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  • Heritage President Ed Feulner Responds to President Obama’s Claims

    President Obama this morning cited The Heritage Foundation’s research in an attempt to sell his health care package as a “middle of the road, centrist approach.” We take great exception to this misuse of our work and abuse of our name. This is but the latest act in a campaign to sell this big-government program as a moderate law that incorporates conservative ideas. Americans should not be fooled.

    Let’s be very clear: We oppose this new law because it is a radical new intrusion into the daily lives of all Americans and a massive takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy. We view the President’s health care law as inimical to our national interests and offensive to the historic American dedication to the principle of self-government.

    Our research has shown that President Obama’s health approach is financially unsustainable and will ultimately lead to health care rationing, a lower quality of care and a greater degree of dependence on government. We deplore those outcomes and are committed to making the intellectual case for this law’s repeal.
    What part of that does President Obama not understand?

    Specifically, President Obama told NBC’s Today Show host Matt Lauer that a centerpiece of his health care package, “in terms of the exchange, just being able to pool and improve the purchasing power of individuals in the insurance market—that originated from The Heritage Foundation.”

    But the President knows full well—or he ought to learn before he speaks—that the exchanges we and most others support are very different from those in his package. True exchanges are simply a market mechanism to enable families to choose their health insurance. President Obama’s exchanges, by contrast, are a vehicle to introduce sweeping regulation and federal standardization on health insurance.

    Moreover, we completely disagree that President Obama’s law improves the purchasing power of individuals in the insurance market. On the contrary, it will create a staggeringly complex and costly insurance system that will drive up premiums for Americans.

    The President’s health care law is only eight days old, and already it has cost our economy billions of dollars. Late last week, AT&T alone took a $1 billion charge because of the impact of the bill, and the consulting firm Towers Watson told the Wall Street Journal that the total hit this year will reach nearly $14 billion. It is sad, given the present state of our economy, that the President’s party in Congress has reacted not by trying to find ways to spare the jobs that will be lost because of this law. Instead, they are trying to intimidate companies that take such charges with threats that they will be hauled in before the Energy and Commerce Committee.

    It is also revealing that President Obama is still struggling to sell the American people on a bill that he and his party rammed through passage by a narrow margin in the face of bipartisan opposition. It is a sign of desperation that he, his handlers and the media echo chamber are reverting to the campaign practice of selling the President and his policies as centrist, middle of the road and aisle-crossing. As the country has found out the hard way in the past 15 months, they are none of those things.

    The President has made a habit of using conservative talking points when trying to sell a liberal ideology because he knows that this is a center-right country that rejects his agenda when articulated honestly. His supporters have even tried to pin the blame of the potentially unconstitutional individual mandate on us. This approach brushes over the details of our research and ignores our ability to evolve past further developed research.

    Thousands of new IRS employees will be hired by the government to enforce the President’s mandate on the American people. The President’s health care plan also raises premiums, taxes, and costs while lowering quality, and expanding Medicaid. These are not conservative ideas.

    And let’s be clear, these are not ideas Heritage has ever, or would ever, support.

    We made every effort over the past year to share our ideas for better health care reform with the President and members of both parties in Congress, but were not invited behind the closed doors. Now, after the bill is signed, it seems the President wishes we were along for the ride. We were not. We remain fervently opposed to the President’s partisan plan, and urge its immediate repeal. This is not common politics, it’s common sense.

    Had President Obama limited his bill to centrist elements, he would have won wide bipartisan support for effective reform both within Congress and among the American people. He would have won it, too, at a fraction of the cost of this intolerable, huge and intrusive legislation. He would not now be facing popular rejection by the American people. And he would not need to misrepresent Heritage policies and positions in an attempt to give his radical health plan the patina of respectability.

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    108 Responses to Heritage President Ed Feulner Responds to President Obama’s Claims

    1. MJF, CT says:

      According to Mark Levin (just posted this morning), the 16,000 new hires at the IRS have no way of enforcing those who do not pay the fine. Another mistake by our leaders?

    2. John Craychee, Addis says:

      I have taken to calling the Democrat's healthcare takeover strategy "CRAM and SCAM". First they crammed it though congress and down the throats of American taxpayers using sleazy tactics. Now they will attempt to scam the country into believing that it is a sustainable, centrist, cost reducing plan that will improve benefits for all. None of which is true.

    3. Zack says:

      sure sure. yea, this wesite has never created hypocritical statements or blog's. give me a break. I know conservative legislative history as well as many other people that do personal non-partisan research. what a joke this blog was. waste of time.

    4. Joel, Washington D.C says:

      Great! now I know where to look for a job. The IRS.

    5. cislwol, D.C says:

      @MJF, CT…

      you kidding me? the IRS has the ability to intrude into your house and check your compliance. what do you mean they don't have a way to enforce people… this new healthcare bill is 2000 pages, you think it's just a bunch of words for nothing

    6. Conservative says:

      We are in big trouble. This is not the country my forbears came to in the 1700s.

    7. Marie Boppel, New Or says:

      Excellent comments on the health bill. I have always felt uneasy about the text in this bill. I am disturbed by the math. I am opposed to the huge expansion in government which reduces personal freedom. It's "Atlas Shrugged" here and now. I can only imagine what Ayn Rand would say.

    8. Steve, Chapel Hill, says:

      Of course the IRS has stated that their new responsibility should not alter the relationship between them and the taxpayer. In other words, be enrolled/pay the fine or we will garnish your wages, take your house, or whatever we have to do to make you comply.

    9. Warren Lyckman Hills says:

      I was extremely confused this morning when I happened to hear Obama's comment that Heritage had recommended passage of this bill. Glad you immediately called him on it and rejected the erroneous comment by the President.

    10. Robert, Fort Meade says:

      Well, since he didn't bother reading "his" health care plan, maybe he thought the Heritage Foundation's research and recommendations were well represented in the bill. "Bawndo, it's got what plants crave."

    11. Zack says:

      once again moderator. you erase a perfectly civil comment I left explaining that this website has offered ideas not long ago just like certain sections of HR 3590. stop erasing opposing viewpoints because it just makes this website worse then it already is.

    12. Zack says:

      and NOW the previous heritage blogs and research are guaranteed to be erased as well if not already. stop the obvious partisanship!

    13. John Vanderhoof says:

      As much as I find Obama specious, he does have a point that you did not refute. Heritage was intimately involved in the Mass.adventure and the implementation of exchanges. How's that working out?

    14. John B. San Diego says:

      Just come on and cuff me, "The Individual Mandate is UNCONSTITUTIONAL"

      I'm not buying Obamacare I'd rather go to jail.

      Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death!

      This Patriots; is appearing to be a no brainer…….. For God's sake you’re going to die anyway.

      A trap to make us "ALL Dependants" of federal government, is the truth of the matter.

      Join your world government order and leave me home where I belong Mr. President

      Everyone must purchase "this" because we said SO!

      Everyone must give up "that" because we said SO!

      Energy, Health, Business, and Right to Bear ARMS: Do what we say "OR ELSE"

      Is this objective becoming clear to anyone YET?

      So just come on and cuff me I don't want to play your indignity game SIR!

      Next will go the right to free speech. What are you doing to America SIR?

      World Leader ——-HUH;;;; forget that

      People around the globe see right through YOU>>>>SIR!!

      An Unsuccessful Globe-Trotting tour…Didn’t sell

      Return home and do a State-To- State Tour to sell ill-advised Law……Is NOT working


      Go back to Rahm and ask what to try next SIR!

    15. Betsy Schaefer says:

      Mr. Feulner,

      Thank you for such a great response to what the President has claimed with regard to The Heritage Foundation. I am a working wife and mother of 2 college age students, and will share this with everyone I know, as I appreciate your honest facts. It helps people to have sources to obtain accurate information when stating the beliefs of the conservative movement.

      I like my FREEDOM! God Bless America and God Bless people like you and your organization.

      Betsy Schaefer

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    17. Kevin Habib, Glen Bu says:

      Interestly enough – the idea of having 'soft' mandates (one that does not include criminal penalties) is one that was floated many times by Heritage Foundation in 2003 and 2004 – with you very own Stuart Butler, Ph. D. stating it was 1st on his list on ways to obtain universal healthcare. Of course, as soon as Obama and Dem support the idea, Heritage does an about face.

      Please – the idea that Dems would not work with Repubs is absurd and you know it. You refuse to say anything against your funders, and that is sad. You stood up in 2003 against the Mdcr Part D plan, and now you just roll over and do what the ranks tell you.

      You know very well that the Republicans refused to participate. You have read the very same memos from Sen. Gregg and Sen. Demint and Freedom Works and Frank L – going back as early as February of 2009 – saying they were going to make health reform Obama's waterloo.

      The bills went through all 5 committees of jurisdiction for hearings and markups – bipartisan negotiations went on for weeks in Senate which held up the markups – and then you say the Dems jammed it through. Please name any other piece of legislation in last 4 decades that saw as many hours fo debate on the floors of Congress.

      Frum was correct (and he got fired for it) – the far right screwed this up for GOP – by refusing to work at all with the Dems, they blew it. And Nobel prize winning econmist was right – Heritage called for many of the same provisions less than 5 years ago – particularly the individual mandate and subsidies for lower income. Yet, the flip-flopping and political nonsense has taken control.

      Shame on you Ed and shame on Heritage.

    18. Bill, Ga says:

      @MJF, CT

      You don't understand. This is all part of the plan to eliminate private insurance companies. Whether one pays the fine or not, the funds from the fines are NOT distributed to private insurance companies, the funds go to the government. Then private insurance companies HAVE to insure anyone with a pre-existing condition. Hence, many Americans will opt out of getting insurance and pay the fine since the fine is a fraction of the cost of health insurance. Then when they get sick – they will simply sign up – get treated – go through therapy and drop the insurance once they are healthy again.

      No private insurance company can survive under these conditions. Imagine for a moment that car insurance had to follow the same rules. Drivers did not have to pay insurance premiums to companies as long as they paid the government a fine that was a fraction of the insurance premiums. Then when the driver got into a car accident that totaled their car and cost them 20K in health care, they signed up for insurance and the company had to accept them. Car insurance would be out of business in a matter of months.

    19. MaryEllen Menges Mar says:

      Thank you for all you do . Thank you for being frank and truthful!!!

    20. FUBAR, AR says:

      "Glad you immediately called him on it and rejected the erroneous comment by the President."

      "Erroneous"? You're too kind.

    21. Robert Gross, Weddin says:

      Beyond the fact that this so-called Health Care Reform bill is unconstitutional on a number of grounds, I believe the real problem with our socialistic policies began way back in 1913 and have continued with each passing administration. Medicare and Medicaid should have never been enacted and in my simple understanding of the so-called health care crisis, the governments intrusion into the free market with these programs started all of the problems that were supposedly to be solved by this legislation. When the Federal Government begin to regulate and inevitably their interference into the free market makes things worse rather than better; what do they say is the answer for this- more regulation. We are in trouble- this Constitutional Republic is on it's last legs I am afraid. Most democracies don't last too much past 200 years. We have exceeded that but it appears we will not survive much longer as a free people.

    22. cce says:

      July 20, 1990

      “The second central element in the Heritage proposal is a two-way commitment between government and citizen. Under this social contract, the federal government would agree to make it financially possible, through refundable tax benefits or in some cases by providing access to public-sector health programs, for every American family to purchase at least a basic package of medical care, including catastrophic insurance. In return, government would require, by law every head of household to acquire at least a basic health plan for his or her family.”


    23. Bianca, So. Florida says:

      This remark by Obama wasn't a mistake, Mr. Fuelner. It was payback, similar to Caterpillar and the stimulus bill, All who oppose Obama will be villified either by slick mischaracterization or outright condemnation.

      Wear this lie as a badge of honor as you continue to promote the truth.

    24. Joe Nickols says:

      This does not surprise me or us………

      Attempting to hitch his dead horse to your wagon for the sake of credibility? This administration has no limits!

      Keep up the good work, Folks!

    25. Billie says:

      God Bless the Heritage Foundation and all who find and reveal the truth!

      Mr. Obama, is it true you defined tea partiers "radical?" Let's see, you and your cohorts brainwash America into government made crisis'? Everything is a crisis because of your interference. Radicals lie, cheat and steal, just like all of you.

      If there was any decency in you, YOU COULD'VE AVOIDED ALL CRISIS YOU ARE GOING OUT OF YOUR WAY TO CREATE. You would build the strength in people and not feed their weakness. You're making it impossible to have a job/career/good education without government influence!

      Congress RADICALS making up "racist" epithets and actions that didn't exist, just pushing for that obama made crisis. We're freedom. peace loving people, Mr. Obama. Don't defame us.

      We can't be free AND EQUAL unless all are under civil law which teaches people what is expected of them, equally. So Learn your job, Mr. Obama. And the definition of the word, "Radical" which is YOU AND THE WAY YOU ARE RUNNING THIS COUNTRY TO THE GROUND! Let the people of America take on their human existence to do for themselves. Get out where you're constitutionally forbidden. Which is everywhere you are, looking for that personal weakness to circumvent another crisis. You underestimate the strength of individual, human life.

      It would be interesting to know how much damage you have caused that might be in accordance to the traditions of Muslim hatred for the west.

    26. Doug Graham, Provo, says:


      John Vanderhoof on March 30th, 2010 at 11:46am said:

      As much as I find Obama specious, he does have a point that you did not refute. Heritage was intimately involved in the Mass.adventure and the implementation of exchanges. How’s that working out?


      Maybe you could make this a little clearer…..I need some details John. What do you mean intimately……? I think Mr. Feulner explained the Heritage Foundation's definition of exchanges quite well…..I don't think Obama's definition matches Mr. Feulner's definition……

    27. Frank R. Egnoto, Bur says:

      Bravo, Fantastic, Clap, Clap Clap Clap etc…

    28. Frank R. Egnoto, 203 says:

      Bravo, Fantastic, Clap, Clap, Clap, Clap.

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    30. Ringo, Falls Church, says:

      Mr. Fuelner,

      I did not hear Obama's comments, as I was working to pay my disproportionate amount of taxes to pay for this administration's reckless spending. I also try to avoid the cheerleading squads on network television. In any case, I appreciate your immediate and thoughtful response to this latest nonsense. I am sure Matt Lauer and the gang will give you or your colleagues equal time to set the record straight…. Keep up the outstanding work!

    31. earlttrask of virgin says:

      If the republicans had any stones, they would publicly that their constituents submit estimates of the cost of compliance of Obamacare and publish it in a full page ad in the wall street journal

    32. Randy, Tennessee says:

      You are a raving lunatic and also a very good example of the two-face partisanship in America today. This is the most ridiculous load of crap that I have ever read in my life. Get with the plan, it is here to stay!!

    33. mark st.luois says:

      thanks you for the straight talk

      your ruffled feathers are showing, right there with ya

    34. Peggy Indiana says:

      Heritage Foundation, you have individuals who are deciated to their education fields with conservative core to express their finds for the public to have access on any issue. It's your right to have a press release making it clear on the facts on the above matter.

    35. Mark Simpson says:


    36. Michael Smith Sharps says:

      The fundamental issue facing America today is the conflict between those on the left who lust for ever-more unearned economic benefits (such as free healthcare) versus America's most productive citizens, whose incomes are already being heavily looted to pay for a vast array of such unearned benefits (public schools, public housing, food stamps, public transportation, tax "refunds" to those not paying taxes, farm subsidies, Medicaid, S-CHIP, Medicare and Social Security. These last two are not completely unearned benefits because most of the recipients paid taxes into the system for many years.)

      Or, to put it even more plainly, it is essentially a conflict between cannibals and those whom they propose to eat.

      The very notion that such a conflict can be solved by a "centrist, middle of the road, bipartisan" approach is false and dangerously misleading. Any sort of "compromise" on such an issue — any sort of approach that concedes any portion of the left's demand for more unearned benefits — is merely a permission slip for the cannibals to eat still more of the victims. And you can be absolutely sure of one thing: that any additional eating rights granted to the cannibals will only satisfy them temporarily. Soon, they will grow hungry again and return with a fresh demand for more victims.

      This is why the welfare state has expanded endlessly since its inception — and this is why it now threatens to eat us all alive in one final orgy of governmental expansion and looting.

      It is time to demand an end to the welfare state ON PRINCIPLE — on the principle that no amount of need on the part of one man justifies the forced seizure of another man’s earnings to fulfill that need — and on the principle that all men are created equal and posses equal rights, with none having the right to any sort of material benefits made possible only by confiscating the fruit of another man's labor.

      Equal rights for all — and an end to the practicing of charity with money looted from the most productive people in America.

    37. doug muder says:

      Your case would be more impressive if you linked to or quoted from the original Heritage research from the 1990s. As it stands, it's just your word against Obama's.

    38. Ken, Bloomington, Il says:

      God Bless you for keeping us informed of the corruption, cheating and lying of this current administration. This president, from day 1 of his presidential campaign, has been a liar and say anything to get what he wants. Please keep telling us the truth because as we all know "truth always prevails".

    39. Phillip, Baltimore M says:

      "We are in big trouble. This is not the country my forbears came to in the 1700s."

      You are correct, todays population actually gets to see it unfold as it happens instead of reading a monthly news paper to find out how the government screwed them.

    40. Richard A. Dickinson says:

      Right on target, Ed.

      President Obama has displayed an extraordinarily deceptive habit of misquoting legitimate sources to support his administration's effort to expand government control. In doing so he has greatly diminished the dignity of and respect for the office of the presidency.

    41. Zack says:

      President Obama was right on target. Infact, almost half of HR 3590 is republican and conservative ideas that have already been introduced and even passed through house and senate sub-committee's for the last 20 years. Come on Heritage, you shovel is starting to wear out..Let's see if you let this comment go through.

    42. PrimeDirective says:

      @Kevin Habib, Glen Burnie, MD. Of course they refused to work with the Democrats with the bill!! The language in the bill was pushing dangerous government regulation, tax increases, and unfunded liabilities (More debt that we can't pay back). Kudos to the Republicans for refusing to agree with the language in the bill. For the first time in a long time they stood on limited government principles. They offered amendments, but the Democrats rejected them all. Bipartisanship is sometimes about compromise, and it was Obama's way or bust.

    43. Michelle M says:

      @doug muder:

      Let's see Heritage's word against Obama's. Which would you chose? I think I'll stick with Heritage. At least you know THEY are honest.

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    45. Nun, Fairfax says:

      YOU LIE. I just read the Stuart Butler's research right here on the Heritage Foundation's website that called for individual mandates and that verifying insurance policy would be no problem at all and anyone can purchase a policy from a pool of insurance companies just like the janitors and others in the Federal government do every day.

      A policy makers guide to health care crisis, Stuart Butler, Ph.D.from page 25

      Q:How would the obligation to buy insurance be enforced?

      A:In two ways. Taxpayers would have to attach proof of insurance or enrollment in a public program to their tax return or face a fine. In addition, employees would have to furnish their employers with proof of insurance, which would be forwarded to the government. Those unable to show they had coverage might have to be assigned to Medicaid by the state but billed for all or part of the coverage. To be sure, some individuals still would evade the law, but the number is likely to be small.

    46. steve says:

      This is a man and administration with an aggressive socialist agenda pulling out all the stops to try to force us even further away from our basic conservative ideals. They are throwing out the constitution and are making every effort to write our history in their image. I will resist, and make my views known at the ballot box like all americans who love this country.

      I did not work my whole life and will not leave this great country to these radicals spoil.

    47. Adam From Florida says:

      We need to do something to stop this the government knows that we don't like the bill and pushing the bill through despite more than 60% of public disapproval shows that they are willing to take huge risks and even loose their political power to accomplish their goal — they obviously have an agenda that is much more than being a politician or have political power.

      I think that the Heritage organization should setup a way that we can fight back against Obama and his policies more than just writing comment about them.

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    49. Don Lee, Eagan, Minn says:

      Mr. Obama has been spectacularly successful making his case while using his own set of facts. As Ed Feulner points out, his facts are hard to square with published, verifiable reality.

      That said, I am often troubled by the position of the Heritage foundation, because Heritage swallows certain popular key precepts of the left while arguing that the logical end point of those precepts is wrong. (see http://www.heritage.org/Research/Reports/2008/09/… ) The "bailouts" are a good example of this. Once you accept that the federal government has both a role, and competence to "manage" the economy, there is no bright line between what is acceptable and what is not.

      On health care, if Mr. Obama is right, that the purpose of government is to "meet people's needs", and the meaning of our constitution is not found in the plain language of its text, then I see no reason that Mr. Obama's solutions are not the right ones.

      If the purpose of our government is to provide a framework in which free citizens can solve their own problems, and the plain language of our constitution gives the federal government absolutely no role in "health care", then we have a strong argument.

      Mr. Obama's agenda is incompatible with a free society. If we value our freedom, we must reject the precepts, and make the case to our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers. In short, we must grow up, take responsibility for our own care, and stop whining to the "nanny state" to solve our problems.

      Until we can agree on, and fight for, clear principles, we must be prepared to lose the arguments over what is "too far".

      I urge Heritage to improve its clarity on where it stands.


    50. Ken says:

      Remember in November!!!!!!

    51. Judy MacGregor says:

      I agree 100%. Our Constitution does NOT give Congress the right to interfere in our health care. We must have a smaller government, less debt and lower taxes. This new health care reform bill will only increase our taxes, decrease our quality of health care and increase our national debt by trillions.

    52. Suzanne Eritz says:

      Bravo! Well done!!

    53. Michael Daxe says:

      Why don't we have more men like you, Mr. Feulner, as our representatives in Washington?

      It is painful to watch the erosion of the principles which allowed this to become the greatest country on earth, the country much of the world would love to call home.

      Please support the efforts to repeal Obamacare by encouraging your friends and family to sign our petition at RepealPetition.com. Thank you.

      Michael Daxe



    54. Glenn, AR says:

      One thing is for certain is that this president will go down in history as the one who tried to usher in socialism (and might very well succeed).

      In so doing he broke the oath he took to uphold the Constitution of the United States, to wit:

      "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

      In my view he has committed treason and should be impeached. As long as he enjoys a Democratic majority in the Congress I know justice will never prevail.

      Yet, history will always reflect that this man took the oath of office as president under false pretense and betrayed the American people.

      Keep up the fight against tyranny and your support for a strong democracy.

    55. Lets_Get_Real says:

      The main goal of Obamacare is too achieve a Single Payor system. It's as simple as that. Do people really believe that The Heritage Foundation wanted to use HEAVLY regulated mandated exhanges that would limit peoples choices by government brute force.?

    56. Lets_Get_Real says:

      Did the Democrats really want to work with the Republicans? I think not. Did the Democrats want tort reform.? NO. Did the Democrats want to allow insurance companies to compete across state lines to bring prices down.? NO. Did the Democrats want to strengthen the relationsip between the Dr. and patient by eliminating bureaucractic interference.? NO. Did the the Democrats want to establish transparency in term of costs and quality of health care.? NO. Did the Democrats want to unleash the potential of real Free-Market forces to better the healthcare system for all.? BIG TIME NO.

    57. Lets_Get_Real says:

      The "Progressive" Democrats' exchanges come nowhere close to what The Heritage Foundation proposed.

    58. John Q. Public, New says:

      The victory of this "legal" travesty can be traced back to the Immigration and Nationality act of 1965. Its chief proponent was none other than Ted "The Swimmer" Kennedy. The watermark legislation changed forever the the unity of the United states by opening (or erasing) our borders and opening the floodgates to third world cultures who's people in many cases in spite of having hundreds and in some cases thousands more years than the US to have evolved politically could not and did not desire to establish nor maintain democratic representative form of government.

      In their totalitarian homelands they were not taught to revere the US Constitution as it is the thorn in the side of every tyrant. The democrat party understood this very well and began to preach the familiar soft Marxist language that cost them their own liberty.

      Promises of America being a utopian land of entitlement over the more difficult sounding land of opportunity, self determination and rugged individualism. The soft Marxist propaganda sounded more familiar to the new immigrants and the democrat majorities have never stopped willing takers from becoming addicted to the subsistence that Colonel Kennedy promised on his socialist plantation.

      The American dream supports and encourages common sense immigration of people from any and all nations who understand, and adore our Founding Fathers sacrifice, and revolutionary genius. The problem is that too many of the new immigrants have brought with them the viral and deadly philosophy of serfdom and the imperial democrats met them at the boat and bought them with a bowl of pablum.

      Think of the allegory of the cave. The new immigrants came to a free land and brought the cave with them. At this stage of the game it is a game of numbers and they are winning. Fascism disguised as "Social democracy" is engulfing the globe and the John Q. Publics in America who peaceable redress our own governments' embrace of the odious and failed philosophy are uniformly painted by the government/media complex as "terrorists" and "extremists". How will we survive when the watchdogs of liberty are sitting in the laps of tyrants?

      We will be united again, but only in the sense that we will all miss our blood purchased liberty.

    59. MrPete, Colorado says:

      Those who claim Heritage lies and quote Butler's 20 year old research appear unable to read. They demonstrate the truth of this response:

      "His supporters have even tried to pin the blame of the potentially unconstitutional individual mandate on us. This approach brushes over the details of our research and ignores our ability to evolve past further developed research."

      He's specifically referring to the fact (look it up) that Butler's views changed, in light of what was revealed by implementing Romneycare.

      Sure, people make mistakes, people especially have a hard time discerning what the future brings. Obviously, or Obama would never have been elected.

      Some of us learn from our mistakes. You'll see that come November.

      Obama fails to learn. Instead, he and his handlers keep returning to the trough of massive-FAIL socialist goals. Because to them it's about more power, more control, not what's best for American citizens.

    60. Joann Bouchard - Vienna, VA says:

      I strongly agree with the Heritage position on the healthcare legislation. This bill will bankrupt our economy, lower our quality of care and impose a government controlled health care system that will negatively impact private practice medicine.

      The arm-twisting, backroom deals and disgusting manner in which this was passsed is an embarassment to our country and it’s founders. It certainly did not represent the wishes of the people congress represents and employed thug-like tactics to make it happen.

      I will actively support any movement to overturn this bill and/or vote the current supporters out of office.


      Joann Bouchard

    61. Chad, Oklahoma says:

      As someone who just joined the Heritage Foundation, I would certainly like to see a comment or response regarding the personal mandate that appears to have been an element of a plan endorsed and/or created by Heritage and cited previously. Doesn’t change the fact that such a mandate is unconstitutional, but I still would like to see an explanation from Heritage.

      “The second central element-in the Heritage proposal is a two-way commit ment between government and citizen. Under this social contract, the fed eral government would agree to make it financially possible, through refund able tax benefits or in some cases by providing access to public-sector health programs, for every American family to purchase at least a basic package of 3 Butler and Haislmaier, op. cit 6 medic a l care, including catastrophic insurance. In return, government would require, by law every head of household to acquire at least a basic health plan for his or her family.Thus there would be mandated coverage under the Heritage proposal, but the mandate w ould apply to the family head, who is the appropriate person to shoulder the primary responsibility for the familys health needs, rather than employers…”

    62. Marvy M, Savannah, G says:

      Your refutation reinforced my thoughts about your organization. I hope, only, that your rebuff makes non-Statist media. Continue to challenge the fallacies of this administration.

    63. DR minn. says:

      I do not believe this man knows" how" to tell the truth. hope that's not over the top for the wonderful people at heritage. Thank you.

    64. Lysander says:

      Any legislation that is 2,000+ pages can be interpreted every imaginable way

      by any number of jurists. By the time separate and distinct parcels of this monstrosity winds it's way through the courts and reaches the top, we will

      have already been thoroughly fleeced out of tens, perhaps hundreds of billions

      of dollars that we'll never recover, even if the law is repealed. what we need-

      but will not get- is a massive injunction to prevent it's implementation.

    65. Roger Taylor (Richmo says:

      Continued lies from a person of absolutely no recorded background history. He is not real and he has proven beyond a doubt he can not be trusted. Impeach him now for Oath breeches and arrest Pilosi for mis use of Gov property; forget about Reed he is history.

      Keep the pressure on Heritage you are on track

    66. hawaii says:

      heil obama!

      can you be more clear in your rebuttal to the commandant!

    67. KanDee, Oregon says:

      I'm with you John B. of San Diego. Obamacare is unconstitutional. So…., why pay at all? I for one refuse to pay. No one should pay. Let him put us all in prison? There's his job bill. We can all go back to work, building our own prisons.

    68. Pingback: Cold Fury » The Life of Brian

    69. Deb, Austin TX says:

      Well said, Mr. Feulner! Interesting how the president only acknowledges the Heritage Foundation when he is treading water. His latest campaign tactic, to sell the healthcare bill that we were already forced to buy, shouldn't be a surprise to anyone. We must continue to shed light on the dishonesty and blatant attempts at misleading the American people. I look forward to seeing reports of your rebuttal in the national media.

    70. Kurt - Bend, OR says:

      Mr. Obama continues to mislead the good citizens of this country. Please take action to bring sunlight upon his false statements by offering to appear on Fox News, the most watched news network, to further expose this inconsistency.

    71. Bill Vick, Metuchen, says:

      I did not read all the comments but Michael Smith sums this issue up nicely. I love the cannibal analogy. Love it.

    72. Linda Lomma says:

      Thank you, President Ed Feulner, for speaking the truth regarding Mr. Obama's

      claims involving The Heritage Foundation.

      We need more American's to stand up to Mr. Obama's misrepresentations!


      Linda Lomma

    73. Linda Lomma, Souther says:

      Thank you, President Feulner, for speaking the truth in response to Mr. Obama's claims involving The Heritage Foundation and the truth about his "health care reform" law.

      More Americans need to stand up for the truth to Mr. Obama and his followers in Congress.

      It is unfortunate that this man has duped the American public well enough to get into the office of the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITE STATES OF AMERICA!

    74. Valentina Texas says:

      Wish we could get some STRAIGHT talk like this from Washington DC. Obama's cronies and his internet and tech savy folks comb the internet looking for things like this have the president say, so that it can "appear" bipartisan and and middle of the road. I'm stunned this guy will stop at nothing to promote this garbage of a bill as something good for America. The guy is not being honest. He is being intellectually dishonest with the American people.

      Thanks for the truth!

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    76. docqbsc, South Carol says:

      We have met the enemy and he is among us. The President is a wordsmith and loves to twist them into his contorted, distorted way to say what he doesn't mean and to not say what he means. We only have to look at the Candidate Obama and the Elected Obama to see who he really is……..a LIAR. Of course, a socialist/statist will do and say whatever is necessary to meet their ultimate and desired results ie the implementation of their philosophy. We are the new Founding Fathers of this country because if we don't stand up for the principals that this country was founded on and risk everything we have and are, then this country will cease to exist within a decade and the concept of the United States of America will be nothing more than a chapter in the hisory books.

    77. Markus Zwyssig says:

      Mr. Feulner;

      Thank you for clear words. It is disturbing to see how this administration has to lie about every policy they support: Health Care, Cap and Trade/Global Warming,

      TARP/Unemployment Report etc., Foreign Policy etc.


    78. Lee, Alabama says:

      It is amazing to see the depths that Obama and his handlers, advisors, and other hangers on will stoop to to try to paint this monstrosity in a positive light and try to give a false slant. I don't know why I am surprised, as the whole thing has been a sham from the beginning. Thank you Heritage for doing all that you do for this great country.

    79. Samantha B. - Alamed says:

      THANK YOU!!! Thank you for speaking for those of us who cannot speak publicly – Nancy Pelosi, Harry g'Reid nor obama speak for ME…….but yet they get all of the media time. If it weren't for Fox News and Rush and Heritage Foundation – we would not have any voice.

      Television and Hollywood have systematically conditioned generations of Americans to be ill-prepared for disappointment and thus have PRE-conditioned them to accept mediocrity – which inclines our society to accept anything above rejection and self-dissatisfaction. By brainwashing the masses with anything except disappoinment or rejection they sold us an agenda against our own best interests.

      We speak the truth, we win. Silence kills……….

    80. Pingback: Heritage President Ed Feulner Responds to President Obama’s Claims | Pitts Report

    81. Julie, Ohio says:

      Obama is out selling his plan because he is a firm believer in the theory that if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe that it's true.

    82. DAK, Texas says:

      You can can promote a "civil society" if you want but I do not think you understand the nature of the evil you are confronting. You do not understand that the psychopath amuses himself only by putting people on: By telling an outrageous lie with a sincere and a perfectly straight face and watching people respond: either with enthusiasm because it matches some fantasies of theirs (liberals) or with a grudging acceptance and helplessness (Republicans) or with sputtering obsessional indignation which makes them look silly(conservatives). Obama is a master of these techniques. He prides himself on the calibration (his word) of language. You think anybody is going to read your response to Obama's claim? At present you are simply out of your league with this guy.

    83. Glenn Smalley, Ft. M says:

      We should call the president's health care reform what it really is…

      Socialized Medicine. Also, it is no surprise he would try to give

      some respectability to his ugly plan, which contains a plethora of

      conditions which he has guaranteed are not there; e.g. funds for

      abortions, et. al.

    84. Paul , California says:

      I have been in shock sine this past Presidential election.. I cant believe how backwards our country become… at what point will it go POP and not be able to be fixed.. All the lies and double talk from a guy that was elected President, says one thing but means something else.. Even the topic of his College records and Birth Cert. If there is nothing to hide, just produce them and end all that.. but no.. they rather hide it and make everyone think the worse..

      Again.. Im just stunned about where this country is heading…

      Sorry for the rant…

    85. Larry Thibeault, Web says:

      80% of Americans are good, harding working, honest, true Americans, forget the

      republican/democrat thing, there doesn't seem to be any differance lately, and I'm a conservative republican. Get a lot of these to vote against this criminally, communist element we have in power now in November-that's how we fight in America.

      A lot of people wouldn't have understood what you said in your article. Let me say it a little quicker- obama lied and we are going to sue him for liable.

      I'm not religious, but look in Proverbs 1, these people want to put all your money into one purse-"Let us all have one purse"-verse 14.(New King James Version)

    86. Pam Heidenga says:

      Good for you!!!! Keep exposing his and Congress lies at every turn. We are fed up with Obama and the Democratic Congress. We are headed for disaster and we have to stop him.

      Also, encourage the business owners who have to appear before Henry Waxman, to tell the truth and question where Congress got their numbers and NOT TO CAVE IN TO THEM. The more we expose them, the less power they will have to exert. Keep doing the good work.


    87. Helen Satmary says:

      The only thing Obama knows how to do is misinform. And he is not even good at that! I personally do not see how we can afford his health care program. With all due respect, I do not see how we can afford to have him in office for another year.

    88. Karen Carpenter Eagl says:

      I believe that our Commander in Chief has a problem with telling the truth. Thanks Heritage for what you do. Stay focused on November we can do this!

    89. Ed Fresquez says:

      I don't believe a ward that obama says. He has demonstrated over and over that he can't tell the Truth, he doesn't believe in the "Truth Will Set You Free." We need to remember this come Fall, and put people in office who will listen to the people and make the best decisions that will help America. Impeach the bums!!!

    90. Doug Lovejoy says:

      Thank you Ed, for your well stated position, and making it perfectly clear what's really going on here.

      Please keep up your nobel fight!

    91. Denise Martin, Canad says:

      I agree with the philosophy of Heritage. com. I don't know why you Liberal people think that Canada's health care is the best. We have too few doctors, who are able to pick and choose their patients, the wait time for a specialist is at least 3-6 months and for elective surgery it is between 6 months and a year. Also, we, who work, pay a tax that goes towards our health care, and it goes up incrementally each year. We only have 30 million people, but the government has started to delist services and tests from OHIP, that we have to pay for, if we can get an appointment. Why do you think that our government leaders go to the States for their healthcare. There will be panels there to decide on what you are entitled to, just like here. There are many cancer drugs that cost so much that people can't afford them, or the government won't approve them because the committee doesn't think it will help you. Our system is breaking down, and we will soon go to insurance companies to cover things the government has delisted. I just had to let you Progressives out there the truth.

      It may seem like a good idea to you now, but you will end up where you were, only paying more and getting less. Your president is deceiving you, and I feel bad for you folks. Obama will drive the states into the ground, and he is lying through his teethm basically about every time he opens his mouth..

    92. Pat, Maple Valley, W says:

      Anyone who believes this president is telling the truth is a mental midget, incapable of rational thought processes. It has become painfully obvious in the last year and some that he is demonizing anyone that chooses to present a different approach. This is policy designed to influence those with limited abilities to logicaly analyze things and to convince them that his policy is good for them and his opponents are evil and racist. In all he is dividing the country by design. I find him to be not what he professed to be to get elected. He will say anything, even an obvious lie, to promote his agenda. Unfortunately, there are people in this country that do not have the mental skills to combat this attack. Let us hope that they do not prevail.

    93. Richard, Kansas says:

      This whole thing is a travisity and and its founders are Traitors!

    94. Carl W. Rizor, 4451 says:

      You Dr. and Heritage Foundation, which I am a member, are truly a Blessing From the Lord!

      The election of president ob unko, proves what I have been saying for over 46 years, I am now 62, that the american voter is lazy and stupid! They think that the local, state and national media companies are all honest and only tell what really happens.

      I had argument after argument with my parents about the national news networks. About how dumb social security was and is. Its only true reason for being, was to continue to have the same liberals elected over and over again to the u.s.congress.

      Again thank you for all the work that is being done by Heritage Foundation for telling the truth about liberal, socialistic, communistic and dictatorial leaders and legislation, coming from the ob unko administration and the u.s. congress.

      I was right before rush and sean were even talking!

    95. ANDEE WYOMING says:

      The healthcare bill will bring on IRS agents; these are illegal to use to collect premiums, so in essence, is this not a "tax?" The DEMS deny, but it is or this agency could not do this…a billion dollars of our taxes to pay these people to make our lives further miserable?

      Why is the Student Loan program in the bill? This takes away money from small banks and larger banks and gives it to the government that will tell the student what and how they can study and what they have to do to pay it pack…serve the government for ten years and it is paid? Wow! What a deal!

      There are so many nasties and unrelated taxation issues in this bill is horrifying!

      By his own admission, he does not even know what diatribe was written into this takeover of America….his reading material..a book written by a Muslim associate, Post American World…do any of you think this bill has anything to do with this book for with his rampage of taking over everything in America, is just what this book is about…

      Then the House passed Cap and Trade and within that bill, all kinds of laws to license your home…your private home, rules and regulations for purchasing and selling….this will cause the Housing/real estate market to take a big dive if the Senate passes it…we are in for a rough six months and with the silly immigrants voting DEM again, we conservatives and independents better hit the trail even harder to insure we get good candidates from either party or even a third party.

    96. ANDEE WYOMING says:

      Am I missing something? Every other word out of the Anointed One's mouth seems to be a lie or at least an extension of the truth..how can Congress continue to support him? How can the Senate not see through his ruse?

    97. Liz says:

      I hope that his was mailed to the President and his entire staff. Undoubtedly it would be ignored, however, perhaps it need to be sent to him in massive, repetitive quantities in order to get attention. At least the paper companies would benefit.

      I hope and pray that the Heritage Foundation and many other clear thinking Americans can be heard and that the results will be a return to sanity and the true principles that our founders wrote into the constitution.

    98. Puzzled says:

      What can we as individuals do, now that he has signed this terribly destructive law? I read that now, he(obama) wants to eliminate The Senate, saving about 450 Billion per yr. How can we find his Real Birth Cert.? How can he American People discover the truth about 9/11? How can we (America) stop the war in Afghanastan from bankruptng us as it did Britian, Russia and all who tried before to settle that country? How can we stop his assault on our money? And how can we stop him from making us support all nations? How can we legally get out of the UN? Are there any answers to these questions?

    99. terrys oaks says:


    100. terrys oaks wANCHESE says:


    101. Pingback: Success is an Orphan | Go HealthReform

    102. Concerned, Mequon WI says:

      Great job Heritage! Thanks

    103. James A. Fakouras, L says:

      Is the recent decision by President Obama to take the nuclear option off the table

      if we are attcked by biological, chemical or cyber weapons—-treasonous?

    104. Peni Hamill Arizona says:

      Thank you for telling the truth and standing up to the main stream media, and the President! I wish the companies would have stood up before and voiced the problem with this bill. (We the People ) will have the last word in November and anyone one that under value of one vote has some awaking in sight.

    105. Brett says:

      I am completely amsed at how fast our goverment is taking over our country,I feel alone,and am alone with a family of 7 not one really cares I feel except my sister in Miss. and see is out of a job ,no more unemplyment checks,but she is willing to do anything to make adollar,me,well I'm disabled and hate it,the pain,the feeling of being worthless,refuse to get wealthfare assistance ,and after a storm my shingles ripped off of my home ,its 5yrs. old and called around to try and get it fixed .I got no respose yet,and yes I attempted to go up and try and do it my self but with my back and rt. leg,it became to painfull and dangerous to do,no one does'nt want to either work or help,again if I was healthy it would be a none issue,called my insurance co. and have heard nothing yet,again how sad gave 2 vehicles awy and had a big limb cut so it would'nt harm my neighbors home(kids) god forbid that ,never thought that a few shingles would be such a big deal,always gave and seems like things are getting twisted around ,nuff said,not a complainer and Beck is on now so take care and god bless peace

    106. Swamp Fox ,exas says:

      I find it funny how the Democrats are having to sell, inform, educate the masses on this bill that is now law. Normally, that is done before the bill is voted on. And I find it hilarious when the State Dept. tells Kyrgyzstan to follow the rule of law, when our elected officials are telling us they make up the rules as they go along and they don't care about the constitution.

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