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  • Rep. Paul Ryan: The Way Forward on Health Care Reform

    While President Obama and congressional liberals have yet to come down from the high of passing their historically horrible health care legislation, conservatives are still hard at work promoting health care reform.  This is because with its numerous new taxes, mandates, penalties, regulations, and new role for government, Obamacare can hardly be called reform.  Instead, the recently passed law is more likely to aggravate existing problems and create new ones for our health care system, not to mention add staggering new amounts to the federal deficit.

    One crusader still hard at work is Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI).  In an article published last week in the New York Times, Rep. Ryan writes, “To be clear: it is not sufficient for those of us in the opposition to await a reversal of political fortune months or years from now before we advance action on health care reform. Costs will continue their ascent as the debt burden squeezes life out of our economy. We are unapologetic advocates for the repeal of this costly misstep. But Republicans must also make the case for a reform agenda to take its place, and get to work on that effort now.”

    Rep. Ryan outlines the following as changes opponents of Obamacare can start making headway on now:

    1. Reforming the Regressive Tax Treatment of Insurance. Says Rep. Ryan, “This discriminatory tax treatment lavishes the greatest benefit on the most expensive plans while providing no support for the unemployed, the self-employed or those who don’t get coverage from their employer.” Removing this biased tax treatment and replacing it with a more equitable system of universal tax credits would create more affordable and portable care for all Americans.
    2. Coverage for Pre-Existing Conditions. New law ensures coverage for those with pre-existing condition by requiring guaranteed access.  However, in order prevent those who need insurance from waiting until they are sick to purchase it, this provision is accompanied by an unprecedented and unconstitutional individual mandate to purchase insurance.  Instead, Rep. Ryan suggests “focus[ing] on state-based solutions, including robust high-risk pools, reinsurance markets and risk-adjustment mechanisms.”
    3. Strengthening Patient Choice. One of the biggest faults with our current health care system is that patients are shielded from the financial choices surrounding their care.  Obamacare will only make this worse. Instead, Rep. Ryan argues that “We should ensure that health care decisions are made by patients and their doctors, not by bureaucrats, whether at an insurance company or a government agency. By inviting market forces into health care, we can encourage a system where doctors, insurers and hospitals compete against one another for the business of informed consumers.”
    4. Real Entitlement Reform. If middle-aged and younger Americans wish to receive the benefits of Medicare and Social Security in old age, something must be done to restore sustainability to these financially crippling programs.  As Rep. Ryan points out, entitlement programs create a long-term obligation of $76 trillion—it is impossible that the United States could fulfill this obligation without going bankrupt.  Entitlement programs alone will eclipse historical tax levels by 2052—this is to say nothing of other federal programs, such as defense and education.  Proponents of Obamacare claim that billions in cuts to spending on Medicare will prolong its solvency, but this is false—all projected savings from Medicare will go to paying for new entitlements under the new law.  Addressing this problem now will ensure that the safety net provided to senior citizens and low-income Americans will persist for generations to come.

    Repealing the breathtakingly sloppy legislation passed by Congress last week should remain a priority for proponents of true health care reform.  Rep. Ryan’s rallying cry reminds us that “[t]he opposition must always speak with vigor and candor on the need for wholesale repeal and for real reform to fix what’s broken in health care.”  Heritage analyst Nina Owcharenko further explains here how Congress can achieve successful health care reform with bipartisan support.

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    13 Responses to Rep. Paul Ryan: The Way Forward on Health Care Reform

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      The U.S. Congress should focus on returning all ordinary domestic affairs, like social entitlements, over to the individual states where such matters rightfully belong.

      I had a dream last night that Texas had an irreconcilable civil dissolution with the union. Texas commerce and residents would continue to receive all monies due them from the federal government. Texans alive at the time of the divorce could retain their U.S. Citizenship or instead choose Texas. But as I said it was only a dream, albeit a sweet one.

    2. Matt Malesky says:

      How to Fix Health Care by Laurence J. Kotlikoff


    3. Bill Lee, ArkLaTex a says:

      We must stop putting Government impedements in the way of economic growth in this country. We must lower taxes on production. This will stimulate tax revenues as history has proven.

      This will increase the pie. The Democrats only want to divide the pie up differently. But we need to expand the pie.

      This is only way we can do is needed for all the Baby Boomers coming down the track.

      Global Warming farce is just a way to slow economic growth and make the government more important that is should be.

      How many times in history do we have to lower taxes and see economic boom and more tax revenues for the Liberals to understand this works. It worked for JFK, Reagan, GW Bush and it will work again!

      With enough prosperity we can help people with medical problems and insurance. But if we keep going down the road we are no now,,,,,no body will have anything.

    4. kelly north carolina says:

      that IS a sweet dream, JC Hughes. as a native texan, i could get on board with that.

    5. Carran, Texas says:

      I Samuel chapter 8. "We want a king, we want a king", they were warned what would happen if they got a king. Guess what? We were too. We all know how this went for the Israelites too.

    6. Rich, Naples FL says:

      Dear Rep Ryan, Please run for pres in 2012!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Barbara Frances Delo says:

      Rep Ryan is my hero! And his comments show a real understanding of the problem.

      1. Yes, the money cut from medicare is funnelled to social programs. And that is not unexpected. It has been the thrust of Prezident Obama's whole adult life.

      2. Yes, a disproportunate focus of government on entitlement programs is unsustainable and will bankrupt our nation!!! It also contributes to a growing entitlement mentality that neither helps it's recipients become successful or our society as a whole.

      3. Yes the healthcare program shifts medical decisions from doctors and patients to a government Medical Advisory Board.. Few people understand the serious implications of this. It is the structure that allows economic rationing of healthcare.

      4. Yes, this program moves more and more control to the federal government – and in the process creates more and more costly and unnecessary bureaucracy and oversight spending. All this moves healthcare $$ AWAY FROM PATIENTS and TO PENCIL PUSHERS. In addition, states are better able to make decisions about what's in their own best interests. Rural states have different needs than states with large inner city or suburban populations. The best program for inner city Chicago may not be the best program for you.

      5. In addition, this program discourages or outlaws co-pays and cost sharing…which may be the simplest and least distructive way to keep our healthcare system economically sustainable, of high quality, and therefore protect American citizens from the devastation of catastrophic illnesses

    8. Joshua A. Schaeffer says:

      I envision a Texas that arrests federal employees who try to enforce the individual insurance mandate or harrass people who won't fill out the whole census form (another unconstitutional individual mandate). The other states are so emboldened that they do likewise, and the uproar shuts down the last of the liberals for good. Then all the laws and rollbacks that conservatives have long waited for get passed in a short amount of time.

      Much like the "Scouring of the Shire" when the hobbits run Saruman out of town, where he gets his throat slashed by his #2 who then gets impaled with arrows. No civil war necessary, and everyone cheers at the end.

    9. Mme P, Wisconsin says:

      A well-written and intelligent article. Paul Ryan has impressed me for many years, and his emergence as a leader for a more reasonable, responsible health care reform has solidified my respect for his work. Your choice of words "breathtakingly sloppy" to describe the bill signed by President Obama are apt. Bravo, Mademoiselle!

    10. Mattheus, Sarasota says:

      The answer is much more simple than Rep. Ryan makes it out to be.

      It's not a question of where government should tinker to improve quality, reduce risk, expand coverage, etc etc. Just get it out entirely. Do not pass a single bill that expands government's role in health care; only repeal bills. More legislation will not make people more free or healthy. Put forward arguments to cut and slash bills instead of passing new ones. That should be your direction.

      There is no "right-mix" of government interference that will produce the optimal health care. It is a blight; there is no excuse for leaving any of it in.

    11. Billie says:

      Paul Ryan sure IS a hero! He understands the constitution and where government doesn't belong. He protects and respects the freedom and dignity of the people.

      The Constitution builds self reliance and is expected of all in America. Government is rewording and misinterpreting it to appease lifestyles and make exceptions which includes a massive government dependency.

      The American Constitution empowers individual life, people to live their way and by their own choices. Why would empowering the people ever "change" to result in government dependency? Because the government majority isn't working for the American people.

    12. Sue Plamer - Ohio says:

      We need a candidate that CAN win in 2012 – Not just RUN and cross our fingers to hope for the best.

      We're in trouble, folks (as if you didn't already know that). But, I must reiterate "TROUBLE" because it is upon on on many fronts and our flanks.

      This treacherous Administration, along with all their leftist cohorts MUST GO in 2012, or we might just have to say goodbye to America. They ARE committing treachery upon this nation.

      They HAVE AN AGENDA. And this agenda runs 100% contrary to what America IS. This agenda is highly sophisticated in order to do what the Left has been itching to do for over 40 years and that is to completely re-make this nation.

      Romney: He is "more of the same"

      Palin: Love her Pep Rallies, but let's not commit suicide

      Jindal: Obama would augur him into the ground

      If someone like Obama could rise out of "nowhere" and become the Prez, then a highly principled, razor-sharp patriot like Paul Ryan can also become POTUS.

      He is fearless! A reluctant leader. Someone who can (and has) look Obama straight in the eye and unapologetically tell him he is dead wrong. And he cannot be intimidated by ANY other politician.

      Let's get rid of the OLD FACES or we're doomed.

      PAUL RYAN for PRESIDENT – 2012

      Become a Fan!


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