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  • Side Effects: Laws No Longer Mean What They Say

    Major flaws in the gargantuan Obamacare bill started to emerge almost immediately after it was signed into law.  One of the most embarrassing:  failure to ensure immediate coverage for kids with pre-existing conditions—something Obamacare supporters had constantly promised was part of the bill.

    Looking to provide cover for those who wrote the bill, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius fired off a warning letter to insurers. “Health insurance is designed to prevent any child from being denied coverage because he or she has a pre-existing condition,” she scolded.  As though it was their mistake!

    The pols got in the act too.  According to the Associated Press, “House leaders later issued a statement saying their intent in writing the legislation was to provide full protection.”  Well all right, then!

    Luckily, in this case, the insurance industry is declining to take advantage of politicians’ sloppiness.  The AP reports that Karen Ignagni, president of America’s Health Insurance Plans, wrote back to Sebelius, saying the industry will “fully comply” with the HHS regulations on this matter, once they are written.

    But is this anyway to run a country?  To have lawmakers and regulators coerce the private sector into doing what they simply declare to be their “intent,” rather than what is actually written in the law?  Legislation is supposed to be scrubbed of shortcomings such as this before it’s brought to the floor for a vote.

    Expect more episodes like this in the months to come.  Washington loves flexing new-found muscle—in this case, the heavy hand of lawmakers and regulators browbeating others for failure to do what they want ‘em to do, but failed to put into law.

    Episodes like this reveal the merits of taking a considered, incremental approach to health care reform.  To learn more about the right way to successful health care reform, click here.

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    46 Responses to Side Effects: Laws No Longer Mean What They Say

    1. Brad, Chicago says:

      It's the thought that counts, right? Is that the motto for everything this administration does? They originally meant to have the health care negotiations on CSPAN. They originally meant to not raise taxes on most of the country. They meant to stimulate the economy by spending a ton of money (actually, I imagine that would be several tons of money, depending on what denominations they used). Where's the -government accountability office- on these things?

    2. mogar says:

      Maybe if they read these things before they vote on them these things wouldn't happen. Fat chance.

    3. SparetheChange - Rur says:

      Vote in haste, repent at leisure. But when there is so much to change and so little time in which to do it, what is a what can a poor Congressman do? Find another line of work is my answer. In November my intention is to help them do just that.

    4. Cindy, NC says:

      The insurance companies are AFRAID to make waves, they know they are in the government's sights. Threats are no way to run a country, the IRS is bad enough.

    5. John, Boston says:

      Hey, when Nancy Pelosi said that the Congress would have to pass the healthcare legislation to actually find out what was in the bill, it should have told all of us something.

      Look for more sleaze to ooze out of this bill as the days go on…..

    6. JohnR22, michigan says:

      What?! A massive piece of legislations has flaws in it? We're discovering there are unintended negative consequences? The Dems are floating trial balloons that the legislation might actually (gulp!) cost a bit more than they estimated? What a revelation! NOTHING like this has ever happened before!

    7. chad3337 says:

      Thugocrats don't believe in the Rule of Law. Obama and Sebelius are concerned only with the ruthless exercise of power.

      It's a shame that the insurers caved. However, insurers are now nothing more than semi-private arms of government. They have been coopted, and are no longer businesses based on a free enterprise model. They will become part of the metastasizing cancer of government, and give up any responsiveness to their shareholders or to their clients.

    8. Brian, New Jersey says:

      I wonder if there are any other documents that define the scope of government that do not get the same "intention" courtesy? Oh that's right! The Constitution and Bill of Rights. What did the Founders know about anything?!?! They must have meant for us to view it however it is conveinient at the time we need to think about any new legislation – elastic clause, and that regulation of commerce means anything that we do or do not do that effects anything involving money. That sounds like a limited government accountable to the people – even if we have to take it by force (second amendment for those playing at home) – to me.

    9. Bill, Kansas City, M says:

      So, the politicians lied again, what's new? Time to put term limits on Congress.

    10. Ray, Hampton VA says:

      Included in this massive health care legislation is authority for Obama to raise his own private Army of 6K troops, funded partially by states and, of course, the Feds. And, these troops could be called upon by the President at his will to handle domestic crises! Check it out! This is just like Nazi Germany under Hitler! I'll bet not one congressman saw that one! Nor did the media!

    11. Jim says:

      he industry should learn that yielding to thuggery only emboldens the thugs.The insurance industry should use the drafting error to negoatiate changesn e.g., a 24 month waiting or exclusion for pre-exixting conditions. This would discourage gaming of the system. Even if the lawless demothugs beat down the industry's lawful attempt to interject reason, at least the public would see that the industy, before it was rubbed out by mob rule, tried to cast some rational light one a subject distorted beyond recognition by Leftest ideologues bent on takeover of 1/6 of the economy. The industry should take a clue from history and not meekly wear stars od David. It needs effective spokespersons, not clueless apologists. Pathetic. What industy or group is next up for the Gulag? Don't be the inept collaborator that health insurance has been.

    12. Jeanne Stotler, wood says:

      We really need to know all the pork in this bill, plus we need to openly publisize the LIES . 1st, I have been a nurse for over 30 yrs, I worked in New Born nursery and I NEVER saw a child born with a defect not treated. This hospital had taken in Co. Welfare pats. (Palm Beach Co.,Fl) 2nd. there is NO difference in the care welfare Pt. recieved to the paying or insured Pt., we don't know which is which, we (NURSES) treat all pts. the same. Drs who treat house pts. do the same and many Drs. treat for free conditions that babies are born with. 3rd. there are and have been clinics all over that provide on sliding scale for the people caught between welfare and Ins. 4th there is low cost Ins. cost about $90 a month, true it doesn't cover all expenses but it's better than nothing. The trouble is there are those who believe that they are INTITLED to free care on my dollar. When my husband died, I lost the Ins. I had through his company, my children ranged from5 yrs. to 17yrs. I had ason who had just graduated from HS as well. I went for three yrs without INs. finally I could get INS. through my employer, I kept my fingers crossed that no one would get really sick or injured and prayed daily to get by. I prevailed, I went back to school, got my license and worked long days/nights putting in 70 hours most weeks. I am tired of hearing the excuses for being on the dole, it's called LAZINESS in most cases.

    13. Bill, Boston says:

      The official line is that they are just finding these flaws in the legislation. My guess is that they have known about these all along and continued with their narrative anyways knowing that they can just browbeat the insurance companies into submission after the fact. I wonder how many other hidden mistakes/loopholes are out there that they know about but have failed to disclose…

    14. Joe in Philadelphia says:


    15. Tim AZ says:

      I see only two choices the insurance companies can make now. The first choice would be to close up shop. The second would be to collect premiums for the fallowing two years and then close up shop. The latter is what these socialists are counting on so they can demonize them further while they welcome more useful idiots onto their health control plan. I don't see a win for the American citizen here.

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    18. Dave - Michigan says:

      I pray to God that there are some real, honest-to-goodness- conservative lawyers out there who will come together and rip this stuff apart in preparation for the next Congress, which we will hire in November. they will need lots of ammunition to start the repel process.

    19. Bernie says:

      Around 1969 Milton Friedman, in a textbook on Government finance, said that Government can do 3 things with respect to a product or service: (l) finance it (2) Administer it (3) Give it away "free". The first rule he proposed was do none of these. He said that if you finance it then the money should be given directly to the consumer openly and directly. Obviously they then could create a market. If you do all three then we have the same situation as exists with public education. If you only do (l) and (2) then we will have the current situation in Healthcare under the new bvill. The doctor will now be the agent of the governing bureaucracy. His recommendations will be oriented not toward the patient but toward bureaucratic directives. Furthermore, there is now price control. If the fixed price for a service or good is below what the market price would be then we can expect that some services will disappear and others will be adulterated. In the worst case black markets will appear which are against the law. Every "shall" in the new healthcare bill (about 3000 of them) will be backed by a fine or imprisonment. I expect that the health care will be about as good as a Soviet supermarket serving its customers.

    20. Ron Puyallup Wa says:

      If the founding documents no longer mean what makes you think new laws should.

    21. Gerald Johnston says:

      Could it be they were so busy stuffing the bill with pork, special favors, and Easter eggs that they left out some of the parts they used to sell it?

      Just remember, People always take care of what is important to them.

      I'll bet you that all of the tax hikes are in place and workin' fine!

    22. Gerald Johnston in A says:

      Could it be they were so busy stuffing the bill with pork, special favors, and Easter eggs that they left out some of the features they used to sell it?

      Just remember, People always take care of what is important to them.

      I’ll bet you that every one of the tax hikes are in place and workin’ fine!

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    25. Patsy Thomas, Arling says:

      I had bought into the Federal Long Term Healthcare Plan in 2001, paying monthly premiums for nine years, and with my good health and hope, do not see myself entering an institution for many years yet. Should I believe that the new Reform Law will now be the first payer and negate the use of my policy? I never heard a discussion about this aspect, pro or con, during the debate.

    26. Patsy Thomas, Arling says:

      In 1970, I initiated a contract for the Federal Long Term Healthcare Plan through John Hancock, and pay premiums for it on a monthly basis. Since my health is relatively good, and with God's grace, I don't expect to need to use it for many years. The contract says it will only be a second payer, i.e, after Medicare, other insurance, etc. I would like to trust that the new law will be repealed on a constitutional basis, but should I be that optimistic, and cancel my policy? I am sure others are wondering the same as I. Anybody have a suggestion?

    27. George in Alabama says:

      The problems are so vast by this bill and the government so big we need new voice and this and that .. Its not gonna happen unless the majority of Americans understand this nightmare .. and yet the people that voted on it don't it was put together by a bunch of Progressives who knew exactly what they where doing .. and its intention is to intrude on all or lives re-write history adn erase the things we all love about this country.. We all know something is very wrong and that is our nation has been poisoned and has been stolen from all of us .. We need to come together to understand this decide how to defeat it and act with our votes and overcome a party that cheats , has morre money and the presidency and the media.. That is one tall order..

    28. George in Alabama says:

      Speaking of side effects .. I am a healthcare worker/professional. To get a few of the doctors on board with this in august 2009 the medicare pie was resliced giving , Oncology , Cardiology , Neurology, orthopedics , urology and most surgeons severly reduced re-embursment for services … Cardiology which I work in was cut by over 40% The administration won't give the exact ammount .. However to keep the office open my personal pay cut was 28.5% gross.. Ahem.. thats not all for 3 more years we are told to expect 10% more each year.. Thats over 70% total.. thats from the 500 billion taken from medicare to create this mess. so people understand clearly from someone on the inside .. So this is why the Florida doctor is miffed .. Medical is shafted bigtime .. however the Doctors and nurses and other healthcare Professional are organizing for 2010 .. Talk to your providers .. The private Practice Doctors will tell you.. If you don't believe me its all out here.. Its the reason for alot of the anger .. People like me who have spent a career not in a union working for ethics and doing the right thing. We got the shaft ..

    29. Osama Pajamas, Ocean says:

      I'm an old dog and I've been at peace for quite awhile. I think now, however, that if I had a real good hammer, I'd smash this government to smithereens and start over — with much tighter constitutional controls on the size, scope, and expense of government.

    30. Chuck Sodowsky, Arli says:

      Legislation by fiat has been a tactic of the courts for some time. This administration has no problem with avoiding the time consuming effort of passing legislation from the bench, by just issuing decrees directly.

    31. Keith, OH says:

      What will it take for Texas (or a another state in Dixie) to secede? My bags are packed and I'd prefer a warmer climate (and the recent global cooling is cramping my style).

      I don't think the politicians in DC would mind if they would even notice.

    32. Jim Idaho says:

      Akmobamajob's work, thus far, is very consistent with how he voted when he was a Senator. What? I'm supposed to be shocked at his actions?

      The voters in America have proven they have no clue for whom they are voting. They are suckers for "change" and "a balanced executive branch/legislative branch." I'm glad I'm a hop, skip, and a jump from Canada. At least they admit they have no kahuna's.

    33. Publius2, Paradise, says:

      This healthcare bill is a Pandora's Box. The more one delves into its contents, the more horrific it well be, leaving a devastated economy, loss of freedoms and future 'land mines' in the nations road ahead that will cripple America and future administrations.

    34. Dawg B. in Buffalo N says:

      Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

    35. Bren, Wichita, KS says:

      The trick here is term limits.

      Two terms in any office. If they were good as a representative, they might get in a stint as senator. Two years as a representative, four years as a senator.

      Change the retirement plan to 1/4 of current salaries (or whatever will disqualify them for social security). The retirment plan changes on a particular date. Should they want to retire before that, it is up to them but if they serve past that date, their plan gets changed.

      No war chest carryover. If they have 30 cents in their war chest once the election is over, that 30 cents goes into the general fund.

      Place the same limits on corporate donations as personal ones. If you donate in your name through your company, that is all you get to give. Unions qualify as corporations, signatures must accompany all donations.

      The damage done by career polilticians has been devastating and it is time to undo some of it.

    36. Peter, Chicago says:

      The scope of the new law is overwhelming. Today's media does not comprehend, or particularly care, what side effects will be. They will include lost jobs as employers have to cover more people, and face higher costs for insurance and compliance, lower overall investment as after tax return potential declines, higher inflation due to the massive cost, and businesses passing on higher costs to workers and customers, higher state taxes once subsidies for medicaid expansion expire, or are picked up by the federal government, reduced wages so small business can qualify for tax subsidies, reduced access to care as the roughly 30% of physicians who can decide to close or reduce the scope of thier practice. higher hospital costs as cost shifting accelerates, higher health insurance costs due to mandated coverage, and no effective mandate (the penalty is too small). The list goes on.

      To top it off, a number of political operatives in Illinois recently formed "health care consulting" businesses, and chose not to run in elections some believed were theirs for the taking….Americans are naive to believe any of the pronouncements from those in support of this legislation.

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    38. becca, PA says:

      This is the President who asked us not to judge him based on what promises he made, only on what promises he actually kept. Most children would not fall for that logic, but Obama expects the American public to keep supporting him despite the fallout of his campaign promises.

    39. becca, PA says:

      This oversight regarding coverage for children could have been avoided if the legislation on healthcare had been more carefully written. I plan to go to college tomorrow and ask my professor to give me an A on a paper that I just started to write, and that I am not finished reseaching yet, based on the premise that I can always rewrite my mistakes later. I guess I will find out if my prof is a liberal or a realist!

    40. Leon, Durango, CO says:

      My favorite is: Obamacare will take all joy out of the practice of medicine.

      It isn't funny, but I said to myself "There's only two healthy industries left in the United States, Healthcare and Energy." Oops, I spoke too soon. What do you know? That's exactly where the Demolition Plutocrats are demolishing America next!

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    43. Nandini says:

      The blog has been quite nice as well as remarkable. I came to know about many points, which I have looking for quite long time.

    44. Yes go along with concerning most of what is getting stated here, I'm delighted I found this subject. :) I was a short time ago enjoying a discussion about issue together with my friends at the office.

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