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  • Nobel Peace Prize for Ahmadinejad?

    The popular appeal of nuclear weapon free world rhetoric has not been lost on Tehran. This is an insight the Iranian regime shares with Obama administration, which has made nuclear arms reduction arguably its top foreign policy objective. Not to be outdone by the Nuclear Summit here in Washington, the government of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad held its own public relations extravaganza last weekend, a conference in Tehran under the banner “Nuclear Energy for All, Nuclear Weapons for None.” The goal of the summit was allegedly to promote global disarmament and non-proliferation, and was reportedly attended by 70 nations. Who knows, maybe Ahmadinejad will be the next Nobel Prize winner.

    Interestingly, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a man whose government stubbornly forges ahead with its enriched uranium program to the great concern and consternation of the United States and Europe, declared that the era of nuclear threats is over.

    “They should know that the era of reliance on nuclear weapons has come to an end,” Ahmadinejad said, addressing the conference, and taking a pot shot at his critics. “Threatening to use weapons, particularly nuclear weapons, is special to those who lack clear logic and human mentality,” he added. “Using threats against a strong logic belongs to the past and lacks efficiency in relations.” Given Ahmadinejad’s own long record of threatening to wipe the state of Israel off the map, this is pretty rich.

    According to Al Jazeera television, Ahmadinejad called reliance on nuclear weapons a heritage bequeathed from “uncivilized” governments and those who “lag behind history.” Among those lagging behind history is presumably President Obama, who has left open the possibility of a nuclear retaliatory attack against Iran and North Korea, while renouncing the use of nuclear weapons against all other nations.

    Finally, the outcome document of the conference was a communique that called for a nuclear free Middle East, while, of course, condemning Israel as the only country refusing to give up its weapons – which Israel has never officially admitted that it has.

    Whether you are in Washington or in Tehran, the slogan of a world without nuclear weapons remains undeniably potent, even decades after the prospect of nuclear superpower confrontation receded and even as the numbers of nuclear warheads in both the United States and Russia has continued to shrink. The fact that a world without nuclear weapons might well be a less stable world, more prone to conventional conflict, does not figure into this equation. Nor does the fact nuclear technology cannot be “un-invented” and is likely to proliferate unless the international community comes to grips with Iran’s nuclear program, which is producing enriched uranium at an ever growing pace. These are the issues serious politicians need to grapple with.

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    12 Responses to Nobel Peace Prize for Ahmadinejad?

    1. Jennifer, California says:

      And if you really believe this nut job, I've got a bridge to sell you.

    2. tokoloshe says:


      Your article is not bad and shows the other side of the coin of Iran's perspective, which I commend you for printing.

      I was disappointed however, with your willingness to regurgitate the whole "wipe Israel off the map" nonsense.

      As a senior fellow of the Heritage Foundation, I would have expected you to do your homework (even a 1 minute google of the phrase would suffice) and realise that the expression "wipe off the map" does not exist in Farsi, which is the most widespread language spoken in Iran.

      The expression was mistranslated by the New York Times in 2004 and a more accurate translation would have been a prediction that the regime (ie. the Israeli government) that occupies Jerusalem will eventually collapse. He compared this to how Russia collapsed after the cold war. This is a far cry to the western understanding of wiping something off the map.

      If you wish to be taken seriously, please check your facts before blindly regurgitating them, despite how many times you have heard the same thing over and over.

      If however, you do wish to be a blind puppet to propaganda, then please continue, and I apologize for my intrusion.

    3. tokoloshe says:

      Helle – Apologies for calling you Helen, my mistake

    4. SAeiD says:

      I think iran needs ability to enrich uranium, as you can see IAEA doesn't even give the uranium needed for medical purposes, so how you expect iran to trust them anymore?

      and about Ahmadinejad threading israel, it's a lie and if you know Farsi you will know it, he said "israel will be wiped out", it was much like a Forecast, he added "it's Consequence of what they did and are doing". he added later it's like South african gov wiping out, and of course Soviet union.

    5. Bob McKenna, Florida says:

      When nuclear weapons are outlawed only outlaws will have nuclear weapons.

    6. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      To answer the original question, YES, the Nobel Committee should give

      Ahmadinejad the Prize for Peace! After all, they gave Obama a Prize. They

      must be "politicaly correct". They don't want to discrimnate against Iran. Who's next, China, or North Korea?

    7. ATB2, nyc says:

      Great article Helle.

      tokoloshe: you should do your homework. The statement was translated by the official Iranian New Agency English language service, i.e., the Iranian gov't. After the swift revulsion of the world community, the backtracking and spinning of farsi-to-english narrative started, and was picked up by the usual suspects. Go to wiki for the long version: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_Ahmadinejad_

      Draw your own conclusion; "both" sides are presented. As in most controversies, its not really hard to see the intent. Elimination of the government and the state of Israel is the core goal of the current Iranian regime; to doubt that is not really intellectually credible. Although you can parse translations ad nauseum. Good luck with that.

      By the way, check out MEMRI site's (www.memri.org) Iranian news blog for regular updates on what makes news in Iran. Today, there's a story of a gov't official calling for education of young children to be ready to become martyrs by age 13 like the heroic boy who strapped explosives to his body and rolled under an Iraqi tank in 1980. Of course, the translation may be off; maybe he was 12.

    8. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      Perhaps the U.S. could eliminate some of its extra Nukes by dropping a bunch of them on Iran's Nuclear sites. Put them in those heavy ground penetrating steel shells, you know, Bunker Busters. That way we can reduce our Nuclear Arsenal and handle Iran at the same time.

    9. Drew Page, IL says:

      I think it's perfect. This is the same group that awarded the Prize to Obama and Al Gore. I would encourage any thinking person with even five cents worth of integrity to withdraw from Nobel Peace Prize consideration if they are ever nominated for it.

    10. tokoloshe says:


      If my memory serves me well, not even your precious MEMRI (which was founded by 2 Israelis and whose president is ex-Israeli Military Intelligence) and has been criticized as a propaganda operation, translated his speech as saying "wipe Israel off the map".

    11. Henry (from Scandina says:

      If Obama the warmonger could get the peace price and still saying he would nuke nations, I dont see a reason why Ahmadinejad shouldnt get the price 2010.

    12. The Patriot says:

      He did not say he wanted Israel wiped off the map ! He said the Zionist regime will fall . ZIONISM NOT ISRAEL AND IT"S PEOPLE ! Stop spreading lies to invoke hate towards Iran .

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