's proposal requires all citizens to get new ID cards and requires us to carry them around. Now the government will have even for control over the average citizen without really affecting the status of immigration. They are nothing but hypocrites, deceivers, and liars. They have no concern for the welfare of the average U.S. citizen. Their only concern is accumulating more government control which means lose of liberties/freedom for the people.

    26. Dr J, Granite Bay, C says:

      We constantly hear about how we are a country of immigrants; the irony is that it is the current immigration that is going to destroy the country.

    27. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      I just can’t believe that we find difficulty in solving this problem. May I offer my solution to this pressing problem?

      1. Secure the borders completely.

      2. Deport all criminals that are in our prisons for lesser crimes.

      3. Identify and deport all gang affiliated individuals.

      4. Develop a swift process that will offer a work program to those that can and will proceed through the normal process of citizenship.

      5. Suspend all welfare and social services to illegals.

      6. Prosecute heavily employers who employ or continue to employ illegals.

      7. As illegal’s are identified (through normal occurrences) process them for deportation.

    28. Blondy, Las Vegas says:

      Close the Border, build the fence, enforce the laws that we already have (such as Arizona). Illegal aliens do NOT want to become American citizens, they want to maintain their citizenry from their home country. They just want to take from our country. If we only had those who want to become citizens and are working toward this goal i.e. learning English, obeying our laws, then we wouldn't have a problem. All of us have heard from some Latinos who came to our country legally and earned their citizenship and none of them want illegal aliens here. Common sense no longer has any part in our government.

    29. A. Scott, El Paso says:

      The master plan is the continued division of factions by Washington. They are experts of "divide & conquer," the longer they [current administration] can keep the arguments and divisions alive, continue to throw a few more racist logs onto the flames, the quicker the government can step in and once again say "I am from the government and I am here to help." I do not believe Obama will do anything about the borders because this circus is much more fun to watch and manipulate.

    30. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Why do the LAW MAKERS(democrats) always side with the LAW BREAKERS?! One word and one word ONLY…V O T E S !!! What a bunch of devious America-killing thugs who need to be THROWN OUT ASAP!!! Take this moronic president(please!), AGAIN…open mouth…insert foot!! His "IMBICILLIENCE" trashes Arizona for passing a law which MIRRORS FEDERAL LAW!!!DUH!!! When will this man start to do what is right for AMERICA? So far he fools only a small portion of this country but the rest are starting to catch on, and NOT because of the WOEFUL MAINSTREAM MEDIA which continues to side with the most ANTI-AMERICAN PRESIDENT in history!!! This is NOT supposed to happen!!! Are we to accept that the majority of voters are illegals/dumbed-down liberals/on welfare/homeless/convicts/communists/radicals/America haters/lazy people wanting to live off others…I know these make up the democrat party but are they the MAJORITY?!

    31. Al, Fl says:

      Seems to me that the only way to get any common sense movement on this issue would be for the States to band together and force the feds into an agreement where the States will do the enforcement and manage work permits for their state while allowing the fed to do the prosecution and deportation. Even then, they will need some mechanism to ensure that the feds do, in fact, deport.

    32. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      First, there is no appetite in the political arena for immigration control. And that should tell all of us just how corrupt are our elected officials. They are only concerned for votes and re-election. They have more concern for illegal invaders than they do for American citizens. Why not just enforce what is already on the books? A call for new immigration rules and regulations is just another 'red- herring' to get the focus away from the politicians incompetence. Stop giving these illegal invader's 'freebees'. No drivers licenses. No education. No medical care. No jobs. No nothing.. Post this at the borders. Letters to the Mexican government. This is America, the Home of the Brave and the Land of the Free. It is not the home for and of illegal invaders. It may make matters hard for some businesses for the short run, but in the long view, America will be a better nation.

    33. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      All those in Washington worry most about their "careers". Reid wants to pander to get re-elected: Obama is intent on wrecking this Country any way he can. The Dems,in particular, but also the Republicans have milked the ignotant for their own personal aggrandizement!

      The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, States Rights, The Law of the Land, Tax-paying Citizens, all mean nothing to them! Their selfish, narcissistic interests and ideology are the only things they serve.

      America is soiled by these people; corruption rules! We have to clean house! Judge these hypocrites and hooligans by their deeds and not by their words at election time.

    34. w roginski, glen gar says:

      The article is great—but more must be written incorporating ideas of the majority of Americans. A moratorium on any immigration, tied to unemployment, would allow time for a national discussion or a referendum in Nov. or 2011.

      Let us encourage law abiding Americans to be heard.

    35. w roginski, glen gar says:

      Are you editing my speach?

    36. toledofan says:

      It's amazing how convoluted this immigration debate has become and how simple the solutions are to fix it, but, to do so, you have to have the will to do what is right for America rather than what is right for the Democratic Party. The more I see of what Obama and his administration are trying to do the clearer it becomes to me how empty their solutions are; everything is just about getting votes and retaining power. It's really sad that the old 'blue dogs' have lost their way and are now the party of the extreme left and the anti-Constitution party.

    37. Frank25 says:

      Oh Goodie, Goodie. Just what we need, another law that will be ignored, but l kicks the can 8 years down the road. With Mexico highway 2, US highways through Tucson and Phoenix to Denver and then spread across the country, how many U.S. citizens have to be murdered, or introduced to illegal drugs before we allow the police, federal agents, border agents, and homeland defense do their jobs? How are we supposed to know which law, or laws, will be enforced, or allowed to draw blind eye?

      At 80 years of age, unaffiliated voter, who has traveled the southern states extensively in past years to see the beauty and diversity along the border, I will not vote for anyone who continues to support the enivornmental destruction of that area. Paths that "coyotes" used to walk, smuggling illegals into U.S. are now dirt roads for vehicles, with a trail of discarded trash, back packs, water bottles, dead bodies, dead cattle, dead ranchers, and high speed drivers. With their lights out across the desert as much as on roadways.

      NO, NO, NO. IT IS TIME TO ENFORCE LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS. Fraud proof cards were available in 2004, and we still do not have a valid system. Enforce the law. My children and grandchildren will be safer then. Both parties are at fault, so don't point fingers causing citizen distrust for law and the courts. AMEND LAW TO REMOVE 14TH AMENDMENT CITIZENSHIP, AND CHAIN (ANCHOR) CITIZENSHIP. AND DO IT NOW.

    38. Spiff says:

      I wonder if these “illegals” realize that if they become US citizens that they will HAVE to pay all the taxes WE pay, and be subject to the whims of a corrupt Congress, as WE do!

    39. Andrew, Arlington VA says:

      Another way to help end illegal immigration? Do your chores.

      I'm talking to you, upper-middle class folks who pay for a lawn and gardening service, a cleaning lady and a nanny — then complain about illegals in your community.

      I'm talking to you who have their shirts done at the cleaners when, for the same price (or less!), you can wash and iron them yourself.

      And I'm talking to you who constantly order take-out or go to restaurants instead of going to the grocery store, buy your food and cook your meals at home.

      Although it won't end illegal immigration entirely, someone has to say it: Our laziness as a people is contributing to this mess.

      If I told my nine-year-old to clean his room and he instead paid his friend Miguel to do it for him, I wouldn't be angry. Why? Because that's exactly what a lot of grown-ups do. They buy their way out of their responsibilities. This contributes to the lack of "self-reliance" that made this nation great — and the number of illegals who are here.

    40. Paul, Connecticut says:

      I agree with the aritcle and the good input and ideas here.

      We sure don't HAVE leadership in the White House. We have the worst example of politics I have seen in my 60+ years. We'll deal with the White House occupant the best we can until 2012, FIRST we can his supporters in Congress in November. Maybe that will bring the administration around to following the wishes of the majority of Americans they purport to represent

      On the Immigration issue, maybe we can put together a straightforward policy that we can gain a majority approval on. Certainly NOT the type of 2,200 page, and 1,600 page proposals like ObamaCare and Financial "Reform" from the corrupt Chris Dodd.

      I look forward to November.


    41. Thor H. Asgardson says:

      We are NOT a "welcoming nation" for invaders who profess La Reconquista, nor are we a "nation of immigrants," for the age of Manifest Destiny is over and this nation is full.

      Up until 1965, when Chappaquiddick Ted’s disastrous immigration bill came to the fore and enabled the invasion of this country by the Third World, this country was 89% Anglo-Saxon.

      The country was founded by Anglo-Saxon’s for their descendants, not as a human zoo for placing Mexican hatchlings in the Anglo-Saxon nest.

      The notion that Iraqi nationals should be imported by the thousands into America–after ostensibly liberating that nation and making it safe–revealed the mindset that alien peoples could be transformed into instant Americans.

      Iraq was the test case for U.N. intrusion into the affairs of sovereign nations and provided a paradigm for spreading the notion of U.N. troops in the streets of America, as a part of any future martial law.

      This writer’s pioneer ancestors died along covered wagon trails, to be planted in lonely graves by the wayside. This sacrifice was not made so the likes of Hani Hanjour could come over here for a lap dance, before blowing up the World Trade Center.

      Further, we are not a safety valve for Mexico and should we deem it in our national interest–by sheer folly–to play host to Mexico’s parasite, there must be new rules of engagement, which put the obligation on Mexico to provide medical and dental care and a social security plan for all Mexican nationals confined to working in the agricultural sector only.

      The system is NOT “broken” by any stretch of the imagination. What in reality is really broken, is the trust the American people feel for their lawmakers, who have comported themselves as quislings to the national interest.

      It is the transnational elites who foist the fiction– which has become a dangerous national mythology–that America belongs to the world.

      Any intelligent person who looks at the global phenomenon of the advent of the unwitting third world corporate shock troop known as “guest worker,” will note that where he is tolerated, there is multicultural chaos.

      Industrialized nations of both hemispheres of the planet, are caught between the pincer movement of “jihad” and “Reconquista” where this itinerant nomad is allowed to gain a toehold.

      The real truth is that America is the cradle of the white and black races and those minorities which have adapted to the dominant Anglo-Saxon culture.

      America is one culture, not a multicultural zoo or a mini United Nations. The people of America are in no way obligated to assume vassalage as a nation of slaves to the United Nations mindset, for the U.N. is really the phony storefront for the international bankers.

      This country belongs to the American people alone, NOT the world and it is to this concept alone the American people pledge their allegiance.

      The people of Arizona have set the pace for the rest of the nation, by informing Mexico that the peasant Mexican occupation army will exit from American territory. No further acts of lawlessness will be tolerated by the people of Arizona.

      Americans do not subscribe to the notions of “fairness” outlined by an illegal alien “president” who cannot provide his credentials.

      The first shot fired in this Second American Revolution has occurred with the Arizona resolution and soon it will spread to all the states.

      It is the United States of America, which is seceding from the “New World Order” of the international bankers.

    42. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      If the Reid-Schumer plan is as Rory suggests, then it’s more of the subversive self-serving behavior demonstrated by the congressional left. My hope is they sit on this through November. It was a scream for their president to say he’s been working Reid and Pelosi’s crew too hard. And all for what? Policies that contradict economic realities, the constitution, states’ welfare and individual rights. Yes Mr. Obama, give us all a break!

      PS: Karl Rove will be in my neck of the woods this Sunday for his book signing. I hope to find the time to drop in and say howdy. He’s one person who has well earned my admiration and respect. The last political figure I met in person was a July 4th some years back in Gettysburg. Newt Gingrich was doing a signing of his novel Gettysburg. Another fine gentleman. Y’all take care now.

    43. Carol, AZ says:

      REF: Mari in MN;

      You are so correct,

      since the US is the only counrty in the world

      that allows this to happen.

      After the bus bombings in England they also changed the same law there.

      Here in AZ, their is a conduit from many counrtys who will ship their expectant moms here

      so the child will have duel citizenship and fly back.

      This practice is from families in the higher wage scale

      from S.A.with ties to the medical prof. here.

      This, added to the border baby,

      "anchor baby issue," you speak of

      is another hidden issue no one talks about in the other 49 states or any press reporting. Thank you for pointing it out.

      To the respond to the question,

      " what ever happen to the fence funds?"

      Our Pres. did travel to MX .

      You may remember that the press quoted that ,

      "if America did not have the desire for drugs there would be no problem on the MX border."

      D.C further gifted funds to MX to help quell their drug war.

      Pres. of MX ordered troops on the bolder towns and the Cartels out gunned the troops.

      Sadly All requests here on the AZ/MX was 'spit in the wind."

      Nancy Pelosi and CA has been rewarded in Fed. $$$$$ , for all acorn style programs which includes

      rehab for under age illegals there, who have committed crimes which also include violent crimes.

      All cities in CA are under the sancturary 'safe haven logo.

      According to CA they have "no problem with violence"

      Ca is also a border states.

      All Fed. funds must be barred to any sate that has turned into a sancturay status , which is against the law in first palce.

      The backlash over our passage of 1070,

      by CA was an instant "boycott of all Buss with AZ"

      I guess they are getting nervous that the Fed. funding conduit may get cut at some point if the citizens of of the U.S and CA wake up.

      We AZ refuse to become sanctury status.

      Ellis Island style "point of entry "can not work here

      because ( if you look at a map) we have thousands of miles of open border between us and a foreign counrty, MX.

      I also would like to point out that backlash from all press media that is suppose "inform" on all issues

      is like listening to a reactment of the Salem Witch Trials.

      We do not hunt down people in AZ .

      Our ranchers on the border areas that are Spanish American, Native American, Afro Americans, and all other ancestry's are in fear for their lives.

      One has been killed, several shot at, their water sources compromised for cattle and horses, fences cut

      and so many other violations I just can't write about.

      .The catrel run their loads near the property-lines and send many "warnings" as to whom is in control .

      The media has replayed, the race card of fear and hate,

      focusing on racial profiling,

      disallowing any real solutions to be formated for an issue that 70% of AZ itizens support.

      This well crafted bill is the same "Federal Law passed,"for the added help by the police.

      Our law Fed Law agncies here ,

      Border , ATF, ICE, FBI are putting their lives on the- line for all of America every day.

      I thank them and AZ also thanks them ,for the exceedingly dangerous work.

      To date 22,000 people have been murdered.

      Un-accountable number missing feared never found,

      over 1500 hundred American tourists missing , never returneing from our borders areas as vacationers.

      One to Two kidnappings in PHX every day..

      I wish to thank TX for coming out in spport of AZ, also a border state with horrible violence there.

      It took real true grit by TX Gov. to order in NG Troops that you paid for which we here, are too broke, can not do..(which is the Federal GOV. job)

      If we can not secure our borders here for State sovereignty

      the protection of the rest of the USA,

      get help for funding to finish the fence and all other thing we need here

      You will understand that we have

      NO secured South/West borders in the USA.

      This FACT from the mainstream press has never been heard from. .

      THank you Gov Brewer and Senators Mccain & Kyl for your articulate speeches defending AZ 's sovereignty viewd on C-SPAN.

      Please support us America.

    44. Bob Diffley, Oakland says:

      Mari MacGregor is exactly right. Citizenship by accident of location of birh is a totally anachronistic rule of law. We need to take away the incentives for people from other countries to cross our borders illegally.

    45. William D. Jackson says:

      The "Cancer" is Growing ! And we're in for Hell'va Future. If the Goverment Legalizes the illegal aliens (14 million or so) they will not have any problem getting Enought Votes to put anyone they choose for office. This problem has been ignored for years. It's still time for All of Americans to do something about it.If we don't Face this Problem, we'll have one more war fought on America's Land.

    46. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Good comment Spiff. My exact thought regarding Puerto Rican statehood. They’d be getting the losing end of the deal.

    47. JFBeck says:

      I want to report to the bloggers an interesting phone call with Blue Cross / Blue Shield today. I was inquiring as to changing my health insurance policy to up my product / deductable to reduced my quarterly premium .I upped by deduct able to the max ($15K) which decreased my quarterly cost by $1000 / quarter. All good.

      When I inquired for a policy quote for another individual who was female, 49 and a breast cancer survivor to date, they said there is no such policy at BCBS unless the person is cancer free for 10 years. I reminder her that the just pasted Obamacare made pre-existing conditions a non issue and that they had to offer her a policy. This product spokeswoman said that this provision does not kick in until 2014!!!

      So just who is lying? The President, the Democratic party, the media or BCBS????

      Is it not everyone's understanding that pre-existing conditions and allowing to keep your children on a current adult policy until age 26 to kick in immediately?

      Please advise or follow up with BCBS on this. This person was defensive and literally hung up on me as persisted to make this point.

    48. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Go to ANY country on the planet, including the mother-of-all-corrupt governments, MEXICO, and be prepared to surrender your PAPERS, ON DEMAND and for no other reason than to prove you are there legally! I don't see many Americans illegally migrating to Mexico and sending back PESOS to their relatives in the US!!! Any politician who makes the claim that illegals pay taxes should be thrown out of office. Every day that passes liberals seem to reach new lows. Dear Heritage: are these people really that stupid?!

    49. Lloyd Welch says:

      There is only one way to stop this. The fault needs to lain at the doors of businesses that knowingly hire these illegals. Case Farms, a chicken processing plant in my area hires illegals and they know they are illegal from day one. I would love to see what would ahappen if immigration pulled up in front of that place. As long as businesses kniow they can get away with it there is no way to stop it. You could export 1,000,000 and businesses would only hire 1,000,000 back. Money for nothing.


      The first question that I would ask is would any new law on immigration be enforced? We have a very good law on the books now that the federal government will not enforce as the party in power is dependent on the vote of illegals to stay in power. We need to require all people to speak english…period. It is our national language and no other country would go as far as we have to accommodate visitors. I quite frankly do not understand how ANY government official can decide whether they will enforce a law or not. If it is a duly authorized law, it is law and needs to be enforced.

    51. Tim Lucas Siloam Spr says:

      They duped the House with "you have to vote for it to see what"s in it" once and we see now they are a bunch of liars after the fact. I don't see how anyone that represents the people from all the States can vote for anything else these liars and tax cheats present unless you are totally in bed with them. Everything that comes out of their mouth is a lie and what about this money stealing carbon credit crap? What about the circle of thiefs and creators of these alliances that steal our money run by the Democrat/liberals that envolve former Freddy ceo Raines and the one Obama fronted for and Al Gore is envolved with along with the same bank they are grilling that they were in bed with. Why don't you thieves take the stand along with the Professor brain working this capp and trade thing to make all you bas-ards rich with our money?????????????????????

    52. KLIMAX says:

      The Democrats only want to push Amnesty to line up the Latino vote for November ! They have no plan to close OUR borders, handle the mountains of paperwork that would be required to process the illegals, or where the money will come from to make this fiasco happen ! Once again the educated idiots in Washington are trying to sneak one past the American Citizens for their personal gain !! If Amnesty would, by chance, pass it would start a Civil War that would tear this country apart and I can only hope this will not happen but if it does I will be forced to take up arms and fight against this Travesty of Justice !!! ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT NOT AMNESTY !!!!!!!!!

    53. Mike, Chicago says:

      The difference between European immigrants and these is that there wasn’t the welfare state that there is today and no one was trying to accomodate anyone. Europeans had to learn English, as well. Many of the current ones don’t respect our country and in some cases, may be trying to undermine it.

    54. KLIMAX says:

      Creating jobs is more important to the American Citizens than the Amnesty issue !! If anyone has been paying attention they would know the illegals are "Demanding Amnesty" and I for one don't think they have the "Right" to demand anything from the tax paying Citizens of America !! Go to Mexico and start demanding things and see how fast you will go to jail !! The citizens of Arizona have nothing to fear if they are legal and if they do get stopped they only have to prove legal presence and they can continue on their way !! If Amnesty would happen to pass it would start a Civil War that would destroy this Country !! ATTRITION THROUGH ENFORCEMENT NOT AMNESTY !!!!!!!!!

    55. Nancy, Wilmington, N says:

      Can we please retire the cliche, "We are a nation of immigrants." It proves nothing. People have been wandering the earth for thousands of years; consequently, all nations are "nations of immigrants, " and, for that matter, "emigrants." Also, it's a leftist trope, worthy of a Noam Chomsky linguist/propagandist. It is not justification for leaving "the golden door" open to anybody who wants to come in. We're a sovereign nation of American citizens; we can close that door to anyone who doesn't further our national interest. Every time we repeat such lefty logisms as "multi-culturalism," we concede the legitimacy of the concept and give it currency in the cultural conversation. Instead, we need to challenge the false premises implicit in "loaded" language.

    56. Pingback: Democrats Push National I.D. Card; Biometric Identification With Fingerprints » Right Pundits

    57. Carol, AZ says:

      Dream on M. Bell.

      Your dream sheet will not happen since the Dems want more voters for 2012 utilizing CA as a major swing state.

      The laws are there already if you care to check.

      The laws are not being enforced in most states.

      Has the upper 49th realized the backlash over bill 1070 from AZ?

      Fear recorded over and over regarding racial profiling, replayed on every major mews media in America every night..

      We do not hunt illegal here in AZ.

      We are trying to defend our border currently right your noses

      and the numeous holdings by ranchers who live near the border.

      Backlash boycotts from CA , a border state, and so many other hate filled reaction. .

      As for E-verify we use in AZ.

      It was passed by both the house and the senate and blocked by our current leadersip to be utlized nationally .

      If your I'D is run thorugh legally and it is false, or non-existent

      illegal means against the law.

      If the Federal Law agencies or the police request proof verification and you have it what is the problem?

      There is no counrty in the world that allows anyone to enter without specific Doc.

      States rights is the only way this is going move ahead to protect all aspets of this issue..

      Our current leadership will not protect it's own border and help us to support the currents laws.

      You all OWN this problem.

      Did the State your from ( accept TX)

      stand-up and support AZ that is now getting ripped to pieces by the press with made up horror stories.

      It sadden and amazed me that this could happen in America.

      But once again when the cartels move-in to your back yard,or place of business, maybe you will see this issue from a diffferent venue. Maybe.

    58. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      If Obama's truly serious about immigration reform, he should start with his aunt. His

      aunt should pay a fine and go to the back of the line. The same holds true for the illegals, mostly Mexicans, who come here. We should also do something about the

      "anchor babies," born to foreigners, again, mostly Mexicans, who come here illegally.

      Then there are the "birth tourists," foreign women who come here just to give birth.

      If we get a handle on that, then we can consider something else.

    59. Ken Jarvis says:


      We should NATIONALIZE BIG OIL.

      Companies that DO NOT OPERATE



    60. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      To JF Beck, regarding Obamacare: El Wrongo Amigo(trying to learn some Spanish, we will need it when the demorats flood our country with about 100,000,000 more people and believe me folks, it is definitely coming unless you make a commitment to "throw the bums out!".). Benefits, so-called, will be available in 4 years…however, we start paying taxes for it NOW!! Typical Democrat logic.

    61. Billie says:

      Isn't it funny? Our top priority is security to the people of the nation and the presidents is energy tax? People being murdered raped and kidnapped and obama is focused on everyone elses money.

      Anybody for amnesty obviously sees Mexicans less then human, no dignity to follow rules. So instead of the government enforcing laws, government weakens laws TO FIT THE CRIME!

    62. Billie says:

      No amnesty. If people choose to come to America, they choose to follow the rules. We are equally human under ONE RACE, human. People coming illegally from Mexico, are not a people of "race." Our countries of origin don't determine human "races," they determine nationalities. immigrants who obviously break the laws of America, do not want to live here with good intention. GET THEM OUT!

    63. GRUMPY IN SURPISE, A says:


    64. Tim Lucas Siloam Springs, Ar. 72761 says:

      We are required to play nice while they steal the country blind through newly created programs. We must be moderate in conversation. I am sure you are also behind the military, way behind so you, won’t get shot. So if we are forced through gorilla style living to re-take what has been taken from us you intend to play nice and be respectful of those you must confront. I call it the way I see it. You can toilet this comment too, while everyone is playing nice while they’re stealing everything they can get through carbon tax ideals and phony groups, they are bringing the country down, loading their pockets while we play nice and talk well of each other. Tell me, how did you get this civil society???

    65. GRUMPY IN SURPISE, A says:



    66. GRUMPY IN SURPISE, A says:


    67. D Jones Lk.Hiawatha NJ says:

      I just received my Passport last month so I could legally travel outside the United States. What is it about doing things legally (with appropriate documentation) that is standing in the way of enforcing immigration law?
      If I, a documented American citizen, want to travel to either of our neighboring countries (Canda or Mexico) I’m required “by law” to have my passport with me, and surrender it for inspection when requested.
      The illegal immigrant invasion of our borders can be easily stopped by enforcing this requirement at both of our borders.
      The National Guard & Reserve were formed to protect us at home, so put them to work. Set up a military perimeter and getthe job done.
      No passport=no entry! 1-60cal. machine gun emplacement and the authority to use it to deter illegal crossings-Problem solved!
      Jobs for Americans, meaningful direction to both bordering governments that we mean business, and an end to the ruination of America’s healthcare, education, and welfare systems.
      We need a President and Congress with the gumption to stand up for America. If this goes on much longer, Americans, born and bred here will do it in spite of the ineptitude of our elected officals, just as we protected ourselves against the British. Semper Fi!!

    68. Billie says:


    69. KarenJB, Reno, NV says:

      I am a registered Democrat. If I could make the perfect party it would be a hybrid of the best each party has to offer. Some American citizens need compassion. Crazy spending has got to stop.

      Presidents and Congress from both sides for the past 30 years haven’t done anything about our illegal immigration issues nor enforced the laws already on the books. I applaud Jan Brewer for having the stuff to take a real stand on this issue.

      Obama is letting this country down by not supporting her. Oh, she’s a Republican, can’t have that. Wake up! Its not Democrat vs Republican. What is right for our country now and in the future is the question that needs to be asked.

      Illegal means illegal. Calderon needs to help his own country.

    70. Barb says:

      Employers SHOULD be held responsible for hiring illegals and I don’t care HOW big the business is. My ex and I had our own business in the 90′s and we followed the law to a T. I was SO afraid if I didn’t. I documented EVERYONE who worked for us and they were all immigrants…from Ireland, Russia and Italy.

    71. Jill, California says:

      Obama has no appetite for anything that requires the real cheaters to play by the rules. His distaste for Arizona's new law requiring people to show proof that they are in the country legally is remarkably similar to his unwillingness to show a valid birth certificate during the 2008 campaign. I vote for sending Obama to Arizona, where someone might have the stomach to deport him.

    72. Judy Jones, Arizona says:

      Come spend some time in Arizona where the nightly news consists of stories of drop houses, human smugglers, kidnapping, home invasions, drug trafficking and auto accidents with one of the drivers having no drivers license or insurance (an illegal). Most media (local and national) focuses on the poor illegals with no mention of possible terrorists and brutal criminals now coming over the border.

      Conn has the right idea and it is a breath of fresh air. The media is tarring Arizona and Gov. Brewer and not providing any facts about the problem or the law that was passed. Our previous Governor Janet Napolitano did very little and seems to be continuing her philosophy as head of Homeland Security. That makes her a very poor leader in both positions. John McCain did nothing until this year. So much for border security in AZ. Sheriff Arpaio, much castigated, is the only official who tries to enforce existing laws. Phil Gordon, Phoenix Mayor, has more interest in votes whether legal or illegal, than he has in public safety.

      Perhaps this explains the position of the law-abiding legal citizens of AZ who, by the way, approve of this law by 64% regardless of race. Our position seems to be a mystery to the country, the White House and the Liberal Media.

    73. threetoedpete. Katy, says:

      First thing above all other things, Obey your constitutional sworn duty and secure the borders. Don't give lip service to "it is better than it's ever been". Why is better than utter chaos, disaster and abject failure something to be proud of Janet? Is the slaughter of her citizens at the border in the peaceful endeavor of merely living and going about their peaceful business acceptable to you Janet ? If the border is not secured first it means they are merely using the illegals as political pawns. They are both, rino republicans and liberal democrats, pro slavery and they are pro open borders, Which means anyone of us gunned down now by the drug cartels are merely fodder for each ones, both republican and liberal democrats, particular political agendas. The only thing we have to figure out past the point of not securing the boarders first is which is the dog and which is the pony in the up coming show.

    74. Randy/Louisiana says:

      What should we do?? Civil war split the country and we are split!! This country doesn't fear God!! The President is an idiot and a commie! America can't keep talking what the problem is!! The Mexican laws are better then our laws for illegal aliens!! They are bringing in the race card again!! Hell are families are being punish by Obama!! Hell Fathers and Mothers and any body out there don't like this crap!! Tell me the truth this Obama is treading on America people and why don't we stop this!! Wake up Sleeping Giant Adolph is taking over every thing your fore fathers fought for and the Mexicans are winning because they are cowards running from there evil country!! Hell Obama put money in it for amnesty votes and they got the Black people Al sharp head. What say you??????????????????? Time is running OUT!! Come on America take this crap and put it back in the faces of the government. Don't stop until we can't fight any more!! Obama is destroying America the Great!! Obama most GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    75. John Bynum says:

      A country without borders and the rule of law is no country. We have to control the border and enforce the banning of illegal alians in the workplace to be a soverign country or we will cease to be one.

    76. John Ottley, Jr. Atl says:

      So, can we conclude that Obamacare, which angered almost every conservative was not "too tough" to tackle, but immigration reform, which translates into lost votes for Democrats is too tough? Go figure.

    77. WilliaM ,Texas says:

      My wife are 70 years old, what the heck happen to our America..

    78. Normca says:

      The pre-existing provision of the law that had to be passed by Easter 2009 and was signed by the regime leader in April 2010 does not take effect until 2014. If it were me, I’d report the company to my liberal U S senator. And look to find another insurer for my own coverage as you may be next. I pay $1,000 a month with pre-existing conditions. I am going to cancel and then buy just before I go into the hospital met time !

    79. Jeanne Stotler, woodbridge, Va says:

      I have another solution, check and verify that the people tending your yard, cleaning your house or your Nanny are here legally, same with repair jobs and painting. Along with this we should make sure that they get no welfare, foodstamps, wick, free school lunches. Anchor babies should not have citizenship, the admendment says children born to those who uphold our laws and embrace this country, therefore these babies are not citizens, lets live by the law and stop bending it to suit some. Teddy Roosevelt said this is a country of laws with one flag and one language, ENGLISH, it’s not wrong to want our laws upheld, it is wrong for some to flaunt them.

    80. Walt Lewis says:

      You say that “no other reforms are possible without a complete, and strict, security apparatus.” This is a meaningless statement. We all know that. We have a southern border approximately 2,000 miles long. Realisticallly, we will not be posting sentries every few yards for the length of our southern border. The only method I have heard of that would significantly reduce border crossings into this country by illegal aliens is a double border fence with sensors between the fences that will alert the border patrol before the person can get over the second fence. Of course, this will not eliminate all illegal border crossings, but it will no doubt reduce them considerably. If this double-fence suggestion smacks of the Berlin Wall, it must be remembered that the Berlin Wall was designed to keep people in. Our fence would be designed mainly to keep deported criminals out. As a retired Los Angeles County Deputy DA, keeping deported violent and career criminals from again illegally entering this country after they have been deported, which occurs regularly, should be our highest priority.

    81. Jonathan, AZ says:

      Let’s get some support for Arizona actually doing something about this issue eh?

    82. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Walt Lewis, a double, triple or quadruple border fence won't stop determined criminals from bringing their illicit activities into the U.S. All levels of law enforcement of both nations obviously need to do their part addressing crimes committed upon their residents and citizens. Such effort is most effective in a friendlier times. As the situation becomes more hostile, as with terrorism whatever the motive, things move beyond justice into the military realm. I don't care what those stupid and/or twisted CCR lawyers say.

    83. Jerry Bateman, Ovied says:

      Thank you all for your comments. Let's not forget that people that are in our country illegally do not want to be Americans. Real Americans want to do things the right way. They want to know our language, they want to work and pay their own way. They want to be Americans first and immigrants second. The illegal aliens are here to impose upon our generosity, not contribute to our prosperity. We do not need new laws; we need leadership that will enforce the laws. We have had many presidents enforce the laws over the years. Do your research, Teddy Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower all deported illegal aliens. They did it, we can do it. It is very sad that the thirst for power by an overwhelming number of our politicians have just about brought our country to its knees, economically and spiritually. We must wake up and change what is happening in Washington, DC. If we don't, we will hand over to our children a third world country.

    84. Carol, AZ says:

      The USA is now sub-divided into two cultures.

      Press 1 for english

      press 2 for spanish.

      And so leadership,

      or was it the chamber of commerce lobby,?

      came up with the idea for another law

      "That english is the primary language in the USA.

      or did I dream this.?

      Naturally we are all confused over what's going on

      after wittnessing the bias ,brainwashing

      Salem Witch Trial reporting on all aspects of bill 1070 in AZ..

      News reporting is suppose to be informative and unbias .

      We do not care about "the opinions " of any reporter who is giving us facts.

      Many made side comments with negative over tones reporting this well crafted bill fueling fear, racial profiling heard repeated over and over.

      But if you want to know the real deal just press

      1 for english

      2 for spanish.

    85. w roginski, glen gar says:

      The majority of comments support the governor and people of arizona. After all these years we don't want a proper political fix—we want an US american fix.

      Border fix(fence), arrests of the lawbreakers(illegals), moratorium and return to pre kennedy laws. If anything less toss the incumbent politicians out till we get what legal americans need and want.

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