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  • Crashing Obama's Nuclear Wedding

    Obama and Medvedev

    Raising concerns about a new nuclear arms treaty is considered declasse. It’s about as welcome as a wedding crasher who questions the groom’s choice of a bride.

    Like weddings, nuclear treaties are supposedly joyous occasions. Posing questions is treated as an affront to the very nobility of the enterprise (although for some marriages and certain treaties, the prospective partners would have been better off answering questions before tying the knot).

    Similarly, some people can’t imagine how reducing the levels of nuclear arms in the United States and Russia could possibly be a bad thing. They think the problem is that nuclear weapons even exist. That these weapons, in the right hands, may help keep the peace is hard for them to understand.

    One of those people is President Obama. Announcing a new Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START) with Russia last week, he said, “Today, we have taken another step forward in leaving behind the legacy of the 20th century.” The “dark” legacy of the Cold War, Mr. Obama believes, is the mere existence of nuclear weapons; thus, this agreement is a step toward “a world without nuclear weapons.”

    We could argue about whether nuclear weapons should have been invented at all. But they were, and they will remain part of America’s military arsenal even under (and after) Mr. Obama. The real issue is not whether this agreement is a step toward removing some terrible legacy, but whether it will make Americans and the world more secure.

    That’s when embarrassing questions begin to crash the wedding. First, how, as the president claims, will this agreement “strengthen our global efforts to stop the spread of these weapons” in Iran? The assumption appears to be that if we lead the way with our own reductions, Iran will follow. But Tehran is unimpressed. It wants nuclear weapons not because we have them, but because it wants to intimidate us and its neighbors.

    A smaller force is also not necessarily a better one. Without modernization and testing, we can’t be sure the nuclear weapons we retain will actually deter aggression.

    And what does the treaty language of “linkage” between reducing nuclear weapons and missile defense in the preamble of the treaty mean exactly?

    The Obama administration claims the treaty includes no constraints on our ability to deploy missile defenses. The Kremlin disagrees. Its official statement says the treaty contains a “legally binding linkage between strategic offensive and strategic defensive weapons.” Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says that Russia could even withdraw from the treaty if the U.S. proceeds with plans for missile defenses in Europe, which are intended to counter Iran, not Russia. You can bet Russia will use this treaty at every opportunity to try to stop further missile defense deployments in Europe.

    There’s also the question of verification. It has always been difficult to confirm the number of deployed warheads in Russia’s arsenal. Because the new treaty limits warheads specifically, its verification regime should at least be able to account for all warheads – not just an estimate based on the number of warheads each launcher typically carries. The inability to verify the number of actual warheads in Russia’s arsenal means it conceivably could load more warheads onto each launcher and exceed the total warhead number the treaty allows without getting caught.

    The biggest mistake of this treaty, however, is that Mr. Obama is completely misreading Russia’s intentions. Russia’s nuclear and conventional weapons arsenals are declining faster than ours, due to age and funding, so of course they want to bring our levels down to theirs. But Mr. Obama doesn’t seem to realize he is playing right into the Kremlin’s strategy of relying more, not less, on nuclear weapons over conventional ones. The total number of nuclear weapons may shrink, but the net result of this treaty will be to accentuate the role of nuclear weapons, particularly in Russia’s military planning.

    Why? Because with this treaty the Russians are trying to constrain our advantage in conventional (non-nuclear) “strategic” weapons, including missile defense, in order to accentuate the power of their nuclear arsenal. So even if the overall levels of nuclear weapons are lower, their strategic importance would be greater in maintaining the military balance. This treaty thus codifies Russia’s interest in maintaining the centrality of nuclear weaponry – subverting the administration’s lofty intentions to use this treaty as a step toward universal nuclear disarmament.

    Ultimately, if ratified, this treaty will indeed mean the death of any zero-nuke option. It feeds Russia’s expectations that it can effectively challenge the U.S. and still maintain a peer relationship with us through its reliance on nuclear weapons. No matter what the Obama administration may think, the last thing the Kremlin wants is to junk these weapons.

    The Senate will take its time to review this treaty. Two-thirds are required to ratify it. You can bet that many senators won’t be rushed into a shotgun wedding. Nuclear treaties, unlike many marriages today, are very hard to get out of. Get them wrong, and worse things than a messy divorce can happen.

    This article originally appeared in the Washington Times

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    3 Responses to Crashing Obama's Nuclear Wedding

    1. RON PLANTE says:






    2. Ruhel Chisty MRACI C says:

      I=Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A , Think that USA must provide Nuke deal to Pakistan =1,2,3,4,5 =support real people then con, fake ,fraud , low profile , and with out base

      Proved Work of ISI and Pakistan Army with Pentagon ,NATO from 1975 to 2000 and from 2002 to till today , and compare with USA Enemy nation ally =IB,RAW ,Indian army with Russian Army and KGB !!??

      IB,RAW ,Indian army==manmohan@sansad.nic.in, soniagandhi@sansad.nic.in, office@tharoor.in !!?

      have record of even its =have training from KGB ,Russian army with Russian weapons with Indian , Russian military – satellites with Hindu =secular Hindu !!??

      (1) Zero =0 , kill of Hindu terrorist from past 1989 to till today ,

      (2) Zero kill of Taliban from 1975 to 2000

      (3) Zero Kill of al Quida from 1975 to till today .

      (4) But These secular Hindu =Hindu = IB,RAW ,Indian army, have strong records of kill of lacks of civilian ,Innocent arm less , Kashmir ,Assami people as they are Christen ,Muslim , from past 30 years =1070 to till today .

      But ISI =Pakistan Intelligence =and Pakistan army have these records

      (1) Pentagon ,NATO told to ISI and Pakistan Army given training Afgani to kill Russian Terrorist =Russian Army from 1970 to 1995 =25 years .

      (2) They = ISI ,and Pakistan army did successfully there job and given results of killed 20,000 to 500000 Russian terrorist =Russian army people !!?? just in 25 years . its was proved work of ISI ,Pakistan army with Pentagon ,NATO in 1970 tom 1995 .

      (3) then from 2002 to till today , Pentagon ,NATO told to ISI and Pakistan Army , Police , kill Taliban ,Al Quida , they did start in 2002 till 2009 Jan they killed 5000 Taliban ,Al Quida people by Pakistan police army ,ISI , Its was bush Jr period =when he was president of USA . A republicans .

      (4) Then respected Barack Obama time came , he told to ISI and Pakistan Army , Police , kill to Taliban ,Al Quida , and just in 1 years =Jan 2009 to till today 08-04-2010 They killed 1200 Taliban ,Al Quida ,

      this is call difference between secular hindu ,hindu and Pakistan police ,Army ,ISI ,

      Now I think that Hindu =Indian army is doing high level human crime against civil , innocent in Assam ,Kashmir from past 30 years , from past 1975 to till today , and Hindu =india are doing , Orissa 2008 Christen Genocide ,Looting ,rape gang rape ,Live burn , Karnataka 2008 Christen genocide , Chatisgarh 2007-2008 Christen genocide .Gujarat 2002 Genocide , Victims still suffering from Justice after 1 years to 7 years pass out !? as they are Not Hindu ,they are Indian Christen ,Indian Muslims !? This PMO = Prime minister Office New Delhi= manmohan@sansad.nic.in, soniagandhi@sansad.nic.in, office@tharoor.in And CMO given , 60000 mental cases Assam Christen , 89000 mental cases Kashmir Muslims just in past 30 -20 years given by MI,IB,RAW ,CID, Hindu ISI ., 60 ,000 murder of Human in Kashmir , 50 ,000 murder of human in Assam in past 30 years by Hindu Army !! ?? 12 lacks forced unemployed christen in Assam 20 lacks forced unemployed Muslims in Kashmir 30 lacks Muslims business losses in Kashmir ,15 lacks christens business losses in Assam, past 30 years !!??

      Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A date 08-04-2010 cell 00919636919708

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      ,Pl I am one of the reviewer in International Journal of Psychology and Counseling
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      (1) New Dimension Against Terrorism: A New Sensor (Ruhel-Sensor) Three Different Sensor's Coupling CCD (CMOS) Sensor and Rodamass Sensor (Rode of Eye) – Coupled Olfactory Sensor-Olfactory-Enzymes Sensors Chisty R = .www.iupac.org =www.iupac2003.org P,21 ( AE-1.P033),: IUPAC – CSC 2003 Scientific Program TUESDAY, AUGUST 12 , AE – Analytical/Environment – Poster Session Chair: TBA , RChisty ,39Th IUPAC Congress and 86th conference of the Canadian society of Chemistry Aug 10-15 ,2003 Ottawa ,Ontario ,Canada = Against Weapon of mass destruction =WMD .(2) I am not Indian . Ruhel date 11-02-2010

      , Indian Those 145 helicopters USA made still of India earth from past 1975 b’se this Indian =Secular Hindu =Cheap , did Nuke bomb test in1974 with out permission of Canada who provide Nuke reactors to this poor poverty rich hindu those have 8.0 to 9.0 to 10.0 GDP from past 1995 to till 2008 !!?? even then Bush Jr give this Hindu nation 1,2,3 nuke deal with out any work !!?? even his father Bush Sr did not visit india in his whole life till now =his age is 90 years !!?? he was president of USA also !!??

      while Indian government providing Z-Security =Commando ,to Hindu terror ,people =Like Ashok Singhal , Praveen Togadia, LK Advani , RamVellas Vadantii these all are from VHP =Vishav Hindu Parisad ,and for each of these Hindu terror ,Indian government is consuming 1.2 Million $ per annum !!?? these all have proven record of provoke to murder ,kill ,riots , genocide ,gang rape with Nuns !!?? Its all due to , PMO==Prime minister Office New Delhi ,Dr Manmohan Singh is having , schizophrenic –(Local and foreign) policies for me also + Assam ,Kashmir , from past 30 years ,and Ruhel Chisty MRACI CChem A ,Life from past 1991 to till now 2009 31st July 2009 !! That why Many innocent killed in Assam ,Kashmir , by Hindu army =MI,IB,RAW !! As these living people are Not Hindu ,they are Indian Christen And Indian Muslims !!

      This PMO = Prime minister Office New Delhi And CMO given , 60000 mental cases Assam Christen , 89000 mental cases Kashmir Muslims just in past 30 -20 years given by MI,IB,RAW ,CID, Hindu ISI ., 60 ,000 murder of Human in Kashmir , 50 ,000 murder of human in Assam in past 30 years by Hindu Army !! ??

      12 lacks forced unemployed christen in Assam 20 lacks forced unemployed Muslims in Kashmir 30 lacks Muslims business losses in Kashmir ,15 lacks christens business losses in Assam, past 30 years !!?? Victims still suffering from Justice Orissa 2008 Christen Genocide ,Looting ,rape gang rape ,Live burn , Karnataka 2008 Christen genocide , Chatisgarh 2007-2008 Christen genocide .Gujarat 2002 Genocide after 1 years to 7 years pass out !!!?? while RAW ,IB ,MI is working like pet dogs for LK Advanni , Mr. Narandra Modi 2002 Gujarat genocide chief Minster that time ,Naveen patnayak , 2008 Orissa Christen genocide –Chief Minster that time , then Karnataka chief Minster =Karnataka 2008 christen genocide , Chattisgarg chief Minster 2007-2008 Christen genocide ,these all are again reelected chief minister by Hindus !! and RAW,IB,MI ,CIDs ,police of India are working like pet dogs for these all people !! those did support in Christen ,Muslim genocide from 2008 to 2002 !!?? as these all are Hindu ,Dr Manmohan Singh is Hindu !! so prime minister of india support to Hindus up to this level !!?? while Mumbai 1989-1993 ,Hindu Muslims riots ,done by Hindu ,victims are still suffering from Justice as they maximum are india minorities =Muslims christen !!?? so Indian government do not bother about them as Its Hindu nation !!??

      (1) I read summery of Book= Who Killed Karkare? The real face of terrorism in India by S.M. Mushrif [Former, IG Police, Government of Maharastra ,India ]

      = ( Hemant Karkare =ATS=Anti terrorist Squad Chief Maharastra government ,India ), Publisher = Pharos Media =www.pharosmedia.com ) New Delhi , Price= 300 Indian rupees =25$ , Pages =319 ,

      ISBN-10: 81-7221-036-1; ISBN-13: 978-81-7221-036-6 ,Year: 2009

      Ruhel 26-01-2009 , Note ,Please these Z-Security =Commando provider Indian government is India’s so called secular party =Congress party ,from past 5 years of there rule , while BJP =RSS provide them security from past 1990 to 2003 !!=13 years !!?? While BJP=RSS Given MP =Member of parliament ticket to , Manoj Pradhan =Prime accused of 2008 Kandhmal anti christen riots those killed 60 Indian christen ,he is in jail But he given BJP Ticket for 2009 Indian elections from G Udayagiri assembly ,India , he win the election also ,Now he is MP =member of parliament in India !!?? Ruhel date 16-08-2009 Udaipur Raj india , while in this Hindus nation ,Victims of genocide are still suffering from Justice =Their basic human rights , from past 1 year to 7 years !!??as they are Not Hindu ,they are Indian Christen ,Indian Muslims !!?? Date 25-08-2009 Ruhel .

      It look like that Hindu Taliban leaders are getting security from Ruling government of this Hindu nation India !!??

      While India have , Arun Gawli = Member of Parliament ,from Mumbai =Don = a notorious criminal turned politician =Mumbai Don ,who filled the vacuum created by Dawood Ibrahim's !! Gawli was at one point actively supported by Bal Thackeray !!= http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arun_Gawli !!?? Ruhel Date

      Ruhel Chisty ( MRACI-C.Chem A) .

      23 AA Kishan pole Udaipur –Raj , 313001

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      Passport Number:-E-6884179 Validity date =28/09/2013

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