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  • Morning Bell: Maintaining Our Dominant Military

    At the close of this week’s nuclear summit, President Barack Obama told a press conference: “Whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them.”

    Yesterday, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) responded to these comments, calling President Obama’s remark a “direct contradiction to everything America believes in.” McCain went on to tell Fox News:

    That’s one of the more incredible statements I’ve ever heard a president of the United States make in modern times. We are the dominant superpower, and we’re the greatest force for good in the history of this country, and I thank God every day that we are a dominant superpower.

    Sensing trouble, the White House quickly set out to spin the President’s words with deputy national security adviser for strategic communications Ben Rhodes telling The Daily Caller: “He was saying we are the global superpower. Like it or not that means that we are going to have to play a role.” But notice what word is conspicuously absent from Rhodes recasting of the President’s remarks … “military.”

    Nobody doubts that President Obama wants the United States to play a leadership role on the world stage. You don’t get Nobel Peace Prizes for being an isolationist. But what is very much in doubt is President Obama’s commitment to maintaining our nation’s role as the world’s dominant military superpower.

    Assuming we will remain a dominant military power under this President is a bad assumption. Since becoming Commander in Chief, President Obama has ended production of the Air Force’s top fighter, the F-22; canceled missile defense installations in central Europe; cut the Army’s Future Combat System; made large cuts to the missile defense program; and recently announced an almost 20% cut in the dedicated forces they could allocate to respond to a weapons of mass destruction attack on U.S. soil.

    We are not burdened with military power—we have it for a reason. The Constitution calls for the federal government to “provide for the common defense.” The purpose of American power is to protect Americans – not act as the world’s policeman.

    If the President does not want to get dragged into conflict he should not pursue policies that increase the likelihood of war. His New START agreement signed last week with Russia not only clearly links our missile defense shield with Russian missile reduction, but it also limits our own conventional weapons capabilities as well. Obama’s New START will make the United States more vulnerable.

    You can do something to help stop Obama’s anti-military agenda. Today at 10 AM  Heritage Action for America will be hosting a live-chat to discuss the security implications of the New START and how you can prevent its ratification. Go to Heritage Action for America for more information today.

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    36 Responses to Morning Bell: Maintaining Our Dominant Military

    1. Turner, Massachusett says:

      If not this:

      2 Chronicles 7:14

      if my people who are called by my name humble themselves, and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

      You will get this:

      Revelation 18:14

      "The fruit for which your soul longed

      has gone from you,

      and all your delicacies and your splendors

      are lost to you,

      never to be found again!"


    2. Richard Cancemi says:

      Almost everyone cuts Obama slack out of respect for the Office of the Presidency. I don't think he deserves to be coddled because of that. He is not good for the USA and is feverishly acting to replace our Federal Democracy with a "1984" Orwellian Progressive Socialist system in which we will all live in his "Animal Farm." I thought Carter was the worst President ever, but Obama has him beat by far because of his brazen and blatant disregard for the Constitution, the true Spirit of America, and the Freedoms of the American people.

      I don't want to live in his "Brave New World"! He can go to Cuba or Venezuela and enjoy himself there!

    3. Doug Whaley, Lake Ha says:

      By now it should be clear that Obama is intent on reducing the U.S. to the status of his idols the European Welfare State countries. His idea of how to play the role of a super power is simply to reduce it to a second rate power and ask the age old liberal question, "Why can't we all just get along?" His view is that because we will have become a weakling our enemies will leave us alone. With an ego like his, history and human nature play no part in his thinking.

    4. Drew Page, IL says:

      How does a nation become a superpower if it is not a military superpower?

    5. Bryan, Columbia, SC says:

      I don't think the white house needed to put any spin on his words at all. What he's saying is plain and simple: Whenever fighting breaks out anywhere we always manage to get ourselves pulled into it. From that quote alone it seems to me like he doesn't want to fight wars that we have no reason to be fighting. Are military is not supposed to be a force for good. Those words are no where in the constitution. we are supposed to have a military to protect our country, not protect the world.

    6. William Downey, JD L says:

      The president does not believe that we should be a dominate power. His political, fiscal and military agenda's belie that statement.

    7. John Roane Sarasota, says:

      Obama is weak on America for he distains the very concept of our US Constitution which he proves each day by his own actions and the supporters he surrounds himself with.

      In my opinion we are headed to a socialist state run by a single power. If things continue as the have been this last year, all state governors and state legislatures will be abolished for the sake of cost saving, security, and uniformity of law across the entire USA in support of real social justice. This will leave our new King and his Noble class to rule American Surfs. Beware nothing is free for long, if you are willing to trade your freedom for security you are already a slave.

    8. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Ken Jarvis obviously doesn't understand the proper role of the U.S. government. Here's a hint, national defense. Domestic affairs like EDUCATION and HEALTH CARE have always been and continue to be individual states' business. This according to our nation's one and only constitution, the true meaning of which the Obama administration and congressional democrats would do well to respect.

    9. Ken Jarvis says:

      The REASON the HF opposes Obama WORKING
      There is NO Profit in Peace for the “Military Complex”

      But, WHY do they oppose Equal Schools for ALL?


    10. Patrick, Denver, CO says:

      While it’s true Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism, this fact should not be used to advance a case for sustained Defense welfare. Strong national defense needn’t involve nation-building overseas, which likely weakens us at home (spreading us thinner, weakening our economy, and possibly inspiring new enemies and more of them). Social spending is out of control, but so is defense/space spending. It’s time to sober up.

    11. James O'Dea says:

      Your article really misses the point behind the intentional reduction of military capability in the United States. A plan has been afoot for forty years to destroy our military simply by eliminating our manufacturing base. Without steel mills, foundries, heavy manufacturing, fine manufacturing, and a sizable electronics industry (not to leave out leather goods, food preparation, etc) we cannot maintain a strong military. The real traitor is the person that buys the Toyota or outsources manufacturing to another country.

    12. Scott Morrell Boise says:

      Sorry. This article is way off base. Our founders had great reservations about overseas alliances and large militaries- for good reason. The idea that we are obligated to spend US blood and treasure to mediate every world problem is NOT a conservative value. It's liberal. Derived from Woodrow Wilson – arguably one of our worst liberals. Nation building and nearly 1000 overseas military installations is not all defense – it's just excessive bureaucratic spending. We need real defense – to absolutely protect the terra firma of the US – no question. But we need to realistically assess our defense needs and create a new paradigm based on current and foreseeable threats – and scale down on unnecessary operations. (And a ton of what we are currently doing is totally unnecessary) . Like it or not – we cannot afford to bankroll world security anymore – we're broke, if you haven't noticed! It's time for some thoughtful analysis of what "defense" really is and what it really means. This article fall short of that. You can do better.

    13. Chrisann, Utah says:

      I believe we need to cut a lot of government programs including defense, especially Foreign Aid. The world leaders take cheap shots at us until they need help. I think we should stop helping every country and let them fend for themselves for a while. I’ve felt that way after 9/11 and said to close the borders then, that we need to protect ourselves first and the rest of the world can figure it out. I like being charitable but enough is too much.

    14. Joseph Gerant, Boyne City, Michigan says:

      Super Power is a relative term and in this age of technology probably short lived. The Pax Britanica lasted most of the Victorian age because the Pound had become the world currency and the Royal Navy had no competition. Though this system was far from perfect and imperialistic, education spread throughout the world and set the basis for our world system today.
      The U.S. dollar is currently the world currency and being challenged. The U.S.military seems under attack from within. Government policy is diminishing these values. These may be reversible at this point but this policy is very dangerous in a rapidly changing world. The answer is at hand and being ignored. Only a graduated tax will ruin this nation. The answer is political.

    15. okiejim says:

      What does the President mean when he says “whether we like it or not”? Who is he listening too? Were we not a dominate power, we would be unable to offer rescue and recovery services during natural disasters to the tune that we do. We would be unable to save countries under the rule of tyrants practicing genocide. We would have been unable to end the WWII by winning in both theaters. There many instances where we as a super power have been able to help our neighbors in time of need.
      Why doesn’t he come right out and say… whether HE likes it or not. At least it would be an honest statement.

    16. walter roginski glen gardner, nj says:

      James O’dea is very correct. As an industrial salesman for 48 years I watched our manufacturing base erode. If we want jobs and to be secure we must reclaim/re-establish that base—protectionist manufacturing attitudes and traffifs may be necessary.

    17. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      WE built the world’s strongest military and the leftists always called the US IMPERIALISTS. Who have we conquered? What land have we taken? What people have we enslaved? Thats what I thought. Idiots. I would suggest the LIST of those we SAVED is quite long, and leftists try to change history in their favor…lies and spin is what drives the left and hopefully can’t last much longer. By the way Mr Jarvis, your democrats stopped black kids in DC from using VOUCHERS to go to schools like OBAMA’s KIDS GO TO!!! Way to go LEFTIES!

    18. Don, TX says:

      “Nobody doubts that President Obama wants the United States to play a leadership role on the world stage”. I do. He wants to be a big fish in a small pond. Not a small fish in a big pond. Hence, his messing up America beyond recognition.

    19. William Morrison Rin says:

      Let's face reality, Obama said it himself, "I feel the constitution is a burden." Anything that the Constitution of the United States of America specifies, He (Obama) will trample it underfoot. He has made it his mission to destroy the American way of life that has existed for the last 234 years. He has decided that it is up to Obama to rectify American history, he has decided that that portion of American society that is made up of mostly whites will suffer the most for what he sees as white oppression of those of color.

    20. Lanny Valentine, Dav says:

      If we do not maintain our position as a military power, how long do you think we will remain a power? All of our rights are protected by the 2nd. amendment and our military might. The other rights are only unenforceable words on paper if we don't support a strong military and the 2nd amendment.

      Enough said!!!!

    21. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      John McCain’s half-right. We weren’t into World War II. We were pulled into it kicking
      and screaming. The American people, in 139, didn’t want any part of “Europe’s war.”
      The Army was under 100,000 men, and smaller than Bulgaria’s, and it only got worse. The maneuvers in 1938, and 1941, revealed how woefully inadequate the Army was. Germany, by 1941, had ten divisions. We could only muster five. So, if,
      on the remotest of off chances, that Hitler had managed to invade, probably during
      the September 1941 Louisiana Maneuvers, there was no way of stopping him.
      We’ve fought other wars since then but World War II was the last war we won outright. Korea ended in a stalemate, and Vietnam? It was a loss.

    22. Tom Pritchard ..... Sun City West, Arizona, 85375 says:

      It might be time for our congress to appoint someone with strong military credentials, active or retired, as “The Commander in Chief of the Military” for the United States of America instead of having the president act in that capacity, in many instances, having no background or knowledge to run our military, like we have now with Mr. Obama.

    23. C Hyatt, Albuquerque says:

      Mind numbing. I for one LIKE being a super power. I like the fact that we are not subject to attacks at will by one country after another because we are weak. I like the fact that we are in a position in the United States to set the direction, NOT follow lock in step with other countries because we fear another country. Let’s face it, someone in this country elected a man to the highest office who hates America, hates the fact that those who work hard get ahead, hates our military, police everything that we stand for. Elected is a man who has such a polor opposite fabric regarding our Constitution. The real test is coming in November and then in 2012. Voters better be paying attention. Only a very clever man can convince a country that he is creating 2,500 NASA jobs in one breath and never mention the 7,000 jobs being lost with the shutting down of the space shuttle program. Blind is walking off a cliff in broad daylight, no thanks.

    24. Judith in Michigan says:

      Mr. Morrell of ID.
      May I recommend you see the HF film, “33 Minutes”. It demonstrates that it only takes 33 minutes, for a nuclear armed warhead , launched from the middle east, to reach any city in the US. Not some some far off time. but TODAY It is a very chilling film.

      Remember the nineteen Islamic radical terrorists from the middle east who flew 4 airplanes into buildings on US soil killing thousands? Their plot was developed overseas and was executed from our soil.
      A jet aircraft can cross our country in less than 6 hours. Chicago to London is ususally around 7 hours
      My point is that in assessing our national security and defense needs based on current & future threats absolutely requires a GLOBAL calculation. The United States can not afford a narrow scope of defense only from shore to shore. Plus add the fact that many nations are rushing headlong into nuclear arms development, notably Iran and N Korea. Anyone with any intelligence at all can see that these rouge nations are increasing their weapons development because they sense that the US is being degraded. Bullies and terrorists become emboldened when the sense their prey is weak. Think of it as the Law of the Jungle or Survival of the Fittest.

      Yes, the United States is broke. And I feel the same disgust with that as you appear to be. But not from National Defense and Security. We are broke because of the insane and grotesque spending going on in DC and state houses. How about we make some major cuts there first. Matters of defense are actually mentioned in our founding Documents, not entitlement “freebies”. ..

    25. Larry Frazer Hot Springs AR says:

      It is interesting to read the views of obviously narrow minded, short sighted individuals. National defense is the #1 responsibility of the Federal Government and essential to our continued way of life. The Russians are building their military infrastructure at a higher rate than anytime since the fall of the Berlin wall. China is building sea power that will surpass the U.S. by 2015 and are intent in being the “superpower” in the Pacific by that time. Soon both of these nations will have weapon systems and military might to tell us to go home and stay out of their part of the world or else, and be able to back it up. You don’t build weapons systems of today overnight. If you stop production on a fighter, it will never start up again due to costs. To develop and field a new weapons system of today’s complexity takes at least a decade, due mostly to Federal oversight. The space program has brought much more in returns than was invested in terms of technology that has been infused into our daily lives and you have gotten use to, from entertainment to transportation to medical products, etc. Whereas we have thrown $$$ Billions at education and there is little or no improvement in our k-12 education. Education in the 60′s was much more effective and we didn’t have a bunch of “fat” little kids running around with all kinds of illnesses. People better wake up and quite trying to butter their own bread on both sides or someday soon there won’t be any bread. Get a real job!

    26. RennyG Maryland says:

      We better get this community organizer out of there before it is too late!!!

    27. Scott Stevens says:

      It’s time our Marxist President was exposed for who he is. Not upholding the Constitution in matters of defense is certainly one of them.

    28. DL Bright, Denver says:

      This President is totally out of control AND out of touch with who we are as America. He can stumble with correct words, support extremists of all shapes and sizes, downplay the very essence of what made us the dream of ALL people, regardless of background, but reducing our military and not standing up for the very country that allowed such a "piece of work" to become President? Nothing he says or does anymore is a surprize. He is "off the scale" in the wrong direction for the office he holds. db

    29. cristina says:


      You don’t build weapons systems of today overnight. If you stop production on a fighter, it will never start up again due to costs.




    30. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I f we weakenour defenses we will be more vunerable to attack. I grew up in a depression, then WWII, I would look at every plane going overhead to make sure it was one of "OURS", the likely hood of being attacked on our land was slim, we developed, planes moved faster and could fly further, rockets were improved, there are many factors as we found out 9/11, that make us more vunerable to outside attack. Advertising our strength or weaknesses can be a factor. During WWII, my mother and step-father worked in the MAin Navy on Constution Ave., I would meet them after school and signs all over reminded that our nat'l. security could be at risk if you talked too much "Loose lips sink ships" was one. Well now we have international TV and radio and we blab it all. Members of the press think nothing of showing our defenses, lets get back to protecting our borders, our troops overseas, and OUR CONSTITUTION.

    31. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      Many great comments here. Obama's team not only demonstrates incompetence with foreign affairs but an arrogant indifference toward the security of the U.S. and its only true allies, such as Israel. His is, as the Chinese say, paper tiger diplomacy. Like his campaign rhetoric, it’s void of substance. Getting empty words in writing is all the matters in Obama’s narrow world view. He’s been darned lucky we’ve not been attacked during his watch. Much like Clinton‘s presidency, he’s handing our enemies all the time they need to prepare.

    32. John Koss, Tennessee says:

      Look! They got what they wanted. A Liberal Elitist who is a Lawyer. He plays basketball. Gosh I wish we would elect a President who played Hockey. At least he wouldn't be afraid to crash along the boards (fire up the middle east), crosscheck Hugo Chavez and maybe even get a major roughing call against that Ackmidinijad. Is he a left winger? Or does he shoot right? I'll be very blunt. I have no respect for this President. He has done nothing but paralyze this countrys' mood and demean its stature amongst the World that we live in. Any wonder that Americans are down? Remember Carter? Same thing. Only bright news is that we are ever closer to the next election. Pray they don't pass immigration reform he wants those votes and he will need them.

    33. Louise Kendall-Eyste says:

      I have heard presidential candidate Obama and, after the election, President Obama comment on his plan to establish a separate domestic military who answers directly to the President. When I mention this to friends, they say that I am mistaken. Where can I go to verify Obama's plans for a new domestic military group? Thank you. Louise

    34. bigdave, Ocala says:

      Reading comments from Heritage Members and some from obviously left-leaning folks too, anyone with brains AND common sense would be conservative. Too bad some of your members are not our POLITICAL LEADERS! Instead we wind up with people like Nancy Pelosi and Hank Johnson! Are the majority of our voters NOW drug addicts, alcoholics, convicts, homeless,illegal immigrants, school dropouts(to include grade school and high school), socialist radicals, and assorted other nut jobs? Where else could this current crop of cartoon characters-calling themselves politicians come from?!!!!!

    35. Elaine Donnelly, Pre says:

      Hello Heritage,

      Your experts publish excellent information on defense issues, but I see nothing that addresses the Obama Administration's ongoing attempts to change the culture of our military with liberal, European-style social policies, including forced acceptance of sexual minorities in the military. This is an important area of public policy, with a direct effect on national security.

      Best regards,

      Elaine Donnelly

    36. Scott Morrell Boise says:

      Judith of Michigan – I agree with your comments completely. My point was not to have us weak in any sense of the word – and as you rightly point out – the nuclear threat is a very real one, and should be taken seriously. The question, in light of an impending monetary collapse, is, "how much is enough". And are we effectively spending our blood and treasure? Thoughtful planning would save billions, with no concurrent reduction in real security – in my humble opinion. Other comments on the post suggest excessive entitlement spending is more important to streamline/cut/eliminate. I also agree 100%. A package deal is needed to fix our budgetary issues – which if not corrected will have effects on American liberty far exceeding the damage caused on 9/11.

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