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  • Americanism vs. Islamism: The Other Side in the Battle of Ideas Takes the Field

    Yesterday, the same day news leaked that the Obama administration intends to abandon references to Islamist ideology in its review of U.S. national security strategy, the other team received a major boost. Tariq Ramadan, European Islamist superstar, arrived in New Jersey for a tour of the United States.

    Heritage Foundation friend and inspiration for the title of this post, the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, has tracked Ramadan’s career and upcoming visit in vigorous detail. The following press release and links concerning his trip are well worth a read for anyone concerned about where the U.S. is headed in the battle of ideas:

    AIFD urges critical engagement of Tariq Ramadan
    April 7, 2010
    Controversial European Islamist scholar coming to New York as he begins his American “Victory Tour”

    Leading Muslim organization warns Americans Muslims to be on guard as Tariq Ramadan enters US
    PHOENIX (April 5, 2010) -The American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) is warning Americans Muslims, to be on guard as Tariq Ramadan makes his first visit into the United States since the Obama Administration lifted a six-year ban on his entry. Ramadan will be speaking on April 8, 2010 at the Cooper Union in New York City as the guest of the ACLU, the American Association of University professors, the PEN American Center and Slate magazine. He will continue on to speeches in Chicago, Detroit, Washington, D.C. and Garden Grove, CA. that will benefit Islamist organizations within the United States.

    >AIFD considers Ramadan a threat to American Muslims because he puts a passive face on the ideology of political Islam and the concepts of Islamic supremacy that for many Muslims remains a dangerous slope to radicalization. Ramadan is considered a rock star to many European intellectual elites, but if he were engaged in genuine debate with dissenting Muslims people would see that the emperor has no clothes.

    “Tariq Ramadan’s entry into America needs to be met with open dialogue from the Muslim Community, non-Muslim organizations and the media on the real threat of Political Islam,” said Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, President and Founder of AIFD. “It is incumbent on all Americans, especially American Muslims, to engage Ramadan at any opportunity to demonstrate that the US Constitution trumps the construct of the Islamic State.”

    Ramadan’s lineage is well known. He is the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood Founder Hassan al Banna and the son of Said Ramadan who spread the Brotherhood to Germany where it eventually spread throughout Europe. While the words Muslim Brotherhood rarely leave his lips, Tariq Ramadan’s ideology is indistinguishable from the Brotherhood which is counter to the principles of liberty and freedom found here in America.

    “To give Ramadan an unfettered platform for his dissimulation while also perpetuating his message of victimization is to give him and his clerical colleagues a status which will forever retard real reform within Muslim thought,” said Jasser. “Real reform comes from those Muslim leaders with the personal strength of character to call for an end to the Islamic state and the separation of mosque and state. Ramadan has not. Rather he is a soft tongued global instrument of political Islam against the bulwark of real freedom and liberty as we know it in the United States.”
    We also bring your attention to a briefer AIFD prepared on Mr. Ramadan and his April visits at this link.

    It is not clear that the Obama Administration understands that the war against terror is also a battle of ideas. Islamist terror is driven by an extremist political ideology. And even when extremist ideology stops short of endorsing violence, it serves as a conveyor belt for ugly ideas that threaten Americans of all faiths, including Muslims, and our friends around the world. This is not a religious debate; it is a political one. Ignoring it will not make it go away.

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    21 Responses to Americanism vs. Islamism: The Other Side in the Battle of Ideas Takes the Field

    1. Cindy, Colorado Spri says:

      Why has heritage allowed advertising for the MIFC which is promoting Sharia financing? It seems to be in a direct contradiction to Heritages message. Can you explain this to me please? I am a report for a paper and I'm curious.

    2. Cindy, Colorado Spri says:

      I apologize… I got the wrong online group. It was American Thinker that had the ad for MIFC. But it raises a question though… why would any conservative group allow Sharia Financing on their website? You may delete these two posts of mine. Thanks.

    3. Hannah says:

      I've got to where I go outside and look at the flag on the post office to see if I'm still in America.

      Wasn't this man band from coming here at one time?? That's right his visa was formerly revoked by the State Department in February of 2004. Bush got it right.

      I consider the ACLU a terrorist group.

    4. Greg, Chicago says:

      The divides in America between Right and Left, Conservative and Liberal, Religious and Secular are real, important, and not going away.

      There are voices of clarity out there, helping to delineate the divides so that the rest of us can line up behind the positions we agree with.

      Here is one of the most important articles you will ever read:


    5. Richard Willoughby, says:

      I find it disgusting that this individual will be appearing in the Ronald Reagan center. This is akin to adding insult to the injury.

    6. MJF, CT says:

      The Obama Administration knows nothing about security or keeping its People safe. Tariq Ramadan was banned from the United States for a reason and the Obama Administration has ignored this completely. What do you expect from a closet Islamic as our President is. I hope that the FBI or CIA keep Tariq Ramadan under close surveillance while he is on our soil.

    7. Dennis Social Circle says:

      This is the dems and obama clan way, do not believe that we have a problem, stick their heads in the sand the problem will go away. America is not a mulsim nation, but is in fact a nation of freedom of religion. I do think people can worship in any way they choose, but do NOT try to make me worship in their way. The dems are trying to force the mulsim religion down our throats, and make us believe that is the only way to worship GOD. Obama and the dems are wrong!!!!!

    8. Tom, Okinawa, Japan says:

      I don't think the moderate Islamist American citizen has the courage to speak out against what Ramadan says. The Islamist appears to live in fear of retribution from the Islamic fundamentalist/terrorist. Also look at the sponsors who are supporting/guarding him, the ACLU in particular.

    9. John Sims says:

      Grass roots organizations such as the AIFD, American Congress For Truth, Act For America and many others neet to be made aware of such visits and make their presence know. To show up in numbers and not let such visits go unnoticed by the general public.

      We can thank the Heritage Foundation for this current information.

    10. Gerald Murphy says:

      Islam to the Muslim believer has no "stages", or "levels". Islam, as well as being a spiritual conviction, is a comprehensive explanation of history, and man's place within it. Many in the ummah do what is required of them to be good muslims, without doing anything historically notable. On the other hand, some are called to go into exile, and enter nations of unbelievers to prepare for their eventual and inevitable submission.There is no difference in zeal between the so-called "good muslim" and the so-called "exile". They are both saved.

      Islam is not a 100% pacific belief. It becomes pacifist, only after the regions of war have been pacified (by force if necessary), and made to submit to the will of god. While a region is left unpacified, unsubmitting, the work of god remains forever unfinished. At these times, islam is warlike, and need not depend on nation-war to make its jihad. It has a smaller jihad, done by individuals.

      This seamlessness cannot be explained away under the non-muslim rubric of "extremism" or "terrorism". The exile who works at advancing the ummah's place in the dar al harb is not different in belief, or in sanctity from the stay-at-home "good muslim" majority living under sharia, and does only what he is instructed by his teachers to accomplish. Thus those far inside the fold giving charity, and those expanding the lebensraum of the ummah on the far edges, both do the same "good work".

      Those in the west, especially idea-givers, must not forget this. In preaching about "extremism", they fail to reach those at peace deep within sharia, who give their hard-earned charity to support the point men, the fruit of islam, out in the dar al harb to do good (as they see it).

      The western notion of "extremism" has very little meaning for the islamic mind.

      Heritage needs to develop some new concepts.

    11. Reza says:

      Why don't we host a open air debate / meeting /Q&A and lets see what Prof. Ramadan has to say. Let’s test him and test our free speech we always wave around. Let the people get to see what kid of person Ramada is. I think Americans are smart to know if Ramada is dangerous or his critics are.

    12. Louis Levy Houston T says:

      The problem of counsciousness lie behind this artificial veil subtly maintained when it comes to Islam. Political islam, or fundamentalism are both artificial disvisons. The only reality is that Islam is a would be conquerant-dominant faith from its own founder. Man cannot go beyond mahomet when it comes to this religion since he is its progenitor. He is also the one who advocated and applied al these terror and meurders acts in his lifetime. How could somebody else talk about "moderate islam", "political islam'" and so forth.

    13. Louis Levy Houston T says:

      The koran and the book of hadith are full of all sorts of references which are what the hidden SPIRITUAL BEINGS WORKING FOR ISLAM ARE TRYING TO IMPLEMENT IN AMERICA.

      Invisibles microbes are responsible of visible sicknesses.

      Acting like a microscope is however a difficult task, especially in the highpolitics area where the hidden causes of known phenomena are far from being understood and accounted for what they really are.

      Let us suppose that the war on terror, our conventional wars in Iraq and Afghanistan frighten the Enemy and that in his subtle form, he is attacking us at home, controlling our official’s minds most of the time, pushing them towards goals and objectives that are the opposite of what the country needs.

      What proofs could we have to refute this affirmation?

      If we cannot, we might consider the possibility of huge deceptions, subtle acts of war, manifested throughout all these bizarre decisions, facts and acts. One of them, in this perspective is this recent healthcare bill, whose true enacter might be somehow occult.

      Most of us have heard about the Woman of the Bible, without having a clear understanding of the reality behind the concept.

      In physiological geography, Eastern people are rather feminine while Westerners are rather masculine. Nothing unusual or wrong about it as Nature bestows equally and justly qualities and goods. Being Westerner or Easterner is therefore just normal and natural.

      The case of a woman suffering from the Diana Complex however can be dramatic, especially if she acts on high levels, as she is characterized by an excessive possessiveness and the pressing need to control, mandate and dominate the male.

      Having attained a certain level of evolution, she is able to act, from an occult position, upon people who are unaware of her presence.

      This is what is behind most of America’s actual problems as she is seated on top of the Capitol, controlling our politician’s minds, with her helpers like Rat, especially the Democratic majority and the president, pushing them towards goals which are not in America’s best interest.

      We shall excuse the Democrats as they are unaware of what is happening. A professional practitioner writes

      ” Should you, for some unlikely reason, be singled out for attack by a trained and powerful magician, you will probably never know it. In the rare event that this should occur, you would probably march steadfastly towards the goals set for you, with little hope or chance of changing your course. When you are marching to his drum you may be entirely convinced that you are doing everything you desire and that your actions always represent your own best interests. The only clue that something might be wrong with a person under this kind of attack is that the individual experiences absolutely no difficulties or troubles in life. All goes perfectly as he answers to the sound of his new master’s voice. As this is not often considered to be a negative state in human affairs, it is very difficult to persuade anyone that he has any problems at all.

      It is always difficult to explain magic or the art of handling natural unknown things to people because of its occult dimension. The existence of microbes however might be of great help as people do experience the effects of sicknesses without being able to see the occult responsible except through microscope.

      What happened on early Monday at the House is the perfect example of this occult intervention of the Woman and this time she is somehow forced to set proofs or evidences which might be understood by most readers and pave the way to the wake up call most unaware American-the Democratic majority among them-need to undertake. They will then actively participate in the repealing of this bill.

      The prophet of Islam was born on March, the month and planet of war, just as illustrated in a verse from our great Seer, Michel; Nostradamus.

      Mars threatens us with warlike strength

      Seventy times will cause blood to be shed

      Exaltation and revile of the clergy

      Even more by those who wish to know nothing of them.

      Monday plays key role in his whole life his birthday, the beginning of his ministry, his death and so on.

      It is evident for those who see, and may we all have eyes to see and ears to hear, that on this month of March, on this early Monday, the Woman seated used great magic to push the House apply this verse from her own book, the Koran Chapter 9 verse 29:

      Dr. Mohsin: Fight against those who (1) believe not in Allâh, (2) nor in the Last Day, (3) nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allâh and His Messenger (Muhammad ) (4) and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islâm) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

      Jizyah means tax and is what those so called to be recruited IRS agents will enforce if the woman succeeds in luring some among us.

      Fortunately people will understand and stand for what should be, to shun this deception forever, for even the believer or the layman can understand that these hateful verses and mandates cannot spring from God the Father, the Supreme Creator who is Love, but rather, from Mahomet and his spirit.

      I call all Tea-Party Members; the backbone of this fight; the Republican and the Conservative Democrats to a Coalition that would tackle with these highpolitics issues and help save this country and ultimately the West and the world.

    14. Tony, Brooklyn, NY says:

      I dont believe we need to hear from this guy ! What's he going to say all the bad things that happen to us is because we brought it upon ourselves ?

      He is a publicity seeker , and Obama allows him a platform here in the states.

      Has anyone noticed that since we have been fighting these extremists , more of them are living in this country now ? Where I am living , the arab population practically outnumbers all other ethnicities , Sorry but this is wrong.

    15. Charles Lohman, AZ says:

      What's the threat? Do you really think his IDEAS will stir up the American Muslims. As a Muslim, and knowing many Muslims; no one cares about this guy! Besides he's talking during the new episode of "Dancing with the Stars." In other words, know your American-Muslim people! This is NOT the UK!!!

    16. Peter Sydney Austral says:

      Okay, so the ACLU will be there.

      How about an army of press reporters, opinion writers and the big news channels? Freedom doesn't count for anything if those who say they believe in it don't exercise it. I hope the reports go around the world for everyone's sake.

      Islamism's plans to deny us freedom are well set out in Dr Mark Durie's recent book, "The Third Choice" – Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom, Deror Books 2010 (see http://www.markdurie.com) and Dr Patrick Sookhdeo's book, "Global Jihad" – The Future in the Face of Militant Islam, Isaaac Publishing, 2007.

      The future is not pretty.

    17. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      We were like ostrich's with our heads in the sand and what happened?? 9/11, now we are going backward and if we are not vigilent and looking forward we will be doomed to repeat that fateful day. Before 9/11 signs were ignored,now this administration is weaking the barriers set, he is inviting another attack. Whether BHO wants to admit it or not, WE ARE at WAR, there are those who want to kill us, and I am not to sure that BHO is in on the plot, he sure does not want to defend us.

    18. DJ McCormick, Virgin says:

      We will remain ignorant and foolishly tolerant until the scimitar is at our throats, and then at the moment of our awakening it will be too late.

    19. Drew Page, IL says:

      The AIFD are the folks that need to be given equal time by the American Ass'n. of University Professors and the ACLU. Only the AIFD will be able to effectively provide the the other side of of Mr. Ramadan's public persona. Any non-Muslim rendering a less than complimentary interpretation of Mr. Ramadan's views would quickly be condemned as "hate speech".

      In this country you can only be critical of a minority person, their policies, their position or point of view if you belong to that particular minority, whether that group be black, Latino, Muslim, female or gay. To do otherwise will immediately get you labled racist, zenophobic, misoginyst or homophobic by liberals, their lap dog media and the ACLU. As we all know, straight white males are the group responsible for all the world's problems and the group, or class, from which all other classes of human beings on earth need to be protected.

    20. Al Wunsch, Fl says:

      " …It is not clear that the Obama Administration understands that the war against terror is also a battle of ideas. …" Are you kidding? The Obama admin knows exactly what they are doing. I can't think of another President or potential presidential candidate that would have opened the door as this admin has. Whether naivet or ignorant, some of the policies of this admin are extremely dangerous to this country.

      The only way to combat Islam and the Islamic extremists in the long haul is to mount a challenge to the theology behind Islam. Unfortunately, the academics in this country are afraid to mount such a challenge. If the muslims in this country do not assimilate and thus separate Mosque from State, we will eventually have to deal with the same problems Europe has. I personally don't believe that Islam, as presently envisioned, is compatible with the American way of life. Many of its members(U.S. citizens who converted to Islam) here in the U.S. are people who have been in trouble or have views in conflict with the tenets of Western Civilization.

    21. Drew Page, IL says:

      The AIFD certainly know this character a whole lot better than the rest of us.

      Do I think his ideas will stir up American Muslims? Maybe not all of them, but it only takes one to be convinced that a better life awaits him/her in paradise, even if they get there in a thousand pieces.

      I wonder if the liberals would be this open minded to an "exchange of ideas" with David Duke out in San Francisco?

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