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  • President Obama, Why Won’t You Defend Us?

    President Barack Obama today released five specific objectives regarding the United States’ future nuclear force, but the most important objective of all – defending the United States and its allies against strategic attack – was not among them. Now, it is up to Congress, the American people and America’s allies to ask the President a simple, pointed question: Why won’t you defend us?

    The release of the President’s Nuclear Posture Review (NPR) raises significant questions about the soundness of the Obama administration’s nuclear strategy. First and foremost, the President’s priorities for his nuclear strategy are contradictory. By having a smaller, less reliable, less credible nuclear force, the President’s strategy will increase the incentive for nuclear proliferators to produce weapons, and other states’ reliance on nuclear weapons will only grow. In short, the world will become a more dangerous place to live.

    Contrary to President Obama’s assertions, maintaining a strong nuclear deterrent and combating proliferation and nuclear terrorism are not incompatible goals. In fact, the previous administration made significant strides in countering proliferation, including establishing the Proliferation Security Initiative, which was designed to stop the trafficking of weapons of mass destruction.

    What’s more, existing U.S. declaratory policy, which as written under President Carter and reaffirmed by other Presidents, (including President Clinton after the Cold War ended), has served the United States well. As it stood, the policy was a simple, clear cut and forceful declaration of the U.S. policy on the use of nuclear weapons for self defense. Conversely, the declaratory policy stated in President Obama’s NPR is something only a lawyer could love and lays out a series of muddled conditions under which the United States would use nuclear weapons. That only serves to send confused signals to both allies and adversaries.

    There’s another problem with President Obama’s new nuclear strategy. As written, the NPR raises legitimate concerns that the President has not met requirements under U.S. law (sec 1251 of the 2009 Defense Authorization Act) to adequately address the modernization of U.S. nuclear weapons and infrastructure before entering into a new arms control agreement. In addition, the NPR wrongly argues that the United States should ratify the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT). This treaty would prevent the United States from developing the nuclear forces necessary to deal with today’s threats and saddle the United States with an increasingly obsolete nuclear arsenal designed for the Cold War era.

    So what’s the alternative? The right U.S. defense strategy would emphasize a modernized, credible nuclear force; comprehensive missile defense; and robust conventional forces, as well as vigorous efforts to prevent proliferation, illicit trafficking in nuclear technology and materials; and combating terrorism. That would provide for a more robust and effective deterrence for the post-Cold War World. In other words, it would do what nuclear weapons should – defend the United States and its allies.

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    39 Responses to President Obama, Why Won’t You Defend Us?

    1. susanm says:

      excuse me, but what kind of protection of the U.S. does obama have in this crazy deal. now do you expect the other nation will do the same.. who does he protect?

      NOT US.

    2. moderateGuy says:

      I would just like to know, how, and where, did some people still missed the fact that this "president" deeply and viscerally hates United States of America and everything it stands for. This is another piece of a puzzle he is putting together to once and for all emasculate US of A, its power, its ideas, its very raison d'etre.

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    4. greg, canada says:

      Obama is the enemy of the free world because he is anti-america and anti-capitalist and is a n undeclared muslim. Anyone here use Google?

      Folks he is bait and switch and his agenda isnt America's.

      The most dangerous man in the world, and not in a good way folks.

      there's already nothing left of the narcissist from nowhere that has not been proven a lie. Pure danger and dereliction of duty by MSM.

      Sorry but there's gonna be trouble because of this feeble weak lying ^&$^#%^**^

    5. winterhawk says:

      Obama, Commander in Chief? I think not. He embarrasses me with the military jacket he wears in front of our troops. As a veeteran, he embarasses me. He should shame himself. He is not a Commander in Chief.

    6. gordon davidson, mar says:

      Obama's new policy of unilaterally weakening our national security platform makes no sense unless we get something back in return which we are not. His overall foreign policy seems to be based on wanting to be liked by our enemies.

    7. Brad P. says:

      Since we have a huge advantage in conventional military technology, the less nukes there are in the world the better off we are.

      Basically I am wondering how many times we need to be able to blow up the world in order to protect ourselves, though. I am no fan of President Obama, but I cannot understand how maintaining and improving a nuclear arsenal that could obliterate any nation in the world a hundred times over is anything but a waste of resources, and how this could be possibly looked at as an unwillingness to defend the nation.

    8. tammy12 says:

      What a stupid question. Why Obama wont defend us? Because Obama has never cared for the US. He cares for himself, his glory, and his position as the 'Most Antiamerican' president in History. The US hating world must be having a field day…Great Job America: That's what happens when you elect someone with the names Hussein and Obama, who grew up in Pakistan and Indonesia; who's own American identity has been put in question; even his citizenship. Just the fact that his Americanism was put into question during the campaign along with his dubious relationships with people like Pastor Wright, Ayers, etc and his "wealth redistribution" response to that plumber guy, even if those were bogus claims, just the fact they existed, shouldve been reason enough to dismiss him as a prospect candidate. No white candidate wouldve filtered through those allegations and get elected. This is where PC is taking us.

      Wanted "Exotic"? Deal with it now.

    9. Germaine Botterell says:

      Obama and his administration are Internationalist-Socialist-Idealist-Greenist, and very anti-the-West.

      The individual members of the Obama Admin also happen to be power-hungry to degrees that few folk can even imagine.

      How many Democrat party members and voters are fully anti-West is a good question.

      Perhaps one-third, or is it two-thirds.

      Big struggle in coming few years, and the Western project is at great risk of being obliterated.

    10. Timothy L. Pennell / says:

      Why is he doing everything to KILL OUR ECONOMY? Why has he spent his entire life, surrounded by HATE and EVIL? Davis. Wright. Ayers and Dohrn. Farrakhan and the black Panthers. Khaleed Rashidi.

      Why has he refused to fund our MISSILE SHIELD? Why is he trying to DISARM US at every turn? Who would want the ONLY NATION ON EARTH, standing in the way of total DOMINATION by Totalitarian EVIL Regimes? Why is ISRAEL treated with such DISDAIN? More so, than ANY OF OUR ENEMIES?

      "And I saw the Beast rise from the sea. And he was given a 'Mouth', to speak Haughty and Blasphemous words. ("WE are the ones we've been waiting for.") And he was allowed to exercise authority for forty two months. Revelations 13-5.

      He is not the ONE we've been waiting for. He is the one who was FORESEEN. The ONE we've been FOREWARNED of.

      We'll find out bu JULY 2012. Won't we.

    11. Steve S. California says:


      To help you understand why this is construed as unwillingness to defend us, you must educate yourself, which requires intensive study on a wide range of materials, not repeating dogma (blow up the world). Search the Government printing office for books on the threats we face, (most importantly the EMP study)and the current status of our nuclear arsenal which is aging to the point of being unreliable. To even maintain credible arsenal (regardless of number of warheads available), which you should also study the history of to possess an accurate view of the current situation, takes action now, and becomes more difficult as time goes on due to long lead time and the absence of those with enough expertise to actually do it. This is not a tirade against further reduction in warhead levels, but an acknowledgement that potential adversaries still view nukes as the cornerstone of their national defense, and will not give up capability unless they feel that the negotiations leave them in a more powerful position than their potential adversaries. Also, consider that nukes are held by regimes that do NOT view the world as anything but an eventual addition to their regime regardless of costs (to us in particular).Even the policies of the past (MAD) won't be effective, nor will appeasement. The final key to this issue is that unlike the beginnings of WWII, we do not have the luxury of recreating our industrial base to arm us. When the situation rises (and it Will), we will fight with what we have, with no do overs. Mr. Obamas decisions about all things defense related have been,and will prove to be, nothing short of disastrous. Puffery (look it up) guides his decisions, not history, common sense or his technical experts, who he constantly ignores. Unfortunately, it is later than we thing. He will be seen by history as, among other things, a modern day Neville Chamberlain, with the same disastrous consequences for humanity. I really hope you'll expend the effort on this. Nowadays most of us can't be troubled to do due diligence as citizens of a free nation. "Those who would be both ignorant and free are wishing for something that never was, and never will be". Thomas Jefferson

    12. Brandon, Michigan says:

      If your objectives are to conquer and destroy American businesses, and encourage Islamic terrorism in the U.S., what better policies could you have than to disarm America, give terrorists miranda rights, and impose "health care" laws that cost billions worth of jobs. Also, prolong unemployment benefits that encourage extended vacations by unemployed workers who own an X-Box 360.

    13. Phil Grant, Pearland says:

      Obama is proving to be true to his campaign rhetoric, why not let someone else be the world leader for a while. He is working to destroy the economy with his huge deficits and handout programs, and now he is hellbent on allowing our enemies and the enemies of our allies to exploit us with his lack of understanding of what it means to be a world leader. I thought with Obamacare I had seen the worst in this administration, but I'm afraid not. There are too many white grave markers for brave men and women who have given the ultimate sacrifice to make this country free and strong, he is trampling on all of them.

    14. Drew Page, IL says:

      "President Obama, why won't you defend us?"

      I will attempt to answer your rhetorical question with one of my own, do you believe that President Obama thinks this country is worth defending?

    15. Steve Hillis - Alcoa says:

      Relative to military cutbacks currently underway AND proposed by the Obama Administration, what is the current status of development and production (length of existing contracts – numbers produced, etc) of the F22? Also, what are currently the most significant and worrisome cuts in our defense spending? Thanks for any and all information. Sincerely Steve Hillis

    16. Wm; Ky says:

      Brad, we do not have "a huge advantage" in conventional weapons. That is the point. Think about it.

    17. Paul Herbold says:

      Obama's overall agenda is to weaken and destroy America.as a world power. Remember Rev Wright: "Not God Bless America – God Damn America". Obama clearly feels the same way – he hates America. God help us! If the GOP doesn't stop him in 2010, America, as we knew it, will be gone.

    18. Nelson says:

      His policy is telling the world he is a coward and a pu$$y who is not to be trusted. We need to kick his a$$ out of office before he get us all killed!

    19. Brenda, Arizona says:

      Brad P: Why do you think no other nation like N. Korea has droped a nuc on the USA? Because they knew we could defend outselves and whip them out with the exception of China. Obama is out to get rid of all of our nuks and he thinks that others will follow what a bunch of BS. Again, someone who wants this country to bow down to others is running the show here. Russis did not do anything because they knew we where more capacity then they did. I do not advocate war but I do advocate self defense and when Obama gets through with us we will not be able to defend ourselves. People please vote him out before we are under the control of the world order and no longer a democratic society.

    20. haenkepaenke, Midlan says:

      Barky acted "stupidly."

    21. Brad P. says:

      Yes, we do. Think about it.

    22. valwayne, Denver says:

      We've always known there are Elite left wing radicals that feel if the U.S. would just unilaterally disarm and leave itself open to attack, the rest of the world would marvel at our example and do likewise. History has proven over and over again that the Churchhill's and Reagan's are more successful at building lasting peace than the Neville Chamberlain's and the Jimmy Carter's, but the radical Elite left never seems to get it. Now we have a member of the extreme radical left wing Elite in the oval office. We didn't know that when the nation voted for him, but we do now. He's taking us down the path of apology and appeasement at breakneck speed, and the peril to the security of our nation is growing!

    23. Brad P. says:

      Steve S.

      Even if I were to research and review Heritage Foundation reports on EMP threats to the nation, what will I learn?

      What specifically causes you to question Obama's commitment to defending this country?

      And, if you are correct that MAD isn't effective, what is your proposal, preemptive nuclear war?

      What do you suppose would be left after America unleased its nuclear arsenal, and its likely enemies did the same?

      And finally, if Obama is Neville Chamberlain, who is Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini? When was the last time we observed a radically aggressive nation with a developed military?

    24. Pete Stroempl of For says:

      The foremost job of the Federal Government is to keep our nation safe and secure against domestic and foreign enemies. This is one of the few legitimate functions of Washington, D.C.

      Mr. Obama has made another poor decision. Our freedom and liberty are at risk.

    25. sean, dallas says:

      Wow, last time I checked we still have many thousands of warheads. It's not like we are scraping everything, we have more than enough to wipe out whomever we chose. The fact is that these policies are meaningless, whatever response is necessary will be undertaken in the event of some sort of doomsdayl attack from the Red menace, or whoever is the enemy of the day. Your irrational hatred of Obama make your reasoning skills non-existent.

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    27. Brad P. says:


      Russia would never risk nuclear or any other devastating war with the US, as the economic consequences to Russia would be catastrophic.

      North Korea has never attacked us because they cannot reach us, and they are decades away from even getting close.

      Just to put our arsenal in perspective, there are 660 cities in China. We have 650 B83 nuclear weapons in our arsenal. These B83 are adjustable to a payload of 1.2 megatons. Therefore, even if we did get into a war with China, we could drop a bomb with the destructive force 80 times that of the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.

      Basically, we could reduce every single Chinese city to rubble, kill a billion people, start a nuclear winter that could wipe out the majority of flora in fauna in the world, and still have a few thousand nuclear weapons in our arsenal.

    28. Brad P. says:

      You all are a bunch of crazies.


    29. David Bess, Carson C says:

      I read the morning bell everyday as well as other real time articles on what is happening with this "man" in charge. Each day it becomes more apperent that he does not have the interest of the United states in his plans. Through Healthcare, economic reform (the taking over of the private sector), criminalzation of the American populace, Engineering a Value added tax and now destroying our national defence he has proven that his intents are anti-american and will result in a facist state not a socialist society that the liberials want.

      One question. WHERE HAVE ALL THE obama BUMPER STICKER GONE? In our town of 65,000 people there used to be thosands of cars displaying his stickers. Now you have to look hard to find one. I take this as a sign that America has awaken to what this guy really is.

      Keep the faith in both God and country, we will survive.

    30. Jan, Iowa says:

      This man scares me to death, God help us all… My hope is that the 2010 elections can at least slow his implimentation of crazy ideas. Everything is just moving too fast right now for my taste, and not in the right direction. I love this great country, and don't want to see it ruined.

    31. Aaron says:

      Why do we need a huge nuclear arsenal? Where are our threats? Iran and North Korea, which are exceptions to the NPR. We can't nuke Al-Qaeda, and it wouldn't do any good if we tried.

      Seriously, what are you people afraid of? Russia? Domestic unrest, huge financial problems, and a declining population. China? We are their #1 market for their cheap, crappy slave labor-made goods. They may be a threat decades down the road, but probably not militarily. No other potential trouble spots are nuclear threats. The Cold War is long over and we don't need to be wasting resources on outdated and irrelevant weapons systems, no matter how powerful. If we reduced just some of our nuclear weapons and put that money toward recruiting and training special forces units fluent in Arabic, we'd be 100% safer. Information is the new hydrogen bomb.

      Militarily, no one even comes close to the U.S. It would take an alliance of basically all the world's advanced militaries to defeat us. As it is, most of the world's advanced militaries are our allies.

      I'm much more worried about getting beaten economically by China. They have paid attention and made inroads into markets in Latin America, Asia, and Africa that we traditionally ignore. It's going to be ironic when we get knocked off the top spot by a country with a higly centralized economy. When you get beaten militarily, it means the other guy was stronger at the time, but when you get beaten economically, it means the other guy was smarter.

    32. Dennis Social Circle says:

      One can not defend what one does not believe in. He does not believe in the USA, but instead wants a SRA. If any one can not see that by now they must be blind. VOTE IN NOVEM,BER, THROW THE BUMS OUT, AND CRIPPLE THE OBAMA TEAM.

    33. Timothy L.Pennell / says:

      Who would want to leave the only Nation in the world, holding all of the FORCES OF EVIL at bay, DEFENCELESS?

      "And I saw the BEAST rise from the Sea. And he was given a 'MOUTH' to speak Haughty and Blasphemous words. ("We are the ones that we've been waiting for.") And he was allowed to exercise authority for forty two months." Revelations 13-5.

      That's who.

    34. Peter Gee, Nairobi, says:

      Nothing whatsoever Obama has done since election has surprised me and had the media done it's job on his dislike of the USA and desire to dismantle it's power and strength, he would not be here. It is like a nightmare in which America elects some trans national anti-American leftist who gleefully sets out to wreck the wicked imperialist racists capitalists. Only it's not a nightmare or Hollywood comedy, it's real. If only we had known the Kenyan Candidate was actually from Manchuria.

    35. Anne/Oklahoma says:

      When our nation was young, anyone who committed treason was punished.

      Was it by death? Our president (I don't even like to speak his name) is

      committing high treason. Right now is the time for him to be faced with



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    37. Sandy says:

      Hurry 2012, and hope it is not to late.

    38. Drew Page, IL says:

      The U.S. will never be taken over militarily, but if we keep on the way we are going, we will wind up giving our country away.

    39. rhodean, co says:

      To me this seems the most extreme example of suicide bomber ever. Is this action going to make possible the destruction of an American city? And if so, do we put the vest squarely on the one responsible? The POTUS? Go figure.

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