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  • Morning Bell: The Obama Fiscal Responsibility Farce Continues

    Today President Barack Obama’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform will convene for the first time at the White House. Tasked with making recommendations to Congress that would put the budget in primary balance by 2015 and “meaningfully improve” our nation’s long-term fiscal outlook, the commission meets a little over a month after Congress approved a new $2.5 trillion health care entitlement that the Obama administration now confirms will increase our nation’s total health care spending.

    This is a now familiar pattern for the White House: first enact record breaking levels of deficit spending, then turn right around and promise austerity sometime in the future. This February, after signing the largest single-year increase in domestic federal spending since World War II, President Obama held a “fiscal responsibility” summit designed to “send a signal that we are serious” about putting the nation on sounder financial footing. The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank quipped at the time: “Holding a ‘fiscal responsibility summit’ at the White House in the middle of a government spending spree is a bit like having an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at a frat house on homecoming weekend.”

    The leftist majorities in Congress are no better. Congress has now missed its April 15 deadline for enacting a budget resolution, which is one of the few pieces of legislation that Congress must pass annually. If Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) fails to pass a budget it will be the first time since the 1974 Congressional Budget Act that the House has failed to do so. All over the country, recession-weary families are examining their income and spending, making difficult decisions, and setting family budgets. Yet Congress—despite a $1.5 trillion deficit in 2010 and historic deficits as far as the eye can see—cannot manage to set any budget framework for the next few years.

    Some may argue that Congress does not need to pass a budget since President Obama’s commission will be making all the tough choices. But this would only make our fiscal crisis worse: Congress is under deadline to finance the FY 2011 spending bills before September 30—well before the commission is even scheduled to release its report. Without a budget, Congressional appropriators are completely free to ignore all caps on discretionary spending for fiscal year (FY) 2011. Worse, the commission itself is fatally flawed since: 1) its recommendations are not guaranteed a vote in Congress; 2) its recommendations will be considered by a lame duck Congress; 3) there is no indication the commission will take any input from public hearings.

    Last week, Pew Research Center released a survey showing just 22% of respondents said they trust the federal government almost always or most of the time. Last March Pew found by 54% to 37%, people favored the government exerting more control over the economy. Now, by 51% to 40%, a majority of Americans say they want less government control. If President Obama’s fiscal responsibility commission is to have any credibility with the American people, the first item on its agenda must be the full repeal of the President’s $2.5 trillion health care entitlement.

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    77 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama Fiscal Responsibility Farce Continues

    1. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Unless we rid ourselves of "progressive" ideology and the Progressive Socialists who peddle it, the Country will soon be a footnote in history books. There seems to be no place for truth in their lexicon. They want to rule and control the populace, and deceive (lie) to achieve this end. People must wake up to the fact that they have taken us on a course of ruination. They despise the Morals and Principles of our founding Fathers. Nothing is sacred to them, except Power OVER the people.

      We must return to the Principles of Thomas Jefferson and reject Karl Marx.

      Obama, Pelosi. Reid and other "progressives in both parties, continue to ram through Marxist ideas ala Saul Alynsky's methodology. They work for the elite but mean slavery for the masses.

      We must take the first step to rid ourselves of these vernimous people in November 2010 and then again in November 2012.

    2. Mary.... WI says:

      HAH! The national healthcare bill will never be repealed with these "political morons" at the wheel. Our taxes will just keep increasing and increasing until one day, ooops, we are taken over by China or some other rogue country.

      Greed never got anybody anything BUT Obama and his "merry politicians" will get their's in Nov 2010 and Nov 2012. I plan to do my best in educating any young adultn I know be they hispanic, black, yellow and yes, white, on how what a disaster this man has created for this country and that THEY will be paying their $$$ forever if they vote democrat again. It seems once a young adult is finally out in the workforce they realize that paycheck sure didn't go far…..REALITY!….Serfs to the government.

      As for us older generation folk, if there's anything you've wanted but always felt guilty purchasing it might be a good time to go for it now before that VAT and a gazillion other taxes go into effect because the affect could just be devastating to an already crippled economy.

    3. Bonnie says:

      What a joke. It gets more laughable every day. Obama, is an really an idiot. This is the most transparent he's been since his election.

    4. Bonnie says:

      What a joke. It gets more laughable every day. This is the only transparency this administration has to offer. It probably is unintentional, since this administration thinks that we are stupid…..

    5. Bob Keefe says:

      If you keep a close watch on Senator Simpson, he could do a good job for the people on this commission. If he get to joking and making cute comments his cedibility will be extinguished. This will be his last big Hurrah in the public limelight so hold him to his job .

    6. MJF, CT says:

      I really appreciate this article that Mr. Carroll took the time to prepare and the wealth of information that the Heritage Foundation gives us. With all of this in hand, I have to admit that every time President Obama speaks, he lies, lies some more and continues to lie.

    7. Terry Brown, Plymout says:

      It makes one wonder how seemingly intelligent people can completely ignore even the most basic financial rules in their never ending quest for re-election.

    8. John, Michigan says:

      Outsource Congress.

    9. Dave, Provo, UT says:

      "Call me irresponsible" should be the theme song of this congress! Folks don't let our our ire with this congress fade. We must replace them (both parties) with fiscal conservatives who have guts to do the right thing like the new governor of New Jersey. Our united voice should resound, CUT SPENDING (especially the pork barrel add ons and entitlements), LOWER TAXES, BALANCE THE BUDGET, FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION——period! My home made bumper sticker reads–

      NO Nanny State NO.

    10. Ken Jarvis says:

      WHY Is the GOP voting to PROTECT WALL STREET? ——




    11. Ellen Humphrey Tulsa says:

      I really fear for the senior citizens (as well as others) because two of my Doctors have told me personally they will either seek other fields in medicine or just simply retire. Some of the Doctors have already announced they will not be taking Medicare or Medicaid…and Obamacare is adding thirty-two million others to be insured?????? I see the hand-writing on the wall. Do you?

    12. Normca says:

      The jobs summit, the health care summit and now this get together of a commission that is comprised of former legislators & has beens that never left the box when they held elective office or appointments. If Obama does not like their conclusion; he will just ignore it, just as he did Republican input to the health care bill. On Fox Sunday the leaders gave a preview of what is to come. "Tax increases are the last thing I will consider" said the democrat. Tax increases are coming; just after the November elections. [Like the Health Care bill, most goes into effect after the 2012 elections.] The democrat leadership spent the money and now do not want to look at the checkbook and so no budget. Most families are making financial decisions except for those with union members including teachers here in Capistrano; they are demanding more of what is left of the California pie. They are just victims of Obama, who helped to put Obama in the white house and now they do not want to share in the hope and change.

    13. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Is Obama serious? Is Obama serious?! I don't think so. If he was, we wouldn't be in this fiscal mess. If this is true, then why have a VAT? Why not cut taxes, spending,

      or something else? It seems like the economic girly men in Washington never met a tax they didn't like.

    14. john Arizona says:

      HF: Thanaks for the article – well said, and Dana Milbank said it best. The unmitigated gall of this president, to increase the nations debt beyond belief, and then commision a fiscal responsibility panel to look at reducing the country's debt. This goes beyond the President thinking Americans are so stupid they will think this is the mark of a great leader. This great leader is trying desperately to lead us all into the state of doom, and his cronies in his administration and the flunkies in the Democratic Congress are in lock step right along with him.

    15. Gary Nevada/Alaska says:

      Gee whiz, what's the chances they'll suggest that the tried and tested VAT tax will be our ONLY possible solution? How about 100%!

    16. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Smoke and Mirrors. Lies and deception. This is Obama's campaign and presidency "familiar pattern" thus far. Everything Obama does and says is

      measured to deceive and fool the American people. There is nothing honest

      and above board about Obama. If more of the people would take the time to look past the left-wing media's proctection of Obama and the Dems, they would recognize that there socialist agenda is designed to destroy every aspect of our nation.

    17. Lee, Kansas says:

      What is the difference between a weasel in the chicken house and a weasel in the White House? One destroys your chickens and one destroys your country.

      Ironically they have identiacl solutions.

      Well written article.

    18. Hal Messinger, Apple says:

      Given the choice between choosing between attending a commission hearing and a homecoming weekend, I'll take the fraternity blast everytime. At least, I wouldn't be wasting the taxpayer's dime.

    19. Leith Wood Richmond, says:

      I've said from the beginning that Obama and the Washington gang are self will run riot and need AA meetings. They are drunk with their own power, incapable of keeping it simple and have no desire to get sober.

    20. Joe Colliins, Bremer says:

      Limited Government !! It is obvious, that Congress (Past & Present) and the President (Past & Present) do not understand the term or writing "Limited Government"……I submit we (possibly the Heritage Foundation), should write a article on "Limited Government" exactly what they are able to legislate and what is left to the state and the people………..We have a Constitution and if we are not going to follow it to the letter why do we have it.?? We must speak up and fight for it…….we are always hearing why we are sending troops to other countries fighting for the rights of their people.. We need the troops home and fight for the rights of their own people….Oath to the constitutiion..must be upheld.. Judges, Congress and the President take the oath and so do our troops.. —Write the article, petition the people to sign it– Remove judges, Congressman, Presidents, that fail to keep their Oath of Office..

      Keep America Strong and Keep our Constitution! Without it we are lost..

      Thank you, Joe Collins

    21. jim smith new york says:

      Nobama is our very first African American, Junior Achievement President. He really wanted to be Supreme Potentate or Water Commissioner, but all the turbans and fake hard hats are in the shop for "100,000 lies check ups"

    22. Wayne Simanovsky Sti says:

      It never ceases to amaze me that those in politics are above the law. If I write a bad check I have to pay a fine. If I don't pay a bill I pay a fine. If I don't have any money I can't spend any money. Only DC can get away with this and keep getting money from the tax payer.

    23. Don, Raleigh, NC says:

      "Last March Pew found by 54% to 37%, people favored the government exerting more control over the economy." What the heck were they thinking! This is the crowd that got Obama elected in the first place and now the rest of us are left to "enjoy" the "hope" and change. Government interference in the housing market caused an artificial increase in demand for residential housing by extorting banks into making mortgage loans that defied normal banking practices; banking practices developed by the free market sans government interference. We are now experiencing the result, one that the Democrats glibly blame on everyone else but themselves because they know they can count on the monumental ignorance of those 54% who live and die by the Democrat propaganda spewed from those very handsome, very distinguished looking but very biased talking heads in the leftist fourth estate. Wise up people!

    24. Marcus Clenney, Cape says:

      Wait till we get cap and trade. That will be an incredibly lucrative business, a market worth trillions of dollars, trading invisible air. The money comes out of our pockets with skyrocketing energy costs and resulting higher prices on all products. Is there no way to fire everyone in Congress and the White House, with the possible exception of Congressman Ryan and a very select few others who haven't lost their soul?

    25. Alex R. Jordan, Vero says:

      He, Obama and the delusional maniacal majority in congress are Hell bent

      on cripling our country along with apologies to all beligerent nations while surrendering our nuclear superiority.

      I simply cannot wait till Nov. '10 and then abolish everything they have done


    26. Eagle219, Pennsylvan says:

      You have answered your own question about the failure of the congress to address the budget. The financial commission will make its recommendations (will include a VAT no doubt) and they will be adopted by a lame duck congress which has no accountability. This will be especially so if the predictions are true about projected incumbent losses.

    27. Diane, NJ says:

      When all conservatives are willing to ACT on conservative principles and convictions then we will be able to overthrow an illegal presidency. Until then, talk will be just talk. If you dont' want VAT, healthcare, amnesty,,,,then all of us ought to stand up to the plate. Paying taxes is what is feeding the beast. A nationwide work strike would suffice and take down the most corrupt administration in history. Trust me, fear of bad credit ratings are holding most of us hostage. Nonsense, eh?

    28. Scott Boise ID says:

      Even in the 30's, "progressives" pointed fingers at largely government caused crises, and proclaimed the "failure of capitalism & markets". Everything this Administration does will hurt us – but I don't think they care. The worse it gets, the greater their mandate for yet more government intervention/control. The deceit, the arrogance and the egregious mismanagement only leads me to conclude they are interested in consolidation of power – and the people, the constitution & liberty be damned.

    29. Chrisann, Heber UT says:

      Obama makes me sick. His lies and rhetoric makes my skin crawl and the longer he is in office the worse it is for our country. I find it ridiculous that he won't uphold laws and doesn't support states rights. We need to get him out of office and impeach him and then throw him and all the legislators that are breaking laws in jail and hold them under the fire to be made an example of. Laws are in place to protect the citizens not the criminals.

    30. JFBeck says:

      You can see the next moves by this administration five moves in advance. Obama is going for bankrupcy of the USA, a one term presidency for the history books and walking away from everything with his middle finger flashing in the air with that crap eating smile on his face. Game over.

      Greece is coming to the USA of A. California will be the first with the burning of the cities by the radicals who want to see martial law implemented to "control the people". Earthquake hell…..

      This all sounds so surreal when one writes such prose. The only question remaining is when will the violence start?

      Watch where Arizona is heading in the next few weeks. You can expect the same come Labor Day on 5X the scale with a 2 month push by the left into the election cycle. It will be the premis to "save the union" by suspending elections.

      These progressives know that this is their last chance after waiting 60 years for this moment to take control forever. Do you not think they will make the ultimate sacrifice through others to acheive their true goals…..

    31. Drew Page, IL says:

      This administration and Congress are spending the country into bankruptcy and shows no intention of evenslowing down. Mr. Obama and his liberal supporters have a socialist agenda and are trying to make the entire population of the United States dependent upon government for nearly everything. Strong central government control and higher and higer taxes to pay for it all.

      I don't want the U.S. to be like Canada, or England, or France, or Germany, or Spain or anyother social democracy. I am sure that there are a number of people in this country who would have no problem living in public housing, on food stamps, welfare checks, Medicaid and the public dole. Maybe for them, that's an improvement. But I don't want that.

      How can the numerous examples of government "support" be regarded as anything but government control? Ask GM and Chrysler, or any bank that got TARP money, or AIG, or any other company getting "bailout" money how much control they have over their own business. Just like our schools, if you take government money, you do what you are told. Do people really think it's going to be any different for them once they are totally reliant on the government?

      This government has done absolutely nothing to restore employment. all that nonesense we were fed about the $800 billion "Stimulus" bill, was just that, nonesense. Unemployment went up from 8% to 10%. that's not just a 2% increase; it's a 25% increase.

      There exist so many examples of how former administrations (like Kennedy and Reagan) restored employment and tax revenues. By cutting taxes on business and individuals, coupled with cuts in government spending, the economy would recover and employment would be restored.

      We have in power a political party so intent on increasing its constituency of dependency, they are willing to throw open our borders to the world's poor, promising them all the freedoms and benefits of the "richest country in the world". Yes, come one, come all and sign up for all of life's necessities provided to you by an America grateful for your presence – just don't forget to vote Democrat. After all, they are poor and we have everything. We owe the world's poor a lifestyle equivalent to our own, don't we?

    32. Miss Lu, Spokane, Wa says:

      I would like to see the Conservatives in congress, whatever party they are in, stand up for the Constitution. It would be so refreshing to see all of them stand up, put a hand on their heart and say: " I refuse to vote/or be part of this charade, because it is unconstitutional. I swore to uphold the Constitution, and this is unconstitional." Then they could walk out! What a show!

    33. ELVIS IS GONE says:

      You know that is what the illegal alien wanted all along. 100% complete control of the budget, our banks and bank accounts ( be scared of what Harry Reid is trying to pass and lost the first Vote on people – Maybe read the bill- It gives complete control of the banks over to the illegal Alien- What it says is he can at any time go in and take over any bank for any reason) complete control of who gets healthcare, how much they get and when they get cut off to die, complete control of the car companies (ie he closed down all dealership that had given money to the republicans but did not close down any dealerships that gave money to the democratics), complete control of the insurance companies, complete control on how much money any person can get ( unless they are part of the saved elite from the new liberal social commi nazi demcratic party) complete control of the press ( even his secretary of communications came out and told college students last year that her job was to control what the media said, how they said it and what they are not allow to say) Sounds like no freedom of speech any more. I could go on but I hope you get the picture people.

      He wants to create a dictatorship across the world with him ruling it. He is evil, illegal, hater, destroy of not only America but the world. He is Hitler and Stalin and Nero and Napoleon and Gigues Kuhn put together. We must fit this evil. We must rid the world of it or we have no world ever again. It our choice and I have already chosen I wonder how others will choose. I choose to champion Freedom and Fight for it to the death. As Samuel Adams said "Give me Liberty or Death" There is nothing in between.

      (hey the land grab bill sitting in the senate also gives complete control to him to take any land from anybody because he feels like it and he can say it regards national secruity)

      ( read the Give act bill of 2009- It gives him the power to create a national secruity force, a data base to track all people in the US, forced ID collection of all our kids all under a new and separate governmental committee)

      The health care bill has the death panels in it and his budget director admitted it , check the link for yourself and watch a him on national TV say so.


      > ht-obama-budget-director-orszag-admits-government-panels-will-decide-w

      > ho-gets-health-care/"&gt ;http://gatewaypundit.firstthings.com/2010/04/sar
      > ah-palin-was-right-obama-budget-director-orszag-admits-government-pane

      > ls-will-decide-who-gets-health-care/

    34. Pingback: Hiding The Truth From The Public

    35. William Duffy Sloats says:

      This financial Commission is just an Obama Ruse used by a flawed president that thinks he knows how the people will react. He doesn't. The awakening is continuing and by November there should be a clear answer. Who picked these performing blowhards? Who gave them their focus goal and all the paramiters for them to accomplish this feat? Anyone that accepted a spot on this commission is a fool. who would want to be thrown into a raging fire? These people must not conceive the feelings of the nation. The majority of this country is against almost any thing politicians are doing and that goes for both parties. this is just a "let the circus" and the players are old politicians who believe anything they say is gospel. these fools have the pulse of themselves. Bring on the cameras and the limelight before we fade into extinction. Stupid is Stupid be is upon us. hurry up November.

    36. mike says:

      what do you expect from a hand picked panel of liberal idiots, other than a socialist bunch of pure "bull".

    37. Normca says:

      Wall Street – without Wall Street, Main Street would not survive. The so called financial reform bill favors the big banks at the expense of neighborhood banks. It gives the big guys advantages including one that says, it you fail, the government will bail you out. This is a democrat bill that favors Wall Street who is comprised of Goldman Sachs and Obama has nine of their execs in his administration. It is the Republicans who are trying to eliminate the bill's inherent bail out fund for Wall Street – Goldman, AIG, B of A etal. I like to read all sides here, but its is more enriching when the other viewpoint comes from reality, not the democrat playbook of Greed, Greed Greed. The Wash Post and NYT are banking on some people's laziness; not to do research before forming an opinion. And by the way Goldman Sachs gave Obama's campaign almost $1 million in '08. Democrats controlled the Congress and with it, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd and the money from January 2006. And another well kept secret, for those who decry Republicans are protecting Wall Street. Look up Mr. Schumer's donors and it is clear who he gets his money from there on Wall Street.

    38. gorio, calif. says:

      Never was the "Golden Goose" of capitalist America under more threat than now, the radical engineers are all in place. The economic stability of Europe is on the tipping point and the intellectually bankrupted generations are in charge when the worlds con men are out in force. Perhaps it will be Greece failing to make their bond payment, maybe another Katrina maybe just a really bad day at the NYSE and all the Goldmans in the worlds markets will reach for the imaginary dirivatives "rope" to save their positions and the "rope" will be insantlly disolved as they fall into the arms of their governments who are no more substantial and are just groups of wealthy people who know how to lie well. The real crisis is that our "leaders" are not trustworthy so recovery will require a LOT of strong medicine. I predict the first to go will be public unions/bureaucrats the "too big to fail" will have to if they are broke. and the small businessman will have to take off regulatory/tax shackles if he hopes to restart small businesses , The sacred cows will have to be sacrificed just to feed the starving millions and the "old morality" honestly, integrity and simple justice will emerge again because it works, in the end we always return to our founders dream, small, morally just government where the CITIZENRY handle 95% of life decisions and the government spends frugally and works quietly and efficiently to defend the nation. The con men and the Alinsky's will have to return to honest labour if they want to survive.

    39. Mr. Harris says:

      What does / will it take to get this fiat president (and all of those in congress and senate) officially certified as a total imbecile? If anyone else tried what they are doing that person would be "certified" in short order. How can insanity run so ramped without being challenged? He and the rest of them are "killing U.S. all" and that is a felony.

    40. John Smith in Spokan says:

      It is obvious that the Democratic Party is drawing the country down the

      drain of Communism just as quickly as they can, unfortunately the

      Republican Party is not much better (No matter what they claim their

      platform is). The Tea Party Movement is just to pacify a disgruntled

      republican constituency so that the Republicans can hold on to their

      membership base. What both parties fear the most is the Third Party

      Option. In the future, I foresee many, many more Independents and a

      distinct upsurge in the Libertarian Party membership as it becomes a

      more viable party. If not, this country is seriously doomed; despite what

      any Republican might believe. Most of the leadership in the two parties

      is corrupt, yes that's right, I said both parties. The leadership of both

      are bought and paid for before they ever reach the final vote and most

      of the citizens are catching on to that fact. Upholding the Constitution

      doesn't even weigh in to the equation, despite all the rhetoric espoused

      by the canidates of both parties. What a shame!

    41. David says:

      Tiss such a crying shame that no one see this Country head towards becoming a Socialistic County where the President tells you what you can have and cannot have, make per year and how much maoney is to much.

      Blancing the budget is simple Stop spending money on specail projects and just pay China back the money we owe they.

      But no the Democrats promise a balnced budget by what 2015 if they keep spending money we do not have we won't have any jobs are better yet will be like Haite poor and in the strees begging for bread from Obama.

      Notice they are exempt from this new health care program because they know it is not going to work.

      He is a con artist blowing smoke up the American Asses and most of them are buying it, but then you have those of us who really see what is going on and we are labled trouble makers are teabagger

      Well we need to thow the Democrats out come Nov.2

      But I fear that everyone that is unhappy now will just be complacent like they were in 2008.

    42. Thomas S. - Californ says:

      "Tax and spend," but apparently everyone who's anyone under this administration has two pennies to rub together.

    43. M. F.. Silic says:

      It seems that President Obama likes to come up with these wild schemes and then likes to defer their corrections to the future. Let's see that he has no future as President. At 83, I can't believe what he has done to this country in such a short time. Neither can all the people who send me Impeach Obama letters all the time. I don't understand why I am the recipient since I've never been in politics. I can understand why they feel that way, but i get a half dozen a week from different organizations or people.

      I guess the best thing to do is see that the future he keeps promising for all these do-overs never materializes. Tie him up with negative votes until he's out of office and then pray for a quick passage of time.

    44. RadMaxntx says:

      where are all the communists that put this thug in office…..If i could impart 1 bit of wisdom it would be this ….6 month ago this page would have been full of "He's new at this stuff give him a chance!" …. I think he knows exactly whats he's doing!

    45. L.E., Dallas, TX says:

      If you wish to know what we as American Voters can do to change this Power Lust from the Obama Administration and Pelosi/Reid Congress, just type in the name Alan Keyes and go to his web/blog page. A bit over the top, but on the right track in my opinion. Get out the vote in November 2010, and keep on trucking until November 2012. Take this administration as the WORST to ever be in control in America's existence.

    46. mary Howland says:

      More and more people have stooped to stealingto get what they need and are being punished. When is the white house going to get punished too. They are robbing us what can:t we put charges on them? They are doing it on a larger scale not with a gun but with threats. The whole lot of these theives should be jailed.

      There are only the senators that can save this country from this illegal leader

      and if they don:t then we are up the provebrial creek without a paddle. The man is no mathician that;s for sure. His hair brained ideas only adds to the trillions already wasted.

      medicaid is not be accepted now and he is beginning to mess with our private insurance. social security is soon to be gone.

      with the crap and trade our utilities will soar. what say we all start looking for caves.with our houses being sold out from under us our jobs gone what will we have? I chose not to live in Obama land.

    47. rudy, phoenix says:

      the joke is how you idiots forget how the bush administration destroyed our financial status, and you blame it on obama, i guess like your idol, all you right wings christian coalition morons and short term memory issues like dubya, must be all the cocaine, weed and ewhiskey you are doing, fucking morons just like dubya

    48. Dallas Duvall-Mt. Ai says:

      If the American public lets these morons enact a VAT they deserve what they get. There should be torches and pitchforks around the Capitol every day. Can you imagine how much these bastards, Democrats and Republicans, would spent if we fill up the trough again?

    49. toledofan says:

      Act 1: Grille Goldman Sachs for the mortage meltdown; the guys that caused the problem, Congress, do the questioning. Why is it that when the Tea Party folks try to question them they call us Nazi's, tea baggers, a mob, etc.?

      Act 2: Practical knowledge tells you that to bring the deficiet under control you have to stop spending, reduce the size of government, lower taxes and eliminate all redundant and inefficient programs. So, why do we need a special panel of people to tell us what we already know or is it because the Democrats really don't care and only know how to spend money. It's a smoke screen.

      Act 3: President Obama hits the campaign trail and blames the Republicans for all the problems; they won't vote for the financial reform, they want to hurt illegal immigrants, and they won't help me socialize and help me take over everything. It's been the same old song and dance for the past 16 months.

    50. Norma says:

      words, words, words, I'm so sick of words.

    51. Scott P. Montgomery, says:

      It looks like Barack needs to take another look at his hearthcare entitlement law, and make some huge changes, for Dirty Harry Reid said this bill would be under 1 trillion, and now we are looking at it costing us 2.5 trillion. What a liarer Reid and the democratic party has told us. Ramming things through with out reading them, I still want to know what all is in the stimulus package they rushed through when Barry stepped into office. Yes we are certainly upset with this administration, I have found more and more women so disenchanted with Obama, and the Democratic party than any other party in the past of recent years. This make Clintons years of lies, and sex scandles look like a cartoon. Obama seems to be pushing us closer toward a Europian nation,

      and closer into bankruotcy. He has broken most of his promises, except the one of transforming America, which if he meant in a Socialistic way then he is doing that very well. No one trust the federal government any more, because they feel they can do what ever they want with no reprocushions. Look here in MN. Amy Klobuchar, even after many of us voiced over the healthcare reform, she did not listen to our concerns. Amy Klobuchar was such a coward that she did not have any town hall meetings, kept preaching to us how good this legislation was, and pretty much said she did not care what we want, she was voting for this reform, not caring if it was government run, single payer, or what ever. This is why we do not trust those who are in office, and we will vote them all out this election cycle, and let the ones left till 2012, sweat it out till then, and maybe, just maybe we will see a more citizen based congress, and senate. It will not help folks like Amy Klobuchar, or Al Frankin, but others out there have to talk to their constituents, and see what they can work out. I hope Obama paid them enough to last a life time, for it may be hard for Harry, and a few others to find work.

    52. Jeff Hupp says:

      It's interesting to read the biased news both on the right (like this piece) and the left. It continues to baffle me that the right forgets the last 8 years and the spending spree that occurred. The first time I saw the Tea Partiers on the street of Michigan, I thought the world had gone mad. "Where have these people been for the last 8 years?" was my first thought. It's all political of course, either that, or the right has amnesia of unequaled proportions. You can make it right in your head, but that doesn't mean the truth speaks otherwise.

      Here we are, a country that will have spent 3 trillion dollars on 2 wars when all is said and done – and now we are concerned about the same kind of debt for health care for our citizens? My tax dollars have been spent on debt rebuilding 2 other nations, and now we are concerned about spending money on our own country?

      If we are to go in debt – I might perhaps want that debt to at least be spent within our own borders.

      I agree – stop the spending. But you are fooling yourself if you think that Obama is to blame.

      That tab belongs to both the Republicans and Democrats. Make sure that your anger is well placed, and be part of the solution – not part of the problem.

    53. JDD, South Florida says:

      What would you cut to balance the budget? Name the programs and how much you would cut to totally balance the budget without increasing taxes!

      You conservative armchair quarterbacks never balanced a budget during your control of the White House and Congress, even when the economy was growing and the country enjoyed near full employment. You have absolutely ZERO credibility. Most Americans are uncomfortable with the high government spending, but it probably helped the country avoid a second economic depression.

    54. Charles /California says:

      It's not just the Obama falacy. We have been printing money that we don't have for a long time. The GOP and their croney capitalism is just as responsible. We need to embrace a 3rd party who has the backbone to balance the budget. Anything else and we're being with ourselves

    55. Charles /California says:

      It’s not just the Obama falacy. We have been printing money that we don’t have for a long time. The GOP and their croney capitalism is just as responsible. We need to embrace a 3rd party who has the backbone to balance the budget. Anything else and we’re being dishonest with ourselves

    56. Zack says:

      I LOVE when conservatives talk about spending and fiscal responsibility. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE IT! It pretty much locks a democratic victory in november as well for 2012.

      5.5 trillion added to the national debt including the 2009 shared increase under conservatives/republicans. yes, 93% of all legislation became public law from republican/conservative sponsorship from 2006-2008 and the senate was split in half so don't use the "but but but democrats had control" excuse- they DID NOT

      2.5 for both tax cuts under conservatives/republicans. yes, 2.5 trillion. the TRUE cost of 2.05 + around .45 for interest. and PLEASE tell me how effective they were. I would like to know….anyone? when you don't tax and you spend and borrow that will decrease federal revenue and other programs that obtain cost will have to be borrowed again which adds to the national debt. – 9th grade government class. lets hear the excuse and defensive remarks……waiting?

      .5 for unfunded military contracts for "operation iraqi freedom" under conservatives/republicans. do I even need to explain this one?

      Real people do research. Real people have information. Real people study legislative and economic history. Real people have numbers. Do you guys think all of that spending and debt increase from 1999-2009 just magically dissapeared! What are you doing!?

      You guys are something else. You are something else!

      here comes the personal attacks, false information, no sources, excuse, blame the democrats regardless of having no power, but heritage said so, but fox news said so, blah blah blah. DO SOME RESEARCH FOR HEAVENS SAKE!!!!

    57. Anne Dohren, Michiga says:

      "The Obama Oxymoron"

      He's call a commission

      with "all on the table."

      Trying to reign in our debt…

      Are we able?

      The President, Democrats,

      spend like they're drunk.

      And that is the reason

      our budget is sunk.

      The stimulus, health care,

      such spending galore.

      and if they can do it,

      the Dems will spend more.

      The hope? This commission

      with stem this wild pace.

      Oh, how does Obama

      maintain a straight face?

      by Anne Dohren

    58. Deborah Warfield says:

      Republicans seem to be primarily motivated by fear of loss of control. I find that pretty immature and sad.

    59. jdunc says:

      Of course we had a record deficit last year- we had a record recession- millions lost jobs, requiring deficit spending, just like the 30's! Unfortunately, because of the Bush wars and tax cuts we had a record deficit acquired during good economic times- a real economic nono! But where were you guys then? I was brought up to save during the good times so that the bad times could be dealt with, weren't you too? Health care should actually save money in the long run if we can contain costs and treat people before they get sick. Get off Obama's back and think about what is best for America instead of just your interests!

    60. Zack says:

      And Mr. Carroll, I thinks it's funny that all your sources, "evidence" lead back to other Heritage "findings" and "research". My favorite thing is when conservatives use Rasmussen as a credible source.(ever looked at any other polls?). Rasmussen, on average has an average 3.7% point spread approving republicans and disapproving democrats out of 32 other polling systems! The inaccurate information is about as exciting as Heritage!

      HR 3590 is projected at 1.1 Trillion. The 2.5 trillion is again, from another Heritage source… ahem. Hey, the tax cuts will have totaled 2.5 trillion in just 10 years!- Now that's quite the accomplishment!

      Mr. Carroll, you cant just make things up and expect that nobody will notice. At this point, its becomes hilarious moment of my day, everytime I read a Heritage blog. Many, many, many people see websites like this and take it for what it really is….a JOKE!

      Besides, healthcare reform is a little more AMERICAN then tax cuts for the rich.

      Have you ever, or have any of you ever bothered to read HR 3590 or HR 3962, national debt history, the bush tax cuts, current healthcare spending compared to GDP. federal revenue decrease and how it relates to other programs that obtain cost, speding, republican/conservative legislative history, economic history, etc. ….any of those things?

      uh ok, will the moderators block my comment again for the 11th time since february of this year. pathetic.

      xfactor, Mr. Carroll, please, please, please, come out from hiding!

      • Conn Carroll Conn Carroll says:

        Very happy to hear I make your day that much brighter! ;-)
        Please do keep reading.
        Also you never responded to my earlier comment:

        How much money Zack?
        I debate lefties all the time on bloggingheads.tv.
        And if you want to pay me, I’d be very happy to debate you too.

        Anytime you want to come out of hiding, please do let me know.

    61. JPaul says:

      This place is just a giant GOP pep rally. I can always count on this site to deliver %100 biased oppinions that are solely aimed at trash talking our majority elected President. You cry about the budget deficit yet when a National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform is created you just start hating. I see people less concerned about our economy here and more concerned about spinning every news story to make Democrats look bad in order to get your own corrupt politicians elected.

    62. Zack says:

      make that 12. they just deleted the one i posted. you guys are on a roll!

    63. Zack says:

      Let me try this. This is the only way i can get a comment posted. Conservatives are great! Tax cuts worked…they didn't cost a thing! Conservatives spend and borrow for the great of the country. Obama is ruining the country. I cant believe he wants to combat healthcare reform! Pelosi, Reid, are ….um, I just don't like them. Oh my!

    64. Zack says:

      Oh, debate on another site? Why, so I can read more conservative bloggers misleading the public. The fact that 12 comments have not been posted takes away all credibility from you, the moderators and Heritage. Ive seen your "form of debate". -you just cant seem to provide any evidence behind anything you write except links to other Heritage "research" It would be a waste of my time.

      "Very happy to hear I make your day that much brighter!"

      -the fact that you mislead people that read these blogs does not make my day brighter. It's pathetic, and concerns me greatly. I actually care about facts, evidence and giving people correct information.

      Don't post this one, that will make it 13. Silence the opposition!

      ps. you know when you got to a blogger(espically on one as well known as this) when he responds to just some random person leaving a comment. Is it possible that perhaps you, Heritage or the moderators are trying to get me off this site. The best you can do is silence the opposition. Again, pathetic.

    65. cynthia jones says:

      So what is new with this President ? Certainly not telling the truth. If he were seriously interested in fiscal responsibility he would not

      1) Have jammed the stmulus through

      2)increased the bottom line of almost every item in his budget in a recession sporting a 9.7% unemployment rate

      2)Jammed a Health Care Bill through that will make costs soar

      3) not try to make TARP a permanent fixture

      4) would encourage auditing the Fed.

      5) Not be trying to give amnesty to 12 to 20 million illegals

      6) Not be trying to jam Cap and trade through

      7) not passing all the rest of the things he has that are like brick walls for small businesses, and will bring expansion to a screeching halt

      8) not be trying to pass unprecedented new taxes on capital gains and on the income middle class

      The list of his fiscal irresponsible spending plans is endless as is the corruption that permeates his administration.

    66. john, Theodore, AL says:

      Here is the plan: Give every tax payer 1/2 million dollars. In return that tax payer must buy an new American car – that saves the auto companies.

      Also buy a new house – solves the slow new housing business. Pre pay their children's collage – that saves the schools, Have good vacation. Invest half the remainder in Wall street. The other half put to electing people, not lawyers, polititions or indian chiefs. Better not put any in any bank.

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    68. Patrick, Florida says:

      Life, Liberty, Pursuit of Happiness and don’t forget the Truth like some of our leaders.

    69. Sid, San Antonio says:

      I agree that Obama and this Congress are taking this country for a ride. I also agree with some of the others that so did the Republicans. So, what should we do to correct this? Those that disagree with the Heritage Foundation, should offer a solution, not be critical. We have to act to stop this. You forget that it took the Bush administration 8 years to put us in the hole by trillions. It has only taken Obama 1 year to more than double it. I think we should do away with professional politicians. Do term limit! Also, get rid of their ridiculous retirement where they get millions per year. They should be subject to everything they pass. The should have the same healthcare we get. They should pay taxes like the rest of us. Every politician should be held accountable to the people. We should have the right to throw them out when they go out of control. That goes to the President too! Now there is a solution.

    70. Billie says:

      Could you answer this, Zack?

      What was the current president working on, where were the current presidents efforts at the time? To protect the future from your complaints of the past? No. add to them. bush's fault so lets make it into a crisis instead of FIXING IT! watch the people flounder, not knowing what's going on. confused with their own language as obama covers his intent with his "just words.'

      God Bless you, Conn. You're a true man that doesn't give in to ignorance!

    71. Zack says:


      "What was the current president working on, where were the current presidents efforts at the time? To protect the future from your complaints of the past?"

      -Senator Obama's voting record? The legislative history in the Senate? Or that fact that he spend a large amount of time campaining for President? What exactly are you asking?

      "No. add to them"

      -please explain in detail what the previous Senator Obama did to add to the conservative and republican previous legislation or President Bush's executive policy, or any public law passed that was previously presented/sponsored?

      "bush’s fault so lets make it into a crisis instead of FIXING IT!"

      -again, not sure what you asking? I think you are asking why previous Senator Obama was not able to block bad policy from the Bush administration, republican and conservative congress's? I can say that 93% of all public law passed was from republican/conservative in the 110th congress and democrats had limited to non existent power even with 1 extra senate seat and tied at 50/50 the second year in the 110th.

      "watch the people flounder, not knowing what’s going on. confused with their own language as obama covers his intent with his “just words."

      -do you mean the bush tax cuts that had no effect in helping the economy or the republican and conservative history from the 103rd-109th congress doing absolutley nothing for financial reform, housing market reform, credit agency reform, regulatory reform, oversight, wall street reform, over extended military budgets or how about adding 5.5 trillion to our national debt from 2001-2008 alone including the 2009 shared budget. As far as history is concerned, the political right, while in power was very successful in "watching the people flounder, not knowing what’s going on, confused with their own language"…infact that perfectly sums up the last 12 years of congressional power and 8 years of executive power.

      "obama covers his intent with his “just words."

      -what is he trying to cover up? and aside from "just words" (which is all you or any other conservative has presented since Obama was elected)I have seen more productive activity in the 111th Congress and this new Administration then I have ever seen in my entire life. Passing HealthCare Reform, pushing through Wallstreet and Financial refrom, setting proposed deadlines for troop deployment, a tax cut for 95% of the country(not just the 5% upper tax brackets), opening up congressional review, clearly showing the budget, defecit and debt increase without trying to hide the numbers, dont ask dont tell policy, energy conservation, enviornmental law, pollution preventitive measures, having a completely open summit available for healthcare reform, constantly asking for bi-partisan support which he will doubtfully ever get. It seems that all conservatives and republicans have these days aside from "just words" (and NO being their favorite), no activity in trying to get a single thing done to improve this country. And that is not some opinion, that is legislative history and physical fact.

      "You’re a true man that doesn’t give in to ignorance!"

      -I have done my legislative and economic research, have you?

    72. Zack says:

      And for you Mr. Carroll, when you can muster enough courage to tell Heritage to stop blocking my comments everytime I debate you maybe something productive can happen….no? Why hide in another site. I'm right here, where are you?

    73. Mike Florida says:

      Has democracy died in the U.S. Is it now the personel nation of obama

      Is he the king, he thinks he is.

    74. Billie says:


      Sorry about the "No. add to them." Please forgive me. Error.

      Everything else you are unable to figure out on your own, implies you do need help. I just pray you realize your capabilities, abilities and won't search government to depend on.

    75. Billie says:


      Sorry about the "No. add to them." Please forgive me. Error.

      Everything else you are unable to figure out on your own, implies you do need help. I just pray you realize your capabilities, abilities and won't search government to depend on. You can do it, Zack. Open your mind to all and see the truth.

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