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  • Get A Job So We Can Tax You

    After the first few lines of liberal columnist Thomas Friedman’s piece in Sunday’s New York Times, you would have thought he had finally seen the light:

    “If we want to bring down unemployment in a sustainable way, neither rescuing General Motors nor funding road construction will do it.”

    Yes, exactly. Maybe he’s finally seen the disastrous stimulus bill (that he supported) for what it is—a failure.

    “We need to create a big bushel of new companies.”

    Preach it, brother.

    “We’ve got to get more Americans working again for their own dignity—”

    Yes! Exactly!

    “—and to generate the rising incomes and wealth we need to pay for existing entitlements, as well as all the new investments we’ll need to make.”

    Say what? And he was doing so well.

    This sort of commentary exemplifies a pervasive liberal attitude towards the economy. Even when they are worried about it, their main concern is their ability to continue to fund increasingly large and unstable dependency programs. As in so many other areas, liberals see “job creation” as a means to an end. And that end is the expansion of the welfare state and the rising dependence of the average American on government. A recent Heritage report revealed that roughly 60.8 million Americans rely on the government for their daily housing, food, and health care while a growing share of Americans—more than 34 percent of all tax filers—pay no income tax.

    This is simply unsustainable.

    What we need as a country is entitlement reform, a reduced dependency economy and—fundamentally—a shift in the conception of the government’s role as a benefactor for moral as well as economic reasons. As President Reagan once said, “Welfare’s purpose should be to eliminate, as far as possible, the need for its own existence.” We need to restore a government that encourages growth while empowering people to be self-sufficient.

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    9 Responses to Get A Job So We Can Tax You

    1. winterhawk says:

      When did Freidman lose his mind and when did he escape from the asylum?

    2. stirling, Pennsylvan says:

      This Liberal Government Entitlement Top down business model has never worked. It's amazing how simple fixing the problem has been proved in the past, just do the opposite of everything currently being done by this administration and Voila problem solved. Unfortunately we are going to have to wait till November to block the spending, and 2012 to vote the root of the problem out of office. Once this country puts in a Bottom up private sector small government financially limmited system back in place this country will again be the envy of the world.

    3. James A. Porter - AZ says:

      I like how it is mentioned that we need to "restore a government that encourages growth while empowering people to be self-sufficient." Unfortunately, this is not happening.

      If you try to make yourself a better person, for example going to school, you do not qualify for "welfare benefits." This does not help anyone become self-sufficient but keeps them trapped in the program or lying to the government, which are both bad.

      I do agree, welfare reform is needed. It is needed so individuals can maintain some dignity while trying to improve themselves so they no longer need the assistance.

    4. David, Greenwood, IN says:

      But, you see, the only thing they want to reduce is our freedoms, our ability to be independent, this is needed in order to either destroy this nation or send it whimpering into submission to the coming world government. American, "Don't Tread On Me" attitudes are counter productive to their ultimate agenda. They have already shown they are willing to sacrifice their own in order shove bad law down our throats. Don't fall back asleep. Remember this at the polls this May and November!!

    5. David, Grand Rapids, says:

      It isn't just "liberals" who think this way. "Conservatives" do the same thing all the time. "Conservatives" usually do a better job at hiding it, but not always. HUD/FHA regulations, Fannie May, etc were created by mushy thinking on both sides. A tiny bit of meddling can make quite a mess, can't it?

      Another, more recent "conservative" example: tax credits for 1st time home buyers. Politicians on both sides see the role of government as their do-good playground.

      Mushy thinking isn't restricted to "liberals" in this country. If this kind of thinking wasn't so popular with politicians on both sides we wouldn't be where we are today.

      Personal freedom hasn't been popular with politicians or people for a long time. Most haven't understood that a tiny loss of personal freedom is immensely destructive when multiplied by the whole of society.

    6. Derryl, Los Angeles, says:

      @David, I totally agree with your statements about "liberals" and "conservatives". These labels really misdirect the argument, as individuals on both sides are guilty of flawed thinking.

      Really, nothing will reverse our economic fortunes in this country except for a major increase in productivity – both material and service-oriented. Our whole system is based on borrowed time and money rather than actual wealth creation.

    7. Don Mitchel says:

      American manufacturing would become more cost competative in our country if they would seriously consider a recent report to the 111th Congress. It details the cost to mainly foreign ships if they had to retrofit new technologies needed for ballast water rather than follow, this administration military plan for the next 20 years. It would protect American health and the environment while making us more cost competative, as the report suggest, it would cause the cost of imports to rise. We would then have new buisness revenue and jobs to tax so our politicians can offer more entitlements.

      We need an American plan to create jobs and not bother trying to negotiate currency manipulation and hidden carbon emmission with China. China the largest ship builders and major member of the International Maritime Organization has the plan this administration has shown support for thru the next decade as the Coast Guard intends to mirror it.

    8. Ken Kensington-- Wil says:

      Sorry but we need to do some tough love by not continuing extending unemployment benefits like the politicians have been doing, many are not going out to look for work when our goverment pays them not to work, our politicians should be focusing on job creation with focus on the small business, not nice to talk about but its the truth.

    9. Wayne says:

      Part of the longer term objectives necessary to the solution will have to be education reform. We have lost our education system to those with revisionist histories, political correctness and Marxist values. Our teachers have been seeped in this mess from college on. Text books are biased against the principles of our founding. Colleges have for the most part been commandeered by socialists. Kids are no longer given the tools of thought construction, but are told what to think. This systematized brainwashing of whole generations are producing results (occupy groups). We may have already reached critical mass.

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