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  • Monthly Archives: March 2010

    A Second Tragedy in the Americas: Earthquake Tests Chile’s Resilience

    Less than two months after the January 12 earthquake in Haiti, another Hemispheric neighbor has fallen victim to the ravages of nature. The earthquake that struck Chile in the early hours of February 27 measured 8.8 on the Richter scale and was one of the most powerful quakes in a … More

    Buffett to Obama: Scrap Current Bill and Start Over

    Last week’s bipartisan summit on health care reform seems to have done little, if anything, to build support for the President’s vision of health care reform.  Strong opposition to the Democrats’ proposals remains the position of a majority of Americans.  And now, even the President’s biggest fans are following suit. … More

    Vermont Yanks the Rug Out From Under its Nuclear Future

    In a highly publicized decision last week, the Vermont Senate voted to potentially close the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant, the state’s only nuclear plant.  The non-binding vote marked the culmination of a year-long debate in Vermont as to whether the state should renew the operating license of Vermont Yankee, … More

    Biofuels Not So Enviro-Friendly

    Switching from fossil fuels to allegedly cleaner fuels may not be as good for the environment as advertised says the United Kingdom’s Times. Similar to the renewable fuels mandate in the United States, the UK has a Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation that requires 3.25% of fuel sold to come from … More

    "Meddling" and Clinton’s Global War on Censorship

    Now, not only are we engaged in a War on Terror, but according to the U.S. State Department, apparently a Global War on Censorship. As President Barack Obama extends the hand of reconciliation to distasteful regimes, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is simultaneously declaring open war on many of these … More

    Justice for Embattled Executive Branch Lawyers

    Last month,  Associate Deputy Attorney General David Margolis cleared the names of former Department of Justice lawyers John Yoo and Jay Bybee. Disparagingly labeled the “Torture Lawyers” by the New York Times, Yoo and Bybee wrote the now-infamous memos offering legal advice to the Bush administration that authorized the use … More

    Not Only Do They Not Have the Votes...

    …they don’t even have a plan on how to get them! Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) insisted this weekend that she “will be able to get the votes needed to pass sweeping health care legislation in the House.” What this really means is that she does not have those votes right … More

    The Unlimited Prosecution Act Goes on Trial

    This afternoon, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in Skilling v. U.S. Most media coverage so far seems to be focusing on former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling’s request for an entirely new trial based on claims that the District Court where he was convicted failed to ensure an impartial … More

    Seeing the World Through Nancy Pelosi's Eyes

    After last week’s disastrous health care summit for the President and his supporters, the left has been scrambling to save face and sell the public not on their plan, but on using the reconciliation process to jam it past the American people. They’ve simply given up on earning any form … More

    Morning Bell: The Edifice Falls

    Having failed to convince the country that we should reorder one-sixth of our economy (health care) in one fell swoop, liberals in the Administration and Congress are now doubling down and moving on to the next big thing. This time it’s the transformation of everything, through climate legislation. One could … More