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  • Tweet of the Week: 60% Believe Obamacare will Increase the Deficit

    Tweet of the Week

    Rasmussen Reports had an interesting tweet about Obama’s Health Care Reform legislation:

    @RasmussenPoll: 60% Believe health care law will increase deficit, 58% favor repeal… http://tinyurl.com/RR1383

    Not only do 60% of Americans believe that health care reform will increase the deficit, but 58% also believe that the correct thing to do is repeal the law.

    Digging deeper into the numbers, of the 58% who want to repeal the law, 47% strongly believe that we should repeal it, while only 29% strongly oppose repealing the law. Further still, only 19% think Obamacare will actually reduce the deficit.

    Meanwhile, 57% believe it will increase the costs of health care, while only 18% believe it will reduce the cost. The majority was proven right earlier this week when the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released a report saying that health care costs would increase.

    Perhaps the most telling statistic from the poll is the fact that 51% believe that the quality of health care will go down, while only 24% think it will improve. The bottom line to all these numbers is that the left tried selling us a bill of goods, but the majority isn’t buying it.

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    17 Responses to Tweet of the Week: 60% Believe Obamacare will Increase the Deficit

    1. chatmandu says:

      An obvious truism.

    2. LibertyAtStake, Alex says:

      "You can fool some of the people …" Oh, you know the rest.

      [For a light hearted take on our present peril]

    3. Phil, Boston says:

      It's clear that just about everything Obama says is proven lies. One reason the o-bots have been giving to pass the Finance bill is that it's popular. It might be popular because the mainstream media is Obamas' lapdog instead of a watchdog, and they spread the lies daily? Let's apply this same standard to ObamaCare anyway, it's popular to repeal!

    4. MFEZ, Pittsburgh PA says:

      And the other 40% have cranial-rectal inversion.

    5. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Too much can be made from polls. Polls can be manipulated. Polls are not

      a reliable sorce. Polls can be denied if one does not agree the the results. The Facts are the Facts. ObamaCare will do so much more than "increase the

      deficite" ObamaCare is just the first step in Obama's agenda to drag this country into his idea of a European socialist state. That's the facts, wheather or not the

      polls reflect it.

    6. Grace says:

      Where are all the idiots who were proporting "no increases". This bill sb repealed.

    7. Zack says:

      I got a good tweet of the week….

      RasmussenPoll: The most bias and flawed polling system in U.S. History.

      In case you forgot, Scott Rasmussen is VERY conservative.

      Heritage, wanna make it 15 un-posted comments?

      I will try and get to 30 by the end of this month.

    8. Andy Trench says:

      Show me anything the Government has ever run efficiently in the past.Why would health care be anything different.WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE IT'S

      TOO LATE.

    9. Mike says:

      And in breaking news, the 18% that believe Obamacare will result in healthcare cost reductions, the 19% that thinks it will reduce the deficit, and the 24% that believe it will improve the quality of healthcare, were found to be either totally delusional or fully subsidized by the federal government.

      And the comment questioning what the government has ever run efficiently/effectively is right on. If it's not good enough for those in Washington and their families, its not good enough for mine.

    10. Jill, California says:

      Obama and Congress are doing everything possible to increase the deficit with everything they are doing. It's not just healthcare.

    11. Drew Page, IL says:

      Of course it will increase our national debt. Only a fool would think that it won’t.

      The only people who won’t agree with this are the ones who will directly benefit from it, at the expense of those who pay federal income taxes, and the authors of this monstrosity.

    12. Corky, Howey in the Hills, Fl says:

      I am in Government run healthcare and it is called V.A., that’s Veteran Administration healthcare and it is BAD!! REAL BAD!!! I waited four and a half months JUST TO SEE an orthopedic doctor. While I waited I was NOT given any pain medication at all. (Trust me I was in pain!) I could barely walk. I COULD NOT get through to my primary care doctor. At the hospital it is wall to wall people WAITING for for a 5 minute visit and then told they will have to come back.. I got news for you people if you think Government Run Healthcare is going to be good for American you could not be more wrong!! Ask a VET and find out…

    13. Dave - Chelsea says:

      Zack – I suggest you take a hard look at the polling questions from the polls you trust, and compare them to questions that Rasmussen poses when taking the pulse of the American People — As well, you should also check WHO the other polling services are talking with, as Rasmussen (as I understand it) limits their polling with "likely voters" versus any Tom, Dick or Harry walking the street.

    14. Zack says:

      hey Dave, keep telling yourself that Rasmussen is the most credible. I have completed extensive research on polling systems in the U.S. and I can tell you that Rasmussen, by far is the most bias polling system in history. Why is that any suprise? Scott Rasmussen is a leading conservative and has contributed to countless republican/conservative campaigns. Its ok, Rasmussen just aint that credible, but you could never allow yourself to see that, ya know, because you are a conservative. For example, go to real clear politics and look at Obama's approval rating and which polling system is off by an average of 3.9% points against every other polling system. Also, why would Heritage or Fox News only use Rasmussen. Come on now, your argument holds no water. And me saying Rasmussen is not credible is not an opinion, its backed by numerical evidence.

    15. Billie says:

      Keep convincing yourself American government is credible. Scott Rasmussen sounds like an awesome man of dignity!

    16. Rebecca, Virginia Be says:

      Funny, I would have thought that 100% of the people asked would have realized that Obamacare will raise the deficit. So I guess the poll is actually saying 40% of people polled cannot do basic math.

      Funny that there is some 2% out there that know it will raise the deficit but they want it to stay around anyway. They must work for ACORN.

      (note: This situation we find ourselves in is so sad that I just have to laugh and joke about it all. That or I would start crying and never stop).

    17. Benjamin Schneider, says:

      Well I am pleased that Emperor Obama and his court jesters in Congress didn't fool everyone. Unfortunately Amereican politicans have a strange aversion to repealing any bill even if it is virtually destested; this process can be long and messy.(The prohibition is a fine exaple.) Come election time all the members of Congress that voted for the bill must go. Oh Obama, don't get too attached to the Oval office, if the American people have any sense they will send back to Illinois after your first term.

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