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In the Company of an African Tyrant, Nuclear Ambitious Iran is Welcomed

Posted By Ray Walser On April 27, 2010 @ 1:00 pm In International | Comments Disabled


The April 22-25 visits of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Zimbabwe [2] and to Uganda highlight Iran’s unrelenting quest for international partners ready to either associate with its anti-U.S., anti-West program or soften potential sanctions [3] taking shape in the UN Security Council. The visits also allowed Iran to once-more denounce the meddling of the Obama Administration and proclaim itself the victim of U.S. discrimination and double standards [4].

In Africa, Iran repeated tactics it is employing successfully in Latin America with Venezuela’s Chavez [5] and Brazil’s [6] influential but misguided President Lula da Silva [7], who promises to visit Tehran in May.

Ahmadinejad’s Africa visit produced modest trade and investment agreements and even speculation about an oil-for-uranium swap in Zimbabwe. [Zimbabwe’s trade minister denied the rumor [8].] A dissenting member of the Movement for Democratic Change declared that inviting Ahmadinejad — “a warmonger,” “trampler of human rights,” and executioner” — to an investment forum in Zimbabwe was like “inviting a mosquito to cure malaria. [9]

The love fest between tyrants [10] offered the 86-year-old Robert Mugabe, a skilled manipulator of African racial animosity, repression, and anti-West sentiments to share pointers with the theocratic Ahmadinejad whose brief includes squelching dissent, supporting the terrorism of Hamas and Hezbollah, anti-Zionist fantasies about Israel’s destruction, and a desire for a destabilizing and dangerous nuclear arsenal.

While the Obama Administration dreams of a utopian, nuclear-free world, tyrants like Mugabe and Ahmadinejad savor the far more immediate prospects of a consolidating a nuclear-friendly community of repressive, secretive, anti-Western regimes able to preserve political power, dilute and divide international opinion, and wear down an indecisive, divided and often distracted Obama Administration.

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