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  • Side Effects: Obamacare the Television Ad

    Facing an American public that hates their new health care law, the Obama administration and their union/corporatist allies are planning a multi-million dollar television ad campaign to sell the benefits of Obamacare. While Food and Drug Administration regulations require all advertising for prescription drug to “present side effect information in a manner similar to that used for the benefit information,” the Obama administration faces no such hurdle when making their pitch. But if it did, this is what a typical pro-Obamacare ad would look like.

    As we announced in today’s Morning Bell, we are launching a new Foundry feature, titled “Side Effects”. In this space, we will be updating you about all consequences of Obamacare, as a way of highlighting the importance of its eventual repeal.

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    14 Responses to Side Effects: Obamacare the Television Ad

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    2. Billie says:

      It didn't seem serious enough?

      Brandon, you wrote- Facing an American public that hates (their) new health care law…

      just to be frank, and not Barney, how about specifics using (the forced) new health care law? If freedom of the people still existed, health care would not be law, but remain the freedom of individual choice.

    3. Mark, Carlisle PA says:

      Please consider adding an area of this site to cover the BILLIONS of dollars that ObamaCare is costing US companies – having to write down increased costs.

      See: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704

      Someone needs to 1) keep track of ALL the costs that ObamaCare is stealing from US companies, and 2) make sure that the US public is aware of the true "Costs" of this monstrosity.

      Thank you,

      Mark McKamey


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    7. "Race" Bannon, seatac wa says:

      Really…? The man deliberately decimates our healthcare system and you the “Uber-adult minded Heritage” go with a bad SNL skit

      Wow you Republicans really do suck at the “culture thing”

      Here my advise (I’m a creative professional) USE THE BILL AGAINST THEM! go page by page find a half dozen intrusive or contradictions to their pie in the sky promises in plain language… then make 15 second ads and make them own it!

      The shoot: It an inexpensive production shoot a large binder opening, Obama care printed easy to read on cover ( Short depth of field focus)

      pages flip then stop with a heavy sfx thud. id the page and section…

      A deep preferable male black voice reads the law and with the page still on screen explain the onerous effect in real terms as a text overlay of the shot.

      Run it on hulu, fancast and send it to cell phones (all cheap but viral media buys) then post on you tube

      If you have to go lighthearted focus on the 10% “Tan-Tax” and how many jobs will be lost.

    8. Lorraine White says:

      This could too easily be tuned out as a "talking point" for conservatives…you need to give actual statistics, actual reasons why those results would happen with Obama care. Please let's do it RIGHT!

    9. BJ Medford Or says:

      He's right~this ad is much too lighthearted. It acts like 'ol well~I'll get used to it'. Repeal is possible! What has been foisted on us is unconstitutional and cannot be tolerated. Find out what is in this horrible bill and shine the light on it! Attack! You have most of America against this debacle~now give them the ammunition they need to stay in the trenches and fight!

    10. Jill, California says:

      Did the CBO score include the cost of Obama's misleading and unwelcome ads?

    11. Phil says:

      I like it. That said "Race" Bannon (comment 3/30/10 @ 11:30)has a great marketing strategy. Pick it apart piece by piece. "How do you eat an elephant(2,400 pages of BS)?" "One bite at a time."

    12. Laurie, AZ says:

      The best reform plan out there:

      It provides: tort reform; creates more well-qualified doctors and nurses in short order; guarantees current Social Security recipients are covered in full (as well as those who will go on in the next decade); ends government mandates in insurance; ends need for

      employers to provide health care to employees; provides for a way that in 20 years (and the legislation sunsets if done as described) there will be no “need” for Social Security or Medicare. It also reforms malpractice insurance, disability insurance, and provides a

      PRIVATE insurance option to replace Medicare, Medicaid, SCHIP, and high-risk insurance pools as those government programs are abolished, so that none of the most vulnerable in society are sacrificed as we return to a truly Constitutional government. There is a way to lower prescription drug costs now and in the future while providing a decent profit to the companies that need funds for R&D for new offerings.

    13. Gail Leachman, CA says:

      Let's also add the medical cost of enduring daily stress to Americans against Obamacare while we hope and anticipate the 'repeal and replace' plan– until the result of our votes in the November elections are tallied.

      Let's call it the American's Stress Clock. All we need know for the clock is a percentage of Americans against Obamacare, and the number of dollars it costs in today's dollars to treat stress, ticking away until it is replaced. Something like the national debt clock would be nice!

      All kidding aside, all those here KNOW this is a serious issue, and grabbing a laugh here or elsewhere helps to relieve the stress forced upon us.

    14. Wm; Ky says:

      We as conservatives need to put forth factual information in such a way as to "convert" some of these "non-believers" who have been misinformed/ "mis"-educated. I am in the healthcare field and never cease to be amazed of the lack of concern by coworkers. If it is not affecting (yet) their daily lives (wallet) they are not bothered. Unable to see past the day. And always a few bits of information behind liberal legislation. As said above "how do you eat an elephant?" I know of no example of the beauty and wonder and success of a Socialist government. We are going to create a 2 class system in the US: the very poor, and the elitist regime in command. We are not going to make all the poor richer. And "you cannot make a poor man rich by giving him money" has been said before. With all the entitlements given for decades that have brought us to this point why does anyone think more giving away of hard earned dollars will change anything now? Maybe the Left does realize this and is determined simply steal the rest. Don't mind being poor, just hate working harder and harder each year to get there.

      OWEbama care has nothing to do with healthcare. It is stealing from the supposed rich and giving to the poor. It is increasing government control with socialism as the end goal.

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