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  • Morning Bell: There is Nothing Conservative About This President

    According to a new poll by the Pew Research Center, public confidence in government is at one of the lowest points in a half century. Pew Research Center president Andrew Kohut writes in today’s Wall Street Journal: “A desire for smaller government is particularly evident since Barack Obama took office.” Last March, by 54% to 37%, more people said it was a good idea for the government to exert more control over the economy. Now, by 51% to 40%, a majority of Americans say they want less government control.

    President Obama has always tried to cast himself as a centrist. During the 2008 campaign, he promised Americans he would cut their taxes, expand the military, and enact “a net spending cut” for the federal government. Lower taxes, a strong defense and shrinking the size of government; these are core conservative beliefs. Unfortunately, President Obama has completely abandoned them by raising taxes on lower-income Americans, cutting defense spending, and enacting a $862 billion failed stimulus.

    And we haven’t even mentioned the President’s health care plan yet. With polls showing that the President’s health care plan has only gotten less popular since it became law, the White House has been desperate to portray their plan in as centrist a light as possible. So on March 30th, President Obama told “Today” show host Matt Lauer that “a lot of ideas in terms of the exchange, just being able to pool and improve the purchasing power of individuals in the insurance market, that originated from the Heritage Foundation.” Heritage Center for Health Policy Studies director Robert Moffit responds in today’s Washington Post:

    The Obama health-care law “builds” on the Heritage health reform model only in the sense that, say, a double-quarter-pounder with cheese “builds” on the idea of a garden salad. Both have lettuce and tomato and may be called food, but the similarities end there.

    For us, the health insurance exchange is to be designed by the states. It is conceived as a market mechanism that allows individuals and families to choose among a wide range of health plans and benefit options for those best suited to their personal needs and circumstances. People would have a property right in their health policy, just like auto or homeowners’ policies, and be able to take it with them from job to job.

    Under the Heritage design, individuals could choose the health plan they want without losing the tax benefits of employer-sponsored coverage. The exchange we propose would be open to all state residents and — very importantly — be free of federal regulation.

    Under the president’s law, however, the congressionally designed exchanges are a tool imposed on the states enabling the federal government to standardize and micromanage health insurance coverage, while administering a vast and unaffordable new entitlement program. This is a vehicle for federal control of state markets, a usurpation of state authority and the suppression of meaningful patient choice. Heritage finds this crushing of state innovation and experimentation repugnant.

    This law constitutes a massive alteration of the constitutional balance of power between the federal government and the states, and strikes at the heart of American federalism.

    This is not the first time the Obama administration has falsely claimed Heritage Foundation support for its policies. During the 2008 campaign, then-candidate Obama ran a multimillion-dollar television ad falsely claiming that we supported his tax plan. We did not. Then just last month, an Obama Treasury official falsely suggested to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce that we supported the administration’s financial reform plan. We do not.

    We understand that the President is frustrated by the fact that the American people soundly reject his push to turn our country into a European social welfare state. But he only undermines his own credibility when he tries to use our good conservative name as cover to support his wildly unpopular policy positions.

    Quick Hits:

    • Goldman Sachs silent partner in the deal at the heart of their SEC fraud complaint, John Paulson, recently raised money for Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) calling him “one of the few members of Congress that has consistently supported the hedge fund industry.”
    • According to The Los Angeles Times, the last timed the public distrusted Washington this much was in 1980.
    • A new Rasmussen Reports poll shows 57% of U.S. voters have more confidence members of Congress who voted against bailouts than in those who voted for them.
    • California’s unemployment rate hits high of 12.6% in March.
    • According to The Washington Post, President Obama lacks domestic, international support for his nuclear-free dream.
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    75 Responses to Morning Bell: There is Nothing Conservative About This President

    1. Del Johnson, Grabill says:

      It would be appreciated if someone would pursure all the 'unpublished' debochery in the so-called Health care plan. All we hear about is the idea of 'remaking' the health care portion. I'm not at all concerned about my health care – in fact, it is a well developed program (I'm a retired State Farm Agent). All those 'other' areas of deceit are also of concern to me – and I'm sure many others. Thanks SO very much.


    2. Mary.... WI says:

      Maybe HF needs to get on one of the Sunday morning political talk shows to defend their stance and debate the issues BO falsely claims. Send Ed Fuelner…..he'll set it straight whether he's up against Axelrod, Obama or Emmauel. I'll be sure to watch and cheer him on every step of the way.

    3. Bill Witter, San Ant says:

      The Obama regime personifies the old adage: A lie well told and stuck to is as good as the truth.

      Thank you Heritage for debunking his lies.

      Keep up the good work

    4. curt in Columbus says:

      This whole argument seems wrong. Healthcare is an individual and private issue that should not be part of a national conversation by any organization-be it congress or a think tank. I have the same bad feelings hearing healthcare being discussed by Obama as I did when Bush chose to concern himself with whether my television was anolog or digital!

      We need to protest the second congress or the president talk about anything but national security because by the time they discuss choosing plan A or plan B to deal with something that is none of their business, it is too late for the individual!

    5. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      It's hard to understand that so many voters could not see through Obama deception and outright lies during the campaign. Many of us on the right recognized just what he is and thus are not at all surprised at his deliberate attacks on our American way of life. Despite Obama's continued falling poll numbers, there is that core bunch in this country that truly believe

      in Obama and his socialist ideology. These "believers" are led by the left-wing news media outlets, that regardless of what Obama does, they will lie for him and continue to deceive the people of this nation. Once we all understand that

      "truth and facts" mean nothing to Obama and his supporters, the sooner we will

      take our country back from the brink of the socialist pit.

    6. Richard Cancemi, Arl says:

      Obama has lied his way into office and continues to lie with almost every word that comes out of his mouth.

      He and his gang of thugs learned their craft well in the Chicago cesspool of politics and are using them on the Country today. They lie, cheat, bribe, ignore, defame violate laws and the Constitution in their rush to install a Marxist based Centrist State despotism.

      Obama will not be satisfied with a Euro-Socialist-Democracy and neither are the European politicians who oppress their peoples. There is only one end-game result that they ALL seek and that is a One World Government with the likes of the United Nations at the Center!

      If they succeed, and they are well on the way, we will lose all individuality and self-direction. THEY will determine all aspects of our lives.

      They must all be routed and never again be given an opportunity to do their evil on humanity.

    7. KB Hahn, PA says:

      It just dawned on me, in reading the above, why we conservatives are always on the defensive. It is because we are possessed of character, character that will never permit us to even consider stepping up to the microphone and just lying right through a big, toothy, ear-to-ear grin. I have always wondered, "How is it that we conservatives cannot somehow get on the offensive, thereby placing the left in the position of having to say, as we are forever having to say, 'No, that's not true.'"

      Why not? Simple. It's because Obama, and everyone else of liberal/progressive/statist ilk, base their stock in trade on lies. It is as natural for them to do so, as to breathe. The mentality of the left revolves around announcing mammoth lies, the truth be damned. It is their intent that [a] thinking conservatives will, having been put on the defensive, immediately rush to explain why what they say is not so; and [b] they know there are some who will uncritically believe what they say.

      The beaten-to-death use of this tactic points to a character flaw, the foundation of which is built deep underground, in blinding, breathtaking darkness. It is one which we conservatives do not, cannot, and never will, share with them. And that, it occurs to me, is why we will, for as long as there are liberals to utter their pitiful lies, be in the position of articulating the correction, as has Mr Moffit, above.

      Our character, as conservatives, will simply not allow us to ever descend into the dark morass from which our opponents operate. Since apparently the only way, in politics, to go on the offensive is to lie, then we must simply remain on the defensive.

      Thank goodness for the Heritage Foundation, and everyone else who speaks out loudly, with character, on behalf of the truth. It is our character that sets us out in the broad sunshine, where we would rather lose while upholding the standard of truth, than win by descending down into the corrupt, despicable slime of lies.

    8. Duncan Druhl says:

      Sorry, off topic comment on this: "According to The Los Angeles Times, the last time the public distrusted Washington this much was in 1980."

      First we saw the current president as Carter Administration II and he continues to evince a command of foreign policy that either surpasses the inexperience of Carter I or trends dangerously close to traditionally anti-American positions.

      But the LA Times now tells us that the president is the new Nixon! I'm sorry, I can barely imagine a combination of "the man from whom you wouldn't buy a used car" and the personified gross naiveté of the previous anti-Republican electoral reaction result.

    9. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Hey, at least Barry admits we exist.

      Now, throw some bacon and on the burger and I am a happy camper.

    10. G.K.Weber says:

      Hey, KB Hahn,

      Excellent analogies and dissertations on the core diferences between those that choose the Liberal, Socialist path to destruction and those of us whom chose to tell the truth no matter the consequence or subsequent challenges that the truth may produce. A much more intelligent person than myself once said " the truth shall set you free". Let us all keep our eye on the prize and remember that Nov. 2010 and 2012 is not that far distant.

    11. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      This President never ceases to amaze me with his complete lack of truthfulness

      and respect for his subjects that occupy HIS domain. I can't believe that he actually thinks we are dumb or lack any intelligents and swallow his daily fabrications that are so far off base. Get a clue sir, the luster is off and your true self is reveled……..I really don't like what I see.

    12. Rhonda says:

      Mr. Hahn, in the playbook, "Rules for Radicals", the end justifies the means and the means include every dirty trick and lie imaginable (and some unimaginable to me).

    13. Chris Reilly says:

      I'd like to note for the record, based on my vast experience on the subject, that a double-quarter-pounder with cheese does not have lettuce and tomato in it. This does not defeat the analogy, but certainly is distracting. I'm hungry now, have to go . . .

    14. Lloyd Welch says:

      Mr. KB Hahn,

      Thank you for delivering the truth in such a articulate way. I have over the past few years saw a pattern in liberal tactics.

      1. Fear mongering by lieing about facts.

      2. Blame the right(Bush/conseratives/republicans)

      3. Misresprent facts

      4. Misrespent historical facts

      5. If none of this works they wil resort to slander.

      6. When slander doesn't work next comes threats.

      7. If threats doesn't work they will resort to violence.

      In their statements liberals will be vague to give plausible deniability. Then outright lie when all else fails.

      We on the right would never stoop to these tactics..

    15. Rebekah, Florida says:

      "Lower taxes, a strong defense and shrinking the size of government;" those aren't conservative values; they are an oxymoron (and a run-on sentence, but that's irrelevant.) War is the health of the state, and as a committed anti-Statist, it terrifies me that self-described "Conservatives" would talk about shrinking government and building the military empire in the same breath. That is impossible to do and in fact severely threatens our defense!

      That said, I agree with the basic premise of the article. Obama is just as much a Statist as his predecessor was.

    16. Lisa, MN says:

      BRAVO, Mr Moffitt!

    17. William Cole, Texas says:

      Being an uneducated redneck from the south, I realize that those who consider themselves to be conservatives that are in a position of influence may have differing opinions than I do on several issues. Most notably, the notion held by those having influence that a modified version of a socialized health care program is some how OK. What happened to the concept of having above all else, free will joined with measured liberty and the pursuit of happiness acheived by being self reliant? The notion that these so called conservatives and conservative organizations think it to be OK for anyone to be empowered to tell me what I need to do about having health care insurance is revolting!

    18. Steven C. Keeler says:

      One item that is never mentioned, what happens when Obama administration uses the health care premiums and taxes as general funds, ie S/S $s.

      I think we need new laws for background checks on all that serve in govt. it seems to be over looked.

      How do we know that all of the stimulus money is accounted for?

    19. KC - New Mexico says:

      We can complain and continue to point fingers at the liberal left. But we also need to complain and be equally concerned about the radical right. In order to really be successful for America in the next election, America needs a moderate leader who will bring along other moderate leaders into Congress. The moderate leader is one who would run for President in 2012. The 2010 election is not about how many Republicans gain seats, it is really about how many moderates from both parties can gain seats away from the far left and right. Once this happens, then we can start saving this country. So the question is who!

    20. john Arizona says:

      I can't hardly believe it!! Obama and the flunkey's in his administration have told outright lies!!

      On the other hand, every time BHO opens his mouth there is either a distortion of the truth or an outright lie. And sadly, there are millions of people out there who buy whatever he says, because he says it so "stately". Wake up America!!

    21. James A says:

      Barry S a.k.a. BHO refuses to accept accountability or responsibilty for his actions or inactions.

      As child has to be taught right and wrong or up and down. But for this man/child or child/man no one taught him on how to be mature or act as an adult.

      He needs to retire to the basketball court or golf course. And simply disappear with Michelle and Her Court.

    22. John Clancy, Wyandot says:

      I agree with Lloyd and KB above: progressives-liberals-statists lie to achieve their political-social goals. If when buttoning your shirt you place the first button in the wrong hole, all the others will be wrong.

      Since leftists like Obama begin with an ideology that sees the human person as one to be minipulated and enslaved, they will make moves consistent with this ideology. The tie of the first button is wrong–it runs against human nature. They "need" to lie.

      I believe that most Americans, however, unlike most Europeans, see the human person as a free person whose freedom comes from a transcendent power, not from the state. They agree with the founding fathers and the constitution. They tie the first button correctly. They are in touch with the very nature of the human person. They don't need to lie.

      The tea party people represent those who see the human person correctly. They are our hope, our strength. We cannot count on our present representatives. ALL OF US need to mobilize for the coming elections. This is critical because our victories in voting cannot be close. Leftists will challenge close outcomes in the courts and win. Our victories must be OVERWHELMING. We need to focus, even now, on every precinct in the country.

      Those who reject the dark, devious, destructive lies of the left should learn the simple steps in becoming a precinct delegate. (Go to your city clerk and he/she will explain a few simple steps.)

    23. Lorraine White says:

      Unfortunately this President believes that as long as he says something it makes it a fact…Thank you Heritage Foundation for bringing to light the inconsistancies of this President's statements – hopefully more people will be suspicious of what Pres. Obama says and check things out for themselves.

    24. Judith in Michigan says:

      It is well known that Mr. O & Co is trying hard to demonize conservative views being discussed, whether it is on the internet , talk radio, or rallies across the country. They are pushing to "control" these venues.

      It wouldn't be hard to imagine that Heritage Foundation, and other conservative orgqanizations are also in the cross-hairs of the radical left. Never fear, they will find some way to regulate or totally shut down these organizations only because they dare to tell the truth & critcize this administration.

      Correct, there is nothing Conservative about this President. There is nothing conservative about Chavez and Castro. either and they follow the same play book as Mr O.

    25. ROBERT EDWARDS says:

      Friends..The President has obviously mis-represented himself to the voters…How can we get him out of office fast..before he does more damage ? please give us some ideas..

    26. Robert Edwards, Phoe says:

      Friends…The president has obviously mis-represented himself to the voters…How can we get him out of office…fast…before he does more damage to our country…

    27. Giles says:

      Keep printing the facts, people keep reading, once read it is in their hard drive (brain filing cabinet), at some point enough facts refute the lies and hypocrisies this administration from the POTUS down to the freshman legislators and the vote is coming, November 2010 and 2012, even though it may appear people are not listening or reading once the eye sees it storage happens, our brains are way more efficient than the computer. Citizens have been given enough evidence of the wrongdoings of the government, not just the present but back to Woodrow Wilson, now all must act in accordance to their desire for the future of this nation. President Obama has even given us facts, "it started 100 years ago", using the blueprint of the late 1920's, apologizing for our country's power, neglecting to acknowledge those countries we have rebuilt after a war or even during a war, demeaning those that question the actions of the government, running around the country to be a present for those he desires to see in office, (too bad each one failed), desiring to support plans that take away this nations sovereignty, failure to uphold the oaths of office taken by many leaders in the current government and one more, taking away the rights of states to govern in the areas of health, education and environment. Despite all of the negatives there are businesses working diligently each day to provide their services/products, some are even expanding despite threats of over taxation and regulations that will hinder their productivity. A nation of good, strong, upright citizens are meeting together and voicing their love for the country they have been given and pledging to fight with the tools of decency and prudence the stranglehold of a group who desires to destroy their gift. Thanks Heritage for being a positive beacon in the throes of battle.

    28. Homer J. Fong says:

      To be fair, this latest statement was carefully worded (unlike the "Try This" ad you reference) to not claim an endorsement by any person at The Heritage Foundation. He merely claims that the current thinking on the subject can draw its roots back to positions held by your organization. You are right, of course, to disagree publicly with the President, however I think that in terms of substance, the "Try This" incident was so much more egregious that it's unfair to link the two.

    29. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      Never knew Obama ever claimed to be conservative. If he had been thoroughly investigated not one person would be surprised at his agenda and/or programs. Obama is incompetent, ignorant, un-American, phony and very disingenuous. It is impossible to make a silk purse out of a pig's ear.

    30. Kelly Waldron, Kaysv says:

      That was terrific!! What we would call, out here at Thiokol, a controlled burn. A demonstrative, dispassionate, and courageous delivery of factual information. How refreshing.

    31. Susan S. Scottsboro, says:

      I'm so tired of being deemed a racist just because I choose to express my point of view about this president….I think back to the 'hate speak' that we all saw flowing from the mouth of the President's 'preacher' sometime back……It would seem to me that the racist among the group actually got elected….

    32. JungleCogs says:

      Look, we soundly reject this president, period.

    33. Bill, Huntsville AL says:

      Why don’t you just call a liar a liar. How can anyone believe anything the man says. If his mouth is moving he’s lying. I understand what respect and civil comments are, but Mr. Obama does not deserve respect and he has been less than civil numerous times. Respect is earned. He deserves no respect as he brings great discredit to this country and the Constitution. I know this will not be published, but I’ve said it anyway.

    34. William Cannady, CPA, Savannah, GA says:

      As we have seen since this man first came on the scene, he will stop at nothing to ram his radical agenda down our throats. He is absolutely the most socially, racially and politically divisive president in the history of our once Great Nation. He and his administration are following Saul Alinsky’s “plan”, play by play. If America doesn’t wake up and take action now, we will end up in slavery. You may ask why this government wants to make us so angry? The answer, to provoke a civil war or revolution, so they can declare martial law and crush us once and for all! STAND UP AMERICA….NOW!!!!!!!

    35. Kathleen McCollum, Georgia says:

      I wish someone would list the mandated “options” that people have to pay for in their health coverage. I don’t think most folks know that they are paying for hair transplants, viagra, birthcontrol, pregnancy (silly for those of us over 50), broken hips for old folks (silly for the 28 year old). Instead of just saying “mandates”, please start listing them and put a price on them. I chose not to have collision on my cars and save quite a lot of money. I would chose not to have certian coverage for some things in my health care, and save quite a lot of money!

    36. John Nanni, Nashville, TN says:

      Why not sue this lying (fill in the blank)? It would go nowhere, but make all of us fell better who know the game Obama is playing. This President regularly creates his own truth, rewrites history and the Constitution – and yet – remains blameless for his destructive policies, preferring to blame George Bush, insurance companies, Wall Street and the American people in general. We all look forward to responding in November, but need to do more in the meantime to call this liar on what he is saying; it’s clear the main media will not do so.

    37. Jane, San Antonio, T says:

      I am thankful that Heritage Foundation is proactive and very visable in its rebuttal of outright lies and mis-characterizations of its point of view. I only wish that the Republicans in Congress would take your lead.

      I do want to add a comment regarding a "moderate" candidate. I personally believe that a fiscal conservative, Constitutionalist, limited government candidate who also is a social moderate is what we need to win. It is somewhat contradictory to be for individual liberty, less government, etc, but then turn around and say but you better not be gay, and we'd like to weigh in on your pregnancy crisis. Every election the "right", much to the delight of the "left" gets suckered into making gay and abortion issues the distration from the broader and ultimately much more important issues. We cannot let this happen.

      Best regards to all.

    38. Elaine Donnelly, President, Center for Military Readiness says:

      Hello Heritage,

      You mention Obama’s promise to “rebuild the military,” but then you drop the subject. It appears that Obama’s 2008 promise to add “65,000 troops” (thanks for the instructive link) may have been a number pulled from the air. I notice, however, that the number happens to coincide with the number of homosexuals that gay activists claim are serving in the military. The “research” backing that number is bogus for many reasons, but I mention it only to suggest that Heritage needs to focus on the administration’s ongoing attempts to undermine the culture of our military with liberal, European-style social policies, including forced acceptance of sexual minorities in the military.

      Best regards,
      Elaine Donnelly

    39. Zack says:

      you guys are mentally unstable at best..

    40. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Robert Moffit was on target about Obama and his fellow democrats’ healthcare monstrosity when he said “This law constitutes a massive alteration of the constitutional balance of power between the federal government and the states, and strikes at the heart of American federalism.” Great WP article. Thanks for sharing. It give me great comfort to know HF is hard at work getting this most critical message out. Thank you, JC

    41. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      The problem is that this doesn't show at the polls – not yet anyway. While I understand people's frustrations with RINOs and liberal leaning republicans, they need to realize today's democrap party is worse….it's been hijacked by the leftwing malcontents of the 1960s. WE'LL NEVER TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY BY VOTING FOR THE LEFTWING DEMOCRAP PARTY!!!! The American voters made some foolish mistakes in 2006 and 2008, and we are now seeing the consequences. However, there are still some good names in government – Jim DeMint, Michelle Bachmann, Joe Wilson, James Inhofe. And even John McCain is sometimes good. We may not like McCain’s position on the environment, immigration, etc., but at least he opposed NHC, runaway profligate spending, etc. Thus McCain would’ve been far less damaging to America than BHO has been. But sadly, the good names are now in the minority. The 2010 and 2012 elections are critical. Face reality – TODAY, THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A CONSERVATIVE DEMOCRAT!!!!

    42. Brice, Colorado says:

      KB Hahn has it right. Conservatives embrace character. The lefties are liars. History has proven this time and time again. Why are we allowing the left-leaning media to survive?

    43. Ryan Reaugh Kopp says:

      A wonder day it will be, November 2nd, 2010!

    44. William Person says:

      Since the President seems to be defrauding the American people by suggesting Heritage supports some of his policies, Isn’t it time for Heritage to come out very publicly and expose the appropriations he has attrempted?
      Obamas only hope of any success is to stay on offense because somewhere around 20% to 25% of the population are hard core supporters. Once set back on his heals he has to “defend”. With so few supporters defense is hardly manageable!!
      Your article makes a strong statement, but not public enough–how about a one page ad in the Times!!!

    45. Steve,chicago,il says:

      This whole scenario is beyond me. First there is the constitution and the commerce clause. This clause is to regulate commerce between states. My question is how can you regulate commerce when there is no commerce……..you cannot buy policies across state lines therefore, there is no commerce to regulate between the states. Second, just on the face of this monster it is a outright assault on the 10th amendment period. This legislation will crucify the states with the mandates.

    46. Dave, Provo, UT says:

      Drove by our local Tea Party rally on tax day. One sign said it all, “Obama, Commander-in-thief,”

    47. Clearhead -- U.S.S.O says:

      "The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Even as he walks along the road, the fool lacks sense and shows everyone how stupid he is" …………….Ecclesiastes 10:2-3

    48. Al Wunsch, Fl says:

      I think most now know that Pres Obama chooses his words carefully (most of the time) so as to not be a liar but by the same time to mislead the listener. When he spoke of “my bill” during the health care debate, he knew many listeners would assume he is talking about the health care bill(s) coming out of congress. Of course, if pressed, he could state that he was talking about his bill which does not exist. And we all knew that he would sign whatever came across his desk. Nevertheless we must continue to call him and the congress on their misstatements. This Nov will, indeed, be an interesting time. Unfortunately some republicans still don’t seem to get the message (which the dems are counting on by the way)

    49. David, Grand Rapids, MI says:

      President Obama isn’t a “liberal” either. He is a STATIST. Look at the chart and see where you fall:


      Being a conservative is fine for individuals, but it often makes horrible public policy because it takes away individual freedom.

      Conservative policies often harm people as much as modern “liberal” ones because they are both close to STATIST policies.

      What we need is individual freedom and that only comes from an understanding that conservative and liberal policies are both more STATIST than they should be.

    50. Dukster, Colorado says:

      We called President Clinton ‘Slick Willie” because we knew in our hearts he was lying to us…and he didn’t even lie half as much or half as easily as Obama does.
      Really makes me sad that the American Presidency has become such an ‘in your face’ political reality where the ends justify the means and ‘We the People’ no longer really count.

    51. curt in Columbus says:

      David from Grand Rapids is right. When I saw that information on left v right that is really really the left when rotated 90 degrees, a light bulb (incandescent naturally) went off. That's why I posted earlier that we should begin our protest the minute our representives utter any ideas that is extra constitutional.

      If they complain about education, we rise up and tell them to stay away from OUR kids; they complain about carryon baggage fees, we tell them the stay away from OUR airlines. If we had risen up the second they started complaining about OUR healthcare, we would not have a healthcare bill!

    52. Myron Kent says:

      Believing I still had the right to redress i nievely wrote the supreme court with my grievences but they sent me back a reply stating i had to start over again but i do

      not have the money to do so and the defence fund wants me to send them the facts in writing but that is the whole problem i cannot write.

      Also i have a large volume of the constitution (1964 edition) can i send it to you/your school to authenticate? OK. thats all i have i'll be looking forward to hear from you/school again:

      Myron S Kent


    53. tom k says:

      Where are these pol takers going to take these surveys? If they show any one in favor of this government it must be talking to the people in the government.( the czars and the people they are paying)

    54. ONTIME says:

      I am beginning to wonder if we have any leaders left with backbone and character, we have allowed a complete stanger to inhabit the office of the most powerful man in the world and he has no credentials….This is not a rant it is a serious questtion and I am asking who is going to step up to the plate and demand that the laws for candidate compliance be enforced, who is going to carry out the law?
      Is my government so spineless and corrupt that it has allowed itself to be cowed by a bunch of political thugs and liars?

    55. Gayle Kindall 94553 says:

      Obama uses and twists all other accounts into reinforcement of his
      ideas. But most of us can now see the flimsy excuses he states
      to try and gain exceptance. It’s too late–we don’t buy it.

    56. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      “The American people should say thank you.” What are we? Little children who need to be reminded to say please and thank you? OH, PLEASE! Give me a break. We’re
      adults. Doesn’t Obama think we’re old enough to make up our own minds and make
      our own decisions? What’s that. you say? NO!? Unfortunately, I tend to agree. Obama wants to turn us into the typical European ninny, I mean, nanny state. AKA,
      a European style social democracy. Bad news for Obama, has anybody told him that
      we weren’t MEANT to be a social democracy? I guess not. If nobody tells the Emperor he has no clothes, and he marches naked in the parade, would anybody notice?

    57. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      Excellent article and comments, for the most part. Wanna see where this country is headed if we don't get rid of the democraps in 2010 and 2012? Read "Atlas Shrugged" by Ayn Rand and you'll see the end game of this administration. Another good read is "Patriots" by James Wesley, Rawles, a look at the possible aftermath when this administration gets finished "fundamentally transforming" this country. Not difficult to imagine either scenario with the present administration in power. Does anyone really think he is going to allow the voters to squelch their plans? I can almost feel "martial law" being planned as I ask the question.

    58. Nate, Illinois says:

      Obama’s lies and malcontent are easy to see. We need to get this as far out in the open as possible and educate as many people as we can about this marxist movement, then get them(and ourselves) to the ballot box to stop them before it is to late!!!

    59. HawkWatcher, Mi. says:

      “Heritage finds this crushing of state innovation and experimentation repugnant.”

      Nods head…pumps fist…says thank you to HF for mirroring my thoughts! I am repulsed by the faux conservatism and lame attempt to link HF to ObamaCare.

      I also know many agitated Obama voters who believe they were tricked out of their vote. They’re part of the flip-flop numbers in the poll. These are the ones to concentrate on when promoting conservatism and fishing for votes.

      “This law constitutes a massive alteration of the constitutional balance of power between the federal government and the states, and strikes at the heart of American federalism.”

      It does exactly that, and I worry as to what recourse we would have were the courts to uphold ObamaCare, and the Democrats carry 2010. Only those who would vote to repeal this law and implement sensible reform should be supported in the current Congressional primaries and in the fall elections.

      I must disagree with posters calling for moderates, whatever they are…what do they stand for again? There is no room in todays political arena for mugwump moderates. A conservative knows which side of the fence to be on, and that’s what people are looking for. Look around the country at all the unexpected candidates winning primaries and special elections. They run as conservatives, and they are winning. We help by individual direct donations to their campaigns because it is working. We will continue, and we will elect many conservatives.

      Cheer up, J.G. I believe that concerned voters will “squelch their plans” by voting in large numbers this fall. We can derail the Democrat machine. The job is to make sure others are as righteously angry as we are, and keep it that way until the elections, making sure that they vote. The Washington lefties are making it easier for us with every reeking piece of crippling, irresponsible, and unlawful legislation they sneak out onto the stained chamber floor.

    60. AnnaMae H, Buena New says:

      Every comment here is right on. As for the American people standing up. We are. What good is any of this talk and demonstration doing? I don't know about you but, I don't trust only having a plan "A" which is the poles in November. We need a plan "B" just in case it fails. We cannot afford for this administration to be in for 3 more years. In fact there must be a way to get them out now. You can bet the Obama administration has the ball and is running for the goal line with his henchmen behind him clobbering the defense. While popular opinion says the democrats are scared of what could happen in November, I think they are shurring up their game underhanded, for a win. I have been calling for impeachment but, some say under the constitution there has been no crime. The constitution is a matter of interpretation. And, right now Obama is interpreting it this way. Yet, when I look up Impeachment, it says very clearly thaqt one can be impeached just for misdemeanors.

      Has this not already happened to us. Has this administration totally ignored and violated every right we the people have under the constitution? Has the president of this USA not put us in harms way with his military policies and protection of the mjuslim people instead of protecting our sovernity? America is awake except for those who still think Obama is the greatest thing since Lassie. What good are all the marches, rallies, twitter, face book and responses when we have nobody of any importance to get in there and start pulling this administration apart. This administration has the power, and, no matter what we do or say makes no difference. We cannot rely just on the elections, I fear that they will do anything to win. Amnesty, referandums, take over of business. All of this generates votes for them not for us. We cannot push any more than we have, we need PULL. Someone who can investigate every single congressman and senator, Obama, Pelosi and Reid and find a way to oust them plus the elections.

    61. Anna Mae H, Buena Ne says:

      Anna Mae H, Buena New Jersey on April 19th, 2010 at 8:54am said:

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      Every comment here is right on. As for the American people standing up. We are. What good is any of this talk and demonstration doing? I don’t know about you but, I don’t trust only having a plan “A” which is the polls in November. We need a plan “B” just in case it fails. We cannot afford for this administration to be in for 3 more years. In fact there must be a way to get them out now. You can bet the Obama administration has the ball and is running for the goal line with his henchmen behind him clobbering the defense. While popular opinion says the democrats are scared of what could happen in November, I think they are shoring up their game underhandedly, for a win. I have been calling for impeachment but, some say under the constitution there has been no crime. The constitution is a matter of interpretation. And, right now Obama is interpreting it his way. Yet, when I look up Impeachment, it says very clearly that one can be impeached just for misdemeanors.

      Has this not already happened to us. Has this administration totally ignored and violated every right we the people have under the constitution? Has the president of this USA not put us in harms way with his military policies and protection of the muslim people instead of protecting our sovernity? America is awake except for those who still think Obama is the greatest thing since Lassie. What good are all the marches, rallies, twitter, face book and responses when we have nobody of any importance to get in there and start pulling this administration apart. This administration has the power, and, no matter what we do or say makes no difference. We cannot rely just on the elections, I fear that they will do anything to win. Amnesty, referandums, take over of business. All of this generates votes for them not for us. We cannot push any more than we have, we need PULL. Someone who can investigate

      every congressman, senator and office holder. How can the republicans are allow those around OBama as advisors with adverse affiliations and, who have been involved with radical protests and expressly say they are communists, progressives and fundamentally want to change the USA without saying anything or doing anything about it is beyond me. Is the fundamental transformation of this country and the direction of the change constitutional?

    62. Carol Treffinger, Re says:

      Question – Does opening up all insur companies across state boundaries allow gov't control according to old law of interstate ??? Any protection ??? and still allow decent competition and fair access.

      From one horrified by socialist take-over and determined to fight it – Carol

    63. Drew Page, IL says:

      April 19th was the anniversary of the bombing of the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City. Predictably, President Clinton and a number of Democrats in Congress chose to use that anniversary as a warning to those who are criticizing President Obama, his policies, his actions, inactions and his pirate crew of Democrats in the congress. Yes, not only are you a racist if you criticize President Obama, or anything he does, you are also now a seditionist and a reckless fomenter of violence.

      Our liberal and Democrat friends would prefer it if we simply said, "thank you sir, may I have another?" and then went on our way speaking inlow, hushed and reverent tones of our wonderful President and his devotion to the American public.

      Well, call me what you will, but I will not stop being critical of Mr. Obama. He has lied repeatedly to the American people, so I refuse to believe anything he says. He has spent $800 billion of our tax money foolishly on a Stimulus bill, with 9,000 needless 'earmarks', a bill he never bothered to read. That sure put a lot of people back to work, didn't it? He promised bipartisanship with Republicans and then presides over a Senate and House that completely excluded Republican participation behind closed door meeting, where Senate and House leaders had to bribe their own party members to buy their votes with our tax money. And the transparency he promised? I must have missed the health care debate on C-SPAN.

      He apologizes for America in front of every nation he visits, kisses up to foreign dictators like Chavez and the Castro brothers, bows like a waiter to Middle Eastern potentates and insults and dismisses the concerns of Isreal, our only ally in the Middle East.

      This man has disgraced the office of the President and does not deserve the respect that office should normally be given.

    64. Norbert Stager says:

      My Bible says that there is two Gods. One the creator of the Heavens and the Earth who has always given man freedom, freedom of choice. The other is the god of this world. Who controls the kingdoms of this world because our ancestors chose to believe a lie than what the creator of the heavens and the earth said. This god is the father of lies. His will is to steal kill and destroy. His end game for this country is do away with our freedom to choose. So choose you this day who you will serve God or mammon. With this in mind it is much easier to see who serves who among the politicians.

    65. Harold Shira, Elkhar says:

      Is there anyway the citizenry can force an impeachment of this nut case we have in the White House? Only the Congress can impeach and try a president so far as I know. This one is guilty of more treasonous actions than those for which previous traitors have been executed.

      We also have a whole pack of similarly wacko Federal judges who need to be impeached, removed from office and tried for their failure to uphold the Constitution and laws of the land.

    66. Peggy D. Misch, Az. says:

      Our nightmare as you call it started way before Obama was heard of.

    67. Peggy D. Misch, Az. says:

      I'm not taking up for Obama, just trying to state the facts.

    68. Peggy D. Misch, Az. says:

      Drew Page of Il., I'm a Dem and thats not my believe. I'm also married to a Il. yank( meant in the highest regard)

    69. Paul in Texas says:

      Pay attention to what BHO does and disregard what he is saying. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best this fall. We must win all contest if America, as we know and love it, is to survive.

    70. Drew Page, IL says:

      To Peggy D. in AZ — I'm glad that you are happily married to someone from Illinois. I have lived in Illinois for 63 years and am still here. I don't know how long your husband lived here, but if it was any length of time I'm sure he can tell you that IL is one of the most corrupt, if not thee most corrupt, state in the Union. The examples are too numerous to mention here.

      My dad was born in 1922, lived through the Depression, got in a couple of years of high school before quitting to help support his mom, dad and four siblings. He went to the CC camps at age 17, within 3 more years, he was in the Army and became a WWII veteran. He was a bricklayer his whole working career, a union man and a lifelong Democrat. My dad was a man who believed in the ethic of hard work and earning your own living. He didn't believe in welfare and he also had an abiding distrust of the government. He had a favorite saying he would use whenever he suspected a politician was trying to convince him of something, and that was "Whose gonna pay?" Even then, he knew that nothing in life is free.

      Today's Democrats would have been as foreign to my father as men from Mars. Were he alive today, he would most likely say "These people aren't Democrats, they're communists. What's all this gimme, gimme, gimme crap? Whose gonna pay? You want to give away money? Give away your own, I don't have any to spare."

      Believe it or not, that's how Democrats used to think back in the day.

    71. Zack says:

      Aside, from 40% of the healthcare bill, along with energy conservation, specific state right enviornmental laws, yeah he's not that conservative…and thank GOD! or thank some unknown diety. Im very very very very proud that he is not a conservative. We need not another conservative in power. I would rather not have the bible and guns forced down my throat and a deregulated market recession till the end of time. The title of this blog gives great credit to the president. Thats like saying their is nothing misleading, fear mongering, religion forced, fox news watching ingnorant nut job about this president. Heritage, please keep up the blogs!

    72. Peg, Massillon, OH says:

      Okay, first let me say that I am not a "birther". However, I do believe that Obama has no right to be President. Read the Constitution, Article II.sec.1. laying out the requirements to be President. "No Person except a natural born Citizen shall be eligible to the Office of President…" At the time of the writing of the Constitution, the term "natural born" means a person born in the U.S, and having both parents being citizens of the U.S. There can be no dispute that Obama Sr. was not a U.S. citizen. He was a British citizen born in Kenya. Thus, Obama Jr. does not qualify. Why has this never been disputed? If anyone in any party or organization had disputed his constitutional right to be President, we would not be in this mess. The SCOTUS would have been forced to rule in favor of the Constitution. There is plenty of historic proof of the meaning of natural born. I do not know if there is any action to be taken now, but it would be interesting to get an opinion from someone in the Heritage Foundation.l

    73. Peg, Massillon, OH says:

      Drew Page, IL: The reason that Obama nor anyone in Congress is reading the bills, Stimulus or Obamacare, is because they did not write them. Look up the Apollo Group, they wrote the Stimulus Bill. Look up SEIU, they wrote the Healthcare Bill. And surprise, surprise, their members make up much of the healthcare workers in America. Special interests are now writing the bills. Congress passes them so fast because they don't hold up to scrutiny. The newest bill coming to us on April 26th, is Cap and Tax. Guess who are taking authorship credit? Kerry, Lieberman and Lindsey Graham. Thus is the fickleness of the moderate Republican. Lindsey Graham should not be allowed to call himself a Republican. The latest news on the Cap and Tax bill is that they are giving it directly to Reid instead of getting it to the floor for comments and debate. They want Reid to just bring it to the floor on April 26th for a vote. We are no longer a republic, but on our way to dictatorship with the consent of our legislature and courts.

    74. Billie says:

      I agree this has been going on way before obama. Obama used the word "change" throughout his existence Why isn't he "change"ing it? He took the opportunity to create illusionary crisis after crisis. He IS ADDING TO IT NOT "CHANGE" ING IT! He is increasing corruption, brainwashing, everything for

      THE WORSE! his actions clearly show, EVERYTHING AGAINST AMERICA.

      Remember, Obama speaks "just words." His words do not reflect his actions. obama's admitted statement of his "just words." He is not fit to be a LEADER OF ANYTHING, as his actions show a lack of positive human qualities.

    75. Lou, Tucson, AZ says:

      Obama decieved many so called moderates and conservatives during his "hope and change" campaign. It sounded so lofty, and idealistic. Many WANTED to beleive. The problem is, nobody in the media really asked for any specifics about HOW Obama was going to bring out this "change".

      Now that you know what the change is, and probably don't like it, let's please make sure this president is a one termer like Carter, and send him back to Chicago.

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