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  • President Obama’s Budget Is Killing Jobs

    The Obama Administration, the Democratic Congress, and their friends in organized labor are quick to blame unemployment on the trade deficit. Facts don’t support that assessment. The historical record shows a *positive* correlation between aggregate trade deficits and job creation – a trade deficit signifies *more* jobs. That’s because trade deficits go up when prosperity is increasing and job growth is rapid. The dollars Americans spend for foreign goods and services are then recycled into the American economy in the form of foreign investment. When that investment goes into the private sector, it creates even more jobs.

    The huge federal deficits threaten to derail this positive feedback loop. Why? Because the deficits are soaking up increasing amounts of foreign investment. If the capital inflows that are always and necessarily associated with the trade deficit are merely paying off the government’s obligations, there is nothing left over to create jobs.

    If you want more jobs, stop Washington from gobbling up all the money and let the surplus of incoming capital do its work.

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    11 Responses to President Obama’s Budget Is Killing Jobs

    1. Billie says:

      President Obama’s Budget Is Killing Jobs?

      President Obama's abuse of power is killing FREEDOM!

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    4. jill -Maine says:

      Killing freedom is the whole motive for everything this president does. He is destroying America with break neck speed.

    5. Jim - Ohio says:





    6. Normca says:

      Everything this novice has done in the last 16 months kills jobs. He creates an environment that is opposed to create jobs because he seeks to punish those who have made a profit. And now the demand for goods and services has declined. Many consumers do not have the money to consume for non essential items. Why would a business create jobs when all that comes from Obama is dis -incentives and more uncertainty. The demand is just not there. Only the federal government can create a job without a purpose. And the unions see to it that job has a high rate of pay and benefits, which goes to increase the cost to the consumer. And when Republicans stop trying to rationalize each wayward step of what democrats do, they will be a step ahead. Democrats make it up as they go with specified themes. Republicans should be concentrating on the culture as Congressman Ryan has said in his interview with Rush. In that way, we can beat back or slow the rate of decline occurring under Obama's plan.

    7. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Does anyone doubt Obama does not know he is "killing jobs" and destroying our

      economical system? This is his, and the Democrat plans. If we don't stop them

      NOW, we loose not only our freedoms, but the economical freedoms of the childern of this country.

    8. Tim AZ says:

      I believe Mao-Bama will go the way of Woodrow Wilson as another unknown president never to be spoken of.

    9. Drew Page, IL says:

      I watch with continued astonishment how this American President continues to amke one wrong move after another. Is it that Mr. Obama knows nothing, ot is it that everything he does know is wrong? I can't decide.

      I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Obama is just terribly inexperienced. He did not experience a normal childhood growing up in the U.S. He never held a real job for any length of time. He never ran a business, met a payroll or tried to comply with the myraid of laws and regulations imposed by government on business. He never ran a bank, or studied finance or even accounting. He never worked at an auto manufacturing company or an insurance company and yet pretends at a profound knowledge of these fields.

      Mr. Obama didn't live in a major U.S. city that went up in flames following the assination of Dr. Martin Luther King. If he had, perhaps he would have had less tolerance for the preachings of Reverand Jeremiah Wright and the racial strife that this man promotes. He didn't see the violence perpetrated by his associate Bill Ayers and his friends during the 1960s. Having never served in the Armed Forces, this man finds no difficulty in apologizing for America throughout the world for our "arrogance, dismissiveness and even derisiveness" and no difficulty in embracing foreign dictators, bowing to Middle-Eastern potentates and ignoring our allies.

      Never a precinct captain, a ward boss, an alderman, a mayor or a governor. Mr. Obama gets an endorsement from the Chicago machine and presto/chango he's in the Illinois legislature, where he votes "present" on the majority of votes he does cast. The next thing you know, he is a Senator from Illinois. Within a year, he's running for the Presidency. The point being that Mr. Obama has never had any experience in governing at any level, never had to deal with legislators from the other party in compromise, never had to create or live within a budget and never had to be accountable to the people who elected him.

      The is a man who has fed at the public trough for so long that he believes it a normal thing to do. That the government should provide everything for everybody, look what it's done for him.

    10. u.s. says:

      Jobs,immigration,taxes, or whatever. It don't matter.The democrats figured out long ago they can't win on the issues. That's why they always NEED to divide the people(though they preach the opposite) and make it a racial issue. They know they can't win without character assassination of their opponant. And they couldn't do this without the liberal media.

    11. silver obama Berlin says:

      clown silver as desided to take the name obama, and think its not so bad to be a clown. well may be clown president will do a better job than what we have had up to now


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