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  • Two Years of UI Benefits Contributing to High Unemployment

    Unemployment has skyrocketed in this recession. Worse, it has remained abnormally high. Joblessness never rose above 8 percent in either the 2001 or 1991 recessions, but now almost one in ten Americans do not have jobs, and in some parts of the U.S. the rate is over 1 out of 5. Why?

    The weak economy and the job-killing policies coming from Washington are the biggest culprits. The collapse of the housing bubble and the credit crunch hammered businesses, and new taxes and regulations are hitting employers when they are down. However, policies designed to help the jobless are – ironically – also at fault.

    Congress extended the maximum length of time the unemployed can collect unemployment insurance (UI) beyond the usual six months. Congress often does this by recessions, but never before by so much. Now workers in high unemployment states can collect unemployment insurance for 99 weeks – almost two years of benefits. Congress did this to help those out of work. But economic studies consistently show that when workers collect longer UI benefits they also stay unemployed longer.

    This does not happen because unemployed workers are lazy, or want welfare handouts. It happens because unemployment insurance changes the jobs the unemployed look for. Most job losers would like to find work near where they currently live, and in their same industry or occupation. Who wants to move away from friends or family, or take a pay cut in a field in which you have less skills?

    Unfortunately a lot of workers will have to do just that. Many of the jobs the economy lost will never come back. The collapse of the housing bubble means construction employment will not recover anytime soon. The finance sector will likewise remain shrunken. General Motors cut almost three-fifths of its hourly workforce in recent years and most of those positions will never return.

    Two years of UI benefits allows these unemployed workers to delay the inevitable. They look for similar jobs in the same area as they used to work. They do not look as intently for work in other states or in other industries, jobs that would involve painful transitions. Not until UI benefits begin to run out does their job searching surge. Then they become more willing to accept the painful sacrifices necessary to get a job, such as moving away.

    UI keeps many workers unemployed while they look for jobs that they will not find. That does little to benefit them: in any event, they ultimately wind up having to take the less desirable jobs.

    Studies show that extending UI benefits has this effect on unemployment whether jobs are hard to find or not. And it measurably raises the unemployment rate. A recent Brookings Paper on Economic Activity, written by economists at the Federal Reserve and the affiliated with the National Bureau of Economic Research, concluded that:

    This back-of-the-envelope calculation therefore suggests that EUC [the extended UI benefits] can account for as much as 15 to 40 percent of the rise in aggregate unemployment duration, a potentially substantial effect. In terms of the unemployment rate, this corresponds to between 0.7 and 1.8 percentage points of the 5.5 percentage point rise in the unemployment rate witnessed in the current recession. There are reasons to believe, however, that the effect of extended UI benefits in the current recession on the duration of unemployment is likely to be at the lower end of these estimates.

    In English, the unemployment rate would be roughly a percentage point lower, if Congress had left unemployment benefits at six months. We would have 8.7 or 9.0 percent unemployment instead of the current 9.7 percent. Policies intended to help the jobless have kept many of them from finding new work. That may be a policy tradeoff Congress chooses to make. But not one should mistake it for an economic stimulus.

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    78 Responses to Two Years of UI Benefits Contributing to High Unemployment

    1. John, Fresno, CA says:

      James I have to adamantly disagree with you.

      I'm a 50 yr. old white male with two years of college education. I’m conservative (fiscal and social) and voted Republican for 32 years. I had been gainfully employed in the Information Technology industry since 1981 and until 2008. I have contributed to the State of California's unemployment insurance fund (benefits) with every paycheck I received as an employee. I began working in junior high throwing the local paper seven days a week, worked in high school, worked during junior college and then entered my career in 1981.

      When I lost my job in Feb. 2008, I was making $68k a year ($20k less than 1998). I thank God for the two extension I received, and despite what you state or believe, I did not wait for the inevitable before I got serious about my job search. My fulltime job for 22 months was searching for a fulltime job. I searched between four and twelve hours a day (depending on the stress and day of the week) and often seven days a week. I was willing to work for considerably less money in any entry-level job in any industry. Obstacles to secure employment: 1) Age, 2) Education, 3) Overqualified, 4) No jobs (6 applicants for every job), 5) Employers fear I will quickly leave for a better paying job.

      I have family obligations that prevent me from moving to another city or state, e.g., two daughters in college, aging parents. I lost my mother-in-law in Mar 2008. My mother and father both have been hospitalized several times in 2008, 2009, and 2010. I thank God for their meager and expensive health insurance with Kaiser Permanente.

      In Dec 2009 I accepted the first and only job offered to me in 22 months, two months before my UI benefits ran out in Feb 2010. I became an independent contractor in an industry that I had no experience in, with an employer I suspected to be unethical, for pay barely above my UI benefits, and at the sacrifice of receiving further UI benefits (an IC is considered "self-employed)." Two months later in Feb 2010 my contract was terminated and I no longer qualify for UI benefits. I thank God I have been hired as contractor in the IT industry for a short-term project (3 months) with the potential for a year extension. I originally applied for this position in Nov 2009 and interviewed by phone and in person five times before I received an offer. I signed my contract last week and the project doesn't start until mid-April 2010. I have not had an income since Feb 22 and the last company I contracted with has not paid me for my last week of work (I said unethical).

      If it were not for the two UI benefit extension I received, I probably would have lost my vehicles (<$5k loan on one 5 yr. old used auto), my home, and I would not be able to assist my two daughters with their state college education. All excesses were cut from our budget from the beginning and eventually any love gifts to local, national and international Christian ministries.

      I don’t agree with your overall inference or your summation. I know there are people who abuse the system, but I am not one of them. It is embarrassing and shameful to be in the circumstance I find myself in. I’m sorry you feel so cheated and imposed upon. Believe me, I sincerely wish it were different. By God’s grace I continue.

    2. Chris says:

      good article, whoever wrote it is completely out of touch with the real world, but I guess in theory this is a decent article. Its very interesting how the author vaguely mentions "several studies" that show how UI benefits affect the Jobless rate, but never references any of them in the article.

      Also the author doesnt take into account employees who are over-looked because of over qualification, or states that don't have any entry level positions open for career transitions, and the author doesnt seem to know that UI benefits cant be collected in a different state than the one you live in, so relocating and commuting long distance is virtually impossible.

      It seems like every point the author made is countered by 100 other reasons why we DO need UI extensions. the argument is totally weak against it, you dont have any facts that are measurable and verifiable without citing sources.

      Academically this post is easily a D-

    3. Jim O'Connor Po says:

      How foolish! None of us are better off being unemployed and collecting unemployment. We are try to live with less then half are income- does that make any sense.

      I am one of millions of unemployed over the age of 55.

      I lost my job in 2006. I have worked over 40 years in the Information Technology profession. No one will hire me –because of my age and too much experience.

      Can anyone believe that any of us are able to survive with less then half our working income and that we don’t want a job! They can not do the math.

      I ask any who complains about us on unemployment to have their salary cut in half and see how they make ends meet!!!!. Then if both husband and wife are collecting unemployment that household is living on half of their income- so how would any of these who resent extending unemployment be able to meet their obligations.

      Maybe logic has abandoned these narrow minded ‘Survival of the fittest” with no “Social Conscience” people!!

      What a dismal way to come to this point in my life. No one is looking out for those of us who have contributed years to making this country great. We lost our savings and soon our homes. How are we to live in this recession -at our age?

      There is a dire need for a Tier 5 extension of Unemployment Benefits. The fact that the national unemployment rate is at 10% and the true unemployment rate including discouraged workers is probably around 20% indicates an emergency situation.

      People on Unemployment Benefits who were let go "due to no fault of their own" are the victims chiefly of the financial collapse caused by the greedy and irresponsible actions of the banking, insurance and manufacturing industries. Many of the aforementioned industries saw fit to award themselves billions of dollars in bonuses after receiving bailout money.

      Long-term unemployment afflicts 6.1million of us– over 40 percent of the unemployed. Over 11 million jobless workers are collecting some form of unemployment insurance, including nearly 5.7 million receiving extensions.

      Most of us on Unemployment Benefits will never return to the income level they were at when we were let go and/or it will take years to get back to it. Most of us are also spending retirement savings to make ends meet.

      Please put partisan politics aside, do what is right and help us with a Tier 5 extension of unemployment benefits. Many of us have no where else to turn.

      Jim O’Connor

    4. Todd says:

      Get laid off then have trouble finding a job in or out of your career, and you'll report about a different side.

      If I get offered a job, take it and it dosn't work out I'm out of the unemployment system and can't get back in.

      So if Im gonna get screwed then get screwed later than sooner.

      There is a handful of people who treat this like a vacation cause their spouses have a good job. BUT THE MOST OF US WANT A GOOD JOB.



    5. John,NY says:

      F.U……..You need to lose YOUR Job, Idoit!!!!

    6. Herb Feldhaus Lutz F says:

      UM Every Moron writer says that people on Unemployment does not want to work BS and that is not a degree of education.Give me any job and I will take it I live in FL 12.2% and climbing. Highest ever recorded and if It was not for the Inlustrious banker doing shady loans we would not be in this mess,Pull your head out you writers plus they say recession ,but it is really a depression I can Help it the DOW replaced thier TOP 100 stocks to Apease the market More BS…Maybe I should become awriter of the truth I see that they have no clue of the shady crap going on and it taks a trillinn dollars plus sounds shady to me and still not there go buy some paper to write/wipe with you should know what real if you do not then donot write about it. THE END…

    7. MC71, Florida says:

      You're right — it would be so much better if they had not extended unemployment benefits so only 8.7 to 9 percent of the population would be unemployed, instead of 9.7. Of course, that 8.7 percent would be going bankrupt, living in cars, going without health care and not paying any bills (or sales taxes, property taxes, or what have you). Wouldn't that be so much better than having one percent more unemployment and everyone having a safety net? Typical…

    8. chuck, illinois says:

      people are now loosing their benifits by the thousands, not just a few that are abusing it. but thousands of people with Familys that will be homeless, then mabey someone will say, hey these people really cant find work. nobody is hiring, because nobody is buying anybodys stuff! wait about a month and when its not safe to even go out in daylight, then theyll all say, DAMN we should of helped these people. hundreds of thousands each and every week nation wide loose all they have! think about it before you spread such foolish words about for everyone to see. what would you do to feed your child? or perhaps the right qeustion is what wont you do? get ready for a nation wide free for all! they will all agree that giving benifits would of been cheaper and less dangerous! good luck to the "haves" because the "have nots" are coming.

    9. So what was not mentioned in this piece is that most previous studies can't really apply here. In our more recent, previous recessions, jobs were eventually created. Government numbers show that if ALL avaialable job openins today, were magically filled by tonight, only 1/6 of the unemployed would become employed. The tru problem is there aren't enough jobs to meet the current demand. The government needs to continue assisting the unemployed WHILE doing something to, believe it or not, get jobs created. The other option is for all of the unemployed to move overseas and regain the jobs our government encouraged the exports of. There's nothing American about evicting Americans from America…not in my opinion anyways.

    10. MC71, Florida says:

      To John from Fresno: You voted for Republicans for all those years and watched your income drop precipitously during the Bush administration. You now find yourself in a mess because of conservative policies that favor big business over individuals. My condolences, both for your plight and your personal choices. I hope this helps you see the light.

    11. Jane Selinksi says:

      Where are these magical places where people should move to for work?

      You forgot to mentions that "Job Search and Unemployment Insurance: New Evidence from Time Use Data" was published in August 2008, so it is not relevant now.

      What the Brooking paper does not mention is the unemployment rate drops after benefits are exhausted because the people dropped are no longer considered part of the work force. It also forgot to mention how many people will now have to turn to welfare.

      Way to sell out the American people.

    12. Jeff says:

      I think the author is missing the mark if the intention is to keep readers "appropriately informed." There is no shortage of this type of propaganda which seems to want to hold the jobless accountable for their respective situations. How absurd! If you're against jobless benefits, why not have enough integrity to just come out and say that… rather than publishing fabrications that were no doubt created by the likes of those who are responsible for this economic disaster. More right wing blah, blah, blah! It's boring and not even remotely original let alone credible. I challenge all of you columnists to dig a little deeper and get into the real meat of this crisis. It would be refreshing to read something both original and accurate rather, that the same old spewing of baseless rhetoric designed to sway public opinion!

    13. Jeff says:

      I think the author is missing the mark if the intention is to keep readers "appropriately informed." There is no shortage of this type of propaganda which seems to want to hold the jobless accountable for their respective situations. How absurd! If you're against jobless benefits, why not have enough integrity to just come out and say that… rather than publishing fabrications that were no doubt created by the likes of those who are responsible for this economic disaster. More right wing blah, blah, blah! It's boring and not even remotely original let alone credible. I challenge all of you columnists to dig a little deeper and get into the real meat of this crisis. It would be refreshing to read something both original and accurate, rather than the same old spewing of baseless rhetoric designed to sway public opinion!

    14. matthew says:

      Welcome to the edge…the view is amazing.

    15. niki lee los angeles says:

      how do you move with no money? how to you live without a car, home, phone and savings. how do you do that?

    16. Paul, New York says:

      I know this won't be approved for posting, so I'll give it to you straight. You're an idiot. I especially enjoyed this bit of fantasy:

      "The weak economy and the job-killing policies coming from Washington"

      The job-killing policy that caused my unemployment was the greed of a corporation outsourcing my job to India. I'm sure it made stockholders happy, but many good people were lost. Very few have been able to find work after almost two years. And now people like you lend credence to the fairy tale that things would be better if unemployment was never extended. Walk a mile first man, walk a mile.

    17. Paul, Cleveland says:

      Spoken like a true selfish republican. Whaaaaa. These people are weak cowards because they are unwilling to suffer the painful process of total upheaval of their lives by moving out of state, or taking drastic pay cuts! Meanwhile, Wall Streeters are lining their pockets with enough money to put all the unemployed on retirement. A disgusting attitude you bastards have toward your fellow man. How you are aligned with the "religious wrong" is beyond me. Revolution is coming in the country. The Tea Baggers are clueless, but they are angry and violent. Once they team up with the angry left, Viva la Revolution. I already know the job I want, I'll will gladly man the guillotines.

    18. Linda, San Diego, CA says:

      Have been out of the work force for about 2 years and at the end of the UI extension. It is alittle difficult to get even a entry level Job since I am not Bilingual in Spanish . This all seems like a nightmare. Alot of people are unable to work side by side with Illegals since they can not speak Spanish and it is aliitle nerve wracking communicating.

    19. Andrew/Pennsylvania says:

      James, you are probably the same person who feels that Rush Limbaugh, or Glenn Beck should be king of the world. This has got to be the most worthless piece of journalistic (?) reporting I have ever seen. It's always the employed, who have their jobs, their benefits, their comfortable lifestyle, that make it a point to abuse those who were ALSO hard working people, who paid their bills, their taxes, and contributed to their communities, but were laid off through no fault of their own. Funny how a certain turn of events from employment to unemployment causes the James Sherk's of the internet world to abuse us and call us slackers, leeches, lazy, etc. The research you provide in your article is very suspect at least, not believeable, at most. I guess you should get a room with Rush and Glenn where the three of you can share a bed together.

    20. Gloria, Columbus Ohi says:

      I'd be interested to hear your comments on the following from AARP:


      March 3, 2010


      AARP Media Relations



      AARP Analysis Shows Number of Unemployed Among Workers 55+ Skyrocketed 331% from 2000-2009

      Washington, DC—Older workers endured a staggering 331% increase in unemployment over the last 10 years, a new analysis conducted by the AARP Public Policy Institute shows. This dramatic rise in older unemployed workers has resulted in declining financial and retirement security for millions of Americans who have little time to make up the losses.

      “The last decade has spelled disaster for millions of older workers who have lost their jobs, seen their retirement savings diminish, and had their health care costs continue to skyrocket,” said Nancy A. LeaMond, AARP Executive Vice President. “The recession has only made this bad situation worse, as the statistics show clearly that older workers who lose their jobs stay unemployed longer than other groups.”

      The new analysis of Bureau of Labor Statistics data by AARP’s Public Policy Institute shows a dramatic 331.4% increase in the number of unemployed Americans age 55+ and over from January 2000 through December 2009. For age 65+ workers, the increase in the number of unemployed was lower, but still a massive 235%.

      During this 10-year period, the number of people unemployed individuals age 55+ increased from 490,000 to 2,114,000. The number of unemployed individuals age 65+ jumped from 143,000 to 479,000.

      “Many older Americans are trying to reenter the workforce or stay employed longer for a variety of reasons—for millions of older workers, there is no other choice,” said LeaMond.

      On another important measure, duration of unemployment—the length of time an unemployed worker has been looking for a job—older workers also faced an incredibly difficult time.

      Average duration of unemployment for workers age 55+ increased from 18.7 weeks in January, 2000 to 34.7 weeks in December, 2009—a jump of 85.6%. Over the same time period, workers age 65+ saw their situation go from bad (24.8 weeks of unemployment) to worse (32.9 weeks), an increase of 32.7%.

    21. John A says:

      Typical response from academics who are out of touch with the working class in our country. I was laid off two years ago in California, have only had three interviews in all this time. Two of those the jobs were put on a hiring freeze, the other hired a younger person. I lost everything, moved to Arkansas to stay with my 90 year father. I apply for jobs that pay a tenth of what I used to earn, so don't preach to me about having to sacrifice. Oh, I almost forgot, there are no jobs here either! What a revelation.

    22. L. Fain says:


    23. Susie, South Carolin says:

      What more has to be proved in order to survive this horrifying delima that our own Government has placed upon us. They have opened the gates to our country and allowed our businesses to move without any penalty on shipping products back in. That is what happened to our jobs. You incenuate that the people are deliberately staying on unemployment. What a crock of bull!!! We want jobs but all the talk about new and better jobs coming in the future is only talk at this point and time. How do we survive until these jobs on paper appear? When we are on the streets with no jobs, no homes, no cars, and what ever piece of hell that can be added to what we are already suffering, just simply turn your backs and watch as we all slowly die!! Our government sends help to any country in times of disasters with no questions asked but when we are suffering the worst disaster that could ever happen to us, they want to watch as we squirm and suffer and bicker on ways not to help us!!! We have no where to turn because there is surely no other country going to help us and that includes our own. I was a textile worker and went through two years of college to get a degree that is not worth the paper it's wrote on. I am now over qualified for some jobs and underqualified for the jobs in my field of studies. I have put in thousands of resumes with no luck at all. I am like many of the others and grateful for the extensions we have been given but the supply of jobs are still not available and our government should realize the importance of a tier 5 without it most of us are doomed to the point of no return. I think it is childish of any journalist to write about something they have not experienced. I would love to see this same article rewritten after they suffer for at least 2 years without knowing where their next meal, utilities, or roof over their head was going to come from. So the last comment I have on this article is trade places with me and see what hell is really like, then maybe you can write an article worth reading!!!!!!

    24. Ann M says:

      The conclusion of this report coming from a conservative group like Heritage doesn't surprise me. Most likely the real goal of this study was to produce evidence to support you already formed conclusion that extended UI creates more unemployment. It seems that this study should have been done 10 – 20 years from now, looking back but not while the country is only starting to come out of near financial collapse. Seems to me the real purpose of this study was to advance your conservative agenda in an attempt to shape politics. How you can apply metrics to a historic economic recession and make generalizations such as people being unwilling to move. How you can apply generalizations is absurd to me. People have unique situations and to generalize is unfair. You would have to interview every person on UI to form any conclusions to make such broad statements. You have not taken into account specifics such as family responsbilities. Your theories would appear that if UI were not offered that people would move to find work. To make such broad assumptions are not scientific. You also neglected to mention the U6 rate of 16.8 percent. Perhaps value added studies would be more beneficial such as how the failed policies beginning with Reagonomics & the war on the middle and ending with the failed policies of George W Bush with his tax cuts to the wealthy – same old trickle down economics.

    25. Ann M Unity, PA says:

      Forgot to put my location for previous comment that I submitted.,

    26. Andrew/Pennsylvania says:

      It amazes me that articles of this type get any kind of traction to them . These kinds of articles stereotype and make wrongful conclusions about people who were laid off for no reason. The unemployed do not deserve to be treated as second class citizens. Before losing their jobs, unemployed people were hard working people, paying their bills and taxes, and contributing to their communities. Funny how when someone becomes unemployed that all changes, and now they are referred to as anything other than a human being. How sad these articles like this one that paint such an inaccurate picture.

    27. LC, Virginia says:

      Thats insane. I understand the concept, but the reality is that many of these same unemployed are already willing to take "less desirable" jobs. And saying the solution is they may have to move to another state to find a "less desirable" job, is ridiculous. How does someone without an income, trying to support a family find the money to move anywhere? Things always look better on paper and it is very easy to say "if we shortened unemployment, things would be better now" when there is no way to prove that. I know I am unemployed, my unemployment has long run out and I have been begging for jobs that would only pay min wage only to be told that I am too high of a risk because they know someone that has a family to support and bills to pay cannot survive on min and will not stay there once things do turn around. They won't waste time on training someone to fry burgers if they are not going to be staying. Not when there are so many high school and college kids looking for the same jobs and will end up staying in that type of position a lot longer.

      The problem is not the unemployed are not looking for "less desirable" jobs or are not willing to sacrifice and make hard decisions, the problem is THERE ARE NO JOBS. You can only close down so many business and move so many overseas before you run out of places to work. It's not like other times where companies cutback or stopped hiring, the companies are no longer here. Move to anther state if you can, and I will too, if you can tell me what state it is that has enough jobs for us all!

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    29. Charles F. says:

      You have overlooked one major factor here affecting nearly every state. Those of us that are home owners who make up a large part of the unemployment figure own homes that have now lost considerable value and can not easily be sold or even rented at this time. So to find a job in some new location requiring a move would only worsen my economic situation. It is like telling the Captain of the Titanic maybe if you moved your ship 100 miles south you could have better luck keeping it afloat… think about it please. I have done national job searches and it is just not as easy as you seem to think that jobs can be found elsewhere in other locations. It becomes obvious to us that many of us need to look in fields other than what we had been employed in, and the much needed extending of unemployment benefits simply does not mask this reality the way you suggest and I find this rather insulting. Benefits go directly back into the system and keep me from losing a home to foreclosure. It is enough to (barely) sustain me at the moment, and certainly not enough to keep me from doing everything I know to find work!

    30. Tom Joad says:

      I think Sherk's parents wasted a lot of money on an expensive education. He should escape from his conservative think tank and volunteer at a soup kitchen.

    31. Julie, Ohio says:

      To who wrote this article…. You don't have a clue about the unemployed! Walk a couple months in our shoes you will not feel this way! Idiots like you are why people like me are going to starve and lose our homes/credit and vehicles. Get a clue!

    32. Robert, Bridgeport C says:

      So, perhaps we should just die already and decrease the surplus population?

      You think we don't want to work? You think we LIKE living in near poverty? You think we LIKE just barely having the bills paid?

      Perhaps we should all go on welfare then?

      Your position, Sir, is repugnant to all with half a brain. Go back to toadying up to Jon Kyle.

    33. Jack, Boston MA says:

      Ridiculous, ignorant and heartless article. The writer needs a long term "time-off" from work (unemployment would be the suggested reason for the "time-off") to understand the feeling of being unemployed for so long, having a family to support, bill payments and other related obligations. How about if the author will end up in a desperation that he/she has to take a job as a greeter (if he/she even can gets that kind of job…) from a news writer/journalist job? I really wish well to everyone, but some people really does not have any other possible way to reach /understand other people's pain unless they end up in their shoes…

      People need to understand that it's not a question of taking a lower paid or lower level job. it's a question that THERE AREN"T JOBS OUT THERE and that it's not any of the unemployed's fault that there are not jobs available out there, in fact, it's the "too big to fail" that even the unemployed people have been cooperating with their taxed money for their bail-out that exported all our jobs out due to greedness. Cheap and slave labor is off course more profitable than the fair and good quality American labor! And plus, those Corp. guys don't even have to pay for any sort of benefits to any of their foreign cheap workers. Wow, the huge amount of money they have been making over them…I don't understand how they couldn't "make it" and still needed hundreds of BILLIONS of the American Workers TAX dollars for bailouts! Sure, so that their CEOs and all other "big" shots can make a million dollars office decorations and buy a 10K shower curtain. Are these people made of gold and we, all the rest are not? Like Mr. Celente says, "Are their mothers better than mine?…" Give me a break!

      This is not all. In times like these the American people continue to lose more jobs to overseas. Yes, still today, with our official national unemployment rate at almost 10%! Who is caring about this? In other words, who is caring about the unemployed people, when the little jobs they still have are continuing to be exported? Ha, and this is not all! Kids in college? You are talking about sometimes over 100K in student loans debts awaiting to be re-paid to your banks/government by the time they graduate. How about our kids are done in school, full of dreams and hope and…cannot find a job? Our gov. is STILL allowing "The Brightest", "The More Intelligent". "Hard Working" professionals, H1B Visa recipients to enter our country in hundreds of thousands each year to fill the best paid jobs in the best Companies in the US. And most, if not all of them, don't even have to bother or worry about student loans to be re-paid because they hane NONE to pay back, their countries supply free high education if one succeds in their placement tests. How about our children? The American children who dedicated time, money and dreams of a secure future are seeing their hopes being given away before their eyes…How about their parents who battled all their lives in order to make it possible to see their children in college and to make sure that they will be able to take it till the end, how about those parents who ended up losing their jobs too and end up realizing they have nothing left to rely on, no savings, no retirement, no…nothing? Is anyone doing anything about all of this? Is everybody (those who can do something) blind? And those who criticize those who are unemployed, are they stupid? On crack, on weed? Are they out of reality, in some sort of "twilight zone"? Or are they simply cold and heartless? Or maybe ignorant? Or simply, again, stupid?

      Please wake up, being unemployed is not a joke, it's serious, very serious, it's a real killer, emotionally and psychologically! Be compassionate instead, anyone could end up in that line, it has been, in fact, growing…so if you do not have anything positive to says, keep your mouth shut, watch your karma!

    34. TimOregon says:

      Dear Author,

      You are absolutely off base and need to seriously think about what you write before you have another thought. I have two degrees, one in Business and the other in Sociology. You, sir are wrong. There are some milking the system, yes. But don't say we all are that just make you look like as a**. Do you think I would rather have my $300 a week and drain saving and 401K sell off all my stuff or have my $100k job back that I had for 12 years. Those that are living paycheck to paid check have it worse. If they didn't have saving and retirement set to draw from they are not only years behind on retirement they are on the edge of being homeless.

      Next I ask, If I move. Losing money on my house, were are these high employment states? Name a state that doesn't have a high unemployment rate. Then if we all move there, guess what now they will have a higher unemployment rate. Sort of like chasing deer from one woods to the next. You just made your self look retarded.

      I am writing today to express the need for Tier 5. I am not at that level

      yet but see the need for hundreds of thousands of Americans. My story is

      simple, I have been unemployed and looking for work daily. On three

      different occasion I have been hired only to find out the position had

      been canceled before my start date.

      Just yesterday it happened again. The company was concerned about the

      Health care bill and what that will mean to them. They called and noted

      that they are on a hiring freeze until they figure out the impact of this

      new bill.

      This will only make it harder out there and we need Tier 5 extended ASAP.

      Please support and ask for this.

    35. John B. San Diego says:

      At first I did not want to comment here due to the personal nature of info I must reveal. After reading some heart-felt passionate comments and dismissing the political rhetorical comments. I have decided to speak my piece.

      Twenty Years I work for one company in SO-CAL, I worked with many journeyman professionals and I trained our replacements. I like many thought prosperity in America was limitless, I was warned by a co-worker "stop training"!

      Now, I am laid-off over twelve months, my earnings potential has made it prohibitive in being considered for rehire. The industry that would bring me back at even entry level depends on "Home Equity" in order to sell our product/service to current homeowners. I will predict home values don't recover here for eight years.

      That brings me to my next point, in 8yrs I'll be retired, so another reason a company would not invest in me to re-train for another job skill. I think I'm going to end up as a greeter at Wal Mart, down from 55K to 60K @yr. to minimum wage.

      Currently Ca.EDD says I am not required to take substantial pay cut to qualify for "My Earned UI Benefits" and I believe this to be fair and equitable policy.

      As things shape up SO-CALLED U.I. BENI's run out for me; they coincide with my home foreclosure process….nice HUH.

      Well I find it repugnant and offensive that you even suggest I am "SANDBAGGING ON THIS JOBLESS ORDEAL!!!" I've worked since I was fourteen mowing yards/throwing the home town news paper. I'M NOT LAZY!

      Sounds Like A Sob Story “DON’T IT” Well that’s just the way it is!

    36. Chedar, Daly City, C says:

      your organization is nothing but an armed of the neo conservative republican.

      If you have enough descency, you may want to read this article before you write. You are doing so much damage to already low esteem of the unemployed. In fact, your organization is a waste of brain and a parasite of the society


      Wednesday, March 24, 2010 (SF Chronicle)

      U.S. growth too slow to add jobs, forecast says

      Tom Abate, Chronicle Staff Writer

      The U.S. economy is growing but not enough to make a big dent in

      unemployment, says a projection being issued today by the UCLA Anderson


      The forecasting unit, which releases its reports quarterly, believes that

      economic growth, which surged to 5.9 percent in the fourth quarter of

      2009, will slow to 3.2 percent in the current quarter, then taper down to

      a bit above 2 percent for the balance of 2010.

      That rather anemic growth will barely reduce the U.S. unemployment rate,

      currently 9.7 percent, to 9.6 percent by the end of the year, the report

      predicts, as the nation creates enough jobs to keep pace with the natural

      growth of the labor force, but not enough to quickly reduce the ranks of

      the roughly 15 million Americans who are out of work.

      A section of the forecast that focuses on California paints a dour picture

      for the state, which lost about 1.4 million payroll jobs during this

      recession and has an unemployment rate of 12.5 percent.

      "Our expectation is for it (the state rate) to fall slowly through the

      balance of 2010 and average 11.8 percent for the year," writes Anderson

      Forecast senior economist Jerry Nickelsburg. "The stalled California

      economy is simply not producing the jobs required."

      According to Nickelsburg, the current forecast is in keeping with the

      previous two quarterly reports in predicting a long, slow climb out of a

      deep economic hole.


    37. Timothy Snow says:

      we need tier 5 very bad.it's a shame people work all their life. in now live in their car or tent.shame,shame,shame.

    38. John, Fresno, CA says:

      To MC71 in Florida. I appreciate the condolences and I respect your viewpoint.

      During the precipitous decline (of my income), as you describe, there were two different parties in the White House. I can scarcely blame the latter without blaming the former and I prefer not to blame either (in my circumstances).

      Presidents During this “Decline”

      Bill Clinton, Democrat, Two Terms, January 20, 1993 – January 20, 2001

      George W. Bush, Republican, Two Terms, January 20, 2001 – January 20, 2009

      In respect to your assertion about conservatives “favoring big businesses over individuals;” the major clothing retailer I worked for from 1998 – 2005 is as much as fault as anyone. During that time I increased my income $20k per anum, based solely on “pay for performance.” This retailer overspent in the late 90’s consolidating and building distribution centers, purchased deprecated warehouse management system software from a defunct software publisher, opened too many retail outlets, pigeon-holed their consumer demographics (marketing), marketed super-model apparel to average (plus sizes) American women, designed poor clothing lines, etc. As a result, for nearly a decade they experienced single to double digit negative store comps month-in and month-out and year-in and year-out. To stop the hemorrhaging, the CEO resigned and they hired a new CEO, who (to his credit) reorganized the company starting with leadership down. Since they couldn’t improve their market share and to improve their bottom line, they reduced expenditures. They closed retail outlets and laid off 10% of their IT workforce, and outsourced IT functions to a major professional services company. Unfortunately, I was one of the 10%. This Fortune 500 Company is “big business,” however, the Owner and then Chairman of the Board, Board of Directors, and Leadership Team were far from “conservative.” Based on my experience with the company culture and where the corporation spent their money, including contributions to charitable and non-profit organizations, I would consider them “liberal” and “activist.” And, I would venture to say on the average they voted and supported Democratic candidates and policies and promoted the liberal agenda. They took full advantage of capitalism and exploited the free market enterprise.

      I respectfully disagree with your assertions about conservative policies. Conservativism cherishes the constitution and favors the individual’s liberties within the confines of a constitutional republic as intended and founded by the framers of our constitution.

      “When on the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political hands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness…” Declaration of Independence

      “The Founders believed, and the Conservative agrees, in the dignity of the individual; that we, as human beings, have a right to live, live freely, and pursue that which motivates us not because man or some government says so, but because these are God given natural rights.” Mark R. Levin, Liberty and Tyranny, A Conservative Manifesto, pp 2-3

      In regard to your hope for me to “see the light;” I appreciate the opinion and I reciprocate your sentiment. What is evident to me in our postmodern America is this; there is nary a distinction between the Democratic and Republican parties and neither party resembles their original intent. Virtually all of the reasons I voted Republican have slowly eroded over the course of 32 years, and what distinguished Republican ideology from Democratic ideology is practically extinct. I am pondering leaving the Republican Party, but not because of my “plight,” or to move to the Democratic Party because they are in power. Rather, because the Republican Party no longer ascribes to the same conservative values that attracted me to the Party.

      Fiscal Conservativism, as important as it is, is absolutely meaningless, if social Conservativism is not procured, retained and preserved.



      a political or theological orientation advocating the preservation of the best in society and opposing radical changes [syn: conservatism]


    39. Wayne, New Jersey says:

      You make absolutely no sense, I myself have been out of work for 11 months now, and have applied for any type of work that I could get. Without the extended UI, myself & my wife would have been living on the streets 5 months ago !!!!

    40. Al, Boston says:

      This is the most absurd argument I have ever seen on the UI subject. With the current ratio of unemployed to open positions of 7:1 is the author advocating a welfare state? Is the aithor some corporate hero complaining about the unemployment tax rate going up becuase the clowns on Wall Street blew up the economy? If he or she had any real complaints he or she should direct them at Wall Street and Washington. Why? First Washington allowed this to happen with all their back door deals. How ? repeal the Glass Stegall Act to allow Citibank and Travelers to merge? HOW SMART WAS THAT IN HINDSIGHT WASHINGTON? And Wal Street turns my stomach too. They think they are "ENTITLED" to BONUSES when theor companies are going bankrupt …. HELLO …. what is wrong with this picture? If I was the CEO of ML I wouldn;t have paid ANY bonuses and if the employees got mad and left I'd hire someone else to replace them. Remember there were LOTS of unemployed investment bankers around ! GET Real. Just like the real world human capital is a commodity … I do not know any company (outside of Wall Street and the Federal Government) where the argument is made that "these people are not replacable." The reality is THEY ARE ! Until WASHINGTON ENDS is DANCE with Wall Street, NOTHING WILL CHANGE. The little guy (the unemployed) should be subsidized by the CLOWNS on WALL STREET and IN WASHINGTON by a new tax to fund unemployment. Why, because the Government was too cozy with the clowns on Wall Street and look at the damage it has caused millions of American families. Where was the Government then? Alseep at the wheel becuase of all the donations coming in from Wall Street. Congress will never pass a law outlawing contributions from special intersts because they would cut off the hand that feeds them. Now that is what I call a Corrupt Governmetn and we have the gual to accuse other governments of being corrupt …. IT IS TIME TO END THIS DEMOCRAT / REPUBLICAN WAR … IT IS TIME FOR A THIRD PARTY BECAUSE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT GETTING WHAT THEY INTENDED FROM THE REPRESENTATIVES THEY SENT TO WASHINGTON … NOTHING EVER GETS DONE …. MORE POLITICAL BS DAY IN AND DAY OUT. I FOR ONE AM TIRED OF IT ! lETS START A THIRD PARTY AND KNOCK THE DEMINOTS AND REPUGNUTS OUR OF POWER !!

    41. Christiana says:

      This jerk shouldn't have a job because he is way too STUPID!!!!! Does he not understand that unemployment pays maybe a 1/3 of the income that was made when the unemployed had jobs? Does he not understand that noone is hiring unless you are lucky enough to get a job as a temp for six weeks and then you are unemployed again? Does he realize that as a temp, you have no benefits, no sick days, no paid holidays, lesser pay and not to mention no respect because you are viewed as "just a temp"? I believe this is the way Republicans are thinking too and why they refuse to budge on their stance about extending unemployment benefits and having the nerve go home to their rich families and have a nice Easter while there are millions that probably, after paying bills with his or her unemployment check, if they get one, cannot even afford Easter dinner because they had to pay a utility with that check before it was shut off!

      Again, this guy is an idiot! I hate to wish bad on anyone, but I would love to see him be unemployed for a while and see how miserable this feels.

    42. John, Ohio says:

      Better read, because it takes a Monster to make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thanks Darth Vader for visiting planet earth and writing the filthiest piece of article I have have read, heard, and been sickened over my entire life. Everybody join the darkside now, it works when you stay out of trouble. I can get the same ingrediants from a cheesy, old smelly Mcdonalds bag. It looked good, but now something aint right. No offense to you workers at Mc Donalds, at least your providing a service with dignity and a smile, and your feeding children more efficiantly than this.

      I know what the problem with this author is… maybe your up for promotion, or perhaps your lusting over that new Honda civic just like Jonny drives. Hey "just the messenger" huh? Easy now, don't get too crazy…there is no way you telling the truth working for a paper and all. Maybe tiger woods has jock itch, why don't you go and check THAT OUT.

      What ever the case your defianlty wrong here, because I was raised Republican, worked people to exhaustion made my way to the top of the company, stomping everybody everyday climbing my way to the top. Young Gun!! I had no children, looked at myself just like you.. everything matches, everything accounted for……20 years perfect attendence….got the company ISO certified. All while in Nation Guard. Served 8 years in the service, got sent away against my will but I done it. 2 Asscosiate's degrees, while sucking up and working full time… all the experiance to boot, and one Bachalers degree in nursing coming right up. But dont worry about the spelling joker, you don't have time.

      I got Blasted in a hummvee because someone in the office was a couple inches off on the map…2 died, I drank through a staw for a year…no those are miles genius…..In Kabul ….we had a great time standing around throwing away muti-million dollar vehicles because "that was orders". Just to come back to find everything from a 100 mile radius of my town tottaly went down to the drain with every other town still waiting on fanny to get their paper work going for applications or war injuries, or unemployment for your enjoyment. GUESS WHO ARE THE LAST PEOPLE WORKING?

      The same blamo, lamos doing the samo thing, pointing your calus free fingers,and the people taking forever on my injury report from the state, or the same people I seen trying to make everybody else loose their jobs before I left and before things even got bad….Yea I remember you paronoid slime ball, drug addicts, turned "company political related to another employee people" in one year who messed with my job when I was fighting for your country. Oh yea….I am just bitter? You thought I forgot…. I was the one who volunteered to go to Desert Daycare on your dollar for all that time huh? Your safe, that means my job was done. Time to COLLECT!

      Lets talk about you. You started your career late or you had 50 billion things going at once, so you were so emotional by the time you got working, you can't mutitask and that everybody in the world pays for it but you because you had to be thier first and an ideal that you pay people to be lazy is "so past tense" and "lame" looking up at your boss who cant keep a company running….that we all are going to travel back in time to the time and people you weren't even around when things were "good" that your talking about. Hey its ok..if your confused…. you just asked yourself too fast, give it a moment….

      Oh I found a job alright for a company that puts money away from later……Oh no not 401k , this is the GOOD KIND…..Embezzlement, first our retirement, then our health benifits, and then everything else, they shut downt 2 plants and then spent half the year doing nothing! EVERY YEAR I was gone….By the way we made automation lines lines for GM, and no this company was not US, BUT FROM GERMANY.

      GETTING TAX BAILOUTS AND EVERYTHING AND STILL LAYING OFF WORKERS FOR YEARS. More bailouts on top of that. I just worked there, and now finding out no that their is no retirment. Where did the money go? Government….why don't you crunch "your-own" numbers!! Oh I am thankful and happy to get care….What…..Medicare? But why? I am young and strong!!!!!

      Then they bought new cars with government bailouts….. They know all about face book and they STILL didn't hire anybody. They couldn't even tell me to my facebook I was laid off being a WAR VET and all…oh no, just like figuring out the maze ON the lame cereal box filled with paint chips they read as children instead of going out side to play…. they had to be sissy's and send it in the mail. Look at us, we'er important….We're sissies, we got this big comnpany to run we will hide and send layoff notifications in the mail. Make everybody pay for the time you spent in the office not aware of your environment, taking my retirement.

      This must be the part were we talk about morals and why people who are young strong and have no attachments what so ever can't find jobs either to be strong and go out there. There is no out there except for outer space with Darth Vader and every other hard talking talker talking and dreaming and sceaming us into oblivion. Don't worry older genration……the only thing I see temporary is thier article. No wait..there is no way to tell anymore sorry.

      Oh by the way…you "look at me talkers" From GM and other companies like Enron and those not actually doing anything sucking entire cities dry….stabbing me in the back…….hey….What would happen if you got laid off. Remember….In the time it took one application I sent to the state to come back because I am a vet…..11 months ago…. I have been in nursing school which is half way done. You will be there dont worry.

      You Human recources out there who can't make up your mind, hurry up…..people don't have ten years waiting around for your little points to make because your inexperianced and don't know it if you seen it. People have to be temps when you screw around with their employment history because you got a Human Recources degree from community college a year ago on their taxes.

      By the way…..if in some way I didn't to mention one of you, I still know who you are too….and don't worry…… your own guys are going to be looking for you when "it" hits the fan!!!!!!!!!!

      When that happens, I will be sliding right into Home base.

    43. Whatthe? says:

      Your article displays nothing butt utter lack of genuine insight. We've had ZERO NET JOB CREATION, short of 3 months since December of 2007. 15 million are unemployed, 44 % of which are long-term.

      Please explain to me your math, because it's doesn't add up. The ignorance about the unemployment situation is nothing short of blinding. 15 million people for about 200,000 jobs – an you're going to tell me that benefits are contributing?

      How about writing articles about small business job creation. That's the root of the problem. NOT THE LONG-TERM UNEMPLOYED. Jesus Christ.

    44. Chedar, Daly City, C says:

      We’re not facing historic numbers of unemployed because we suddenly have historic numbers of lazy Americans. The jobs simply are not there.

      One thing I can tell you though, the Heritage Foundation, AEI, The Cato Institute are nothing but a group of parasitic brainless "scholars" that sides with the neo-conservative republican and the rich, They just twiddle their thumb and start writing without basis. Sad but true. A waste of human brain a parasite of the society.

    45. Juliet says:

      Do you want a punch in the nose? You arrogant SOB! I am practically starving and living on unemployment. I can't get a goddam job at Starbucks. Talk about painful. I have a Master's Degree and can't find minimum wage work. I moved from Los Angeles to Austin Texas hoping things get better. I've been here two months and have been out each day looking for work. It is VERY bad out there! Do me a favor and go to the dog park and smash some dog poop in your own face.

    46. John, Ohio says:

      Oh yea Missed a few, at the gas station down from where I live a bucnh of tax free, buisness sucking ARABS who are sending 30 cousins over a month rasing my gas prices.

    47. Sherry says:

      There will always be people who abuse a system and thats unfortunate BUT don't blame the unemployed people for a few who do. Lets remember that President Bush gave a $700 BILLION BAILOUT check to Corporate America for their greed & mismanagement before they started jumping out of windows. I'm 58 yrs old and have worked for 33 yrs but lost my F/T job in March 2008, I want to work but the incompetence displayed in the Senate by chopping up the Jobs for Mainstreet Bill, has delayed any hope for Jobs Creation and Employer Incentives to hire. In regards to extending unemployment benefits beyond Tier IV, don't blame the many for the actions of a few, we NEED further extension of unemployment benefits as it is a lifeline for now and for a few weeks more if no employment.

    48. Pete, Fullerton CA says:

      I think the purpose of this article was just to elicit angry responses. the best thing is to ignore.

      Damn, I should of ignored it!

    49. John, Ohio says:

      Who ever took my 1st post off of here obviously does not respect freedom of speech, maybe your right and 25 million unemployed are wrong and it is right to hold them back, young strong men out of work who have plenty of experience and fought for your country !!!!!!!!!! AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!

    50. John, Ohio says:

      I will repost in such a way that you will not look for an exscuse to overtake this one. I am sick of the narccissitic view on The unemployed.

      1) I worked the most efficiant way possible, no kids no anything. I developed gastrointestinitis, 3 stomach ulcers

      2) I was also in National Gaurd at the same time.

      3) I am sick of people telling me that I am not qualified

      4) I am sick of people telling me I am not worthy

      5) I am sick of people telling me things that low Congress is paid 100 times what I MADE TO TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES.

    51. Todd says:

      When will you do the right thing and report about the real truth of unemployment.

    52. Tim says:

      I like how this article says people rather be on unemployment than get a job. I think what this person who wrote the article doesnt know is that unemployed workers DO NOT GET A LOT OF MONEY!!!! They make less than 300 bucks a week which is not enough to live off of when you have a famliy with kids. I would love to find a job right now. I cant pay anything with this unemployment money only help feed my famliy and pay a couple bills. Yet we will bail on the banks with billions of dollars and this person who wrote the article yells about us being on unemployment for to long.

    53. Tim says:

      James Sherk im surpised you can dress yourself with all that retarted nonsense you wrote in your article

    54. Tim says:


    55. Paul, Maryland says:

      Many commenters here are currently unemployed and understandably irate about the job market. That frustration has caused them to call James Sherk's view "foolish", "absurd", "out of touch", etc. But there are very logical reasons why extended government unemployment benefits both remove the incentive for the unemployed to take available jobs, and reduce the number of available jobs because these benefits are funded by taxing employers.

      I've written 2 posts that support my claims:

    56. John, Ohio says:

      Paul, you need to realize that just because you say people should be irate for a certain reason like unemployment-doesnt give you a right to say that they misunderstand or are just mad because of the way things are. A ligitamate "higher power" or some source of "enlightenment" would have fixed the problem by now.

      And no……People don't want to take some jobs because this is what they have had to do in the past, maybe a couple times on "false pretenses" thinking that it would lead to gainful employment for the third time or so, so no…they don't want to end up in the same boat and face this route again.

      Since they took the little job, and was pateint, even knowing that the little jobs are currupt, thier going to take this time and do things right, get aq good job or go back to school. I am a Vetren, I should be able to walk in and take your job, but even this system is corrupt, therfore to all you people who talk high….you cannot fix something the wrong way and expect it to just happen over night the right way.

      People want retirments and families, and consiquently they are not just numbers filling jobs, and won't be treated like it anymore. If this country continues deriving at the point we are now in the future, the ability of anybody acutally getting off the notion that sequring more than just "being thankful" when it comes to "a good worker in thier eyes" (because I know plenty of people who gave morethan that for less than were talking to the end ) Then all they way up the ladder, dreams will be just as corrupt and meaningless as your freind who has all that data.

      Using exscuses doesn't do the trick, people that have listened and worked and then laid off are tired of the games……….

    57. John, Ohio says:

      Oh and by the way here is a report from the labor of Job statistics, to support my claims


    58. jay murphy jupiter f says:

      Just wait til all of the poor souls that can,t find work and are out of benefits and need to feed there children,begin to steal food from grocery stores ,maybe rob! god help the american familys! mr. murphy fla.

    59. OMFG St Pete Florida says:

      The author of this article needs to either lose his job, or be killed. Period.

    60. chris, illinois says:

      You know I agree and disagree with some of this. 2 yrs??? Come on seriously. I was unemployed for a year and a half, well if you count no w2's about 2 years. Heres the funny thing. I wasnt even looking. I have a misdemeanor on my record too and Im 25. I knew how to get by and do whatever to survive. I was simply being lazy cuz I knew I could. No unemployment, nothing illegal. Just odd jobs, gambling, and buying and selling stuff. Yet I know a person that is in retail management and the lazy good for nothing hasnt worked in 2 yrs. Instead he collects unemployment. When he did try for a few months, he was offered a position but he didnt want to take it cause he doesnt want any big responsibility, he wants to manage a smaller company so he doesnt have to be stressed. So essentially he couldve been working for the last 8 months but he would rather collect unemployment. What incentive is there to look for a job when the government is giving money away.. Just like the people collecting welfare. Half of them could work but for what, they got all of us to pay their way while they sit on their tail. How bout this, your on welfare do community service for your pay. Your on unemployment for longer than 6 months, community service for part of your pay. This is beyond ridiculous now.

    61. JONQ says:

      Gee MR…."ILL" an You make alot of "noise"………………….Chris

      What your talking about is nonsesne, people are fed up working for nothing, your not talking about the same thing…Why do you think we are having a debate over healthcare? I have an ideal, why don't you go work at retail store where I choose over in IRAQ? Because thats what I done for you, and now your telling me where to work. You can't even spell correclty, or use proper grammer. Some people are older and ten thousand times more wise, but young punks say they are too old to work like morons on the florons, like sissy "look at me" people.

      People are tired of sinking money and time into nothing, they want good jobs and decent pay. Some areas are not like Illan…the whole state of Ohio is screwed, that doesn't people mean people aren't looking, it means the whole state of Ohio is screwed.

      Some retarded companies thinks that people couldn't hack it where they worked before, and thats no it either, its because the copmanies suck and wasting their retirment and benifits.

    62. Joe north east, MD says:

      I think that 2 years is not too long as the economy is tough esp if you live in a small town where there aren't many businesses to begin with. Yes some people abuse the system and they shouldn't just like the people lying to get welfare, food stamps and such or abuse that, they should not be abused. I know a few people on unemployment and the jobs around here and within 30 mile radius are low. We get maybe 3 jobs a week in the paper. My husband and I are in our 30's & worked since we were 14 so we've paid our fair share to the goverment. So if we need the unemployment I'd like to hope the benefits would be there for us and last if need be. I know how the job market is around here and I know it's hard as I've been looking for a second job and its hard to find.

    63. J.S. Grandfield, Lake Tahoe says:

      Whoever wrote this article obviously has a job. I’m sick of you folks referring to me as a slacker.

    64. scott says:

      the republicans say get a job at Mcdonalds and move in with your parents. what words of wisdom.

    65. scott says:

      why is that Hannity bitches about there being no jobs for people then turn around and say he would cut all benefits. Your right Mr Hannity the republicans can lose in November. 15 million votes do count you meathead.

    66. Lorrie: St. Louis, M says:

      Chris, you mentioned you think people should have to do work to get their unemployment checks… I would do that, I have done volunteer work while unemployed. But, just so you know, I paid into this system for over 24 years. I cant find a job because I am over-qualified and over-educated. I have started omitting all management experience and have been leaving off information about my education – I have finally started getting calls. On unemployment I make less than 1/2 what I did before, so I couldn't even afford to continue doing the stuff I was doing.

      Yes, there are lazy people out there but there are some of us who are looking for a job and networking like crazy just trying to find something that will pay our bills. I was just removed from the ranks of unemployment and it is amusing to me when they say unemployment is down…. really? we just fell off the ranks!!!!

    67. daniel says:

      I think the person who wrote this never loose a job,because some companies will let you go so they can hire a cheap person with half of your pay and just do not like your style i mean your personal life.example you been gay,love gold,never late to work.work more hours,dress too good in short some of us lose our jobs because of your boss do not like you so the writter need to think again no man wanna stay home for this little money but its better than nothing.I will take any job but dont mean i will kiss ass.

    68. Protected San Diego says:

      I say just prove that your looking for work.. not by just clicking a check mark box on a sheet every week. Do this sometime after the first extention, also after the first extention the government should have a mandatory training for shifting your career as a backup plan just incase your career is not going to work out or the job market is not there anymore. I have seen first hand what the lazy do and how they do abuse the system. Unfortunately we have two sides to the system and it appauls me to sit and watch one infamous abuser that I see daily and how their life is sliding down hill and how they will be lucky to wash cars as they have devalued their own brain power while abusing the system over two years. They system has helped create a bum

    69. D, WY says:

      I have been unemployed for nearly 2 years, despite having a Master's degree and years of IT experience.I have applied to jobs everywhere in the US that my skills and experience fit. Most companies never responded at all, the others informed me by email that they were considering or had hired other candidates that more closely matched their requirements. You can apply anywhere you wish, but most firms want local candidates because they do not want to be bothered with relocation. Local jobs that I would think would take advantage of my overqualified skills do not want me. I received UE benefits for some of the unemployment period, but they have run out as my state does not have Tier 4. The state job agency will not help me with any training in another field, they say my skills are in demand- but had no information about where that might be. They told me to apply for welfare, which is a joke in this state- usually only families with children qualify and the amount of money is low. Apparently, people with connections get jobs at the city, state, etc., levels here. So now without benefits I am no longer able to travel for interviews in other areas, and am wondering how I will pay my rent, or have enough to eat. The politicians and media can try to slant things anyway they like, people know the reality in their empty wallets and stomachs.

    70. Jonathan, Bakersfiel says:

      I'm guilty of abusing the system! I was laid off twice in two years and collected unemployment for 6 months each time. Right before that 6 month period I rapidly looked for a job and found one in my field as a mechanic in less than 3 weeks both times. May I also mention that I'm 25 with no family. I do think that the system should do a lot more checks on the people to prove that they are looking for jobs because they made it too easy.

    71. Kathleen, California says:

      I have a MS in Physics and three years of professional tech writing and data analysis experience. Yet, amazingly, even though I am realistic and apply to data and tech writing jobs in addition to jobs in the suffering aerospace industry, I currently have no prospects on the table. I've been through the interviewing process with five different companies at this point, and have learned that:

      a) When the job description says two years' exp. required, they mean five years.

      b) No business job will hire you even if you convince them a data or tech writing job is what you want, because ultimately they'll re-read your resume and decide you'll leave them because you're overqualified. Oh, and lying and saying you got less education than you did means having to invent MORE, easy-to-trace lies about what you did during the employment gap presented by the absence of grad school from your resume.

      c) No company out of state will pay to relocate you when there are already a hundred desperate applicants in their own state.

      The moral? Yes, there are people who abuse the system. But I'm not one of them. Neither are many of my friends, who share my woes of being overqualified but needing entry-level jobs to get a start in their field. We won't be qualified for entry-level jobs if we don't get into our fields quick enough, because the sciences want us to have graduated recently in order to qualify for entry-level jobs. Our careers are, in short, over before they can even start. We can't go back to school, because our unemployment will be cut off, so we can't do anything but desperately apply for jobs we don't really want and watch our education become obsolete.

      …Oh, and saying we should just take any old job is ridiculous. We'd end up homeless, even if we took such a job. In California, one can't rent a single ROOM in someone's house for less than $200. My husband was laid off and had to take a $10/hr part-time job, which only gives him a $900 paycheck per month. I am unemployed, thanks to a layoff. If I had no unemployment, the two of us couldn't afford to live on our own even if we rented a single bedroom in a stranger's house. When one factors in food, gas, car insurance, health insurance, utilities, phone bills, etc—all things necessary to get him to work and me to job interviews—my husband's meager paycheck would not make ends meet. California is a very high-cost-of-living state, so two people living off of one crap job is not possible.

      People with jobs, I've noticed, love to sit on their high horses and say all of us are lazy free-loaders. Thanks, guys. Those who actually are abusing the system don't care what you think, and those of us who are responsible and conscientious and diligent in our job hunts get to shoulder the shame you'd heap on our already overburdened shoulders. Usually these are people older than their twenties, who didn't have to try to start their careers during a recession. My suggestion: Try talking to someone who lived through the Great Depression. They will probably tell you they wish they had the same benefits we do today.

    72. R., Anne Arundel Cou says:

      I lost a state IT job in 2004, and worked almost ANYTHING administrative, computer-related or clerical I could find until Nov. 2008. In Sept. 2008, I took a 2nd (p/t) retail job, for extra $. In Nov. 2008, my f/t temp job just stopped. I put off filing for unemployment until almost Jan. 2009, because I was sure I'de get another job. No such luck, but I did get UI benefits, until my 1 yr period kicked in Dec. 2009. And yes, I report my p/t income, and it is counted against my UI when appropriate. I was approved for and received EUC benefits, which stopped June 2010. By my estimate, I'm eligible for 21 more weeks of EUC benefits. WHERE IN THE WORLD IS IT?? CONGRESS approved this weeks ago…

      Since June 2010, I have lost my car insurance, am likely to lose my vehicle, and can't pay my lot rent on my mfr'd home. My finances are in shambles. I have an AA in Marketing, and about 1 semester to finish a Bachelor's in Business. I just finished a Medical Coding Program, am highly computer literate, Microsoft Office proficient, have marketable skills, team player, blah, blah, blah… I've applied for all kinds of jobs, local, out-of-state, entry-level, clerk, professional, fed govt., I.T., and I would accept any job, even an entry-level one, if it were offered. I'm 48 y.o. and I can't find a job.

      So, for folks thinking that people like me are sitting on Unemployment, not trying to find work, … please, please, think again. Try waiting for EUC to (maybe??) resume and HOPING FOR A JOB OFFER instead, in this current market, at this age. Try running a household and sending a kid to college on 15-20 hrs p/t income and THE HOPE of continued EUC benefits that never seem to come or job offers from non-existent jobs. We are not lazy, nor are we free-loaders…we are US citizens who worked hard, worked our way up, tried to do the right things. Something's gotta give, or there are going to be a lot of desperate people out here very soon.

    73. C. Cachet, Los Angel says:

      One of the problems here is we still operate in the 19th Century when it comes to jobs and employment. We have no idea whatsoever what inventory of jobs or labor we have. Congress fell all over itself to pass the well-intentioned No Child Left Behind Act in 2001. Its purpose? To get every child "college ready," with the presumption that this will lead to a 2-year college degree, if not a 4-year degree. That's all fine, but the fact is most of the jobs we create are low skilled, low wage service sector jobs. This is the first recession where significant numbers of high skilled workers have found themselves out on the street (although I have always found finding "good" jobs challenging). We need a National Job Bank, along with labor reforms to prevent employers from working white collar workers beyond 40 hours without pay and a National Job Disclosure Act, akin to the Monroney Window Sticker for automobiles, that would force employers to fully disclose key decision-making factors in their job postings — including making it a felony for advertising jobs that don't exist. In the 21st Century, no American should ever have to go looking for a job — a better job should always be looking for us. And for a Federal Government always in massive debt, they need look no further than a windfall profits tax on businesses that outsource their high skilled jobs to foreign countries. But we'd need a National Job Bank to prove to those employers there are skilled workers here before we could reasonably assess penalties.

    74. Kevin Quinn says:

      Dear Jesse,

      This is a blog that you will want to see. "FEMA Camps for the Homeless."


    75. mel, NY says:

      The Headline reads "benefits contributing to unemployment" then I read further and he writes that unemployment would be 9.0 instead of 9.7– wow the long term unemployed should be ashamed of themselves…if it weren't for you we would only have a 9.0 percent unemployment rate

      In case you cant tell I am being sarcastic..what a ridiculous assessment

    76. Geezer says:

      Hi, found this after Google to see how many people are in my boat and I found this pretentious, clueless drivel here on this site. For the record I'm a Clerk. I have done Payroll, Record and Data Entry and Operations support. Im no fool and always use my computer in quiet moments to better my knowledge or seek out Ideas to better help the company as my last employer was hell of a decent man who froze 401ks and wages before being forced to layoff.

      In about twenty years I have only been out of work twice.

      One job that I held for almost 10 years from 1990 – 1999 ended when the company relocated and It was not in the cards for my family to do likewise. I spent 18 months working odd jobs from temp agencies that were the pits.

      I was then unemployed after almost 9 years at another company and I have only had 3 responses to all my resumes and applications. Could my being over 50 now be a part of it. I know I have more ummph and drive then many young people walking the streets these day. I'm more mature. Can peacefully communicate with my fellow man. I believe that any job can be done with pride.

      Not to even get a call from an Unemployment agency, now that's an insult considering the professionalism or lack thereof.

      The writer would have the unemployed thrown to the lions or maybe made into soylent green. Maybe put them in a rocket ship ala Jules Verne and he can call his article about the event "First unemployed Men On The Moon!

      The best thing would be to see him on the bread line.

    77. Franktruth, Phoenix, says:

      Having read the comments after the Heritage Foundation's Article by James Sherk as documentation for "Many studies show that extended UI benefits discourage recipients from seeking jobs, thus keeping unemployment higher than it would be otherwise[,]" I am convinced that argument was counterproductive to AMERICANS FOR PROSPERITY's opposition to Federally funded UI extensions.

      Sherk's argument offends because it blames the victim. We should have opposed Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's purpose of the special session (UI extensions) on nullification principles. The focus should have been on the Federal source of the $87 million rather than its impact or lack thereof on the local economy.

      Let's face it, the "panic", "depression", "double dip recession" we now face is far worse than anything the United States has faced with the possible exception of the "Continental Dollar" failure from 1783 (actually 1774) to 1792. With the combined impact of the Federal Reserve's 97 years of irredeemable fiat currency inflation, radical environmentalism, open borders and "free trade" policies the United States has dismantled its entire economic infrastructure.

      Rebuilding that infrastructure will be impossible without first restoring the economic independence of the several States. The Federal Reserve and those who (United Nations, Council on Foreign Relations, World Bank, IMF, Arizona International Development Authority, etc) manipulate policy to create a global central (world) government have made us so dependent on Washington D.C. that it is EXTREMELY PAINFUL to get off the Federal teat.

      Extending unemployment insurance benefits is no more a "solution" than repeatedly bailing out the 7 or 8 banks that are "too big to fail." Both only prolong the inevitable collapse of the Federal Reserve Note. The longer we delay the more painful the collapse will be.

      Our message should be: it's time to bear the pain and restore Arizona's (and the 49 other States') sovereignty. Nationally we must persuade Congress to enact H.R. 1098: Free Competition in Currency Act (http://www.govtrack.us/congress/bill.xpd?bill=h112-1098 which currently needs a co-sponsor).

      On the State level we must emulate or improve Utah's "Utah Specie Tender Act" http://le.utah.gov/~2011/bills/hbillint/hb0317s01… which sets up the ability to comply with the the Constitution's Article I section 10 stipulation for gold and silver transactions and prohibits taxing the purchase or sale of gold and silver coins.

      These are the first steps we must take in reassembling the nation's economic infrastructure – not growing our State and national dependence on the doomed Federal Reserve fiat currency.

    78. THINKPOSITIVE says:

      Don't feel shame collecting unemployment check. Pride does not feed your stomach. Most of the people are not lazy, it just that we are in bad recession. I got laid off and still looking for work. I do not care
      what other people think of me (LAZY). I have to do what is best for my family. I had already paid my due,
      collecting little back, is NOT A SHAME.
      The truth is that our GOVT/CORP are all corrupt

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