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  • The Senate’s Bait-and-Switch on Cap-and-Trade

    Speaking to Politico, John Kerry told them it was up to Harry Reid to pass Cap-and-Trade

    In the end, it will be Sen. Reid’s responsibility, as majority leader, to put the pieces together as he did on health care and to decide how the Senate is going to proceed.

    In other words, the Senate plans to force sweeping, expensive, job-destroying changes to America’s energy policy in much the same way they forced ObamaCare upon unwilling Americans.  Next week, Senators John Kerry (D-MA), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Joe Lieberman (I-CT) plan to unveil their plan aimed at combating global warming, an issue that Americans rank as the country’s least pressing priority.  With gas prices already surpassing $3 per gallon in some locations, Americans will have little appetite for another energy tax proposal.

    Unfortunately, liberal policymakers will not hesitate to move forward with unpopular and economically harmful policies – see ObamaCare.  Would liberals dare move forward on Kerry-Graham-Lieberman, which may include a sector-by-sector (i.e., preferential industry treatment) cap-and-trade scheme and a hidden gas tax?  Probably not, but they are positioning themselves to move swiftly on an equally destructive and innocuous sounding renewable electricity standard (RES).

    How will this happen?

    After Kerry, Graham and Lieberman unveil their plan, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) will begin working behind closed doors to craft a proposal he believes can win the support of 60 Senators.  As part of that effort, he will jettison the cap-and-trade and gas tax provisions proposed by the trio of Senators.  In its place, he will insert the RES approved by the Senate Energy Committee last year.  And, as with ObamaCare, a lot of goodies will be doled out to special interests.

    If Reid decides to bring a bill to the floor in June, he will argue the absence of cap-and-trade and a gas tax makes it worthy of broad-based support.  The media may embrace that logic, but it should not fool Americans who are concerned about jobs and the economy.  An RES will mandate the use of inefficient, expensive and unproven energy sources.  That combination will weaken the economy, resulting in less jobs and lower standards of living.

    Americans should make no distinction between cap-and-trade, energy taxes or an RES.  Granting the government a more prominent, powerful role in selecting our energy sources will guarantee energy that is more expensive and less consumer choice in the future.  Backroom deals.  Less consumer choice.  More expensive.  Sounds a lot like ObamaCare.

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    7 Responses to The Senate’s Bait-and-Switch on Cap-and-Trade

    1. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      Well America, once again we must go into the breech to counter unconscionable actions concerning proposed legislation by our elected albeit tone deaf officials in the Senate. You only need to see the names of three nefarious individuals involved as well as the source to make the hair on the back of your neck stand up as you make your voice heard loud and clear against this regardless what “Dingy Harry” wants to call it.

      When it comes to mandating the most expensive inefficient method using unproven technology, the politicians are tops in choosing them. This once again demonstrates just that. And what other exceptionally bad idea could be dreamt up then foisted on the American people that could cause more havoc with our now fragile economy than this?

      We (individually) and as a nation have absolutely NO need for anything resembling cap and trade or a so-called renewable electricity standard (RES), not now-NOT EVER! I’m confident the three musketeers will change the name from RES to whatever just like they quickly tried to hide “Single Payer” with “Public Option” and later changed that to “Health Insurance Exchange” during the enormous piece of excrement health care bill (HCB) also known as: “Obamacare” just to make it more palatable to more of the minor fence sitters. Watch out for any bill being developed in the Senate under any pseudonym for anything innocuous that in contains any language resembling the former cap and trade concept.

      The time to “reload & rearm” figuratively speaking with communicating with ALL your elected representatives first, then remaining ones as well as our active participation in any town hall meetings etc. until this horrendous concept gets flushed down the porcelain punchbowl.

    2. Billie says:

      TO LIVE FREE is to live for yourself. Not for government or anyone else. Freedom is me and I am free, if OBAMA LETS FREEDOM BE!


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    4. Brian J. Donovan, Ta says:

      For a discussion of why regional GHG cap-and-trade programs may be the better solution, visit:


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    7. roger hawkins, india says:

      Is anyone there looking into a Glenn Beck revelation about cap and trade, starting with the the Joyce Foundation, and the Chicago Climate Exchange? This, if true, which I believe it is, has got to be exposed!

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