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  • A Statement from Edwin J. Feulner on the Passing of Lech Kaczynski

    The President of The Heritage Foundation, Dr. Edwin J. Feulner, today passed along his heartfelt condolences to the people of Poland and joins them in mourning the tragic passing of their President, Lech Kaczynski, the First Lady Maria Kaczynska and other Polish officials and ministers. Dr. Feulner stated:

    “On behalf of the entire Heritage family I pass to the people of Poland our heartfelt condolences for the tragedy that occurred this morning. Poland is a strong ally, one we can count on as evidenced by the more than 2,000 Polish troops fighting alongside ours in Afghanistan. And Poland has been a friend from the very start of our Republic, whose birth was aided by the brave General Pulaski.

    “The Heritage Foundation has a long and proud association with Poland, with both its leaders and its people. And as Americans, we will forever be grateful for Poland’s unstinting support in the wake of our own tragedy on 9/11.

    “Poland is a country which has suffered monstrously over the years, most notably in fighting for its freedom against Nazism and Communism. President Kaczynski will forever be remembered as a true Polish patriot, with an unflinching commitment to his country’s liberty and self-determination. Poland can take comfort that their great advances as a nation in the past two decades represent the culmination of President Kaczynski’s hard work and lifelong dedication to his beloved country.

    “On my many visits to Poland, I have always been struck by the fortitude of her courageous people and leaders. Today, they and we are deeply saddened. As our Polish friends come to terms with their devastating loss, they can be sure that the American people stand shoulder to shoulder with them in this dark hour.”

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    18 Responses to A Statement from Edwin J. Feulner on the Passing of Lech Kaczynski

    1. xinunus says:






    2. ROBERT COLORADO says:

      My heart and soul is with Poland forever. I bow to your grief. I thank you with all my heart for your faith in a Constitutions even when it was denied your noble people. My prayers are with you. Robert

    3. gazzali says:

      Yes it is very sad to hear this story of tragedy. On behalf of http://proenrichment.com my heartfelt condolences.

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    5. James A. Johnson Bro says:

      I sure hope someone (not the "fox") takes a hard look at Russian ATC and the receivers aboard that aircraft if any are left/salvageable. Could the plane have been receiving "spurious" signals as to altitude, etc.from someone having deliberately monkeyed with the electronics, etc. ??!! Sure hate to think there could be a RAT here, but there COULD BE!!

    6. Leah Oregon says:

      This is a huge tragedy for all. I will pray for Poland that something good can be salvaged out of this. I did a little research about Poland and this situation. They have truly been our friends even when it caused them difficulty. I pray we return the favor. Do not go read comments given on other sites. People can be heartless and horrible. Thank you Heritage and Heritage members for being honest and good hearted.

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    8. Roger R. Eddins says:

      We are grieving with you. May God be with you. An American citizen.

    9. Tricia, Arizona says:

      I will pray for Poland, a true friend of the U.S., the President and his First Lady will be missed by his people and his allies. I'm very sad…

    10. mary ann, barnegat n says:

      Yes, we need more info as to every detail like James Johnson said. Something doesn't sit right here. Something seems to be amiss, no? How convenient and coincidental that so many conservative patriots at the TOP are gone in a moment. And on the way to a memorial to the great Polish military who were fiercely cut down in the Katyn forest – and the memory of that has been silenced by powers on top. Maybe Almighty God wants the dreadful matter to stay alive in the minds of people and nations. God bless those Polish Officers.

    11. Billie says:

      How tragic! We are deeply saddened. Our thoughts and prayers to the good people of Poland! God Bless!

      Why is Russia so quick to react?

    12. Charles Kramer-Odessa, Texas says:

      Poland is a true friend of the USA. They have been at our side many times. Now during this tragedy, we should be even closer as they have a real void in their leadership which the Russians will take advantage of. We need not be enablers.

    13. Chuck, Roanoke VA says:

      It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Russia were involved in the death of the Polish president. There’s just something about the Russian government, whether during the Soviet period or following it, that makes me feel very distrustful of its actions and policies.

      It’s tragic that the Poles have always been “picked on;” what have they done to deserve such treatment? Answer: Nothing.

    14. Matt, Colorado says:

      My condolences to the Polish people and country as a whole. May God have these victims in His hands already.

      Whether Russia is foul or not in this incident, I think they'd get criticism for acting too quickly or not quickly enough. Believe me, I do not side with Russia by any means.

    15. Peter Tx. says:

      I am of Russian descent. The Russian people are not the problem, but communism is. Remember some years back when the KGB poisoned some people with radioactive substances? Then there was the poisoning of the Ukrainian president. It does not surprise me that they would murder the whole Polish government.

    16. Roy, Chicago says:

      Very sad for Poland, and USA. We need more allies in Europe like Poland, with commitment and dedication to liberty, freedom and democracy. BTW, I doubt a serious Russian connection to the crash – the instrument landing system at the airport had been reported out of order for weeks, and the Polish pilots made 4 unsuccessful attempt to land prior to the 5th which crashed. Two lessons from this are it's not wise to put nearly every top official on one flight, and if you can't land safely after one or two attempts, divert elsewhere.

    17. Mrs. T. Alexandra Br says:

      We salute Professor Feulner for his thoughful Condolences to the Polish Government and its People. I too, would like to express my grief to this tragic event that could have been prevented if only some forethought was applied, e.g. "how could so many conservative Polish Patriots fly together in one air craft"? Who built this airplaine? Weather considerations, etc. My heart goes out to the Polish People who are our most loyal allies. I am praying both for the repose of the Government members and for our friends, the Polish People. May they know that we care.

      In God We Trust!

    18. Barbie The Woodlands says:

      Thank you Mr. Feulner, for expressing so well, what our Country's current leadership did not.

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