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  • New Arizona Immigration Law Makes Sense

    Today, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed into law a bill that would make it a state crime to be in the U.S. illegally and would allow state law enforcement to require individuals to produce proof that they are in the U.S. legally. This decision is a major stepping stone in terms of encouraging other states, as well as local governments, to assert themselves in terms of immigration policy.

    Under the Tenth Amendment which preserves the traditional police powers of the states to control their own jurisdictions. The Heritage Foundation has advocated for extensive innovation at the lowest levels of government in terms of immigration enforcement. A 2009 report of Matt Mayer highlights how “state and local governments must [and can] do more” to do something about the illegal immigration problem—a conclusion that came from a series of THF roundtables aimed at talking to state and local officials about pressing public policy problems.

    In fact, as Mayer points out, Arizona is not the first state to grow tired of waiting for the federal government to get serious about immigration enforcement. States like California and cities like Valley Park, Missouri have enacted laws and ordinances to enforce the law. Arizona itself enacted a law in 2007, which would crackdown on illegal hiring and require employers to use the federal employment check system, E-Verify, a law which has withstood significant legal challenges. In fact several states have enjoyed legal victories despite a significant number of court challenges on their ability to take such actions.

    In terms of resources and in terms of political will, it has become abundantly clear that the federal government refuses to make the right decisions in terms of enforcing the law and making the critical reforms necessary to drive down illegal immigration. Sadly, efforts in Congress have been more about gaining political votes through an unnecessary amnesty than on honest and effective reforms.

    Americans shouldn’t have to wait on Congress to start enforcing the laws on the books. Governor Brewer should be applauded for preserving rule of law and taking the power out of Washington to direct the debate on immigration reform. The federal government should listen clearly: state and local governments don’t like what the feds are offering.

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    302 Responses to New Arizona Immigration Law Makes Sense

    1. Fernando , Fullerton says:

      This is a racist, discriminatory, unconstitutional bill and reminiscent of nazi germany police state. And another reason for the latino community to feel alienated from the republican party. This only makes me want to fight and do all i can to keep latinos away from the republican party which by the way the republicans are acting they are doing it without my help

    2. Steve Barbour, Kentu says:

      But what about the constitutionality of this law. How can Heritage be in favor of racial profiling. When will Heritage stand up for the rights of all American's and not just the right wing folks? You screamed that the Health Care Bill was unconstitutional but don't see this law as a step toward a national idenity card? Come on Heritage at least be consistent..

    3. mike says:

      It's about time we have strict anti-illegal laws! we should have passed this 10-20 years ago, we would not have 12M illegals everywhere turning America into Tijuana.


    4. us citizen, united s says:

      If AZ wants to take Federal Law into their own hands, then they should have federal funding cut immediately. This is the US and We as American citizens have freedom to travel among the United States.This new law separates AZ from the Rest of the US. If I need a passport to enter or be in AZ then it is no longer part of the US. The president needs to bring military troops immediately to AZ to regain control over our state of AZ. Federal Funding should be terminated immediately.

    5. us citizen, united s says:

      Governor Brewer SHAME ON YOU!!! YOU ARE FIRED!!!!!!!

    6. us citizen, united s says:


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    8. us citizen, united s says:


    9. us citizen, united s says:

      LIVE FREE OR DIE!!!!

    10. us citizen, united s says:


    11. us citizen, united s says:


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    16. Elinor Marshall says:

      Governor Jan Brewer is a Patriot, a Heroine, a true American.

      Thank you Governor Jan for signing SB1070 into law.

      Let the rest of the country now follow Arizona's example in reclaiming America

      from these millions of foreign invaders who are now eroding the American

      standard of living, the American way of life, gaining more control in our political

      life and governing power.

      Let us reclaim America from these 20 million illegal aliens and the tens of thousands

      more pouring in through our porous southern border every day, every week, every month.

    17. Joe says:

      The federal level is irresponsible and has done nothing to protect those border states. We are United States and as such they should be allowed to protect themselves when the feds are derelict in their constitutional right to defend all states. All states should commend them and stand by them in this endeavor.

      We wait for the feds to do anything it will become part of Mexico before that takes place. And yes send in the military to get rid of all those that are here illegally. We are a nation of laws, not some laws but all laws should be adhered to. Our politicians should try it some time. Otherwise it's anarchy which is what you're seeing the beginnings of down there.

    18. us citizen, united s says:



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    21. MJF, CT says:

      Well, the people who come into our Country illegally are in fact criminals. The Federal government chooses not to do anything about the situation and THAT is a mis-use of out tax dollars also.

      The State of Arizona is simply taking the Federal Immigration laws and the Constitution into its own hands and trying to deal with the situation. Here in CT, we have Mayors who issue ID cards to these illegal immigrants so they can apply for services – services that THEY are not paying for, services that the TAXPAYERS are paying for! Arizona has decided that they are tired of putting up with this and with the death of that rancher, enough was enough.

      I think that more States should join in and do the same thing! It's time that we, the American born and LEGAL immigrants stand up and tell the Federal government that we are tired of their reluctance to fight this plague.

      Yes, it like a plague of locusts! These illegal immigrants come here (for what-ever reason) and obtain services, illegal social security cards, illegal driver's licences, loans that they never pay off and they think that they are entitled to health care, welfare, heating fuel assistance and other things the we taxpayers pay and pay and pay for. But we are not supposed to say anything? We are terrible, horrible people because we are tired of being used? We work and pay taxes and are lucky to get an average of $1k of Social Security when it is proven that there are illegal immigrants under illegal Social Security numbers getting over $2k a month and we are supposed to be quiet?

      I'm sorry, but it's time that the legal American Citizen puts their foot down and says "No more!" If your using an illegal Social Security number, we will put that money back into the system so that LEGAL citizens can retire. Using an illegal driver's license? Put the culprit in jail then deport them. The company that pays less than minimum wage which attracts these people? Shut the business down! They have broken the law also!

      There is no excuse to keep these people in America, none what-so-ever. They cost us more money than they are worth, I don't care how many heads of lettuce they pick!

    22. Jean in Texas says:

      The survival of the American way of life depends upon the rule of law. The law states that if you want to enter into the United States you must do it through legal channels. If people choose not to follow our laws and enter the country illegally then they must pay the consequences. Mexico has very strict immigration laws which THEY enforce. We MUST do the same.

    23. Mary, Cleveland says:

      Good for you, Governor Jan Brewer. This was a bill that was passed and one going in the right direction. It is about time this country stands up against illegals who do not belong here.

      We would not see incidents such as the rancher who was recently murdered, while being on his property by an illegal.

      Please "us citizen, united states" you need to relaize the problems illegals are causing in this country. They can get free health care at our tax dollars expense. All this violence and murders going on from illegals. It is getting out of control. I am all for immigration, but to sneak borders like this is wrong.

    24. Bllie says:

      What part of the Constitution is anyone talking about? Where does it indicate the citizens of America be responsible for those that cross the border with no where to go? Where does it say immigrants come here to live off the native born? Hearing the excuse they contribute to the economy? What, by going to the states that hand em' cash and a car and a key to a house? And pay their living expenses through programs? Sorry, but I thought the influx of immigrants came here to live free from the government?

      What they contribute is obviously not working or the economy would be much better.

      The Constitution states assimilation not amnesty ….

    25. us citizen, united s says:

      im·mi·grant? ?/??m?gr?nt/ Show Spelled[im-i-gruhnt]


      1.a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.

      This country was started by immigrants. Everyone in this country has someone in their family that immigrated here. Thus we are a country of immigrants. Instead of trying to blame this new wave of immigrants for the current problems, why don't we all look ourselves in the mirror and see what has to be done about us.

      An immigrant that is able to get through all the obstacles to get into this country and not get caught, deserves to be given a reward and not kicked out. What we should do is make sure that they pay their taxes and contribute to society and make this the real America that has made us the country we have been.

    26. Jim, Atlanta says:

      This so-called *us citizen* has their head in the sand, and is an appeaser. The sovereignty of the individual states is Arizona's right to defend. The federal level of insanity is not about to take any action when they are trying very hard to win the votes of another amnesty of 20 million which will seal the fate of this Federal Republic in becoming a welfare state of the first magnitude. The argument is that we supposedly need these 50 million immigrants to do the jobs Americans just won't do, but no one asks the question of what would have happened had the 50 million fetuses who were aborted been born to become the American Citizens that never saw the light of day. The United States southern border is out of control, and the fed could care less–it's another potential million voters a year to the socialists/marxists/communists who promise entitlements.

    27. Patricia Texas says:

      Why are we such cowards that we are willing to give up our freedom for fake security.

    28. gb says:

      CONGRATS AZ…..Today is the beginning of the great American wake up where we will take our states back one by one from the illegal mexican invasion since Obama wont do it.

      Come have a walk here in LA, Mexifornia, to see how bad the situation is.

    29. Andrew, Washington says:

      The one poster that keeps posting about this not being constitutional fails to supply even one bit of evidence that this is unconstitutional. That's, of course, because it is not unconstitutional.

      I applaud Governor Brewer, and the state of Arizona. This is well past due, and I look forward to other states following suit. As a member of a family that legally immigrated to this country three generations ago, and friend to many folks that are trying to legally become citizens, I am heartened by this legislation.

    30. us citizen, united s says:

      In consideration all of the illegal activities taking place at the Mexican border, Governor Brewer is obligated to protect Arizona citizens, and she is doing just that.

    31. U.S. Citizen says:

      Great Law Have you all forgoten they are called illegal immigrant's for a reason. If you would like to live in the U.S.A then do it legally. If the Federal Goverment were doing there job Arazona would not have to pass this law. Obama's speech "1 Nation Under God" is correct but you all seam to think that the word Nation refures to the entire World.

    32. U.S CITIZEN, U.S.A. says:

      Now the liberals are worried about the constitution, didn't matter when they jammed health care through.

    33. Don, Bisbee, Az says:

      to us citizen(?) Whats your beef? You live in Kentucky, and have no idea what we go through on a regular day. You seem to be all for law breakers, I seem to remember something that came down the line about carrying your ID with you at all times, so whats the problem? And where do you get off saying its"your state"? Clean up your own backyard, before telling others what to do in theirs. What our Governor did was for the benefit of the Lawful Citizens of AZ, not for the illegals.

    34. drprobus, Sherrill, says:

      God Bless Gov. Brewer for taking a stand against ILLEGAL immigration! It's about time that all this madness ( illegal immigration) stops!

    35. Deborah, Alaska says:

      Bravo, Governor Brewer & the State of Arizona! As a US citizen, I have no problem with LEGAL immigration. I do have a problem with people sneaking across our borders, especially since so many of them end up committing property & violent crimes, and pull down on our tax dollars with health care and other social costs. Come of America, legally, contribute and prosper. But don't sneak across our borders and expect us to continue to front the costs!!!

    36. Lonewolf says:

      What part of illegal do you people not understand? illegals or just that criminals! They already broke the law and should be prosecuted period! By laws already on the books, we shouldn't need more laws to enforce ones already on the books. If the Feds would get off their asses and enforce those laws we wouldn't have this problem, but no all they see is potential voters. So all you crying political correct nuts, thanks for bring this county down to the weak state we are in now. Hope you are proud of yourselves.

    37. Maria, US says:

      Great job AZ!!! If the other border states follow in your footsteps maybe we can stop this flood of law breakers entering our country! These illegals have no right to be here and should be sent back home. They made a choice to break our laws and ignore the legal procedure to settle here. If the federal gov is not going to protect the states from this menace the states should start protecting themselves.

    38. Caryl in Illinois says:

      You are definitely doing the right thing there in Arizona, Gov. Brewer,

      and doing it LEGALLY, obviously!!! Your citizens there legally must

      be quite relieved as they have had to put up with this far, far too long.

      The Federal Government is too busy selling out America to care about

      your lovely state. Congratulation!!!! Know there are many LEGAL

      Hispanic citizens and they are to be highly commended for appreciating

      State and Federal laws as they went through the process of becoming

      US citizens the legal way. BRAVO to them and their families!!!!!

    39. dw, texas says:

      "AMERICA NOW 49 STATES" … to go.

    40. Jim H Florida says:

      I wonder how many of the people that are worried about profiling, are actually providing sanctuary to the illegals…relatives, friends, sympathizers, partners in crime, etc….

    41. Linda Goodman, Italy says:

      States are going to have to step up to the plate on this issue. Elected officials in the fed. gov. are afraid of making the Latino population mad, so they refuse to take a stand. If someone is here illegally, THAT IS BREAKING THE LAW, send them back, or send them to jail. And if it's "racial profiling, so be it. Not too many anglos sneaking across the border.


    42. Esther Klips New Leb says:

      Dear Governor,

      I applaud your bravery in making a stand on merit instead of popular vote. As long as the law is enforced as it should be without prejudice I pray it will be a good one.

      May God bless you and your state in training and guiding the enforcement of this decision.

    43. US Legal Citizen says:

      Way to go Arizona! It's about time we get a clue. Today in the US only 50% of people living in the country pay federal taxes! The other 50% are living off of those that pay their taxes (illegals).

    44. Kathleen, GA says:

      I comment Arizona's governor for having the courage of her convictions. The Federal government is too consumed with amnesty and garnering votes from those "new citizens" they would create to protect the honest Americans living in the border states. Read the statute us citizen….no one is going to ask you for a passport. The only people who will be required to prove their legality are those who put themselves under scrutiny of law enforcement for other reasons. If you are legal than you have nothing to worry about.

    45. Jwangee, Buffalo says:

      States' Rights, anyone? The other 49 states should do the same thing. There's absolutely too much illegal dreck in this country; what better way to weed it out. How about minimizing the bogus term "racial profiling" and focus on "IF YOU HAVE NOTHING TO HIDE – YOU HAVE NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT".

    46. Jeff IL. says:

      It's time someone dose something about this it is a big thing. And if you don't like the AZ. law then you should move to Mex.

    47. Joe the Plumber says:

      God Bless AZ

      God Bless Gov Brewer

      God Bless the AZ Legislature

      For exercising their right under the 10th Amendment and doing something while the Feds sit on their hands. And for those that mention the US Military, consider Posse Comitatus

    48. Mark Mitchell says:

      I am glad to see someone come to their senses and had the — to back it up!!! congradulations Jan Brewer I stand behind you 100%.

      I am d tired of giving my tax dollars to people who just come here to freeload on the system.

      I too am a US Citizen, and you have your right to your opinion and by G I do too so don't go cocking your pistol here it is people like you who drag their feet that got us in this D mess in the first place!

      Now we have all these Illegals here, just like you and me we want our family by our sides this is the problem our goverment seems to be having I belive the words you seek are: Unconstitional.. now there is a unique word. Isn't it!

    49. Michael Finch, Calif says:

      Personally I don't see how this is particularly unconstitutional at all. AZ has not broken away from the other states, it's merely trying to uphold law and order and protect its own boarders, something that is allowed under the ninth and tenth amendments. There's a great deal of talk here about how this violates U.S. citizen rights, but i don't see how it can if it's targeted at people who are here ILLEGALLY. If it gives law enforcement the power to ask people for identification I don't see how this is any different from when a cop stops you and asks to see your driver's license.

    50. Princess Pi says:

      To U.S. Citizen. Ooops! You counted wrong. Did not our well educated and astute scholarly professorial president say there were "57 states, but I missed one"? That would change your comment to "There are now 57 states, since he missed one".

      Wow, how could anybody as smart as you are miss that one? By the way, as a Texan who has to live close to the border, the Federal Government has NO clue as to what they are doing. Janet Napotilano should be fired. I as sorry, Mr. U.S. Citizen, but the Progressives only want one thing. They want as many illegals to cross our border so they can be given amnesty so they can VOTE! Gee, last I heard the word "illegal" meant "NOT LEGAL". All we are doing is implementing and enforcing the already CURRENT laws I have no problem with immigration. My grandparents were immigrants, but they came here legally and through the front door. They learned to speak English and they never asked for a handout, a bailout, or any out. Being Irish was not a good thing to be. I guess you don't remember ever seeing those naughtly little signs saying "NO IRISH NEED APPLY" and "NO IRISH CATHOLICS NEED APPLY" Yet, my grandfather became a train engineer and lived through the Great Depression and my other grandfather became a white collar worker. My parents were both self taught, self-made people and never asked for a handout or in this case a hand up over a fence. My grandparents HAD to learn the language, the history of this country, how the government is supposed to work and it took a year for them to become naturalized. It is abhorrent to me that other immigrants still have to do it the right way but possibly new Democratic voters coming through my state will get amnesty, and pay a fine but no back taxes, while legal immigrants work their fingers to the bone so as not to be on the dole. Anyway, I am glad for you that you are a citizen of the greatest country on earth, ever. Your family tree is probably, populated with legal immigrants and great for you! Now, ALL immigrants should do it the Legal way and we would not have this problem. Gee, that all sounds too simple. And I am still confused on that number of states thing. And whether I am supposed to us a breathalizer for my asthma attacks. Have a beautiful weekend and may God smile down on you. Pi from the great Republic of Texas. HAPPY SAN JUANHITO DAY and our freedom won from Santa Anna!

    51. Garry says:

      NOT enforcing the law of the land would amount to treason for any elected official. Why do people continue to turn a blind eye to felonies being commited in their back yards? Stop looking at this issue through 'emotion' goggles, and start enforcing the law. If I walked into your house and decided to stay without your approval, you'd shoot me or would have me arrested… Stop with the double standard and follow the law.

    52. James, Ohio says:

      Congratulations to AZ for finally doing something that the Feds were either to inept, corrupt or afraid to do! This will be a hard thing to enforce with the legal challenges that are forthcoming, but worth it.

      BTW- us citizen, united states, if you have something worthwhile to say do it. Please don't spam the board.

    53. ash/georgia says:

      Good for Arizona. States have this right. The feds wont do anything so the states have to take matters into their own hands. Legal citizens have nothing to fear. Dont worry about federal funding. The folks in DC are too busy spending our tax dollars on their own agenda. There is no money for the states.

    54. francine giarrusso C says:

      Waiting for the federal goverment in this problem is a joke. I am very proud of AZ stand. Now we pray that the Gov. is safe because of the crazies out there.

    55. Gary, Kansas says:

      It seems ridiculous to me that our states have to pass laws to make it a crime to enter the country illegally. If our federal government would enforce the laws that are on the books, this kind of thing wouldn't be necessary. With all the gang violence spilling over our borders, and illegal immigrants soaking up our jobs and resources, something had to be done. The feds are too busy courting the Latino vote to do anything, so Arizona decided to take matters into their own hands. If Mexicans want to immigrate to the U.S. and seek the benefits of living here, they should go about it the legal way. I'm tired of hearing that it's "un-American" to crack down on illegal immigration. The only "un-Americans" are the illegal aliens, who want to live here but don't have enough respect for our laws to obey them.

    56. Y says:

      Sure is samef*g in here. Nice trolling tex. To be honest, Im glad that arizona is cracking down IMMENSELY on what has been an economic and crime problem for decades. If you are mexican, take the nessecary legal action to get across the border- we already have enough people leeching on the government that are us citizens, we dont need another "undocumented" 30-40-50 million in the united states.

    57. Purpleguy says:

      Now every American visiting Arizona must have a passport to prove who they are (your papers please?), and, if you don't have one, 6 months jail time for you. So, we are no longer free to cross the state's border – there is no discrimination as to "which" border you crossed. Everyone is all revved up about the illegal immigrants, but this law does not discriminate, but leaves the decision in the hands of law enforcement to decide who to ask "your papers please? " Let a few dozen white, middle class, Republicans get pulled over or stopped, without their papers, and land in jail, the law will be repealed faster than an ice cube would melt in H-ll. This will turn neighbors against neighbors and let personal grudges be meted out on those you don't like. The unintended consequences are a multitude of problems that left undone, this law will lead to the Nazification of Arizona. I for one, have no intention of ever visiting Arizona again. Protect your border, yes, create a fascist State – No.

    58. Pam O'Dell, Gar says:

      If the federal government won't act to protect our borders, then the states must do it on their own. President Obama should not denounce the governor for doing what should be his job. For crying out loud, protecting our borders is one the few things that the federal government SHOULD be doing, but they want to interfere with every other aspect of our lives such as healthcare where they should not go.

    59. Lioness, Wisconsin says:

      It's totally disgusting that the federal government has neglected to do it's duty enforcing immigration laws. They should be held accountable and sued for damages.

      Thankfully, Arizona has enough common sense to take care of it's people and territory! Thank you Arizona for setting the pace; hopefully other states will follow.

      Shame on the federal government for being useless.

    60. Keith, Michigan says:

      As our job markets continue to sputter at levels consistent with a depression, we have illegal alliens working in jobs that Americans would do and pay their income taxes on their wages.

      Our federal government has a responsibility to protect our citizens and our border. It is doing neither. Congratulations on a Great Step toward stopping this problem.

      We the People want our Republic and country back…

      We will not allow the Progressive Liberals in political office right now to change our country into a Socialist, Marxist, Communist or Islamic nation…

    61. duh says:

      I'm in favor of the bill.

      I am curious though, where the libtards are getting that it is unconstitutional. Where in the Constitution does it say you have the right to disregard and break our laws?

      In regards to the other libtards screaming about carrying a passport – have any of you even applied or know where to apply for a passport? Second, do you have a drivers license? Is that so hard to carry? Third – how many Asians are sneaking into Arizona from Mexico, I'll bet you 0. Which leads to the assertion of racial profiling, thats going to happen, we have identified that Mexicans are the ones breaking the law and should be returned to their home country, it's a no brainer. So all of you fare skin homosexual libtards have nothing to worry about.

    62. Chuck Dews, Heber Ci says:

      If I went to Mexico, and was stopped by the Police and asked for my Passport, would that be Racial Profiling??????? I applaud Jan Brewer for having the "GUTS" to take a stand, the US Government surely doesn't

    63. Joseph Berry ,Myrtle says:

      Conservatives and replubicians have to get on board with immigration (amnesty)

      come up with some helpful ideas or we will just be issuring the socialists"election for years and years to come.The progressive democrates will be making new voters by the millions,and we'll go down as being anti hispainic.Conservatives must be in on the bill writing process,period.I'm not saying I disagree with AR. law we need to find a way to keep hard working men and womem and get rid of the criminals,and control who comes and goes.

      Joseph A Berry

      Myrtle Beach SC

    64. Buddy says:

      It is only common sense that any country or nation that is being invaded by millions of individuals would take the necessary security measures to bring a total and complete halt to that situation. BUT……the supposedly all wise and right United States funny farm(CONGRESS) has no intellectual capacity to grasp a emergency situation. SO…….it is now in the immediately needed border areas that must be controlled by those border states. HELL…..if your national governing parties can not make or demand security of our borders, get your rear posterity out of the capital and go home to be a failure. I say states must form a allegiance against a standing F+ federal government.

    65. Adam, Oregon says:

      This is not against our rights as Americans. I like immigrants that is how we have such a great country. But they should come here the proper way. Some of these immigrants want to live here but do not want to be Americans. Say what you will but the word illegal, is still illegal.

      Second racial profiling and passports.Say you are pulled over by an officer of the law you are asked to show a drivers license (passport of your state), proof of registration and insurance Do you have a problem with that? If you didn't carry that information you get a hefty ticket.

      Give some credit to officers, there not going to start loading people up if you don't have the information. They are smarter then that, I'm sure they have to verify name and address. There are surly safety measures to make sure you are who you say you are.

      Besides its just a question…. Are you afraid of a question? Will this bill harm you? (NO)

    66. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Texas traditionally had an open border policy with Mexico. Personally I believe such an arrangement effectively allowed guest workers in while filtering out criminals and wrongful entry. In my neck of the woods local, state and federal law agencies appear to have a healthy collaborative working relationship enforcing national immigration law. My personal bias is Texas could control its own southern border given preemptive personnel and logistical support from the Department of Defense. Once international border events spiral beyond state law enforcement, the situation becomes a military affair. Providing for a common defense is the primary role of our nation’s government. The Obama administration has yet to figure this out. The president’s statement about throwing warm fuzzies at foreigners illegally crossing over our nation’s borders greatly adds to the problem. Of course, he’s demonstrated a complete incompetence as the nation’s president. My guess is he’d be better at organizing his own Chicago neighborhoods.

    67. LOL says:

      a lot of illegal immigrants posting on here i see

    68. Mac, Texas says:

      @uscitizen: Just because people sneak into this country does not give them ANY rights, in fact, they have already broken the law and need to be punished. Where do you get this diluted idea that they should be rewarded with citizenship? If I, as an American Citizen, break a federal, state or local law, should I receive a medal of honor?? Your premise is ludicrous at best.

      These people have thumbed their nose at OUR IMMIGRATION LAWS, They are Taking Away Jobs from American Citizens, and many don't even want to learn OUR language or celebrate OUR national holidays!!! If they want to be accepted here, they need to do it legally, learn English and assimilate with American values.

      What gets me is that they Boo our national sports teams and praise their origin country. If they LOVE their country so much, why don't they go back and fix it. Why don't they tell their government "Enough is Enough", instead of protesting against OUR government and OUR laws?


    69. Jeanne, Fayetteville says:

      Taxes provide the federal and state governments with the monies we need to fund, well pretty much everything. Illegals coming into our country, not paying taxes, but reaping all the benefits of our great nation, drain our great nation! You can't keep taking money out of the bank without putting more money into the bank. If you try, you'll end up in a deficit. Isn't California paying that price right now? Way to go Gov Brewer. You should be applauded, and other states should follow suit.

    70. Jeanne, Fayetteville says:

      Taxes provide the federal and state governments with the monies we need to fund, well pretty much everything. Illegals coming into our country, not paying taxes, but reaping all the benefits of our great nation, drain our great nation! You can’t keep taking money out of the bank without putting more money into the bank. If you try, you’ll end up in a deficit. Isn’t California paying that price right now? Way to go Gov Brewer. You should be applauded, and other states should follow suit.

    71. Donna, Coeur d' says:

      Congrats Arizona. Wish California did this sooner then I would not have been compelled to move. What a mess. The cost of health insurance there was staggering just so we could pay the medical bills for the illegals. Get legal or go back to Mexico and take your abuela and abuelo with you. Can't believe the democrats want to keep them here. They are lawbreaking criminals. They are "ILLEGAL" immigrants.

    72. Linda Swalley -washi says:

      I totally agree..we have to at a state level take back our rights to preserve our country from not being over run by illegals or any other powers that seek to destroy american life as we know it….One nation under God..by the people and for the people..The government we now have in the white house does not serve these basic american rights..their agenda and driven purpose seems to be to take down america as we know it and turn it into serving hidden agendas that are not what this nation was founded on..If we don't do something quickly at the state levels.. American fredoms and way of life will be gone forever..

      Thank You Arizona….I also own property in Arizona..so I am so Proud our govenor..stood up..and said enough is enough!!

    73. Ken, Washington says:

      Ironic that left thinks it's wrong to have to prove your citizenship or face jail, but it's fine and dandy to force citizens to buy health insurance or face jail.

      Nowadays, laws are merely guidelines – at best. Just look at the Constitution.

      Congrats AZ

    74. Ali, Yuma Arizona says:

      What a lot of people don't understand about this law is that the passport requirement is for non-US citizens only. US citizens can have a driver's lisence, their social security card with a work ID or other state identification from any state. I live 8 miles from the US/Mexico Border. My town has the highest kidnapping rate of towns it's size in America. My town has the highest violent crime rate for a town it's size in America. Because most of the people commiting these crimes are not US citizens, most of these crimes go unsolved. I see the busses as they come over the border every morning crashing their way through our city streets (yes they have insurance, but they won't be paying you a dime even when they run over your kids legs) on the way to the fields. I have seen people caught in the local military base's razor wire die due to dehydration and malnourisment because they are told to "head to the lights" by the local cyotees.

      I think that people don't realize that by not protecting ourselves that it isn't just us citizens that suffer, and that everyone in this situation suffers as long as it is alowed to contenue. We do what we can, and what we have to do. Perhaps we wouldn't be driven to such "extremes" as inforcing the law if the federal government had been willing to follow it's own edicts.

    75. Vic Bullhead city az says:

      My parents Immigrated to this country but they did it the legal way. Whats wrong with making people do it right? I live in Az the flood of illegals is killing our state It's just not the mexicans its all the others from the many countries that come here too something has to be done. the cost of having to take care of them once they get here is why these border states are broke

      not all illegals are bad but don;t be fooled drugs criminals and many other bad things that come with them. we can no longer just do nothing. If we don't do something were doomed

    76. Jane says:

      THANK YOU, GOVERNOR JAN BREWER !!!! To " us citizen", who sounds like one of those "ILLEGALS', that want to take American's jobs and lower our wages, use our medical institutions without paying, slow down our schools because kids don't speak english, use our entitlements like food stamps and housing, fly your Mexican Flag and fly the American flag upside-down, not learn the language of this country,which is ENGLISH and send all your ill-gotten wages back to Mexico. Governor Brewer is protecting AMERICANS not Illegals. I am so glad to see some backbone and I hope every state will follow suit. I will be writing my State legislators to encourage them to take the same action!!!!!

      Illegals cost Americans billions every year.

    77. American, America says:

      We need more like Brewer!

    78. Jane says:

      I never have understood why..the illegals that are already here, why haven't they applied for citizenship? Because they don't want to be United States Citizens. They just want to take what they can from America and then go back to their home. they send money back to Mexico and they go back to their "Nest egg"

    79. us citizen, united s says:

      Everyone keeps referring to Mexicans. Take a look around fools. This country is made up of all sorts of races. Africans, Chinese, Indians, etc….. You are probably from England if you are a authentic American.Lets also remember that Mexico was here 50 years before any Yankee came along to check it out. America is full of races If you don't like it go back to England they support your high taxes. Governor Brewer has Taxed the %^$%^$ out of Arizona and has no money to show for it so who's stealing it? Not the Mexicans. Take a look at where the^&%$%^$ your Tax dollar has gone Idiots.So everyone needs a ID like a PASSPORT but how do the cops know it isn't a forgery that is up to the feds to check. Not AZ. I'll be %$%^$ if I'll carry a passport in my own Country.You should be ashamed to give up your freedom. Shame on you AZ. I support cutting Federal Funding Immediately to AZ! Another Constitutional law broken by AZ. How about the speed cameras? AZ knows its Unconstitutional and yet they continue to add more.And where is the money to show for it fools? 2%tax hike on food in Phoenix, Open your eyes America, Ban AZ from the Union!!! Cut their Funding!!!!

    80. Betsy M, Georgia says:

      I applaud the Govenors decision. I work the in the health care industry. We have become a "hand out nation". Our country "gives" out so much free medication to soooo many illegals and some of our own elderly suffer WITHOUT medication because they can not afford to pay for it. I see it everyday. Illegals are getting hundreds of dollars of medications with a WAD of cash in their pockets and our elderly are trying to see if they have the money to purchase 5 days of heart meciation. Something is not right with that!! I dont have a problem with people coming here to make a better life for themselves.. BUT… IF they do come here.. they should have to learn OU language, pay taxes and follow OUR laws!! If we travel to other countries… we would be EXPECTED to do that same!

    81. us citizen, united s says:

      yes Fire Janet Napotilano. Another idiot!!!! Shame on you Janet for not investigating such a disaster to our country like Miss Brewer!!! To bad the President has to do your job as busy as he is.

    82. us citizen, united s says:

      Ken you should go out to AZ to visit. You can go across the border and get your medicine at a fraction of the cost in the US. Imagine that. Don't forget your papers, OK. You'll need them at all 3 borders. The US border, The Tuscon Border and Now the AZ border. Plan on spending most of your time getting your papers checked in your own country.


      Remember your right to bear arms. You May conceal a weapon in AZ without papers. Just in case the powers to be get out of hand. It's your Constitutional Right.

    83. us citizen, united s says:

      One Nation Under God For LIBERTY and justice for ALL!!!! Remember this AZ?

    84. W D, Phoenix, AZ says:

      The police in any state already have te right to stop any one on a "probable" cause basis. SO what's wrong with asking if they are in the United States legally?

      The United States is a sorverign nation. It has every damned right to ocntrol immigration in to it.

      The immigration system in the United States works quite nicely, if followed. There is nothing broke about it.

      What right does an illegal have to come in to teh United STates illegally and then DEMAND this or that? They don't!

      Go Jan Brewer. Continue to do what is right for Arizona!

    85. Christopher says:

      I hope this sweeps across the land. It is so good seeing a state help protect its people when the federal government refuses/neglects to. Being here illegally is a CRIME. There are LEGAL means to enter by. I would feel much safer knowing that CRIMINALS would be deported. Obviously, this law is needed, because of the enormous influx of people into the USA who just by entering have shown that they do not respect the laws of our nation. I believe in upholding the legal immigration process–and also securing our borders.

    86. Zack says:

      we are all illegal aliens! south americans have direct lineage from native americans. we kicked them out of the country and we have the balls to call them illegal aliens? most of us are americans from english ancestory that forced our way into this country just 200 years ago. conservatives are such hypocrits!

    87. Greg, Yokosuka Japan says:

      Arizona – the bastion of real hope and change leads the way in protecting its citizens.

      http://www.numbersusa.com for real information on immigration and the effects of ILLEGAL Immigration.

      The rest of the USA needs to join AZ in doing what the FED GOV will not do, secure America.

    88. carol otis redding c says:

      illegal immigration has been a plague on our society for 30 years. politicians are only concerned about the vote.they don't even want to talk about it let alone actually do anything. The people of Arizona are doing the right thing, of course they don't have the support of the federal government. I believe they will use our current crisis as it calculates in their own political gain, disregarding Americans in the thick of gang wars, loss of American jobs and the threat to our security.

    89. Rick Case Kearney MO says:

      WOW !!! A BIG "GO GET'EM GOV." Having lived in The Great State of AZ I can tell you first hand that you eat, sleep, and beathe this PROBLEM…. Finally they have gotten up on their hind legs and are doing something to correct it. Now they can clean up the trash and restore AZ to it's true beauty.

    90. nobama, MA says:

      Congratulations Governor Jan Brewer. Let's hope that other states will follow.

    91. Jordan, marco island says:

      YES YES YES to AZ new immigration law! Its a step in the right direction at least. My only problem is the punisment of the illegals. I've read that they will be jailed and fined but what about deportation? Deport them now so americans can get our jobs back!

    92. Horizon3 says:

      Well I expected the usual left wing whining about this bill, and I was right.

      There is not one single aspect of this bill that is not in compliance with both the Arizona Constitution and the US Constitution, and for you libiots out there, you can't have it both ways, you can't say it's racial profiling and then in the next sentence decry that it doesn't discriminate, grow a brain would you!

      READ THE BILL, the police can't just randomly pick a person off the street and ask for their immigration docs, there must be a reason for them to interact with a person to start with, like a traffic stop, or accident, or other reasons.

      There is no difference in this than a cop asking for your drivers license when they pull you over, and if they have reason to suspect you are a foreign national, to ask for your passport or green card or other immigration docs, which by US LAW a foreign nation is required to carry AT ALL TIMES, this is reciprocal with all other countries, if you are a US citizen abroad, you MUST carry your passport & visa docs with you AT ALL TIMES, and if you get caught without them, you are subject to jail time and deportation, the laws are the same here. The state of Arizona is just going to start enforcing already existing Federal laws, and for those that don't like it they are welcome to return home or move to another state.

      And it still boils down to the plain and simple fact being an ILLEGAL ALIEN IS STILL ILLEGAL.

    93. Patrick, Texas says:

      Any Arizonan and American with the slightest common sense will agree this recently passed law was essential. Obama called it misguided and irresponsible. To hell with him! He's only looking out for himself in trying to build a voter base for his reelection campaign by granting amnesty to the illegals already here. As I'm sure most people are … See Moreaware, violence along the border with Mexico is ever increasing. This law should help in protecting Americans in Arizona from kidnappings and murders committed by illegals. If Obama and the U.S. Government really and truly wanted to protect American citizens, it would have used stimulus money in fortifying the U.S.- Mexico border by completing the wall. This would have provided many construction jobs for Americans, curving unemployment. But, as we can see, Obama has no interest in creating jobs, protecting Americans and strengthening our porous border. Obama is all about himself and transforming the U.S. into something its not. Oh! Let's not forget about the racial profiling charge made by those opposing this law. Any racial charge launched by any group including liberals and Democrats is only political posturing. Its baseless and silly defamation, similar to a blinded boxer in a boxing match throwing wild punches. I could cry racial profiling as a white male when I'm pulled over and given a speeding ticket, but I don't. The cop, not liking a white male, would think I'm some race car driver. Any questions?

    94. Bill, Ottawa, Ontari says:

      I am required to have a valid Canadian passport to enter the United States. Why shouldn't a Mexican have a passport to enter the United States? An illegal immigrant is only going to take money from the federal and state governments.

    95. Carol, AZ says:

      For all of you who do not live on a border state take issue.

      We are responsible by law to secure our borders for the safety and securtiy of America.

      Does that mean you?

      One word entirely missing from any fodder on all news media is the word terrorism.

      All standard for International laws and Homeland Security law are being broken on the TX, N MX,AZ & CA borders with the MX borders.

      This includes the systematic murder of men, women and children killed in the cross hairs by the drug cartels.This is a full blown war. Believe it.

      To date this has claimed over 11,000 people plus numerous more missing that will never be found.

      Does that sound like terrorism to you?

      Or does the systematic kidnapping ( 1 per day ) out of PHX for ransom, sound like the breaking of all international laws.

      We asked for help, completely ignored by all of D.C. leaderships.

      The current head of Homeland Security was the former Govt. of AZ.

      Do you think she just another puppeteer?

      This is also about the well orgainized human trafficking of all people from many enthic backgrounds. I believe that last year over 100 different enthic backgrounds were interdicted.

      This also is about all forms of illegal drugs, weapons, stolen vechicles and all other forms of counterband and identy theif rings that stretch throughout the entire U.S.A. .

      This is about the recent murder of American rancher and other ranchers who's now live in terror. Their entire lives have been compromised.

      If someone from a foreign country poisoned your water supplies , destroyed your fences killed your animals left to bleed to death as a message from the drug mules that run loads near your land, home, office, or your place of business would you allow it?

      What would you do if this was your your back yard?

      As a border state we are bound by law to protect all of America.

      Our Govenor has the gutts to stand-up for her state .

      Her awardness of all I mentioned and a zillion things I have left out will directly impact all of America who also has the same issue but are too arragnace , too stupid, to face the problem. Brava Governor Brewer!

    96. Al Alfonso says:

      It is called "La Reconquista" or reconquering of lands that once belonged to Mexico. This will happen by sheer numbers that will finally give them the majorities in all of the border states. BO will never do what he needs to do because he is busy with working on 2012 and his re-election.

    97. Big D says:

      Kill them all, let god sort them out…

    98. Al Alfonso says:

      Wonder how many Border Protection aka Border Patrol agents are working on looking for porn versus looking for illegal aliens and protecting our borders.

    99. Lana - Indiana says:

      Racial profiling? What part of Illegal don't you understand? It's "any" illegal person, not just Mexicans. I'm truly sick of people pulling the "racist" label over any little thing. I applaud Arizona for having the fortitude to carry through with this endeavor.

    100. k962 Middletown,Ny says:

      Atizona is right on! If the Federal Government would have done their job there would be no need for the Arizona law. The violence on the border is out of control.

      Obama do YOUR job and proect Americans

    101. Doug Colorado says:

      The federal government is to blame for this extreme measure taken by the state. The feds have looked the other way too long.

      If immigration laws are not enforced then what laws actually have any meaning?

      Federal funding should be increased to assist Arizona with enforcement.

    102. scribe, ca says:

      the sad thing about this blow is that most of the conservatives who approve (not that approving of this law is wrong) speak of the people who come to america like they are less than human. label me a liberal hippie or a human being, but when you see a person of mexican heritage who is not a us citizen, do you fail to see anything besides their residential status? of course, we are good ol' american folk who should think about supporting the "american cause" and ridding our "great" country of non-american people. but i highly doubt any of you actually try to put yourselves in the shoes of an immigrant.

      these "invaders" come to america in search of better lives. i'm not going to slander latin america, but things just aren't developed there as they are in america. i'm sure some of you just expect them to stay down there and continue living in their hell, but when they know that they have the opportunity to live a better life by escaping to north america, do you really expect them to continue suffering through hell?

      sure, to be realistic, we can accept some immigrants, but not every single one. we should takes some steps to make america a better place for both it's residents AND immigrants, but passing a law that lets someone of latin heritage be taken to deportation on the sole basis of how they look is overly-drastic.

      personally, i like the idea, but some of it's specifics seem too brutal. but what doesn't help is that many of the proponents of the law see the immigrants in question as a group of parasites that flew from foreign lands to invade our freedom. but who am i to really change your opinion? some of you might have stopped reading a while ago, and some of you might totally disregard my argument and just mark me off as another pacifistic freak who doesn't know what's right for america.

    103. Brewer for President says:


    104. Kenneth Jordan, PHX says:

      The issue here is not so much immigration since almost everyone is for immigration. The issue is legal or illegal immigration. If you are an illegal immigrant reading this go back and read about Mexican immigration laws then tell us this is a bad law.

    105. greatful immigrant, says:

      As an immigrant that spent years going through the process of filling out paper work, paying fees, waiting, just to get a Green Card, then going through the whole process again to get my citizenship, I whole heartily support enforcement of immigration laws. When I took my oath to become a citizen of this great county, I swore allegiance to her and gave up any right to my county of birth. I felt and still feel very honored to be a US citizen!!! This was not an easy process, nor should it be!

    106. NANCY, USA says:

      You people are stupid you blame immigrants for murder and making America bad. Last time i saw the news i didn't only see immigrants killing and stealing, i saw blacks and whites doing it too. Oh and right immigrants dont pay taxes? What about all those other whites and african americans and asians and etc. who are too lazy and dont pay taxes? You all are idiots for blaming one race for your problems!!! Your precious America was built on immigration because the last time i checked our history it said we migrated here and took the NATIVE AMERICANS land so shut up because none of you have the right to talk!

    107. Pohknee, OKC says:

      The police make random stops right now in all 50 states. Illegal is Illegal in all 50 states. The only difference is that Arizona will attempt to enforce the laws that the Federal Government refuses to do. It stands to reason that whackos and illegals are upset with this law, I can hear them screaming to the liberal demolishcrats. But Washington is not alone in ignoring this problem. Mexico is just as guilty. They moan because if illegals are not allowed into the U.S. and provided for, they would need to take care of their citizens and frankly they don't want to as long as the U.S. will sucker up. Wake up and realize that all border states should implement the same law and enforce it. This is a sovereign nation or it is supposed to be.

    108. Just America says:

      If you're not for this Bill, then you're for adding and abetting a criminal. Which is a crime.

      Racial profiling is a poor excuse.

      If you're doing nothing wrong, what's the problem with providing some identification.

      My guess is that if you're stopped for some apparent violation, they're going to ask for proof, which has nothing to do with profiling, and only has to do with breaking a law in the first place.

    109. Splurgee70, TEXAS says:

      I understand the reasoning behind the signed law in Az. I'm of Mexican decent but still am nervous of these Mexican gang members and cartel members (murderers and drug pushers) crossing into US because they're fleeing from the police or other gangs. THIS IS SCARY !!! There has to be control at the borders… If I have to show my ID just to prove I'm "LEGAL" then I'll do it as long as know we're being protected. Sure there will be some racial profiling but thats some thing we will have to overcome..You know, here in TEXAS Mexicans and Americans have a history, many people have died on both sides but now I hope we can all stand as one all of us are brothers.

    110. guest says:

      Thank you Gov Jan Brewer for protecting our country and our children.

    111. Carmen Agustin says:

      Thank you Gov. Jan Brewer for not vetoing SB 1070.

      We, the People of the United States–legal immigrants, green card holders, naturalized American citizens and natural-born American citizens of this country

      salute you for your courage to

      – protect our country

      – protect and preserve our national identity

      – protect and preserve our way of life.

      We thank you for setting an example to the rest of the states of the union

      in preventing foreigners and [immigration] lawbreakers from continuing to enter the country illegally and to remain with impunity to share our economic and political life and freedom to which they have no right whatsoever.

      With this new law [SB 1070], these millions [including their anchor babies] must all be identified, apprehended, detained and deported, no matter how long they have been living in the country. .

      Again, thank you Governor Jan and Arizona.

    112. Steve Strickler says:

      The spoiled child rants of illegals protesting the new law would be laughable if not such a pain in the ass!! The big business guys pulling Obama's and Bush's strings have caused this mess in the name of cheap labor. Now it is time for us ordinary citizens to take back what was taken from us. I'm tired of paying out billions in taxes annually to prop up this population. Our schools have been dumbed down, our communities are no longer safe, car and health insurance are artificially high due to the illegals driving without a license and gate crashing the hospitals, ridiculous laws have been passed to give free lunches, breakfasts and citizenship to babies born to illegals on this side of the border, most of them have no interest in our history, patriotism, or assimilation, and they have no appreciation for what has been given them. This feeling of entitlement is sickening. Also, there are plenty of real Americans standing in line for jobs now performed on the cheap by these criminal fugitives. Make no mistake, the real fault lies with our government and those pulling their strings. Even the so-called hero, Reagan, gave them amnesty but refused to control the border……Bravo, Arizona. Obama, don't you even think about doing something to circumvent justice in this case. Shame on you for your comments yesterday. Get off your P.C. horse and get real!!! You have not lived in the areas impacted with this invasion. I liken it to berry vines taking over a field, or ants overrunning a house. Yes, it is that bad!!!! I rest my case!!!

    113. Rick, Texas says:

      If you dilute anything good enough, it takes on more properties of what it is being diluted by. I cannot understand why anyone would want to give their homeland away.

    114. Tom Markowski says:

      The Gov. and the Legislature of the State of Arizona must be applauded. Our Representatives in Washington are so busy playing politics and not paying attention to their oath of office it has fallen on the States to do what they can in self defense. I have no problem whatsoever with immigrants. Legal immigrants. I realize that we have 12 to 15 million illegal immigrants in our country right now…..Lets close the door firmly……..all our doors…all our borders……When they are properly protected we can work on how we will treat those here in the USA illegally…….kuddo;s to the State of Arizona…..home of the Best Sheriff in the world and the smartest Gov. and legislature……………

    115. ProudArmyWife, GA says:

      Oh for God's sake, people, stop trying to turn AZ into a Nazi state with you cries about "not having papers". Do you realize what "papers" are? A green card. A visa that allows you to be here legally for a set amount of time…and when that time is up, you GO HOME, not find ways to remain illegally within our borders. I used to live in TX and I grew so sick and tired of hearing on the local and national news how another illegal alien shot a cop, how Central American gang violence has crossed over into our border states (particularly CA), how drug violence has skyrocketed in AZ. We are NOT the caretakers of the world, no matter how much Mr. Obama and the Democrats would love to have a solid voting bloc for generations, which is exactly what would happen if the tens of millions of illegal aliens were given amnesty. CA's health care system is broke – why? Having to take care of the illegals who use hospital ERs for their primary care clinics and never pay a dime of the bill. TX – Parkland, in Dallas, has an easy 70% or more of all live births tied to illegal alien mothers who have their anchor babies in Dallas, TX. How about finding out that your Social Security number is being used by a dozen or so illegal Mexican or Central American aliens? That happened to my ex-husband, and he had to change the SS # that he had for his entire life because it was stolen by those who help illegals enter the country and get fake identity cards. Yeah, I am in favor of a national ID card…oh wait, I already have one: It's called a Military Dependent ID card, and gee, I wasn't upset to have to apply for that. Maybe it's because I was born and raised here, and my Sicilian and Irish grandparents came here LEGALLY, assimilated into their neighborhood cultures, and became naturalized citizens. They were all poor. They all came here with the clothes on their backs. They never asked for handouts.Want our respect – come here legally. Abide by our laws. Earn your way here.

    116. Doug Warner says:

      maybe those of you who don't like this bill would like to explain your feelings to the people who are missing people due to kidnappings done across the border, or maybe you would like to explain yourself to the family of the farmer who was shot but an illegal, or maybe, you should check your kids rooms and see if they have any of the pot being smuggled in from Mexico. Or maybe, we should just not have any laws at all. Illegal shouldn't mean anything. Speeding is illegal, but, why prosecute it. Bank robbing is illegal, but, it's only money, let it go!!! Mexican law has harsh penalties for those who are found in Mexico without authorization…Iran and N Korea put people in jail for crossing into thier country and you don't hear of a lot of illegals there. If the federal government would get off it's butt, Arizona wouldn't have to enforce THE SAME LAW THE FEDERAL GOVERNEMNT HAS. What would you have the police do? Pull over a speeded, see he has no liscence, no insurance, no residence, can't speak english, obviously not a citizen and no passport, so what, take him to dinner? But when these guys kill someone, sell your kids drugs, kidnap someone, you get all upset but you don't want them arrested and sent home. Maybe we should just have a big sign flown overhead that says, "Will all illegals please report to your local police department." Then send them back? These illegals are laughing at YOU…the very people who they are feeding on…YOU are the same people who are allowing the freedom to break the laws in this country.

    117. Nancy, San Diego, CA says:

      The words are "ILLEGAL" Immigrants! What is wrong with you people. If someone cut you in line after you have been waiting you would say something, I know I would. But these people sneak into the back door of our country, steal our money, our healthcare, our housing, raise their kids in bad areas thus causing crime, take our money do not pay taxes and send our money back to Mexico. Yes, most of us immigrated here in one form or another, but we paid our dues legally, got our SS#s, PAY TAXES, pay for healthcare and live here legally. Reading these posts make me sick. LIke the jerk who says they fight to get here so they paid there dues to be here… what? to fly their flags and speak their language, not pay taxes? What is wrong with you. Now we are paying for them even worse then before. Wake up AMerica. Every Illegal needs to leave now. Close the borders for security, no more Islamics or mexicans. Come here, yes… Come here legally, pay taxes, live open and not like a criminal. Our school system would not be overwhelmed, our healthcare debt will go down and so will our crime rate….WAKE UP

    118. Todd Modderman, Dahl says:

      For those opponents of this law, what part of ILLEGAL don't you understand? Would you like it if I just walked into your house, sat down and said I was staying and there was nothing you could do about it? Illgals cost this country millions of dollars and you all complain about high taxes, thank an illegal.

    119. Robert A Strupp, nat says:

      I'm not sure that anyone mentioned this but "Hispanic" or "Latino" is not a race. It is an ethnicity. The white Spanish came to Mexico and interbred with the indigenous populations of Mexico, Central & South America. When they did so they did not create a new race of people.

      Those shouting racism in this argument are therefore making a false claim.

    120. Brandon says:

      Arizona couldn't be heading in a more positive direction! All of the USA should pass this law! Get legal or get out! Should already have been this way for years! Just goes to show how are tax money is wasted on clearly nothing beneficial for USA born hard working citizens, we've got to deal with these illegal immigrants every day, not Obama or the other moronic politicians!

    121. Kygirl48 says:

      The comment I like is that Mexico will have to reevaluate their relationship with the border states—–LOL—-Why doesn't Mexico take care of their own instead of forcing them to flee into the US—-Where does Mexico get off with this threatening stance!

    122. Betty, Pheonix. AZ says:

      How can you tell the difference between an illegal and legal immigrant? What about the thousands of LEGAL immigrants that will be profiled and their place in America second-guessed because of this law? What about those of us of Hispanic decent who were BORN in America and are natural citizens but who, also, be looked upon suspiciously until we can prove otherwise. What about our rights? What about our dignity? Have you thought about that?

    123. Steve Villanova, Ohi says:

      It's about time the law started to get inforced in the U.S. If the illegal immigrants were not such a big problem there would not be a need for a law like this. The Gov. of AZ did the right thing! We should all be proud that she stood up for our country something that has been very rare here. We need to do what our military has been doing for us, we need to support them as they support us. keep our land free, do not let it go to the far left and the progressives. If they want that so bad,they should move to some country that already is like that. Loose you freedom of choice let the goverment make all your decisions for you.

      Wake up America!!

    124. Terry, Carolina Beac says:

      I believe that most of the negative comments about this bill are from those who have not read it. Most of the bill mirrors the US law, only transfers the "power" to local law enforcement officers. So, if the law is deemed unconstitutional, then the US law will be deemed unconstitutional. Therefore I will not pass judgment until I fully understand the bill.

    125. John, Florida says:

      Article 1, Section 10

      No State shall, without the Consent of Congress, lay any duty of Tonnage, keep

      Troops, or Ships of War in time of Peace, enter into any Agreement or Compact

      with another State, or with a foreign Power, or engage in War, unless actually

      invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.

      Immigration is the legal entry of peoples into a nation for the purpose of taking up residency and becoming part of that nation's citizenry. Invasion is the large scale, illegal crossing of a nation's borders by people of another nation, usually supported by their government (Mexico gives them GPS's so they don't get lost) for the purpose of either taking new territory or resources. These invaders don't want to learn English and become Americans, they want America to turn into Mexico. They loot us for hard currency and free social benefits. In the absence of proper response by our federal government, the state of Arizona is Constitutionally authorized to respond to the invasion currently under way and defend her own borders.

    126. Catherine, Massachus says:

      We need to go back to Ellis Island days. You needed a job/sponsor, good health and no criminal record to gain entry into the United States. My grandparents all came through Ellis Island and worked hard to have the "American" dream. They did not sneak in but came through the front door. They paid their fair share of taxes. They learned to speak English (no classes for them). When they were sick, they paid their health costs (no health insurance back then). When they were hungry, they grew their own vegetables, shared excess with others, worked jobs (my mother did not finish high school — she worked to help support the family) they did not go to the government for hand-outs! They did not have a car, phone or TV because THEY could not afford it — no hand-outs there either! Let's go back to the days of Ellis Island….come in legally and we welcome you with open arms. The issue is that people come in ILLEGALLY!! Sneak in and you go home!

    127. Brad, Az says:

      I must admit, I am warming to Governor Brewer. She inherited a real mess from janet Napolitano, and has had the courage to say what is necessary and do what she said. She has signed some really great laws of late, and I am starting to change my mind about her.

      This law is no more tan common sense excersized, and it's a great start. good job Jan!

    128. Thomas Hines, Tinley says:

      It is not racial profiling. It's "illegal alien profiling". Since AZ shares a border with only one foreign nation that nation will be affected dis-proportionately. If other foreign nations shared AZ's other borders then they would be subject to AZ's new laws also. The states in this country have a right to secure borders they share with other foreign countries. The growing number of illegal aliens represent a real threat to AZ's economic stability by over burdening it's healthcare, educational, and law enforcement resources.

    129. Floyd McDonald AZ says:

      I thank the govenor on her signing the bill I work with illegals at a buisness blocks away from the state capital of arizona some are good people as far to work with but they dont care about any of laws and they flaunt it even as mcso drives by . thanks again for supporting the AMERICAN way

    130. Randy, Washington St says:

      I applaud Governor Jan Brewer for signing into law this bill to protect the legal citizens of Arizona. Without worrying about how her action will affect her career, she bravely penned the correct and legal course. On CNN the other day, a guest held up the 1985 Comprehensive Immigration Act showing how 25 years ago, the Federal Govt. signed into law an amnesty program for the illegals that had amassed up to 1985 and were demanding their rights. Right? What rights do illegals have in our country? I'll tell you…..none, which are the same rights we U.S. citizens have in other countries we decide to illegally enter, if we do. What I'm getting at is, the Feds have already made laws to protect our citizens and identify what is to be done to people who break these 25 yr old laws. They just conviently forget to enforce the very laws the Feds wrote and signed into law. How can Arizona's law be illegal or unconstitutional if it mirrors what the 1985 Comprehensive Immigration Laws state even though the Feds conveniently ignored after signing it into law thereby allowing another 20+ million illegals to enter the country. The other 49 states need to get their governments to sign the exact same bill into law so we as U.S. citizens stand in unity to save our nation from extinction due to the massive costs illegal immigrants cost our systems without any return cost sharing. We need to stand together 50 states strong along with Arizona to save our nation from collapsing in on itself from the cost of immigrants who seem to think they are owed immediate citizenship while 2 million legal immigrants are allowed to enter our country yearly. Those 2 million do immigration the correct way, by documentation. Sneaking acrossed our border and killing our citizens on their lands shows their intentions without even having to debate the right or wrong of this new law. Again, I applaud all of Arizona's Government from the legislature, who brought the law to the Governor, to Jan Brewer herself who signed the bill into law without worrying about her political career. God bless you all in Arizona. Stand together and support each other, your law enforcement representatives, and especially protect your state representatives and Governor Brewer from any harm that might come to them for doing the right thing. We need to take our country back from those entities who want to enrich themselves at our expense by enacting laws such as this one nationwide.. All 50 states should be united in this endeavor……starting now.

    131. Thomas Hines, Tinley says:

      AZ sees what's going on in other states with a large number of illegal aliens. The burden that illegal aliens is putting on other state's resources is bankrupting those states. This has not gone un-noticed in AZ.

    132. Pete California says:

      I think the new Arizona law should be adopted by all the states especially California,with all the illegal mexicans in the states how are the police to know if they are illegal or not unless they are shown proof,this is stereo typing its common sense,I'm a naturilized citizen,I did it legally,what makes the mexicans better than me that they can stay in the U.S. illegally.

    133. Tracy Atlanta Ga says:

      We complain about all sorts of things, health care, taxes imigration ect. But when someone steps up and takes action on behalf of their citizens we who are not affected complain and shout its wrong. We all must admit there is an imigration problem. What better way but to impose the laws which are already established. The police will tell you the citizens of AZ will tell you the law must be upheld its is needed and expected from all US citizens. I hear people say if you don't like it live somewhere else. Hey I served 22 years in the army and I believe in this country and the right of all citizens to live by the laws of the land. But should we all have to pay for those who are not citizens who collect welfare and health benifits. Should someone do a study of how much free health care is given to illegal people the country would be shocked at the numbers. So to you the Gov of AZ HOOOOAHHH…

    134. ash/georgia says:

      Maybe Mr Obama objects to this because if he goes to AZ he will have to prove he is a citizen.

    135. Anthony New Jersey says:

      This country need to take care of the people born and raised here becuase they are entitled to jobs and medical treatment 1st not a person who wants a free ride or work for a lower wage an take money out of legal tax paying citizens who are unemployed

    136. JE American in Texas says:

      The government has made the laws harder to get a green card. I have a good education and it blows my mind at reading what is necessary in getting one. Not to mention it costs big. You figure most immigrants have about a 6th grade education. They come here because they want to be able to feed & clothes their families. Their governments are corrupt there are no food stamps programs etc to help them. They can not get those things here unless they are legal. I hear people say they are getting food stamps, health care etc. That’s crap. The illegal’s can not. Most of the immigrants. I know that have a health problem, pay cash or make payments and they work a lot harder than I would. The people of the USA take the superior attitude that we are better because we are born here.

      There is good & bad in all races to blame all crimes, problems and the state of the economy on immigrants is crazy. How would you like to be judged by the actions of your neighbor, your race, etc? Or be beaten or killed because or your skin color, your race. You hear about Americans being killed but rarely ever if it’s a immigrate and I know this for a fact. It has happened where I live. We are all individuals and human beings we deserve to be judged on our own merit, actions – etc.

      How does the American government expect an immigrant who has nothing to pay 3000-4000 to get a green card? When we go to another country we are not expected to speak their language (it makes it easier but not a requirement). I paid 25.00 for a 6 month visa. Also I have been to the Immigration office in San Antonio they (the legal Mexicans) belittle the non English speaking people. We are not better than them- just more. fortunate. The Immigration system reminds me of a glorified dog catcher for humans

      I have never been chased by Ice, police, racist senators when I traveled. What is the matter with the USA? We have everything but a heart!! It could have been us born in another country then we would be getting treated like this. Would you like it? I don’t think so. There has to be an easier way. I think if they comment a crime punish them. If they don’t leave them be very simple solution. And any crime committed in Arizona and Russell Pearce hears of it: he will of course blame it on a Hispanic or Immigrant. His judgment is blinded by hate and can not trusted to make a fair decision. The more I read about him the corruption is in the government. That they allow and permit this conduct says a lot about our government. We are supposed to be the greatest country in the world. The biggest criminal is Government to allow a racist to hold a government office .To give a group of people that have this illness so much power is a danger to all people. They are SICK . The people of the USA ought to say their prayers every night and give thanks that they were born here.

    137. OneBlkVoice says:

      You should actually take the time to read this bill before you criticize it! Don't rely on the mainstream media to tell you what's in the bill. It is only 17 pages long (not like the 3000 pages of the healthcare reform bill from congress that no one actually read).

      There is nothing in this bill that requires citizens to have a passport to enter or be in Arizona. The is nothing in this bill that authorizes the police to stop anyone because they look hispanic or don't speak english.

      This bill for the most part is a mirror image of statutes that already exist in federal law.

      To be honest, after reading the bill I was quite surprised at how thought out and well written it is.

      The bottom line is … if you are an illegal alien and you don't like the new climate in Arizona the go somewhere else or go home! I can't wait for me states to follow Arizona's lead.

    138. michael szumski,mass says:

      Hurrahhhh.For gov.Brewwer she has the guts to stand up to obama's plicies about illegals.Thank you gov.brewer.mike

    139. H Naomi Thomas says:

      I applaud the Governor of Arizona. . This is America and if you are an American Citizen you should not feel you are being profiled if you are ask for proof of your citizenship since in the long run we are the ones crying to have law enforcement do something about those who are here illegally. I'm legal so ask me anytime!! There needs to be a halt to PC when it comes to protecting our borders

    140. Ray Burke, Houston T says:

      What a spectacular act in support of States Rights and the Will of the People !!! Arizona Governor Jan Brewer courageously threw down the gauntlet of border security and immigration control for our feckless lawyer laden Congress to take up if they dare !!! It is my fervent hope that all 50 States, especially those on our southern border, will soon follow Arizona's lead and join the ranks of those willing to defend our Constitutional rights against our dangerous and determined liberal foes. The Tenth Amendemnt lives !!! One thing more, Governor. Watch your back. You are agitating a political hornets nest and it will be get even time from now on !!!

    141. Bart says:

      Thank you Governor brewer. It's about time someone took action. ILLEGAL immigration…it's ILLEGAL. There's nothing to debate.

    142. Chris, Minnesota says:

      How can anyone who calls themselves a Conservative support SB1070? Read the bill and quit believing everything you hear from public figures. The bill allows anyone in the Arizona Government, not just the police, to stop anyone they think is an illegal on the street and demand documentation of citizenship. But then again this is just another step into the abyss that the United States is heading towards. Everyone make sure you enjoy getting your new National ID Card and have it on you at all times!

    143. Frank Jaworski, West says:

      I don't believe that profiling is an issue. Law enforcement Agencies rely on statistical information for successfully conducting their operations, call it what you will, I call it prudent observations. As for the state of Arizona…good for you!!! Your citizens should be proud of the the actions you have taken because of Federal inaction. Perhaps Border states should take the lead in Criminalizing an illegal act and set an example for the Feds in how things should be done.

    144. tiliyeah says:

      I am very greatful when asked to show I.D when using my credit card, it tells me that they are looking out for me..

      Profillig, give me a break.I would not be at all offended to be stopped to show I.d. . something has got to be done about illeigals coming into our country, that means from where ever.. like auntie.. tusumie..or what ever.. obamas aunt, she is an illegal collecting welfare, housing, and attorneys all at our expaence.. where does it all stop?.. Thank you Arizona.. its about time.

    145. Robert, Texas says:

      Thanks for signing the bill into law. Every illegal immigrant has shown a willingness to break the law. That alone is reason to keep them out of the country. From the Mexican Embassy website:

      Travelers entering Mexico for purposes other than tourism or business or for stays of longer than 180 days require a visa and must carry a valid U.S. passport.

      We have to carry papers in Mexico, but they don't need papers here? Ridiculous.

      Then there is all the whining about the poor kids. If you bring a kid into a country illegally, you should get a call from CPS.

    146. George Scott, Fort W says:

      It is about time that someone is doing something. It is obvious that the Feds are not going to anything meaniful (always looking for votes) , both parties have agendas, and the shameful part of it is, is that their agenda is not in the best interest of the USA. I applaude The Gov,and Sheriff Joe. There are so many illegal's in the country now that if they were to get amnesty, which most in Washington would prefer it would probally change the electorate..

    147. Bill, TN says:

      Comprehensive immigration reform??????

      We already have laws regarding immigration. Why don't we just try enforcing those for, oh, say 10 or 12 years and see how they work.

      The problem we have is NON enforcement of EXISTING laws.

      Good for the Gov.

      At last….a politician with some guts. Every state should be so lucky.

    148. ANTONIO says:


    149. stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      I find it curious that the "us citizen" poster doesn't include their actual name when bashing this decision by Arizona to stand up against "illegals." If those who didn't agree with the decision would look at the actual reasons and not just the political spin being sent out by those who have little support, or knolege of the consitution they may realize this law actually helps enforce the laws that the Federal government has not. In this post 9-11 world those who oppose this law should ask themselves do you really want less secrure borers or more secure. I for one applaud the governor for doing the "right thing," and not bending to political whims of anyone who doesn't have this countries best intrest in mind.

    150. Bill, TN says:

      To anyone interested in "disenfranchising" the anchor baby crowd, I would refer you to the archive of the eminent conservative commentator George Will @ Townhall.com. The entry for March 28, 2010, "A Birthright? Maybe Not." As Phil Valentine says, we have to demagnetize

      the country, and when that is done, the ILLEGALS will self-deport. Then they can get in line in Mexico (or whatever country they may be from), fill out the proper forms, do the proper interviews, and wait in line for their permission to enter the U.S.

      Lest you accuse me of being a racist, my wife is an immigrant who took the time and effort to enter the country in the LAWFULLY Prescribed manner. It took years, and much hard work to learn the language (today she speaks it like a native with very little accent and a vocabulary which is amazingly broad), the history, the culture and all the other things which made this a wonderful country….and she loves it as much as I.


    151. Mike says:

      Brewer for President!

      Arizona today…California tomorrow!

      Americans are fed up with this Third World invasion supported by our crooked politicians and ruthless anti-American corporations. This whole racist Latino power grab is based on stealing American citizenship through illegal aliens and their illegal off-spring.

      Let's see a group of illegal foreigners in Mexico "demand" citizens rights. Not only will they be ran out of Mexico, they will be beaten and threaten with death if they ever return.

    152. Bill riverside ca says:

      Finally, after 40 years of me complaining about illegal immigration, someone has done something about it. Thank you, Governor Brewer! Thank you for having the courage to exercise common sense about an issue that shouldn't be an issue. And shame on you, President Obummer, for your not-so-secret plan to declare another amnesty rather than deal with the problem. And shame on you liberals, who label such legislation as "hate" so you can deceive yourselves into believing that you hold the unassailable moral high ground. Illegal immigration isn't a moral issue: It's a legal and practical issue. I can hardly wait to show Arizona law enforcement my driver's license. And I can hardly wait for the illegals living in Arizona to phone home to Mexico with the message "Don't come here!"

    153. ted, plano,tx says:

      It's not only time to BLOW OUT CONGRESS it's also time to BLOW OUT alot

      of state and city goverments especially these stupid citys with these santuary

      laws, like plano, texas. Think i'll move to arizona.

    154. Ted, Plano, TX says:

      I say, Gov. Brewer and Sheriff Joe in 2012 !!!

    155. Pete California says:

      If you do not post my comment do not waste my time.

    156. Robert tobin Bay Cit says:

      Bravo to arizona to have the guts to do what needs doing. These people are nothing but common criminals. They break our laws over and over with nothing but a slap on the wrist when they are caught. When we trespass on other people's property, we are arrested, jailed, fined, and have a criminal record. If our so called government refuses to deal with this problem with a firm hand, then the individual states needs to act themselves. Again Bravo Arizona!

    157. Debbie in North Caro says:

      Steve Barbour in Kentucky, this bill has NO racial profiling in it. In fact, police have to have cause to stop someone before they can check their citizenship status. The bill is perfectly legal and I find it irritating that anyone would want to stop our law enforcement from enforcing our immigration laws. We have a real illegal immigration problem that hurts all of us and congress is NOT and has NOT done enough about it. Heritage Foundation is consistent in their common sense, conservative research. Blinded, liberal thinking people call real common sense, conservative ideals right wing because they lack the wisdom and clearity to see beyond their own talking points, no matter how foolish they sound.

    158. Robert, TX says:

      Hurrah for the great state of Arizona!

      I'm an "unhyphenated" American of Hispanic descent and think a law like this is long overdue. It's difficult for me to understand why there is so much anger and opposition to allowing our law officers to check to see if someone is in our country illegally. That's right, if you're in America without proper documentation, you are breaking the law. By definition, that makes you a criminal. A law officer's job is the apprehend criminals, right?

      Here's an excerpt from a new article I read:

      The controversial part of the bill text reads that law enforcement officials are required to "determine the immigration status of a person during any legitimate contact made by an official or agency of the state … if reasonable suspicion exists that the person is an alien who is unlawfully present in the U.S."

      I don't see why people are upset about this? Let our law enforcement officials do what they need to do to enforce our laws. Their job is to serve and protect. Will there be mistakes and inconveniences? Probably, but these can be dealt with in the right way.

      I hear people making noise about racism, profiling, violating civil rights, etc. I question the patriotism of those making these statements and accusations. Whose best interest do you really have in mind? Your own or those criminals you're trying to protect?

      Since when do we put the rights of foreign criminals above the rights of Americans? It's time for us to take the handcuffs off our law officers and put them on the criminals where they belong.

    159. Debbie in North Caro says:

      JE American in Texas, my husband worked for immigration in Florida. You are wrong when you say illegal immigrants are not receiving some form of welfare. Some of them might not be, but there are a lot of illegals, using false identities in order to receive welfare benefits. The point here is not whether they are on welfare. The point is BE LEGAL about it! I also have friends who are here on work visas but are here legally. I'm told the process is difficult and I believe the process to legal citizenship should be made easier but not given away in amnesty. If they are breaking the law, they are breaking the law. Our laws either mean someone or they mean nothing and invite more law breakers which in turn is bad for our society.

    160. Zack says:

      We forced our way into this country. We are all illegal immigrants. These mexicans have more right to be here then any of us. You people make me sick to my stomach. You truly practice the worst of hypocracy.

    161. Karen Kellogg says:


      Why dont you actually read the constitution:

      Under Title 8 Section 1325 of the U.S. Code, "Improper Entry by Alien,"

      any citizen of any country other than the United States who:

      Enters or attempts to enter the United States at any time or place

      other than as designated by immigration officers; or

      Eludes examination or inspection by immigration officers; or

      Attempts to enter or obtains entry to the United States by a willfully

      false or misleading representation or the willful concealment of a

      material fact; has committed a federal crime.

    162. Tim, Virginia Beach says:

      The easy way to make this all legal and on the up-and-up without bringing into question any type of bias is to make a standard question to all persons detained or questioned by the police. "Are you a legal US citizen?" No profiling, no discrimination. Any white, brown, black, whatever color you are. Simple and straightforward. Any American should be proud to answer yes to that question in order to uphold the law in our land.

    163. Giles says:

      Since I am a first generation citizen from my father's side and second from my mother's side of the family. My grandfather came from Italy and "legally" became a citizen, sent home for his wife and four sons, one was my father, they moved here and had 4 daughters, all of which were well educated and have been good citizens. My grandfather on my mother's side came from Ireland, he too went through the process of becoming a citizen, "legally". With 10 children the family moved from Texas to Arizona and my mom was born in June after Arizona became a state in February 1912. They homesteaded land East of Tucson by Ft Lowell. My uncle invented the original algae they use to clean up oil spills. Another uncle was head of Tucson's water works, a first cousin was instrumental in the development of the technology similar to the new Ford car that parallel park's itself in the California transit system. They all came here legally and so should anyone else. What a slap in the face to those that continually come here apply and are put on long waiting lists and then these illegals waltz in and just demand, are given to and don't give a hoot 'n' hollar about being grateful, they just are "entitled" and we have a government that aids and abets this attitude. Congratulations Arizona in demonstrating this can be done and people will continue to be welcome in this country the "LEGAL" way.

    164. mike baker Dallas Ce says:

      Will the new law be used or just chatted about?

    165. Dennis Social Circle says:

      More states need to take this approach. Come to this country, but do it the right way, work to learn the language, and strive to be a productive part of this society, not a drain on it.

    166. B. Schmidt, Santa Ro says:

      Brewer did the right thing. So sad that it took so long. Bravo, Jan!

    167. Giles says:

      By the way those "few" of you who think this is unconstitutional should acquire your own pocket copy of the Constitution and read it. The illegal entry of people from foreign countries is just that illegal entry. It may be a good learning process for you to waltz across our borders and enter Mexico illegally. Those dark dungeons they call jails would be a learning haven for your ignorant remarks. Not one citizen from border states wishes harm on those desiring to come here and to feed their families but they must come legally. There is no requirement to have a passport to enter Arizona, a valid driver's license or other photo ID w/ss# works, what is wrong with that I believe that works across the nation. Way to go Arizona, lead the way!!!

    168. Chris, Springfield, says:

      I'm o.k. with AZ enforcing immigration laws, but it needs to be done within the boundaries of Americans' constitutional rights. Hispanic Americans have the right to travel without being forced to produce papers just as I would expect the right not to be harassed by the government based on flimsy suspicion. Law enforcement would need to have high probable cause to force someone to produce papers, otherwise we simply become a police state similar to what East Germany and USSR were.

    169. Ellie says:

      Thanks to Govenor Jan Brewer for sending through the bill SB1070.

      As a resident of Arizona this should have happened long ago. Well overdue.

    170. Fred, Orlando, FL says:

      The governor did the right thing. If the federal government would do its constitutional duty to defend our borders, Arizona would not have to do it themselves. I understand this is the greatest place on earth to live. There should be reform in the federal system to allow more immigrants, but those who break the law should not be allowed to stay in this country.

    171. Ron, ND says:

      The Federal Government, because liberals are only counting votes to keep their jobs, will not secure our borders. The states have to protect our borders because Washington refuses to do so. If people new the cost of illegals to the American taxpayer, they would be in a state of shock, except of course those who think funds are unlimited. I support AZ on this one. It's about time someone did something. It has always amazed me, how the US can have troops on everyone elses border, but not our own. I don't beleive there is anyone in the US that could convince me that congress cares one bit about America or America's security.

    172. Andrew, Florida says:

      "…but don’t see this law as a step toward a national idenity card?…" Really? Can someone please tell me what Social Security Cards, Birth Certificates, Driver's Licenses, and Identification Cards are for? As far as I knew they established proof of residency. No one with half-a-brain or more believes racial profiling is alright (Although, I might have just been prejudiced against people with less than half of a brain). Do we really believe we are not ever guilty of profiling based on race or presumed status? Has anyone ever driven through a "wealthy and predominantly white" neighborhood and thought "I feel safe here. These people may be greedy or they may work hard and honestly, but either way no one will bother me here?" Or how about driving down an inner-city street with African Americans hanging out in groups and thinking "Someone lock the doors?" In my opinion profiling is an atrocious issue that each one of us needs to deal with and correct (and I say that as an honestly guilty party). But based on the reasoning used to say that we shouldn't enforce the law because it will cause racial profiling, that also causes us to be disqualified from being legitimate party's in the conversation by our own hypocricy. Enforcing a law that already exists won't make us "bad"; we're clearly already "bad." How about we deal with our own condition and enforce a law that has long been agreed upon?

    173. curtis alderman says:

      What about our rights as tax paying american citizen of the right to lift liberty and happiness without being overrun by illegal persons i like the azorizona law in a case like that the just will have to suffer for the unjust if you have not done anythig you don't have anything to worry about if you don't have anything to hide and i'm a black man in america

    174. Tim AZ says:

      I think what hurts the most for liberals in this whole development. Is that they can't truthfully argue against this wonderful law. The sad truth is that liberals do everything they can to encourage illegal aliens to enter our country for their own gain at the cost of the many lives of the Mexican people. You ask what could they gain from this carnage? It's simple exploit them for their cheap labor and a perpetual voting block to keep the socialist regime in power. This law and other states that adopt this law could have devastating effects on the coming elections. I believe this law will have the effect of driving illegal aliens back to their country shrinking the pool of potential voters for the Mao-Bama regime through amnesty. Before this law liberals could simply grant amnesty as needed to nullify the votes of the American voter's that appose this march toward socialism. Liberals have good reason to fear this law if it is able to survive the activist judges it will surely come before. Liberals will once again be forced underground to reinvent themselves with a new cause and a new name that sounds very friendly. But it's the consequences of their policies that we must judge them by. Not the feel good wording of their policies.

    175. mike fresno,ca says:

      For all those who are wrapped up around profiling,keep this thought in mind. ILLEGAL IS NOT A RACE, ILLEGAL IS A CRIME.

    176. Normca says:

      We in California are waiting for the legislature and Arnie to have some guts like Arizona has. But before Arnie looked at the budget, he was ready to give health Insurance to illegal aliens. B Obama says its about fairness. Just how does he define fair ? States have the right and duty to protect its citizens while B Obama protects terrorists and prosecutes Navy Seals and berates Tea Party folks. And B Obama calls on Holder [who said all Americans are cowards] to look into the AZ law. Hey Holder read the Constitution while you look into a law legislated by a state government.

    177. Rodolfo Marquez says:

      I salute you, Gov. Jan Brewer, for your courage. What you've done by signing SB 1070 into law is more than any politician in Washington and all over the country have the guts to do.

      At last we have a public official who

      – does not succumb to mass intimidation

      – does not place her political career before 'doing what's right for the country'

      – does not fear the threat of any ethnic, racial, political groups

      – recognizes the threat of this 'silent invasion' of America that's been going

      on for years from our southern border

      – finally shames the national government in Washington for its ABSOLUTE

    178. Janice, Texas says:

      Is everyone so dense to recognize that we need tighter immigration control???!?!? We have two issues with illegal immigration: those coming here to take advantage of a system and/or better thier lives; but most importantly we have terrorists taking advantage of our loose borders. Terrorists are coming here to kill as many of us as possible when they commit suicide. Does that not scare the bejesus out of anyone besides me?!?!?!?

    179. Drew Page, IL says:

      Hooray for Arizona. After decades of the federal government doing nothing to enforce illegal immigration law, the State of Arizona stood up and said "We will do it ourselves". All we have gotten from the feds on this is one blanket amnesty after another, making a mockery of any Immigration laws we have on the books.

      The U.S. would have gotten more enforcement of our Immigration laws had we put Barney Fife on the border with his one bullet in his pocket, than we have had from the federal government over the past 50 years.

    180. juan perez says:

      Im shame of Arizona. Im a war veteran and i have fought for the united states and now im getting stop every time while driving home to shooping , just for my color skin.

    181. Drew Page, IL says:

      To JE in Texas — We all know why illegal aliens come to America. Most are poor and are looking for better. There are legal ways to do it.

      Like it or not, the taxpaying citizens of American can't afford to let in and support the world's poor. Most all of the people in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, the Balkans, Central and South America are dirt poor. You somehow feel that we have an obligation to throw open the borders, shout "y'all come" and start figuring out how to feed, house, clothe, educate, provide medical care, jobs, welfare checks, cars, TV sets and telephones to all of them.

    182. John Clancy, Wyandot says:

      Isn't it instructive for all of us when we see protests that result from a governor doing what is one of her first duties: enforce the law?

      I go to and from Canada often because I live near Windsor and have friends there;

      I'm asked each time I cross to show identification. This is widely expected here.

      If the Border Patrol Officer has further questions, I may be asked to pull over for closer inspection. This is orderly and reasonable. To let anyone enter a sovereign nation indiscriminately would be anarchy.

      Sadly the present administration at the federal level is busy taking away our freedoms. It sees crises (anarchy) as an excuse for making moves toward despotism. If the action by Governor Brewer can avert a crisis and establish order in Arizona, moves toward despotism will be thwarted.

      The whole nation should support Governor Brewer.

    183. jl says:

      This will be a disaster, and unseen repercussions will be felt for this decision. I think this will mobilize the hispanic vote towards the left.

      Also, maybe there should be a law to give Law Enforcement the right to search homes in trailer parks without warrants, because people there look like they use Meth. Imagine that some Cop thinks you look like "White Trash" and can pull you over because they are given the "right" to search for Meth.

      Cops says, "I am placing you under arrest because you have bad teeth." Then proceeds to search you for Meth. There is no probable cause that you have Meth, only that you obviously are a poor white person. The governments assumption of criminal activity should never be confused for Probable Cause.

      But, there wouldn't be too much white support for a law violating white peoples rights. The Heritage Foundation, in there partisan role would be outcrying the unconstitutionality of the whole thing if whites were affected. But if it is just hispanics, so it's ok.

      Remember this, there are reasons that the government has been given rules to avoid undue searches and seizures. There are reasons that the government has to have true "probable cause" to arrest you. There are reasons that this offense me other then racial profiling. It is our freedom being chipped away. Hopefully, this will be overturned by higher courts, once somebody challenges it.

    184. Jim - Ohio says:



    185. Mark, TN says:

      It is within the legal rights for states to pass this law, although I am in opposition in giving law enforcement any more powers than they already possess. Would it not be better to imprison those who hire or harbor illegals? Dry up the money an the problem will correct itself.

    186. Sherry, Texas says:

      Illegal immigrants in our country cause many more problems than the general public is aware of. As any teacher in Texas knows, we must teach these students who speak no English and then are held responsible for their scores on the TAKS. As a secondary educator, I have to be trained in TELPAS each year, spend time collecting writing samples from non-English speaking students as well as English speaking students (can't single the non English speaker out), and then rate the writing samples according to a TELPAS scale. The school district must also employ staff that can speak Spanish to those parents and students that don't speak English (more of our tax dollars at work). Not to mention the amount of time that is spent in the translation of every page of notes, quiz, or test that is given in class. Yes, all of this is paid for through tax dollars– teachers are required to do this work. I can't imagine how this would affect the teacher to student ratio in some parts of our state!

    187. Brat, Iowa says:

      I wonder if some are aware of the problems facing the people of AZ. Ranchers living near the borders have been murdered, crime is rampant, drug trafficking is as common as tumbleweed and the feds ignore it. While profiling may occur as people get looked at, I'd have to think that most cops who have been working around the area for a long time pretty much know who many of the illegals are. They should since many have been arrested and charged with crimes and sent home only to return through the revolving doors we call our border. There is no easy way to enforce our immigration laws and a direct approach as this seems the only solution. Anyone innocent will be on their merry way in no time. I don't think you can compare someone handing over proof of citizenship with someone being murdered at the border. To ignore the safety of the people in AZ would be a far worse assault on rights than anything. We do have the right to live and the right to enforce our country's laws. I am betting that this new law encourages many to leave on their own, which is a good thing.

    188. Tabitha, Georgia says:

      I am married to an immigrant, my children are born from an immigrant, so does that mean if they go to Arizona they will have to show proof of citizenship?! How stupid, EVERYONE ONE OF YOU SO CALLED AMERICANS needs to look in the mirror and look at your family tree and I bet that you are no more American than an illegal immigrant! So what if you were born here! That makes you special? NOT! If you stopped for a minute and asked yourself why they came here illegally maybe you wouldn't sound so stupid! WE NEED IMMIGRATION REFORM NOT RACIAL PROFILING. If the illegal immigrants were white then you would be calling this law unconstitutional also. You wouldn't want to be stopped just because of the color of your skin!! I feel sorry for all you racists, that's right I called YOU RACIST! My children and my family are very fortunate to have been born here. They will have better education, better housing, and a fairer government. All you people that think illegal immigrants can receive food stamps, medicaid, tax free money are STUPID! No one can receive any help from the government without proof and if the government doesn't check that proof then blame them! No one should be able to get help grom programs and be able to sit on their but at home but plenty of LEGAL AMERICANS do it! I am ashamed to call myself an American. If Obama doesn't do something to Arizona then he will never be known as the first black president. I would hate to have to move to another country but I will not sit back while everyone I know and my family are being singled out. There are more important problems in this country. How dare you act like that ranchers death was caused by illegal immigration. A WHITE MAN, OR BLACK MAN, OR YELLOW MAN, OR RED MAN COULD HAVE COMMITED THE CRIME ALSO. Then who would you blame. Yes it is against the law enter the country illegally but it does not autamatically make you a criminal!!! I hope that this country can become the country it was intended to be!!! Free for all immigrants. After all, it was founded by immigrants who did not have to become legalized!!!!!!!!!!!!

    189. Kyle - Galt, CA says:

      Bravo to Arizona for the boldness to stand against those who break our laws and actually enrich themselves doing so. We live in a country governed by the rule of law and making those who break the law answer for violating it will hopefully make them think twice before entering our country illegally. That being said, we are still a country that welcomes the peoples of the world to become citizens. The message in this is "Become part of our great country legally." This country was built by immigrants. I am from a family of immigrants and my father, and grandfather immigrated legally. Thank you Governor Brewer for seeing through Washington politics and enacting laws that actually protect our freedoms! Perhaps California will have the guts to enact similar legislation if we can begin to elect conservatives at every level of our government!

    190. PA, Texas says:

      As part of the opposition (white middle age male) as classified by President Obama, I say "way to go AZ". Thank you for being the first of the border states to say enough is enough. As a member of this great nation I say that immigration is a wonderful thing, it is what made the USA what it is, but it has to be legal. We have a process, one that has been used by thousands and thousands of those who really wanted to be citizens and were willing to put in the time and effort to do it the right way. To not only learn about the ways of our nation, but learned the language and become members of society. Coming here illegally to take advantage of free health care, to not pay taxes and to send the money back across the border, does that really sound like someone who wants to be an American? What about the protection of the citizens of this country, what is to say that and underwear or shoe bomber couldn't just waltz across the border to do damage in any large border city? Once again, nice move Arizona. Now we need CA, NM and TX to follow.

    191. butter bean, north a says:

      Some of you people seem to ignore the fact that some areas on the border are NOT fenced and that "immigrants" can come and go across the border just the same you and I can walk from our yard to a neighbors yard. That doesn't mean that we are welcome in their yard, or that we should have all the rights to all the stuff in their yard, does it? If you leave your backdoor wide open and I just walk in there and sit in front or your TV watching your cable that YOU pay for, and go take advantage of your toilet leaving a mess on the seat and an awful smell, then go in your kitchen and make a sandwich, you would probably be angry and tell me to leave too. Actually, you might even call the cops and have me arrested, or possibly shoot me. And lets say that the cops come, but they just look around and then they leave. Maybe they even tell you to "let it go" or something. Would you not consider taking care of it yourself? Or would you just let that person live in your home and use your stuff?

    192. ifortherepublic, cal says:

      i agree with this new law. asking to show citizenship is the only way we have of identifying who belongs here and who doesn't in this out of control situation we are in. the people who are coming through our border illegally are for the most part mexican. so, it only makes sense that we look at mexican people first. if i was mexican, i would be glad to show my citizenship unless i was harboring my illegal family members. the government of the united states is supposed to be by the people for the people, with its only job to protect our country. it seems to me that our current government leaders are doing everything to overthrow our republic unconstitutionally while ignoring the only job our constitution says they should have. that is protecting the american people.

    193. Billie says:

      The people of this country have always welcomed law abiding immigrants. Why would they welcome illegal immigrants or any immigrants costing the states they are in, it's money and resources? Times change and reason for rules and laws to immigration have changed to maintain civility.

      When immigrants frst started out in this country they all assimilated under a common law. It isn't happening today. The government makes exception to those they see less of. We are all equally human. We all have the ability to reason. There is no excuse for those coming into this country, not to do it LEGALLY! AND AT THEIR OWN EXPENSE.

      I mean really, who is the real racist here? Sounds like, the president and all those that think this law isn't fair. The feds have been increasing THEIR LAW instead of enforcing what's already there. The American government protects a people from one foreign nation who are violating laws and citizens the American government is supposed to protect.

    194. David, Nashville says:

      To Betty,

      You can tell the difference because a legal immigrant will have proper documentation. Their name will be in the state Driver's license records. Legal immigrants are just as upset by illegals because of the very reason you site: It gives legal immigrants who went through the proper steps a bad name. If you are a legal immigrant, you should be happy that someone is finally cracking down. It will be no problem for you to carry a couple of pieces of paper for identification. It is not undignified to be able to identify yourself and prove your citizenship. It is the law. By the way, you need to carefully read the actual law. There are many provisions in it to protect legal immigrants. Illegal still means illegal.

    195. Billie says:

      correction, last sentence: a people from one nation …

      should read: a people from one foreign nation…

      I/d like to add since they all come from one particular place, seems government term "racial profiling" would be practical and beneficial.

    196. benjamin k. says:

      Wow. The poster going by "us citizen" has really gone off the deep end here. Repeatedly.

      Suggesting that anyone crafty enough to sneak into the country should get a reward ? Claiming that it is Arizona's citizens and governor who are violating the laws of the land….while Obama and congress refuse to enforce the laws …. Smearing the immigrants who came here lawfully by equating them with those who come here illegally– and who then must engage in fraud and identity theft by using Social Security numbers of other citizens in order to continue their unlawful stay ?

      And even though the vast majority of those who come here illegally want nothing more than better paying jobs, what of the smaller % who just walk across the border to continue the line of work they were in on the other side of the border– gang members and criminals ? That small minority of illegals can (and do) destroy many lives while they are here.

      We are entitled to have an orderly and lawful immigration process. And when we have laws on the books, we expect them to be enforced– not ignored for political benefit of a few.

    197. Thinking Person, Doe says:

      I don't understand how Republicans can accuse Obama and the Democrats of being unconstitutional and comparing them to Hitler's Nazis and at the same time not see the inherent similarities in this law.

      So Nazi Germany provided free healthcare, that was not an effect that helped the Holocaust in any way. Know what DID? Giving the police the right to demand papers proving racial identity, and to approach and harass those people they had reasonable suspicion to believe were Jewish.

      Sure, there should be immigration reform, but this is not immigration reform, this is racial profiling in about as pure a form as humanly possible. No one should have to worry about being pulled over or approached on the street and required to show papers.

      It's incredible that anyone could seriously stand behind this position with the IQ of a basically functioning individual. It doesn't take a genius to see that this is not a conservative law, or a protection of national security issues. This is a fascist law, and I dare you to prove to me it isn't.

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    201. Steve Skeete, Barbad says:

      Some of the responses I have read have left me a little confused since they seem to be saying that since the USA is a "nation of immigrants" then anyone from anywhere should be allowed to enter anyhow.

      For a country with a poor neighbour and a long border that sounds to me like the recipe for the disaster that is already in progress.

      While it is possible that Governor Brewer's answer may not be the right one – and it certainly is not the final answer, someone has to take the initiative in dealing with what is an extremely complex issue.

      Poor, desperate people will go to extraordianry measures to leave one port for another. However the "welcoming" territory must be allowed to decide who comes and under what terms. Anything less than that is what we now have – chaos.

    202. Corky, Howey in the says:

      I say profile the heck out of them all. I am tired of bending over backwards for illegal's. I can speak english and I don't have a problem with a cop STOPPING me if he truly THINKS I am doing something wrong. To all you crybaby libs out there..if you like them so much why don't you invite a few illegal families to come live with you? IF they are such GOOD people then WHY don't they seek the LEGAL way into this Country? AMERICAN'S are tired of paying for these people and have to learn their language because they don't or CAN'T learn ours!!

    203. Don, Bisbee, Az says:

      to Juan Perez, Whats your beef, this isn't a enforced law yet. If your getting stopped , ask your self why. You can't blame this law for that. and to Zack, so in your book, 2 wrongs make a right? The problems here are a direct result to the Federal Government closing the border everywhere but AZ. Thanks D.C. for the problem and for the failure to reimburse us for all the medical expenses occurred by these illegal aliens, dropped on our emergency rooms and paid for by the tax payers because the Feds don't want to.

    204. Christian woman, Pen says:

      I'm a Mennonite lady who is Native American and German. My skin is a light 'tan" color giving some English the impression that I may be Spanish until they hear the low-German accent. Mrs. McNeill, this law may make sense to you but, it scares me half to death and many others like me. Am I to be harassed because I "look" Spanish? Do I have to carry around "papers" because one of my grand-parents is Native American?

      My ancestors fled Europe after years of persecution and now some of us are to be harassed because we may "look wrong?" The law doesn't just target the Spanish…it targets everyone. Whats next? Do we all have to dress, behave and look like the English to be left alone? This law is morally wrong. Period.

      Mrs. McNeill, what makes sense is to crack down on buisnesses who are breaking the law by hiring illegals in the first place. Funny how this law ignored this.

    205. Chance, TX says:

      Republicans, Screw the Hispanic Vote!

      Republicans, screw the Hispanic vote! Now that I have your attention, let me explain myself. I am not suggesting the Republicans intentionally set out to offend Hispanics, but if taking a principled stand on the rule of law in the battle over legal and illegal immigration angers a certain block of Hispanic voters, do we really want their support in the first place? Do Republicans really want to rally the support of a voting block that advocates for illegal immigration, a porous border, gang violence, skyrocketing healthcare costs, a crippling strain on infrastructure, higher taxes, violent protests, disregard for states’ rights, disregard for US laws, and the disintegration of US sovereign borders? Take a look at news footage of the violent protesters attacking police officers in Arizona last week… this is the group we seek to appease?

      The recently enacted Arizona immigration law (now the toughest in the nation) has reignited the long-standing battle over immigration reform. The real issue is, are we going to secure our borders or not? A nation without secure borders has no borders at all. Because the federal government has refused to act responsibly, Arizona was forced to act in order to save itself. Arizona now has over 500,000 illegal aliens. Phoenix now averages a kidnapping a day in large part due to the crime wave brought by the illegal aliens. Arizona’s infrastructure is collapsing under the weight of illegal aliens, because it has been unable to depend on the federal government to simply do its primary job (provide for the common defense). When Arizona finally took it upon itself to solve this overwhelming problem, how did the President of the United States respond? He called their efforts “misguided”, and he vowed to sick his Justice Department on the state for violating the civil rights of illegal aliens who are breaking US laws just by being here in the first place. What about the civil rights of the US citizens living in fear in their own country, state, city, and neighborhood. What about the families in Arizona that can’t enjoy the beauty of their state parks, because they have become hot zones of crime, drug trafficking, and human transport? Where is the concern for their civil rights? The President, whose first priority is to protect and defend, believes that securing the Arizona border against the flood of illegals, drug-dealers, and kidnappers is “misguided.”

      The President of the United States would find himself in the extreme minority (politically speaking) in Arizona on the issue of the just-signed immigration bill. Despite the caterwauling by the media regarding the “outrage” over the newly passed law, 70% of Arizona residents support the bill. 70%! The only other thing that 70% of voters may agree on now is that current crowd in Washington is completely out of touch with America.

      This leads me back to my original point. Why are Republicans in Washington scared of taking a principled stand on this issue? They (Republican leadership) must stop taking direction from the talking heads in the mainstream media and Democrat pundits. Of course they will say a strong stand on immigration will “cost Republicans”. They would love nothing more than for Republicans to suffer self-inflicted wounds. If you’re enemy says you’re doing the wrong thing, it’s a sure fire sign you’re doing the right thing… did General Patton consult Rommel before attacking? The law abiding, taxpaying, and voting public support securing the borders and punishing those that enter our country illegally. Furthermore, they are staunchly opposed to amnesty, as was evidenced by the last attempt to extend it championed by President Bush and Senator McCain. And, speaking of Senator McCain’s support of amnesty, how did that work out for him in the last election? Did Hispanics flock to his side at the polls? NO! Republicans caving on their core convictions will NEVER win support of the minority groups that historically vote for Democrats, but it will erode conservative support, because it contradicts core principles on which the country was founded. We can’t become Democrat “Lite” in order to win votes. Why should a liberal vote for Democrat “Lite” when they can just vote for a real Democrat. We must win in the arena of ideas by demonstrating a more inspiring and prosperous option. Hard-working immigrants who come to this country legally for a better life don’t like the scourge of illegal aliens either. We will win their support by standing up for secure borders, a legal path to citizenship, and punishment for those that enter the country illegally not by opening the flood gates to any gang-member, drug dealer, or vagrant mandating we accommodate them.


    206. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      There will be more states doing the same, it's called state soverienty and is LEGAL, US law states that any non citizen MUST carry at ALL times their papers. 1914 there was a dipute on the border, my grandfather lived in a tent as the US Army under John J Pershing protected the border. Mexico has been taught for years that New Mex. Ariz, Calif and more belong to them, there is now a move by some to not only take it back like in 1914 but they want to rule USA. We have laws, one is you must come in the proper way. MY grandparents did, they also signed papers that they could support themselves and their family and that they would NEVER be a burden on society.

    207. Billy Bob, Disctrict says:

      Read the text of the law first before you start spewing:


      It's a great law, and the fact that it has gotten such a strong resistance makes me nervous for the future of some of our border states.

    208. Christian woman, Pen says:

      @Jeanne Stotler

      And if someone decides your "papers" are a forgery? What if the officer has a grudge against your family? Perhaps the law enforcement department from that area is eyeing your new car (occurs in other states) and wants to "confiscate it" because you "look" illegal? I wish I could trust all English law enforcement officials to be 100% moral about this law but I'm afraid I can't. Can you HONESTLY say you do? Don't think you will be "safe" just because you are a citizen. For many who support less government intrusion I'm flagbergasted that these same individuals could support such a law.

      Sure, something should be done about illegals since they are breaking the law, but I will again repeat…what about the businesses hiring these illegals? Why is the law ignoring them and targeting US citizens?

    209. Christian woman, Pen says:

      @Billy Bob

      Again….the law (Sec. 6. Section 23-212) states that it is illegal but, thats been illegal for quite some time. It also lists a series of "violations" but again does not contain the borad language as it does for US citizens…i.e. "suspecting" or "looking" like your are an illegal. In other words, in order to nab the hundreds of buisnesses, ranchers and others who employ illegals you still have to provide proof and go through a long legal process for holding them accountable. However, if you are a citizen you can just be pulled over and harassed.

      This law does nothing to hold the real offenders liable–the people employing the illegals.

    210. Christian woman, Pen says:

      @Billy Bob

      I also forgot to mention that the law does not mention ignoring "probable cause" for employers as it does for everyday citizens. It allows law-enforcement officials to arrest a person without a warrant if they have probable cause to believe the person has committed a public offense that makes him or her

      removable from the U.S. Theres NO burden of proof. For many–perhaps even you–who wish "the government out of your life" you see NO problem with this?

    211. WMD, Pennsylvania says:

      Why is everyone being racist, one guy talked about how he didnt care about how many heads of lettuce they pick. The point is, unfortunately, most of our economy and infrastructure is based and was built by immigrants.

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    213. Dave - Chelsea says:

      Based upon many of the comments, it is apparent that their opinions were gained through a biased commentary they either read or overheard — How about reading the Arizona Bill and realize that racial profiling is prohibited and that there has to be probable cause before a law enforcement officer can ask for a Governement ID —- but then that would require you to base your comments on the facts and not on irrational emotion!

      Nothing wrong with immigration, but there certainly are problems with illegal immigration. The Federal Government is the problem – they have not and are not doing their job and are failing to uphold the Constitutional requirements to protect the United States of America – it really is that simple!

    214. Christle, Texas says:

      Personally I've always been pro "Legal" immigration with some caveats.

      I don't see immigration as a bad thing, however due to security concerns I'm thinking we need to have secure borders and we must know who is coming into the country.

      Immigration was a win-win for everyone until we created the welfare state mentality. I am not opposed to immigrant workers, they provide a service for jobs that labor unions have priced out of the market.

      If we could secure our border to ensure our safety and provide a way to have LEGAL immigrant workers come and work our economy would grow and we have no need for violence.

      If we eliminate the welfare incentives for illegals to come here then only the productive and hardworking immigrants will be coming here not to engage in criminal activity but to work.

      If we enacted something like the Fair Tax, it includes these immigrants in the tax payer pool and they contribute to the services i.e. public education, police protection, etc; that they consume. If they are here legally then they have nothing to fear and can be productive members of society.

      It seems to me that legal immigration helped found this country, there should be a way to fix this problem and go back to a win-win.

    215. Drew Page, IL says:

      To the Christian women in Pennsylvania — Your are getting into an awful lot of "what ifs". "What if a policeman has a grudege against your family?" "what if policeman likes you car and wants to confiscate it?" Are you serious? If you are, you should probably stay hidden under your bed for the rest of your life.

      Of the 400,000 + illegal aliens in Arizona, it's a safe bet that all but a couple of hundred are Mexican. If you are looking for illegal aliens that's probably a good place to start. Most of those of Mexican heritage in Arizona are legal citizens and police aren't going to be detaining every Mexican looking person they see, just because they look Mexican.

      Like so many others, you have no ideas of your own on how to deal with this real problem. You just know what you don't like and since the perfect solution has not been found, you would be content to continue the status quo, which is doing nothing. Fortunately, you live in a neighborhood that hasn't seen home invasions, kidnappings and murdersof innocent citizens all coming from a hoard of illegal aliens.

    216. mary denver, co says:

      I think that things have gone on long enough! Charity begins at home! We need to protect our people and our rights and freedoms! Oh at the cost of ILLEGAL immigrants that should not be here in the first place! Whose taxes are paying for their welfare and medical bills, let alone all the crime and other problems they create!If you want to be legal than go though the process! They just want their cake and eat it too! They may as well name us americamexico! america pays taxes and illegals do not! Our president is a airhead who lives in a dilussional la de da land! He is probably illegal himself so if he changes the law then it will be okay for him to be illegal! what a thought! It is time for americans to stand up for our freedoms as a nation under god!We need to fight for our costitutuion of the United States and liberty aned justice for all that live here!

    217. legal citizen, calif says:

      Where in this law does it mention anything about race? Oh, that's right it doesn't, but when liberals have no argument it's time to pull the race card, right? As far as these so-called "rights" these people aren't citizens!!! Our constitution is there to grant rights to U.S. citizens, not all of humanity. Smarten up.

      P.S. for the many out of work legal citizens, guess where lots of jobs are gonna be available?

    218. Bob Petersen Boise, says:


      The U.S. Constitution places primary responsibility for the holding of elections in the hands of the individual states. The maintenance of peace, conduction of orderly elections, and prosecution of unlawful actions are all state responsibilities, pursuant to the states' primary job of exercising police power and maintaining law and order.

      Some of you commenting should read the constitution!

      The 10th ammendment states: "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitutution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the People.

      Arizona under the constitution has every right to pass this law .

      Nuff said!

    219. Billie says:

      Christian woman, that's the chance CRIMINALS TAKE!


    220. Tom in Chandler, AZ says:

      Many, many have commented on this issue who do not reside in Arizona or in a southern border state. The majority of those not in favor of SB 1070 are all wringing their hands over police pulling people over because of the color of their skin. Phoenix Police has had 3 officers killed in the past 2 years by illegal aliens. Phoenix is the "kidnapping capitol of the world" the past 2 years, whole sections of suburbs in Phoenix have been overtaken by illegals, drop houses & truckloads of illegal aliens being pulled over by police is an everyday occurrence. Our schools are overrun with children of illegals and our emergency rooms are overcrowded.

      I encourage all of you to listen to the response on local radio by Mark Spencer, President of the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association. This 7 minute clip is well worth listening to as it explains in detail what the law entails and when police can act. For those with attention deficit disorder, go to the 5 min 45 second mark for a quick synopsis when police can enforce SB 1070.

      Click on this address: http://www.azplea.com/ and the first article is: PLEA Lobbyist Addresses Concerns re: SB-1070 and click on the Listen now link.

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    222. Jim, NY says:

      Mexico has very strict immigration yet nobody calls the racist. The feds have neglected their duties leaving Arizona no other choice.

    223. Joseph Stella, Reno, says:

      I love you Mrs Brewer, for protecting the American Citizen. Our president and congress are a pathetic gatheriing of cowards, There are existing laws protecting us from illegal immigrants entering our country, yet our congress refuses fo enforce them. Countrys for centuries have educated their criminal types on how to enter our great country illegally, they simply unload them on us the illegals come to the USA getting a free ride, all the social services free, at the tax payers expense. I understand its difficult for a US citizen to enter mexico. Wake-up America.

    224. mousetrapp says:

      I am tired of working in a place where I am the only one who speaks english. Fighting for jobs that are taken because of illegals who are hired under the table and work cheaper. I am also fed up of listening to the freaking music and feeling that I am living in little havana because of all the mexicans in my apartment complex. One legal immigrant to get on the lease, houses about 9 illegals in the same apartment {2 bed 2 bath}. They raise our rent to cover their destructiveness. And their women dress like streetwalkers and get pregnant so they can have anchor babies. Also I get hit on by illegals who are looking to get married to an American to stay in the country. HELL YEAH The illgals should go. We need a shoot on site policy. Give them 3 months to either make the steps to become legal {atleast apply for citizenship} or consider them terrorists and deport them. Shoot them if they resist.

      Also they get government assistance and free healthcare. When Americans can not even get jobs, its time for them to go. I wish they would do something in Florida.

    225. Allisio Rex says:

      Thanks to Gov. Brewer for signing this overdue bill. The fact is that the USA is becoming a jungle. A lawless, a strange place and we are all of sudden surrounded by people who hate us. So why should we allow more and more of them? No way!

      It's time not only to stop third world immigration but we also to make sure that those who live here respect our laws,our civilization,our way of life. We cannot get around it for fear of "offending" certain people . Who cares. Let them be offended. If I have to behave in a certain manner and I gladly do it because it's my civilization than the others have to do the same.

      What have we gotten from third world immigration? Only problems. One after another. Very soon we will be a minority with no rights and nobody to help, us.

      Cannot allow this to happen.

      At this point, with all the crime around, I have to disagree with some bleeding hearts. Whether illegal or legal I don't want third world people anymore here. There are too many already. They got all the jobs,the welfare, the section 8,the medicaid,the vouchers,all the neighborhoods abandoned by flleeing Whites ,all the preferences.

      We just complain and get nothing other then being called racists!

    226. LAN, Ct says:

      I hope that other states follow Arizona. Illrgal is illegal. There are proper channels to which to become legal in the US. and are laws need to be followed.

    227. Trent, Charlotteville, Virginia says:

      I just lost a lot of respect for The Heritage Foundation. So basically now, if someone looks Latino and forgot to bring their ID with them, they can be arrested. This law is a clear violation of civil liberties.

      “A society who sacrifices liberty for security deserves neither”

    228. Patrick, Florida says:

      It amazes me the common sense of this law, if something is called illegal then I would presume; it is illegal, and by performing whatever act you are breaking the law, no. If you are not breaking the law to begin with and you are a legal citizen you should be happy to say yes, I am an American I can speak English here is my I.D. to prove it, if needed and you should feel good about this because you went through the correct process to get it. Some individuals may get upset and say the government is infringing on my rights by passing a law like this. I will say that this is good and you should be happy they have the right to feel whichever way they want, and be happy you are an American.

    229. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      For you Christian Woman, I do carry ID, I have a drivers lic. and a state issued Lic. to practice nursing, I do not look Latino, I am of Danish decent and my father was born in Denmark and his parents came here legally. They signed papers not to become a burden to society, in other words not to collect welfare or any other gov't.aid substance. I have no problem with legal immigrants but we cannot condone illegal immigration, even here in Va. we are affected, just look in our ER's and check our jails and ask our teachers, they cost our states and local gov'ts. they send money out of the country and DO NOT pay taxes other than sales tax. They drive without licenses and break a lot more laws than I mentioned, one is living with more people in a house or Apt. than is healthy.

    230. Dennis-North Texas says:

      I think its absolutely grand that the Governor of Arizona had the chutzpa to slap the feds in the face and enact a law that should not be necessary. This is a law they should be enforcing at the federal level. However, ever since 9-11 homeland security has better things to do than bother with illegal aliens. If they can't stop illegals from coming across the border how the hell can they prevent or stop terrorism???? I have nothing but respect for the immigrants that come over here legally and become productive hardworking citizens. Rick Perry probably won't support this law because he doesn't have the balls to take a stand. He would rather allow the illegals to come into our state and immediately put them on food stamps, medicaid and settle them in public housing…..all on my tax dollar. Congrats Arizona–and California sucks…Arnold is just as gutless as Perry.

    231. Allisio Rex says:

      Trent, leave the Latinos alone. They live in Europe. The Latinos you're talking about have nothing of Latin. Now, if myself and my wife can carry our ID Cards,Birth, Certificate,Drivers Licenses,SS cards then any other person can carry his or her own ID Cards.to show that they are not only who they claim they are but also that the are either Citizens or legal immigrants.

      My wife actually also carries,I don't know why, her U.S. Passport and Baptismal Certificate.

      To male it clear, every legal immigrant has a Resident ID Card issued by the immigration authorities and he or she must carry it and show it upon request. It's always been this way.

      Furthermore, a Naturalized Citizen gets a free Certificate of Naturalization right after the naturalization ceremony, on the spot. So, legal people shouldn't have any problem with identifying themselves and showing that they are legally here.

      The fact that they are raising hell now with this new Arizona law is because hundreds of thousands there don't have any legal paper to show. That's the truth,

      Sorry for then typo "than" on previous post..

      Trent, if things keep going the way the're going very soon we will have to start to find our own reservations. No kidding. This is serious.

      The USA is gone,just about. It's no longer what it used to be 50 years ago or so. I always say iy took 450 years to built this great Nation and only 50 to destroy. it. I'm not that far off in my conclusion.

      Canada is no longer Canada. Go there and see. It's a strange place now and going down by the seconds. Europe is almost finished. Totally invaded. All the laws protect the invaders and oppress their citizens. At least we have the first Amendment here. Overthere you make a comment, a racional comment about the invaders or their strange behavior or religion and get punished!!!

      Australia and New Zealand are on the same level.

      There is no place we can go back to. Perhaps, there is a partial Salvation somewhere within our State Governments and States Rights. But too little and .I think, too late. I expect a miracle..

    232. eli, new york says:

      Every state authorizes its policemen to arrest those suspected of breaking the law. there must be grounds for suspicion. all az does is allow its policemen the same latitude in this law that they have in others.

    233. Barb says:

      heard a man on the radio today, talking about keeping his green card on him at all times, just in case he was asked for it. He had no problem with it and no one else should either. The reason the illegals are so up in arms about it, is because they don't HAVE any document to prove they are in the country legally. Hence, all the screaming and name calling etc. Once upon a time, when people came to this country, they had to have sponsors…someone to be responsible for them and not the gov't. My father in law came here illegally (jumped ship…he was a merchant marine) and even though ALL of his sisters and brothers were here legally and could have sponsored him, when he was found (and I don't know HOW ) they shipped his behind back to Italy. Later on he applied for immigration and was granted it. If the gov't had been doing their job all along, we wouldn't have 12,000,000 illegals here. Maybe, citizenship should only be granted if both parents are citizens. Boy, THAT would change things wouldn't it?

    234. Astrid , Texas says:

      Have all of you thought about the legal immigrants who will also be targeted with this law? Those of you in favor of this law are only thinking about all of the problems the illegal immigrants have caused, and yes i understand that they take away money and use others' tax money, however, as a legal immigrant, this new immigration law is an infringment on our privacy rights! Arizona's new bill is not solving the problem and is only causing more uproar, advocating racial profiling, and sending out a negative image of the United States, a country of "opportunity and freedom," to the world.

    235. Astrid , Texas says:

      Consider this question: "In which of the following places would you hear, "Let me see your papers"? A) The pre-Civil War south, which required "free slave" papers —– B) Communist Russia —– C) Nazi Germany —– D) Arizona —– E) All of the Above….. The answer is E."

      I guess we can say the U.S is making history…

    236. willie says:

      I totally agree with the new immigration law here in Arizona. I am an immigrant myself from the Philippines and I have no problem if cops will ask me for my credentials. It is about time that our state do something like this and other states should do the same.

      America is trully the land of opportunity for those who comes here legally. illigal immigrants should have no right protesting about the new law. The new law is about illigal immigrants and not about racial profilling.

      If those immigrants have something to complain about, they should go back to their own country and complain to their own government for not giving them enough jobs. they should be rallying in front of their own president's palace and complain but not here in the U.S.A.

    237. Patrick, Florida says:

      I think this is fair, when my mom came to America from Canada she had to learn English to get naturalized and it took 7 years for her to become an American citizen she went through the correct process why can’t everyone else do the same?

    238. john bernhard says:

      great article…Az. is right on track enforcing laws which are already in place, but the federal government refuses to enforce…I am sickened that republican candidates have come out against this in the fear that they will alienate the Hispanic vote…We need candidates that will stand up for the law…And stand up for the people. Over 70% of the people in Arizona are in favor of this, but the politicians of both parties are coming out against it…Once again it has nothing to do with the will of the people. Vote these bums out and if they are against the people of Arizona…and for sure don't put them into congress….who's to say they won't be against the people period.

    239. Dorothy Rush Foresthill CA says:

      What people don’t understand is that Illegal is Illegal, and our laws pretain to those who are here legally or are citizens of America.
      If some one doesn’t understand the meaning of Illegal then send them back to school until they do.
      Our laws were put here for a reason and one is to keep order. If it means profiling then so be it. That should tell people who the Illegals are.
      Thanks for listening
      Dorothy and Gene Rush

    240. Carol, AZ says:


      Like all straving dogs fighting over a bone

      the news media has taken a political stances against

      AZ's passage of SB 1070.

      The hate card, racial profliling ,stirring up fear and hate propaganda

      endless commentary by the hyped up presenters of the news

      is witnessing the re-inactment of the Salem Witch Trials.

      The news is suppose to inform all us.

      The bias reporting by news media

      has further endangered any clear solutions

      to the prevasive problem which has effected all of America.

      This is not about the state of AZ.

      This is about terrorism on our Broken Borders

      all level of International law broken, Homeland Security law,

      and the protection of AZ state sovereignty.

      I heard the Gov of New Mexico, last night

      also a border state in trouble

      who like AZ ask for National Guard troops .

      This top dog stated, "he like Gov Brewer and they toured the border together" but the law is racial profiling.

      He must forgotten that his requests an our own for N.G.Troop

      was spit in the wind from D.C..

      Where in the world can you go without some form of legal documentation including Mexico.

      Are we all so dinconnected on this issue.?

      Ca 's jackel came out an boycotted AZ businesses

      over our decision SB 1070.

      This once beautiful state has become the laughing stock of the West Coast.

      Counter that,

      with the blank check given to CA

      for all the acorn style Federal funded programs

      to re-hab under age violent illegal offenders,

      the sanctuary cities that CA can not pay

      seeingly imploding from within.

      No violence in CA, or border problems?.

      Another dog from the pack interviewed on Fox (Rev. Al Shapton)

      growling and snarling into the camera screaming

      "police profiling" freezing out all others

      to speakers on this issue

      expecting all watching to be frozen with fear into submiission.

      His behavior and lack of any knowledge on this issue

      was an insult to all races.

      Top dog , Pres.of Mexico issue a warning

      "' For all Mexican cititzens planning to leave MX entering AZ , should bring documentation."

      This world leader put 15,000 MX troops on the border towns

      to quill the violentce.

      To date 22,000 men women ,chlidren systematically murder.

      His troops were out-gunnned by the cartel.

      I wish thank Senators, Mccain and Kyle for their articulate speeches on C-SPAN defending AZ survival based this issue.

      Also Thank you state of Texas!


    241. Patrick, Florida says:

      To hold the freedoms we have today, I believe some sacrifice should be made, some of us worry about their privacy rights being infringed on, and that’s O.K. you live in America and you should be concerned you have that right. Some Americans all nationalities sacrifice their lives for many years by joining the military and actually serving their country. We can complain about what a Law like this will do to our rights or we can sacrifice for the greater good of the country an comply to law enforcement by showing them we have a legal right to live here and be proud of this, because we went through the correct process to be here. I would have to say the only up roaring which will occur is if some of us think they don’t have to follow any laws to live here. In order to solve more urgent problems like security issues, drugs entering the US and guns going down to Mexico and illegal immigration something must be done. I think AZ has the right idea they are being proactive since the FEDS are not doing anything, I wish or should I say I hope all other States should adopt this same type of Law. America needs to quit giving away all the resources it has including its jobs. If we do nothing we will have no freedom or opportunity.

    242. Carol, Orange County says:

      Thank you Governor Brewer of the great state of Arizona, for signing SB1070 into law. You have inspired me to make my voice heard in my home state of California. I will put as much pressure as I can muster, upon our state government to pass a similar law, for the protection of our rights as legal citizens here, as well as for our national security. I am a healthy 60 year-old retired professional, who has paid more than my fair share of taxes. I have no serious health issues, thank God, but still pay over $700.00 per month for health insurance, with a $3,500.00 yearly deductible! I am given the same level of care at local hospitals as "illegals," who flood emergency rooms with no more than routine health issues, and their care is "FREE!" I've had to wait many hours in line, behind so many who have not paid a dime, either in health care costs, OR in state or federal taxes! It doesn't take a brilliant mind to figure out that there is something very wrong with this picture! Our Constitutional and State Rights, apply ONLY to the citizens of OUR COUNTRY! I welcome immigrants who value our laws highly enough, to honor our due process. If they are so eager to willfully break our immigration laws, they will be more inclined to break others after they cross our borders! Thank you Gov. Jan Brewer, for having more guts than our "President," in shinning a bright light upon the plight of our border states! You are a Hero and a Patriot, in the true sense of the words, and I, along with so many others, applaud your efforts! God Bless You!

    243. Ed El Cajon CA says:

      Dear Chairman Obama

      We The People are going to take our nation back and make it that shining city once again. As the progressive movement is being expose, we will not yield, we will not stop, we will not be side track by the lame stream media and call us what you want to call us. But as a proud AMERICAN and a child of legal immigrants what AZ have done neither yourself nor congress can stop it, if you don't believe me. Ask TOTUS about article 10.

    244. Allisio Rex says:

      Barb, just read your comment. I have the answer. Under federal laws every legal immigrant must carry his or her "Green Card",I believe now called "Resident Alien ID Card" at all the times and presented upon request . If they don't have it with them they're subject to a fine.

      All the European Countries require citizens over 18 to carry national id cards and it's not a big deal for them . They don't cry "Police State,Police State!!!" In fact they're free people.

      It's just common sense. I understand your worries but no matter the reason behind every Police check, if one is legally here nothing will happen to that person or persons.

      All those who cry now is because they have no legal residency papers to show.

    245. MEL - DAYTON ,OHIO says:

      i thought these people were supposed to be such "hard workers" how hard is it to take a citizenship course?

    246. Kathae, Marysville, says:

      I think it is finally time that we have to pass a small test to vote. There are so many stupid people in this country, thanks to the school system, another Federal Program. I bet every single Liberal in this country would fail that test.

      Explain to me exactly where you are not required to show papers in this world?

      Every country has a visa and a passport system, some countries you simply get shot for crossing their borders.

      Wake up people, we are all paying for these people that use our services and don't contribute one thin dime to our society. This isn't about race, Canadians also cross the border illegally, it is about the law, and if the Federal Government in all it's infinite wisdom can't uphold the laws that are already on the books, then the individual states need to do it themselves. These border states are being crushed financially by these illegal aliens, yes I said illegal aliens, because that is exactly what they are. Pick up a dictionary and look up the words "illegal" and "alien".

    247. Alex Malocha, Saginaw, MI says:

      I’m totally in favor what Arizona is doing to stop the illegal immigrants.l Don’t listen to what Obama is saying concerning this problem. All he is doing is looking for votes.

      In God We Trust,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    248. Angie, Mexico City says:

      I believe the new law comes in good spirits to seek for solutions to a very delicate situation before the State of Arizona collapses in many ways. As as an immigrant in Mexico myself, I just believe that there are details in the law that need good adjustment in order to not be discriminative and racist, 'cause some points on it are aiming towards provoking civil unrest.

    249. LRDL, Los Angeles says:

      This just opens up Pandora's box. People, this is just another downward spiral of

      bills driven by stupidity. This opens up racial profiling, harassment and hate to a

      whole new level. This law is definitely unconstitutional and the people supporting it

      are definitely not American, but more like Nazis. I am a 3rd generation Hispanic living

      here in the U.S. I am an American citizen, and I will not tolerate this!!

    250. LRDL, Los Angeles says:

      A society who sacrifices liberty for security deserves neither.

    251. Ais, Iowa says:

      If they are in the US legally they have nothing to worry about do they? Arizona has to do something. Would you rather they build a wall on the border? or will people find that that is unconstitutional too?

    252. kk, az & korea says:

      I keep reading articles who somehow think this is gonna lead to racial profiling. Give me a break, let’s just have the cops enforce the laws on immigration as vigorously as they do on DUI’s etc. if that leads to Mexicans, Guatamalens, Columbians, Canadians, Germans, Saudis, Israelis, Brits, Turks, Koreans, etc. to be …(tharr be more) that sends them packing then so be it. I guaranee you that if I get approached for ID here in Korea I’m gonna show em my ID card. If I don’t have it with me, they’ll look me up in the system. My complaints about being stopped because I’m white will get me nowhere. What’s the problem with that?

    253. bill in reno says:

      Hey us citizen,since when is being a good criminal,and having the ability to evade law enforcement an honerable trait.We are a soverigne nation with laws,and legal paths for entry and cicizenship.If you break the law, your a criminal.I have blond hair and blue eyes,and when i get pulled over is”s licence and registration please.Are you better than the rest of us,too good to show your id to a cop,or are you just afraid that you will get cought and have to pay the price for your crimes.Oh i”m sorry you are a citizen,you must be affraid for your illegal alien invader parents,ya.As far as i:m concerned we should put and end to birthrite citizenship for the children of illegal aliens,and deny all entitlements.And i don”t care ir theyr from jermany!

    254. Ais, Iowa says:

      dear us citizen,

      yes everyone in this country has an immigrant as a relative somewhere in the past but the difference is most of our ancestors came here legally! Mine personally came in the 1800s. If all these people came to the US legally I would welcome them with open arms but that is not the case. Just remember there are many countries that do much worse than check for an ID when they think someone has entered their country illegally.

      a fellow american

    255. Herk, Cody WY says:

      70% of the voters of Arizona favor the law that attempts to stem the flow of illegals to the US. I would imagine that a high percentage of AMERICANS do as well, yet all you see it the press idoing is highligting the small percentage against it…how about the press covering the popular side…how about a story that recounts all the tax money spent on illegal immigration. All states should support Arizona;s law and formulate same. Enough is enough, if Mexicans want to be in America so bad, then go through the citizen process just like every other Country in the World requries…Check out Mexico;s Citizenship standards…talk about double standards. How is attempting to catch criminals a profiling issue…how is controlling the drug flow into the country a profiling issues…Go
      Arizona…it is about time someone in America takes a stance instead of bantering rhetoric at the tax payers expense.

    256. Maria, Sierra Vista, says:

      It’s appalling, frightening and sad that so many elected officials and public figures are deliberately inflaming rather than informing people about Arizona’s immigration enforcement law.

      Masses of people are reacting to the law based on what mainstream media and public figures with power and influence are telling them it says. People who don’t have the resources or can’t read the law for themselves are saying things like, “I think the law is wrong because it only includes Latino immigrants and doesn’t include people from other countries.” Of course the law doesn’t “include” or point to people of any specific race, ethnicity or national origin, but masses of people don’t know that. Instead they are being lied to. And they are being lied to when they are told that Arizona's new law allows police to single out and harass people who don’t speak English well or have brown skin.

      Among many examples, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton (on Meet the Press 5/2/10) said the law promotes racial profiling and is so broadly written that anyone with an accent can be questioned. She’s been an attorney and legislator and obviously knows how to read and understand SB1070. She absolutely must know her characterization is not accurate if she's read the law – and if she hasn’t, she has no basis for her comments. The topic was even mischaracterized from the beginning when it was framed as being about Arizona's stringent "anti-immigration" law.

      SB1070 is in fact a carefully and narrowly drafted law that directs Arizona state and local law enforcement to ENFORCE already existing federal immigration law, and it explicitly disallows using race, color or national origin when enforcing the law. The amendments to SB1070 which make that fact even more clear are mostly being ignored.

      In addition, virtually every elected official and lawyer knows that "reasonable suspicion" can be and has been appropriately used by all branches of law enforcement for decades – and that it's use has been upheld by this country's highest courts. But people are instead being told that Arizona's law authorizes police to single out and harass people based on race. Any cop who does that won't be doing it because Arizona's law promotes or condones it; it's illegal under both U.S. and under Arizona's new law. But that's not what people are being told.

      Elected officials and public figures who know better are at best missing opportunities to correct misstatements and lies about the effect of Arizona’s law, and at worst are promoting the misinformation because it supports their own agendas. And few in the mainstream press are showing the integrity to challenge even outright lies about the law. The truth apparently isn't what they'd like it to be. This country is in DEEP trouble.

      Everyone who hasn't should read the law for themselves, especially the language in 11-1051. It's not hard to understand. The Arizona legislature website link to the originally signed SB1070is:

      And the clarifying amendments are in HB2162 (11-1051 is about half way down). The Arizona legislature website for that one is:

    257. rbjlove, Conroe Texa says:

      It is easy for the American People to see the negative part of “illegal” immigration, but a little harder to accept and see the positive contribution they make towards our country. Yes, we need to focus on tightening border security and deport the criminals, I fully support that, but why deport the people who work hard and believe in prosperity though their own efforts? I believe all people have the right to pursue a better future for their children; if they are not hurting anybody, let them pay taxes and contribute to our economy legally since their doing it illegally now.

      We’re a nation of immigrants; if we were not the ones who immigrate to this country, then, our ancestors did; just because there was no immigration law back then or just because they were white does not make it legal. There is no illegal creature in the eyes of God for we are all sinners; God has blessed America for a reason. We give the image of “America, land of the free!”. What right do we have to deny them that? Shouldn’t everyone have the right to pursue happiness, freedom and equality? I, along with many others believe so.

      We want cheaper goods and services, but we do not want the people who provide them to us; it’s not their fault we have less jobs. The reasons people have lost their jobs is because companies have had to cut down on cost, move to other countries for cheaper labor and less taxation, or shut down completely because they cannot legally provide cheaper goods and services with highly paid employees. To be honest, we do not need to blind ourselves to the fact that there are some people out there that would much rather stay home and get the Government to help them than work at a low paying job. Maybe they have too much pride? Or maybe they’re too lazy to work? The immigration reform will help the small businesses that need employees that really want to work and are willing to work for less, these small businesses are the heart of our economy and they are struggling right now.

      If blaming other make you feel better about yourself, go ahead, all I know is that you do not fix problems by blaming others. With that, you just become a foolish, ignorant, person with hatred in your heart. “Please God forgive their ignorance and protect us from Evil!” Instead of focusing on all the bad, it’s time for an American solution that combines fairness, accountability, dignity, and getting things done. My belief is that now is the time to stand up to these racists, extremists who want to expel our hard working immigrants from our country. It’s time to fight for a practical immigration solution rooted in the restoration of the rule of law, earned citizenship, united families, and fair treatment of workers. These extremist enjoy having cheaper goods and services but they don’t want the people who provide them. I guess they love everything made in China because they have slaves without having to deal with them.

      People for the immigration reform are neither Republican nor Democrat, they are people who feel the love of God in their hearts and believe in fairness and people’s rights. Although President Obama was not my favorite President, he will be if he passes the Immigrations Reform without Republican support, like he did with the Health Care Reform. We need the Immigration Reform to stop this evil “witch hunt” and prevent other States from becoming racists like Arizona. It is shameful the image that Arizona is giving to the world, they dishonor the meaning of “The Melting Pot” “America Land of The Free”. Protect your border but don’t profile people with that lame excuse.

      Our Latino younger generation is suffering because the government is taking their parents away from them. ICE is tearing our families apart! We don’t want our kids to grow up with hatred in their heart and resentment toward their own country; we want them to be law-abiding citizens that believe in the “American Dream” not in the “American Nightmare”. These kids may be defenseless now for not being able to vote, but there is a lot of Latinos that will do it for them.

      My family use to be Republican, but this year we have decided to be independents. I have voted Republican since I was able to vote; I was a Republican because of Reagan, Bush and McCain, they are true Republicans that made me feel proud of being Conservative Republican; now, I feel sad to see that the party that I used to feel connected to, that I used to defend from my friends and family members that are Democrats; that Party makes me feel rejected now.

      What the Republican Party is doing is giving away the support they had from the Latino Community and the Democrats are gladly welcoming them. I agree with the Republican Party in very other issue except Immigration, because I know that not all immigrants are criminals like they are trying to portray them.

      I used to listen to Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity every day at the office, but it became so painful to listen to them that I had to quit for my own good. Now I listen to the Spanish Radio.

      God Bless America!

    258. Mike Texas says:

      WOW, I am so excited over this new law in AZ. People are getting upset about rights? We could care less about immigrants, really. The law is looking for ILLIGAL IMMAGRANTS, big diff people! I have said it for years, it has always upset me, that law inforcement will come to a mans job, and pick him up over a failed to pay traffic ticket, yet when they pass the sotuh end of town, there are hundreds of the day laborers standing on the corners breaking the law! I pray that Tx is right behind Arizona.

    259. Tim, Arizona says:

      Recently the Washington Post printed a story "5 Myths about immigration" in the users comments one individual posted this:

      LarryV1 wrote:

      Let me see if I got this right?

      if you cross the north korean border illegally you get 12 years hard labor.

      if you cross the iranian border illegally you are detained indefinitely.

      if you cross the afghan border illegally, you get shot.

      if you cross the saudi arabian border illegally you will be jailed.

      if you cross the chinese border illegally you may never be heard from


      if you cross the venezuelan border illegally you will be branded a spy and your fate will be sealed.

      if you cross the cuban border illegally you will be thrown into political prison to rot.

      if you cross the u.s. border illegally you get

      1 – a job,

      2 – a drivers license,

      3 – social security card,

      4 – welfare,

      5 – food stamps,

      6 – credit cards,

      7 – subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house,

      8 – free education,

      9 – free health care,

      10 – a lobbyist in washington

      11 – billions of dollars worth of public documents printed in your


      12 – and the right to carry your country's flag while you protest that you

      don't get enough respect

      Have I missed anything?

      I don't think Larry missed anything I think Larry got it right, now most your pro illegal Immigration supporters talk how back in the 1800's we opened our borders to everyone , which not true in 1892 to 1954 most immigrants came to to the US by way of a little place know as Ellis Island and In the 35 years before Ellis Island opened, over 12 million immigrants had been processed by New York State officials at Castle Garden Immigration Depot in lower Manhattan.

      So you see we as a country have asked any immigrant wishing to come to the US to simply register with the US government and if at a time you wish to become a United States Citizen then you apply like those before you. Not real tough yes in does take a while yes there is paperwork involved but if you care about coming a US citizen then isn't worth it? If you answer in no then maybe our country is not the place for you.

      Oh for those who say our laws are strict here's Mexico's illegal immigration law if your caught sneaking in:

      Under Mexican law, illegal immigration is a felony. The General Law on Population States…

      "A penalty of up to two years in prison and a fine of three hundred to five thousand pesos will be imposed on the foreigner who enters the country illegally." It's 10 years automatically if you get caught again after the first time.

      Remember Mexico doesn't have clean jails with free food and health care like we do. Why do I get the feeling that most if not all pro illegal Immigration supporters are so f****ing stupid do they not understand the New Arizona Law that was passed which states that a Law enforcement agent can only ask immigration status if they have "reasonable suspicion to believe they're in the country illegally" Skin color is not a reasonable suspicion but not having a government issued ID is! If you get stopped for say speeding the Officer is going to ask for your ID. If you say you don't have one their going start asking you a lot of questions like name, date of birth your social security number anything that will help find out who you are.If you can't answer the questions or they can't find you in the system they are going to ask your immigration status. Gee is that wrong? Hell no is not. I would rather hurt some ones feelings that let a possible criminal run around our state.

      Oh if you want to boycott our state please do, we do not want nor need you here.

    260. Tim, Arizona says:

      Hey, pro illegal Immigration people in case you want to pull your head out of the sand and actually know what SB1070 says here you go:

      Senate Bill 1070
      Facts Sheet (short version)

      As you can see over and over again it reads "FEDERAL LAW" all we are doing is enforcing what the US Government has has on the books. Want protest then go talk to Mr. Obama in Washington.

    261. Maria, Sierra Vista, Arizona says:

      Hey Tim in Arizona. You are absolutely right people should know what the law says, but the post you put up is to the “Senate Engrossed” version of SB1070 which wasn’t the final version. Governor Brewer signed the “House Engrossed Version.” The Senate version (among other differences) didn’t have the language (in Section 11-1-51) prohibiting law enforcement from implementing the law based “solely” on race, color or national origin.

      The Arizona legislature website link to the originally signed SB1070 is:


      And the clarifying amendments (which removed the word “solely” etc) are in HB2162. Section 11-1051 is about half way down). The Arizona legislature website for that one is:


      People can also see the signed bills which are now posted on the Arizona Governor’s website main page:


    262. Carol, AZ says:

      To the Phoenix Suns;

      In the spiirt of solidarity you wore “Los Suns” on your game shirts last night.

      How cool you must of felt for 15 sec of shame to backlash
      the state that has supported you and a Gov. who signed 1070 .
      A state that has struggled to keep us all from fiscal meltdown
      and control the violence with no help from all requests from D.C.

      Here is piece of advise:.

      Spend one night with the border patrol .
      Or spend one night with ATF, ICE or the PHX PD.

      Read the bill, it has nothing to do with racial profiling … if you do read at all.
      The next time you want to send a messesge
      while wearing your colors,
      you may consider putting the picture of one of the 80 law enforcement
      murdered in the line of duty trying to protect you
      which involved the apprehension of a violent illegal living in your city.

      If that doesn’t interest you while your bouncing your ball
      consider the picture of rancher Rob Krantz,
      a native son who was murder on his ranch a month by drug cartel.

      AZ citizens in thousands “called in protest” over your stupidity and also cancel season tickets.
      Tthe message is loud and clear,
      your not sons of AZ
      and certainly unworthy to wear any uniform.

    263. dont trip says:

      you guys are just not okay in the head everybody deserves a better and new life . what if that was you how would you have felt get some sense in your heads a think about it before you say anything . you guys are funny pass the law??

      get a life

    264. Shadow,ok says:

      my brother is half hispanic and looks it and he was born in the US in AZ he is now going to be harast thanx jan and mccain now i know the system has failed

    265. Late to the party, M says:

      What part of this is unconstitutional? And what part of the Constitution? The last I remember, this is a document that applied to the citizenry of the United States. If you can't prove your a citizen, then it's not a stretch to say that the Constitution does not apply to you. Let me guess, it the "all men are created equal" part right. Perfect. The rest of us have the opportunity to "present" our documentation multiple times throughout our lives (got a driver's license?). So why should we exclude anyone here right? Enforcing state borders is succession from the Union? What? How could a rational person with any cognitive abilities whatsoever come to a conclusion like that? Seriously.

      Racial profiling – Really??? If I had cows on my farm that were producing bad milk, I certainly wouldn't go look at all of the chickens to see where the bad milk was coming from. And if there were no bad milk to begin with, my need for a search would never arise.

      As far as harassment goes, couldn't everyone legally residing in the US could claim this. One has to prove that one has a driver's license and proof of insurance if ever pulled over. Are we not protected by the Constitution? Our rights as a citizen of this country should preclude us from ever having to show who we are or where we purchase insurance.

    266. Leah says:

      Thank you Arizona!!! I have been waiting for a state to enforce the federal laws. I have no problems with immigration, come to America, live here, work here, be happy here….Just do it legally, pay your taxes like I do and learn to speak our language…English. If I moved to another country, I would learn the language there. I would abide by that country's laws. Why should a person get to come here illegally, work here without paying any taxes and then demand to be given the same rights that are given to legal citizens? Plenty of immigrants have been coming to America for years, legally; why am I considered a racist because I want everyone to obey the laws? I have to obey the laws, I have to pay taxes.

    267. Viral, MA says:

      : Mike, If we had them in first place and had stricter laws than now we would not have to racial profile the immigrants who came here illegally. America is built by immigrants and now racial profiling against the minority group as well as the immigrants which is the majority group in United States. First US made a mistake by not making its borders strict and now when they are in illegally and not committing a crime and just making a living, and paying the taxes , they are the ones who is doing the wrong thing? Have you thought about the immigrants who are doing the most of the labor jobs? The ones who are kind of running this country. They are not the ones who are ruining this country. No one wants to do the cleaning job or the hard work, all they want is the easy money and when they can’t find a job, we go out to blame the immigrants. They are only making a living, unlike the people in America who just want easy money and wouldn’t want to work and when someone takes their place, they are the ones to blame? No matter how strict this country be, illegals will continue to come here only because this is the land of gold and money. Everyone wants to live the “American Dream”

    268. Viral, MA says:

      Viral: to US citizen:

      I totally agree with you here. I agree that they are taking the law into their own hands. There are many illegal immigrants in many other states but they are waiting for the actual law that our president Barack Obama has been talking about. Making Arizona law legal would obviously differentiate Arizona from other states of US. After this single step by Arizona it will encourage other states to make any law as they please. There would be no need of our President of they can handle their own state. This would create a big controversies.

    269. Viral, MA says:

      ToElinor Marshall But don’t you know that America was found by Immigrants too? Why this racial profiling against only Immigrants when it was our own fault to not give as many visa’s to the people who actually wanted to come here to make a living? They are not the ones taking our jobs, it’s the government and their own mistakes. Where were we when President Bush wanted to go to war with IRAQ, we all supported and when it backfired we all blamed President Bush for it. WHY? DO you have anything to say about that? This is the same kind of mistake we are going to make if Arizona Law is actually enacted.

    270. Viral, MA says:

      TO MJF: shouldn’t the government worry about this earlier when they actually found out that the illegals are coming into this country? They are criminals only if the books says so but have they killed anybody? Have they committed any felony? All they have tried doing is coming into this country to make a living for themselves and relative back home. Whatever their reason is, it is American government’s fault to be not careful about it earlier and now its too late to send all those immigrants back all together. It will ruin our whole country at once.

    271. Marie Silvani, Flori says:

      I have looked online to find this actual bill, but don't have the bill #. Can you direct me or is it posted on this site? I understand it is 10 pages long and at that length I would personally like to read it, instead of having people like CNN and NY Times tell me what is in it.


      • Brandon Stewart Brandon Stewart says:

        @Marie The original bill is Senate Bill 1070 can can be found here (PDF). Arizona later passed another bill to amend SB1070. This bill is House Bill 2162 and can be found here (PDF).

    272. Rosita Tindall Glen says:

      Thank God someone is doing something!! Illigal means just that. I pray for your state and Sheriff JOE. Our country is in big trouble and we need the border secured. God be with you and your state!!

    273. CEC Minnesota says:










      A JOB,














      Thank you Arizona

    274. Frank, San Diego CA says:

      The fact of the matter is that liberals like this administration and its followers who are even bigger liberals for voting for these people sitting in the White House are the ones corrupting America. Anyone who opposes the decision of AZ to pass a law that protects people who are legal residents, pay their taxes, and live their lives with decency ought to be ashamed of trying to be false defenders of civil liberties.

      Civil liberties can only begin and propagate when legality exists and laws and legal matters of the LAW OF THE LAND prevail. Before anyone's rights begin to be exercised the rights of others should not be violated and that is exactly what this law is about.

      For the ones who are saying that troops need to be sent to AZ, that federal funding should stop for AZ, that this law is racist, you all lack arguments and belong to the layer of society that is trying to fit in and become these false defenders of human rights as it is the first thing you will all pull to your side – HUMAN RIGHTS ABUSE AND CIVIL LIBERTIES ABUSE. Those arguments will no longer stick to all these non-sense rhetoric just like this administration is loose and with no clear goals of any issues that they stand for.

      The President, the Attorney General, and the Homeland Security secretary are the first ones to slam this law, but NONE of them even have read it!!! ABSURD!!! Hopefully, many more states will adopt the same procedures abiding to this law, but unfortunately I find it hard to believe it as most legislators of most states are concerned with liberal ideas and how to please majority of liberal constituents rather than looking after the well being of the United States as a whole.

    275. Christina Oregon says:

      I live in a state that has a horriable problem with mexican immigrants. Our jails are very over packed, our public assistance programs are so strached do to over applicants. Jobs are the same story, I have been out of a job for 6 months becasue I can not speak spanish. That is now a requirement to work. Major employers have had the word spread in companies that immigration was there and the entire crew leaves, runs from work. Places have to shut down due to there employees running. Mexican immigrants have such an impact on my home town that you can walk down a street with out a market or a resturant that is mexican, our groceries in the stores are now in spanish. If an immigrant gets caught commiting a crime they serve there sentance here before they are sent back to mexico. Which means the residents of the state pay to house these people, feed these people, and transport them back to mexico only for them with in 3 weeks to return back were they were taken from. I am a sucsessful mother of two and the fact that our elementry schools are make english speaking students learn spanish and some classes are taught only in spanish angers me. I grew up here and have supported my community for 34 yrs. I thought this was america the language is english. I am so in support of Arizona's new law. People need to remember we as americans would not have all these liberties in another county were we were the immigrant.

    276. Teresa B. says:

      Yes, we all come from immigrants. But these are different times, and this is supposed to be a sovereign country which upholds the rule of law. People who "come through obstacles" to get here do not deserve to be overlooked and given a pat on the back. Does that mean if I steal a car without being caught that I should be given the car's title? I do wonder how some of you are going to feel when your neighborhood becomes one where people are kidnapped, murdered, threatened, and live in fear. Will you then be calling on someone to do something? No, not all illegal aliens are in gangs, but they are breaking the law. There is so much wrong with so many of these postings, I get frustrated at the stupidity that is shown.

    277. M Rest, California says:

      I absolutely support the law and I wish California (never happen) would enact a simar law.

    278. Victoria Coradin says:

      I agree 200% with Arizona! The rest of the country should follow. Americans are too polite. They have to get aggressive and defend their country from invaders. Americans have the bad habit that when a neighborhood or state starts getting bad, they pick up and go. They don't have to do that because this country belongs to the american people. If a thief brakes into your house are you just going to leave your house for the thief to take over? NO! I would call the police after taking good care of the thief just for them to write their report. Illegals bring here crime, drugs, kidnapping, and deceases. They also know how to milk the system. As soon as they come here they know how to get welfare, food stamps and everything else. They don't pay taxes because the ones that don't deal drugs and work do it under the table and get pay cash. In a few more years this would be the United States of Mexico because while the americans only have one or two children they have children like roaches.

      If for any reason the police ask me for an ID., I would not be offended. Everyone who drives has to have a drivers license. "Everybody" means everybody. Americans have to have a legal drivers license to drive, an ID to get a job, to travel and everything else. Why the Mexicans have to be treated different? Now when you drive with a fake drivers license you would not like Arizona's law or any law because all states require drivers license in order to drive.

      I know why the Mexicans have to be treated better than the american people. We have an arrogant, marxist in the oval office that hates americans. Today he was kissing the moron president of Mexico ass. I was waiting for him to bow. He wants to legalize the illegals to get their votes.

      Moron president Calderon loves the idea of all the mexicans coming here. The more drugs they push the more dollars they send to Mexico.

    279. toni, california says:

      What kind of politicians are you to encourage destruction of another AMERICAN state because you can’t get it through your brain housing group that we are at war with terrorism. Instead, you want to allow our borders to remain open so that every kind of criminal element can enter our country to cause death, destruction to both persons and property and drugs. Are you so ignorant that you CAN’T READ a law that’s sole purpose is to protect its citizens from harm? Are you so ignorant that you are following the inept lead of several individuals who haven’t read this law, but get face time on every news channel to poke fun, make false interpretation, incite hatred, destroy a state’s economy, destroy hopes and dreams of students, interfere with the livelihood of people trying to make a living for their families, all because of your “political correct” demented minds.

      Shame, shame, shame on all of you for being so ridiculously stupid in your assessment of this law and what it means. You shouldn’t be in any position to make decision for any American citizen in any state in this great country.

      Shame, shame, shame on all of you for not thinking for yourself, but rather listening and agreeing with people who are looking out for their own personal gain at other people’s expense.

      If you want to come into this country, you do it the legal way. If you want to become an American citizen, then you RESPECT this country. If you want to celebrate your national heritage, great, never forget where you came from. But remember that you “CHOSED” to be an AMERICAN citizen, so you are an AMERICAN first and foremost.

    280. Victoria Coradin, NY says:

      I can't believe that the Moron president of Mexico came here to criticize the laws of this country with the help of Hussein Obama! What he wants is to get rid of all the mexicans. Those dollars that the mexican cartel send to Mexico are a large percentage of the Mexican economy.

    281. Scott, Tempe Arizona says:

      It's all about the money, if the people of the other 49 states will cough up the 1.4 billion dollars that our unauthorized guests cost Arizona every year then I am sure that most our the authorized people of this state would be glad to reconsider SB1070. We the people of the great state of Arizona would be more than happy to supply your state, city, town with just enough of our unconstitutionaly persecuted racially profiled and unjustly detained undocumented workers to clog your hospitals, steal your cars, fill your jails, back log your educational institutions, bankrupt your welfare programs, make landfills out of our deserts. Oh I forgot to mention you could have the honor of being the kidnap king f the US. Just contact the State today and put in your order for any of the 1 million unconstitutionaly persecuted racially profiled and unjustly detained undocumented workers and give your community the opportunity to turn a blind eye to the people that have more rights than you do.

    282. Pookie, Florida says:

      Thank God the State of Arizona has the guts to take action on immigration that our government has refused or stalled doing. We should all stand to support Arizona and it's businesses. I will be boycotting any products…. from states…. that are trying to boycott Arizona.

      If blue eyed blonds where crossing into this country illegally, I wouldn't be offended if I was asked over and over to show my legal papers, and I wouldn't think I was being racially profiled. I would just think it was good work on behalf of my state or government trying to protect me and others from illegal people sneaking in. They are felons. They didn't come in legally. What about all the people wanting to come in legally and are waiting there turn? Try sneaking into China, or Iran or someother country, since so many people think our county is unfair. These other countries would kill you or lock you up. God bless America.

    283. Maya says:

      no. i do not support this law at all. it IS racial profiling, so stop saying it isnt. without immigrants, our country would collapse. they make up the majority of laborers working in the fields and in the sweatshops, being used as cheap workers who barely get paid for their efforts. they come to america because their own country is falling apart, and all they want is better opportunities which we ALWAYS claimed to have. SCREW YOU ARIZONA FOR YOUR PREJIDUCE.

      oh, and btw: hispanic studies DO MATTER!!!

    284. Debbie Madden, Place says:

      EVERY State in America should follow Arizona's lead!! This kind of law is way overdue!!!!! Wake up America and Obama!!

    285. Russ, Deltona FL says:

      You would think that Gov. Brewer would have a friend in X-Gov. Napolitano, currently director of HLS. Apparently, Gov. Brewer has to assist Mr. Obama in doing his job by creating AZ SB 1070 immigration law. Gov. Richardson from New Mexico, who just this morning on Fox Business misrepresented the bill (or hadn't read it), mentioned that he didn't like the bill because it allowed the police to stop anyone that looked Hispanic and ask to see their papers. “Thanks for reading the bill, Bill”. No help from your neighbor nor the Feds. Gov., you do have friends and from what I've read plenty of support throughout the U.S. Most states have initiated lotteries usually to assist cities and towns with general and educational funds. Maybe Arizona could get together with New Mexico and Texas and create a Tri-State lottery and use the proceeds to erect and build fences along the border where practical. This would help in creating jobs as well as help protect Arizona's borders. The Federal Government was created to protect individuals against the deprivation of any rights secured by the Constitution or U.S. Laws. WHAT is the Federal Government doing to assist Arizona farmers in protecting their individual and Constitutional rights?

    286. Colin USA says:

      All this law does is move to enforce the law which is already on the books.

      I don't understand why do people have a problem with this?

      If they're in this country legally, then they don't have to worry about "racial profiling", because they'll be able to prove their legitimate citizenship.

      The only people worried and fighting it are criminals.

      It doesn't sound nice, but it's the truth – if you are in this country illegally, you are breaking the law and therefore are a criminal.

    287. Jamie New York says:

      Fuck all of you guys

    288. Patricia Marquez, Mi says:

      Congrats AZ! I pray that the individuals upholding this law will work in a non prejudice manner! My mother is an immigrant – from Germany! My husband is an immigrant from Mexico. I am proud to be an American! I believe AZ can uphold the laws of this great land and do it in a dignified manner! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN AND ESPECIALLY ARIZONA!!!

    289. Patricia Marquez, Mi says:


      Sweat shops are illegal just as crossing the border is illegal. Both activities are crimes and anyone participating in such actions are criminals. Both should be punished to the fullest extent of our laws. The law is not racial profiling. But some of the people upholding the law may use racial profiling (This is unfair). We can only pray that law enforcement officials choose not to use racial profiling.

      -That does not change the FACT that our laws state that it is illegal to cross our borders without the proper paperwork (Legal paperwork). So, if one gets caught in our country without proper paperwork, that person should be sent back. Also, I can not visit Mexico without permision and I would never think of visiting without such permision.

      ONE MORE THING- If a bank was robbed, or a school was shot up in my area and the suspect was a white female in her late 20's or early 30's, The cops had better stop me and confirm that I am not the suspect they are looking for. If cops stopped me every block, so be it. I have nothing to hide, so I would not care that they are upholding MY LAWS!!!! YES there may be some inconvenience, but I would get over it. If you are here legally, You should get over it too and quit acting as though someone is being prejudict toward you!

    290. lol says:

      Wow some of these comments are hilarious. US CITIZEN or us citizen or whomever you really are, you fail to make the distinction between an immigrant and an ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT. Why is this a difficult concept for you? We love immigrants in this country. Ask any AMERICAN where their ancestors come from and you'll enjoy story after story of how they worked hard to become U.S. citizens. For example, my Grandfather came from Ireland and it took him FIVE YEARS to finally become a citizen (and no, he wasn't here illegally while he was applying, he was working in Canada legally while applying and waiting so that he could later bring his family over from Ireland.) Five years working and proving himself worthy to come in and become an American and swear allegiance to the U.S. and adopt their way of life. That's what an immigrant is.

      A migrant worker or illegal alien comes over and doesn't learn the language of the people around them. They don't swear allegiance to the United States and they usually fly the flag of their home country which is an affront to the Nation they're infiltrating. They bring their ideas and culture over and it clashes with American culture, but they don't care because they're selfish and narcissistic and could care less about abiding by laws or rules or being a decent and respectable citizen.

      Again, we *love* immigrants. We are sick and tired of migrants. Become an American and we'll welcome you like we've always done. But come here spouting racist "El Raza" nonsense and we'll see you as the low-brow infiltrating racists that you truly are.

    291. CaSandra Bouchachi says:

      Good for Arizona! Someone needs to take a stance on illegal immigrants entering our country our Federal Government sure does care, not when apologizes to an Asian country for the new law in Arizona! We need to shut down the "Welcome Mat" and close the revolving door that illegal immigrants walk on and through! Understandably, people want to come here to work and provide a better life for their families back home but wait in line, like thousands of others, you time will eventually come so long as you are not a criminal or a terrorist!

    292. CaSandra Bouchachi says:


    293. don king says:

      let my people go

    294. It's about time someone starts doing something about the exploding illegals problem in this country. English should not be the second language,hell we were here first.It's pretty damn sad when all the damn illegals can get welfare,free medical,free insurance,etc,etc.they are really adding to the already crappy economy.pretty damn sad when the government is only worried about votes. We need a law like. Arizonas all over the country and that's for sure keep the illegals out of this country.

    295. My wife is part native american and. Part german and she. Also praises arizona for doing something the other states have failed to do or are unwilling to do. Praise the governor of arizona.Here in Iowa we are just getting overrun with illegals,they're just like cockroaches.They are sent back to mexico and they're back in. Three days time unbelievale,obama should be ashamed of himself when he starts to grant amnesty to the illegals just to get votes when election time comes around.

    296. Leon Scott Kennedy, says:

      I think is great but more states should join this movement to stop illegal immigration if 20 million illegal aliens are are back in their native counties that means lower crime rates for the our country.Also If come to look for jobs they are wrong most labor jobs are in their countries thanks to globalization i used to work in a GM factory i lost my job because a new factory was being build in Mexico, my guess cheaper labor.Also drug cartels are destroying Mexico with violence and corruption of their government officials how long will take that wave to reach our beloved country and destroy our great nation, some of that violence has came here their are some illegal immigrates are working for the cartels and are heavily armed and will shot anyone in their way they don't care that have no soul they decapitated people heads and some of heads belong to police officer, they kidnap people try to get money from them, they force women in prostitution, they sell drugs in our streets. Ladies and gentlemen we at war in our home front we must unite to defend it from these invaders and being them into light for crimes they have committed,and find a solution prevent this from ever happing again.

    297. Kim Burford says:

      I applaud Jan Brewer. It's too bad The President is siding with Mexico instead of his own country. Our Gov. here in Washington state says we need the mexicans for agriculcure. The fact is, if they would enforce immigration laws there would be no unemployment. They say Americans won't pick the fruit and vegetables, I say I have been doing it for 30 years and my family has for generations. In Pasco, Wa, mexicans have already taken over the downtown area and have no problems telling us they intend to take over the US simply by mass numbers.

      Spanish is spoken everywhere and translators provided in every type of business. Spanish is now the second language and soon to be the first..

      Millions, if not billions are spent on social services for mexicans.

      Obama should let Arizona uphold our immigration Laws and encourage mexico's president to make mexico better for them so they won't want to defect.

      They are not coming here to visit, they are coming here to take the money and sevices meant for American citizens. Illegal aliens are just that….ILLEGAL.

    298. dd says:

      ha well let me tell you all. I'm an immigrant and guess WAT? so are you ALL!!!!!!!

      HA-HA THAT MADE ME LAUGH! everyone in this country is immigrant but native Americans! so stop judging! and guess what a lot of immigrants speak English ! you all are the ignorant ones!…just because our first language is Spanish doesn't mean were less than anyone..NO HUMAN IS ILLEGAL! and also…..WE SPEAK TWWOOOOOO LANGUAGES u speak 1 !!!!!!!!!!!! and also just so you know theres also "AMERICANS" WHOSE FIRST LANGUAGE IS spanish!

    299. 25 y feamle hispanic says:

      ok so let's be grown up about this….yes in some ways is wrong but in a lot of ways it will better us as us citiazens…we keep using our tax money to keep sending them back and using same money to front the bill on the havoc they leave behind then we complain the az has no money and we are broke..hmmm…dont make much sense to me….I am of the hispanic race and I agree as well as disagree with this…but the one thing I do know is we all need to be grown ups about this and not children throwing a fit…thats my thought behind this.

    300. norma says:

      education……. who will be enforcing this law. are they smart enough to know all countries and if they should be here or not. can looking different from the person next to u going to get u arrested. too much power to people who have guns. i respect greatly the police but if some of them r prejudice, not safe, for the legal ones. do these guys have an idea what is the common wealth countries or us island . i dont know but it looks to me this is a blood war waiting to happen

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