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  • Morning Bell: One Nation Under Arrest

    One nation, under arrest

    Before President Barack Obama took over the White House, no United States citizen had ever been forced by the federal government to buy a product against their will. But now, thanks to the passage of Obamacare, Americans, by dint of their mere existence, are now required to purchase Obama administration approved health insurance or face a penalty assessed through the Internal Revenue Code. This is simply unprecedented. The income tax doesn’t kick in until an American earns income. Auto liability insurance doesn’t become mandated until an American chooses to drive (and even then it’s only by the state). And farmers must first grow food before they are subject to the regulations of the Department of Agriculture. But facing federal government sanction for simply breathing? That is a troubling assault on American liberty.

    Unfortunately, Obamacare is just the latest example of the growing reach of the federal government into all aspects of our lives. While the final bill passed by Congress specifically made the noncompliance with an IRS individual mandate penalty not a crime, far too often when the spotlight of American attention is not focused on an issue, Congress has gone ahead and criminalized what was once before perfectly normal behavior. Consider, for example, small-time inventor and entrepreneur Krister Evertson, whose story is recounted by Heritage fellows Brian Walsh and Hans von Spakovsky:

    In May 2004, FBI agents driving a black Suburban and wearing SWAT gear ran Evertson off the road near his mother’s home in Wasilla, Alaska. When Evertson was face down on the pavement with automatic weapons trained on him, an FBI agent told him he was being arrested because he hadn’t put a federally mandated sticker on a UPS package.

    A jury in federal court in Alaska acquitted Evertson, but the feds weren’t finished. They reached into their bag of over 4,500 federal crimes and found another ridiculous crime they could use to prosecute him: supposedly “abandoning” hazardous waste (actually storing, in appropriate containers, valuable materials he was using for the clean-fuel technology he was developing). A second jury convicted him, and he spent 21 months in an Oregon federal prison.

    Putting the wrong stamp on a package. Storing your own property own your own land. When did these actions become federal crimes? Why? How can we stop them? A new book launched yesterday and published by The Heritage Foundation answers these questions. One Nation Under Arrest: How Crazy Laws, Rogue Prosecutors, and Activist Judges Threaten Your Liberty documents how over the past 50 years the politicization of American criminal law and practice has created traps for millions of innocent and unwary Americans and threatens to make criminals out of those who are just doing their best to be respectable, law abiding citizens.

    In 1998, an American Bar Association task force estimated that there were over 3,000 federal criminal offenses scattered throughout the 50 titles of the United States Code. Just six years later, that number is estimated to be over 4,000 and Columbia law professor John Coffee estimates that the federal government could use the criminal process to enforce as many as 300,000 federal regulations.

    Lavrentiy Beria, the chief of the Soviet security and secret police under Stalin reputedly said, “Show me the man, and I’ll find you the crime.” Our country is by no means a Soviet police state yet, but a federal government empowered with a sprawling code that makes all of us potential criminals is more than just an existential threat to American Liberty. This overcriminalization trend must end. Become informed. Learn the issues. Buy the book. And fight back.

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    91 Responses to Morning Bell: One Nation Under Arrest

    1. Nancy Jones, Auburn says:

      I think the underlying reason why "they're" able to get away with this nonsense is that most young people (who have been largely educated by the state) are completely unaware of how precious American liberties are. They have no concept of what it means to live in a society that is not free. The mainstream media, Hollywood and the Progressive moon bats have idolatrized such people as Che Guevera and others of that ilk and too many homes with parents who are not plugged in to the reality of socialist, communist and Marxist tyranny also aid and abet the ignorance of their children. After the shutting down of a public transportation facility in a county here in Georgia, there was a man interviewed who stated, "We beleive public transportation is a human right." What are we going to do?

    2. Roy Nelson League Ci says:

      Unfortunately our elected officials are not very good at repealing laws. Add to that the myriad federal agencies and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) which has become an encyclopedic compendium of laws to trip up the average American. This is in no way what the framers intended.

    3. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      We, the People, will remember in November. Paul Hodes, who's running in the Democratic primary to replace Judd Gregg, and Bill Binnie, the Republican, running

      to replace Judd Gregg, will be running in the September primaries. My guess is that

      the Scott Brown Effect will be in play. When Democrats ask for Barack Obama's help, they lose. The Democrats, due to cap and tax, Obamacare, and ethically challenged politicians like Charles Rangel, are going down in flames.

    4. LibraryJim, Florida says:

      The incident mentioned took place in 2004. If things like this can take place under G.W. Bush, how much more likely are they to happen under a President who thinks the Constitution is a "fundamentally flawed document"?


    5. Sue From Detroit says:

      Thats right put everyone in jail for stupid reseasons. Since the Democratic Party has taken over in Washington I feel like Alice In Wonderland. Have too many laws on the books. Let the legislature review the current programs and laws and evaluate the results. I am sure 50% of them should be recended. Make thing less complicated. However, the progressive's plan is to over legislate the citizens to crush their souls and have a dictatorship over the producers( AKA the middle class) Washington is out to destroy The American Citizen.

    6. Kevin Cullen, Las Ve says:

      Everyone keeps comparing Obamacare to Auto Insurance but remember, with Auto Ins. you only have to purchase liability (which protects the other drivers), you do not have to protect yourself.

    7. Lawrence says:

      Come on, enough is enough…Who is paying for the uninsured today who show up in the ER and need treatment? You and me maybe you are not concerned but I am. Everyone needs to carry their own weight…and have insurance. There is no free ride for healthcare.

      If previous administrations had the “guts” to stand up for all Americans you and I would not be having this discussion today and everyone would be insured. So you leave it up to states…well the states recognize the expenses of the uninsured and have not taken action.

      Again I have insurance and many others I know have insurance…but why must we pay for the uninsured? Honestly, the insurance companies have been increasing our…yours and my rates to cover their losses with the uninsured.

    8. Fed up & Leaving says:

      At 64 years of age I never thought I would be looking for another country to live in but I will not allow this Communist to dictate our buying habits. Surprisingly while picking up a prescription yesterday our pharmacist said the same thing and flying to Costa Rica next week to look for a place to move to as well as employment. I served this country as did all my ancestors but enough is enough and I am not alone.

    9. Brian, St. Louis says:

      I agree, I think things are getting way out of hand. Something has got to change.

    10. Tenn Slim Tennessee says:


      31 March 2010

      The Tactical Battle now joined is akin to the old Cold War Nam days. The VC had “Fronts”, National Liberation Front, etc. We also have a battle of “Fronts” before us.

      EPA, (imposed regs via organizational mission statements, with minimal authorized legislation)

      DEA, ( Permit withholdings to drill for oil, natural gas efforts, New nuclear plants, new Oil and gas refineries.) A new effort posted today, Open the Shores to drilling.

      FCC, ( Fairness, equality doctrinal impositions, Rural Broadband spectrum frequency controls )

      SEC, ( Fiscal Regulatory controls via mission of Dept. and pending legislation, Consumer Advocacy and Protection. Czar led agencies, Czar led caps and control on wages for Top Management. )

      Education K-12, ( Monetary carrot and stick, curriculum adjustments via leftists Theorists)

      USDA, ( Imposed inspection regulations at targeted sites of production )

      Health Care, ( Crusade efforts to control wellness and other TBD methods )

      Czar agenda Fronts are direct results of OBNA hires during Transition period. Check each Czar credentials, promulgate TRUE data, no opines.

      If we, as Conservatives, are indeed dedicated to saving the Union, we will address each Action Front assault rationally, and without prejudice,

      We Can Prevail.!!

      Semper Fi.


    11. Charles Sturrock, Te says:

      One flaw in the liberal argument when they equate forcing citizens to "buy" health care, to the argument that they already have to "buy" automobile insurance, is that they said initially the government could force you to buy insurance to drive, since driving was a privilege and not a right. Now they have moved health care from a privilege to right status, therefore, the argument that forcing citizens to buy healthcare coverage is equivalent, and has precedent in automobile insurance is nullified. Just my thoughts on it.

    12. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      I have a serious question for THE HERITAGE FOUNDATION to consider, not that you haven't already. Of course it involves a "president" who ignores the Constitution he SWORE to uphold and the AMERICAN PEOPLE he swore to protect. Since his unfortunate inauguration he has demonstrated a DISDAIN not only for our country, but the people in it, destroying jobs, raising taxes to astronomical levels, engaged in BRIBERY/THREATS/PAYOFFS to pass an UNCONSTIUTIONAL BILL in and UNCONSTITUTIONAL WAY, and soon to kill more jobs and increase our energy costs by 300% with Cap and Trade, a bill based on LIES AND JUNK SCIENCE, and his ambition to FLOOD OUR COUNTRY with any IMMIGRANT who wants to come here and get a free ride at our expense…OUR COUNTRY WILL NEVER RECOVER IF ALL THIS HAPPENS…NEVER! Question: What do we do and when do we do it?

    13. MJF, CT says:

      Mr. Carroll is correct in that the government is not fully in charge — yet! ObamaCare is the key that will change all of that. When you control the health and maintenance of health, you will be able to dictate what people can do under the guise of "protecting" them. For example, you may want to buy some greasy french fries but the government has decided that french fries will make you gain weight and that invites diabetes, so by order of the government, french fries will not be allowed any more. the list can go on and on, past food, right into your private lives.

    14. Mrs. Jo Dermody says:

      then if so much is wrong with the tan man from chgo, do something.

      Don't just sit and write about it. At least Paul Revere got on a horse and yelled

      the Brits (Obama nonsense) is coming.

      Men today have no back bone at all. They are run by the women in their life.

      To prove that just listen to some silly man say he is "pregnant" as in "we are pregnant."

      America can be made free, save and a representative republic again but guess what guys you have got to physically do something about it.

      Or keep writing words that you hope some construction worker will read and finally take action. Most of you spent way too much time in college and should have been fighting a war somewhere for this country.

      Semper Fi

    15. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      At this point in time we should all recognize what has happened to the America we all grew-up in. Little by little we have been loosing our liberty and freedoms since the days of FDR. Most of the people are now up in arms and concerned but perhaps too late. Obama is the culmination of decades of the "progessive" movement that has slowly "changed" this country. Now, with Obama in the White

      House, the "slow" advance into socialism has reached full speed because the people are finally awake. They have their goal in sight and will do EVERYTHING they must to reach Obama's utopia.

    16. Mary.... WI says:

      The joke about Big Brother Is Watching You is not a joke anymore.

      I don't know how many of you feel but there are days I feel there is no way out of this hell hole created by this administration. BO is a big supporter of the UN and everday the USA is being inched closer and closer into becoming part of the New World Order…..just like being sucked into the dark depths of quicksand. 52% of Americans understand it and the rest are in for some big surprises AFTER they FINALLY understand what happened. Sad days ahead for this country.

    17. Bill B LC,NM says:

      But who will pay the taxes when we are all in Obamacare jail?

    18. Annette Costello, Fl says:

      There are only two things to focus on right now. Repeal healthcare and impeach Obama on the grounds that he has violated our constitution. We cannot wait until the elections in November. Immigration, Cap and Trade will both pass by then. We will lose more jobs and our country and that is his ultimate goal. Bring America to her knees and rebuild in his vision. That is unacceptable.

    19. M Shultz, us of A says:

      Not a police state Yet???!!!! How can you write this article and end with that bit of tom foolery? Of course, we are in a commercialized police state. It's just the luck of the draw you haven't seen that firsthand. Good luck with that!

    20. Jim Richard, Sylvani says:

      Why don't you people just leave the country?

    21. Jack Kyle says:

      It is time to play hardball, and overturn Chapter 24 of the Internal Revenue Code requiring that taxes be collected through “payroll deduction?” This law has been ruled constitutional, but is not mandated by the Constitution. I know that it would be difficult, and require a majority of a newly elected “Conservative” congress and President. If the government is forced to collect taxes directly from its citizens, thus informing tax payers every week or month as to what is being taken, there would be a true “tax revolt”.

      Collection would become unenforceable and force the government to adopt the “Fair Tax” plan doing away with the IRS. Taxes would be collected through a “sale tax”. Government would be forced to be pro business, encouraging growth to get more money in the hands of consumers.

      Every citizen would know immediately when the government increased taxes. Angry, informed citizens are not a force that elected officials want to deal with.

      The only way we can regain control of government is to control the money supply. The “power to tax is the power to destroy.”

      This may be the only lawful means left to regain control of a “out of control government”. Mandated payroll deduction is the “Achilles Heel” of the IRS

    22. Jackie Missoula, Mt says:

      You know I just love these articles not just here but on all the different sites. They are absolutely amazing. Everyone telling us what we already know. When is someone that has a bullypulpit going to get some guts and stand up and call for his resignation, ouster or whatever you want to call it. They would only have to shout it once and it would be like the shot heard around the world. Just like when Pete stood up and screamed back at the White House and the Tea Parties came into existence.

      What are we waiting for? The United Communist States of America?

    23. Bob Hall says:

      With regard to the buying of auto insurance this is only if the vehicle is operated on public thorofares. I

      If the vehicle is operated on private property not only is insurance is not required a licence is not requried either nor is there any age restriction as to the driver. Please pardon the spelling errors.

    24. Ray - Tampa says:

      We have become Rome.

      When Jesus is asked by the roman before the screaming crowds “What have you done?" he was giveing him an out, hoping he would admit to a lesser crime.

      He knew that the laws of Rome, such as they were, made every man woman and child a criminal. Giving the government the power to do whatever they wanted to whomever they wanted.

      Nothing new, read the good book before it's outlawed as hate speak.

    25. EC says:

      All that needs to be said about Obama and this voting nation can be found at http://www.americagonestupid.com Whoever owns this website hit the nail on the head. It is truly a matter of the silent majority doing their part to assure socialism dies in this nation. If they can't get off their butts and do there job on a daily basis as I am hundreds of thousand do everyday above our normal 14 hour work day then they deserve more representatives like Obama and his socialist followers that put this idiot in office. Basically you get what you allow. Mission #1 for me is to get the 219 socialist democrats and 60 socialist senators that vote for the 3000 page health care bill of which they have no idea what's in it out of office NOW and then start on the Republican mole traitors we have in many offices across this nation.

    26. Charles, Kansas says:

      Classic Madison Ave. advertising. Invent a problem, involve the consumer, and then solve the problem with the client's (soap, dogfood, drug) product. This post appears to be nothing but an advertisement for the book, launched yesterday by The Heritage Foundation.

    27. Charles Jr, Texas says:

      It is hard when this frivilous case is aired out. Federal Authority is wronging the efforts of many good servants in Law Enforcement. But beneath this lies other issues that is the cause of all the problems. May GOD and sunshine laws correct this injustice.

    28. Jim Delaney says:

      Some would characterize this article as right-wing fringe madness and simple-minded alarmism. However, millions of thoughful Americans have taken a different view, e.g. the Tea Party, etc, and are now vigorously pushing back against unprecedented federal overreach. As our Founders wisely counseled, when the institutions of government stray from their constitutional mandates, thus violating our rights, it is not only the responsibility, but the duty, of "we the people" to take appropriate action to restore constitutional order. Though I sincerely pray this can be done peacefully, it must be done one way or the other. And given the cancerous litany of case law which has, over the years, served to eviscerate and pervert the meaning, spirit and intent of the Constitution, I am not at all confident that the well-intended AG lawsuits going forward against Obamacare will be successful. The corruption is so deeply embedded in our system of law that the law no longer properly serves "we the people". As for the Constitutional Convention remedy, that might work, but the political divide dooms that effort as well. So what's left? Determined nullification efforts and widespread civil disobedience. Failing that, let the Constitution and the wisdom of our Framers be our guide.

    29. They just said slow says:

      Ain't nobody said anything 'bout stupid.

      "There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws…you create a nation of law-breakers and then you cash in on guilt." — Ayn Rand

    30. CHyatt, Albuquerque says:

      Enjoy your 4 years. As for the rest of the lot in congress, we hope to see a whole new set of leadership come 2010. Heck, almost any leader would be welcome at this point. Oops, I forget….that is what we got in 2008. Even the ignorant voter is going to learn that thier vote has a tremendous impact. Nothing is free in life, and a whole lot of people are going to learn this hard lesson when the tax bill arrives or when thier jobs are cut or when there is no longer a choice of insurance company to deal with. You have to listen to what the man is saying very carefully. You'll have a choice alright, if you want to pay 3x the premiums. We've made our beds, now it's time to lay in them.

    31. loves Dogs/Colorado says:

      I know too well what you're talking about. We lived in a small college town and my husband was DRUGGED at a local bar. BUT everyone that runs it are democrats He was taken to his car and placed in his car where they put his seat belt on(something he NEVER wears) where he drove away and passed out in his car not far from the restaurant /bar and then cops came and took him to jail . Didn't take him to the hospital-since he couldn't walk etc–62 years old. He was just hired for the University of Ohio in 2005 and got lots of publicity and this place HATED the University. He was given a local lawyer that HAD NO IDEA OF HIS BACKGROUND. Didn't ask for a blood test immediately. He had NO RECALL OF WHAT HAPPENED AFTER SOMEONE BOUGHT HIM A DRINK THERE—-He was fined and went thru GREAT HUMILIATION and he'd been thru hell before this and didn't need it again. We took it to a hearing–another stupid lawyer—the procesecuting attorney is a Democrate and turned out the JUDGE WAS CLOSE FRIENDS–AS WERE THE COPS AND PROS. ATTORNEY WITH THIS ESTABLISHMENT THAT DID THIS TO MY HUSBAND.


      Democrates and Judges and LAWYERS are destroying this country.

      AND WHY??????

      I hope and pray that someone SOMEHOW CAN GET THIS OVERTURNED



    32. Richard H. Irish, Ed says:

      When you consider the atrocities perpetrated by our government ON THEIR OWN, with NO suspicions involved (Ruby Ridge and Waco instantly coming to mind) and we realize that honest liberty loving citizens are under attack from ALL sides. Adding in the government cover-ups, like our Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bombing here in Oklahoma City; for which ONE of the perpetrators (Timothy McVeigh) was executed, but others were let go brings one to the realization that we have little or NO Justice left. Our politicians and Justice Department even permit a totally INELIGIBLE person to pretend to be President of the United States and watch idly as he systematically savages our Constitution and destroys our economy!

      What is a mere tax paying citizen to do?

    33. Dave, Provo, UT says:

      You make Glenn Beck sound like a middle of the road populist.

    34. Elaine J, Sandy, Uta says:

      My thoughts are not related to today's Morning Bell but I have been wondering how the passage of "Obama Care" will affect non-profit organizations in our country with all the additional taxes being thrust upon companies of all sizes. With fewer dollars to work with, will the non-profits suffer as a result? I have to believe that this will be one more negative as a result of this disgusting legislation. I hope sometime in the near future you will address this issue.

    35. SW in Texas says:

      Welcome to the United Socialist States of America, The USSA

    36. Ken Jarvis says:

      Does anyone WANT to buy a Motorcycle Helmet?

      Does anyone WANT to pay more for a Car because it has Seat Belts?



      it is just MORE HF GOP BS about Obama Being WRONG.


    37. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      Good article. Furthermore, Congress' authority to make criminal laws is actually VERY LIMITED by the Constitution. See: http://publiushuldah.wordpress.com/category/crimi

    38. Ken Jarvis says:


      "A second jury convicted him, and he spent 21 months in an Oregon federal prison."

      HF is Boo Hooing for this Lawbreaker.

    39. Lioness, Wisconsin says:

      Yes, this is nothing less than robbing the American electorate. Selling them a product they don't want and forcing us to pay for it. Is there no law against abuse of power. The Congress voted against the will of the people to buy this lemon and we are now being held-up to pay for it or go to jail. It's

      CRAZY !

    40. Greg Lockhart, Austi says:

      I'd like to know what business benefits from him being in jail for 21 months and what there connection is to the prosecution…

    41. Drew Page, IL says:

      The May, 2004 incident described above sounds incredible. That a FBI SWAT team went to such lengths to apprehend someone for failing to put the correct sticker on a parcel post delivery is almost unbelieveable. That the person involved was successfully prosecuted for improperly storing materials on his own property sounds equally farfetched. Were the stored materials hazardous and a danger to public safety?

      I'm not for a minute refusing to believe that the above article is untrue, but I would like to know more about it. We have seen such excesses before under Janet Reno's administration and the needless Waco, Tx massacre and the debacle at Ruby Ridge. In each case, the government's response was excessive and unnecessary.

    42. toledofan says:

      Regarding the healthcare bill, everything that is happening is for a reason and that is so the government can enact or establish a single payer system managed by, guess who, the government. In a time of ecconomic hardship, why would anyone, especially the government, want more people to get laid off? If jobs are so important why is it that the government is turning a blind eye towards Fannie and allowing them to lay off 2500 people? All this is right out of Ayinsky's playbook.

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    44. Mike, Chicago says:

      Where were all these “freedom-loving” right wingers during the Bush years?

      That’s a rhetorical question, of course. But one that should be asked of the morons now breaking windows and cutting gas lines, all in the name of “freedom from big government.”

      Well an old gentleman from Chico, California is asking it. From what I’m told the fellow worked as a volunteer teaching retirees about Medicare and COBRA. Here’s his open letter to Republicans. Sorry, don’t know his name, but if you do, let me know. Pass it on to your favorite Republican/Tea Party member:

      We had eight years of Bush and Cheney, but now you get mad?

      You didn't get mad when the Supreme Court stopped a legal recount and appointed a President.

      You didn't get mad when Cheney allowed Energy company officials to dictate energy policy.

      You didn't get mad when a covert CIA operative got outed.

      You didn't get mad when the Patriot Act got passed..

      You didn't get mad when we illegally invaded a country that posed no threat to us.

      You didn't get mad when we spent $1 trillion on said illegal war.

      You didn't get mad when over $10 billion dollars (in hard cash) just “disappeared" in Iraq .

      You didn't get mad when you found out we were torturing people.

      You didn't get mad when the government was illegally wiretapping Americans.

      You didn't get mad when they didn't catch Bin Laden.

      You didn't get mad when you saw the horrible conditions at Walter Reed hospital.

      You didn't get mad when they let a major US city drown.

      You didn't get mad when they gave a $1.6 trillion in tax breaks to the rich.

      You didn’t get mad when, using reconciliation; a trillion dollars of our tax dollars were redirected to insurance companies for Medicare Advantage — which cost more than 20% more for the same services that Medicare provides.

      You didn't get mad when the deficit hit the trillion dollar mark, and our debt hit the thirteen trillion dollar mark.

      No, but you did get mad when the government decided that people in America deserved the right to see a doctor if they are sick. Yes, illegal wars, lies, corruption, torture, stealing your tax dollars to make the rich richer, are all okay with you, but helping other Americans… oh hell no!

    45. Oscar, California says:

      Isn't it interesting that when a 'correct' politician or member of the Obama administration is caught doing something illegal, it is an 'oversight'.

      Isn't it interesting when illegal immigrants come to American for the opportunity of providing for their families, they are 'victims' (and votes) not breaking the law.

      There will be less jobs available, less babies born and more government beaucracy than ever before because of Obamacare!

    46. Jim Delaney says:

      If the law suits, nullification, repeal don't work, then civil disobedience and secession are all that is left? Keep your eyes on Texas. That's where I'm heading when they get the guts to secede. Republic of Texas, and a consitutional republic at that. Nostalgia's in the air. Bring it on!

    47. John B. San Diego says:

      We; both sides of this arguemnet become entagled and imbroiled in bitter debateover the details all face personally with these issues.

      While the debate goes on, enveloping everyone in the myopic minusia of the laws and mandates passed down we all lose sight of the "Big Picture"

      Divide and Conquer!

      I'll suggest a quote from James Madison for all to contemplate.

      "I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations"

      So while wwe quivel over the small details our individual liberties and freedoms

      slowly evaporate

      The "FROG" analogy comes to mind: drop a frog into a kettle of boiling water and he will jump for his life, drop a frog into a pot of cool water and slowly bring that pot to a rolling boil the frog will cook.

      Think back to all of government actions All Parties they have incrementally wittled our freedoms away until we are that frog.

      The water begins to bubble and we want to argue about who threw us in the pot.

      God Bless our Founding Fathers and the eternal wisdom they sought to pass down through the generation to we quiveling ingrates.

    48. sally says:

      this used to be the land of the free it is no longer freedoms or rights from god. This government has flip out on the American people and they are trying ruined the foundation and the principles what this country was found on. Family's used to lean on each other family's in this country lost the morals and principles and true meaning of a family same goes with the government they have forgotten what America stands for and what made this country so meaningful and why people came here it was not all about the money it was about the freedoms and get away from their dictator country's. Look at this country now this country is no longer a good country or free and this country is just like the rest of the other country's but when it time to run out this country before government turns on the American people history does not lie especially when America is going and headed in the wrong direction into a dictator and government taking controlled of the American people and everything that stands for freedoms and taking away the American people freedoms.

    49. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Under the Obama DICTATORSHIP it is now against the law to be a CHRISTIAN and a gun owner at the same time. You see, Obama wants allegiance to HIM ONLY, and when he is FINALLY GONE, allegiance to THE STATE , as is his promise to "fundamentally TRANSFORM America", into "the State", which fools were unaware of because they 1)don't subscribe to Heritage for FACTUAL INFORMATION or 2) watched main stream media which proclaimed Obama as a god or 3) listened to the dregs of Hollywood which proclaimed Obama as a sex idol(must like skinny men with taxi-cab door sized ears and whistles every word or 4) did not read O's books or listened to FACTS on FOX or talk radio about his ties to Alinsky Studies/William Ayres(the idiots don't even know who this man is!) / the hate monger "rev" Wright/ a boatload of communists, or his election as the MOST LEFTIST SENATOR… this man is more than socialist(per Sharpton). GOD is being driven out of everywhere by the DEMOCRATS. And your belief and faith in GOD is the THREAT and O learned this in his socialist studies. Trully shamefull America has so many NON-AMERICANS.

    50. jill.hetherington Ma says:

      Er visits have increased in MA even thought they have universal health care. They added a whole bunch of patients but they still have the same amount of doctors.

      I don't fault insurance companies for making money. I fault the government for pissing it away and ruining everything they touch. This is not an answer and everyone who supports it will soon find out.

    51. Dorothy, Colorado says:

      He's a dictator want-a-be!

    52. John B. San Diego says:

      Get rid of the last post,no spelling check; put the next one in delete this one too

      Thank You Moderator….yeah I can't type

    53. Pete Stroempl of For says:

      Understand that a Dictator.. declares Mandates! The analysis is just that simple. Are we now under a dictatorship? This is the slippery slope.

      This is another act of "Civil War" by our Federal Government against the middle class.


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    56. John B. San Diego says:

      1. Point of Proper Order: We; both sides of this argument become entangled and embroiled in bitter debate over the details all face personally with these issues.

      While the debate goes on, enveloping everyone in the myopic minutia of the laws and mandates passed down by…….OUR Federal Government….

      we all lose sight of the “Big Picture”

      Divide and Conquer!

      I’ll suggest a quote from James Madison for all to contemplate;

      “I believe there are more instances of the abridgement of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments by those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations”

      2 So while we quibble over the small details our individual liberties and freedoms

      slowly evaporate

      The “FROG” analogy comes to mind: drop a frog into a kettle of boiling water and he will jump for his life, drop a frog into a pot of cool water and slowly bring that pot to a rolling boil the frog will cook.

      Think back to all of government actions All Parties they have incrementally whittled our freedoms away until we are that frog.

      The water begins to bubble and we want to argue about who threw us in the pot.

      God Bless our Founding Fathers and the eternal wisdom they sought to pass down through the generations to we short-sighted ingrates.

    57. David, Virginia says:

      I may have it wrong, but hasn't Amazon attacked the right for its views? Didn't they just assault Sean Hannity's new book? Yet Heritage is offering their book through Amazon? I'm not going to give Amazon a cent of profit – unless I have this very wrong.

    58. karen bonville pendl says:

      I am not really scared or worried because I know this stuff is happening for a reason.But i will say I am mad as hell.I will probably be one of the first to go to jail.Where everything is free.But me.

    59. karen bonville pendl says:

      A friend of mine in Tenn has already lost her health care under this system and it has only been two weeks since it passed.She has nothing but medicare now,she is not even fifty.Do we all just give up and die? Or stand and fight as a nation? I mean if Americans from 100 years ago did it and won why can't we?

    60. wallyblu Zion IL says:

      The Main Stream Media keeps agonizing over the people who are against the expansion of Government and it's intrusion into every aspect of our lives

      They call anyone who opposes Government takeovers "crazed radicals and home grown terrorists who are going to take up arms againt the Government."

      I believe there were some of those crazed radicals who did take up arms against the legal Government once before in this country, they were called the Founding Fathers and I don't think the Stamp or Tea tax was anywhere near as odious as the cost involved in this monster heathcare Law.

    61. Shane, Houston, TX says:

      With all the resources at hand, the government wants to put a strangle hold on its citizens while they let illegals into this country to rake havoc, cost the taxpayers millions, force hospitals to close, send their tax free money back to Mexico where they will retire, and fill up our prisons.

    62. Ken Wade,Nevada says:

      When are all you people going to wake up and unite the Tea Party,GOP,Heritage Foundation and all the others out there with their hand out and trying to sell book`s?I don`t need a book to tell me what is going on in this country.Between,,,write a book get on TV and this and that organization wanting money sent to them, also the new`s media with pundit`s that blast out words that have no backing,,,,just their opinions is a ton of B/S.All these group`s are getting rich off of web site`s and book`s.I for one don`t need a book of somebodie`s opinon on what is happening………If your really going to save this country,,,,, vote in November,,,,,,,UNITE all the group`s.The leader`s of each of these group`s need to have a summit and organize,,,,,,,what do you think they are doing with Acorn and the over 300 companieas they have?WAKE-UP!!!!!!

    63. Richard Cancemi says:

      Mike from Chicago

      You are a true donkey democrat, stupid as the day is long. A smart person doesn't use past wrongs to justify current wrongs! Wake up!

    64. Coriann, USA says:

      We need a "2010 MIRACLE"

      iF WE DON'T GET VETO-PROOF MAJORITIES in both houses in 2010, even 51 Senators and 220 Representatives won't be able to accomplish anything until 2012, and with the PROGRESSIVE DAMAGE they can do before November 2010, we can't even begin to undo until 2013, WE'RE SCREWED.

      BELIEVE IT!!

      Of course, that would be a David-style Miracle against Goliath, right?

      Well, that's what we need. What are we going to do about it?!

      We let ourselves get into this mess while Hannibal was at and overrunning the gates, and now it's going to take one he** of a comeback to just avoid becoming a Venezuela, and we'd better not imagine otherwise!!

      Even with a VPM, he still has executive order authority, but without it, he's still way too powerful and can do a lot more damage before we get him impeached or replaced.

      If this sounds radical, maybe you simplyl don't get it, and had better wake up before we become the United Socialist States of America. SEVEN MONTHS IS ENOUGH TIME FOR THEM TO GET IT DONE. WE HAVE SEVEN MONTHS TO STOP IT.

      Think before you laugh.

      I believe this will get posted, because Heritage is not 'centerist' (as BHO claims) but realistic and can tell free speech from sedition.

      Thanks for that. Coriann

    65. Richard Cancemi says:

      We are no longer living in the land of the free and the home of the brave. We are living under tyranny once again. We must regain our liberties and put government officials in their place as servants of the people not rulers.

      And shame on the FBI and any enforcement agency that follows corrupt and unjust orders! We have become a nation without backbone!

    66. Kathleen, Bakersfiel says:

      I have looked through the comments.

      They will all be a moot point when President Obama passes Amnesty before this November.

      Once Amnesty is law it will be too late. He will have set into motion the creation of a voter demographic that will be deliberately unstoppable in expansion. He will have put into play that which will make irreversible his transformative socialist agenda for this country.

      Neither President Obama nor LARAZA have any incentive to distinguish between those illegals here now and those coming here for healthcare and the vote across an unsecured border.

      Any Republicans elected this November will subsequently lose those seats permanently. When those seats fall back into Democratic hands they will be filled by representatives from the new voter demographic he is creating of illegals here and arriving.

      The American electorate will lose the ability to effect elections with the coming change in voter demographic.

      Any Republican elected President will subsequently lose that position permanently with the coming change in voter demographic.

      Amnesty is not about solving a problem (for to do so one must first permanently seal the border). It is not about fairness. It is all about permanent power. President Obama is young, his vision is long, and he is making an investment in future permanent power with Amnesty.

      With Amnesty, President Obama is taking control of this nation's voter demographic, and with it control of the nation.

      Or maybe no one explained to him that when Americans said wanted him to make jobs his number one priority, they meant jobs for the citizens of this country.

    67. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      To those who think conservatives should leave the country, here are the reasons I won't, and this is also why I am a conservative. In 1620 Richard Warren, a supporter of the Mayflower and one of those who financed the trip, landed on Plymouth. His Grandson Benjamein Chursh put down the Indian Rebellion in King Phillips war. 1685 a young boy of 13 was left in Long Island while his father went back to France for the rest of the family and was never heard from again, that 13 Yo had 10 children, his second son Andrew Mershon had an Inn near Hopewell, N.J. it was his barn where Gen Washington's troops gathered before heading into Trenton, all the Mershon men fought in the American Rev. Nathan Bennett fought in the Rev. War, a great Uncle sone 10 gen removed served as Ambassador to France under Thos. Jefferson, another James Monroe served as Pres. and wrote the Monroe doctrine. skipping others such as Aaron Burr, Betsey Ross on my family tree I'll go to Arlington Cemetery, there is the grave of one Lt. Col. E.C, Johnson, he fought with Teddy Roosevelt in Cuba, he served with J.J. Pershing at the Border dispute, and was in Oahu prior to WWii and a now famopus Gen. Douglas MacAuthur was a Capt. under him, across the road there is sec. 12, along the road side are three graves my brother in law, and 2 of his first cousins all died in 1945 total children 4 who never knew their fathers, ther are other graves of those who served from our family all fought so YOU could hae freedom, I won't leave this country, I'll fight fot the freedoms that those I mentioned fought and died for. If you want to live in socialist fashion YOU ARE FREE to leave, just be sure you renounce your citizenship when you do.

    68. cjc,mpls says:

      And I'm not necessarily buying it, but I thought you should at least see the other side of the story…

      (6/20/07) A federal jury in Pocatello yesterday returned guilty verdicts against a former Salmon resident for violating the Hazardous Materials Transportation Safety Act and illegally storing and disposing of hazardous waste, violations of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act.

      Krister "Kris" Sven Evertson, 53, of Wasilla, Alaska, also known as Krister Ericksson, is scheduled to be sentenced on Aug. 28 at the federal courthouse in Pocatello. He faces maximum penalties of five years in prison and a fine of $250,000 on each of the three counts.

      Evertson is the former owner and president of SBH Corp., a Nevada corporation that is now defunct. He transported 10 metric tons of sodium metal from its port of entry at the Seattle-Tacoma Port Complex to Salmon, Idaho, where he used some of the sodium in an effort to manufacture sodium borohydride. Everston arranged for the transportation of the sodium metal not used in the manufacturing process and several above-ground storage tanks which contained sludges and other liquids to a facililty in Salmon. Sodium metal and the materials in the tanks were highly reactive with water, and the jury found that Evertson failed to take protective measures to reduce the risk that the transported material would react and damage persons or property.

    69. Cliff, North Little says:

      Where is the ACLU when you REALLY need 'em ????

      Wonder if a President McCain or Bush could even come ANYWHERE NEAR what Obama has done up to now ???

      Double-standardism seems to be runnin' rampant !!!

    70. Ron, Derry NH says:

      Ken Jarvis you are an impostor to truth. I own a few antique cars and installed seat belts…on my own. I ride a motorcycle and own a number of helmets and a ski dooing helmet and a bicycle helmet and have worn many a safety devise that is NOT REQUIRED BY FEDERAL LAW.

      I plant trees without federal law, have recycled since before it was the thing and don't waste energy just cause I want to.

      You my simple minded socialist who believe life's wisdom comes from the state should get yourself a communist page and attract some like minded folks, or surrender your self to CUBAN authorities.

      Communism/socialism is government centralized planning that Robs civilization of its worth to support the mechanisms of government at a rate that exceeds its promised values because quite frankly no man can rule the beast

      For all our fault s as a nation we have never chosen to enslave our children to debt, servitude and confinement to elitist rule because at one time we were willing to aim at the right targets and authors of slave-hood. sadly Americans have decided to enslave their children and their neighbors for lack of self purpose at fighting corruption where ever it lurks and accepted the chains of serfdom to the masters that created the corrupting of self worth in the first place.

      If the lure of communism is your choice; take it but do not give cause to surrender your neighbors freedom and liberty for your desired enslavement to your new masters.

      America was never a people who sold out their neighbors for temporary safety. Benedikt Arnold's we never emulated for the reason's that George Washington and his lot were far more the men of iron, we used to exemplify.

      History has always shown what type of man would sell out his children, his neighbor and his friends for the temporary security of evils promise.

    71. Rob Birdsall says:

      This comment is little off subject but the opening paragraph mentioned healthcare. As rediculous as the auto insurance analogy is, no one seems to have pointed out the obvious difference between health insurance and auto insurance. When your car gets sick it's not covered by insurance. Auto insurance is primarily for accident liability. Anyone making the arguement for healthcare based on this comparison clearly lacks objective reasoning by any measure.

    72. Giles, Winnsboro, TX says:

      John B, San Diego, you hit the nail on the head "Divide and Conquer" and quibbling about who got us there. Big Brother has been watching us for a long time, none of this happened over night and both parties are responsible for advancing the agenda on the federal level, however, we the people (I say that collectively) have not held their feet to the fire, many have voted for the lesser of two evils hoping it would all work out. We must stand united, the louder the other side screams the more we are affecting their effectiveness, it is when they are quiet we must be very concerned, because they will quietly move in the direction they desire and no one will raise an eyebrow against them, we have been given a wonderful opportunity to question, get straight answers and demand while we still have a vote this changes. As far as straight answers we must know the answer before we ask the question or all we will get is empty rhetoric pointing out who on the other side has done wrong instead of addressing the issue we have asked about. Beware of the definitions of the words that come out of candidates mouths, be sure their definition is in line with your standard, remember "fundamentally change this nation" meant to many a change towards less government, more openness and a return to some basic freedoms, it did not mean to those listening more intrusion, more confiscation of our freedoms, our property, our children and our money, nor did it mean the Constitution was a flawed document. Be careful, be very careful, network with those who have the same standards who you "know" to espouse the same ideals, work together, each and every person regardless of where we live, we are still neighbors in the real sense of the word. FEAR means False Evidence Appearing Real. The POTUS down to many members of Congress have openly violated their oaths of office, they have unashamedly declared the Constitution inadequate and open to litigation interpretation, they have voted on bills that they have not read, they have agreed they voted when they didn't and "deemed" those bills passed, they have inserted legislation within legislation, they have told us "we need to pass the bill so we can know what is in it", they have declared open season on our funds to take them as they see fit to return if they see fit and to place us in such deficit that our great-great grandchildren will be yoked in bondage of debt.

    73. Jonathan, AZ says:

      I couldn’t agree more with most of these comments – something has seriously got to chance. If people think that just giving control back to republicans will magically fix everything though, they’re wrong. Are any of you familiar with GOOOH? _That’s_ a plan that could actually bring about meaningful change. Take a look at this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSCLQd_hkzI. It seems to me that’s something that the Heritage Foundation could get behind. Get campaign donors our of the system? Break the grip of the political parties? Enforce term limits? Sign me up!

    74. IBMike says:

      "Jim Richard, Sylvania, OH on March 31st, 2010 at 9:27am said:

      Why don’t you people just leave the country?"

      Since you don't seem to understand, Mr. Richard, I'll talk real slow. We….are….going…..nowhere….because…..this…..is…..OUR…..country! If…..ANYONE…..will…..be…..leaving…..it…..will…..be…..progressive……leftist…..radical…….socialists…….such……as……yourself!

      Is that easier to understand?

    75. John, Colorado says:

      We are ruled by a Nomenclatura. Behind it are the owners of the Fed, the private bankers who own our currency. The "richest men in the world" type articles are a smokescreen and a joke. If there are a 1,000 Fed owners, and they had equal shares, they would every one have a net worth at least 200 billion dollars; i.e. all the dollars in the now secret M1 supply, plus all the assets they own, and arguably, all the land and resources in the US. The Nomenclatura are the criminals in government and the corporate world, who for their feeding at the trough, in return do things like imprison innovators who would otherwise bring us cheap and abundant energy, which alone would restore our economy.

    76. John, Colorado says:

      One way to stop Congress from borrowing any more money would be for be to go broke, and so badly that nobody here or around the world would ever again trust Congress and give it any notes in return for bonds.

    77. Bilwick says:

      It's always interesting when State-fellators say to those of us who value liberty, "Why don't you leave the country?" (Irony: the Meatheads of the Sixties have become the Archie Bunkers of the new millenium.) I'm one of those weirdoes who believe my life and property belong to me and not the State. Why should I leave? I'm a classical liberal, and this country was created by classical-liberals on classical-liberal principles. (Even if many were inconsistent practitioners) In other words, it's MY country. If anyone should leave it's the statists.

    78. The other Obama says:

      Wow…Even a Soviet Commizar could not write something as complicated, confusing and open to plain corrution as the section on taxing medical devices. I am assuming since snake bite kits are tax free, snake oil will be too. Congress is safe!

      "Under the provision, a tax equal to 2.3 percent of the sale price is imposed on the sale of

      any taxable medical device by the manufacturer, producer, or importer of such device. A taxable

      medical device is any device, defined in section 201(h) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic

      Act,295 intended for humans. The excise tax does not apply to eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing

      aids, and any other medical device determined by the Secretary to be of a type that is generally

      purchased by the general public at retail for individual use. The Secretary may determine that a

      specific medical device is exempt under the provision if the device is generally sold at retail

      establishments (including over the internet) to individuals for their personal use. The exemption

      for such items is not limited by device class as defined in section 513 of the Federal Food, Drug,

      and Cosmetic Act. For example, items purchased by the general public at retail for individual

      use could include Class I items such as certain bandages and tipped applicators, Class II items

      such as certain pregnancy test kits and diabetes testing supplies, and Class III items such as

      certain denture adhesives and snake bite kits. Such items would only be exempt if they are

      generally designed and sold for individual use. It is anticipated that the Secretary will publish a

      list of medical device classifications296 that are of a type generally purchased by the general

      public at retail for individual use."

    79. Steve Gallup, Califo says:

      The people who used to protest Nixon and who think our current leadership is cool need to reevaluate their position.

    80. Chuck, Kennewick, WA says:

      Mike from Chicago made the best points. Although there is a great quote that "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" I would say that Tea Party folks and the majority of the comments here need a great deal more consistency. Under Bush-Cheney we Americans lost more of our civil and constitutional rights than under any previous administration in our history. Furthermore, this loss of freedoms and civil liberties was in conjunction with massive death and destruction of people in Iraq and Afghanistan, not to mention our own troops. What a legacy to overlook and now complain about our government actually trying to help our citizens cope with health care. I no longer consider the Republican party to be a party that is "pro-life" but rather one that has demonstrated that it actually is the party of "death and destruction" and mostly lies, distortions, and convenient half-truths.

    81. mark, canada says:

      And meanwhile, no one is interested in the illegal aliens that continue to flood your country. Great priorities there folks.

    82. Woodland Critter, Io says:

      The greatest danger to our society is to believe that there is not equal protection as well as equal prosecution under the law.

      One way to help address this would be to encourage our government officials to consider the consequences of their acts by requiring each government official involved in legislation, regulation or enforcement (congress, judges, prosecutors, law enforcement officials, etc.) to annually provide a sworn statement as to their compliance with the criminal and civil laws and regulations of the US and the states. Filing a false statement, whether knowingly or unknowingly, would constitute criminal perjury with a minimum penalty of 10 years imprisonment.

    83. mac says:

      The recently passed healthcare bill is the largest tax increase in American history. It was passes with an unprecedented amount of bribery, cheating, and lying. Given that we had Clinton in office for eight years, that's saying something. I've written my Representative and my Senators numerous times since the 2008 election to express my total disgust with the political system. The responses I've received give me little hope that the Democrats have any intention of listening. They've got the power now and they intend to use it. What's more frightening is that they appear to have little concern about the prospect of facing a deeply angered public in November.

      America cannot go on like this. We are spending far more than we make and national bankruptcy was a technical fact even before this last boondoggle. Unfortunately, the current government, executive and legislative, doesn't seem to think this is a problem. I attribute this to the fact that there are many people on the Democrat side who hate this country as it currently exists and who wish to change it to something unrecognizable. The fact that most Americans do not want that change doesn't seem to matter to them.

      Bankruptcy is all but here. Huge increases in taxation are inevitable. This will exacerbate the already unbridgeable divisions in the country. Will the already existing cold civil war turn to a hot one?

    84. Joe, Connecticut says:

      And yet 20,000,000 ILLEGAL ALIENS roam free – http://www.BorderInvasionPics.com

    85. RDG says:

      I have to agree with Fed up & Leaving, Georgia. It's time to find another place. These guys won't be defeated in November or 2012, and if FBI agents (supposedly college educated, intelligent humans with some judgment capacity) can do crap like this without question you can bet your hat that the US military will fire on American citizens when ordered. It's over America. At least for those of you that know what America was about.

    86. Pingback: Random Neural Synapses

    87. Kathleen, Bakersfiel says:

      To Mark, Canada. I am interested in the illegal aliens Mark, if you read my comments.

    88. Bruce, NY says:

      When I was a cop (25 years, NYPD) I used to recoil when I heard the term "jack booted thugs" being tossed around in reference to cops – especially of the federal variety. Since retiring in 1994 I have come to understand why people feel that way, and indeed have said the same words myself in reaction to nonsense like this – or Waco, or Ruby Ridge – by federal cowboys like the FBI, DEA, and Secret Service. No local cop I've known has any use for the feds in any form, but to see these guys trampling on the Constitutional rights of citizens almost daily is sickening. I'd wager there is not a single "Oath Keeper" among them. It makes me ashamed to have been a professional law enforcement officer for most of my adult life.

    89. Patriot Grandmother- says:

      My first question: Does anyone from the Heritage Foundation read these comments? Second question: Do you know that illegals by the hundreds walk across (or are driven across) our Military bombing ranges everyday carrying drugs. They walk into small towns 50-70 miles from the border and *blend* into the community. We will NEVER have enough border patrol to apprehend these illegals, EVER! We can drive 5 minutes from our house and watch (in the daylight) streams of illegal following each other toward a road where food, water & a change of clothing waits (sitting by the ditches) and then on to the big city of PHOENIX. The Military does nothing, the border patrol is stretched so thin they can do nothing, the Maricopa Sheriffs Dept. does everything it can but cannot be everywhere. The dessert that was once beautiful is now TRASHED and littered with human waste,toilet paper,back packs, empty water bottles, filthy clothes, condoms, needles, empty food packages and much more (I know because I see it everyday). It's true the Health Care bill that was just passed is a travesty against Americans, but WAKE UP PEOPLE, the scum coming across our borders every hour is bringing DISEASE, CRIME, ILLEGAL VOTES FOR LIBERALS and too much more to mention here. Enough talk….IT'S TIME TO TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY! IMPEACH OBAMA…..THROW OUT THE BUMS IN CONGRESS!!

    90. Len, Wyoming says:

      Yes, “Driving” is a privilege – driving under license for profit.
      It has NOTHING to do with journeying in your own private conveyance for your own pleasure.

      Oh, but the ‘license fee’ is a tax for using the roads.
      Not so, the fuel tax is the tax for using the roadways.

    91. Getting An Ex Back says:

      Pretty Fascinating post. Couldnt be written any better. Reading this post reminds me of my old room mate! He always kept talking about this. I will forward this publish to him. Pretty certain he will have a good read. Thanks for sharing!

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