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  • Morning Bell: The Ahmadinejad Victory Tour

    Yesterday, State Department spokesman P.J. Crowley confirmed Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad had submitted an application for a visa to attend the United Nations nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty conference in New York next month. Since Crowley also confirmed that Ahmadinejad is likely to be awarded the visa, the Iranian President can now look forward to witnessing first hand the failure of President Barack Obama’s Iran policy.

    At first the White House believed that President Barack Obama’s sheer power of personality and persuasion would be enough to convince the Iranian regime to give up their nuclear program. So the President gave a conciliatory speech in Cairo, sent a direct message to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, and opened up direct talks with the Iranian regime. The results have been crystal clear: the Iranian regime has only accelerated its nuclear program, accelerated its ballistic missile program, and further crushed internal dissent, all while the Obama administration remained silent as the Green Revolution was brutally crushed.

    Now the Obama administration is seeking “crippling” sanctions on Iran through the U.N. Security Council. This is another Obama fantasy that plays right into Iran’s “cheat, retreat, and delay” nuclear strategy. Whatever goodwill the Obama administration hoped to get from Russia by caving into their New START demands has not paid off. With help from Turkey, China and now Egypt, Iran’s rope-a-dope U.N. diplomacy will render any U.N. sanctions regime completely toothless.

    All these Ahmadinejad victories over President Obama would not be so alarming if the Obama administration were not actively undermining our nation’s ability to deter and defend against Iranian nuclear attack. First there was President Obama’s decision to cancel missile defense installations in Eastern Europe. The Obama administration claimed that their alternative system, called the Phased Adaptive Approach, could defend U.S. allies by 2020. But a recent Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) report warns Iran may be able to reach the United States with an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) by 2015. This means President Obama has created a new “window of vulnerability” for our enemies to exploit.

    And then there is President Obama’s New START agreement which limits U.S. conventional, nuclear and missile defense options. Former director of the Missile Defense Agency, Retired Air Force Lt. Gen. Henry Obering, noted in The Washington Times this week: “Strangely, New START may actually rest on what Russia permits the United States to do to defend Americans and our allies from such a missile attack. This equation is both bizarre and unsafe.”

    “Bizarre and unsafe” is a generous assessment of the Obama administration’s efforts to protect America from Iran’s nuclear ambitions so far. The Obama administration must change course. The United States should impose and enforce the strongest possible sanctions, even if doing so requires action outside of the U.N. framework, and step up public diplomacy efforts to discredit the regime’s legitimacy and offer support to opposition groups, such as the Green Movement. Most importantly the Obama administration must make the commitment to create and sustain a layered missile defense system, designed to counter every range of Iranian missiles in all stages of flight, including those that threaten the territory of the United States and its allies. This would include scrapping New START, returning missile defense installations to Eastern Europe and fully funding missile defense. For more, see 33 Minutes.

    Quick Hits:

    • According to USA Today, starting in 2014 the Internal Revenue Service will become the chief enforcement agency for Obamacare.
    • USA Today also reports that starting this summer Obamacare will trap about 200,000 Americans in high cost insurance plans.
    • A new Pew Poll shows that 62% of Americans believe President Obama’s $862 billion economic stimulus has not helped the job situation.
    • Business leaders and economists say they have seen few results from President Obama‘s five-year plan to double U.S. exports.
    • Venezuela’s economy is set to contract by as much as 5% under Hugo Chavez’s 21st-century socialism this year, while free-trad- embracing Chile is set to grow by 4%.
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    53 Responses to Morning Bell: The Ahmadinejad Victory Tour

    1. Mary.... WI says:

      Obama does'nt care enough because he's too ignorant when it comes to foreign policy. End of story.

      Hope and Change my butt….more like gloom and doom.

    2. Dennis Social Circle says:

      We all can see where the obama clan is going with this master plan, they are intent on giving away not only the borders to this country, but the keys to the White House as well. The dems speak from both sides of their face, and the other countries know how to play him and them, he will only send his most sincere apology to them when he thinks we as Americans have done them wrong. It does not matter if we must take another hit, or suffer at their hands, he knows what is best for all of us. If you have a doubt jsut look at what they have did to us already.

    3. Duncan Druhl says:

      It may not be politic, but aside from the accusations of Islamist ties and anti-American childhood beliefs, what can one say about the posture that this president has foisted upon the country other than there appears to be a consistent lack of courage, traditional moral fibre, testosterone (perhaps), and an approach that prefers the less than Spartan will to defend oneself.

      It might be inexperience as was so regrettably shown by Carter's woefully cream-puff foreign policy in the 70's; which created the situation in which we now have to confront a totalitarian government addicted to hormone treatments of a particularly religious nature. It might be his non-American upbringing which has not imbued this man with traditional North American values; thus one of the classic reasons that the framers of the Constitution required a natural-born citizen for president. It might be his apparent disregard for all things traditionally American. It might be that he has absolutely no regard for the long term consequences as the election campaign and subsequent funding have made him and his family financially independent.

      Who knows? In one form or another we will reap the consequences of this inexperienced president's reign as we discovered the eventual ramifications of some of Carter's legislation and policies only a couple of years ago; and I'm not talking about Iran in that context.

    4. Dallas, TX says:

      You guys sure can be critical, but I really what to know is what are your solutions to the Iranians?

    5. Grace says:

      Stunning to read what is going on. Not only is Obama weakining our defenses world wide – he is also turning against American citizens when he speaks out against Gov. Brewer for her enacting a law to protect the citizens of that state. It is amazing to me that he is taking the side of illegals over american citizens. He sould be in her corner saying she did the right thing and that the Feds are behind her 100%. The safety of our citizens in the main objective of the government. Obama is a miserable failure. Disgusting!

    6. Conservative Patriot says:

      Well, I guess the mindrobbed robots who wanted change are getting their just rewards. Unfortunately those of us who did their homework and voted for the lesser of the evils available to us will be caught in the holocaust to come along with the CHANGE GUYS and GALS. No problem, have another drug party and lull yourselves into your false sense of security knowing you are under the leadership of the MESSIAH. I prefer to accord him another title, Hurricane Hussein. In his wake will be destruction of the once great nation who was the only beacon of truth and light where freedom to succeed with work was possible. Now you have bought the mantra, Obama will do it all for us. . Wonder where senora hillary will hide when the bombs go off. For sure she and her ilk have made preperations, They believe they are above the great unwashed, ie the idiots who keep voting these pea brains in. Keep on adoring your unconvicted child molesters, drug addicts and other brain dead democrats and those masquerading as conservative Republicans . The results of their reign are clear. You are just too brain dead to realize it..

    7. Linette, Boise says:

      Presidents come and go, but the American People are always here, with that pesky idea of Freedom in their minds. November can't get here soon enough! Ahmadinnerjacket's time will soon be up, too!

    8. Normca says:

      Barack Hussein Obama is a disciple of Reverend Wright. Obama can stil hear that sermon that mentions the bombs dropped over Japan. Is this how Obama supposedly regains the respect around the world lost by the Iraq war, in which America protects itself ? Removing an agreed to defense for allies, dismantling nuclear based weapons and capitulating in the face of a real threat. This equals a regime, the Obama Regime that is weak. Plus this; this administration really can't handle more than one major issue at a time. And it is too busy paying back its benefactors – the too big to fail firms and the unions. This is hope and change.

    9. MN J says:

      O and his cronies have absolutely NO intention of protecting the US. What they fail to recognize (thanks to the abandonment of teaching Constitutional values) is that if and when the US as we know it disappears, they, too, will become targets of the very people they're appeasing.

      Appeasers abhor weakness and O and his cronies are the weakest bunch of politicians to run this country. Appeasers will bribe and/or attack. O's verbal thugs may think they're smarter than the rest of us but history will prove them wrong.

      My hope is that somehow we can stop this train wreck.

      Appeasement just does not work.

    10. Kent, Florida says:

      Great article right up to the part where we act on our own "even if outside the UN framework? !!!

      The UN has been under the complete control of our enemies, almost since it's inception. I for one am DAMN tired of funding corruption and in essence, acts of war against this country. Want to send a clear message to the rest of the world?

      Stop the funding, & convert the building to Condo's (for US citizens).

      Let the poor dumb bastards that want to undermine or kill us find someplace other than our front yard to do it.

    11. LJ, Plainfield, WI says:

      We all KNOW what this is going to be about! The dictator, Ahmadinejad, is going to go on a long, long rant about Israel–count on it! All I have to say is: long live Israel!

    12. Ken Jarvis says:

      I am disappointed – I wanted to see the SPIN

      HF put on the GOP senate stand on Financial Reform.

      But, they give us – "failure of President Barack Obama's Iran policy."

      I can ONLY see the GOP switch

      as a GOOD SIGN.


      Hope so.


    13. Jon price says:

      We need to Bomb those Nuclear Site's.. NOW……

    14. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Obama's "sheer power of persuasion and personallity"?! Obama is the "smartest man to ever run for president"?! Obama is "godlike"?! If this were true, why does he shoot off his mouth BEFORE he gathers facts making a complete FOOL out of himself? Why is he always on the OPPOSITE side of the MAJORITY OF AMERIANS, calling CONCERNED CITIZENS ridiculous names?! Why does he NOT subscribe to HERITAGE so he can be better informed of constitutional matters?! He never really studied the constitution, he studied ways to TRAMPLE IT…who would stop him if he was president and breaking every law, like he does now? Right! No one. In order to RIGHT THIS SHIP the next CONSERVATIVE ADMINISTRATION should OBAMANIZE every one of his bills…just strike it out as if it never existed and do what you want! UNCONSTITUTIONAL? Please, don't make me laugh! That no longer matters! Ahmahdinejad does not buy into the "Obama thing" and will make a fool out of him. Again.

    15. Laura K, Pennsylvani says:

      Very explicit, could not be. I am amazed of the incapability that Obama's administration has showed to the world, so far. It is just mind boggling how this current president is undermining all the things that America represents. Furthermore, It is just inconceivable how far Obama has gone with his terrible policies of destructing the American's Values and foundation. On the other hand, The Heritage Foundation is doing an outstanding job in reporting and documenting the failures of this president. Thanks for such a great piece of information.

    16. randydutton says:

      The Progressive Bomb is what we should call any nuclear triggered electromagnetic pulse (EMP) weapon in consideration of the growing WMP threat from Iran and other countries. Why? Because an EMP attack would wipe out most of America's computers, all ATM disbursements, all mass transit, all electricity, most personal vehicles, and most refrigeration. Personal weapons will be a means of survival, conservatives have them, law abiding progressives do not, and progressive criminals will go after progressives before they go after conservatives. If you read the book One Second After, you find that the strong survive and the weak succumb. Most farmers and ranchers are conservatives – they will survive. Most bureaucrats are progressives, they have no survival skills. Most Boy Scouts are conservatives – they will survive. Most ACORN members are progressive – they will not.

    17. SJ - Omaha says:

      Has anyone written about a possible historical parallel?

      In the 1960's, the Soviet Union with its nuclear missiles and its common cause with Cuba lead to their joint effort to station short range nuclear missiles in this hemisphere to directly threaten the US homeland.

      Does an Iran with ambitions to have nuclear missiles and which appears to have a common cause with Venezuela portend something similar in the future? If Iran has a missle that can reach Israel (approx. 1000 miles) does it possess missile technology that could reach Florida from Vennesuela (approx. 1200 miles)?

      Is the US not in a better position to defend itself from a biligerant Iran by having close alies (Iraq & Afganistan) and a significant military presence on the eastern and wester borders of Iran?

    18. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Obama is a failure in every area, not just Iran. This person, Obama is his name, is by far, the most incompetent President ever to reside in the White House. May God have mercy on our Nation.

    19. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      I continue to wonder WHEN The Heritage Foundation will wake up and realize ihe illegal "POTUS wannabe" HATES this country and is actively seekeing (and with REMARKABLE success) to DESTROY IT?

    20. Rusty Mississippi says:

      "We have met the enemy and……"

    21. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Why should we give Mahmoud Imanutjob a visa? We should take the Beach Boys' advice and BOMB BOMB BOMB BOMB IRAN!

    22. Judith in Michigan says:

      But Mr O & Co ARE right on course in their efforts to degrade the United States to the point of a forced surrender. They have no intention of changing direction. This administration is cunning & sly. They know exactly what they are doing. All of their fake language is meant to deflect what is actually going on.

      I attended a HF screening of their film "33 Minutes". Anyone who has seen this presentation could not possibly deny the catastrophic danger this country faces. Then, how could you justify the efforts this administration is making unless it is on purpose.? Yes, a rogue enemy terrorist group could still attack the US without Iran's OK, but Iran still has enough power to maintain the control they need and would move in to take over if this were to happen…

      We will be increasingly exposed to the term "Global Governance". Three guesses who is already auditioning for the position of "Global Supreme Leader".The first two guesses don't count.

      I'm sure Mr A will be given a "royal" welcome with many smiling photo opportunities. But I'm afraid of what will actually be going on behind closed doors. What are they going to be negotiating? What promises will be made?

      This administration is a danger to the health & safety of the United States. We need to start the transition back to sanity at the ballot box in Nov, while we still can.

    23. Deidra Houston, Texa says:

      Am I the only person out here who believes that Obama is insane?

    24. Debra, Albuquerque says:

      What about America Stand up for the principles upon which it was founded — priciples for which 1000's of Americans whether farmers, storekeepers, fathers, husbands, sons, etc., died defending…. that woudl be a start — how about we return to patriotism and integrity and honor? I think that is where we can stand with the Iranians….. as a start and that which is great and honorable can birth itself out of a nation who again can take possession of the bravery of its forefathers….and those who have died defending not only our borders for the lives of the less fortunate on our planet….

    25. Don, TX says:

      A year and a half into this presidency it is beyond me why anyone would be surprised when anything negative happens toward the United States. Wheither it be domestically or internationally. We should all know Obamas agenda by now. There is such a thing as coincedence, but a whole string of them………….and all damaging to America? Common, admit it. We've been had. Naa……….couldn't happen. We're smarter than that.

    26. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Forgive me another comment: Ahmadinejad has PROMISED to wipe ISRAEL off the face of the earth when Iran's goal of becoming a nuclear power is achieved. Was he lying or does he absolutely mean it? Before being ramrodded into the presidency by HOLLYWOOD and the LEFTIST NEWS MEDIA, Obama said "white man's greed fuels a world in need", and, "the US uses the majority of the world's resources yet is only a minority in population and I will do something about that"(he failed to mention the US, at THAT time was the world's greatest PRODUCING COUNTRY!!!). Are we to believe this man too?! Does his spoken hatred of whitey have anything to do with his AMERICA-KILLING POLICIES? You know Mr O, you can't hurt WHITEY without destroying everyone else in the process! Some of us are aware that your father and grandfather HATED THE BRITISH! Well, SO DID WE AT ONE TIME SIR!!!

    27. Jennie Walsh, Curwen says:

      When did Iran ever threaten the USA? Why doesn't Iran have the right as any other nation to arm itself in self defense? Why is the USA threatening Iran?

    28. Jennie Walsh, PA says:

      Why doesn't Iran have the right to defend itself as other nations do? When did Iran every threaten the USA? Why is the USA threatening Iran?

    29. Dave, Provo, UT says:

      Obama and Jimmy Carter are two of a kind; shallow, appeasing, big government socialists. We will have a difficult time rebuilding respect with our allies and enemies when Obama is gone, just as we did after Carter. History teaches we must understand our enemies. I went to a hick school compared to Harvard (Univ. of Wisconsin) and remember the joy of the arab and muslim students when Israel was invaded (1967), “We will wipe the jewish cancer off the earth,” one told me. When they failed he just told me to be patient for the 12th Iman would arise and complete the task–Iran claims to be that 12th Iman.

    30. toledofan says:

      I think that as long as this administration is in Washington and in power, nothing is going to change. Stringent sanctions should have been imposed on January 21, 2009 and maybe today things would be different? Maybe, if we weren’t so arrogant with Israel, maybe they would have been able to do some damage on their own? Why would we even consider giving this guy a Visa anyway. Talk about weak and pathetic.

    31. Jennie Walsh, 405 Th says:

      "Liberal" is the new-speak, politically-correct term for baby murderers, murderers, war-mongers, liars, thieves, organized crime and kingdom of Satan.

    32. Larry Hearold, Leomi says:

      Since Iran is a signatory of the NPT and so far has acted within its framework then I see no reason why he should not attend. As far as obama's foriegn policy? Its AFU just like the last 8 or 10 presidents we have had. Support the Palistinians and dump Isreal off the end of the dock and we would not have a problem in the mid-east. But, republicans are warmongers and democraps are moron warmongers. Only difference is the BS they sling in the process!!!!!

    33. Don, Raleigh, NC says:

      What are the odds? Obama is the product of our superb, leftist, radical institutions of “higher learning,” the so called intellectual elite imbued and enamored with the idea that they are the smartest people in the world. These people are completely oblivious to any argument, rational, practical or otherwise counter to their own, all of which they immediately dismiss as inferior to their “brilliant” assessments which are automatically superior emanating as it is from their lofty self imposed perch, the further from main stream thought and established dogma beheld as evidence of their intellectual superiority. Complacent, self indulgent America got itself in deep doo doo in November 08 and short of armed revolt or impeachment the only way out is at the ballot box beginning this November. Bone up and exercise your Constitutional rights. This D.C. crowd has got to go.

    34. Drew Page, IL says:

      To Dallas, TX, whoever you are — You say, “You guys can sure be critical, but I want to know is what is your solution to the Iranians?” Well, I’ll give you mine.

      First, we get rid of Obama and his Democrat Congress at the earliest opportunity. We then revise or repeal his health care reform bill, as currently written. Next, we use every penny of unspent TARP and Stimulus money to paydown the debt to China. We pull out of Iraq within the next six months. We pull out of Afghanistan six months later. We cut government spending to the greatest degree possible, suspending the funding of any of the ‘earmarks’ that were in the Stimulus plan, which are as yet unfunded. We continue the Bush tax cuts for another four years and reduce the tax on business. We forget about Cap & Trade. We forget about blanket amnesty for illegal aliens. We discontinue social services to all illegal aliens. We reduce our deficit and our foreign debt, so that we don’t have to ask permission from those countries to take the next step.

      The next step being we slap am embargo on Iran, limiting it’s import of refined gasoline until they agree to inspection of all their nuclear facilities. We maintain the embargo until all weapons grade plutonium is sent out or taken out of Iran.

      We then increase manpower to our CIA and NSA. We call on our allies around the world to join with the United States in forming an international police force strictly to combat terrorism (yes, we bring that word back into our vocabulary) anywhere in the world. Those who would join such an international counter-terrorism police force would have to contribute to the funding of such a police force.

      Now Dallas, that’s what I would recommend. What do you recommend?

    35. Scott, Colorado says:

      In view of cascading security incidents affecting the United States and its allies, I recommend the latest piece at Analyst Bluepapers blog about Russian inroads to US, NATO and EU insecurity. The piece as well the links are quite comprehensive regarding national security priorities. Looking at Iran in context requires such considerations.

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    37. Ronald McCloskey,, M says:

      FDR thought he could "charm" Joe Stalin too, and we all know how that ended up. Some people never learn

    38. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      The White House will issue a visa for the pres. of Iran so he can take his victory lap at the UN. He deserves it because he is so much smarter than Obama and knows Obama is too chicken to do anything about him. Giving him the visa to enter the country will be just one more stupid thing Obama does to confirm he has surpassed Jimmy Carter as being the worst president in the past 100 years.

    39. tkulcsar Houston,Tx says:

      I would like to know ,Is obama just tring to look strupid in the eyes of the world,or is he really stupid? I'm no genius,but even I know talk is not going to get anything done with this NUT,he's out to start WORLD WAR III,And thats all thats on his tiny mind.He should not be allowed in this country,then again neither should the UN.

    40. das.aardvark Bradent says:

      It is too simple. They want a nuclear weapon of their own. We should give it to them, Scot-damned-free. We should select our biggest, most powerful thermonuclear device and using our newest and best B-2, we should affably, amicably, and with much gusto deliver it to them . . . at fourty-thousand feet over Tehran . . . set for a grande final "Star Spangled" presentation at ten-thousand feet.

      Then they can have their cake and "eat it" too.

    41. Al Wunsch, Fl says:

      By the time Pres Obama leaves office, the next President will have no choice but to take military action against Iran – if someone in that region doesn't start a war before then. They no longer have to fear that the U.S. will stop what they want to do. Hezbolla is rearming while the U.N. makes sure they won't do that and may take action against Israel.

      We could stop ships from bringing in gasoline to Iran but Iran has already taken steps to hedge against that possibility. Since the Obama admin isn't moving on drilling for oil/gas, Iran can bottle up the Hermuz Strait and, most likely, hurt us economically more than we can them at this point. These progressives seem destined to repeat rather than learn from history.

    42. GLORIANA M. LEVASSEU says:

      I certainly cannot do better than what has already been said. I agree because we all seem to agree with what has been said. WE MUST RETAKE OUR COUNTRY – peacefully if at all possible. Glo

    43. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      Does this guy ever have a good day????

      Does this guy ever do anything right????

      Does this guy care?????

    44. Rena, VA says:

      Unbelievable that Obama wants to continue to reduce not only our nuclear missile program but also our misslile defense program. Basically, he will unarm us so that our enemies need only to invade our ground and take over. I for one demand that our government cease anytype of involvement with the United Nations, since it is the goal of the UN to take over the US and remove our government and sovereignty.

      God help us all.

    45. Tamir, Houston says:

      I think this makes sence as much as an American sitting president (Obama) believes that Israel building in east Jerusalem – is more radical then Iran working on nuclear bomb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    46. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Drew Page in Illinois I vote for you! The amazing thing is 70% of the people in this country agree with you. So how in God’s Name are these limpbrained Democrats running things?! Somebody needs to look into this…I smell a rat in the oven. With the democrat’s legacy of splitting the races and classes so NO ONE GETS ALONG, with their GHASTLY ECONOMIC POLICIES, just look at DETROIT, with their destruction of black and now white families purporting that the STATE is now the one to look to, with Obama’s brainfoggish spending spree which has outdone every President in our history, in one fell swoop, and NOBODY SAYS ANYTHING(nobody being our “protectors” we used to call the media!)…something is REALLY FISHY HERE! How are they RUNNING US(into the ground?). Only the uneducated, the ill informed and basically the insane would VOTE FOR THESE PEOPLE! How many of them combined are there?! AND WE WONDER WHY WE ARE GOING BACKWARDS!

    47. Anna Mae H, Buena Ne says:

      OBama must be IMPEACHED for putting our country in peril. He should be impeached for not protecting our country and defend it, he has done quite the opposite. He is an abomination to life, liberty and freedom not to mention economic success. Did you see Glenn Beck's news last evening about the Cap and Trade Bill? If yoou haven't go to his sight. Follow the circle of friends that influence this monster of a president.

    48. Corky, Howey in the says:

      Is not what this administration doing akin to TREASON? He (obama) is putting America at grave risk. He is NOT a true AMERICAN with what he is doing. IF we as AMERICAN's don't do something soon we will not have a UNITED STATES any more….THAT CONSTITUTES….TREASON…

    49. victor ciccone cheye says:

      I just want to say that history repeats itself. most of us know this , so we must be ready for an another attack upon the country, this time nuclear this time, some would call this payback !!!!. then we will have to pay the price in blood, just as we did it the so called good war wwII, if we have the resolve to stand up for our once great country. this sounds far out ,but only time will tell . we must wake up !!! there are still tooooo many people who believe the great one is our saviour . wake up america wake up.

    50. Loral O. Michigan says:

      Drew Page – good plan! Jennie Walsh – Iran threatens Israel in this way: "We will level you to the ground as if you never existed". That is all they live for – to murder the Jews, who are our allies. We are hated because we've supported Israel but even if we hadn't, we would still be a target because we aren't a Muslim country and we live in a way the middle east disagrees with. Women have education and rights here. We don't murder family members who dishonor us and our men aren't allowed to have a half dozen wives. In other words, we aren't in the dark ages. We might become that way if Obama keeps pushing about it. He calls us arrogant, when we are actually just proud to have built such a wonderful country as the USA.

      Even the citizens of Iran despise Ahmadinejad. He thinks nothing of murdering college students who try to voice their desire for Democracy, or they will be in prison for years. A insane and horrible human being. No he should never have nuclear weapons!!! He will wipe everyone off the face of the earth.

    51. david turney says:

      every time obama leaves the house he does a little more to destroy this country in order to build a socialist system the current system needs to be torn down obama knows this and is slowly doing itstep by step VOTE HIM OUT

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    53. jose m. arteaga says:

      well as if no one knows that this president I S not worthy in being commander in chief of our military.. he has and continues to undermind the people of this great country of ours. he (amabo) has not demonstrated to the united states of america anything positive for the future and now. he is anti-american and he should present the cirtificate of live birth, to go ahead and settle the question, is he legaly qualified to be president of usa. the only thing there may be to hide is his none american citizenship. this guy (amabo) reads books that are ANTI-AMERICAN and believes in the following : JOSEPH STALLING, KARL MARX, ADOLF HITLER, FIDEL CASTRO, the N. KOREAN PRESIDENT, HUGO CHAVEZ, AMWARR KADAFI, and he is so commtitted to destroying the UNITED STATE of AMERICA.oh and of course he believes in the taking control of the people (citizens) by violating the constitution on a daily basis, and i do believe that this president and the great majority of the U S senate & the U S congress members have and are commiting treason against our country. my question is "how come does GOD allow these type of people to be born and not have the mom miscariage?" oh well i guess it's up to us to get rid of these beings and never be betrade by others like these beings ever again. they are traitors and should be court marshal by our military courts. we should just plain vote REPUBLICAN always! let the UNITED STATES of AMERICA be freed from the clutches of these traitors real SOON. i will defend this country with my life if it has to be.. every one that reads this, may GOD bless you and your families and help us on this atrossity that this current admnsistraion is doing and hopefully calls on them to leave this world. i am ANTI-amabo. i have always said and spelled this president's name backwards because of his backward ideas and the total BIG ASSHOLE that he is. that is right this president is a total jackass of an ASSHOLE. PHUCK YOU PRESIDENT AMABO (obama). god bless america and her good people. i would like for the feds to come and ask me what i mean by all of this, and i will let them know how alot of americans are not in line with this STUPID president. cordially yours jose from las vegas,nv.

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