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  • Gingrich: Conservatives Must Be A Movement of "Yes"

    Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has a message for conservatives if they want to succeed in changing the debate in Washington: conservatives must be a movement of “yes,” and they must stand for what they will do.

    He delivered that message today at The Bloggers Briefing, a gathering of conservative bloggers from across the capital, held at The Heritage Foundation.

    Gingrich also has a slogan for conservatives – “2 + 2 = 4” – which he describes as a way to slow down the political debate in America and serves as a reminder of what he says the left’s agenda is really about – an Orwellian government machine that tries to sell Americans on the notion that two-plus-two equals three, when in reality, it’s not.

    And it is today’s political reality that is most disconcerting to Gingrich. He describes President Obama’s government as a “secular socialist machine” that is “destructive of our society.” Its hallmark? He says it’s a combination of the bad economics of the 1970s, the Welfare state of the 1950s, Springfield corruption, Chicago-style politics and Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals.

    To combat that machine, Gingrich calls on conservatives to “refute everything the machine says” and to employ the movement of “yes.” He pointed to history for examples of when the conservative movement capitalized on that strategy, including Ronald Reagan’s victory over President Jimmy Carter and, more personal to Gingrich, the conservative revolution of 1994.

    We took on a liberal president, we stopped government in its tracks, we moved to the first balanced budget in a generation … and we got reelected for the first time since 1928,” Gingrich said.

    And as for a roadmap for governing in the future, Gingrich says “yes” is key to success. He pointed to The Heritage Foundation’s 1980 study “Mandate for Leadership,” which made policy recommendations for the incoming Reagan Administration, as an example of conservatives successfully advancing a positive agenda and real ideas for governance. To illustrate his point about a message of “yes,” he noted, “We did not have a contract against Clinton,” referencing the “Contract With America.” Rather, conservatives stood for tax cuts, for balanced budgets and for Welfare reform.

    You can always arouse a fair amount of conservative excitement by saying ‘no,’” Gingrich said, “But you can’t govern by saying no.”

    There are four top issues that Gingrich says should be on the positive conservative agenda: jobs, including dramatically cutting taxes and regulations; balancing the federal budget, which he calls a moral and economic imperative; energy, so that new building booms occur “in St. Louis, instead of Dubai;” and education reform, which he says is vital to ensuring we can compete with China and India.

    In Gingrich’s view, there is a stark difference between a conservative vision for America and the liberal message being sold to the country.

    The Obama model for America, Gingrich says, is “We should be grateful that the level of misery we’ve gotten to is not nearly as bad as it could’ve been.” To counter that message of malaise, Gingrich says conservatives must offer a better set of solutions than liberals, not just an ideology.

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    14 Responses to Gingrich: Conservatives Must Be A Movement of "Yes"

    1. Elese Sanford says:

      Such good, timely information. I attended a Tea Party/Fair Tax Rally last night and kept hearing how Washington (Congress) has not and will not listen to "WE THE PEOPLE". It appears the "Conservative" thinkers are heading in the same direction as in many previous elections…………split into too many factions to ever achieve success. How do we paint the BIG PICTURE for these people. Everone wants his agenda only and is not willing to give an inch to WIN.

    2. Marla J. Lawrence, A says:

      At last, some commonsense comments from what I call the 'conservative counterculture'. Go Newt!!

    3. Cristian, Union KY says:

      Lead the Way!!

    4. Diane, NC says:

      I hope that the truth will be so compelling, the electorate will have no choice but to vote conservative. Voting for more liberals will mean the untimely death of the USA.

    5. Jim Buzzell, Kenmare says:

      I am convinced, that over the last 100 years the Socialist-Liberals and Progressives have covertly reeducated the American people to believe and accept that the United States of American is a Democracty.

      What I find even more astounding is the Constitutional Conservatives have apparently been reeducated along with the masses and also to accept the term democracy in their reference to our nation when speaking or writing about our America, and how great it is and the opportunities it affords those who are willing to take advantage of the freedoms, which still exist, that we still enjoy to make their lives and the lives of their families better.

      When I read our constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence I find no mention of democracty; what I do find are the words Constitutional Republic, a nation of law; meaning we are not a democracy, snall or large, we are a nation whose laws are derived from and granted by our constitutional, and from no other source.

      It is time for our learned Constitutional Conservatives who have the pulpit to stop referring to our nation as a democracy and correctly identify us as a Constitutional Republic.

      I know this will not sit well with those who would like us to be something other than what we are, but then on the other hand those who want us to be something else have not taken the advantage of what our founding fathers provided in our constitution, the amendment process; and for very good reason, it is laborious, time consuming and very difficult to convince the American people that changes need to be made when in fact we do not need changes for our Constitution has served us very well for over 233 years, and continues to do so as long as we adhere to its principles.

      Please start the reeducation process and stop referring to our nation as a democracy.

    6. Don, Texas says:

      In order to BE the party of "YES" we must have a common front to turn the direction the country is moving. It seems that the top 6 conservative "hopefuls" need to get together and offer the ONE person to carry the banner of conservatives. The others need to provide a united voice in support of that presidential nominee. How about a presidential executive staff that includes Huckabee, Gingrich, Romney, Paul, Palin, and others……..with ONE of them leading the charge??

    7. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      Republicans and conservatives has contiuned to say "yes" and produce real solution to what Obama and the Dems are doing to this nation. The problem is

      the facts are not being allowed to get out to the people buy the Obama controled

      left-wing news media and the Dems in Congress. The Republicans proposals have continued to be shot down in committee and not allowed to even be brought to the floor of the House or Senate for debate. Obama and the Dems are

      delibertly deceiving the American people by hiding the facts that the conservative

      have been saying "yes" since the Dems took back Congress in 2007.

    8. Jerry Bateman, Ovied says:

      Bravo Jim Buzzell! You are correct, it is all about the education. I just started reading the 5000 Year Leap and I am learning things that I did not know before. I want to encourage everyone to spend more time really learning about our Nation's birth and what our country is all about. We must start with reeducating our people about the principles of freedom as discussed in the 5000 Year Leap. Also, we must help everyone understand the benefit of conservative values and how they help stabilize our society. If we do not get to work soon and show the American people what is being done by our government, our beloved USA will be "economically dead" by the end of our President's first term.

    9. Pingback: In The Green Room: Newt Gingrich on Conservative Victory and Our “Radical President” | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

    10. Michael, St. Louis, says:

      Great article, we must slow the pace of government, have it more focused, remind representatives, senators, and presidents that they work for us. They are not a ruling class. I just finised re-reading Thomas Paines Common Sense from 1776. It seems as the same rules may apply today.

    11. Spiritof76, NH says:

      I am sick and tired of people like Newt Gingrich say that we must be a party of yes. What does that mean other than following the Democratic party labeling of anybody against their socialist agenda.

      Newt, I say yes to the Declaration of Independence;I say yes to the US Constitution;I say yes to the strict enumerated powers of the federal government;I say yes to the drastically reduced size of the government; I say yes to get rid of the income taxes; I say yes to the property rights; I say yes to the private energy exploration and production; I say yes to getting rid of the federal ownership of lands; I say yes to get the government out of the climate change scam-by the way, you teamed up with the socialist, Ms. Pelosi on furthering global warming/green energy scam.

      What we need is a leader (like Ronald Reagan) to articulate our position in unapologetic way. We need to get rid of the socilaism. It is not compatible with the American Founding.

    12. mary o. brugliera, evanston, il says:

      i could not agree more with mr. gingrich. i have become very concerned of late that the fall elections are the republican party’s to lose, if they do not come together, and define an agenda of solutions based on the core philosophy. as mr. gingrich said, the 1994 surprise was not an anti-clinton action. the conservatives must stop making this an obama-this and obama-that attack scenario. it could dramatically backfire in november, as there are still tons of obama-worshippers out there. we should not assume that the huge 2008 turnout for him was a one-time phenomenon. living in very, very blue evanston i find that lots of my neighbors think obama is doing just dandy, the health insurance tweaking bill was a good first start, etc.

      we should however take our cues from that successful campaign and organize, organize, organize. karl rove spelled it out succinctly in a wsj op ed last week.

    13. Drew Page, IL says:

      I would agree that we don’t want to be saddled with the “Party Of No” label any longer than necessary. It’s up to us to change the questions, e.g.:

      * Are we in favor of a balanced budget?
      * Are we in favor of less government?
      * Are we in favor of cutting government spending and reducing the deficit?
      * Are we in favor of repeal and revision of health care reform?
      * Are we in favor of creating more jobs?
      * Are we in favor of lowering taxes for businesses and working people?
      * Are we in favor of eliminating “earmarks” in proposed legislation?
      * Are we in favor of line item veto authority?
      * Are we in favor of deporting illegal aliens?
      * Are we in favor of a strong national defense?
      * Are we in favor of free market capitalism and opposed to socialism?

      These are a few of the questions we should be asking on national TV, as loud and as long as we can. These are questions that we can answer with a loud YES! Let’s make the other side become the “Party Of No”, because I guarantee that is how they will respond to these questions.

    14. Nancy Johns, Sugar H says:

      I agree with Newt that we need politicians that offer positive solutions that follow the principles of freedom established by our founding fathers. We need to return to Constitutional tenets and individual liberties. We can do none of this until we present the message to all Americans in an understandable way. A shortfall that I see in conservatives is the way they respond to the far left extremist rhetoric. The left has many years of practice in spewing out their propaganda and painting the interpretation of an issue to advantage themselves and their agenda. Conservatives in politics and the media often take a defensive position. We need to go on the offensive.

      For example, when Republicans were accused of being the "Party of No," yet again they had no effective response to this leftist spin. I say go on the attack, when these moments occur. It would have been easy enough to put a conservative spin on this supposed slur with a response like the following.

      "I would like to thank Representative Foghorn from the State of Confusion for the high compliment he paid Republicans. We proudly proclaim ourselves to be the Party of No. We say no to violating the Constutution, no to violating individual rights, no to interfering with the doctor-patient relationship, and no to burdening business by stifling job creation. We say yes to protecting indivividual liberties and freedom of choice. We hear the objections of the majority of Americans who oppose this healthcare legislation. As we have in the past, we stand of up for the cilvil liberties of all citizens. Standing on principle we will not vote for this legislation that violates the Constitution and the rights of American citizens."

      Conservatives usually present their opinions on a political issue in a more factually based manner than the far left extremists do. We are in the habit of being more truthful. However, we need to use the power of language to spin the spin of the leftists. We need propaganda language in order to deliver the truth.

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