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  • Morning Bell: Andy Stern’s America

    Last night, Politico reported that Service Employees International Union President Andrew Stern is expected to resign and, according to The New York Times, the resignation is about to happen very soon. If Stern does resign, he will be doing so while at the top of his game. Stern told The Las Vegas Sun last year: “We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama – $60.7 million to be exact – and we’re proud of it.” President Obama is well aware of his huge debt to the SEIU. That is why he admits in his autobiography, “I owe those unions.” And it also explains why Stern is the most frequent Obama White House visitor, according to official visitor logs.

    Stern’s access to President Obama has already paid huge dividends including: an $862 billion stimulus that prevented states from having to cut-back government union jobs or wages; $2.5 trillion in new government health care spending, much of which will go to unionized health care providers; and the appointment of SEIU associate general counsel Craig Becker to the National Labor Relations Board. The NYT describes the SEIU under Stern’s tenure as “the nation’s most politically active union, with 1.9 million members.” The marriage of politics to union organizing has been great for SEIU membership, making it the fastest-growing union in America.

    But what has been great for SEIU’s membership rolls has not been good for the SEIU’s bottom line. Growing union membership through politics is expensive. The Wall Street Journal reports that as recently as 2002, total SEIU liabilities were about $8 million. But by 2008, the union owed more than $156 million, a 30% increase over the $120 million it owed in 2007. And make no mistake, lobbying government is where Stern believes the future of SEIU is. After President Obama’s election, SEIU fired 75 national field staff and organizers so that the SEIU could “reallocate resources … to lobbying and communications in Washington.”

    In fact, taking a more critical look at SEIU’s recent growth, The Washington Post reports: “some of its biggest gains in recent years were less the result of shoe-leather organizing and more the result of deals with major employers or politicians — including former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich.” Specifically, Blagojevich signed a state law handing over 49,000 state child care workers to SEIU local 880, which is run by the notorious community organizing group ACORN. The deal nearly tripled SEIU 880’s income from $7 million in 2005 to $21 million in 2007. This came after SEIU’s Illinois Political Action Committee gave Gov. Blagojevich $908,000, making it the single largest campaign contributor for his re-election campaign.

    It is no coincidence that under Stern’s tenure the number of government union members surpassed the number of private sector union members for the first time in our nation’s history. There are two reasons for this: 1) Unions kill private sector jobs, and unionized companies earn profits 15% lower than those of comparable non-union firms. This makes unionized firms less competitive, which is why unionized manufacturing jobs fell 75% between 1977 and 2008, while non-union manufacturing INCREASED 6% over that same time. 2) Government union jobs face no competition. Public sector unionization has exploded in the past decade as leaders like Stern realized politics paid much better than the free market. Under Stern’s leadership, SEIU has become the nation’s second largest government union with over half of its membership drawing a paycheck on the taxpayers dime.

    Explaining how organized labor really works, US Court of Appeals judge for the 7th Circuit Richard Posner recently wrote:

    The goal of unions is to redistribute wealth from the owners and managers of firms, and from workers willing to work for very low wages, to the unionized workers and the union’s officers. … Unions, in other words, are worker cartels. … There is also a long history of union corruption. And some union activity is extortionate: the union and the employer tacitly agree that as long as the employer gives the workers a wage increase slightly above the union dues, the union will leave the employer alone.

    Except that in Stern’s America, union management no longer redistribute wealth from firms to union members. With the majority of union members now working for the government, Andy Stern and his cohorts are extorting money from you, the taxpayer. And where is that money going? Not into shoring up union member pensions. Those are woefully underfunded. No, the Andy Sterns of the world turn around and use their taxpayer-funded government union dues to lobby for an even larger government that can pay for even more government union jobs. Andy Stern’s America is a perpetual government dependency machine.

    And don’t think for a second that Stern’s retirement means he is gone for good. Stern is still a proud member of President Obama’s deficit commission. Complete reliance on government growth, crippling debt, and Blagojevich-style corruption. That is what Andy Stern did to the SEIU, and it is what Stern and President Obama will do to this country.

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    63 Responses to Morning Bell: Andy Stern’s America

    1. Ron, Albuqueruque says:

      Let's face it, Obama is Stern's puppet! Stern has been giving the President more guidance than anybody else. Obama wears clothing to reflect his support for the SEIU, even leads the cheers for them. Stern is the most invited person to the White House. It's no wonder how he would be picked for a job close to Obama.

    2. Richard Cancemi says:

      Is there any difference between Andy Stern's union hooliganism and the Mafia hooliganism? Both corrupt the basis for union existence and extort monies wherever and however they can. The members are thrown crumbs while the leaders eat the cake. Obama has sold his soul to the SEIU devil. I,for one, want to see a dissolution of the corruption that Obama and Stern represent.

      • Sophie McGinn says:

        Nope… really no difference, but remember BHO is used to it coming from Chicago. And now recently, it turns out that SEIU Sterns got the BHO to have a one-bid only on a highly questionable medicine for smallpox at $255 a dose when we already have enough vaccines for smallpox stored that costs $0.25 a dose. After pouring some $60 million of workers' dues into Democratic coffers, Stern was rewarded by Obama with a cozy spot on the White House deficit panel and dozens of visits to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — including at least seven with the president, one with Vice President Joe Biden, and meetings with Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain, OMB Director Peter Orszag, health czar aide Jennifer Cannistra and Valerie Jarrett's former high-powered aide and Chicago fundraiser Tina Tchen.

        We have the 'best government money can buy' ….and they play with taxpayer money and the money of hard working forced-into-joining workers pension funds. One only has to think about the teamster pension fund.

    3. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      When one looks at the clearly destructive results of Obama's policies, it is difficult conclude that they are merely misguided. It looks to me like the long term destruction of the US economy is his goal, and the spread of unionism is one of the tools he is using.

    4. Ken Jarvis says:

      The BIG News today is – THE NUKE SUMMIT.

      So, why does the HF cover some unknown union guy?

      Every Day – the HF and Rush gets MORE Laughable, and IRRATIONAL.

      His headline today is – "Nuclear Summit Kicks Off

      Obama Effort to Disarm America"

      And, he is trying to tie Reagans FAILURE TO

      Obama's SUCCESS. No Way.


    5. AWB56 PA says:

      __The Question remains, is what position has Andy Stern been promised in the White House after his reitirement?

    6. William A. McCord says:

      I belong to a union. I am a conservative. All unions aren't bad. I am a pilot for a major airline. Adjusted for inflation, I haven't had a pay raise in over 15 years. Meanwhile our executive suite has pocketed several hundred million dollars in salary and bonuses while turning in sub-par performance. The union is not all about pay. We are primarily concerned with the safety of our passengers. You do not want to have fatigued, underpaid, pilots flying the plane on which you and your family are traveling. Sincerely, Bill McCord

    7. David, Washington St says:

      I guess that we will just continue to turn a blind eye to the abuses of the SEIU and other unions like the Teamsters as they rape the taxpayers and kill off the American spirit.

      There was a time that unions served their members in a manner that was, if not always legal, at least in their best interest. Now they only serve to increase the amount of money that can be pillaged from the companies and taxpayers that pay the wages that are constantly growing.

      It is time for a new union revolt; it is time to remove the unions from the position of power they currently exploit.

    8. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      The last paragraph says it all. Andy Stern is not going to just "ride off into the sunset". He is one of Obama's "acquiesces" from the radical, anarchist '60s group, SDS. Obama is using his usual deceptions and misdirections to again

      fool the American people. Stern is just "tranforming" or "morphing" into his new form of evil. Just as with Van Jones, he "an't going noware", just "Moving-On"!

    9. Merlene says:

      I am sure Stern will be going for something much bigger maybe the leader of Obama's private army since he has alot of thug experience. Obama owes him remember.

    10. Richard, Michigan says:

      Governor Jennifer Granholm unionized child care in Michigan much like Illinois. It was a sudden surprise one day when child care owners were paying union dues. The majority did not know they were being organized. Everyone knows that the usefulness of unions has changed over the years, now it is just political corruption.

    11. Mary.... WI says:

      I hope Blago sings like a canary at his trial. I believe that if you connect the dots they all just might lead to Obama, Axelrod abd Gibbs.

      Hopefully, honor can be restored to the office of President of the USA in 2012

    12. Ken Jarvis says:

      The HF could have talked about


      The DOW went over 11,000



    13. U.S. says:

      Please put a "share it" button on Morning Bell, so it will be easier to send to Facebook and others…..

    14. MJF, CT says:

      So I guess we can now add "Big Unions" to the "Big Oil, Big Wall Street, Big Banks, Big Pharma", etc. But you will never hear the Libs complain about their beloved unions, no sir! While bleeding companies dry and protecting lazy employees from being terminated, unions have been the prime cause of prices soaring for years.

    15. Jerry Bateman, Ovied says:

      Obviously, what we are seeing in Washington these days is a growing system of perpetual corruption that will continue to feed the Liberal agenda. As government grows and taxes increase, more and more jobs in the private sector will be lost. I just want to know where the government will get its money when the Golden Goose (private sector commerce) is dead. Where will the Liberal Elites get their money when the private sector can no longer buy their advertising? Commerce will all but stop. I realize that these consequences are a few years down the road, but sooner or later it will happen. Where will all the Liberal Elites live and spend their worthless US dollars? The USA will be a third world country and everyone including the Liberal Elites will be in the same worthless place and China will reign supreme.

    16. Swamp Fox ,exas says:

      It sounds, from a financial standpoint, that SEIU has created a bubble, like the housing bubble, etc, and it will be bursting soon. Stern doesn't want to be around when that happens. That way he doesn't take the blame. The Purple Freedom Eater Union is coming close to it's Waterloo. States and cities cannot support the weight of the financial burden of the retirement programs that are in place for government employees. There will have to be significant cuts and again, Stern doesn't want to be around to take the blame. What a great leader.

    17. Gailmarie says:

      In your face Corruption… we need to take our Country Back and put God back on Top. In God We Trust. Term limits for the BUMS… It is just a game to them… so much fun plaing with Other Peoples Money…To gain the power to transform everything this Christian Nation stands for.

    18. GySgt. DD Barton Ret says:

      Thank you for this article. It is handy to have this information in one place for reference. We need to shout this from the housetops and expose who all of the grifters are and how they are destroying America with their greed and self-interest. Whether it is Unions, Businesses, States, or Professions, neither the Federal Government nor the State Governments should be involved in building or busting monopolies. Until we get the Political Party Agendas out of the election process by eliminating them from Congressional District Elections we will have more of the same, erosion of freedom, wealth, and National Security.

      Semper Fi,

      War Dog 6 "out"

      (capitalizations for emphasis)

    19. Brad, Detroit, MI says:

      I still can't figure out why publicly funded jobs are allowed to unionize. The main purpose of the unions in the early 1900's were to facilitate better working conditions or reverse unfair treatment by management and corporations. I can completely understand the need for a union in a job like coal-mining. They are supposed to be the advocates for a safer working environment. But teachers ? or janitors ? C'mon people. The only reason they want the union is so they can limit the labor resource pool and demand more benefits and pay. (Not once in my lifetime did a teacher strike end where the teachers went back to work and didn't get more STUFF.) In the public sector, most schools have no competition, so they don't have to get better, faster, leaner or more productive.

      In my school district, their solution to a budget crisis ? You guessed it – layoff all of the new teachers. No cuts in administrative board, no paycuts, no gutting the deadwood teachers that are just showing up and collecting a paycheck. No, God forbid that we actually have pay for performance in the public sector. Let's just lay-off the ones with the least amount of service time and the ones who have contributed far less Union dues . . .

      There is my (and your) tax dollars at work. I wonder how much we paid for those ugly purple T-shirts they are wearing in that picture ?

    20. 1DumbSchmuck says:

      I would like to start out by thanking the Unions for all the good things they did for us. Reducing the work day from 12 hours to 8 hours, providing safe working conditions, etc. The only problem, is that most of the good was done in the 1800's and the first half of the 1900's. Since then, they just became an entity similar to a fortune 1000 business. The business is one of creating Union employees and getting more dues. To get more dues per member, the Union needs to get more out of an employer then the worker would get on their own. This places the Union in direct conflict with the needs of all the other businesses they deal with (i.e. have members working at).

      One laws were on the books to guarantee fair working conditions, Unions lost their social mandate and transformed into a business. I don't want to trash all unions, since I think there are still some places that they provide social value. For me, the problem with Unions started when I heard about a strike at a telephone company, where striking workers sabotaged equipment to cause more problems. To me, this just proved that the Union had brought the costs up so high that the "normal" work load did not justify the current compensation for the Union employees.

      In the end, Unions are like any other business. If that business chooses to contribute to a candidate, so be it. We have seen both parties help the businesses/industries that helped elect them. Whether it is a Union or Halliburton or any company. There is alway payback from politicians.

    21. randydutton says:

      CORRUPTION…..Obama prevents the attorney general from investigating SEIU for racketeering. It's a circle.

      Impeachment should be coming. The President is bought and paid for, and progressives have pretty much admitted it.

      We should de-unionize government workers.

    22. Drew Page, IL says:

      We have the best government money can buy and we owe it all to Barack Hussein Obama.

    23. Dan Mathews, Chicago says:

      If this country doesn't slow down or stop the unionization of government employees we are in even more serious trouble going forward. They already make more in slary than the average private sector employee and the benefits are totally out of whack and unsustainable without huge tax increases.

      Instead of government employees working for us we will be working for them with large percentages of our salaries going to increased taxes to support the very employees we are suppose to hire to benefit us, not them.

      As a side bar: what is the critical mass of government employees that will always vote for those who will continue to feed their salary/benefit programs making it impossible to defeat their candidates at the polls? Basically, without reforms, especially in pension and health care beendfits we are doomed.

    24. NeoConVet says:

      In our national history we have seen a continued evolution of those who TAKE while contributing less. The SEIU is but a natural evolution of Train Robbers, etc.

    25. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      We, the People, will remember in November! I have a name for the Service Employees International Union that's better than the one it has but I'm not posting it here. I have my standards. Unlike Andrew Stern, whose methods are out of the Communist-Nazi street brawls in the pre-war Weimar Republic of Germany. The health care fight proved it. It was an SEIU goon squad that put a black Republican,

      (and no it's not an oxymoron), there are still a handful of blacks who are Republicans,

      in the hospital during a health care town meeting last August. What his crime? Selling

      anti-Obama buttons. That's Obama and Andy Stern's America. Pretty soon we'll be

      running around in little green Soviet-era uniforms calling each other "Tovarich."

      What's that in English? "Comrade."

    26. Dennis Social Circle says:

      Unions have no place in thuis country now, they had a time and a place. They have turned into a thorn in the side of business, driving many to bankruptucy and out of business. I for one can not justify paying for the right to work, that is all union dues are. The dems owe unions and will pay back with the sweat of our brows and the blood ferom our backs,. just as long as the retain power and control;l.

    27. KC - New Mexico says:

      It is sad to know that our Congress and BO are motivated only by those who bring money – such as the unions. The real issue is the lack of customer service delivered by government employees. Where is their motivation to provide better or improved customer service when they are paid and protected by the union? As long as they continue to get paid and receive merit increases, why would they improve? Government employees should not be unionized – what a waste!

    28. Dave, Provo, UT says:

      Don't forget that like the NEA, SEIU has a radical left socialistic agenda and does not listen to members. Everything is about power not solving problems.

    29. Logan, Miami says:

      Well researched. Certainly hope politicians are taking copious notes about this come election time.

    30. Timothy Votaw, Orego says:

      Andy Stern is one of the most diabolical characters in the Obama dirty tricks toolbox. Anything he does is designed to complement the Left's radical agenda. Anywhere he goes, he will engender the overthrow of this nation. Anyone who works with him is equally suspect of racial slander and discord. In summary, he is very bad and destructive for this nation.

    31. Kendall Svengalis, N says:

      Marxist thugs like Stern can only operate in a world in which union membership is coerced and dues are forced. Without government's acquiescence, they would be unable to engage in their corrupt activities. This is one of the sad legacies of the New Deal. Union organizing typically attracts the least principled among the union membership who look upon the union as a source of wealth and privilege they could not garner in a free and open marketplace. Honest government workers generally avoid union activities, leaving the field to the thugs. Several years ago, a member of the Laborer's International drove down to Florida from Iowa to challenge the leadership of his union at their national convention. He was beaten up on the floor of the hall within hours of Hillary Clinton's speech to the group. It's time for honest public employees to take the unions back from these thugs, and extortionists, and for taxpayers to demand enforcement of the Beck decision outlawing forced union dues for political purposes. The Democratic Party and the socialists that run it can only survive by either forced dues extortion or by using taxpayer dollars to buy the votes of their various constituencies. It's time for the people to take away these corrupt tools before SEIU and other public employee unions bankrupt our country.

    32. Ed Davis, Portland,O says:

      The Unions have a stranglehold on America, but the Supreme Court recently

      gave major corporations, "equal rights" to dump as much money as the want

      into electing the best candidates. You say the SEIU spent $60 Million to elect

      Obama, now major corporations have the right to "fight back" and get the Unions

      off their payrolls. The Unions have long outlived their usefulness, since the Knights of Labor in 1918 protected Child labor and Women. We need to get

      the major Corporations mobilized to save their companies and make America competitive once again!

    33. Mike, Chicago says:

      These unions are like the democrats. They make their money on the backs of others.

    34. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      Fascinating article, Conn!

    35. OneOfTheBunch says:

      The story goes that a man purchased a dog to protect his family and his property. The dog did its job, but soon became so big that the owner's sense of safety turned to fear of the dog because he could do nothing to control it. Such is the plight of labor unions. The dog is in control and will do anything necessary to protect its base. When it reaches that point, the only thing the owner can do is destroy the dog. That's what Reagan did with the controller's union. Maybe it's time to do that again, only with the SEIU, the NEA, and the AFL/CIO.

    36. james alderink, 935 says:

      How about a game plan to cut the influence of public employee unions including the teachers unions. Their money buys access and access influence.

    37. Patricia Cooke, Ocea says:

      @Ken Jarvis- you wrote:"The BIG News today is – THE NUKE SUMMIT.
      So, why does the HF cover some unknown union guy?"

      Oh please, Ken. You don't know who Andy Stern is? He's the guy that has visited the WH almost twice a month since Obama's been in office. Of course we all know who Andy Stern is. He's the guy that said, (I'm paraphrasing) "Workers of the world unite…that's the way we'll have to do business from now on." Andy Stern is yet another Communist, Marxist, follower of Saul Alinsky and Cloward and Piven.
      The Nuke Summit, indeed. the Nuke summit is just another opportunity for Obama to practice his bow. Obama's stance is: whisper and carry a wet noodle!
      I am grateful to the Heritage Foundation for all their information about this administration.

    38. Wildcat from Dallast says:

      I remember learning about the development of labor unions as a direct result of a compilation of nasty working conditions emerging as a result of the industrial revolution. After company owners and their managers refused to listen or change such things as dangerous working conditions or exceptionally long hours without adequate breaks and for better pay, the workers used their right to assemble peaceably and formed a group of them to present their case as part of negotiating for better conditions and pay with the threat of a strike should their employer fail to provide perceivable remedies to their claims.

      And, of course, somewhere in there the laws were written and passed that created a framework and rules which both sides have to comply with. While I am not an expert on the development of such laws and how long they took to get from problem to a working framework but it seems to me such laws have become rather onerous and complex. After all, just look at the plethora of former personnel administration now human resource laws that employers have to contend with.

      I have had some experience as a member of a labor union to draw from including one that went on strike. The first labor union I had to pay dues for wasn’t that active and didn’t seem to do anything for me or anybody else that I can recall except take a portion of my pay for which I received no measurable benefit. The latter that went on strike just took more money and I got to have the picketing by way of lawn chair strike experience.

      Since having those rather uneventful union experiences and having to deal with rules for documenting federal civilian employee’s conduct and rating their performance along with dealing with a duffel bag full of assorted regulations, laws and policies I have come to the conclusion that we don’t really need labor unions anymore since we have federal agencies who are supposed to handle the original concerns organized labor unions were created to counter. Ever hear of the Department of Labor (DOL)? How about the Office of Safety & Health Administration (OSHA)?

      I know from personal experience dealing with an unproductive federal civilian employee who lacked the technical expertise and appropriate experience to work in the capacity he was promoted to. Once they are in the federal civilian employee system (at that time) for two years, you can’t dislodge them out of there with a large block of C4! Nothing like having a manager between the GS-12 and GM-14 level who can’t do his job yet those above him continue to render satisfactory to excellent ratings and give him raises without taking the time and making the effort to rid themselves of this leach because their period of supervision over him was usually 12 to 18 months and they were obviously more focused on punching their tickets in order to get promoted or the highly valued position of greater responsibility and authority.

      In my view federal civilian employees (as well as state employees) should not be allowed to unionize as their employment by definition is that of “civil servant” and should in some concept be working to support the greater public interest for adequate pay and benefits as they are already accorded with the same protections any other private sector employee has albeit without the threat of layoff due to a lack of sales etc. The absence of their service (such as a labor union strike) would be mutually exclusive from the necessity of public service. Their service should be tied to work required be done by the State in the service of the citizens of the State. Additionally, because the federal civilian employee is not producing anything that generates revenue or creates a profit but whose pay and benefits are derived from the tax revenue of the State or Nation, they should be prohibited from organizing for the purpose of collective bargaining to prevent the creation of out of line pay, benefits and especially fully (taxpayer) funded pensions for their retirement as they would have a strong propensity to rebel by not serving (showed up but refused to work) or strike that would unnecessarily burden the taxpayers by creating an unfunded liability.

      The key we must remember is to elect bonafide conservatives into office to represent us tenaciously by repealing any legislation that Andy Stern, SEIU and ACORN was involved with. That means everything from the moment Obama was inaugurated!

    39. Concerned Citizen, C says:

      Enron contributed $736,800 to George W. Bush. Let's not forget the Enron scandal and what happened. No politician is squeaky clean.

    40. Elaine Worth, Oakwoo says:

      I am glad he is stepping down from SEIU, but I knew we wouldn't be so lucky as to get this crook out of the White House. I feel he & his thugs were responsible for threatening Congressmen & Senators & trying to make it look like the Tea Party People. He is corrupt & so are the leaders of AFL-CIO & UAW & the Teachers Unions. They threaten & black mail & do anything & everything to get their way. When are we going to be able to get rid of them completely? Just think the taxpayers bailed out GM & UAW . Now the UAW is suing GM which is same thing as suing us because they are holding our money. When is Obama going to wake up & see that these unions may have got him elected but they are no friends to America. Come to think of it neither is he.

    41. Zander, Georgia says:

      How Disgusting!!!!

      Unions are PURE EVIL!!!

    42. Don, Texas says:

      There should be a law like unto seperation of chirch and state. Seperation of union and state, or at the very least…………..seperation of union and policy makers. This is unfair advantage, and all but destroys the private sector. With an American hater like Obama in the white house it INSURES the destruction of the private sector.

    43. Don, Texas says:

      There should be a law. WHO in America would have ever thought that someone with a negative perspective of America (such as Obama) would ever be in a policy making position. Let alone the white house.

    44. Terence J. Libro/Sea says:

      There needs to be a list published and published very soon-this list needs to show which politicians are in the back pockets of the unions;democrat,republican or independent.

      This will be where the primaries will weed out those who are taking union money-and if in the general election one or the other candidate has taken union money-this needs to be exposed-God help those republicans who take union money this year;I will actively campaign against you!!

      I live in New Jersey;the unions have destroyed what was once a prosperous state-the teachers union actively pleads their ludicrous case to our young children in the class room,they openly wish our newly elected governor dead;their tactics show what we are up against-but they have shook awake the american people,we may be woozy from our long slumber;but we are also in a vengeful angry mood!!

    45. S Rubicon, Southcent says:

      It will be seriously interesting when sanity returns & the Department of Justice restores its department whose job was to investigate & expose union corruption. Prior to Obama, that department had been uncovering all sorts of thuggery. It took Bush three to five years to get it going. Obama de-funded it almost immediately because, unions did not want justice to investigate their shenanigans when it comes to underfunding of pension plans while they spent huge sums on lobbying efforts.

      That $60+ million Stern bragged about spending to elect Obama should have gone to union pension funds that are horribly underfunded, and deliberately, by union leaders. They are lobbying for 'the public' to pick up the tab for their mismanagement.

      While we have a Pension Guaranty Trust, it was NOT designed to pick up for massive & deliberate allocations to political lobby efforts while the fund went under. And its not just the SEIU. Taxpayers should not be on the hook for any union that participated in lobbying while they knew their pension funds were in trouble. And, the unions knew about those troubles even as they told members everything was just fine. Sell off union assets, bankrupt the organizations. Let those union members who bought into the socialist drivel of union organizers, sue those same union organizers & leaders in courts! For years the financial reports exposed what was happening, but union members decided to back their bosses when told they could always just dump the entire mess on taxpayers. This was done to us on Community Reinvestment Act forced mortgages that all knew would probably default, but people like Barney Frank always said the public would pay for if they went broke. Even as many, even the hated George Bush, told congress there was a problem w/ CRI mortgages & Fannie & Freddie, people like Frank & Chris Dodd kept telling everyone everything was just fine. Average Americans warned congress on multiple occasions, but were ignored. Now, unions will want us to pick up their tab & I say, no way. They made their bed, let them lie in it!

    46. Craig Klima Baltimor says:

      This is just more proof that all Politicians can be bought ! Obama's price for the unions was 60+ Million dollars what other IOUs does he still owe ??!! The campaign money should only come from the American Citizens out of their own pockets with a cap of $5,000 per person ! The American Citizens have grown tired of being at the end of the line when it comes to decisions that effect their lives !!! This must stop or the second Civil War in this Country might just start because of "Taxation Without Representation" !!!!!

    47. Craig Klima Baltimor says:

      The unions have not out lived their usefulness, it is only portion of all the unions that have Obama in their pocket ! The unions are the only thing that is attempting to maintain wages at a livable level with all the illegal aliens working for substandard pay and driving wages down to where both parents "have" to work just to make a living wage ! Remove the illegals from the equation (NOT AMNESTY) and things will start to return to "Normal" !!!

    48. tom k says:

      Stealing our money, And laughing at us. What a bunch of sorry a@# people.NOVEMBER CAN'T GET HERE SO ENOUGH.And hope fully they can kiss their butts good by!!!!!!!!!!

    49. Pingback: Another Day In Big Government America

    50. Howard Reed, Durhamv says:

      The Tea Party now needs to sponsor a presidential candidate that will with great zeal go after union corruption that has helped bring us to the breaking point we are currently at. It is time to start prosecuting and removing from society union bosses and their thugs.

      I was forced into union membership as part of my job contract. I loathe unions and believe like their socialist political counterparts that the only people that profit in unions and politics are the bosses and politicians. It is time to euthenize them . . . figuratively speaking of course. It can be done.

      The Turban Torpedo

    51. Chet, PA says:

      Oguana has all his Chicago thugs, right along side of him in the white house. Stern IS already his deficit phony, commission head. Just remember people, "I owe these unions". It's well documented. Even the lame street, govt. run media can't get around that.—We have to get this KID in a candy store out of there, before his term is up. Otherwise, we are doomed.

      Chet Figurski, former Marine and Disabled American Veteran

    52. C Hyatt, Albuquerque says:

      And now let's pray. Let's pray that Andy Stern is not going to be Obama's selection for SC judge. Amen.

    53. Steve, Pebble Beach, says:

      Why doesn't the Heritage Foundation crusade against the existence of labor unions for government employees? We, the public taxpayers, are the adversary? How can we have a fair system when we also pay the salaries of the government emplyees who negotiate "against" the unions? Why do taxpayers have no true representation in this process? Those who supposedly negotiate on our behalf have no incentive to fight for the taxpayer at all; both sides play for the same team. The average federal emplyoee now makes $80,000 per year before benefits. The average American non-Fed worker makes $40,000 per year with a fraction of the benefits. This system is truly ludricous, and it is sinking our country.

    54. robert sargent westv says:

      let see the only czar we dont have is a union czar.someone has to keep an eye on those thugs.

    55. ray houston texas says:

      Let's hear it for the Thugs… Whores…. and Pimps….

      Definitions: Thugs – Obama and his henchmen who strong arm the Whores… the Whores – Congress who give it away for free…. Pimps are the Media who promote the Thugs and Whores…. Heil Comrade… (by the way… Whores can't be Prostitutes because Prostitues CHARGE for their services… don't they?)

    56. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      I don't believe ll Unions are evil, outdated, maybe. Unions mad sure bus drivers only worked so many hours and had to have 12 hours off, they made sure my family had a living wage, but then they let ME down when my husband died and the Company refused t pay me his part of ret. he set aside for our family. I did not join a nurses Union as I saw no benefit as laws protected me. There has been for years scandal assoc. with teamsters and other unions, they closely model Chicago mobsters. Now we have this same group in the WH and getting into every factor of our lives, soon the goons will be at our doors, breaking knee caps if we don't obey THEIR RULES, To prevent this we must get out the VOTE NOV.2, 2010

    57. Legislative Girl says:

      Stopping a legitimate investigation from proceeding regarding Union activities, whether they are legal, illegal or questionable is Obstruction of Justice. If Andy Stern and other prominent members of the Unions are pressing the Justice Department and/or the FBI and the Obama administration from completing their investigation they are persuading someone with a responsibility (to the People) to betray that or their responsibility is known as seeking “Undue Influence” over that person's actions. When someone with power seeks payment (payment doesn't have to be a monetary sum it can be to change a final outcome of something) in exchange for certain actions or backing/support that person is said to be peddling influence.

      Regardless of who initiates the deal or threat, either party to an act of bribery can be found guilty of the crime independently of the other. The Unions that throw their support to Democratic candidates and threaten to pull their support in order to change the end results of an election or vote is peddling influence.

      The Unions did threaten Democrats who would not vote in favor of the Health Care Reform bill, that they would pull their funds and backing making it more difficult for them to get re-elected. Case in point, they threatened Joe Lieberman and Bart Stupak that they would not support their effects to be re-elected.

      The Union was is favor of ObamaCare when they themselves are exempt from being forced to take it, as was Congress, their families and staff members and their families as well as the President, his family and his Administration and their families. Not to mention Muslims and the Amish.

      It was about forcing the rest of America to have to take it. They all get to keep their Mercedes plans and won’t be taxed for it, they are once again exempt. Unfortunately, the Constitution states that what is available to one group must be available to all. The federal Government cannot offer something to one group and discriminate against another. So, these aspects of ObamaCare will be overturned by the Supreme Court. I don’t think the 10th Amendment argument will work because over the last few decades, states have given up their rights to the federal government by accepting money for things like money to update roadways and interstate roadways and such. They accepted it and now they’re complaining that the federal government is trying to take something over.

    58. LeRoy says:

      What do you know about that!!!!

    59. Billie says:




    60. G-Man (Chesapeake, V says:

      The "Union-types" only stand to get run over if they try to get in the way of a truly grass-roots movement, like the Tea Party. Consider that the Tea Party grew out of love for the country, and freedom! Love doesn't quit when the going gets tough. On the other hand, Andy's boys are motivated by selfishness and what appears by their actions to be hatred! Additionally the Union-types have forced membership, need to be told what to do, what to think, and how to act.

      Bring it on…LOVE wins!


    61. auroraboy, sarasota says:

      And, Obama is concerned with the Supreme Court decision and limiting Corporations from contributions? Let’s be fair; limit the unions as well. Then again, he is only trying to make himself look good. He could care less about the USA or the citizens of America. Let’s vote him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    62. Absemassish says:

      Hi. Good work. I will probably subscribe to your site in order to read the updates.

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