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  • What Next? Leave Your Lights On Tonight

    Environmentalists are taking a page from North Korea, encouraging Americans to turn off the lights in celebration of “Earth Hour” tonight. The Communist dictatorship, of course, is in the dark every night.

    Tonight’s event, scheduled for 8:30 local time, is sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund. It’s the third year environmentalists have embarked on the campaign asking people around the globe to cut the lights. They claim to have swayed 80 million Americans and 318 U.S. cities to flip the switch last year. Some notable landmarks included the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, Las Vegas Strip, United Nations Headquarters, Golden Gate Bridge, Seattle’s Space Needle and Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

    The Competitive Enterprise Institute has had enough. Rather than plunging into darkness and despair for Earth Hour, CEI is asking Americans to keep the lights on for Human Achievement Hour. Pitting the events as human innovation vs. stagnation, CEI’s Michelle Minton said, “We are so proud that millions of people plan to show their appreciation for human achievement by doing things like eating dinner, watching television, going to the movies, and brushing their teeth.”

    Even though the World Wildlife Fund boasts an impressive list of supporters, CEI has a list of its own: The U.S. Marine Corps won’t pull its troops from the battlefield, The New York Times will publish a newspaper, approximately 30,000 movies will be screened, and hospital emergency and operating rooms will remain in operation. Wal-Mart also plans to stay open — with the lights on.

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    29 Responses to What Next? Leave Your Lights On Tonight

    1. Barb Ramirez Ohio says:

      We leave our lights on every night.,but I can turn on some extra ones tonight.Thanks!.And we do not partake of any of this U.N. instigated garbage.

      God put this earth here for us to use.Not limit.

    2. JM, US says:

      What does this have to do with North Korea? North Korea is a totalitarian country that forces it's citizens to turn their lights out (or shuts off the power, more likely). The WWF is just promoting a cause that they support. The two are not even slightly related except on the surface. I'm all for people leaving their lights on if they want to, but this has nothing to do with totalitarian regimes and much more to do with your desire to connect an unpopular regime to something you disagree with. Please stick to the real facts.

    3. Marc, FP, NY says:

      At 830pm I will be turning on all my lights…. for Human Achievement Hour also to stick it to the enviro-nazis!

    4. james ledford says:

      all lights on nice and bright in so ga

    5. Eve, Toronto says:

      I normally do my one load of laundry per week on a Sunday. To show solidarity with Earth Hour, I am doing that one load tonight, at 8:30.

    6. jane walling Williamsburg VA says:

      I have turned all the lights on inside and out tonoght….I am letting my light shine bright. Someone has to
      Jane Walling

    7. Don Bennett, Evansto says:

      I celebrated "Earth Hour" will every light blazing (although I missed a closet light and am still upset about it). The "because we care" theme and the unsaid but implied "we are morally superior to you" attitude of the WWF and their followers is enough to gag me. Hey, I have no problem saving money with energy efficiency but you should have no delusions that by doing it you will save the planet.

    8. OK Hicks, USA says:

      I am opposed to all fundamentalist propaganda. Such extremest seek to dictate their mentality upon the majority, whether they be Liberal Nazis or Conservative Fascist.

      However, I must agree with JM,US in regards to this post. Although I do not believe the author of this post supports such a dictatorial agenda, comparisons of another's right to exercise their freedoms to a Totalitarian regime, sounds more like a fundamentalist tactic than that of one which supports individual freedoms for all.

      Such tactics tend to be designed and utilized by such groups for the purpose of "muddying the waters", in an attempt to conceal their broader underlying objective.

      I must agree that sticking to the facts is far more effective at exposing such deceptions. Although I must agree that on the surface the analogy is creative, such creativity would be better served by applying it to exposing the underlying objectives of such groups.

    9. Sandy, North East, PA says:

      My husband and I turned on every light in our house. We will not bend to the dictates of these left wing nuts.

    10. Valerie Morakis -Hig says:

      I did not vote for Obama, but I did recognize that he had an opportunity no other President has had in this country. He had the ability to bring this country together, Republican, Democrat, Independent, and others. Black, white and purple. He, instead, has divided a once great nation. He has killed our freedoms and our livelihoods. He has shown us a bleak future indeed. What a shame that there are those in Washington and across our country who are blind to the way this country is going. Those in leadership who live by the notion "hang you Jack, as long as I'm okay". They do not have to abide by this new health care bill. They care not for American citizens. Those who love this country are now in the minority. It is politically correct to fault America. Give kudos to those who blame America. Veterans are damned and treated like the enemy. Some think these differences are only as important as a sports game. Who is going to win? So sad….so very, very sad, and soon it will be so very, very late to go back. Wake up America. Keep well informed, vote these people out in November, and keep voting them out. That is our only way. Valerie Morakis

    11. Karen, Peachtree City, GA says:

      How ridiculous.

    12. Sid Burgess says:

      JM, I am with you. All these references to North Korea is rather silly. And turning lights on in a so called Human Achievement Hour reminds me of the “My dad can beat up your dad” retorts of childhood. If you don’t want to turn your lights off, that is fine. Mine stayed on. But our (conservative’s) response is childish at best and possibly dangerous.

      @Barb You are right, God put us here to have Dominion over the earth, but he specifically told us to be good stewards too. Recall his commandment to let the earth rest every 7 years? There is nothing Christian nor conservative about wasting natural resources so please don’t imply that.

    13. Alex Simic, Windsor says:

      I just hope that Rush's sea turtles won't get confused by the lack of lights and start swimming toward New Zealand. Rush loves those little guys.

    14. Arvin, GA says:

      I would earnestly expect such tosh and drivel from the Heritage foundation.

      First and for most, the analogy that was drawn here is a strawman of its worst kind. Just because Hitler believes in Newton's Law of Motion, it doesn't make neither Hitler or Newton wrong. North Korea's conservative measures is due to desperation and lack of electrical power not for environmental kookery.

      Second, the act of turning lights off is a "symbolic" gesture and was never meant to be utilized as a practical measure to combat energy conservation. Editor of Heritage blog should cease allowing such nonsense to be posted on its website. Very disappointing.

    15. TonyfromOz says:


      This has nothing whatsoever to do with totalitarian regimes.

      That one point of light in N.Korea is the capital Pyongyang. It has one third the population of Seoul, (that huge ball of light top left of S.Korea) and N.Korea has one half the population of S.Korea.

      Compare the levels of light in the Capitals and the State overall.

      N.Korea does not force the people to turn off their lights or even to turn off the electrical power. They have no electrical power to turn off.

      This image is what N.Kore looks like every night.

      Above that border in the North is China. Just that small area shown there on this map has a population greater even than S.Korea, so the problem in China is similar, where they also have very limited access to any electrical power.

      This is what Countries look like without a constant reliable access to electrical power 24/7/365, and that can only be supplied by coal fired power plants.

      Close them down, and we all go back to looking like this ….. every night.

    16. Jan, Grass Valley, CA says:

      We turned on every single light in our house too, and then I took pictures & posted them on FB, along with the article written by Doug Powers on Michelle Malkins site: http://michellemalkin.com/2010/03/27/my-ownearth-hour/

    17. Missourimule says:

      I didn’t hear about it ’til it was too late – maybe I can do it next year — seriously, there’s nothing wrong with turning lights off that we’re not using – but this florescent kick drives me crazy – the lights come on slow, they produce a ‘wrong’ light, they don’t last like they’re supposed to, there’s not a recycler within 60 miles, and if you break one . . . . . .?

    18. Tim AZ says:

      Since I live off of the electrical grid I won't be turning all the lights on. So next year and every year after that the WWF supports this ritual I will celebrate this joyous occasion by loading up my wood stove in my shop and letting it burn slowly all night. I am also considering the addition of one tire for every year this nonsense continues.

    19. Brad, Chicago says:

      The comparison to North Korea does make sense. I believe the author is comparing the controlling nature of that communist government to the WWF's attempt to control your behavior through emotional appeals based on questionable science (one hour isn't going to do anything to save the planet, even if we are causing global warming). You can always argue that we should be more appreciative that we are able to keep our lights on – or perhaps moreso that we have the choice whether to do so.

    20. Mary, Illinois says:

      I'm going to throw our "recyclables" into the garbage too!!!!

    21. Alan Bartley says:

      I plan to leave every light, televisions, etc., on in every room of the house even if i don't sleep a wink .

    22. victor peters orlean says:

      the only lights i,d like to put out is obamas, ova. im going to put on every frigin light onn that i can find.

    23. Bill, MD says:

      I'm going to take a wild stab at this and would imagine that airports will not be participating and will leave their runways lights on for the hour. I would imagine that big public spaces like New York's Penn Station, Grand Central, and Washington DC's Union Station will celebrate by leaving the lights on for the conveience of the traveling public.

    24. Eric Olson, home says:

      I still don't get it! I guess someone'll say when it happens???

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    26. lee, prescott, az says:

      When I saw the article about this on Saturday,

      I turned on every light in our home and email my friends suggesting they do the same.

      Do it for the cause of freedom to choose!

      Nuts to the left wingers!!!

    27. Norma in Nebraska says:

      Anyone want to bet whether the light were off at the White House or in congressional offices????? I bet they fully support this show of solidarity but as usual it is the "Do as I say, not as I do" attitude . . . . our leaders want to impose "Going green" on us but they once again will be exempt from mandates, tax increases, and all those other little goodies that are going to continue to kill jobs in this country!

    28. Frum says:

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