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  • Side Effects: New Tanning Tax Burns Business Owners

    In the days and weeks following the signing of Obamacare into law, Administration officials have attempted to promote all of the legislation’s immediate impacts. Owners of tanning salons across the country are already seeing one of those immediate impacts—a whopping 10% tax.

    One salon owner in Western Oregon laments in an interview with a local TV station, “10% of everything you make to the federal government. That is tough on top of all of the taxes we are paying today.” Another salon employee at a Michigan-based business echoed those concerns in a separate interview complaining, “It’s not fair. This is a choice and now the government is telling you because you make this choice we are going to give you a 10% tax on this. Where’s it going to stop?”

    That’s a question many business owners are asking themselves these days. From the looming reinstatement of the estate tax to new regulations about employee health insurance, employers are reeling from taxes and the prospect of more to come. As we reported earlier this year, “one in 6.25 small business owners (PDF) who say now is not a good time to expand their businesses say the uncertain political climate is the reason.”

    In the video, some owners even discussed the possibility of closing because of the new tax burden. As one Nebraska-based business owner put it, “There comes a time when you have  to close your door and cut your losses.”

    Foundry readers will not be surprised that higher taxes often stunt job growth, a topic we’ve discussed here before. We just need the Obama administration and this Congress to get a clue.

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    17 Responses to Side Effects: New Tanning Tax Burns Business Owners

    1. Riverdale, Ga says:

      I think it's time the American people joined together in full force and we ALL refuse to pay any more tax period. How long can the Evil Corrupt Government last with no income.

    2. Joe, San Diego says:

      Where does it stop? It stops when all of your opponents businesses have failed and you have crippled them … this is about punishing those who have worked hard and become sucessful and can afford the finer things in life … because the dish washer can't buy a yacht, those who can must pay so the dish washer does not have to sacrifice through school or hard work to get ahead!

    3. Russell, Denver CO says:

      Those who believe our friends in the administration and congress are clueless, are themselves, clueless.

    4. Jill, North Carolina says:

      How much more damage can they do? We've got to shorten this and vote them out as soon as possible. This is heart-wrenching. I own 2 small businesses and one is on the verge of being closed.

    5. Michelle Greiner Lew says:

      Why should a tanning salon owner pay more tax for something that is a persons right to choose to tan or not. What about stores that cell cigarettes, because Obam smokes does it make it any less dangerous?What about the bars, stores ect that sell alcohol should they be taxed extra ? We all know that alcohol is a very addictive dangerous drug as are cigaretts. How many people kill others drunk, die from drinking and dirving and cancer, copd and other lung problems from cigarettes.What about the fact that i costs soooo much more to buy healthy foods than junk foods and we wonder why we have a problem in this country with obesity! I think we need to really think about what battles to fight. Obama needs to set an example and quit being a hipocritt. It's not do as we say not as we do!! People need to be resposible for themselves, not the goverment dictating what we should do when the president smokes the surgeon general is obese and no one can stop having affairs even with the same sex, or buying sex, or from prostitues, should we make it legal and tax the shit out of the prostitutes?? What about all the money given to lage corporations so they can go on lavish vacations? Whats happening to this country? I think we need to focus on the bigger picture!

    6. Joe, Seattle says:

      Note the shot of the salon owner's hands and what seemed like a not-so-subtle framing that focused on her diamond ring while the reporter's voice-over said the owner felt the tax was "too much to absorb."

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    8. kathy says:

      I think the tanning tax is an excellent way to boost revenue for a strapped government. Tanning beds are a luxury which have proven to cause serious health problems (skin cancer) which all of us pay for through higher health costs. Why not tax it to help pay for the costs.

    9. Miguel Saavadera says:


      Two problems with your idea ~

      One it is the government telling us (or this case punishing us for what THEY consider bad) ~ and as is often the case they got it half right.

      two: We need vitamin 'D' and the only true source of it is the sun (and by the way those 'bad' tanning salons). Rickets, internal cancers and bone deficiencies all are cause by a lack of vitamin 'D.' Yes, you are correct over-exposure to the damaging rays of the sun is bad for you … but it is a fine balance between natural timed exposure.

      And you would have to drink 4 gallons of milk to get enough for a daily does.

    10. Dumbfounded, Illinois says:

      In response to Kathy 4/7/10, 1:00 p.m…..

      I certainly hope that every decision you make, Kathy, is thoroughly considered beforehand as to how it will affect the costs to all Americans who pay taxes in this country. Do you drive too fast? Drive a “gas-guzzler”? Talk on a cell phone often? While driving? Do you ever eat fast food? Do you eat meat? Do you exercise regularly? I could continue, but if you have any brains you will have understood my point. The sad part is: now that the government controls health care (good heavens, it makes me ill to type that!) it is the business of the taxpayers what every citizen does that affects their health. Watch out, Kathy, one of your vices could tick me off, and I’ll make certain YOU have to be taxed further for whatever it is you like to do!

    11. Michael James says:

      Isn’t it interesting how those who have so little, because they have never been able to make something of themselves, are so anxious for those who are productive andf have worked hard to make something of themselves, should pay more taxes so the non-productive ones can have what the productive ones have. Sounds like maybe they would be happier living in a communist ruled country. After all, it’s only fair.

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    13. David, Loves Park, I says:

      I have Psoriasis and tanning beds seem to have a positive effect on the patches. I can use a petroleum based medicine, but trying to manage the amount of steroid I put in my body which is the active agent in the petro based medicine. Tanning beds reduce the size and severity of the patches, but going forward, I don't think this "luxury" will be available to me any longer.

    14. Matthew says:

      This like everything else, comes down to personal opinion. I could care less about tanning since I personally think it’s pointless. Need some rays? Go outside for christsakes. Drink 4 gallons of milk? ROFL. How about just pop a multi-vitamin? Maybe taxing tanning salons will eventually cause those over users to, I don’t know, maybe quit tanning so much? I guess getting skin cancer down the road and having enormous hospital bills doesn’t contribute more to the country’s healthcare issues. Oh wait…

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    16. sam says:

      Did the tobacco company's have to pay a tax as it's a leader of lung cancer or what about the worker's that work in the sun. Here's one what about all the people that go to the beaches. I feel there is a law which could change this tax.

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