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  • Obama's Great Health Care Bait-and-Switch

    It’s called “bait-and-switch”–the sales tactic of conning customers into believing they’re getting a good product, but then delivering shoddy goods instead.

    America, we’ve been conned.

    Government actuaries—the official bean counters for national health care—just released the bad news from analyzing how President Obama’s new law affects medical costs and insurance. Their verdict? “More Americans will be covered, but costs are also going up,” is how the Associated Press summarized it.

    The higher expense is on top of the prior expectations of already-rising costs,

    The minimum increase from Obamacare is one per cent higher, they report, but the maximum is likelier to be far greater, the analysts warned, because the legislation’s projected Medicare savings are probably “unrealistic and unsustainable,” just as The Heritage Foundation and many others have been saying.

    So who are these guys who are sounding the latest alarm? They’re the professional actuaries at the Department of Health and Human Services’ Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), who typically operate with far greater independence than others who make official government projections. The Congressional Budget Office, for example, must follow rules handed down by Congress. The Office of Management and Budget is an extension of the White House and therefore governed by the President.

    The new CMS analysis by law operates independently, and its report carries this disclaimer: “The statements, estimates, and other information provided in this memorandum are those of the Office of the Actuary and do not represent an official position of the Department of Health & Human Services or the Administration.”

    How downright refreshing! Actual analysis rather than political propaganda!

    So what’s the difference between CMS’ conclusion of higher costs and the sales job used to pass Obamacare? Obama delivered on his campaign pledge to spend taxpayers’ money on the uninsured (or at least 34-million of them), but he totally reneged on the larger promise to make medical care and insurance more affordable.

    Even if you accept that 45-million are uninsured (a deceptive figure), it still represents only 15 percent of 300-million-plus Americans, meaning that 85 percent have coverage. For them, Obama won votes by repeatedly promising to reduce costs by $2,500 per year per family. The President flunked by that measure; the CMS report confirms that his plan pushes costs higher instead.

    The damage goes even beyond that, however. As Kaiser Health News reported, “The report also warns that Medicare cuts could drive 15 percent of hospitals into debt and could drive people out of Medicare Advantage plans by as much as 50 percent.”

    These are part of why the instant unpopularity of the new law is likely to grow even stronger. The Heritage Foundation has taken the lead to explain both why Obamacare should be repealed and how it can be repealed. The backlash keeps growing against the deceptions used to pass the legislation as well as against its actual provisions.

    Unfortunately, it is not unusual for politicians to promise one thing and then deliver something totally different. But the enormity of this law—re-shaping one-sixth of our economy—places Obama’s bait-and-switch in a class by itself.

    Former Senator Norm Coleman (R, MN) said it well in an article for Politico. Remembering how Obama put-down his critics at the White House Health Care Summit by saying, “The election is over,” Coleman wrote that the proper retort should have been, “Does that mean your campaign promises are null and void?”

    Judging by how Obamacare raises costs rather than lowering them, the answer is a resounding, “Yes.”

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    6 Responses to Obama's Great Health Care Bait-and-Switch

    1. Joe (Washington, D.C says:

      This doesn't change much. The report acknowledged that it didn't account for the tax implications of the reform law. Counting those, the legislation still reduces the federal deficit. That's basically what the CBO report said. Ho hum.

    2. Maggie says:

      In my opinoin Obama and his slimy supporters knew this all along. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out right up front. He's a liar. Now we have two choices, let the elderly go without health care, which I truly believe is Obama the Dictator's plan and let them die early. After all they are not paying a lot of taxes for his entitled supporters, or another novel idea. Quit paying people to stay at home and do drugs, breed and watch TV. Since it is mandatory to have health care, it should be mandatory to be off welfare. If there is not an available job, in order to get welfare then you have to perform community work, for free. Your health care, which the 51% of the American people that work and pay taxes will pay for the 49% of Obamaites who feed off those who work and collect welfare on a regular basis. If we could get Obamaites to work, or contribute to society in some small way, then we will not have to force our elderly to walk the streets looking for Rx drugs someone has tossed in the trash. This is outrageous. I personally am 64. The US Government as 98k of my money that I have already got a letter from SS advising me that because they already spent my money I'll likely only see 78 cents on the dollar owed to me. Get these lazy, or lillegal, or chronically out of work people off the rolls or give them a dam job to do every day that makes them think twice about logging onto the Internet and registering for a Obama life free of taxes and responsibilities.

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    4. Bllie says:

      This had to be planned. Obama was so convincing to the people that this would save the country and the health of all Americans. If he didn't know it wouldn't lead to this, he wouldn't have shown his ignorance so well. He wants a crisis or he would have killed it at first acknowledgment of it's potential failure. They play dumb to it's now, obvious failure.

    5. Viva, Colorado says:

      The Democrats knew they had a 'live one' when they heard Obama speak at the Dems'. National Convention. The Chicago political machine put him in state office, and prepared him for bigger things. The U.S. Senate was next, which was won with slime-ball political methods. I lived in WI, 1930-50s, we all knew what Chicago politics was like. Relatives and friends from Chicago confirmed it. And I guess everyone in America now knows it, if they aren't shutting their eyes and ears to it. So those of us who have been around with many years' of life learning were suspicious of Obama from the start. Too much of a snake oil salesman. And then his heavy dependence on a teleprompter was revealed. Well lots of people can speak much better with something like that aid. But he had a lot charismatic features, with his constant wide smile and look of being engaged with the audiences. If you have paid attention to photos, etc. since election, he uses that same approach with everyone, domestic and foreign. Which I think the foreign rulers, who have a long history of politics, recognize as fake as it is. Obama seems to be in a play, "onstage" at all times. You need to read of his background as a child, not knowing his 'father', acquiring a second one, learning about Islam, being sent from Indonesia at age 10, away from his mom, and a sister who got to stay with her! And in Hawaii he acquired a Marxist mentor. That's a good background to make a boy, any young man, hate a situation that he wants very much to correct! So he has and is doing just that! Taking away his power by removing the rubber-stampers in Congress has to be done. In the meantime, Republicans in Congress must publicly and forcefully speak out about the damage that is occurring, and what their proposals are in actions being taken. Rep. Ryan, WI is a good example. Present Americans with ulternative solutions, with as much publicitiy as possible, on a timely basis. And repeat that, yes, you will say "no" as long as the other side consistently puts forth ideas that will turn America away from its Constitutional duties, and ruin the economy and steal our Freedoms! Readers, go to your Senators' and Representative's webpage, often, and send them emails, using the form they provide. Inform yourself of how the current legistlation being passed is negatively affecting your community, your district. Educate them. Insist that they represent you, not special interests. Unemployed? Let them know that 7-8 million illegals with jobs are keeping you and others from getting 7-8 million jobs. Are you a business and having to fire instead of hire? Be specific. Get going! Thats what your Freedom gives you. That's why everyone wants to come to U.S.A., and no one is fighting to leave.

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