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  • Morning Bell: Heritage Action for America

    These are historic and exciting times. Yesterday, The Heritage Foundation took a bold and forward-looking step. Our Board of Trustees approved launching a grassroots advocacy organization to help press the conservative cause with our nation’s lawmakers. The independent organization will be called “Heritage Action for America.”

    Over the last two years, Heritage membership has skyrocketed. Over 633,000 Americans now proudly call themselves a Member of The Heritage Foundation. That staggering number, more than double our 2008 total, testifies to the quality and appeal of our original research and principled policy recommendations.

    Americans are more engaged and better informed than ever before. They’re not only opposing the “progressive” ideas emanating from Washington, but they’re educating themselves on the details, and the alternatives. That is where we come in. Over the past two years, no organization has come close to us in offering fact-based analysis of health care reform, energy and the environment, our nation’s defenses, the government’s fiscal irresponsibility, the entitlement crisis, education, the free enterprise system, American values, and the rule of law.

    The Heritage Foundation is, and will always remain, a beacon of scholarly leadership for conservative policy ideas. What Heritage Action for America will offer are better ways to advance conservative policies at the grassroots level and to aggressively market our ideas. And in doing so, Heritage will once again break new ground. Many organizations in Washington have gone in the opposite direction, establishing a think tank as a façade intended to add credibility to their political goals.

    President Ronald Reagan once said: “If you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” Heritage Action for America will be the heat, harnessing grassroots energy to increase the pressure on Members of Congress to embrace The Heritage Foundation’s policy recommendations.

    Heritage Action for America will not get involved in election campaigns. The creation of a sister organization involved in issue advocacy in no way leads The Heritage Foundation away from its stated mission: To build an America where freedom, opportunity, prosperity and civil society flourish.

    America stands at the crossroads. We can become just another European-style welfare state or we can switch course and return to our roots of personal liberty, limited government and responsible stewardship. Charting our course will require intellectual firepower and grassroots political heft. With the creation of Heritage Action, we aim to harness the energy of both.

    Heritage grew from a small townhouse on Capitol Hill in the 1970s to what the New York Times currently describes as the “Parthenon of the conservative metropolis” or more aptly, “the beast” of the think tank universe. Growth is good. It’s the American dream, and we fight for everyone to share a piece of the American dream everyday.

    I thank you for continuing to support that fight. You can visit Heritage Action at HeritageForAmerica.org

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    61 Responses to Morning Bell: Heritage Action for America

    1. dr. harold hope says:

      I believe the American people are with you. We need a good smart candidate for president with no bagage and not criticize but put out the truth as you are trying to do.HPHope,M.D.

    2. Dennis Social Circle says:

      I think this is a good move, the people need a voice that can be trusted and facts that are accurate on the subject. The American people need to stop being sheep and turn into the independent people that we are. We must take back our country, and stand up for our rights, the current government is not one that stands for America, but is willing to change us into something we do not know or want.

    3. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      We, the People, will remember in November? What? Health care, Fannie, Freddie,

      and Congress.

    4. Charles Caskey, Good says:

      A push for more growth is absolutely necessary;now. Get the HF Voice and Name out there, everywhere. May Freedom ring. By July 4, let's have well beyond a million. Numbers speak!

      Keep up the good work. Liberty or Death!!!

    5. MIchael Laughery says:

      i have enjoy the daily updates and most of all the perspective that u bring. How ever as much as i agree with your perspective how in the world can u sound like a fanatical u have to think my way or i am going to make u does this not make u any better then the democrats. In your Friday April 9th daily the hole bent sounded more like a far left radical intent on forcing his will. I was surprised

    6. Fletcher Hawkins, So says:

      I would suggest that you folks at Heritage read "Rules for Radicals" carefully and try to adopt, within moral reason, any and all of Alinsky's rules that would allow us to fight back. I don't think we should be using smear tactics and the like, but if there is ANY advantage to be gained, we should at least consider it. Because swimming upstream against what the leftist radicals are pouring out against us is at best a difficult and draining exercise. The Left is setting the "rules of war"; we should learn to play our version of their game.

    7. Mary.... WI says:

      THANK YOU!

      I'm praying that the low road path BO is taking this country can be turned around in the direction of the high road…..let's take back our country!

    8. Lowell E. McCoy, Jac says:

      This is good news. It gives new information for my wife and me and it is very promising for our conservative cause. We knew that Heritage is growing and expanding, but not to the degree announced here. It is good news, heading into the election this fall.

    9. Turner, Massachusett says:

      The only thing America needs is a "REVIVAL".

      2 Chronicles 7:14

      14 if My people who are called by My name humble themselves, and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

    10. Blain L. Decker, Mon says:

      Our message of conservatisim must be clear and must not compromise to conform to a party. That's what has put us in the place we are now. The message remains the same. the way we deliver it may need to adapt to cross cultural or ideoligy barriers. stay the course. Thank you Heritage Foundation for starting this new branch. It can only compliment an already super organization.

    11. Richard Cancemi says:

      "Happy Days "may yet come again! The politicians need heat applied to their feet to prompt them to work for the People and obey the Constitution….. and not a Party, a Man or an Ideology.

      Thanks for the good work you do for a good cause.

      Now pour the heat on!!!

    12. Ozzy Alfonso says:

      I would like to see the people join in on a class action suit that would have the Supreme court rule, that each state, and the municipalities and residents of each state, have a right to a private option. In fact, I believe that each state should be required to have a private option, to allow individuals to opt out of any federal government program. For example, what I understand to be a minority of Californians, would be able to opt out of the federal health care program. Individuals would be able to opt out of Social Security and Medicaid, by contibuting 10% of their salary to a Health Savings account and 10% to an IRA. They can opt out of any federal program by each state adopting their own options to these programs. States can adopt their own tax revenue programs, depending on the needs of the states. States would reverse their roles, and pay the Federal Government only what they are allowed to receive under the guides of the Constitutions. I believe this would be easy to implement , due to the fact that the powers given to the federal government our limited under the Constitution, and the rights not given to them belong to the people. The people have a right to a choice, where's the choice now?

      God Bless,

      Ozzy Alfonso

    13. KB Hahn, PA says:

      Speaking of "taking the heat," it's past time that strongly conservative organizations and elected officials begin speaking out loudly and assertively, on behalf of those of us who identify with the "Tea Party" movement, because we have, indeed, been taking a great deal of heat. Lies and innuendo abound. Statist politicians have no problem getting in front of microphones and loudly vilifying us as terrorists. Terrorists! But so far as I can tell, aside from talk radio show hosts and the like, not one single conservative organization, and not one single conservative politician, has stepped up with anything to say in our defense, nor to encourage, never mind befriend, us. We are there for them, but I see no sign of their being there for us. I could be wrong about that, and if I am, I would very much like to be corrected … with links to evidence.

      A failure on our parts to be as strongly united as conservatives, as they are united as liberals/progressives/statists … and we lose. We lose BIG.

    14. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      HERITAGE is truly a Godsend in our cause to PRESERVE the America our forefathers created and millions have died to build. We still need to address the CONTROLLED and CORRUPT MEDIA! Per HITLER, "control what the people know and you CONTROL THE PEOPLE". Listen to one major station, hear them all, they all say the same thing, using even the same words, like they are scripted by the same person. No wonder FOX and talk radio REIGN SUPREME, they are the only bastions of TRUTH! Every proposal from Obama has been MORE CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE and the MEDIA support his every move…and he is the most inexperienced man ever in the white house, or any other house. This is like a blind man building a driving school and being the first instructor. TRAGIC! He is destroying opportunity for the very people he is trying to help! ONLY CONSERVATIVES want a color blind society, working together AS AMERICANS, not a bunch of splinter groups and hyphenated Americans. There are more wealthy Black folk here than every other country COMBINED…Obama will destroy that and make everyone equally POOR!

    15. Ken C Kansas says:

      I am so thankful for Heritage and to Rush, for leading me to it ! I wish it was part of every school history/ government class.

    16. Howard Martin, Orlan says:

      Thank you! We need someone who is aggressive to voice our concerns to elected officials. Keep up the good work!

    17. Francisco, Bandera, says:

      Maybe we can finally get somewhere and halt this runaway government. Fellow

      members we need to forward this article to all our friends on both sides of the

      fence. We need to strengthen our backbone and resolve. There has to be a

      change in the way our great nation is being "DICTATED"to!!! I don't believe

      we elected a "DICTATOR", but that's the way "obama" has acted toward US.

      "IN GOD WE TRUST", but we also need to take action to help to ensure there

      is a change in our Government. Remember, over 100 of his cabinet have never

      been approved by Congress. They are the ones making policy and will not

      be held accountable for this disaster.

    18. Robert Reynolds says:

      You plan to name your new organization "HAA!"?

      I suggest a choice that sounds less laughable.


    19. Bill Brownfield, Bev says:

      Congratulations Ed, you have every REAL American at your doorstep.

    20. Bo Cornell, Sammamis says:

      How about a union of "non union" workers.

      Also, I believe we should work to purge the phrase "government program" or "government funded" with the phrase "taxpayer funded." We need to remind everyone that "Obamacare", along with all "government" programs (tax credits) are funded by taxpayers. (My mother in law was shocked several years ago, when after telling me about the increase in her social security check, I told her that I knew because my socurity security taxes had gone up. She had never made the connection between her check and my taxes. .

      Just a thought,

      Bo Cornell

    21. Zack says:

      This about sums up everything you guys stand for and what this website stands for. Well, you cant keep talking about what you stand for when you have done the exact opposite for over 33 years.

      Recently there's been a lot of speculation about why the mood on the right has turned so sour. Some observers attribute it to the lack of leadership at the top of the Republican Party, the surreal reality that Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have more influence than do elected Republicans. Others say it's a poisonous combination of economic angst and racial hatred. But there's a more obvious explanation: we're witnessing the death throes of conservatism. The right-wing ideology that ran the US for thirty years has proven to be a total failure and the passage of healthcare reform was the final nail in its coffin.

      In case you've forgotten, classic conservatism promised to keep us safe, reduce the size of government, lower taxes, and manage the economy. Republican broke each of these commitments.

      Keep us Safe: Conservatives/Republicans used to poll much stronger than Liberals/Democrats on national security. Then came 9/11 and the debacle of the Iraq war, where the GOP lost credibility. Despite the transition from the Bush to the Obama Administration, there has been little change in the military budget (+ 3 percent). Not surprisingly, voters now see little difference between Democrats and Republicans on this issue.

      Shrink Government: Conservative ideologue Grover Norquist famously promised, "Our goal is to shrink government to the size where we can drown it in a bathtub." Nonetheless, the Federal bureaucracy grew during the Bush presidency. Now the Republican base – frustrated with the failure of their leaders to follow through on this promise – has turned to the futile pursuit of "state's rights" or, as Texas Governor Rick Perry has proposed, the notion of secession from the USA.

      Lower Taxes: Beginning with the Reagan Presidency, conservatives have argued that much of the Federal government is a waste of money and, therefore, Americans shouldn't have to pay for it. As a result, the marginal tax rates for individuals and corporations were diminished until today they are roughly half of what they were in 1980. However, while Federal revenues diminished, expenditures surged. During the Bush Administration, the Federal deficit became a serious impediment to US economic growth. Not surprisingly, voters now trust Democrats more than Republicans on economic issues such as taxes, the deficit, and the economy, in general. While voters are suspicious of taxes, in general, they are now willing to tax the rich and to enact penalties on corporations that don't play by the rules.

      Manage the Economy: Since the Reagan Presidency, conservatives have maintained that Democrats are "social engineers" who only know how to lash together ineffective Federal social programs. In contrast, conservatives claimed that Republicans are "professional managers" who know how to run government like a business. Eight years of George W. Bush – touted as America's first "CEP president" – proved this to be a lie.

      The promise of competent management covered a more sweeping assertion: conservatives knew best how to manage the economy. The thirty years since Reagan was inaugurated witnessed the heyday of the Chicago School of Economics that promoted deregulation by arguing that markets were inherently self-regulating and no matter how severe the setback markets would quickly return to equilibrium. This conservative theory touted "efficiency." "productivity," and "trickle-down equity" as the inevitable byproducts of laissez-faire capitalism. The result was a savage increase in monopoly capitalism and inequality, and the loss of eight million jobs. The performance of the Bush Administration and 2008's financial meltdown destroyed the last pillar of conservative orthodoxy.

      But it's not only conservative ideology that's failed. As UC professor George Lakoff brilliantly argues in Moral Politics, conservatives have a different worldview than liberals do. Conservatives believe in the "strict father" model: the world is dangerous – there's an angry mob at the gates of fortress America – and what's required are strong, righteous men to lead the US.

      The conservative worldview proved a delusion. The supposedly strong, righteous Republican leaders turned out to be incompetent. Worse yet, they often favored their own interests over those of then public, they abandoned the common good for the personal good. In reality the strict father was an abuser.

      During the past few weeks, the Catholic Church has been in the news because of continuing allegations of sexual abuse. The image of the strict religious father has been compromised. So has the conservative image of the strict political father: Conservative politicians have systematically abused the public interest.

      So it's no wonder that the mood on the right has turned sour. Everything they were taught has proven to be wrong: the pillars of conservative ideology have crumbled, as has the dominant metaphor. Republican leaders have betrayed their followers.

      As a result, right-wingers are thrashing in pain from the death of conservatism. They don't know what to believe in so they reflexively unite in opposing whatever liberals propose. It's understandable, but it doesn't contribute anything to our joint challenge to make the United States safe and prosperous.

      I say this with every ounce of my heart and soul. This website is the most mis-informed, fear mongering, hate filled mix of blogs and ideas I have ever seen. This website is not telling you the truth. It is filled with lies and false attacks. WAKE UP! Seriously, have any of you studied economics, legislative history, national debt history? What has happened to you!? This website, along with this new conservative hate machine is basically giving the democrats a victory in november, 2012 and 2016 and yes I'M ONE OF THEM. I VOTED FOR OBAMA AND I'M PLEASED AND PROUD OF HIM. Ive studied legislative and economic history for 7 years and I know my history very very very well. You guys cant run on hate and lies, its not working. Start working, heck just do something! Anything. Your making it way too easy for us.

    22. toledofan says:

      May the 'Force' be with You! Keep up the good fight and continue to speak the truth. The best ally we have is rooted in facts and truth and as long as there are those that spit them out, things will improve. We're going through an obstacle course right now, but, once we learn how to maneuver the road it will smooth out. Freedom and democracy are in our blood and a part of our DNA. I just don't think we're ready to give it all up.

    23. Fox Hunter, Californ says:

      Thank you, as a 9.12 and Tea Party Patriot, I welcome you as a voice and resource. We are already active in our communities and throughout the country and need real information about real issues including not just what's bad (we already know that) but what and who to replace it.

    24. Christopher Popham S says:

      We are very grateful to the Heritage Foundation for being the true voice of the people.

      And so perhaps it is indeed time to consider eschewing the two major political

      parties and consider a third party, to which the Tea Partiers, Independents,

      disappointed Dems. and Reps. could gravitate. Our two party system has dragged

      this country down for the past 30 years, to where we find ourselves today.

      In 2007-08 I ran as a 3rd Party Candidate for President as a citizen, businessman

      and fiscal conservative, not a politician. My website stands. It is still posted on

      Google. My only "flip flop" would be that I would not be in favor of amnesty for illegal

      immigrants. The cost to our country is just too great.

      The 21st Century American Revolution is at hand. Whether I am a leader or simply a

      spokesman, I shall not cease in my efforts as a patriot and a journalist, to defend our

      country and our liberties as prescribed by our founding documents.

      Read the first four paragraphs of the Declaration, if you are an American citizen.

      We can and must at this critical time in history, join forces as one family of 300 million

      Americans, and show the world, that we are indeed the greatest nation on earth.


      Christopher Popham Smith.

    25. jeannette giles says:

      When we consider the factual information we are given by the Heritage with the links of clarification and our ability to also research the information given we as a people will be more than capable of making responsible knowledgeable decisions when we vote, understanding what is being proposed, what is being discussed on the legislative floors, judicial branch and the executive branch w/o all of the personal biased rhetoric. Heritage presents approaches that will strengthen this republic and return it to the standard of excellence it has been set out to be, adversity does one of two things destroys or makes us stronger and better. Most citizens of this country will fight to be part of the solution and not part of the problem when they fully understand "they can" and Heritage is here to give us the strengthening nourishment we need. Thank Heritage, may each of us be worthy of the information you provide and use it to return to the country people have fought, died and continue to fight and die for, whether at home or abroad.

    26. Christopher Popham S says:

      By the way….on the Politico blog earlier today, I expressed concern about the

      possibility of the IMF running out of funds to bail out fiscally failing countries.

      Now I see in your messages today, that indeed, one of the IMF economists is

      worried about precisely that happening.

    27. Angie Kraus, Jackson says:

      I'm still proud to be a free American citizen and we need to return to the vision of our Founding Fathers so that we may pass freedoom on to many generations of Americans to come! We are the torchbearers and now is the time.

    28. Sharon Parry; San An says:

      America has re-set her sails. In years past we dropped the Founders' map, lost our compass and drifted off coarse into a progressively destructive storm. The wind and waves rocked the boat and we scrambled for life jackets.

      Today we remember the stormy battles of the past and grab our life jackets once again. Girded by protective and conserving gear we pick up the Founders' map, study it, check the compass and set our sails on "the land of the free and the home of the brave." Holding fast to the principles and tools set forth in the Constitution, we will reach our destination. Back to America we sail!

    29. gorio, calif. says:

      Thank You All at Heritage your insight as well as your moral might is needed.This is

      really becoming a fight for our "Heritage". The "other side" really does see our history as a nasty footnote, best erased and replaced with leftist lies as in Russia or China. What can be more dispicable than trying to erase a families history?

    30. Suzyq, Missouri says:

      I am willing to fight for the TRUE freedoms upon which this country was founded. Teach me!

    31. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      Your efforts save us hours of research and unvail the hidden agendas that are evident yet not obvious. Your resources to uncover these hidden agendas are invaluable. Keep up the good work and my check to support the 2010 Building Fund is on it's way. Let us unite against todays liberial ideas and unresponsable


    32. Port Angeles, Washin says:

      Why don't you enlighten your readers with the bottom line truth about the political situation in America?

      The Bilderbergers are behind the movement toward big government because they CONTROL the government. This simple fact must be understood by the po;ulation in order for the puppet politicians to be voted OUT!

      The fresh start America needs is to end the control of of the power mongers. This can only be done by mass enlightenment. Isn't that your job?

    33. loves Dogs/Colorado says:




      IT'S TIME TO NO LONG ALLOW PEOPLE LIKE OBAMA, PELOSI, REID AND ALL OTHERS IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY TO TEAR US APART ANYMORE!!!!! These people about power for themselves and how much money they can put away and not have to be apart of what happens to any of US. it's time to stand together NOT apart democrate or republician

      we need everyone to stand together for AMERICA

    34. Sue From Detroit says:

      Thanks for being who you are. My family and I appreciate you. Keep up the good work. God Bless You and Keep You Strong. You Go! ( a Detroit Saying).

    35. Ken Jarvis says:

      How can it be an -

      "independent organization"

      Just more HF BS.

      ALL HF offers is


      All Anti-Obama

    36. Stilton Jarlsberg, T says:

      I absolutely rely on Heritage.org for quality information and analysis which I use when assembling my own conservative daily webcomic. I'd be delighted if Heritage readers and members who enjoy a conservative slant to humor would drop in at http://www.HopeNChangeCartoons.com, look around, and join the comments!

    37. john Arizona says:

      Good going, HF!! If you need financial support, you can bet you can count on Ken Jarvis!!

    38. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Heritage continues to IGNORE mainstream MEDIA's love affair with PROGRESSIVES! They licked Clinton's shoes, They SPIT on Bush every day for 8 Years proclaiming the WORST ECONOMY EVER(oh really?!), and they rode Obama into the White House on a TROJAN HORSE, proclaiming him the mesiah( their mesiah actually..not ours). THe MSM are the ones proclaiming TEA PARTY MEMBERS as racist and exclusionary, and they carry the progressive banner…all of them! The are like wasps in our house. Do you live with them or…something else. You decide. Do you actually know what "to fight for your country" really means? I do. I have been there and lived to tell about it.

    39. Carol Essman, Topeka says:

      God Bless the Heritage Foundation! Thank you!

    40. Willard Stumpf - Bal says:

      Thankgoodness for your orgqanizatio and not just because conservative radio hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Shaun Hannity, and Mark Levin mention the fine work you do. More and more people, I believe, have to share in spreading the word that our country should not be left in the hands of politicians who themselves seem to be elitists when it comes to the power they wield. Is is only by rational and logical reasoning and eliminating the huge waste in governement spending can we once again consider ourselves self-employed in the areas of independence and freedom. We should not be expected to act as brainless robots willing to take the "I'm only one person" attitude.

      I applaud your efforts and the "good fight" has only begun. If I hear one more politician say they are resigning because they "want to spend more time with their families", I think i will puke.

      Keeping our Democracy strong in the U.S. will only bring the whole world to embrace the ideals that freedom will bring prosperity and a sense of peace for this and following generations.

    41. Ben Kirkland Belton, says:

      Thank you Heritage. The more educated we become, the better chance we have to educate others. Keep up the good work.

    42. suej, corona CA says:

      Glenn McCoy had a great cartoon in the paper today: Newscaster "Today the White House removed the term "Islamic Radicalism" from the U.S. National Security Strategy" then "In a related story, the words "provide for the common defense" have been removed from the Constitution." Not a cartoon to laugh at, but in essence, that is what is happening in our once great country.

    43. Mary Jane Daudlin says:

      Excellent idea – I am grateful for the honest organization and the insightful information you provide!

    44. Dan Flagstaff Arizon says:

      I am concerned with Islamic Sharia Law and the domination and takeover of every country in the world. Over 90 % of all the worlds conflicts currently involve Muslims.

      Muslims are killing Christians, Jews, and all non-muslims. This is Islam, this is Sharia Law. I hate the fact Americans see Mosque being built in every city across the country and no one is concerned this ideology is based on evil. Read a interpretation of the Koran you can trust, anything by Robert Spencer is the truth.

    45. Daezy, Santa Cruz, C says:

      Cudos, Heritage. No one deserves it more, and I thank God we have you as our strength and book of knowledge.

    46. Drew Page, IL says:

      Heritage, you are doing the right thing. Keep up the good work.

    47. Zack says:

      Once again Heritage, you didn't post my comment. What's the deal? Scared of an opposing viewpoint? I bet you will have no problem posting this one. I have put all of this up on facebook and told at least 100 of my friends to see what happens when you try to post a liberal or demoratic viewpoints backed up with well established facts on this website. Already, at least 5 of them have said the same thing. You refuse to let any valid oppostion on this page. You wonder why MOST people in this country see this website for what it really is and conservatism for what it really is. I will expose this website everyday to as many people as I can. How many times can conservative policies fail before you finally wake up. All this website offers is the exact opposite of whatever obama and democrats do and that my friends is not enough to win any election. Start acting like adults and bring something to the table.

    48. Zack says:

      "Over the past two years, no organization has come close to us in offering fact-based analysis of health care reform, energy and the environment, our nation’s defenses, the government’s fiscal irresponsibility, the entitlement crisis, education, the free enterprise system, American values, and the rule of law"

      -WOW! really……I mean really guys? Well, let me know when you start posting real facts on this website. Maybe one day…

    49. gerald stitt-danvill says:

      great news and reading .we must get to the courts an quickly as possible ..

    50. barbara jakes says:

      keep growing you Beast – make us feel the heat

    51. Normca says:

      Some people would not recognize reality if it bit them in the; well you know where. Then they want others to listen to their tripe. Most of the people who look to this forum for reality and facts have heard your line and have tired of it. You are better off looking to the MSM for your guidance as you do not believe the truth and they have long ago forgot reality as they live the narrative they made up. And I for one do not want to come close to you. I am tired of the stench you generate. If you do not respect America, leave America.

    52. HawkWatcher, Mi. says:

      We need conservative leaders. Empower yourselves with printed Heritage materials to use in your personal efforts. Our mission is to educate other voters regarding the assault on limited Constitutional government, and the positive historical aspects of conservatism. We have work to do, and Heritage is giving us inspiration, along with factual material and great analysis.

      Zack doesn't even realize that over 60% of voters are center-right, and posts no evidence of anything but his ignorance. Most people understand that the corrupt left-wing ideology that runs todays Democrat machine is bankrupting the country.

      Zack will be easily beaten in an honest debate, every time. An informed voter cannot support the nation-choking irresponsibility of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda.

      Many sites of many political persuasions weed out uncivil comments, so quit whining and post something useful, Zack. Nobody here is "scared" to debate you.

    53. Dr. Peter Churchill, says:

      While 666,000 people is certainly a starting base, in a country of nearly 300 million citizens and non-citizens there is still an overwhelmimg number of folks who really would like a welfare-state and will continue to vote for the Democrats who promise it.

      The country we love and serve is rapidly changing into a socialistic nightmare. Too many undereducated people believe that it is "okay" to have the government take care of us, tell us what to do, instruct us what to believe, and continue to tax the "rich" entrepreneurs and successful corporations out of existence.

      Our problem is that within the past 60 years we have managed to produce a population of individuals who would rather be given the answer to every challenging problem then to search-out the answers for themselves. Such intellectual laziness has sealed the fate of this country. I had hoped not to live to see it. But, as the Chinese wish states "May you live in interesting times", I am afraid I am.

    54. B B McKay, Atlanta, says:

      Think we can make 'em feel the heat over THIS? It sounds like Anwar al-Awlaki is a very bad man, but he is an American. AND, Obama wants the 9/11 terrorists tried in civilian court, so it seems a strange tendency to suddenly order a hit for someone else (even if he IS a US citizen – which doesn't seem to be the type that BHO cares much for)..and it was done with the approval of all but one member of Congress…..but they don't say who. What do you think, H.F.? Where do you weigh in on this? Nice to get the news from the U.K. Where is the US media?


    55. Bailey McKay says:

      I know you will find a way to engage your fans in a meaningful way. Listening without doing is raising my stress and frustration to unacceptable limits, with action the only antedote. But a careful, wise, well-reasoned and reasonable action. And I know I'm but one of millions afflicted this way. Please, help us find a way to help out.

    56. Zack says:

      Hawkwatcher, whenever your ready.

      "the assault on limited Constitutional government"

      -conservatives for limited government? hmmmm, and the constitution? ..only when its fits your conservative mindset and or religion right?

      "Zack doesn’t even realize that over 60% of voters are center-right"

      -where were you november 4th, 2008?

      "Zack will be easily beaten in an honest debate, every time. An informed voter cannot support the nation-choking irresponsibility of the Obama-Pelosi-Reid agenda"

      -then bring a debate, any subject. you mentioned "informed voters"- so informed voters are people who think this website is credible and factual?….ahem.

      "Heritage is giving us inspiration, along with factual material and great analysis"

      -have you ever bothered checking any Heritage source or looked for information elsewhere?

      "Many sites of many political persuasions weed out uncivil comments, so quit whining and post something useful, Zack. Nobody here is “scared” to debate you"

      -this entire website is beyond uncivil, non-factual and again, if your not scared then bring up a subject to debate. And I have posted around 20 comments on this website that have been completely civil yet they either get erased or never posted. Seriously, about 20 comments in the last 3 months? I know exactly what Heritage is all about. Its no different from conservative radio, conservative media and Fox News. Its all one-sided, bias, partisan emotional opinionated spin and they WILL and DO shut out the opposition. That's all conservative media is and all it will ever be. Oh and I LOVE the "liberal media" cliam. I could name about 238 conservative radio shows, 13 conservative tv shows including fox news and its 4 sister programs and at least 15 conservative newspapers nationwide.

      I will start with "conservative/republican fiscal responsibility"…

      -5 trillion added to the national debt from 2001-2008

      -2.5 trillion by 2016 for both bush tax cuts including interest

      -.5 trillion for unfunded private military contracts for "operation iraqi freedom"

      Now that is conservative/republican nation-choking irresponsibility already in the books.

      Debate this…LET THE SPIN BEGIN!!!

      your up…

      ps. oh i'm sorry, was I being too uncivil?

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    58. Todd Wolf, Limerick, says:

      Conservatives have been on the frontlines, fighting the battles of the war against communism since the war began. We are still fighting that war … the War of Ideas that Matter. I have been revisting history and find myself many times asking myself … have we not learned the lessons of the psychological warfare strategies and tactics used in the days of Taft and Goldwater? … "Perceptions become reality" and "It is what it is until it is proven that it isn't" … How many more "Daisy Ads" will it take? Communism has taken on a new "kinder and gentler" name … Communitarianism … The Third Way … sold as the synthesis of capitalism and socialism … the triangulation of the sense and sensibilities of our world's thesis and antithesis. It will be what it is until it is proven that it isn't.

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    60. Teri L Hinkle says:

      I was very disappointed when I received my pocket constitution and discovered that it is not our true constitution. Take a look at the Act of 1871 and it’s far reaching results. You will find that we have quite literally been under a defacto government since then. Our true constitution is The Constitution For The United States of America not "of" and it contains 14 amendments only. The true 13th which pertains to the exclusion of individuals who receive enumeration from foreign countries from serving public office or being citizens and the 14th which abolished slavery. The defacto government formed my the Act of 1871 dropped the original 13th so that foreign interests could control our monetary system ie: the IMF.

      Our true constitution was suspended at the start of the civil war and never reinstated thereafter. Instead congress unlawfully allowed the federal government to incorporate and adopt their own constitution and inhabit their own territory, Washington D.C., in so doing they no longer had or have jurisdiction over us or anywhere outside the confines of D.C. except by our consent. (with the exception of U.S. territories like Puerto Rico etc.) By successfully keeping that from the American people for over 130 years, they have managed to maintain our consent by omission.

      In 1944 came the Breton Woods Agreement which deeded Washington D.C. to the IMF, so you see there is good reason our representatives and our presidents don’t listen to us. They don’t have to, they don’t work for us. They take their orders from the banking cabal known as the Federal Reserve/ IMF.

      That’s also the reason it makes no difference where Obama was born. They haven’t used our original constitution since 1871 and there are no rules in regard to who can serve as the CEO of a corporation.

      It is high time the American people were told the truth of the biggest fraud in history and their resulting slavery to the fiat money system, the unlawful federal government they have been under, and even the fact that the United States Postal Service is not even owned by America. A close look at the Oregon Treaty of 1846 is indeed enlightening.

    61. Teri L Hinkle, Georg says:

      The only issue that truly matters is that our government is not our government. Obama is nothing more than the CEO of the Corporation United States and not our president. Washington D.C. has no legal jurisdiction outside its boundaries other than over the territories like Puerto Rico, except by our consent. They have gained our consent by means of omission. By keeping the Act of 1871 http://www.teamlaw.org/DCOA-1871.pdf quiet and hidden for over 130 years.

      Washington has no lawful power to govern anywhere outside the confines of the District of Columbia and it hasn't since 1871.

      To make matters worse Washington D.C. was deeded to the IMF in 1944 by the Breton/Woods agreement so our leaders do not answer to us except in our imaginations.

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