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  • Video of the Week: Billie Tucker's Inspiring Tea Party Story

    Billie Tucker is a wife, a mom, a businesswoman, and now she’s a Tea Partier. At last weekend’s Heritage Resource Bank, she told an inspiring story about her frustrations with the direction our country is headed and why she became motivated to make her voice heard.

    “All of a sudden I wake up, and my country is in so much trouble,” she said. “It’s affecting my kids and their future, and I gotta tell you, when they say ‘You’re a bunch of angry people,’ well wouldn’t it make you angry?”

    Tucker was looking for a way to channel that anger, so last year she joined together with five others to organize The First Coast Tea Party. On April 15, 2009, she and her compatriots planned for a gathering of 500, borrowed a flag and borrowed some bunting. Five thousand people showed up. And last week, 7,000 attended.

    “The movement is growing, and don’t let anyone tell you it’s not,” she says.

    Watch her phenomenal story and tell us what you think.

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    20 Responses to Video of the Week: Billie Tucker's Inspiring Tea Party Story

    1. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      Contrary to the main line press, most of us "tea partiers" are middle class people that don't want to see our children and grandchildren saddled with all this debt. We don't want "Big Brother" running the most private sectors of our lives. We believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights which limit goverment control over lives. Our founding fathers stated this because of England's actions against the colonies, it also gave states control over certain aspects. This congress has ignored all and just keeps pushing more regulations down our throats while trying to white wash their behavior which led us here namely Freddie and Fannie.

    2. C.Adli,NV. says:

      She is agreat American.

    3. Melissa O'Sulli says:

      Great lady! What she is describing re the "partnership"with Heritage, is what we Conservatives have lacked: the people power to get out and organize, demonstrate, protest, and deliver "the message" the same way the Left has utilized unions for decades.

      Thanks for sharing!

    4. Rochester Hills, Mic says:


    5. Zack says:

      this "movement" is just that, a movement. the only thing growing is the ignorance of the people attending tea party's. didn't 95% of the contry have absolutely no increase in federal taxes since Obama was elected…..?


      yeah, haha. i would love to see how educated she is in the field of legislative and economic history..

    6. Ardath Blauvelt says:

      What a great gal. I want to send her out to all those demoncrats who pretend that Tea Partiers are dangeropus. She's a hoot — and we will laugh all the way to the ballot box with her. We'll see some real anger the day after, won't we? And it won't be ours!

    7. M Hamisch, Texas says:

      Go girl, many other mammas are behind you and willing to help.

    8. Rochelle, Colorado says:

      This is terrific! Brava Billie Tucker! I am there, too! My country has been stolen from me before my eyes! So, I go to Tea Parties. I go to caucus and serve as county and state representative spots. But, that's not enough! I have to talk, talk, talk! Thanks for Heritage to help me say the right things. It is my passion and their facts

    9. Mary of New York, Ny says:

      Billie, thank you for inspiring us to keep up the struggle!

    10. Dennis Social Circle says:

      If you are aganist the "Tea Party" then you must be for a socialist state or worse. Yes we are angry, angry that this country is being lead down a path of destruction that our great grand children will not be able to change in their life times.

      I think about all that have fough, blead, suffered and died for this country and what it stood for {past tense}, and wonder how they must feel about giving so much for us. I for one fought in the not so popular war "Vietnam", yes I know the famous dems in power have declared me to be terroist and a hate monger, but they are wrong. I fought because I was asked to ,because a small country wanted to be free. The politicans failed us and that country. Now our current breed of people want to give up all that this country is and was, just for power and controll.

      I hope and pray the "Tea Party" will thrive and grow each day, I hope we the people will take back our country, take back the Constitution and all it stands for, and then develope the pride in our country and ourselves that made this country great in the first place. I also pray that GOD will have mercy on all of us as we go through thsi trying time, yea I know God is a dirty word to many people, but what will you say when you stand before Him in the end???

    11. Bernadette, Florida says:

      Thanks Billie Tucker for standing up for our Founding Fathers" principles. Most of the kids today don't even know what they are, they have been so brainwashed by our "progressive" professors in the liberal Universities of our country. Since Obama has been in office we might not have a raise in our taxes but WAKE up America look what"s coming our country is on it's way to be taxed to death.

    12. Justin Galione Jacks says:

      Billie, I am so proud of you! You are a great American and a inspiration

      to us all.

    13. Billie says:

      Zack says:
      yeah, haha. i would love to see how educated she is in the field of legislative and economic history.
      Most of us are living in the present, Zack. You really have a chip on your shoulder, you should go to a tea party!

      Thank you, Billie Tucker!
      nice name. mine’s a nickname.

    14. Mabel Le Beau says:

      Billie, You go girl. I am a senior citizen, and I too, have been asleep at the wheel (so to speak), but I am awake now, and a member of the Heritage Foundation, and also a tea partier. Most of the members of my family are tea partiers too. If I can do anything to help, please let me know. GOD BLESS AMERICA. United we stand, divided we fall.

    15. Elhi Juela says:

      All of a sudden she woke up and the country was in a lot of trouble? Were was she during the disastrous 8 years of Republican government? Who created the financial crisis she's just seeing right now? The conservative movement is playing simple obstructionisms. They created the mess, but they don't want anybody to fix it.

    16. George Blumel, Atlantis FL says:

      Billie is the real American willing to sacrifice her time and energies on behalf of her beloved country and for posterity. God Bless Her! About Zack who says we’re ignorant because we don’t seem to know that Obama has not increased taxes on 95% of us. Yet. Well, maybe. But is Zack aware of the $trillions Obama has added to our national debt? –money we can never repay in a hundred years? Is he willing to stick future generations of Americans with this debt? Is he smug about being a part of this horrendous generational theft? My 6-year old granddaughter is already in debt over $50,000 and Obama is just getting started! Is Zack pleased with his Obama’s unemployment rate being made worse by impending huge tax increases on businesses? Is Zack content with ObamaCare and all of its new restrictions and mandates? There are many more reasons why Zack should stop sniping from the sidelines and help Billie in her efforts to preserve freedoms for ourselves and our posterity.

    17. tweetybird193 29 Los says:

      Shes the women that needs to expose the lies and she has.We don't have anyone running our country now. Everyone in congress knows obama don't belong there and no one is doing anything to help the US from falling. We need Millions to come to DC 9`11 and march around the white house.

    18. Martin J. Dixon says:

      Kudo's for Billie Tucker. We all need to follow her example and get involved. Before it is too late. Before Obama was elected. I tried to warn people about what he was about. People, including members of my own family, refused to believe and even tell me how crazy i am for believing what I knew to be true… Waiting is not a luxury. We can not afford.

    19. shar says:

      Why isn't the greatest cause of our dept discussed? To much profit being made from war? And privatizing has multiplied our dept to trillions. s

    20. R Miller - Phoenix says:

      Excuse me if I disagree with every point made in this blog as none of them make any sense.

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