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  • Don’t Be Fooled by Obama’s Offshore Drilling Announcement

    Drilling for oil

    President Obama announced today that the administration will open access to waters for offshore drilling in the Atlantic and eastern Gulf of Mexico. While the president should be commended for allowing oil and natural gas exploration and development in untouched water, the devil is in the details. Part of the administration’s proposal is regressive in that it cancels some lease sales that were already pending:

    “But it is unlikely to win strong support from the fiercest drilling advocates in Congress and the energy industry, who have accused the administration of slow-walking conventional oil and gas production. They are expected to oppose many of the administration’s decisions — including the cancellation of planned lease sales in Alaska and potentially years-long waits before new drilling along the East Coast.

    Administration officials said the blueprint would keep drilling out of Alaska’s Bristol Bay, home to sockeye salmon and endangered whales. And it was expected that Pacific waters along California, Oregon and Washington also would be off-limits. Under revised Interior plan, four pending lease sales in the Chukchi and Beaufort seas north of Alaska would be canceled to allow scientific studies and environmental research before any drilling decisions. A previously scheduled lease sale in Alaska’s Cook Inlet would still go forward.

    Salazar had said he was readying a second blueprint for leasing from July 1, 2012 until 2017 — a decision that meant scrapping a Bush-era plan that would have OK’d leases on Pacific and Atlantic waters where no drilling has been allowed for decades (Emphasis added).”

    Even opening the eastern Gulf of Mexico will require Congress’s permission. $4-a-gallon gasoline triggered the public outcry for reducing the red tape on drilling, and the recession did not weaken the public’s support. Even when gasoline prices fell to $2.20 per gallon in April of last year, 68 percent of Americans favored drilling in U.S. waters. Oil demand will go up as countries across the globe recover from the recession and the consequent upward pressure on gas prices only reemphasizes the need for increased supply.

    Yes, the process of leasing and subsequent exploration and drilling takes a number of years; in fact, those opposed to drilling often argue that it takes too long for the oil to become commercially available. Of course, they’ve been saying that for decades and much of this oil could have already been on the market had we acted then instead of dragging our feet. The increased economic activity from heavily-populated developing nations like India and China indicates that the demand for oil is likely to increase well into the future. The least we can do is step aside and let companies determine whether these projects are economically feasible.

    President Obama said in his announcement today that “This is not a decision that I’ve made lightly.” It should have been. Offshore drilling will create jobs and increase energy supplies without cost to the taxpayer. It will create revenues for financially strapped state governments and increase revenues for federal governments. Unfortunately, we won’t realize many of these benefits because this decision was more about getting “drilling” in the headlines than in our nation’s waters.   The same could be said for the president’s nuclear push.

    Heritage Senior Policy Analyst Ben Lieberman has more on The Corner.

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    23 Responses to Don’t Be Fooled by Obama’s Offshore Drilling Announcement

    1. Robert Clingan longv says:

      I would like to see how much damage Oboma has done to our system of govt. and how much longer we can expect to call ourselfs a free nation. Some one other than just Glen Beck needs to step up and reveal what is really taking place in our country. Bob Clingan

    2. P L O Y USA says:

      This is a well timed political maneuver. Nothing more, nothing less.

      Ob has read the tea leaves and wants to cool the center-right even though it will bring wrath from a segment of the left. Just a matter of applying political leverage at the right time. Before the election it was all about clean energy. That message resonated with the entire left. Now, it’s about robbing power from the energy debate before the coming election. Timing is everything. Ask Ob’s squeak toy Gibbs. He’ll tell you so with a straight face as long as the cameras are rolling.

      We could have been accessing huge reserves of oil & NG long ago without the offshore debate. Don’t believe me? Google “USGS Bakken”

    3. BOS says:

      The Oil Slickster-in-Chief forgot about opening up the Left Coast to drilling. Hmmm… wonder how that happened. This is just a Trojan Horse for Cap-and-Trade.

    4. Will says:

      I eagerly await the swinging doors to hit Obama on his back side as we vote him out and replace him with someone who loves America and the founding principles that made the USA a great country. Our next president will need to include janitorial skills in his/her resume to qualify for cleaning up the mess Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have made in the short time this man has been in control of the government.

    5. Jeff Schuler, allent says:

      As a result of Obama's reversal on oil exploration, I think it may be interresting if someone could explore his sudden stand change in the light of whether or not Soros has something to gain by taking this action.

    6. dennis. st. augustin says:

      I heard that obama might want to make a deal to congress to allow drilling in exchange for a passing on the cap and trade bill,figuring the American people will preasure their congressmen to pass this thing. If so, what will happen is that drilling will get all caught up in red tape enviromental regulations for no telling how long before drilling can begin, while the cap and trade czars pass so many regulations that drilling will not be allowed But the cap and trade bill will have passed…..just something i heard.

    7. John B. San Diego says:

      Just as Nuclear Energy subsidies were proposed and no deliberate intention of pursuing clean energy was intended, so is this offshore proposal of creating true energy independence and REAL Economic Stimulus, not intended or implied

      How stupid does this arrogant S>o.b> think we are?

      Nothing on the Gulf of Mexico was opened, West Coast Continental Shelf Assets were ignored and the greatest treasure of all Alaska Reserves was shoved to the back burner.

      How freaking ignorant are we Americans according to this Administration?

      WELL: I guess we must appear to be very stupid;

      WHO are those voters that elected this president? DUH-!!

      We Americans searching for economic prosperity, short-term energy independence, and a bridge of conventional fuels to finance our road to alternative energies of the future, long for sanity with regard to a sound energy policy.

      Not some "Pie in the SKY DREAM"

      Where is the: Sane; In Touch with Reality approach?

      I recently observed Secretary of Energy Chu addressing "Georgetown University"

      All of his statements recognized failed and questioned Anthropologic Global Warming as the rule we should follow in crafting OUR Future Energy Policy.

      What rock has he been hiding under?

      This Administration fully intends to side step science and good common sense to implement "CAP and TRADE" under the guise of a different name or "LABEL"

      Beware all; Obama is a master of deception and all his cabinet has his back.

    8. Kenneth Jordan, PHX, says:

      Even Bill O'reilly and Dick Morris have fallen for this bogus energy policy. The way I read it is two steps forward and three steps back. Close down some fields and open others that will take longer and require more study. Close the ability to store spent fuel in an operating facility in Colorado. Restrict the ability to use Alaskan oil and make the Alaskans suffer for Sarah's forthrightness.

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    10. Cindy, RN says:

      I smell a rat, a dem-obama-rat, a ploy to cool down the opposition, just like his visit to the troops. More sinister motives will soon come to light, I don't believe for an instant this "president" has the nation's best interests at heart.

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    13. Florida Jim says:

      When the polls fall Obama reverts to "offshore oil drilling" it is a ploy to take the focus off the Health Care bill fiasco and his plans for illegal immigration and Cap & Trade scam.

      When Obama is hitting the TV cameras you can bet he is trying to hide something and what he is hiding is the nefarious transformation of America to Venezuela.

    14. Kurier Radek says:

      I agree wholeheartedly that this most recent pontification from Oblabah's pie hole is purely a calculated politically timed move to leverage and bolster influence to garner even just 1 Republican vote (appearance of bipartisanship) for the already passed (in one house of congress) Cap & Trade (TAX) Bill. OhCrapa is not politically alligned with the freedom loving people of America. The Obama Agenda is multifaceted: He needs political cover after shoving the Big Govt. takover HC Bill down our throats (Overwhelming opposition); He's appeasing the Oil Companies in hopes that they will be more open to Cap & Trade (Tax); and get some Rhinos to agree to Cap & Tax as well. If Obama's strategey wins out in the end…he will push through another unbelievably SOCIALISTIC program that will further deteriorate our personal liberties and continue America's downward spiral into a Euro-Style socialistic welfare state. IT'S ALL ABOUT POWER, COMMAND, & CONTROL!!! I believe articles of impeachment or in order. WE THE PEOPLE cannot endure 2yrs9mo more of this enemy of America's founding ideals, rule of law (Constitution), and individual freedoms.

    15. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Can you just imagine our ENTIRE COUNTRY being held CAPTIVE by a couple hundred LUNATIC DEMOCRATS?! They shut down the energy production which in turn shut down THOUSANDS OF BUSINESSES resulting in MILLIONS OF JOB LOSSES, and all for WHAT? Only one of two: 1) the HOAX of global warming, now climate change, who knows what they will call it next or 2) POWER FOREVER by making everyone EQUALLY POOR. YOU AINT SEEN NOTHIN YET, the bottom of the barrell is coming at us at light speed. Look at California and see the US…BROKE AND OVER RUN WITH ILLEGALS, the reason they are broke. DUHHHHHHH. Anybody with a brain out there? With Obama, we will NEVER SEE DRILLING ANYWHERE! We should be drilling EVERYWHERE rather than depending on the SAUDI'S who pay for madrasas to educate their young that AMERICA and ISRAEL must be DESTROYED! We have some SICKO POLITICIANS and it has to CHANGE!

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    17. MissPriss says:

      Yes, I too read about all the oil we have a 2 years ago by going to USGS Bakken site. Imagine so much is right here in Montana & North Dakota, US.

      I don't trust Obama either. We gave him an inch and he took a mile.

    18. Mike Clark Bluffton, says:

      I think this nation is in for a lot of problems , as the citizens are going to be hit with high taxes starting jan 2011 . If all who wrote comments don't get a hold of your elected officials in Washington & demand that they change their ways or they are out of office. Everytime they have a town Hall meeting go to it and make sure you are heard about how they voted on Health Care, Their opinions on illegal immigration , cap & trade . Make sure you have backup material with you so they can't deny how they voted. The roll Call is a website that gives you their voting record and use that as your material. Tell them if they don't vote the way the state wants them to they are out. Ask why they have a right to vote on our Health Care while they have their own & don't participate. Also make sure they are aware of this countries Debt , stop spending our money like we have deep pockets , if we don't we will be speaking Chineese. So disgusted with this government.

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    21. dennis. st.augustine says:

      I realy believe our best days are ahead. Never in my lifetime have i seen so many people get involved in government affairs. I think obama and the democrat flunkies have finally woke up the sleeping giant. Americans are more educated in the tax system,learning where their money is ending up.They are more concerned about homeland security and the border problems.They know a lot more about health care issues. The American people have put more preasure on washington than ever before, Either through tea parties or town hall meetings or phone calls or e-mails. we have put on more preasure than ever before , as long as i can recall. I don't believe we are going to forget how important our vote really is again. Come november, the American citizens are not going to forget a thing that these rogue democrat progressives have put us through..People have lost their jobs, lost their homes,their world has been turned completely upside down. I have convidence in the American people to do what is needful to get this country back on an even better coarse than ever before. Once the good guys are in, i don't think we are just going to go back to the same as before attitude. I am for putting the I. R. S. out of business and instituting the fair tax model in it;s place…….I believe our best days are ahead. LETS KEEP THE PRESSURE ON. It seems to be working.

    22. Mike, Gillette, WY says:

      Really unfortunate timing to write this article. Every idea you presented in it has now been proven false. Other than that.. good job.

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