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  • Side Effects: Get Ready to Wait for Your Health Care

    Patience will be more than a virtue, under Obamacare.  It’ll be a necessity.  A recent article from ABC News outlines why Americans can expect longer and longer waits before they see a doctor.

    One reason is that there just won’t be enough doctors to get the job done.  ABC reports that 10 years from now, the United States will short 85,000 primary care and high-demand specialty physicians.  Says Dr. Kevin Pho, an internal medicine physician in New Hampshire, “I don’t think we have the primary care capacity to meet the influx of 35 million newly insured.”

    Expansion of health insurance coverage does not automatically translate into immediate access to care. When Massachusetts enacted its comprehensive statewide health reform in 2006, it dramatically reduced the number of uninsured and uncompensated care in Massachusetts hospitals, but the state was not ready to absorb the pent-up demand for primary care physicians. The result:  Since 2006, wait times have increased greatly.

    ABC reports that patients wait, on average, 50 days to see a doctor in Boston.  That’s nearly double the next-longest wait time registered by a major American city—27 days in Philadelphia.

    Dr. Pho notes that some of his patients make the trek from Massachusetts to his New Hampshire office just to avoid the long waits in their home state.

    But Obamacare will make these problems worse. Why? Because the new law will add another federal layer of bureaucracy and its mind numbing rules and regulations to medical practice while reducing physician income. Not surprisingly, many physicians say they will voluntarily leave the profession. The biggest change is the massive expansion of Medicaid. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) reports that roughly half of the newly insured under Obamacare will be covered by Medicaid, a poorly performing welfare program. Medicaid pays physicians on average 56 percent of the payment they obtain under private insurance. Doctors anticipate more and more patients to be shifted onto Medicaid, even as physician reimbursements are lowered.  Some also fear Obamacare’s use of “comparative effectiveness research” will stifle medical innovation at the clinical level and pressure them to standardize medical treatments, rather than tailor them to the particular needs of each patient.

    Rather than rely on abysmal health care programs like Medicaid to expand health coverage, Congress could have relied on market-based approaches that let patients control their health spending and utilization, while forcing providers and plans to compete for their dollars. To learn more about this consumer-centered approach, click here.

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    10 Responses to Side Effects: Get Ready to Wait for Your Health Care

    1. Billie says:

      Only a crooked, narcissistic man and the like minded, continues to move forward on failure. Ignoring obvious consequences and the danger it sets, building complications, at the cost of the people he totally resents. While consequentially bringing down the country.

    2. Billie says:

      bringing down this country before his dictate is fully enforced…

    3. Judy Salgado, New Yo says:

      ATTN: Mr Haislmaier: Q. 1) Couldn't someone please give us a QUICK READ FACT SHEET ON OBAMACARE (with offensive provisions identified by section or page number) on one side and provisions of the REPEAL AND REPLACE alternative provisions on the reverse – to copy and distribute? 2) If a vote for freedom is to be made intelligently next November, don't you think voters must be armed with facts backed up by references? 3) Don't you think Tea Partiers and other concerned citizens would distribute?, 4) Shouldn't attempts to stop voter fraud be legislated now? NOT FOR PUBLICATION, JUST FOR MR HAISLMAIER'S INFORMATION.

    4. cssmcmap says:

      Primary care physicians are the keystone of the modern medical profession. Reports of 50 day waits to see one are truly harrowing.

    5. kevin columbus ohio says:

      Obama has not good intentions for this country and he will continue to take the US down the primrose path to a happy ending!!!

    6. frenchy says:

      OMG you mean that MORE people will be getting health care and those of us who had health care/insurance all along will have longer wait times???? What a ridiculous argument. I'm an RN and appalled that this article has any credence at all. I have worked in clinics and physicians always have slots for emergencies or surprises in order to accommodate those who need urgent care. For those who just need a physical yeah the wait time may be longer but how is that a problem when finally we won't be altering the care a patient needs based on the insurance factor. The whole argument about "bureaucratic red tape" is also ridiculous because we(me and my colleagues) already spend a good portion of our day getting "pre authorization" for basic care. Remember to check out all sides to an issue and not stick to one very obvious slant.

    7. Kitty, Philadelphia says:

      Frenchy, I regret that you incorrect in your take on healthcare accessibility. Urgent and emergencies may get in to see a physician more quickly but you and I both know what constitutes an emergency under government standards. You need to be practically dead and/or transported by ambulance in a life threatening sistuation. As asthmatic who has difficulty breathing (not gasping) for several days but needs an antibiotic or a breathing machine will have to wait. A bronchitis patient will have to wait until pneumonia sets in. A potential shingles patient will wait until the blisters break out…perhaps too long to avaoid post herpetic neuralgia. In other works, there are people who need the assistance of a doctor who are not a death's door but will have to wait for attention for their problem. It has nothing to do with physicals. That is a stupid analogy.

    8. Billie says:

      Kitty, God Bless you. You’re genuine and sincere. Seems frenchy could be an insider…

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    10. Jackson, Denton, TX says:

      Okay, so you may be in denial about what is likely to happen once health care reform kicks in. Never mind what the talking heads, pundits, or insider supporters of this inane bill are saying: Listen to what Physicians are saying. They are going to get hammered from both ends of the spectrum. The government will force them to accept reduced compensation for highly skilled services and prospective patients may not be so "patient" with delayed attention and of course will take it out on the doctor.

      I would not be surprised to see many doctors retire early and many others not even get started in the profession knowing they they may not be able to recover the cost of education and still make a decent living.

    11. workaholic says:

      I was just wondering, do other countries reward you for NOT WORKING? All I see are lazy people coming into America, and getting everything for free. Thank God for the European immigrants who came to America with superb work ethics, superb family values, and faith in God. Those are the people who made America the best place in the world to live. Now, immigrants come here and have 5 kids, and mooch of the taxpayors. Wake up! If it*s not broke,—Don*t fix it! Get back to basics! Work, and pay taxes, and everything get back to normal!

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