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  • Video of the Week: Congressman Thinks the Island of Guam Could Tip Over

    No, this is not an April Fool’s Joke. In an amazing video from last Friday’s House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) worries that Guam may tip over if the military sends more troops to be stationed there. He says: “My fear is that the whole island will become so overly populated that it will tip over and capsize.” Give credit to Admiral Robert Willard, Commander of the Navy’s Pacific Fleet, for keeping his composure, saying “We don’t anticipate that.”

    The Hill newspaper, doing its best to also be polite said: “Like other islands, Guam is attached to the sea floor, which makes it extremely unlikely that it will tip over, even if there are lots and lots of people on it.” Yes, extremely unlikely.

    What doesn’t make this a laughing matter is that this committee discussion has real military policy implications. As the Admiral points out to Congressman Johnson in the video, Guam “is part of our nation.”

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    60 Responses to Video of the Week: Congressman Thinks the Island of Guam Could Tip Over

    1. Brian, Texas says:

      Congressman Johnson has a history of incoherrent and poorly thought-out statements. Last May, the Congressman spoke at the Commencement ceremony for the Thurgood Marshall School of Law and incoherently rambled for more than 30 minutes. The graduating members of the class rose on more than one occasion to applaud hoping to end his speech. After failed attempts by some of the class officers and school faculty, his wife had to come on stage and escort him off to the applause of the crowd. There may be a bigger story here of mental illness or perhaps drug use. I honestly do not know, but the fact that this man still represents a portion of this countries population is concerning.

    2. L Smith, Florida says:

      This is just frightening…where was this man educated?

    3. dusty, florida says:

      OMG! Can you say are you smarter than a 5th grader? Unbelievable, these are our leaders, no wonder our country is in trouble. God help us all.

    4. Philip, South Caroli says:

      This guy makes southerners look so stupid, and obviously some are but damn


    5. Liz Carter - GA Dist says:

      Time to Vote Hank off the Island

      Thanks Hank, you’ve made it clear why we need to Yank Hank!

      As Richard said this morning – “Time to Vote him off the island!”

      Just a few points for all of us to think about…

      1. Congressman Johnson sits on the Armed Services Committee and has not hidden his disdain for the military. The Admiral who had to testify, answer and hold his laughter in the “Capsize” embarrassment deserves a medal. Three weeks ago we learned that he actually tried to give this same committee an anatomy lesson.

      2. Congressman Johnson finally shows us why he doesn’t like FairTax – he does not understand the math.

      3. Congressman Johnson doesn’t understand an island won’t capsize by adding people, but also doesn’t understand illegal aliens are “capsizing” local economies.

      4. Congressman Johnson simply does not get it and does not understand what our Country is facing with the spending Congress is approving. He is helping “capsize” our Country.

      This video is confirmation for the people of district 4 that it is time to Yank Hank.

      Please join me at http://www.lizcarterforcongress.com

    6. StephenRex says:

      Ah yes, Affirmative Action did really give us the best and brightest.

    7. Laurie, Alberta says:

      WOW! I once knew a gal who thought the island, where I used to live in WA state, was going to sink because of the new homes being built there. She was kind of an old 'hippy chick'. To say the least she was very embarrassed once I told her we were really on a 'mountain top'!

      This guy appears to be of that same vintage and still either toking or has permanent damage from it. I can only imagine how hard it was for the Admiral to keep from laughing out loud at this ludicrous statement.

    8. Carey Baker Smyrna, says:

      I know he is a very sick man.

      This may be drugs, no matter it is a shameful situation.

      Carey Baker

    9. Charles Duff Ellento says:

      Tell me this is a joke !! Are you telling me this man is a member of Congress ???

    10. Mansfield Bob, Texas says:

      I checked his official bio. He was raised in the DC public school system. That tells me everything I need to know.

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    12. Ron S, Fort Worth - says:

      What's just as scary – think of all the people that had to vote him in for this position… We're all doomed. That is, until we start using our HEADS when we VOTE next time!

    13. Old Marine says:

      It is fools like this that decide our fates. Socialized medicine, cap and trade, the farce of global warming. Guam is a volcanic island, it is shaped like a pyramid,,,,,,IT CAN NOT TIP OVER!!!! Keep voting socialist, this is what you get.

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    15. Bob Anstiss says:

      I can't believe this fool is a Congressman. The man really believes an island will tip over like a toy in a bathtub ? If the rest of Congress has the same mental awarness of this Senator, we are all in for a lot of trouble.

      I think he belongs he belongs in Crawford Texas, with the other brain trust we just go rid of.

    16. Joe Fitzgerald, Pitt says:

      We should be embarrassed to admit that we have people of this intelligence running our country.

    17. Gloria California says:

      I was born and raised on Guam, so I will reassure the congressman that Guam will not capsize. The natives have the island well anchored. The island has withstood 150 mile per hour winds from super typhoons! So no worries!!

      The congressman’s statement was not a metaphor or an April fool’s joke… clearly from viewing the video the congressman was very serious. Why use a metaphor? Why didn’t he just make his statement clear or ask “how will the increase in population to the island affect the fragile ecosystem and it’s already overstressed infrastructure?" This is a question that the people of Guam have been asking and we still haven’t gotten a clear answer. The people of Guam have always been very supportive of our arm forces and many of us have family members currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. We, the people of Guam know how important our island is to the security of our nation and have always been willing to defend our freedoms. With all that said, we are concern about our infrastructure; the ecosystem, and rights to our lands. Although, the congressman’s statement has people laughing (and it was very funny), I wonder how many Americans actually know the facts about the US marines’ move to Guam. It is a big deal for the people of Guam and it should also concern every taxpaying citizen of the USA. I ask that rather than debate whether the congressman’s statement was metaphor or not please, learn and educate your selves on the topic of the” Military buildup on Guam and the effects to its people and the island”. I am not a very political person and I love our country and I support our military, I have a brother currently serving in the US Army but I also have concerns on how this buildup will affect the island and my family.

      I recommend that people educate themselves on this topic, I suggest checking out a report that was aired on PBS last year on the military buildup on Guam log on to http://www.pbs.org search for “ Marines Are Landing” . This report covers a lot of the issues concerning Guam and the buildup. The people of Guam need the support of their American families! The people of Guam have always been there to support the freedoms of our citizens and our country; it’s time for the American public to support the people of Guam! Guam –“Where America’s Day Begins”

    18. Ron Kentucky says:

      It is no wonder our Nation is in trouble. We have fool in the Congress, and Senate, and the Whitehouse. One Demo-Rat Congressman said we have no rules that we go by, we just make them up as we go. Another was ask where he found in the Consititution that Congress could pass a Health Care Bill, he said I don't care about the Consititution. then this idoit said if we put to many people on Guam it will tip over. the Obama said after he sign the Health Care Bill he look up in the sky to see if any astroids were falling then he look down at the ground to see if it was spilting open. and Anita Dunn said her favorite philosfier was Chinas Chirman Mao who killed around 20 million people when he forced China into Commusion.

    19. Jim - New Jersey says:

      The congressman should be paired with Senator Maxine Waters, another dimwit. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend dimwits.

    20. Richard, Florida says:


      While the congressperson's specific statement teeters on the edge of imbeclity, I am not prepared to conclude that every statement made by him or any other member of that august body is ipso facto devoid of intellectual or commonsensicital content.

    21. BBQ, Harrisburg says:

      What a mess it was, when the founder's of our incredible nation set out to form a "more perfect union". Many have used the writings of some of the founders, i.e.- Jefferson, Franklin, Adams, etc., to justify socialism, secularism, and a host of "isms". I too could use their writings to justify just about any political or social point of view. However, at the end of the day, there is but one document they signed into law, "We the people of the United States of America….and, …."All men are created equal, endowed by their creator…… Getting to that point, they struggled. In their many preserved letters, they thought aloud so to speak, all the angles to achieve till now, this lasting document, the beginning of a new day on earth. Was it perfect? No, but it has served us well, until now, as a guidepost, a beacon, and a lighthouse for all our laws and the order and prosperity we have, until now, achieved.

      I say all that, to make a point concerning the state of our country today….It's a mess.

      I believe, "We the people", must sort through this mess and determine which direction we want to go. Do you really want to go in the direction of Congressman Hanks, or for that matter, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, or a host of other men & women willing to run roughshod over our laws "tilting" us away from our Constitution. I believe Rep. Phil Hare (D-IL), regarding the health care bill, said he didn't care about the Constitution. I do believe the manner in which they conducted themselves during the health care (I won't even call it a debate, because their truly was none), is telling of who and what these people are and where they want to take us.

      I believe many who voted for this administration and Congress are living with their tails between their legs and some are acting like dogs who are cornered. Either way, it's an embarrassment to them. Until they are more concerned about our nation than their own political pride and see these leaders for who they are and what they are doing, nothing will change. Until they care more for our nation than they do for all the carrot sticks our leaders place in front of them to lead us down the path of socialism, nothing will change.

      We are headed in the wrong direction. Wake up, America, until it's too late. A Charismatic personality in leadership is often the pied piper in disguise mesmerizing the masses who hear nothing but the lilting sound of the flute. I believe this to be true of Obama and his "followers". Problem is, the end of the line is usually tantamount to the concentration camps for all who aren't following the music. I'm literally scared of this man and those who stand with him in power. He aims to "rule" and "reign" as seen in many of his statements and actions.

      Please, people, don't be so naive to think that what has happened in nations from the beginning of time could not happen here simply because we have a misplaced sense of pride in "America". We are but a people whose freedoms are bound by the Constitution. That requires us to be vigilant and demands that we never abuse our freedoms by neglecting our obligations to the preservation of the Constitution by which we are constrained. To do anything else will lead to anarchy. And anarchy always lead to totalitarianism. Is that where you want us to go???

    22. Clarice Wright, Bois says:

      This man talks like an idiot – how in the world did he ever get elected?

    23. Hank, Colorado says:

      does anyone notice the small smile he lets out just as he says the statement? or i guess we can presume the worst about members of another party (or race) and that he is really that stupid.

    24. Paul Fiveash says:

      The people of Georgia should look at this dumb ass when election comes up.

    25. Dan,Michigan says:

      This guy belongs on "Jaywalking" on the Tonight show…..He would win the top prize from all contestants and be the ultimate winner!

    26. jo says:

      And he is sppose to be an education man, holding a job in our Govement………….I can't believe he is so stupid !!!!

    27. marie Gruick says:

      I can not believe that this congressman can make such ridiculous statements. First, where did he get his degree?? Did he at least graduate High School?? Does he know the correct terminology length and width?? Best of all does he know that you can not tip over an island no matter how many people you place on one side. I would like to know the qualifications in becoming a congressman I am sure I can qualify also and get paid to be a idiot. Then we wonder why our country is in such turmoil. We can solve our budgets by firing these idiots and placing their pay checks in the starving, unemployed, homeless Americans hands!!!!!

    28. lillian fl says:

      this comment says a lot about the education system in the U.S. and Ga.

    29. Richard Aksamit Sequ says:

      This really scares me that we have people like this running our country. This man obviously has a problem. Why can't the other Congressman see this and how do the people of GA keep voting him in? This why we need term limits. Maybe after a certain age senators & congressman should be evaluated as to their compentance to hold this office

    30. Bruce Bergstrom, Nor says:

      This congressman's decisions effect US ALL! There should be no doubt that he is not capable of making a well thought out decision. As if any of the constituents could either.

    31. Russ - Kentucky says:

      What is the problem? Seemingly he fits nicely with others on the Washington scene i.e.: Polosi, Reed, Dodd, O'Bama and others too numerous to mention. What does concern me is the mentality of those individulas that voted him into office.

    32. Ed McClendon Canyonv says:

      Congressman Hank Johnson is the most stupid ass to ever serve our nation. And this includes folks with doorknobs for brains, like President Bush, ex-Governor Palin, Justice Thomas, and Senator Lieberman, the two-faced wing-nut.

      How do these idiots get elected? America, the land where stupid people can work for the government, for LOTS of money.

      E.L.M. (Please send an e-mail, when Guam tips over.)

    33. Hazz, US says:

      What we should do, to avoid the Island of Guam from capsizing, is to move it closer to the US coast… and while we're at it, bring Hawaii closer too, so we can build bridges… this would help with tourism.

    34. mark daniel says:

      Of Course he will be re-elected. He totally represents the district that he comes from.

      They probably don't even realize that he is an IDIOT!

    35. Neal --Utah says:

      Perhaps we should pump some of the Co2 that creates our global warming problem into recycled water bottles and attach them to the sides of the island so that it won't capsize. What do you think?

    36. Ken, Washington says:

      As someone who lived on Guam we weren’t worried because we knew that the great chief of Guam could use his magical conch shell to call more mermen and mermaids to hold onto the sides of the island and help the great sea serpent underneath the island keep us afloat if too many people were on the island. We were however very afraid that Rendzov the giant dragon would swoop down from his lair in the Netherworld and carry the island back to his nest where he would feed us to his brood of baby dragons. Fortunately, the one time I was on island that Rendzov swooped down the natives were able to fight him off with sticks, stones, spears, and arrows but it was a close one…thus the real reason for the build up of Marines on the island.

    37. DEAN HENSON says:


    38. West Hills, Californ says:

      Oh No! Maybe put our governmemt on guam, that will keep it a float, with all all those airhead's on it. What next, not the Caribben Island's, not Hawaii, we better waste trillion of $ to make sure the island's are safe. time to build the Ark Noah.

    39. mom, NJ says:

      It's a good thing "LOST" is going off the air. He's been watching too mucn si-fi,

    40. Jheri, Michigan says:

      I wasn't born in this country, but I'm naturalized…i.e. I chose to become a citizen. It pains me greatly that many of the comments above have forgotten that this is indeed a democratic nation where the rule of the majority must be abided by all. Did I vote for Obama? Yes…I thought he was the best man given my choices. Did I vote for Bush? No…I thought he was a terrible choice–both times. But I respected that a majority of others thought he was, and embraced him as OUR PRESIDENT. I'm saddened that so many have forgotten that although "their man" may not have won, they should respect the man who did, and move forward.

      Until the country rediscovers this fundamental concept, nothing will get done, and the extreme polarization will continue.

      One more thing… "socialism" in the government policies in the US has been here since 1933, so get over it. "Socialism" is not "communism". Most civilized, modern countries are "socialist" countries according to the right-wingers, but they have perfectly valid DEMOCRATIC systems of government and values. Social Security has been here since the early 30's; Medicare has been here since the mid-60's and the end of the world has yet to descend upon us. Get real, folks, these are modern instruments of government.


    41. Jason Turner says:

      So I shouldn't go on vacation to Hawaii this summer. With my luck, I'll be the extra weight that tips over the whole island!!

    42. Lew.....Dunkirk, Mar says:

      I worked for the Architect of the Capitol for over 36 years and NEVER

      heard/read such idiotic ramblings. His constituents couldn't possibly

      have known he was that stupid….well ok, maybe they did. There have

      been irresponsible people elected on both sides of the aisle, but this

      one takes the cake. Come on Georgia…wake up. Please bring back

      Jenkins, Mathis, Evans and the rest who made Georgia a political

      plus a few decades ago.

    43. vicki snedden says:

      This is a perfect example of gov't waste….These people are paid good wages to be in the position that they hold, and to show this kind of ignorant comments on the time that they are to be working solving serious problems. The money spent on lobist, campaigning every six months for elections in 2 or 4 years…Is why no work is ever done….with the wages they waste….they could pay down 1/3 of the national debt….It juist shows how little respect these so called leaders have for the US… and the people who live here….and it is about time they take a good look in the mirror…….

    44. Debbie, Houston, Tex says:

      I have three thoughts about this video.

      1) Is there really a congressman that is that ignorant?

      2) Is his staff aware that he is mentally challenged and needs more than the average amount of preparation and coaching?

      3) Was there no congressman there that was awake enough or concerned enough to challenge the idiocy of this statement?

    45. Bulldozer, Arizona says:

      Yup! This clown's either a drug addict, alcoholic or just plain nuts … looks to me like a crackhead. At any rate it's time to put him out to pasture & start a clearinghouse on Congress to look for the rest of these old guys who should have retired long ago. A lot of the are just not able anymore….time to go!

    46. Joe Jeter, Lebanon, says:

      So………what do you expect ????? Our President stated during the election that there were 57 states !!!!! And we wonder why our country is heading south ????

    47. cheryl says:

      anyone can see its a april fools joke…dont be taken in by another repubicans stupidity…………..

    48. Betty Krutzsch-Alask says:

      Well now I have heard it all. I had to read some of the comments that was entered. I really enjoyed some of the comments. Thank God we have some intelligent people that still can think. This man needs to retire and give his seat to someone that can think straight. His rambling must be embarassing to all those that elected him and if not than God save the state of GA. Enough said. We will pray for GA.

    49. robert.florida says:

      is this guy on drugs or what I AMDISGUSTED i hope its aprank

    50. LouiseCA says:

      No, Jheri, we are not a socialist country and we never will be. There are too many people waking up out here to let it happen. Socialism has never worked in any place that it's ever been tried. It would bring America down just as it is bring Europe down. Please do a bit more reading and studying.

    51. Cynthia Collett, Mer says:

      Oh my gosh!!…This goes beyond any (almost) of the stupidity dished out by the politicians in recent years…except maybe Obama's statement about the military paying for their own medical costs when injured in the war efforts..We live in extremely frightening times. I truly do not understnd why we can't just get them out of office..We pay their salaries..let's fire them…………

    52. keith, atlanta, ga says:

      Just get Ben or Locke to turn the wheel and straighten the island again.


    53. Anna, Alabama says:

      It looks like many of you were educated in the D.C. school system also. Check out the spelling and grammatical errors, especially from Ron in Kentucky.

    54. freddylee says:

      Jheri, Michigan…………………………I will cut you some slack because you were naturalized, however, be advised that we are not a democratic nation. We are a republic that practices democracy through officials elected by a majority. Majority rule has a long history of failure because in order to be successful, a plebiscite would be required on any and all issues and the masses are not that inclined to follow or engage every issue up for consideration. Accordingly, officials are elected to carry out the duties of government which originally was to serve the interest of the people as opposed to governing the people which our founding fathers would find difficult to recognize with today's climate of career politicians.

    55. merlin USVI says:

      How do people like this get elected? This guy doesn't even know where he is, much less where Guam is located. He must have some stupid constituents to have elected him. His speech is about as slow as his brain. Similar to John Conyers at the testimony of DA Colbert this past week. I thought Conyers would never get to the point. It was like watching wet paint dry.

      I see the left wing on here isn't condemning Hank Johnson, of course, since he's a democrat, and Bob Anstiss does not dare say anything against him as a democrat, but he finds no fault in comparing him to Pres Bush, who had much more on the ball than what we have in the WH now. Left Wingers like Bob Anstiss and Obama, are so slow they still think Bush is still the president. Next time Bob, can we leave politics out of the mix?

    56. merlin USVI says:

      There are really only two explanations that make any sense. Number One. He is a black man, and number two his constituents are mostly black, and that is the only reason they voted for him.

    57. Larry Rogak says:

      Does he also worry that the Chinese people will fall off the earth since they're on the other side of the globe from us and obviously upside down?

    58. Maxine Russell says:


    59. bubba says:

      I find it impossible to believe that this ignoramous was elected by people who have brains.

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