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  • Well Said, But Mr. President . . .

    Violent extremism of any stripe is beyond the pale. The intentional murder of innocents remains one of the world’s ultimate evils. If only everyone speaking on the issue of anti-government extremism chose their words as carefully as President Clinton.

    Alas, the talking heads of MSNBC have not. They have used the anniversary of the Oklahoma City Bombing to declare open season on almost anyone right of center.

    The suggestion by Oklahoma lawmakers that they might want to form a state defense force is completely legal and appropriate under both the federal and state constitutions. Yet MSNBC commentators labeled the idea, without any evidence other than innuendo, a precursor to the next civil war.

    And for MSNBC, baseless commentary like this runs only against the right. Think back to its coverage of Code Pink and the antiwar protests of the Bush administration. None of its commentators fretted over whether the protesters would lead to a resurgence of left-wing violence such as that practiced by the Weather Underground, the Black Panthers, or the Symbionese Liberation Army. That would have been totally inappropriate — but no more so than what it’s eagerly doing now with conservative protesters.

    When MSNBC demonizes tea-party demonstrators and other conservative activists as aiding and abetting political violence, it’s hard to see it as anything other than partisan fear-mongering of the worst sort. The surest way to incite violence is to suppress legitimate dissent.

    Cross-posted at The Corner.

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    17 Responses to Well Said, But Mr. President . . .

    1. Zack says:

      Oh, Heritage Heritage Heritage…Tea-party demonstrators and other conservative activists demonize themselves already. To align yourself with these christian/southern/conservative/militia/anit-government groups/ or whatever the heck they are, breeds more political violence today then anything else.

      "it’s hard to see it as anything other than partisan fear-mongering of the worst sort"

      -Heritage is based on partisan fear-mongering. Look at the last 1,000 blogs on your website!

      "The surest way to incite violence is to suppress legitimate dissent"

      -legitimate? which part of anything in this blog is legitimate?

      just incase you forgot. Timothy Mcveigh was a very open christian/southern/conservative/militia/anit-government/LUNATIC. He was open about telling us that those very things brought him to do what he did. Nothing is wrong with being a conservative. The problem is these "militia groups" and extreme anit-government hate groups breed LUNATIC's like Mcveigh.

      look, it goes both ways but Heritage is the LAST group to even consider calling out MSNBC for "fear mongering" MSNBC stating specific facts on Mcveigh's history, groups and beliefs that he also admitted as the reason he became a mass-murderer is bad how?

    2. AL, South Dakota says:

      Oh, Zack.

      Heritage – going back to the Reagan Administration – has done more for this country than you could ever possibly attempt (and, a good thing at that).

      Zack, your liberal McCarthyism will not work here. If we take your analogy of Tim McVeigh to its extreme absurdity, we can posit that Johnny Walker Lindh became an Islamic terrorist/extremist based upon his liberal upbringing in San Anselmo, CA, and as an inability to get love and approval from his gay father.

      See where this can lead? To nonsense, of course (assuming, of course).

      Best, and prayers.

    3. E.B. Lewis Oklahoma says:

      Regarding MSNBC: In a word-war, Conservatives are too reasonable to be effective against the psycho-babble of the Left. The Left has no need of facts, nor are they bothered by their previous lies. The worst part is they continue spouting leftist propaganda even when the truth is evident. Getting caught in their lies doesn't seem to phase them; they just go on adding more lies. All of this is so apparent, it's hard to believe it's really happening here in the United States in 2010. Sometimes I wonder if I'm dreaming about 1984. Will I wake up with my head in a "Rat Cage"?

    4. Zack says:

      please please please keep up the tea party's, southern militia, this wonderful anti-government christian conservative movement and heck, please keep buying into this website. These things will pretty much lock the democratic congress majority. your offense is our best offense against you, never forget that.

      and AL…….?

      "Heritage – going back to the Reagan Administration – has done more for this country than you could ever possibly attempt (and, a good thing at that)"

      hmmmm a website that constantly lies, fear mongers, shows the most inaccurate charts and graphs to the point of insanity, an administration that doubled the national debt, pushed tax cuts for the rich, took credit in "taking that wall down" even though Jimmy Carter was the ultimate reason anything happened to "take that wall down"

      Reagan was an actor turned politician and pushed an agenda that didn't work out to well last i remember.

      you guys are hopeless.

    5. chatmandu says:

      It’s all to apparent to the MSM, speech from the left political spectrum is “free” speech while speech from a conservative or right political spectrum is “hate” speech.

    6. Billie says:

      It’s funny how the actions and hate and guilt of the left is quickly eluded on the innocent people. The only reason this would ever turn violent is the government, media muppets and left’s instigating and infiltrating it.

      As tea partiers, we’re in it for the freedom, liberties, protection, etc, the government is stealing and forcing vulnerability. As tea partiers, we’re in it for BUILDING the STRENGTH TO LIVE FREE, of all individual lives of Americans of all nationalities through their personal responsibilities to their life’s existence without government nursing.


      We believe, to show your human weakness, VOTE DEMOCRAT!
      Zack, do you go by the name Ken Jarvis, also?

    7. Todd, Albany OR says:


      I have never heard anything more insane than the idea that Jimmie Carter was somehow the real reason the wall came down. This is not helping your credibility Zack.

    8. Tom Degan says:

      If you're not alarmed by the direction the lunatic fringe of American politics is headed, you're not paying attention. For eight years, while George W. Bush drove our economy into the ditch, these knuckleheads were silent. The moment a black guy became president the "Tea Party" exploded in rage – but I'm sure that is just a coincidence.


      Tom Degan

      Goshen, NY

    9. Zack says:

      Well Todd, maybe you should re-check your history.

    10. jl says:

      Carafano is totally misleading the readers of this blog.

      An Oklahoma lawmaker did NOT want to form a national guard, he wanted to form a militia to protect AGAINST the federal government. This is the point, that MSNBC had issue with. This is NOT legal within the US constitution. Any State militia has to be commanded by the President.

      Article II reads:

      "The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States". BTW, Oklahoma already has a National Guard which does serve the United States of America honorably.

      I am still not sure what a militia could do to protect against the federal government without discussing possible treason. This is not discourse it is SEDITION. Look it up before you decide to defend these actions, unless you feel the same way.

      Also, Maddow has discussed the (past) violence of the Left leaning groups when discussing violent words by Right leaning groups. The assumptions are not a fair judgement and are outright wrong. Despite this, the crimes of the extreme left are around 30 years old. Most Democrats find the actions of the mentioned left wing extremist groups as despicable. You will not find many Democrats defending them. There is no movement currently justifying their actions, or possible resurgence. Discussing this without facts is what the blogger is supposedly arguing against.

      This blog uses generalizations, misleading information, lack of fact checking and mischaracterizations as a rebuttal to what MSNBC said about anti-government militia groups and SOME of the hateful behavior of Tea Party goers. Why not rebute the facts? Instead this blog is diverting from the facts and making innuendos. What the writer is arguing against. This strategy is totally unreasonable.

      I personally would have argued that – "yes" there are a few extremist in the movement who have been photographed with racist and hateful signs. There are also those who have said and done things that are not approved by the majority of the people in the groups. I might argue that the focus of these individuals takes away from the "true" need for less taxes… etc. etc. etc..

      I however, would not try to justify the seditious motives of the extreme by redirecting against those who have criticized it.

      The GOP was once full of Conservative intellectuals who fought for family values and fiscal responsibility. This is not what we are seeing today. Today, Conservatives have an unwritten rule that they do not criticize other Conservatives, instead they criticize the left for their criticism.

    11. Zack says:

      as John Stewart would say "boooYA!" the comment above says it all. I wish i was that beautiful with words but alas, my grammar sucks!

    12. AL, South Dakota says:


      Your ignorance seems to know no bounds. I suggest that you read some books: "Ronald Reagan: Fate, Freedom, and the Making of History" by John Patrick Diggins (no conservative he; he once wrote a history mourning the Left in America; his standard "The American Left in the Twentieth Century" is a must-read). Diggins was a proud liberal historian who recognized (not without criticism) the great deeds that Ronald Reagan – with Heritage's help (see Mandate For Change, 1981) – did for this country and for the world.

      As for your defense of that Jimmy Carter (a President I had to live through; you did not. Thus, your "knowledge" of him is…well, it's not worth commenting about) somehow took down the Berlin Wall, that's as laughable as it is ignorant.

      I suppose, then, that the Soviet Union was very, very scared of Pres. Carter….which is why they deployed nuclear missiles in the then-Eastern Europe in the late 1970s, and then-Chancellor Helmut Schmidt (of the then-West Germany) requested a "strong response" from NATO & Washington…and got nothing.

      Helmut Schmidt's party, by-the-way, was the "left-leaning" Social Democrats, NOT any conservative party at all (that came with the slightly conservative Helmut Kohl becoming Chancellor in 1982).

      No, the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and aided Cuban troops to deploy and help the Angola, and causing untold terrorist aid – chiefly to Yasser Arafat – over many, many decades.

      In 1982, then, President Reagan deployed Pershing Missiles in Western Europe, which was hailed by the West German government at the time. These missiles were later removed, but it was because of actions like this, strengthening NATO, and SDI that President Reagan ended the Cold War without firing a shot.

      But, if you remain unconvinced, Zak (as some people were unreconstructed about President Lincoln after the Civil War; they were usually called "former slaveholders") I'll just let this first sentence from Lech Walesa, the great former GDANSK union leader against the Communist leaders of both the USSR & Poland who later became the President of Poland (after the Wall came on down) said about Ronald Reagan upon his death:

      Full article here:

      Or,….you can go back to looking at, errr, anonymous "blogposts" written by…well,….people who've never actually had to ENDURE Communism, etc, etc.

      The phrase "wilfull ignorance" (an economics term, in case you didn't know) would be appropriate here.

      God Bless the Heritage Foundation for doing what it did THEN, and continue on keeping the dream of American freedom alive NOW!

      Even for folks like Zack.

      Oh, and in the military, we say, Huah!, not that wimpy "booyah."


    13. AL, South Dakota says:

      Excuse me. I made a mistake in my last posting. I wrote:

      What I meant was that Cuban troops deployed and helped that government (of Angola), causing untold havoc and misery there (as Cuban troops around the world – including in Vietnam, as advisers – did).

      Anyway, thanks again, Heritage. Zack is living under much of the great change that you helped bring, and *should* be grateful for it.

      Some people wise up, but some people, though….read… blog posts… and think they understand history, or politics, or even life.


    14. Zack says:

      Al, your lost beyond reason and how do you know how old I am? You choose to blind yourself from the insanity on the political right. Milita groups…really? I would be careful using Reagan for anything positive. He can double the national debt, push ineffective tax cuts and take credit for Carter's actions. Wow, you are right on target. I'm more of a man and american then you will ever be and it shows in your unwarranted anger and ignorance against someone you have never met. You have probably been misled your entire life and Heritage is the worst of all. Use your sarcasm and anger at the policies and positions you support that have damaged this country and international diplomacy to the point of exaustion. And you claim economic knowledge……sure, lets hear it. Your the type of person I would love to debate in front of a large crowd. I can only dream for so much. Conservatives no nothing about freedom or being a patriot. You are spiteful, angry, ego driven, forceful maniacs when it comes to the economy or diplomacy. I will scream at the top of my lungs about the mistakes this country has made and apologize for actions this country has taken. Im one tuff virginia farming s.o.b. and I know what america means. I stand higher then people like you. By the way, Reagan was an actor turned politician, nothing else. He was a thorn in america's side, nothing else. Like I said before, your lost beyond reason.

      If you conservative want these militia groups, these confederate history month celebrations, this idea that america will not apologize and stand guilt free then be ready for a nightmare. Your hatred and ignorance will be the end of you. Some coward you are. I watch your assumptions about how old I am. Learn some respect boy.

    15. Zack says:

      i almost forgot….boooYAH!

      ps. I would pay money to challenge the moderator, bloggers and creator of this website. Seriously! Heritage, I hereby declare a lump sum of cash money if any of you have the pebbles to consider a live debate. All of you. All against one. It would be like christmas morning! Ok, that's all for now.

    16. AL, South Dakota says:


      I'd watch that, for sure! But, it'd be over in about a micro-second.

      I predict that Zack would have many "uhhhh…" and "ummmm" and pregnant pause moments.

      That's if he actually showed up.

      Meanwhile, I gave him a good reading list about President Reagan, and also the Heritage Foundation.

      Who knows? Maybe he'll actually learn something and change over to the Right side (and, the "right" side) of the debate.

      I sure did, almost 20 years ago, and never looked back. Heritage was a big part in that.

      Best, sir.

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