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  • Morning Bell: Obama's False START

    Obama and Medvedev sign new START

    Just hours before President Barack Obama unveiled his Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) on Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov told reporters in Moscow that the Kremlin maintained the right to withdraw from the new START agreement if the United States pursued its missile defense program. Late last night, the White House responded to Lavrov’s statement, insisting: “The Russian statement does no more than give the United States fair notice that it may decide to pull out of the New START Treaty if Russia believes our missile defense system affects strategic stability. We believe it doesn’t.”

    But the Russians couldn’t care less what the Obama administration believes about missile defense. The Russians have made it exceedingly clear that Kremlin compliance with the treaty will evaporate at any point when Moscow decides our missile defense program threatens them. And the Russians have already said repeatedly that they believe it does. There is a good reason that neither Russian President Dmitri Medvedev nor Prime Minister Vladimir Putin have uttered a word about the treaty in public. As New York University professor of Russian Studies and History Stephen Cohen told MSNBC just seconds after Presidents Obama and Medvedev signed the agreement: “Politically it is an unstable treaty.” Why should the U.S. Senate ratify a treaty that Russia maintains it can exit at any time?

    President Obama’s New START has other problems as well. The Russians have a long and well documented history of violating arms control agreements. By focusing intently on numerical arms reduction, it is unclear what ground Obama gave up on verification. There is also legitimate concern that the President has not yet met requirements under U.S. law (sec 1251 of the 2009 Defense Authorization Act) to adequately address the modernization of U.S. nuclear weapons and infrastructure before entering into a new arms control agreement. But President Obama’s NPR promises not to develop any new nuclear weapons. That’s an odd promise since Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Iran and North Korea are all doing so.

    Taken together, New Start, the NPR and next week’s Nuclear Security Summit all raise significant questions about the soundness of the administration’s nuclear strategy. The President has made it clear that he sees the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty as the core of U.S. nuclear policy. But maintaining an effective nuclear force that protects the United States and its allies and combating proliferation and nuclear terrorism are not incompatible, as the President’s strategy suggests. The last administration made significant strides in countering proliferation, including establishing the Proliferation Security Initiative.

    It is President Obama’s nuclear strategy that is contradictory. By having a smaller, less reliable, less credible nuclear force, the President’s strategy will increase the incentive for nuclear proliferators and the reliance of other states on nuclear weapons — the world will become a more, not less dangerous place. As The Wall Street Journal reminds us today: “To the extent that more states haven’t gone nuclear, the reason has been U.S. power, not a treaty. Japan, Taiwan, South Korea and Canada could build a bomb in a week, but instead they have long relied on America’s nuclear umbrella to deter aggressors. A credible U.S. nuclear deterrent is the world’s greatest antiproliferation weapon.”

    The right U.S. defense strategy would emphasize a modernized, credible nuclear force; comprehensive missile defense; and robust conventional forces, as well as vigorous efforts to prevent proliferation, illicit trafficking in nuclear technology and materials; and combating terrorism. This will provide for a more robust and effective deterrence for the post-Cold War World.

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    70 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's False START

    1. Turner, Massachusett says:

      The Russians are just letting Obama have his photo opp for his news conference led by his government managed mainstream media services. Obama can put another "check" on his liberal to-do list.

    2. Joe Ruffino, Merrick says:

      The more I see of the harmful effects of Obama overall decisions the more I am becoming to believe that he is the Anti-Christ.

    3. Ranger Don, Michigan says:

      Excellent analysis. In fact it is so obvious I wonder what our commander in chief is really thinking and how he has convinced senior military officials to follow him. I am ready to join the camp of conspiracy theorists and examine the dark cloud of deception that has permeated our nation's leadership. Our leadership is blind and the ship of state is almost on the rocks.

    4. John Lindsey, Winter says:

      Is it possible to file charges of treason against the President for weakening the defense of the United States? If I am not mistaken, he took an oath to defend and protect this nation from all enemies foreign and domestic. His policies are destroying this Nation's ability to remain sovereign.

    5. Lynn Merrill, Lehi U says:

      Thank you for the article. This president's decisions to hold us back in

      developing new weapons or even to keep up with other nations borders

      on UNAmerican! His motives are surely questionable. This goes far

      beyond taking us into socialism. He is not a trustworthy man.

    6. infinitewisdom4u says:

      when it is exceeding obvious that the us COULD drop a nuke into the bedroom of any leaders palace then there is a real disincentive to do stupid things,,like building a nuke. once it is clear that the us will not do so,,,and will refrain from doing so under x type conditions, then challengers will rise and allies will not feel as safe as they once did.

      it is a fantasy world that obama seeks. while we all would love the utopian dream of endless peace and cooperation by all, the real world requires that keepers of freedom MUST be staunch defenders of freedom and freedom loving nations.

    7. William Downey, JD L says:

      Presidents often pick and choose which laws they will abide by and this one is no different. Mr. Obama will get his way in the Senate, even if it is an invitation to disaster. The United States apparently had adopted the posture of appeasement.

    8. toledofan says:

      Everything this administration touches, tarnishes. How can smart people be just so stupid knowing they are not only becoming the laughing stock of the world, they can't be taken seriously. Example after example shows the ill of their ways, yet it doesn't matter, their arrogance supercedes reality. The only thing the 'government' is really responsible for, our security, and they even can't do that right. No wonder the administration is so hellbent on disparaging the tea party movement, they have outed the hypocracy and exposed the real problem.

    9. Ken Allison, Tyler says:

      Why does this development, "raise questions about this administration's stategy"?

      There is no question that has not already been answered. This administration's strategy is to "Fundamentally transorm America" into a European-style failed state with serfs (actually proles) rather than citizens. No intenational credibility and a weak military.

      You at Heritage do nice work but I sure wish you would quit pussy-footing around the idea that this guy is doing what he openly warned us he would do when elected. Quit playing nice. He's not.

    10. Chris Davis, CA says:

      Let's face it, we have an idiot in the white house who is about as reckless as they come. I didn't say he was ignorant, just reckless.

      The conservatives must show up in November, to put a halt to the seizures of our freedoms and security by this liberal faction.

    11. MJF, CT says:

      In order to prevent confrontation, you have to make the opposition understand that you have the better weapon and most importantly, are not afraid to use it. THIS is what bought the World peace in the Cold War, not disarmament. Especially now, where we have terrorists and dictators that want to flex their muscles, we have to be able to flat out tell anyone who threatens us that we will go the FULL distance if necessary. It's an old battle tactic that still works…. make 'em sweat, make 'em fear you, make 'em surrender.

      Unfortunately, President Obama was only a community organizer and never the leader of anything, so he has no clue how to negotiate anything. His form of negotiation is kiss their posterior and they will like us. The "bammer" would lead a platoon into battle and surrender at the first shot!

    12. Katie Lou, Kansas says:

      We have to get this administration

    13. United States says:

      Neville Barack Quisling Obama has had another photo-op. Let me give it a title. " Peace in our time, this time ". M

      My name is Obama. Look on my works ye mighty, and despair !

    14. Ken Jarvis says:

      GOP "are allergic to facts and truth.

      They react like vampires to crosses."

    15. Jim Roumeliotis - Hu says:

      Todays president seems to be living in la la land. In 48 years of policial studies I have never experience an administration that can do nothing right….until now.

      They couldn't do worse if they tried.

      It is becoming a joke…this (what is a less offiensive word for moron) phoney intellect is making America the laughing stock of the world……do something right for a change…..resign now.

    16. Radar in VA says:

      Baraq will go down in history along side Chamberlain, only leaving even more death and destruction in his wake.

      TO the Obozo-Zombies, enjoy your Dope and Chains.

    17. Terry, Plano, TX says:

      I believe Congress has to approve all treaties. Is this an other attempt to vioate the Constituition? Is Executive Priviledge being used to destroy the Americian Republic?

    18. Terry, Plano, TX says:

      The Congress must approve all Treaties.

    19. Terry F, Plano, TX says:

      I want this President to lasten to the people.

    20. Laurie in Indian Tra says:

      How nice for those who've never contributed their fair share for most of their lives. My husband and I have ALWAYS held jobs. No, we weren't born with a silver spoon in our mouths, in fact we've struggled to get an education while holding our jobs and being full time parents at the same time. (Couldn't get any of that free money for our education, because we made too much $$) Now, we are unemployed, both laid off and guess what? We just had our taxes done and we have to take money out of our savings to pay taxes higher then we EVER had to pay while those 47% won't be paying any taxes at all. HOW IS THIS FAIR?????

    21. J. Guidry, Battlefie says:

      This is clearly the most naive president we have ever had in the White House. Apparently, he knows next to nothing of history and the unreliability of Russia to live up to its agreements and treaties on just about anything. This man is either incredibly stupid or so smart he doesn't think in a logical manner. A high IQ does not necessarily go along with common sense nor logic, he may be one of those people. Although I don't see the high IQ operating here. Just narcissistic behavior and illusions of grandeur, they kind of go together. He is unfit for the office he holds and needs to be impeached or neutered. Can't wait for November 2010.

    22. Anita Metairie says:

      Who is going to verify that Russia will live up to her agreement. Somebody better this so called high IQ idiot that you can not trust these people. Although, it seems he's not worried about a situation like this. He wants to kiss and cuddle all of our advisaries and kick our friends, England, Israel, Afgan., etc. Enjoy yourself because come 2012 you also will be in the unemployment line.

    23. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      We now have a new Axis of Evil. It includes Russia, Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea.

      This reminds me of Neville Chamberlain's proclamation of "peace in our time" after

      Munich. World War III will begins soon after North Korea and Iran get nukes and have


    24. john Arizona says:

      Does anyone remember the main street media commenting about Obama's lack of foreign affairs experience, or his distain for the military during the campaign?

      Sounds to me like more of the liberal bent, so let's all start learning the words to KumBaYa, so when we meet the Russians, or Iranians, or North Koreans, we will all be able to sing and hug, because they're all such nice folks. They wouldn't think of taking advantage of some liberal socialist who believes the world is full of nothing but nice folks who would never bring harm to anyone, especially the lay-down government of the USA!

    25. Barb, Delafield, WI says:

      Obama has it backwards yet again. Speak softly and carry and big nuclear stick. Obama is still singing kum-ba-ya.

    26. Drew Page, IL says:

      Apparently the Russians find Mr. Obama as difficult to believe as most Americans.

      Of course they are reserving the right to back out of any strategic arms limit agreement. I don't think they were favorably impressed with our encouragement to "Just sign the agreement. You'll learn what's in it later."

    27. William D. Jackson says:

      The Strong Stand and the Weak Fall. How much Back ground check was Actually done on the Big "3" that are now running Our Country? Has America fell Asleep in the Past "30" years ? God Helps Us in the direction we are now headed !

    28. Don, Texas says:

      It is clear that Obamas objective is to bring down Amrica on every level. This is treason, and should be treated as such.

    29. Norbert, Ohio says:

      History Repeats Itself!! We are failing to learn from lessons of the past. President Obama reminds me of Neville Chamberlain and his administration of appeasement. Look what that got us World War 2. Millions lost their lives! Even Teddy Roosevelt, a big time progressive, believed in walking softly but carrying a big stick.

    30. R.M. Allen, Huntsvil says:

      How many times do we have to see the same tactical slight of hand before we recognize the trick? I believe this "treaty" should be viewed in light of the demonstrable behavior of the Obama administration. The treaty is not an end in itself, but a means to the larger goal, just as the Health-care Reform Law is only a stated first step in the bigger "Transformation" of our form of government. Knowing this treaty is "politically unstable", it sets the stage for the next long-term trans-formative move. The political instability to be created is intentional and will be used to eventually create fear and perceived crisis of such proportions that the only answer will be to give up more power and sovereignty to a larger global governing body.

      The "Progressives" have been telling us their Harvard and Oxford educated Utopian dreams for almost a century, and all of a sudden we're not suppose to believe their goals? By actions and words, we appear to have a socialist kool-aid drinker for a president by which major action is intended to achieve those ends, always justifying the means with the right amount of political manipulation to retain power and momentum. Whatever the end ultimately looks like, it sure as hell doesn't include liberty and freedom and a representative republic as we know it. In the Progressive Utopian fantasy world, we'll all be one big global family with no need for military defense. Swords to plowshares….and hammers and sickles.

    31. Richard Cancemi says:

      Obama continues to sell us and our “friends” down the drain. He is a menace to the USA and needs to be ousted ASAP! He is an incompetent President because of his blindness to all that is not socialist activism and anti-Americanism!

    32. Rich,Phila.Pa. says:

      Didn't the world's leaders after World War one,have a disarmament pact,Russia,Italy,Germany & Japan,did not comply.This was back in the 1920's and you know what happened starting in the Thirties till 1945.History does repeat itself and its not all of the President's fault,some of the blame is on the people who put him in office!

    33. Duncan Druhl says:

      It is difficult to perceive whether this “treaty” exemplifies just a weaker foreign policy than Carter’s inept and fundamentally destructive mistakes or an actual case of sucking up to every despot and tin pot totalitarian in the known world. There is also the misguided notion that such public actions are mere campaign positions for those radical left elements in the US to whom this president owes his political life. However, the latter possibility is even more frightening than the naiveté inherent in the first options.

      Even further afield is the theory that this is an overt suck-up with an unpublished covert tough guy agenda. The real problems develop when the public face of weakness encourages every lunatic fringe out there to “have at” the former big guy in the world, as that posture inevitably does. It then becomes difficult to maintain the weak front while beating off the world’s nut-bags.

      From which Cracker-Jack Box is this administration drawing its foreign policy; the same one from which it drew the cabinet appointments?

    34. Carl Davis says:

      President Carter was a wierdo but President Obama is absolutely clueless about the real world . His disdain for the Constitutional Gov’t of the USA is treasonable!

      Pelosi and Reid and the majority of Democrat Senators and Congress members really deserve to be ousted in Nov 2010 elections if for no other fault than arrogant stupidity—they knowingly concocted a power grabbing bill mislabeled
      Healthcare Reform!

      Fight organized crime–vote ‘em all out in 2010

    35. Karen Gibbs, Georgia says:

      How can a U.S. president get away with this type of thing? When is common sense and the dedication to preserving our nation going to return? What benefit is there to weakening our country's defense while other nations continue to strengthen theirs?

    36. paul sudmeier, Idaho says:

      Hate to nitpick but intelligent people ought to start getting it right when they mention who “could care less”. If a person could care less that means that they care enough so that there is some room below their level of caring. What they obviously mean is that they couldn’t care less. Why is something this simple so often used in error?

    37. Merrill , RENO, NV says:

      Our Secretary of State, Ms. Clinton, should have maintained her Nuclear Position that she professed during her 2008 Presidential Campaign and prevented the Obama manipulators from reducing our stability in this very real Nuclear THREAT.

    38. Lloyd Scallan - New Orleans area says:

      Most of the World is laughing at the United States because of Obama. Our decades long allies are cringing because of Obama. Only two reasons for
      Obama’s decisions to put this country in harms way. One, he is that stupid and/or naive to believe Russia will ahere to any agreement. Two, he is DELIBERATELY putting us, and our allies, in a position that makes us subject
      to any two-bit thug country to attack without any response.

    39. ds harris, New York says:

      The fact that Russia continues to supply arms to Venezuela, and encourages a regime that is destabilizing peace in Latin American, while at the same time concluding an arms treaty with the US in an extreme contradiction. The administration has remained silent on the arming of Venezuela, when it should have preconditioned the arms treaty on stopping the arming of Venezuela.

    40. Paul Terry Stone, Sumter, South Carolina says:

      Obama lives in an ideal world where disarmament is possible and will magically happen if we do so first without conditions. And we have to suffer for it.

    41. William Streed, Guyt says:

      I am not clairvoyant or overly bright, however I can see and hear a CON ARTIST at a great distance. As P.T. Barnum built his empire on those who could not differentiate between the actual and the fantastic, we have too many voters who did not take time to really listen to O'Bammer say explicitly that he was going to TRANSFORM AMERICA. The Democratic party has been taken over by ACORN, SERVICE EMPLOYEES INTERNATIONAL UNION, CIO AND AFL AND OF COURSE THE FEDERAL, STATE AND MUNICIPLE UNIONS which bought him into office. We cannot buy him OUT of office, however in November, we can vote his congressional leadership and followers out in time to save the United States from more harm.

    42. Gloria E. Diaz; Orleans, MA says:

      What concerns me deeply is how is it that Secretary Gates and General Mullen able to put their stamp of approval on O’Bama’s foolish position that shows such naivete and ignorance. Has this administration learned nothing from Reagan’s administration? He puts our nation at risk. Strength is the only thing Russia and our Middle Eastern enemies respect.

      Is it any wonder Israel says that this is the worst administration ever they’ve have to contend with. They live in fear for their existence. Now this!

    43. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      I am wondering when the PEOPLE of our country will wake up and realize the POWER THEY REALLY have under our constitution and Bill of Rights, and do what is necessary to TAKE BACK and KEEP the USA from these so -called PROGRESSIVES, which is EXACTLY what THEY ARE NOT! They are REGRESSIVES based on their HATRED of everythiung we as a country has achieved. All you have to do is LISTEN TO OBAMA…PURE HATRED OF THE US and "MOST" of its people! Watch what he DOES which is even WORSE…POLICIES designed to DESTROY Corporations, DESTROY the medical community, DESTROY JOBS, DESTROY CHRISTIANITY, DESTROY FAMILIES, DESTROY our military advantage…and the MEDIA is helping him do it. Like Hitler said…CONTROL WHAT THE PEOPLE KNOW AND YOU CONTROL THE PEOPLE. How much longer will we accept this? The Right is for FREEDOM OF SPEACH. The LEFT says the RIGHT should be SHUT UP. Easy to see which side wants to CONTROL EVERYONE!

    44. Jim Delaney says:

      As a kid, I never enjoyed “Alice in Wonderland”, but as an adult I enjoy Obama Land even less.

      Barry’s sophomoric view of the real world is both manifestly clueless and reckless. November 2010 and 2012 can’t come soon enough. Just hope we all survive ’til then.

      While treaties can never supersede the Constitution, something the Washington elites must bear in mind going forward, treaties can never be allowed to weaken our nation’s defenses either.

      To be ratified, the treaty requires 67 votes. My hope is that there are sufficient America-first Senators on both sides of the proverbial aisle remaining to reject ratification. And so long as the RINOs don’t once again meekly accommodate their Progressive colleagues, the treaty should be dead on arrival. But, these are not normal, common sense times. While I utterly distrust the Progressive Senators, quislings in their own right, these days Americans can’t really trust the RINOs either. Residing in NY “served” (term used loosely) by two Progressive Senators, no sense my telephoning them to urge their opposition to the treaty. However, those of you with RINOs to contend with, hit ‘em hard. It might make all the difference in the world–our world.

    45. Bill Brownfield, Beverly Hills, MI says:

      The way things are going, it looks like Obama wants to take away from us old folks our arms along with our baby aspirin.

    46. TORRRR says:

      The Kenyon Wizard has out done himself and has still to discover the phrase: Unintended consequences!

    47. Brenda says:

      Pres. Obama does not have a clue about how America should be run. It is as though he has just moved here, or has never paid any attention to our government or has waited and bided his time to get total control and is estatic he is now able to make our wonderful nation into his own socialist regime removing our freedoms. He does not want us to have the freedoms we have always enjoyed. He is a total “control freak” and surrounds himself with those who will assure him things will be his way, climbing and stomping all over our, now sadden and frightened and worried, citizens. God, please help us.

    48. Katie Lou, Kansas says:

      We have to get this administration out of office in November!!! The RNC, the Heritage Foundation, and all campaigns need to blast the FACTS out there!!! In references to federal taxes paid, the top 10% pay 73% of all the federal income taxes. 47% pay NO federal income tax. That leaves 43% that pay 27% of federal income taxes. WE ALREADY “SPREAD THE WEALTH”!!!! How much more do they want?
      Get this message out there and don’t let the main stream media hide it any longer!!!

    49. L.C.Lawless Eaglevil says:

      The riseing is not far off.

    50. Ken in SB says:

      Article from the National Federation Independent Business Article


    51. Judith in Michigan says:

      The United States Constitution:

      Article II, Section 2, Claus 2:

      "The President ….shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur…."

      Has debate occured on this treaty, and, if not, when will it happen? The details and language of this were obviously in the works for some time. Why wasn't anything of any value reported until now, after the fact? Why has it been kept mostly "under wraps"? Who is involved in this collusion?

      I feel the citizens of the US who wish to defend & protect the US and our national security have an obligation to contact your Senators and DEMAND that this treaty not be ratified if it isn't too late already. The language is so horrifying, anyone with any intelligence at all will see that our national security will be rendered null & void.

      As a reminder to all of you radical leftists who love this mess, it is your tushes we are trying to save, too. You will not be exempted from the next attack on US soil.

      You, know…..a collateral damage. thing.

    52. William, Malta, Ohio says:

      What I'd like to say about the bamaman could NEVER be printed in this site. Just use your imagination, and perhaps you'll come close.

    53. Russell in Virginia says:

      I just wanted to thank you for your common sense approach to these issues, which seem to confuse so many. Keep up the good work!

    54. Ron Wren, San Franci says:

      It's "…couldn't care less" not "… the Russians could care less what the Obama .."

    55. Ron Wren, San Franci says:

      It's "…couldn't care less", not ".. the Russians could care less what the Obama.."

    56. Adam in Alaska says:

      The end of this article says it best. Security through strength.

    57. A. Terranova, Ormond says:

      For those of you who want to know who and what has influenced Obama's seemingly naive and impotent ideology in action, i.e. the New Start program w/the Russians, I urge you to read "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky where you will find the answer to this and other odd and "defenseless" policies.

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    59. B Lowe Utah says:

      I agree that we need to continue increasing our Nuclear Defenses and that no more or our weapons should be grounded. "If ye are prepared, Ye need not fear."

    60. Ken in SB says:

      There are two kinds of agreements the United States can enter into. One you speak of with ratification by 2/3 Senate and the kind that does not need to have to be ratified. the presidential agreement.

      If the Senate does not ratify the agreement,it won't be the first time even if the sitting Presidents honored the letter of the unratified treaty.

      As for the Cold War, Russia collapsed economically. Ronald Reagan, Condoleeza, everyone in his trust missed that one as they drove us deeper into the war time economical sludge that was trickle downdumb. Good for the defense industry. Now we're still buying c-17's we don't need to help maintain the 40 plus states economies that produce parts for that aircraft. None the less the layoffs are coming for that bird's employees. Even the HF will have to step to the plate and take the heat when this truth be told.

      Try reading Free Lunch and see whose picking up the tab.

    61. craig Sacramento, Ca says:

      It is becoming more obvious every day that job number one for Obama is to destroy our country as quickly as possible. Thus far he is succeeding admirably in this goal. We have one more opportunity to get rid of the nation destroying Democrats in November. If we can get a big Republican majority we can make Obama disappear by means of impeachment which he richly deserves. He is bar far the very worst president this nation has ever seen!

    62. Howard Wolf, Lake fo says:

      Silly me, I thought an agreement was something that neither side could walk away from on a whim. Obama celebrated what? Does he think that when we have lasers that can effectively destroy ballistic missiles in flight that this "agreement" will be honored? Oops,silly me again, he has no intention of creating any defensive system that will protect us. Those Iranians, North Koreans and al Qaeda are such swell people, we have nothing to worry about.

    63. Paula, Canton, Ohio says:

      Obama needs taken out of office IMMEDIATELY. His policies and political views are a threat to the US, the Constitution, and its citizens. Do we no longer charge anyone with Treason??

    64. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      The reason BHO has paid out almost $500,000. to prevent certain records from being opened alone should send up a bright red light. What is he hiding?? We used to have GOOD investigative reporters, if they smelled a story they relentlessly went after it, like a gog with a bone. Today you have glamour guys and gals on NBC, CBS,and ABC, CNN etc, these people glorify BHO, they don't ever question him. His TV SHOWS, are all staged, you don't get in to ask any question that he might not want to answer, every person is screened, people like you and I couldn't get in as we might boo him or ask a question about his past, his book etc. It's time to bring out the truth, wish I was younger, I'd be looking and I would start in Hawaii and Kenya. The odor coming from this WH is getting ranker by the moment. We also need to know how much all his flying from WH to where ever is costing the American people, also a comparrison to other Presidents.

    65. John, Colorado says:

      Russia and China probably already have secret completely underground facilities churning out new ICBM's daily. China has thousands of miles of tunnels. Russia has AMB weapons, and may have electromagnetic weapons. China has a general who has said two thirds of Americans ought to be killed with biological weapons, and one third kept as slaves. Our country is certainly rife with Russian, Chinese, and many other foreign spies and agents. Think of all the wealth, land, homes, cars, you name it, that is our enemies for-the-keeping, if they can just get the nuclear drop on us, and then they would have most of the rest of the world to do with what they want, also.

    66. C. Taylor, TX says:

      I need to seriously move to Isreal, they have balls. All though they are hated,at least they are not stupid or wimps. They know who to trust and it looks like they can no longer trust us because of Obama. Look at Obama's new found friends. What an idiot!!

    67. Sue From Detroit says:

      I never trusted the Obama Adminstration. Never will. We are all sitting ducks thanks to the progressives,but that is their plan. They hope to get rid of 90% of the human population and start fresh with their vision how this planet should be. Social engineering. They forgot one thing, God.

    68. Mal in Seattle says:

      BHO has been planning this for a long time (even when attending the madrassas) in Indonesia. Then to top it off – he meets S.Alinsky, and then of course the 20 or more years of R.Wright. Then to Columbia University (where for some unknown reason, no professor, student, office personnel or anyone) remembers his attendance..Oh well – I wish all citizens could say I feel so secure – after this treaty(?) And, as he believes, we should watch what we say about Islam. I wish he would leave and go there to participate in what he as a muslim is devoted to…

      We need to be rid of Obama, House of Rep., Senate, Czars, Agency Leaders, etc., and even activist judges if necessary as it says in our country's Declaration of Independence! It is the citizens' right and duty to throw off the abuses and usurping, and the tyrannical government – and to provide new Guards for their security…….

    69. Elisa, Florida says:

      Still haven't figured out who this joker is & how in the free world he got to be president! Everything he has stood for, from beginning of campaign until present day; has been a complete mockery of what this great nation is, has always been about! God help us all, if we don't get off of this crash course soon!

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