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  • Roots of Russian Anti-Americanism


    On Tuesday, The Heritage Foundation hosted a public discussion on Russian anti-Americanism, which has risen since 2000. So, what are the root causes of anti-Americanism, how do they affect US-Russian relations, and how should they be addressed?

    Helle Dale and Dr. Ariel Cohen, both senior research fellows at The Heritage Foundation’s Allison Center for Foreign Policy Studies and Davis Institute, as well as Daniel Kimmage, a senior fellow at the Homeland Security Policy Institute, agreed that the Russian government uses anti-Americanism to create an external enemy, to unite domestic support, and to bolster the authoritarian regime.

    Moscow also uses anti-Americanism to create negative global public opinion for the US, bolster a common adversary with China, Iran, Venezuela and other anti-Western regimes, thus promoting a model of the multi-polar world. Svetlana Babaeva, Bureau Chief of RIA Novosti, the Russian State Information Agency, suggested that the US today is similar to imperial Britain and Spain. As the most powerful state, cannot please everybody.

    It is important that Russians understand the deeper ideas behind America’s constitutional free market republic. These ideas are universal, and any country, including Russia has people that will respond to them and seek a higher standard [of governance] within their own country. The difference between Americans and Russians is not in the values of the importance of family, but in the government, Kimmage said. In the case of Russia, its rulers are frantic over letting people make informed choices of their future development.

    Dr. Cohen stressed that by and large, Russian national television networks are state controlled. “Talking heads” appear on government TV channels spewing anti-American propaganda, and often clear falsehoods, such as the US Government being behind the 9/11 attacks or the US Government financing the Bolshevik coup of 1917.

    The Government of Russia denies American broadcasters access to Russian TV channels and radio waves. Foreign broadcasting is available via cable, through a costly subscription. While Russia Today English language state channel has access to the cable box in the U.S., it is only fair that the U.S. should have the same access in Russia, Cohen suggested.

    In addition, American outreach on the internet, print media, and increased people-to-people contacts could make a difference. Unlike Russia, the US doesn’t need to create misleading documentaries or engage in propaganda, yet the Obama presidency failed to provide a comprehensive public diplomacy policy and leadership, Cohen said.

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    10 Responses to Roots of Russian Anti-Americanism

    1. J.C. Hughes, Texas says:

      “It is important that Russians understand the deeper ideas behind America’s constitutional free market republic.”

      Yea, right! With Obama’s administration? We’ve got Cuba’s Castro congratulating America for catching up with his socialist regime’s control over people’s lives. We do live in a great nation. But sadly it’s going down hill fast.

    2. mike b says:

      we had the chance after reagan to bring a nation of pro democracy people into the western fold within one genreation but this country trashed russia and went with communist china. this a move that will haunt us forever. a very big mistake.

    3. mike b, evans, ga says:

      we had the chance after reagan to bring a nation of pro democracy people into the western fold within one genreation but this country trashed russia and went with communist china. this a move that will haunt us forever. a very big mistake

    4. Constitutionalist, US says:

      “the Russian government uses anti-Americanism to create an external enemy, to unite domestic support, and to bolster the authoritarian regime.”

      They do, just as the Soviets did, but don’t pretend that the US and UK governments don’t do the same thing. This was the same cynical political manipulation that brought us the Patriot Act. It is also lies at the roots of current anti-Chinese rhetoric which our leaders are trying to use to divert attention from the crisis of leadership and accompanying economic disaster this country has, and continues to suffer.Moreover, don’t pretend that the US is free-market; we are a corporatist system characterized by state-imposed monopolies and a bloated Pentagon. The points about Russia’s flawed media system are well-placed, but the authors’ lack of comparative analysis with systems such as the US or UK takes away from their credibility.

    5. Jude R says:

      “Russian government uses anti-Americanism to create an external enemy, to unite domestic support, and to bolster the totalitarian regime.” Kind of sounds like the present US government against those citzens with opposing views.

    6. Sergey says:

      Any Empire in history – since Assyrians and Babylonians, Spain, Britain, including our own Russian Empire – claimed to be benefactor of the Humanity, but other people often had different opinions. Any empire was seeking to impose it's superior civilization on everybody else. Any empire used war, torture, mass displacing of innocent people to expand it's power. In any empire people asked themselves – "We are so good guys, we are sacrifices ourselves for these "sullen peoples, Half-devil and half-child", why they dislike us?"

      It doesn't mean, that empire always 100% bad and evil. But it means, that people inside and outside of the empire often have a different views.

    7. James V Burnette, 317 Calumet Trace, Murfreesboro, Tn 37127 says:

      The way I understand human nature is if I’m hungry for something I will find a way to get to the place where I can be feed or satisfied. Millions of immigrants found ways to get to this country to live the American way and to take advantage of our form of government. The only way to be the number one country in the world and remain there is to lead by example not lead by political power, money or military mite. The only way to do that is to keep our nose out of everyone else’s business. If their system is broken its their responsibility to fix it. If they can’t and ask for our help then we will get involved. Our government cannot solve the problems in this country by taking charge so why do they think they can solve some one else’s? If the Russian people want to find out the truth about America they will. All we get from the finger pointing and criticism of the Russian government is an excuse for them to turn the Russian people against us.

    8. db, Ukraine says:

      There are only two kinds of people in the world. Number 1) Those who get upset when others tell them what to do. Number 2) Those who get upset when others don't do what they tell them to do. That's it. Best common denominator.

      Citizens of free countries and emerging democracies become Number 1's. Ruling elites, oppressors, the "people who care" and academics Number 2.

      When Number 1's start to catch on to whose thumb they're under and rebel? Hmmm, quick bossky Number 2, create an enemy! Claim they're really the Number 2's. "Hey, it's really the butt-insky, imperialistic U.S. that's trying to jerk you around." (Or, "Hey, it's really the mean ol' insurance companies that are trying to jerk you around…")

      Well wait then and pause, I stand corrected. There is actually a 3rd entity; The Spooky. This is the virtual enemy used the world over by Number 2's to mask themselves. Look around. Can you spot The Spooky in your newspapers, on TV, the internet, your conversations? The U.S. is The Big Spooky to many governments not impressing their people. Like, oh I don't know… Russia. Successful people are fast becoming The Spooky in the U.S.

      It's that simple. From local neighbors to big governments, there are only Number 1's, Number 2's and The Spooky created by Number 2's to hide their know-it-all love affair with systems that fail but make them feel large and in-charge on the way down. It's all just a matter of scale. Russian leaders incite anti-Americanism? Why, of course!


      P.S. Which Number are you? Which Number do you aspire to be? What about your political party? Your government, your lawmakers, your foreign policy experts? And is it possible that someone, somewhere considers you… The Spooky?

    9. MichaelScottLawrence says:

      Only fragmentally true, in that, as the Fed emerged in incremental influence, and gathered all the gold & silver coinage / bullion they could, some(by no means all) was shipped to bolster the Bolshevik usurpation of the revolution, in which they had taken no part…they also ended up with the Czar's gold, and that of the Orthodox church, as well as a contribution by the Vatican…none of which they are known to have spent, but it has been spirited off in tiny parcels by the many larcenous

      pseudo-altruistic of the Comintern, and other upper-level bureaucrats…their economy was a total manipulation, some from "the top", some from the periphery, & some from the "underclass" who ran/run the black market ! –Black Night, White Snow: The multiple overthrows of Russia, 1917-1923

    10. Joe - Houston, TX says:

      It is not anti-American to criticize government corruption and crime, especially concerning the 911 atrocity and the subsequent, multiple policies which have removed so many of our liberties and freedoms.

      I don't know who was responsible for 911, however, as an engineer and ex-pilot, I do know that the planes depicted on the news flying through several floors of reinforced concrete and steel beams were fake; it was made for TV special effects.

      I emplore any honest person who loves their country and seeks the truth to watch the film called September Clues. We may not be able to do anything about it, or punish the guilty, though at least you can go to the grave understanding what really happened that day.

      September Clues: http://www.septemberclues.info


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