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  • Morning Bell: $1 Billion AT&T Headache is Just Obamacare's First Side Effect

    AT&T's $1 billion charge

    In the closing days of the Congressional health care debate, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told the National Association of Counties: “We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.” Today marks the end of just the first week of life under Obamacare and Speaker Pelosi has been proven right: we are just now finding out what is in it. This past Friday, AT&T, the biggest U.S. telephone company, announced that it would take a $1 billion charge against earnings thanks to tax changes buried in the 2,300+ page bill. $1 billion. That is a full third of AT&T’s $3 billion earnings for the fourth quarter of 2009.

    The tax charges stem from changes Obamacare makes to the tax treatment of prescription-drug benefits for retirees. Companies used to be able to deduct part of their costs for providing drug benefits to their retirees, but Obamacare cancels that deduction. Roland McDevitt, director of health care research at Towers Watson, tells the Wall Street Journal, they “have a stream of tax benefits they are losing way out in the future.” Since companies had counted on these deductions for current and future retirees as an existing asset under the old law, accounting rules require firms to take the full loss for the change in the same quarter in which the tax law is changed. Hence Friday’s announcement to inform shareholders that AT&T’s bottom line was about to take a $1 billion hit.

    AT&T’s billion-dollar Obamacare headache is so large due to the size (281,000 employees) of the company. Piper Jaffray & Co. analyst Chris Larsen tells Bloomberg: “Companies like AT&T, that have large employee bases, are going to have higher health-care costs and, therefore, lower earnings unless they can negotiate something or offer less to their employees.” And changes to current and future retirees’ health care seem to be exactly what will AT&T will do as a side effect of Obamacare. AT&T wrote in their Friday filing: “As a result of this legislation, including the additional tax burden, AT&T will be evaluating prospective changes to the active and retiree health-care benefits offered by the company.”

    And AT&T is not alone. Towers Watson estimates that just this tax change alone will eliminate $14 billion in U.S. corporate profits. That’s $14 billion less American employers have to spend creating new jobs when our unemployment rate is still 9.7%. And AT&T is not the only company informing employees that Obamacare is going to mean worse care for them. Verizon Communications, the second biggest U.S. phone company, told employees last week that Obamacare “may have significant implications for both retirees and employers.”

    The Heritage Foundation will be keeping you apprised of all of the consequences of Obamacare as they are learned with our new Foundry feature “Side Effects.” Already our health care experts have identified negative intended and unintended consequences from the legislation to children’s health insurance and health insurance taxes.

    The American people already do not like this law. But to repeal it, we must keep Americans educated about all of Obamacare’s failures and offer our “Second Opinion” on what conservative idea would fix it.

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    145 Responses to Morning Bell: $1 Billion AT&T Headache is Just Obamacare's First Side Effect

    1. Jack Lohman says:

      For the same amount of dollars we are spending today (17% of GDP) we could provide first-class Cheney-care to 100% of our population. Including those in Medicaid and SCHIP, and those who are uninsured and under-insured.

      We’d pay for the system through our national infrastructure… about 2% on individual taxes and 8% on companies (as opposed to the 15% they pay today). Businesses could spend the savings on keeping jobs in the US instead of outsourcing to countries already with universal healthcare. A bailout for 100% of our businesses, not just the banks and car manufacturers.

      But instead some of us are happy with funding the insurance bureaucracy that drains 31% of our costs (including high CEO salaries, bonuses, shareholder profits, broker commissions, actuarial costs, and even their lobbying and campaign contributions that are passed on to the patient). So our politicians are getting a piece of every private healthcare dollar.

      But we allowed our politicians to take single-payer off the table.

      Where are our heads?

      Jack Lohman …

    2. Magnolia, USA says:

      I wonder how many jobs will be lost with the $14 billion tax increase, with this Obama job creation program.

    3. John Leggate says:

      As a being retired from ATT for 13 years it sure is nice of our beloved congress to ruin my benefits. I have been dealing with cancer for 6 years and I am sure I will get the ROYAL SHAFT as I have had several operations and Chemo all this time. I am sure his plan will want me to die…

    4. loves Dogs/Colorado says:

      Yes day I was listening to Hannity and what I was hearing was shocking. Two Democrates that are on their own so no one can touch them or ruin them were talking about how upset they are about what is happening with Obama, Pelois , Reid etc. and ALL the threats that have been given to the politicians in D.C and other people that are gone or can be fired IF THEY DON'T SHUT UP AND GO ALONG WITH THEM. WOW WHERE'S THE ONE'S WITH THE GUTS THE BALLS TO SPEAK OUT AND STOP WORRY ABOUT THEIR BLANK BLANK JOBS AND START WORRY ABOUT THIS COUNTRY. THIS COUNTRY THAT HAS BEEN A GREAT PLACE FOR PEOPLE. YES, THERE ARE FLAWS AS WITH ANY COUNTRY. WE HAVE TOO MANY SPECIAL INTEREST GROUPS AND BATCHES OF IDIOTS INSTEAD OF EVERYONE WORKING TO GETHER FOR MANKIND. When I heard what these guys were saying etc it made me sick and it SCARES THE HELL OUT OF ME for my children and my grandchildren. These people and Hollywood don't care……….also reading about stupid Sean Penn speaking out about Chavez and how great he was—-and THANK GOD ABOVE—for an actress who lived there etc TO COME BACK AT THE IDIOT on him and HOW WRONG HE IS AND HOW STUPID HE IS!!!!! I am so sick of all of it. I'm tired of the whining, crying, complaining BALLISS POLITICIANS WHO ARE NOW PUSHING HATE CRIMES AND RACIAL PROBLEMS SO OBAMA CAN LOOK GOOD ONCE AGAIN.


      Politics has pretty much always been corrupt but this takes the cake!!!!



      I can't imagine why on God Green Earth you'd even want to live in Chicago. I guess everyone there gets everything FOR FREE

    5. Mike, McKinney-TX says:

      wake up America this is not health care for Americans it is tax and spend by the Dems….

    6. Tom Georgia says:

      Take the currently projected 14 billion dollars of write downs against business profits then translate that to the amount of the reductions in tax payments that will result and then project to what The Treasury should see.

      Perhaps a 3 billion dollar plus reduction in tax receipts at the Treasury? Then, how about the revenue reductions for state governments and local governments who tax business profits? Another billion or so, maybe.

      Then, don't overlook the likely effect that the write downs will have on stock prices with the subsequent reductions in capital gains taxes as well as some likely reduction earned income taxes being paid.

      Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it's off the cliff we go.

    7. Nancy Jones / Auburn says:

      Thanks again, Heritage for the great work you're doing on behalf of all Americans. I'm afraid it may be nearly impossible to repeal and redo this law. I've never been so scared or so incensed by anything as i have by this horrible liberty stealing, money stealing, begotten by hideous promises and lies peice of legislation. Why? Is it a matter of power? I don't understand why they want so badly to ruin our nation. Hope and Change? Ropes and Chains.

    8. Melissa says:

      What is it going to take, people? For this to become personal to YOU?

      My husband works for AT&T. My dad retired from AT&T. It's about to become very personal to my family, as our benefits (which we pay dearly for, even though we chose the lowest, most reduced plan) dissolve, and as they take more and more away from my father's retirement benefits.

      In the end- I hope you ALL know- this makes us all more dependant on the government. And THAT was the plan all along.

      Anyone else think it's time this ENDS?????????????


    9. Cindy, RN says:

      These are the beginnings of sorrows…this president is a toxic asset & the left is fretting about racism!

    10. Albert Bliss, Greenv says:

      The so-called "health care bill" (does not merit upper case letters) has significant side effects. The number of new agencies created by this monstrosity was/is 113 – if my count is correct. I would like to know the estimated number of new hires and their qualifications, if you have this data or where I might find it.


    11. Paul Terry Stone, Su says:

      These companies are well able to plan for the effects of Health Care law on their

      bottom line and predict the adjustments that they will have to make. Their expertise should carry the most clout when it comes to changing the bill.

    12. Edwin Caplinger says:

      Just wanted to thank President Obama and his band of Merry Thieves for screwing up the A.T.&T. Retirees drug plan. As a result of his actions, which were despicable, my wife and I will now have to go on Medicare Part "D" and spend a lot more for the precription drugs we take to keep us alive. A lot of retirees will be hurt by this action. Thanks a lot you despicable bunch of corrupted crooks, including San Fran Nancy Pelosi and Dinghey Harry Reid.

    13. James, OH says:

      This is just the tip of the iceberg, I can only imagine what we are up for in the future.

    14. Sue From Detroit says:

      Not surprise about the results of Obama Care. But that is the plan. The Obama Administration is out to destroy this country especially the middle class. How dare we middle class who pay all the bills of this country be able to eat and live without Obama's or Democratic Party's permission. I thought the American Way was not the Dictator's Way or Government's Way but the Individual's Way.

    15. Brad, Chicago says:

      That bill was rewritten so many times, I wonder whether the people that wrote it know exactly what is in it. The stated objectives were great things, but in the rush to pass it into law, the leadership discounted any possible side effects and assumed their bill was perfect. If you have a 300 page bill you can read it multiple times to find mistakes; if you have a 2000 page bill, you might be able to proofread it once. I'll bet the administration uses these benefits cuts to tell us how horrible corporate America is, again. "We're trying to help you and these companies are cutting your benefits. You see, we're the good guys!" This is the beginning of exactly what conservatives warned about. The law doesn't directly take away your insurance. However, it causes employers to change the way they do things, which may, very well, take away your current insurance. It's disgusting.

    16. Publius Huldah, Cook says:

      Can you develop a formula for talking to the people who still support obamacare? We need to learn how to talk to them and get them to change their minds. I have no idea how to talk to these people. I find that they fall into the following categories: (1) the stupid, (2) the profoundly ignorant (3) the brainwashed (e.g., members of teachers' unions, some college students, and (4) the Evil.

      We can't convert the Evil; but surely there is a way to reach the people who fall within (1) – (3). Someone: What are their "buttons"?

      May God be merciful and grant us a political solution.

    17. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      I suspect Obama et al could care less about the plight of AT&T or any other large corporation. To them big business is bad – big government is good. The fall out will be the effects on the employees and their subsequent outrage. Of course the spin will be "evil corporations" are doing this you – not the benevolent government. And another blow to capitalism and our once great country.

    18. Don Harper, Lubbock, says:

      Are these guys merely incompetent, or are they deliberately destructive? Guess it doesn't matter-vote them all out. If they don't endorse the Tea Party goals of smaller, constitutional government and lower taxes, vote them out!!!!!!!

    19. MJF, CT says:

      Thank You Heritage, as an AT&T employee and still working without a contract for over a year, I can see that we here in CT are going to get hit even harder. Our retirees with get reduced coverage and we that are still employed will loose a good part of what we had thanks to ObamaCare. I wish to thank all the efforts of CWA in getting President Obama elected – you really gave us change and it's a change that smells like a used diaper!

    20. Stan Powell, Leesbur says:

      My wife and I are retired employees of AT&T, wife 30 yrs., self 34 yrs. This situation with taxes expressed by AT&T is what we have feared with this new Health Plan. I have heart issues and my wife has taken insulin for her diabetes since childhood. If AT&T has to radically change the health/prescription plans, that may be the end of a wonderful retirement.

    21. Jim Uberti--New Have says:

      Re: Melissa. What WILL it take to wake up this country? The "unintended(maybe not) consequences of this mbill will reverberate for generations. Do you think there are enough vboters with the ability to think for this president to be denied another term?With almost half the country on some form od dole or illegal, it might not be possible.

    22. Donald Thorin, Glend says:

      The health care? act alone is enough to disrupt the entire workings of our government, in fourteen months we have seen the agenda of the Pelosi, Ried and Obama character and intent for the United States, socialism, but in truth it is becomming apparent and far more devastating than that. Their legislation has been closer to the 1930s Germany. We all know those reesults and the mess we and our allies had to cleanup, we have to be prepared for it. Not civil disobedience but a good strong American ballot box. We inherited a great nation and governance, let's keep it that way.

    23. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      COMMUNISM….hope you fools who stayed at home, uninvolved and too lazy to vote, enjoy what it took RUSSIA 70 years to get rid of…enjoy it. You can also bone up on your espanol! You are about to witness a horde of about 100,000,000 Mexicans set to invade your country and demand welfare and healthcare. And by the way DEMORATS…if your name aint Gonzalez, you will not get a vote you gabacho you! LaRaza will make sure Mexicans vote for Mexicans.

    24. Marilyn Smith, Tucso says:

      Why weren't these huge companies fighting with us, against this healthcare takeover? How come they are just now coming to the forefront, telling their tales of woe? Were they just counting on the Tea Parties and the Heritage Foundation to stop obamacare? The unions, aarp and others FOR the obamacare certainly spent their millions and influence getting it shoved through congress. Why did the biggees wait til the fox had left the chicken pen to cry FOWL?

    25. Lloyd Scallan - New says:

      The fact that we do not yet know what's in ObamaCare and the subsequent negative effect it will have on our overall economy (if ever learn), what good will that do? Unless American subscribe to HF or Fox, or other conservative outlets, they will not be told the true facts. Does anyone really feel the main-stream, left-wing, national news media will not hide the facts? This media is one of the primary reasons we now have Obama in the White House and the reason we now have to suffer with ObamaCare. That will not change at anytime in the near future.

    26. Andres,Bronx, New Yo says:

      This is just a perfect example how Obamacare hurts business which will lead to higher unemployment. REPEAL OBAMACARE!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Carol, AZ says:

      You can slice and dice this nightmare any way you call it but the facts are it was passed by enough Rep. and Dems to get us all here.

      Where we need to go is in Nov ,

      vote out anyone in your state that voted for this nighmare.

      Repeal the law after the Nov. elections and tie this mess-up in court until it weeps.

      Is another one listening to the consciousness of America?

      That would be the grass roots tea party.

      They want a balance budget,

      less Gov't in our lives and certain want reform in the health care system but never supported this nightmare.

      They also want immigration laws enforced by State and Federal agency's.

      Who out there is supporting platforms for Nov in your state?


      I hope all of US will hear a call for action over inaction.

      If this survives beyond it's conception we will all be a welfare state of the union because what's coming next is amnesty which has been defined by D.C as "immigration reform" and" family unification program"

      10th amend. state's rights is the only way out of this mess.

      You must support this idea in your state ASAP. for repeal .

    28. Dave, Provo, UT says:

      I dare any member of congress to say they read and THOUGHT about the consequences of the bill before they voted yes. If they had been included in the bill it would have gotten long and hard scrutiny.

    29. Rochester says:

      Unfortunately those with persecution complexes and chips opn their shoulders love the idea that you can punish "big Business" by taking billions away from their profits.

    30. toledofan says:

      The unintended consequences, or maybe they are intended, of this healthcare bill are going to be staggering. The Democrats own this and they are the ones that will be accountable for all the take aways under this plan. What is really hard to understand, in all of this, is, how can anyone with any intelligence consider themselves a Democrat or why would anyone want to associate themselves with a party hell bent on ruining America. I know the motivation is money, power and greed, but, how can these people look at themselves in the mirror and think what they are doing is a good thing. I wonder; where did all of this start; the arrogance, eliteism, and lack of concern towards the average American?

    31. Ken Jarvis says:


      The shouldn't.

      It didn't work for GM either.

      Let them FAIL.


      I wish someone would explain it to me.


    32. Ken Jarvis says:

      What was HF "first" opinion?

    33. Bob Veigel, Arlingto says:

      And as I understand what took place, two results. First, Obama had no clue or understanding as to what was being presented about his disastrous Obamacare debacle (and even if he did), second, he called those individuals 'liars'. Sad comment about the President of the United States.

    34. KLIMAX Baltimore, MD says:

      NObama's big selling point for the Health Care Bill was it would not add to the deficit !! Indirectly it will cost the Citizen Tax Payers and the corporations Billions of dollars in reduced benefits to employees, lack of job creation (in the private sector the Government is hiring at a frantic pace), reduced benefits not related to Health Care, ETC. !!! The companies are going to make up any loss they incur due to the new Health Care taxes, elimination of deductions which have been in place for years, and all the other things hidden in the thousands of pages of the Bill !!! We (the Citizens) were not given an opportunity to review the plan before it was to late to comment about its content !!!

    35. Normca says:

      This is the Obama Plan. The destruction of the American way of life, per Rev Wright. Obama begrudgingly said America is a rich nation. And he has planned to bring it down to the size he wants it to be. All of the spending the democrats think they can blame Bush for. Can't wait for the day after election day this November so I can listen to the bemoaning from the media – democrats, the talk of what will happen now. Stay charged up.

    36. jansuzanne Krasner says:

      And these companies are just the tip of the iceberg…much more to come as we go off the fiscal cliff into the valley of the nanny state. Add to that the administration's "acceptance" of Iran as a nuclear country (and leader in that region who will be determined, along with global muslims, to wipe Israel off the face of the Map) and before you know it, we will no longer be the freedom loving United States that the authors of our Constitution hoped we would be.

    37. Richard Cancemi says:

      With all the exposures of the "Progressive" programs,especially the current health care debacle, that are killing this country's base of capitalism, there are still those who think government is the way to go. From whence does some ignorance spring?

      The Democratic Liberals have been flim-flamming the ignorant, who unfortunately vote!

      The only thing we can depend on coming our way from the current "leaders" in Washington is lies, lies and more lies! What a pack of hooligans and hypocrites they are.

      Thank God for The Heritage Foundation. It is a beacon of light shining in the darkness that envelopes us under this administration.

    38. Ron, Albuqueruque says:

      And the fun begins! I don't trust anything that puts a half trillion dollars into the IRS fund to hire agents.

    39. Mike says:

      AT&T claims $135 billion in goodwill and intangibles, or roughly one seventh of all the US paper money and coins in circulation. Who audits their books?

      $135 billion of their $102 billion in equity is goodwill and intangibles.

    40. K Zemp says:

      I believe most Americans do want some type of healthcare reform. We do want to end healthcare companies denying coverage for pre-existing conditions. This requirement, however, will also require everyone to have health ins., otherwise, people will wait until they are sick to get insurance. So a mandate is necessary.

      The problem is that the healthcare bill just passed will increase our national healthcare costs dramatically…..30 million new people with health insurance that covers them every time they go to the doctor. This will make national healthcare costs soar. It is not going to reduce healthcare costs as the Dems promised, unless the govt begins rationing healthcare, which you can be certain is what is coming. Govt control of heathcare will, without a doubt, have a negative impact on US healthcare quality. Don't most people want to control their lives and their healthcare.

      We should keep the mandate, but the way to fix healthcare reform is to eliminate the tax deduction for health insurance, which encourages "Cadillac healthcare plans". This will make people go back to health ins the way insurance is intended to be…….to protect people from catatrophic losses; like we have for our homes and autos. Health ins should have a deductible, which will encourage people to control their own healthcare costs…..controlling costs should not be done by the govt (which the govt is not very good at doing in any case). Taxing healthcare ins will also raise money to help people that can't afford a minimal, high deductible, govt required, healthcare ins plan.

      Let us all rally around a better alternative and demand that the fed govt fix the disasterous healthcare bill that was just passed into law.

    41. Blair, Franconia, NH says:

      Obamacare's standarrbears, Obama, Reid, Pelosi, and Waxman, wouldn't know the

      truth if it came up, bit them on the bottom, and said "Here I am."

    42. Anthony Santucci says:

      I have said all along Obama's final plan is to bankrup the country so that everything will fall back into the governement's hands; His! So far he is doing a good job in preparing the way; "Wake Up Americian". Obama doesn't care about you or your family only his warp way of thinking and how he will change america. He will bring us back to the nineteen century and we will have everthing ration to us like other nations that depend only on the governement. We need to do 2 things. Stop him in every way we can ,and make him a one term president; and hope it won't be too late if we accomplish these two things.

      Our forefathers wrote the constitution with checks and balances to protect America from these type of leaders who would destroy our freedoms, and try to retain total control and power. What audacity Obama,Nancy and Harry have to call us evil and even terrorist because we don't agree with what they are doing.

      Well I belive the saying the pen is mighter than the sword. Heritiage needs to continue to bring forth the truth of what Obama is doing with his actions and policies and the ramifications of those actions and policies.

    43. George, North Bend, says:

      An angry, two ATT retiree household here.

      One of my US senators was quoted a day or two ago, at a gathering of Obamacare supporters, "And thanks to you, we're putting families before insurance companies and people before politics".

      This, obviously, is a classic example of "stupid is as stupid does".

      God help us …

    44. Melissa Paulik, Farg says:

      As I understand it, the FTC just blocked AT&T and Verizon's ability to access a new Broadband Network being built by SkyTerra Communications. Here's a link to a Washington Post article. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/posttech/2010/03

      Retribution, perhaps, for speaking out against what Obamacare will do to their costs?

    45. Paul, Connecticut says:

      Writers are correct … this is just the tip of the iceberg.

      This is EXACTLY what most of our Republican legislators have been warning about … WHO do you think will pay for this? …

      Just take this one company example. Rates to consumers will need to go up, and benefits to employees will go down. WE pay for this.

      This president (little "p" intentional) must go, and every single member of congress that voted yes must be thrown out for not LISTENING to the majority of their constituents. They listened to Pelosi and Reed instead, and took the earmark bribes that we were promised were ending.

    46. Keith says:

      The tragedy of this is the longer it's in place the harder it will be to repeal as the entitlement crowd will grow used to what they see as "free" stuff.

    47. Marilynn Neal, Greer says:

      Well done on the Health Care abomination. Please keep us informed of all the messes as you uncover them. We are depending on you to sort this out, if anyone can.

    48. Greg B. Vail, AZ says:

      Marilyn: Can you imagine how the lame steam media would vilify the already trashed (by Obama, never mind that 60% of all insurance companies are none profit and the other 40% have only have a 3.4% profit margin. Pepsi has 18%, why are we not going after them?), big business calling them whiners and road blocks to "the much needed Obama Care? What where you thinking?

    49. Gary Nevada/Alaska says:

      Not about "health care," never was. This is a Marxist/Communist/Facist takeover of a once free people, a "fundamental" change and total destruction of "excellence," into a Third World, where we will be pitied, no longer envied.

    50. John Detwiler says:

      No one could be more happy than I. This is the result of this company and it's stockholders. Big business was unexplainably a big supporter of Obama, and this is what they get. I can't wait untill those other supporters of him start feeling the pinch as they become aware of the added taxes they will pay and the Governments attempt to take over everything and make us a copy of the European governments.

    51. Ldago says:

      Duh!!!! What did they expect. This is a no-brainer, but, unfortunately, our congress don't have any to begin with!

    52. Jeanne Stotler,Woodb says:

      I seriously doubt that there is one member of Congress that has read the bill, they assign aides to read parts and report back to them. I have said from the beginning that EVERY MEMBER of Congress be requied to first read the Constitution and sign a sworn Affadavit that they had done such, the same requirement should also be required and noted for every bill PRIOR to it being brought to the floor for a vote. this would put a stop to these sneaky back door antics and PORK that we never hear about until it's too late. Let's return this country to the land of "We the People" Vote Nov. 2010 and in your state primaries.

    53. Paul says:

      Hosed again.

      Amnesty is next on the agenda. If President Obama can transform his little illegal pets into voting citizens by 2012, he will have his second term and America will cease to be. Sad but true.

    54. Peter Roach says:

      Some how Democrats think of corporations as some large rock candy mountain they can use for their social programs. This mess does not surprise me.

      Unfortunately, even if both House of Congress get acceptable majorities, we are going to have to live with this nightmare until at least 2013. The only answer is total repeal because of its complexity and hidden clauses. At best this means a new, complete overhaul that could exceed anything contemplated by government.

      The losses in such a repeal will be staggering. Maybe plaintiffs can get the courts to declare this mess unconstitutional. Frankly, that is a a long shot.

    55. Norman says:

      I think , the whole damn Obama health care crap sucks and all of the damn sorry assholes that helped voted it in, should be made to be the first ones to be forced on it instead of the Citizens of America who didn't want it the start with.

      All of the damn elected Democrats in Washington should forced on it and be made to pay it out of their own pockets and not a penny from the American taxpayers.I only hope and pray that the people of America will vote out all of the damn sorry ass Democrats this next election and put them out on the street where they all need to be.

      Stop ramming the damn health care bill and the Socialist Nazi Obama down our throats like they are doing the damn basketball on TV which is a damn waste of other people money who doesn't give a craop about basketball and it should be like football only one big play off game and not all the damn time.Thanks to Obama and his Socialist group.The Dictators in Washington.

    56. Dan Allbritton, Arka says:

      I fought against Communism in South Vietnam forty years ago in order to protect my family against from it here in the U S. Now, the Communists (aka liberal Democrats, progressive Democrats) are trying to put us under their thumb in America. I don't appreciate them trying to enslave our children and their families in a thinly disguised, communistic system. I can't wait to vote against them and for conservatives in November ! !

    57. Steve, Ohio says:

      For all you Obama supporters, I hope you are happy now that we have just been taken over by the government. How can so many people be so stupid? It's time for everyone to know how their representatives vote and to be educated on the current affairs. This is not the same country I knew just awhile ago. What the liberals are doing is unconstitutional.

    58. Michael Zentz says:

      Why are you guys only telling half of the story? You're not mentioning that the HCR has closed the perscritpion drug doughnut hole that made it necessary for corporate subsidies in the first place. Plan D created a situation in which Corporations were given taxpayer dollars to offset the cost of paying for expensive senior drug plans. Now the subsidies have been cut because the hole has been closed, making drug plans cheaper for everyone, including AT&T, making the gov't assistance (corporate welfare) unneeded. Instead, if an individual taxpayer needs assistance, the gov't will provide the subsidy directly to the taxpayer, how nice, instead of corporate giants. So the 1Billion dollar figure is based in a world where the subsidy is taken away with no improvements to the system…and fortunatly that world only exists in your head.

    59. Dex says:

      And now Waxman and Stupak are subpoening these companies to explain themselves in a Congressional hearing. How dare they show how this bill was explicitly designed to destroy free enterprise in the US! How much do you want to bet that companies like AT&T will be deemed "too big to fail" and be taken over by the government like GM was?

    60. Jim Stephens Stephen says:

      I can only imagine that we are now looking at a personl disaster for just one company – what is it going to be when the final tally for more and more companies comes up – for both current and retired employees. This health care bill was passed because of ego on the part of the Dems and remember they excluded themselves and unions – and they bribed their way to a narrow victory – .

      So now what can you do – get on the phone/and email and call that Congressman and Senator in your state that voted for this health care bill and ask them what they are going to do about this disaster. And make sure you get out the vote in November – we need a clean sweep of the House and possibly the Senate. With the GOP in charge we might be able to fix some of these issue if not then we are going to have to a GOP president in place. But in the mean time bombard those Representative in DC and your local State that supported this bill. There are still more surprises to come – and not good ones.

      I really feel for all of you that are affected. What a tragic situation.

    61. Mike says:

      All you who voted for Obama, Pelosi, Baucus, Dodd, Reid, etc., etc., – How's that hope and change working out for you?

    62. William, Utah says:

      Republicans are as much to blame for this as Dems. If they had allowed Ron Paul to participate in the Primary Debates, there would be no Barack Hussein Oborninkenya sitting on a throne, an easy victor against an equally liberal McCain. Now we all get to pay for our two-party folly. Thanks to all who voted for "change".

    63. Melissa, Mississippi says:

      What a tragedy! Obama wants us to be equal – equally miserable and destitute. My father worked for 30 years at "Ma Bell" and doesn't deserve to have his hard-earned benefits destroyed by that terrible incompetent president. He sits around with his commie friends and laughs while those who work hard for America are punished. What's he going to do when there is no more wealth to spread?

    64. MarineWarrior Texas says:

      We Americans must awake from our slumber. We need to quit being democrats, republicans, etc. We all need to become Americans. Charged with the duty and responsibilty of defending this country from our enemies, both foreign and domestic. Do not marginalize yourself by labeling yourself liberal, conservative, progressive, Tea Party, etc. Call yourself an American and no one can marginalize you. This assault on our Constitution and the American way of life must be stopped. As long as the politicians and their propaganda machine can keep our country divided they will retain more power and control over all of our lives. Divide and conquer is their goal. We must all do our part. We can not fall victim to these evil people who are out to destroy America. God Bless America!

    65. Marat Bandemer Katy, says:

      Who put Obama and his cronies in office? Why, the American electorate. Once again they have shown that intelligence does not abound among them. For more than fifty years I have been politically involved from active participation in party politics, to being an outspoken critic of the Washington crowd, be they right of left of the aisle. The one thing that really concerns me is that there seemed no one in either party, the media, the medical profession, or any organization with the power to do something, sat on their hands. Where were the media blitzes, the calls for impeachment of a president who has yet to publicly prove the authenticity of his country of birth and true citizenship. We seem to, as a nation, have a penchant for a "gee, how did this happen?" reaction to things that are foisted upon us, in particular by government. We are witnessing a government run amok, and time is running out.

    66. Karen Carpenter Eagl says:

      Vote them out!! And becareful not to step in the pelosi.

      The war currently being waged on the middle class is to kill them off as fast as possible it is our collective memories of history and current events that these socialists want to get rid of just like Hitler ,Mao , stalin and the guys whose T shirts are being sold all over these days our kids in collage wear them and don't even know who he is,Quay chavez or something like that sorry for the brain drain. God Bless Stay Strong We Can Do This I Know WE Can

    67. Mary Ellen Jones, Ha says:

      It is simply outrageous that Congress has taken it upon itself to demand that heads of American corporations justify their adherence to federal guidelines regarding a change in their financial picture. Congress passed this law and now this administration and Congress are going to have to face the fallout from it. I cannot believe the audacity of Henry Waxman and his ilk being upset because corporations are stating facts–facts that Obama and his band of merry men DON'T want the public to know about. This bill will cost jobs, will increase taxes on just about everyone (whether it's income tax, sales tax, sugar tax) and the more people recognize the deliterious effect it will have on them, the more they will speak out. Obama, Pelosi, and Reid led a charge against the American people and now the people are fighting back–the unholy triumverate will just have to cope.

    68. Ken - Fort Worth, TX says:

      Only total reform of congress (we got to go to the polls in November) will correct this mess. If the citizens of this country continue to sleep and allow this kind of legislation to go unchecked, things are only going to get worse. What kind of legacy to you want to leave your family? Our country is at a decisive point in her history…. we can move back to our roots or we can self-distruct by allowing this kind of legislation to continue. Don't blame the idiots in Washington for our situation. Blame ourselves for sending idiots to represent us. I think we can choose better in the future, don't you?

    69. B. Cogbill - Henrico says:

      This is only the tip of the iceburg.

      Remember, we can get rid of most of the Congress men and women this coming Nov. They are suppose to be working for us, not for what they want. Get out and vote them out this coming November.

    70. Robert Magill says:

      Henry Waxman will get to the heart of the matter. After all, he's not Pelosi's lap dog for nothing!

    71. frank marks croydon says:

      if you thnk this is bad and it is just wait as the rest of this disgraceful government intrusion into it' citizens lives unfolds.. ughhhhhh

    72. John, Vermont says:

      Common sense tells us there are lots of issues with the Health Insurance Reform. But no one will believe it until the rubber meets the road.

      Has AT&T laid anyone off or fired anyone based on this change or is this simply a different way of accounting for health insurance costs.

      Let's not get all fired up about paper changes.

      I for one would love to see a real single payer system. A system were all medical facilities send all invoices or claims to a single entity. There is a lot of money currently flowing to and through insurance companies as well as the federal programs. If that money were funneled through a single entity there are tons of savings available.

    73. Rev. Charles A. Cox, says:

      I am a retired United Methodist pastor and I get a pension check from them each month. I also have a Blue Cross-Blue Shield retirement health insurance from my previous life at a Texas company. What is going to be the impact on me from this outrageous health care plan of Obama/Pelosi/Reid? Will the United Methodist Church's General Board go broke from the overload on their very limited resources? Should I be looking to go back to work?

    74. MLH Missouri says:

      What did you expect? Obama and all his friends, ACORN Chicago thugs his minister, terrorist cop killers and bombers, This is Chicago style politics as usual. What you thought he was going to change?????

    75. bigdave, ocala fl says:

      Regarding Obamination health care: the government IS NOT an insurance company so they DO NOT charge premiums! What they will charge you dummies is the ACTUAL COSTS for every operation, every hospital and doctor's visit and every drug perscription for EVERY CITIZEN, ILLEGAL OR LEGAL! The TOTAL COST will be DIVIDED by the number of TAXPAYERS and voila, you have your healthcare premium…which will be astronomical! Pay it or get a visit from IRS! You stoopid fools are in for a hellofa ride!

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    77. Mike Berman, New Hav says:

      I just keep thinking that as more people end up depending upon more and more government handouts especially from the policies created by this politcal administration, it would be just human nature that would cause people who depend upon welfare or other handouts will vote for people who will do just that, handout money to those people more so from hard working responsible people in order to stay in power (unjustifiable redistribution of my hard working money). My solution is since our government has pretty much rigged the game so to speak to that the wrong kind of people stay in power, why not rig the game on our side by creating an ammendment that will only allow people who are American Citizens, that pay taxes, speak english and legal immigrants that have lived in the US for at least 5 years to vote and no one else. Two sides should be able to play this game of politics and real life changing. If this ammendment could pass somehow, I strongly believe that our leadership would become much more responsible and responsive to the responsible voter as well. Many of these giveaway programs would just die out and our standard of living would in my opinion definetely rise sharply back and further.

    78. Gerry, MN says:

      In nov. 2010 lets show the Obama supporters that they have awakened a sleeping giant and start taking our country and freedoms back. At the elections make sure every voter knows the supporters so they can vote in sombody that is for the people. We can also look into empeachment of Obama (and if he really is a US citz. which I dob't think he is). Have all of the D.C. clan go on the same med., etc. systems that they vote in for us if it's so Damn good. If they are so intrested in cutting cost, maybe they should start in their own house by not paying full retirement benifits to 1 or 2 or 3 term people. The citiz. don't get anything like that. Get rid of alot of the top heavy staffing. Juat afew starting ideas.

    79. wanda, texas says:

      To Dave, Provo, Utah- Make that Democrats please- Not one Republican voted for this pile. Next time someone says all politicians are alike – remember – the Republicans tried even begged the country to stand up against this. Very few were willing to take time from their busy schedules to do so. This is what this gang of crooks is banking on. I personally wrote letters, emails and made phone calls since last August and i will actively campaign with my time and money to chase these thugs out of office in the coming months. Don't give up. We can stop this but not with faint hearts. we must heed this call to duty. We cannot let our country fail on our watch. Think of all the lives sacrificed for our freedom in generations past. We must not let liberal extremist nuts wreck our beloved USA. Please note, you can get a copy of the U,S, Congressional Directory for a nominal fee by contacting C-SPAN. It contains all contact information for the White House, the Senate and the House.

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    81. Chuck says:

      Amazing how three Idiots and the rest of the Democrat's with no common sense that do not obey the Constitution rules over us. I say the h??? with them. Taxes I refuse to pay any more taxes untill they at least pay there's. Come and get me , I will be ready. I say everyone refuse to pay taxes are they going to arrest us all

    82. Ben C. Ann Arbor, MI says:

      Got this today – something to consider:

      For too long we have been too complacent about the workings of Congress. Many citizens had no idea that members of Congress could retire with the same pay after only one term, that they didn't pay into Social Security, that they specifically exempted themselves from many of the laws they have passed (such as being exempt from any fear of prosecution for sexual harassment) while ordinary citizens must live under those laws. The latest is to exempt themselves from the Healthcare Reform that is being considered…in all of its forms. Somehow, that doesn't seem logical. We do not have an elite that is above the law. I truly don't care if they are Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever. The self-serving must stop. This is a good way to do that. It is an idea whose time has come.

      This is one proposal that really should be passed around.

      Proposed 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

      "Congress shall make no law that applies to the citizens of the United States that does not apply equally to the Senators and/or Representatives; and, Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senators and/or Representatives that does not apply equally to the citizens of the United States ."

    83. Carl Sowers says:

      The specifics of these comments are so correct – the damage creeps throughout so many aspects of our lives. The even bigger issue is that this isn't about healthcare – Obama's zeal is born in his determination to socialize the last bastion of democratic capitalism. The creed of the progresive movement includes "win at all costs" and "rewrite history later". Don't think my view is conspiratorial or a little out there. Look around you – what he is doing in totality is frightening.

    84. Roseann, Marathon NY says:

      This does not surprise me. I have felt for a very long time that retiree benefits needed to be looked at. It is unsustainable to give lifetime benefits in health care to people who can retire at 55 and have a life expentancy of 75 or 80. Companies will not hire regardless of whether or not retiree benefits are cut. Every year the cost for health insurance goes up. Companies either pay the increase for their retirees or do not hire.

    85. loves Dogs/Colorado says:

      just thinking again. Don't know who gets these comments but wish it could go to the top of information.

      But, come November at the poles I would hope and pray and wish that somehow-someway, all states and cities and town s could have undercover police officers and undercover military at every and ALL POLLING PLACES over the UNITED STATES so people are protect from ACORN, BLACK PANTHERS ETC ETC

      SO THIS TIME AROUND WE CAN GET THE RIGHT PEOPLE IN OFFICE. VOTED IN WITHOUT street people etc being brought in by buses to illegally vote and the illegals not being able to vote either this NOVEMBER. EVERYONE HAS TO HAVE AN ID, BIRTH CERTIFICATE, PICTURE ID ETC. ETC.


    86. David in Michigan says:

      Obama will chalk this up to AT&T's mismanagement and see it as an opportunity for another government takeover. He'll fire the top execs, then create a new company called SEIU-ATT, screw the investors, and make if work like Government Motors.

    87. roy milford, riversi says:

      I'll make this short and sweet and easy to understand. When are people going wake up and realize that Obama does not want to fix anything he only wants to destroy this country, as we have known it, and expand the government?

    88. alan georgia says:

      I would like these big corporations (CAT,T,VZ,and others), that are going to be hit hard , to tell us why they only came out with their news right AFTER the vote. The rumor is that the commerce department threatened them about any such news coming before the vote, and if this is true what a shame. This situation is bound to cost U.S. jobs.

    89. Cyndy, Clifton Park, says:

      I too wonder why these companies were so strangely silent while the rest of us called, emailed and faxed our "representatives" in congress almost daily for the last six months. Why is that the insurance industry also seems to have become almost subservient to this administration? Why weren't more people afraid when pelosi said "they'd have to pass the bill before they could find out what's in it." Try applying that philosphy to your daily life–grocery shopping, working, raising a family, paying a mortgage, etc. Imagine taking a job not knowing what the salary would be. We'll tell you later! Or going to the market and getting a cartload of mystery groceries. This is a disaster that retirees especially should have spotted immediately. The first hint: 1/2 trillion in cuts to Medicare, not to mention robbing once again from Social Security.

    90. Rita, Indiana says:

      Ah, yes. Obama is sooo great. Thanks to him & his liberal pals, the rest of us will suffer. You notice that he & Congress are not included in this farce, right?

    91. Rita, Indiana says:

      Ah, yes. Obamacare equals socialism, no matter how you look at it. You notice that Mr. Obama & Congress are not included in this farce, right?

    92. Rita, Indiana says:

      Forget it. If I can't express how I really feel about this subject, then you are a part of the problem.

    93. David of Minnesota says:

      Isn't amazing that out of 535 legislators and two executive officials no one thought that the cutting of a tax benefit to the corporations of this country would be significant and such an expense would not be a concern and be added to their expeniditures, and of course, decrease their profit picture.

      I recommend that we deny voting rights to anyone without a high school dipoloma, and they shall have an adequate knowledge of the English language! We have to start somewhere because we can not continue to allow illiterates vote these idiots into political office!

    94. David, Saint Louis says:

      I didn't vote for the "lame-duck president", but I do know some that did and they are having second thoughts about it. Let us not forget that he did have strong union backing as well as those ACORN thugs helping him get elected. I wonder how those unions feel about this and where are the jobs that were generated by those large expenditures of money he pumped into the economy. I am an unemployed teacher and school districts are cutting more jobs and programs due to the lack of funding by both the state and federal governments. This means increased class sizes, which does not help those students that need extra attention. I figure it will just push our education system farther back and increase the number of illiterates we have walking among us. He could have used the money from this bogus healthcare bill to help the education system or just create jobs. Now I understand that he wants to pay teachers for performance and where is this money going to come from. It sounds like the No Child Left Behind Act that George Bush mandated on the education system that had no funding, but the states had to comply with it. The people of the United States need to demand his birth certificate (if he has one) and if he is not a natural born US citizen, then IMPEACH HIM and repeal all of the laws he has pushed down our throats.

    95. Rita, Indiana says:

      No comment. The 1st amendment is no longer in effect.

    96. Pat Peach Bend Orego says:

      It seems that our new government has taken on the idea that the American public is quite ignorant, now they assume the people who can not afford health care now can afford it just by pulling money out of their b… to pay for health care just because the government says it is mandatory. This sounds like a government we all grew up learning about and was told freedom of choice was better……. Isn't all insurance a form of legalized maufia???? Pat

    97. Kevin Weller, Liverp says:

      This is an outrage!!!! and now Henry Waxman wants the ceo's to answer to him about why it will cost them so much. We are so far down the road to full blown socialism, I'm afraid we may not get our country back.This is what our fore- fathers warned us about. This why they also have taken over the education system too. If they teach real history, they can't take over the country!!! I urge every one to get the facts about this government take over. Start reading up on our history. And start fighting back at the ballot box next November and in 2012. Let's take back is truly ours and what our fathers fought for. Let's Go Get'em!!!!!

    98. RennyG Maryland says:

      Hey, this guy, the community organizer, is right on "his" target. Grow the government for control, feed the union organizations for votes, then redistribute what is left over!! It doesn;t make any difference if you worked hard in the past!! Wait till he "trips down the steps comming out of AF-1," we will see what a hot shot he is. I just keep praying to God for help, because He is truly in charge, not the community organizer!!!!

    99. Pat Peach Bend Orego says:

      It appears our new government has determined the American people are ignorant,they assume that those who can not afford health care now can pull money out of their b… and pay for health care just because the government says it is now mandatory. This sounds like the type of government we grew up learning about and was told freedom of choice was better…. Is not insurance a form of legalized mofia….???? Pat

    100. tom k says:


    101. john Arizona says:

      Why are we all surprised about any of this? Nancy Pelosi's remarks about "pass the bill and then we'll know what's it it" is typical of the treatment the Dems give to the American people. Huge financial hits to large corporations was virtually what Obama said during the presidential campaign – remember his "spread the wealth" statements?

      And now we are all crying "foul!" Shame on us.

      But the saddest part of this entire abomination is that the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Waxman, Barney Frank and all the other Ken Jarvis sound alikes, will be back in 2011. Again, shame on us!

    102. H. Borra, M.D., Sout says:

      Do the math folks; the 30 million uninsured could be covered by well paying private policies that would pay physicians what they are actually worth; and the yearly bill would still be a fraction of what it is costing us. This is without any change in the current system and no harm to current policies.

      What is it going to take before people wake up to the realization of the "elite" and their plan of socialism and population control. Obama's recent reading of "The post American World" should bother people, it does me. This is a calculated deconstruction of America. The only thing more inexplicable than Obama is the masses that voted to put him there and the Americans who still turn a deaf ear and look on with cataracts.

    103. Hypothetical, Elsewh says:

      This is no surprise.

      Welcome to the Socialist Republic of Obama.

      I think it's fairly obvious where this is heading. Who wants to bet that after all of the negative lashback caused by this and other bills that Obama is working on he invokes the Emergency Powers Act to suspend the 2012 elections?

    104. Jess T. Florence, CO says:

      What ever happened to the idea that we were a free people that were governed by the rule of law (the Constitution) and not at the whim of men i.e. Pelosi, Reed and all of the others that do not listen to their constituents. I personally do not see where all of the confusion is coming from as Obama said that he was going to do this and nobody paid attention to what he was saying, he honestly thinks that he has a mandate from the American people to do just what he has done. If you want to change things then pay attention to what is being said by politicians and do not take them at their word look and see how they vote either for the people or against them, their record speaks for them and does not lie like they do. If you truly want change then vote for a conservative and not for the Republicans or the Democrats but for somebody that doe not believe that being elected is a mandate for their own personal agenda, someone that is willing to abide by the constitution and bring the country back under the rules that were set up by our founding fathers. We no longer have a two party system but a one party system it is called the Big Government Party, the republicans want to tax and spend your money and the democrats want to make you their babies that can not take care of yourselves but it is still just one party. Start electing Independents that have read and believe in the Constitution as it was written by the founding fathers that will get rid of the tax and spend attitude and the nanny state attitude. Lower taxes and create jobs as we have done since this country began, for those that do not know where this idea of big government started just look back at Woodrow Wilson and FDR and see where it started as for states losing their rights look to Abe Lincoln and the civil war. There was a recession (depression) that happened in the 1920's and we do not here of it as the government did not involve itself in it and the economy pulled itself out of it in short order, then in the thirties the progressives got involved and look what happened, government grew and we wond up with a presidency that now is larger than bout other branches combined and a president that is out of control. Wake up and smell what they a shoveling down your throat and telling you is good for you, do not blame others blame yourselves as you put these people in power and did not get rid of them before now as we as a people had become complacent, so wake up and get rid of them now before it is to late. Sorry for the history lesson but those that do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    105. Ace Tracy says:

      The headline of this article, as most have been regarding large corporations adjusting future earnings due to healthcare bill, ARE ABSOLUTLEY MISSLEADING.

      AT&T and others awere receivomg a gov. subsidy, add it to their income but pay no taxes on it. What Congress did is say if you don't pay taxes on the subsidy then you don't get the subsidy. Let's remember that people pay taxes on unemployment benefits, SS, etc. ( gov. subsidies). Why should AT&T and others get such a special treatment? Makes no economic sense.

      Congress closed a loop hole that let these corporations realize extra earnings without paying more taxes, and on top of that it was a government subsidy to begin with.

      Get your facts straight. When you read how CATO is twisting headlines to be completely misleading, it questions Cato's objectivity and honesty.

    106. jkoss tennesee says:

      Wish I had a public forum. I would tell the American People that the only way to prosperity and economic freedom is Hard Work!!! People must pay taxes but it is up to QUALIFIED elected officials to set the balance as to what is fair and balanced. However thats the rub! Taxes will never stimulate growth. Taxes will never stimulate intiative. The only thing they will stimulate is the sloth that will have to get off of his couch to change the TV channel because his remote batteries are dead and he wants the Government to FIX IT! That's the mentality out there and it will continue because 'feel sorry' people are all around us.

    107. Marilyn, Indiana on says:

      I hate to tell people "I told you so!" But from a year ago last May I sent emails, faxed, and called congress people all over the country. In the beginning I asked them nicely to have nothing to do with this "Obamacare" stuff! To begin with I RESEARCHED BO BACK WHEN HE WAS JUST BEGINNING TO CAMPAIGN! He was raised a muslim until he was 12 yrs. old and then he was sent to live with his communist grandfather whose best friend was the head of the communist party in the U.S. His name was Frank Marshall Davis. These two guys poured communist doctrine into this kid daily until he left for school in the U.S. mainland. He joined every left-wing club and party he could and found his way to Chicago where he easily found a bunch of crooks who backed him and he was elected to the Illinois house after his opponents were handily crossed off the list by substituting bad numbers for good. He has not done a single thing right since he entered office in Illinois, the U.S. Senate, or the presidency. He is still in a campaign mode and really does not know how to get out, nor does he care! His actions are very similar to what Hitler did in the 30's to take over the German government!. Are we going to act like the German people did and lay down and let it happen or are we going to stand up and fight for this country? IT IS ENTIRELY UP TO YOU! I spend 4 to 8 hours on the computer sending emails to people and the past year I have not been very polite! I have threatened, cajoled, and even insulted all the congress people I could reach! We held them off for nearly a year and then BO got the ones together that were not doing as they were told and what? Threatened, bribed, promised, or possibly all three and got the "killer of the people bill" passed, finally! Maybe if some of you people who are complaining and bemoaning the fact that this happened would work as hard as I have along with several million other people who have given time, money and yes LOVE OF COUNTRY to try and stop these idiots who think and even say that they are smarter than we are, we could turn the tide permanently. And "YES" when election time comes they must be voted out but we have to be very careful with whom they are replaced!!! Check their backround's ask just exactly what they REALLY plan to do IF they are elected, be hard on them or we will be stuck with the "Bateared One" possibly for many years to come! You cannot just sit and watch the parade go by or eventually you will be sitting in chains. The choice is yours!

    108. Paul, Michigan says:

      I see a lot of negative comments. I wonder how many of the respondents voted for Obama. They will say but I didn't know. Then they voted with their eyes closed as he said what he would do but people wanted a "king" to take care of all their need but with no cost to them. Just a reminder, the "king" has to get his due's from the people before he can take care of their needs.

    109. HEH, Asheville,NC says:

      We need not worry about how socialism would look if it were to come to our country, it's already here.

      I've been retired from Bell South for sixteen years and these sanctions of benefits are the first of many steps this hideous healthcare program is going to affedt in the future.

      Obama has never had a regular job in his life and is determined to screw up the benefits of those who have spent their lives earning a decent living.

      He defied the constution by not submitting his real orgion of birth and has spent well over a million dollars to prevent it from becoming public knowledge.

      If he doesn't have anything to hide why go to these extremes to prevent the truth from coming to the surface.

      November is coming and every american had better get out and vote these liberals and progressives out while we still have a country and a right to vote.

      Voting privledges will be the next to be taken away and that is communism.

    110. Stephen Russell, La says:

      Makes U wonder what else is in this Monster bill aside:

      Hiring more IRS agents

      4% tax on home sales.

      expand govt to 195 agencies.

      Govt exempt from Healthplans.

      & tanning bed tax.

    111. Carole Rule Tucson A says:

      I'm sure the big companies didn't expect any thing like the absurd rules that are coming out of Obamacare but WE didn't let them pass this bill They passed it over the objections of the American people. Big business should have suspected some kind of shaft when all the talk has been tax the rich and help small business. There will be a lot of hidden surprises in the middle of this bill. As we become a Socialist country.

    112. Dori says:

      I didn't vote for Obama.I could see right through him. It was an OH NO moment when he won. I am angry that he won the election, I am really pissed off. I truly think that obamacare will be repeal since it goes against the 10th amendment. I hope he keeps speaking against the judges that run the supreme court like he did at his great speech.

      God says, not me, God says "if my people who are called by my name,shall humble themselves and pray seek my face turn from their wicked ways ,then I will hear from heaven, and forgive their sins and I will HEAL their land. "

      I say we must get on our knees and pray pray pray.

      We your people who are called by your name we humble ourselves and pray seek your face turn from our wicked ways, O Lord hear from heaven Please Lord forgive our sins , O Lord come heal our land

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    114. Colo43, Colorado says:

      i sincerely hope all whom had voted for him are feeling the heat.

      Hes the devil in sheep's clothing, to the Naive.

      Become informed and aware people- Hes not good for the US of A.

    115. Jonathan Jones, Ceda says:

      More smoke and mirrors. Did any one pay attention, before Obama was elected, to the announcement of a new Gold Drakma (sp) that Obama's muslim friends were hoping would replace the American dollar as a leading world currency? Seems now that he is in office he is doing everything he can to make their dream come true by making the American dollar completely worthless. In the mean time, keeping the American public focused on the smaller issues like this Obamacareless bill. We fight the little things and miss the even bigger picture completely. But each little step like this bill is just one more giant leap for the muslim friends of our "great" leader (NOT!).

    116. Carv'n. Indy says:

      This bill is going to cost a whole lot more than a 16 to 20 percent rise in insurance premiums. This obamanation is going to cost jobs, increased healthcare costs as well as increased costs of goods and services throughout the economy. But the biggest price will be the erosion of more of our freedom.

      As for a single payor system: This would be the worst of all systems!We will have a healthcare system overloaded by the increase of all the currently uninsured or underinsured. The oversight of price setting and wage setting would be only the start of the same throughout the economy. Approval and denial of use and the extent of treatment being set by a government entity that is also protecting the use of funds will result in deaths awaiting for approval.

    117. Carv'n. Indy says:

      This system must not be allowed to stand. The government will be taxing us for the use of a flawed system and we will still need to have an additional insurance policy that will allow as treatment outside the system.

    118. N.D. Smith Lakeside says:

      I simply don't know where to start on this one. To have my/our elected representaties stand up and tell us they don't know whats in the healthcare bill, they haven't read it I mean it's 2000+ pages long. But when we pass it we'll find out what's in it and for people to buy into this is simply beyond belief. One of the more disgusting parts is taxing members of the armed forces for the artificial limbs they now need thanks to a government who sent them off to fight. Then when you consider the government taking over the student loan business also under the healthcare bill. How does student loans tie into health care and the plan to withdraw federal funding from medical schools if they don't have a certain percentage of their students from minority groups or student who got a pass on the entrance requirements. Why don't we hear about this in the MSM I'd really like to hear some politician defend any of these provisions. I could go on about this for alot longe being one of those dolts who can read and did read the first 713 page bill.

    119. Andrew, Texas says:

      White House spokesman Robert Gibbs from http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/briefi

      MR. GIBBS: Well, let’s fully explain what’s happening here. As part of the Medicare Part D prescription drug legislation that passed in, I believe 2003, firms that provided coverage for retirees were given a 28-percent subsidy in order to continue providing that coverage. Right? That amount of money was not added to a company’s income. Right? So they got 28 percent to continue that, and under the previous law — which I think many considered to be a loophole — not only did they not get taxed on that 28 percent, but then they were able to write off the full amount spent on retiree prescription drug coverage — the money they kick in plus the 28 percent that taxpayers kick in.

      So all this does is allow a company to simply write it off once by not counting it as income, rather than both not counting it as income and getting able — being able to write it off.

    120. Jwangee, Buffalo says:

      Gawdam you mr. un/anti-American-hater; gawdam you mr. muslim-mulatto; gawdam you-gawdam you-gawdam you. And gawdam you and your herd-mentality liberal left socialist America-hating minion wimps. You should all get the hell out of this country. And, Barry, take your un/anti-American-hating "better" half with you, too. None of you would have the nice life if it weren't for our great capitalist, free-market society and the Constitution on which this country was founded. You don't deserve the great things this country has to offer yet you've taken full advantage of them all and have the balls to do what you're doing to this country – fundamentally changing it via voter fraud, non-transparency, shady deals, lying, cheating, stealing from the taxpayers. It is disgusting and embarrassing that you occupy the greatest House in the world. It's so sad that you and your ilk have now become a part of our great American history.

    121. Darrel - McKinney TX says:

      Time for recall elections. We cannot wait for November as they will ruin something else about our great country between now and then. We must take our country back and undo these messes!

    122. Nancy Jones, Auburn says:

      Okay, we're all super mad and super scared. What are we going to do? I've been to some liberal forums…you know what? It's eihter pathetic or scary. To a piece such as the one HF has written that we are all commenting on, they get maybe 3 or 4 comments. So, tell me–is that pathetic or scary? Either they don't know and aren't plugged in–don't care, just want some of that "Obama money" or they have no passion, no guts, no following? What are we going to do?

    123. Richard, Virginia says:

      I'm amused by the many people, some of whom voted for Obama and Democratic members of Congress, who are outraged by this legislation that was passed in the face of overwhelming objection of American citizens. If they had paid attention to past actions and association of the Obama/Pelosi/Reid crowd they would have known what was coming. Instead they embraced personality and celebrity and the need to absolve themselves of guilt that the "lame stream" media and Hollywood celebrities laid on them. Let's hope it isn't too late.

    124. Ronn North Carolina says:

      America as a Nation is presently hovering beneath a dark cloud of hopelessness, in the Uncaring Hands and under the Iron Fist of those on the Radical Left, led by OBAMA who are Hell-Bent and determined to intentionally destroy this Country.

      He has demonstrated that truth is not retained in his portfolio and so he tells us blatant lies! The mass news media embraces this man and his agenda with the attitude that anything goes. (i.e. same as Pravda under Stalin)

      It is a shame that we as Americans did not put 2 and 2 together or recognize beforehand that you don't sit on a pew in Chicago (Cult Jeremiah Wright) for 20 years hearing racist venom spewed and the phrase echoed, no no no no, NOT GOD BLESS AMERICA but God Da ummmmmm America and all the while you can't tell me or deny that OBAMA was there sitting, nodding, waving both hands on occasion, rising to his feet, in total agreement with these outbursts even shouting in the affirmative when the phrase came "Can I get a witness"??

      There are hosts of far more examples of his hatred of this America I've known, our traditions, what made us great – we must take a stand against his insurrection to lead us down a river of no return. Mark it down, before it is over he will be attacking the Church and the Faith of our Fathers!! Take inventory here, we've lost our manufacturing to foreign elements, our energy producing capability to the left wing environmentalists, our steel / metals companies output – these are vital to what made us great, (exports and selling products to the world). Beyond these mere facts remains the one undeniable fact that GOD HIMSELF BLESSED OUR COUNTRY now we have someone sitting in the White House ashamed of that VERY GOD who gave us everything to be thankful for.

      Any Nation that Forgets God shall perish. In the Bible, we find at times there were good leaders then at times they are followed by those who meditate evil, currently, I am ashamed to say – we have the latter!

      Ronn in North Carolina

    125. tommcat39 says:

      you people jsut dont get it — if a muslim does wrong all they have to do is pray to allah today and allah intercedes for what they did wrong and tomorrow they are blameless and non accountable — we have an admitted muslim for president — no way in hell will u ever convince him he is doing any thing wrong — he is bent on distroying all the america stands for or has fought for. and under shari law its an ok thing to do. get used to it ur wives girl freinds and daughters will look a lot more attractive in a full burka within the next 3 years. this obama care thing is only a cover up to keep your minds occupied while behind the scenes u are loosing ur right to bear arms ur right to all your liberties, all of ur internet freedoms and etc. he wont stop untill he has thrown out the constitution and replaced it with shari law. already he has removed all of the old historic paintings and photos in the white house and replaced them with images of himself. in his eyes he is the anointed messiah of the new world order. like i say u all dwell on ur own personal feelings of some simple little obamacare legislation and are totally missing the ax falling on ur neck

    126. Billie says:

      There are only unjust tax increases. Aimed directly at the successes and job creators of the private sector.

    127. JD georgia says:

      I did not vote for obama precisely because of his socialist left leaning .The people he has associated with his ties to ACORN etc. He is doing what he said he would do in his speeches he is CHANGEING AMERICA. He sees the Constitution as a historical document so disregards it completely. Redistribution of the wealth is his mantra.His trogan gilded horse OBAMA CARE . Just another way to take health care out of our collective individual hands and trust the government to take care of it . 80 % of us were insured 15 % were not covered . To dismantle the insurance structure we have now replacing federal laws to dictate to us the insurance they deem acceptable. To hire more IRS to oversee that we comply with forced insurance . Not one of us believes for one second that our insurance premiums will go down , nor any other fees assoicated with health care . Why didn't the govt . just address the needs of the 15% who didn't have it for whatever reason .This is the govt . taking over insurance companies and I am quite sure that more laws will be necessary to totally control them squeezing them until they go out of business. Then they can replace them with one big government insurance (not the same one that Nancy Pelosi has) Our new single payer will be installed . We don't have to worry though because those who will pay for this have yet to be born and are to young to vote now . The government obviously has no qualms about spending money we don't have and could care less about the future debt that will bankrupt the entire country. We should make sure when we vote that these people find out that they can join the . FIred up yes we should be ready to FIRE THEM all .

    128. ronald mahfouz says:



    129. robert sargent westv says:

      we have people in charge who are marxist.they tear down to fit their agenta.the country is secondary.we must vote that mind set out of office.2010 and 2012 when the people speak,an america looks to a brighter tomorrow.

    130. charles says:

      canceled my last connection with AT&T yesterday. I made sure the young lady(obama fan) knew she would see a large round of lay offs and foreign out sourcing as a result. She claimed the company made billions(they do) I had to explain that money wasn't just lying around in a "lock box: but was distributed to share holders and was used to pay her salary and too keep the company going. Of course, being a victim of government run schools, she had no clue what I was talking about,but, she does have 1 less customer to worry about.

    131. bill says:

      have a heart people.

      There will be changes. But your just trading one for another.That's all. relax just a bit.

      stop using the phase. you will have to wait in line to recieve medical services,

      they are using your fears and greed against you!

      Change the subject just a little the artical say's that wealth creats jobs

      we have had record mergers,record tax cut for the coporations and wealthy. One of the lowest job creation in modern history around 600,000 adverage per year . bush admin.

      Under Jimmy Carter, we know what republicans think of this man, created adverage of 2.8 million jobs per year while in office.

      the best way to say it is this is about people recieving healthcare, the flip side is nothing but GREED!

      actually read your bible. there is nothing in there that say's SELF …

    132. Pat says:

      I did not vote for this man but a whole lot of others did, unfortunately. Have they come out from under the mushroom yet? Hopefully in the next 3 years of the Obama regime, we will be able to vote. But if Obama has been able to strip this country down to where we have socialized medicine and he has control of businesses, what will stop him and Nancy Pelosi now. California, please vote Pelosi out of offfice come November for the good of this country.

    133. Pastor Charlie says:

      Beloved Nation, I mourn your passing! Why do you have to die? Because the "Republicrums" were so busy seeking a "compromise" with evil, that they let the "Demoncraps" have sway.

      The only way to recue us, is to Sweep the Rascals out, in November and then have the new Congress impeach that wonderous excuse for abortion, "Obummer".

      If not, may our GODHEAD have mercy upon us.

    134. Lynne, seattle says:

      "White House spokesman Robert Gibbs defended the tax law change Thursday, saying the original provision allowing companies to deduct the federal subsidies from their taxable income was a "loophole" that will be closed by the health care overhaul."

      this quote taken from this article

    135. Drew Page, IL says:

      Many may have already forgotten this, but about 20 years ago our Federal government passed a law or regulation regarding Federal Accounting Standards for private business. That regulation required that any employer who offered to continue health insurance for its retirees had to consult with an actuary to determine what the projected costs of providing such health insurance would be for each retiree, from the day the employee retired out to the end of that employee's life expectancy. For sake of arguement, let's say that the cost of providing health insurance to a retiree was $12,000 a year and that from normal retirement (age 65) to normal life expectancy (age 82). Over those 17 years, and subject to medical inflation of 10% per year, the total projected cosyt for retiree health insurance would amount to $529,052 — and that's just for one retired employee. The projected cost for each retiree being provided health insurance would then have to entered into the financial statements of each employer as a liability. On average, 17 years of projected costs had to be entered into the financial statements of businesses, balanced against the revenues of only one year of company revenue would show that business in a terrible financial position, and for publicly held companies, would have a terrible adverse impact on stock price. Businesses were quick to react; they discontinued health insurance for retirees.

      So here again, the intention of the government may have been good. They wanted to make sure that if an employer promised a retiree health insurance throught his/her retirement, that the employer would have the money set aside to cover it. The unintended consequences of the legislation however had the reverse effect. Finding it financially impossible to show 17 years of liabilities against a single year's revenue on their financial statements, employers had no choice but to get out from under this liability and discontinued retiree health plans.

      I anticipate the same thing will happen under the current health care reform bill. Employers will ultimately find it cheaper to discontinue health coverage altogether and tell employees to find coverage on their own through one of the government exchanges. Not only will the tax employers pay be cheaper than their former health insurance premiums, the employers will finally be out from under all the endless regulations promulgated by state departments of insurance and the federal government.

    136. Jim says:

      This is getting weirder and wierder. You all do know how the NAZI's promised people a better life right? It was marked "Change" then too. You do realize know that you'll all have to start wearing patches that designate your "status" or carrying papers for the same reason ..right? I'm sure the census will be an innocent instrument for more "Change" . Hey, don't worry, Obama will take care of you, he'll take care of all of us. We won't suffer, I'm sure of it. This way to the showers…

    137. Levi, Lenexa KS says:

      The one thing Obama promised was change. If he was honest to the american people and told us what his change was the hypocrit would never have been elected. The american government is the peoples government. Sadly we as a nation elected him into office and he has done nothing but abuse the power we have given him. As the american people we also have the right to releave him of his duties and replace him with some better suited for the position.

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    139. Danny, Sacramento says:

      The above article doesn't tell the full story. It turns out that the $1 billion goes back to the famous 2003 Medicare prescription drug entitlement passed by a Republican-controlled Congress. In order to keep businesses from ending their drug coverage and dumping their retirees on the federal system, Congress provided a 28 percent reimbursement for the benefits. Better still, the companies got to deduct the entire cost of the drug plans from their taxes. Including the government subsidy!

      Yes, Obamacare involves no longer allowing big corporations to take a tax deduction for spending money we gave them. Given that fact, why are we so outraged? When the article above predicts that eliminating this tax break will reduce $14 billion in corporate profits and therefore, is bad for America, where do you think that vanishing $14 billion came from in the first place? Let me give you a clue: not from selling more iPhones.

    140. CHRIS DELIA says:

      History in the making.

    141. D.A. Coradazzi,ETCM( says:

      While not a constitutional scholar, the following section of Obamacare seems to preclude repeal. If an attempt is made to repeal Obamacare, will an appeal be dismissed immediately? Will the Supreme rule that the intent of the "Law" is that repeal cannot be allowed? Does this section really apply only to 3403 or can it be applied to the entire "Law"?

      Section 3403(d)(3) reads in part: ". it shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection."

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    143. Hooker, Grand Rapids says:

      What the article doesn't state is that 28% of those health-care costs were subsidized by the gov't. Then, AT&T would turn around and deduct that same subsidy as a loss. In effect, double-dipping. Most of us are not allowed to double-dip; why should large companies? As an employee of AT&T, I will negotiate my benefits in 2012. I won't, however, be fooled that AT&T is concerned about jobs: they were laying off thousands before they had to take this charge

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